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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 23, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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irs severed its ties with a corn. live tonight at the group's baltimore headquarters, we have the latest on the investigation and lawsuit. >> a lawsuit like this was widely expected, since maryland law does require everyone involved in a recorded conversation to consent to it. while those undercover records -- recordings may constitute a crime, our legal expert does not necessarily believe that acorn can call for civil damages. >> my gut feel is, i am not that impressed with this lawsuit. >> that was the first reaction upon applying -- hearing in a complaint. they are suing the makers of this hidden take a shot in baltimore. the couple posed as a pimp and prostitutes seeking tax advice on illegal endeavors. the lawsuit seeks an injunction to stop the spread of those
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tapes, 500,000 hours for each acorn worker caught on tape, and $1 million in damages for a court itself. he says it is likely anquan will win an injunction, but he does not think the group cannot necessarily go after money and maryland law. >> does it mean that the person who got recorded as a civil theory on which they can sue to get damages? i am not sure whether that has been answered. >> he buys it interesting that the two former employees who appear to offer advice on how to get around tax-loss are seeking damages. but i think it would be hard to argue it, and the reason they take this step will -- illegally was the emotional stress they are trying to impose on these two employees. i don't think they knew or cared about employees. there were obviously trying to get at a concrete decks and acorn represented offered this statement. "although we do not condone what
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are former employees to come in a matter how contract the work, we are also committed to our 500,000 members. will hold the defendants cybele and criminally responsible for their violation of maryland laws and for the damage inflicted on maryland's reputation." every day seems to bring a new blow. congress cut funds and the census bureau reject the maryland attorney general's office is also looking into alta questions raised by the hidden take. well acorn is pledging to recruit and commissioned an audit to root out any correction regression. >> the lawsuit also seeks damages from a conservative columnist who posted the videos on his website. we have continuing coverage on our website,
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we are following several stories for you tonight. today will mark a french bay -- bank has started foreclosure proceedings on the first mariner tower at canton crossing. we are told an option for that building and surrounding land is scheduled for october 21 because of a default on an $84 million loan. he says he is in default in a couple of provisions. he is considering selling the 17-story building. also tonight, it was supposed to become the next inner harbor, but it is being reported that tomorrow columbia bank will auction off some water plant in south baltimore. -- waterfront land. a code developer for the project is now wrapped up in an ongoing scandal. today leaders approved a plan to save money. it calls for across-the-board
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furloughs as part of the plan. the department of public works announced tonight it would close its offices on friday, october 9. that means there would be no bulk trash collection that they come only recycling. blainville a drop-off locations will also be closed. kate explains who will also forgo a pay date. >> baltimore city is facing a 60.2 million -- 61 $2 million budget shortfall. the plan includes laying off 20 -- lang off workers -- laying off workers. >> if we do not do the furloughs, it could mean up to 400 people being laid off from city government. grex the furloughs begin on october 5 and include millet -- merkt sheila dixon. -- mayor sheila dixon. even ed gallagher, the city finance group put the whole plan together. >> we must act, and we must act
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now. the only likely alternative to this furlough plan is an even more painful one, and that is, the longer we wait, but the harder it is painful appeal is to swallow. next the fire and police departments are being asked to come up with $8 million in cuts as an alternative to furloughs. union leaders say the city's action is a contract violation, and they are willing to fight in court. >> but now we have in our contract and no furlough and no layoff clause, but we are committed to public safety. >> they negotiated a pay raise. what happened with the 10 furlough days? we went to court, and the judge ruled in our favor. >> the city state's attorney's office will also take furlough days, but they assured us that
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will remain open. >> there will be ninth your prosecutors and by your support staff on duty. rick -- 9 fewer prosecutors and five fewer support staff. >> prosecutors are picking up cases an extra caseload. they are filling in for their colleagues on the days that they are furloughed. but the prosecutor's office says all the programs including the witness assistance program will continue to operate during this time. for more on the city budget cuts, but to our website, and click on project economy. just days after the 72-ins water main broke in dundalk, tonight we are getting a closer look at the city's infrastructure profit predict problems. the department of public works as reconstructing the storm, water, and some resistance would
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cost $3.50 billion. with that price tag, officials say it would take some time before they are able to address all problems. >> we had over $700 million, shovel ready, seeking a stimulus funds. we got well, so we got $12 billion when our request was 700 million. so that gives you an idea what our need is right now, and what we are able to do. >> as for the water main break, they are in the process of inspecting everything before completed restoring service. former clinton white house aide zina pierre officially dropped out of the mayoral race, only to rejoin the race on saturday. we have been following developments all day long. >> pierre was poised to make history. she had won, she would have been annapolis's first african- american mayor, but it seems
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that she just could not shake a troubled financial past. she told supporters in the media early this evening that while she will continue to work in the community, she wants to personal life left alone. >> so our regret that i will respectfully step down and out of this race. >> with that, zina pierre, and the roller-coaster ride that was a campaign for mayor of annapolis is finally over. soon after she won the democratic nomination on sept. 50, her campaign was over, with a cloud of controversy over pierre's rocky financial past, issues with her residency, and campaign finance concern's pretax some things have slipped to the cracks. and i own up to that. i know that no one is perfect, and i count myself among those who are in perfect -- imperfect. >> she apologized to a crowd of
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media and the poor, admitting some of her financial errors, but not all. >> advice since tried to correct some of those mistakes that many of you have seen in a report, that many of those were outdated mistakes? yes, i made those mistakes. >> following her news conference, pierre refuse to take questions from reporters. campaign member said she was done with the media. >> she has responded to everything she intended to respond to. she is now a private citizen, so you guys can go harass somebody else. >> everybody is like paying bills. everybody has some kind of credit issued. there is no perfect person walking on the face of the year. >> have this come out months ago, even well into the march- april time frame, she could have addressed these a lot earlier, and this would have an old news. >> pierre also made it very clear that her backing out had nothing to do with race. 11 news has also learned that
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the annapolis democratic central committee will be meeting to pick a replacement. the general election is fast approaching. slots in marilyn? now step closer to reality. the owner of ocean downs raceway in delaware park says lots will be up and running by memorial day weekend. the 800 machines will create 560 jobs. >> with the expansion been as great as it is, it has become a concentrated local market. we are fortunate that ocean city has a lot of people looking for things to do. there is not a lot of adult activities in ocean city and nearby beaches. >> there are some restrictions. no slots related hotels or restaurants can be built within 10 miles of the track, and entertainment has to be limited
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to one piano player. tonight, federal investigators are working on the hanging death of a u.s. census worker. why they believe it could be linked to his work. how several banks will help keep money in your accounts. and the flu shot versus the nasal spray. help us way and on which is the most effective. i think it is great. i wish i had some of these figures like these gals do. >> helping seniors stay healthy this flu season in the most unlikely of places. we will explain. alive showers and some thunder in that line, moving toward the up baltimore area. check out the seven-day forecast. it's still warm, 77 downtown.
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it tonight, the census
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bureau has suspended door to door work after a census worker was discovered hanging. law enforcement says a word was scrawled across his chest. attacking a federal worker during or because of his federal job is a federal crime. america simply cannot do it all. that was president obama's message today at the un, and tonight that pleasing to have work. russia has agreed to help the u.s. keep iran from building nuclear weapons. steve hansen has the latest. >> president obama sat down in your with present -- russian president met debt of, say more pressure needs to be put on iran. to stop iran from building nuclear weapons, the russians and robert -- russian agreed reluctantly.
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cooperation, earlier in his first speech to the un, obama call for new -- war international cooperation, and he did not mince words. >> those of you who chastises america for acting alone in the world cannot now stand by and wait for america to solve the world's problems alone. >> brahney and president ahmadinejad did not mention nukes. >> those who have created the current disastrous situation continued to blame others. as members of the u.s. delegation walked out. president obama had already pressure both sides. >> would continue to call on palestinians to end in sight against israel. america does not accept allegedly of continued israeli settlements. -- accept the legitimacy of continued israeli settlements. >> even libyan leader moeller
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khadafy had warm words before his 90 minute rant at the west. tomorrow, -- president obama shift his focus to the economy. the president will call for a balance, and in demand to try to put people back to work, but putting in place new relations -- new regulations to prevent a future crisis. flu shot, or nasal spray? tonight, the report suggests which is best is the seasonal fluke. -- seasonal fluke. the nasal spray it was down to offer better protection in younger ones because of their immune system. >> so the jury is still out. in children, we have consistently seen the children receiving flu missed yet less
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influenza than those receiving the flu shot. >> health officials say that since the new h1n1 virus is new to all ages, they will both work for adults and children. you can read more on the study by going to our website, speaking of the flu shot, some senior citizens in florida were treated to float free flu shots under one condition. had to get them at a strip club. thousands of senior adults were welcomed into rachel's. the retreated to a free gourmet lunch before rolling up their sleeves. you may wonder how the seniors felt about getting the flu shot at a place that typically does not cater to them. they were not too upset. >> i want to know where the girls got those sexy stockings. i need some of those. >> can i get a job? then i said no, i am kidding you.
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>> the club has been giving free flu shots. >> a line of showers with some thunder embedded. that is the first son of a cold front that is slowly moving in our direction. -- first sign of a cold front. the front is working off to the west and helping to keep up the storms. you see all the lightning strikes across northern baltimore county, moving into the northern into accountharford county. they are fairly isolated. that is the only activity we have going on right now, but a line of storms coming through on a summary type evening. this was technically the first full day of fall, but we hit 84 degrees and 86 at the inner harbor. the normal is only 76 degrees. expect another humid day tomorrow, before things cool off
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just a bit. things right now are closer to what a normal afternoon high would be. tomorrow morning, a shower over in queen anne's county and parts of the lower eastern shore. there is a possibility of a shower on the eastern shore up around the bay early on. west of the day, mostly cloudy skies. it is this front that is kicking at the storm's coming across pennsylvania factor southern ohio. it will push the warm air off the coast and usher in another mass behind it. look at all the cloud cover, extending all the way up to pittsburg during the day tomorrow. i think it will turn not to be mostly cloudy day tomorrow. as high pressure in new england pushes down the coast, the clearing moves into our region on friday. what is to the south and west. the showers build up again. by the time to get into the weekend, it looks like some wet
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weather will cross the mountains and move toward baltimore saturday afternoon. it will feel like summer again tomorrow, but with winds shifting to the northwest slowly during the day, the humidity levels should drop. high temperatures 81-86. storms crossing the bay tonight and early morning. partly cloudy, 71 hours around deep creek lake tomorrow. we will see a mix of clout and sun around the bay. down at ocean city tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds, and maybe even a shower in the morning. 84 tomorrow, then breezy, cooler, feel more like fall on friday, and even cooler saturday, 69 with showers in the afternoon. a threat of rain sunday morning, then clearing of sunday afternoon. finally, some good financial news tonight. how banks are helping to keep money in your account. >> and how far can you shoot a basketball? a student in texas attempts the world's longest shot.
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the maryland lottery, let
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>> there is some good news tonight for bankamerica customers. the bank is changing the way it charges overdraft fees. the bank no longer will charge you that $30 fee if your account is overdrawn by less than $10. on top of that, customers will not be charged more than four times a day. currently the limit is 10 times
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a day. customers who wish to opt down of the over protection program can do so. you make a purchase without enough money in your account, you will be denied at the register. j.p. morgan and wells fargo have announced similar changes. this is being called the world's longest basketball shot. a student from texas a&m university got nothing but net. the group of students to pull this off are part of a group that raises money for children. >> technically, the shot does not count because it hit the backboard and he did not call glass. this week's full collision reunion make
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meet the volkswagen jetta. it gets an epa estimated 32 miles per gallon, and was named an iihs top safety pick. all for just $179 a month. and like all new volkswagens, it comes with 3 years or 36,000 miles of no-charge scheduled carefree maintenance. it's all part of why the jetta is the top-selling german engineered sedan in america.
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as you take a close look at the ravens next opponent, the cleveland browns, a couple of things jump out at you. one, they do not score much. they have a terrible defense, and the ravens did not care about any of this step. the numbers point to a wild mismatch in the ravens' favor. the burris couldn't, they have all figured out the elements -- tavares gooden.
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it is not about the numbers going in. it is about the fact that these two teams have their first divisional matchups of the season, and the passion and intensity of games between the ravens and the browns washes away any of the numbers leading into the game. >> obviously there are not a lot of people in cleveland that like us, and i think it is vice versa. over the years, it has been a rivalry. cleveland has not always been a playoff team. we have to expect that every week, every time we played them. they are coming in here, and they know us just as well as we know them. we know what type of game is going to be. >> it looks questionable this sunday -- if he will play. he suffered a hamstring injury
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and did not play today. if he cannot play on sunday, the ravens will have to use to back to have not seen much action. they have combined for a total of seven carries and 13 yards this season. a few years ago, a woman asked me to stop giving some much bad news about the orioles. i promise you, i do not dislike the orioles, but when that the team has the worst record in the american league and is " straight losing season, the bad news kind of becomes a way of life. tonight, they lose again, 7-3, to toronto. hear of a promising highlights first. they had a 2-0 lead in the second. matt is going to be something special. even with that shot, they are still down 5-3 at that point,
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and that would fall farther. toronto beat the orioles, 7-3 the final tonight in toronto. the end of an era will come for at planner braves manager bobby cox. the 68-year-old cox has managed to break for 23 seasons. -- managed the braves. he had 6100 win seasons. he says he figured the only way he would ever get out of the game would be to announce his retirement ahead of time and then have to live up to his word. stick around for the seven-day forecast, right after this.
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cloud and muddy tomorrow,
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and more fall flight date, and of kuwait to start the day on saturday. >> if you missed this newscast, you can take it on the encore presentation. "the tonight show" is coming up next. [ cheers and applause ] from "project runway," [ cheers and applause ] now here's yho


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