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tv   11 News Today  NBC  September 24, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> we are dealing with a front that is hovering over us right now. it is going to be up to the mid- 80's again. some cooler air will filter in behind it. 71 at the airport. the 70's on the eastern shore. it is still humid out there. 81-85 degrees is the forecast high. 76 as normal. we will be on target tomorrow. cooler than normal on saturday and maybe some showers on sunday. let's check out traffic. >> good morning, everyone. not a bad ride out there. we are looking at a few problems. use caution in catonsville.
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there are two separate fire locations in another area. police activity to watch for in the city. speed sensors are looking good. in 9 minute ride on 895 south. here is frederick road. and the camera -- it is new. no delay. here is a live view of traffic at white marsh which is problem- free. back to you. >> thank you. savings plans will help the city combat is shortfall for the budget. >> some will be laid off and others will face furloughs. our reporter is live at city hall with the details. >> good morning.
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every employee will be asked to make a sacrifice. the furloughs and cuts are being blamed on tax revenue that has dropped over the last year in state funding. officials say this step is necessary to fill the $60.2 million gap. it will affect part-time, temporary, and contractual workers. the must take five unpaid days off. fire and police departments are being asked to come up with $8 million in cuts as an alternative to furloughs. union leaders say the city's action is a contractual violation and they are willing to fight it in court. >> we have in our contract a no layoff clause and they note furlough clause. -- and they know furlough clause -- amd a mp furlough clause -- and a no furlough clause. and there is some more
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information to come. we will have up for you later. reporting live, wbal-tv. >> and local bank under federal scrutiny for holding too many defaulted mortgages is at risk of losing certain things this to foreclosure proceedings. an auction is scheduled for the 17 story tower on october 1. the ceo says he is current on the properties $84 million loan. he admits that he is in default on a couple of loan provisions. he is considering several options including selling the building. and a land that was said to be the next inner harbor is said to go to the auction block. that site was to hold the $35 million overlook project.
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the coat developer is now wrapped up in the city hall scandal. >> despite decreasing home values and rising unemployment, maryland remains the richest state in the nation. the median household income is $70,540. it is slightly above the number two richest state, new jersey. there seems to be a gap between the haves and the have not. we have one of the highest poverty rates as well. this was the scene after a fire broke out in the home. everyone was able to get out safely. no word as to the cause. >> the mass of water main break last week shows -- budget woes
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are slowing things down. the water main break caused flooding in the dundalk area. repairs. >> $700 million of show ready products ready to go, we have $12 million when we requested $700 million. >> is it is expecting everything before they restore service regarding the water main break. >> acorn is making headlines on their own. acorn has filed a lawsuit who shot video of their employees without their consent.
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legal expert says he is perplexed as to why the two former acorn employees are seeking civil damages. >> they take to this stuff illegally because they were trying to impose the emotional distress on the employees. i don't think they care about the employees. they were trying to get at acorn. >> they are also seeking damages from a columnist who posted the video on their website. acorn says it will not prepare tax returns in light of the scandal this year. >> former clinton white house aide zina pierre has officially mayor of annapolis. she was dogged by questions about her financial past. she admitted to some of her financial errors but not all.
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she admitted to some. >> have i sent tried to correct those mistakes that many of you many are outdated mistakes that were not updated? yes. i made those mistakes. >> the committee will be meeting friday night to pick a replacement. the general election is set for november 3. >> president obama is the first security council at the u.n. meeting. >> after his speech at the un, president obama tries to turn his warning in to you in action. >> with the governments of iran requirements -- and north korea ignoring the requirements, they should be held accountable.
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>> talks are next month. >> [unintelligible] >> the u.s. scrapped plans for u.s. defense in europe -- u.s. missile defense in europe. six nations agreed to a tougher line on iran. >> we have consistently said that iran is entitled to a peaceful nuclear power. they are not entitled to a nuclear weapons program. >> on the sidelines of the security council's session, they will talk about the global ban on nuclear testing. it is a stark change from george bush, a skeptic of world treaties. outside the un, thousands job -- the iranian president who defended his reelection. he called its glorious.
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pittsburg police expect more protests. >> president obama and the first lady will host some of the g-20 leaders for a working dinner. in washington, reporting for wbal tv 11 news. >> dramatic results in an aids vaccine is looking possible. they have a vaccine that is testing for prevention of aids and hiv. it prevent infection by 31%. more than 16,000 volunteers have been participating in the trial. officials say they are surprised and pleased by the outcome of these trials. more studies will be needed
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before any trials take place in the u.s.. >> work less achieve more. can help employees work more efficiently. forcing employees to take time off is better for employees according to the study. people who had more time off for happier and less likely to leave. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think more personal time results in better productivity at work? email us your response to >> it is 6:10. coming up, the bloomberg business report. >> the makers of children's tylenol issue a recall on some of their products. we will tell you why in the consumer alert. >> amazing video caught on
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videotape. >> storms to our west on hd doppler. we will deal with that as the weekend approaches. details on that coming up. stay tuned. >> we have an accident on dpw parkway. --
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>> mostly cloudy and still get there. it will feel like a summer. some humidity around. some clouds around today. variable to mostly cloudy. right now, let's check out the
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temperatures. a 74 downtown. 70 at the airport. here is your statewide tour. western maryland mountains around 74 degrees. some breaks of sunshine today. 84 at the airport yesterday. winds will shift to the northwest as a front is to our south. we will start to dry out. the sun sets tonight at 7:00. the days are getting shorter. 95 if the record high set back in 1970. 39 degree record low. 59-65 overnight. it will start to feel better
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tonight with less humidity. a high pressure will give us pitiful conditions for friday. it will be cool and breezy. the front will get here late this weekend. a good chance of morning showers on sunday. the ravens kickoff is at 1:00 and i think we will be ok then. per the club the at 78 degrees. -- partly cloudy at 78 degrees. >> an accident on the ramp to the freeway. northbound 295 as you make your exit. no other volume related delays get.
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-- yet. some accidents or problem spots around wilkins ave. watch for lanes closed at two fire locations. a downed a colt in catonsville. -- pole in catonsville. that is the latest. over to you. >> thank you. the fbi is looking into the murder of a part-time census worker who was found hanging near a tree -- hanging on a tree near a cemetery. the bureau wants to know of antigovernment sentiment had anything to do with the murder. the massachusetts governor will announce who he will appoint to fill the senate seat left open
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by the late senator ted kennedy. the special election is for january. democrats hope to have a full 60 seas before voting on health care. a wild fires in southern california is an inferno. it is 10,000 acres wide threatening homes and buildings. the governor has declared a state of emergency for the county. it may take until saturday to to get the fire contained. >> in the consumer alert, another bank is making changes to its overdraft policies. wells fargo is joining bank of america and jpmorgan chase on making adjustments on how they handle overdrafts on credit cards. they are eliminating overdraft fees when customers make small
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overdraft from $5 to $10. the makers of tylenol have announced a voluntary recall affecting some of the company's children and infant formulas. some flavors are being recalled. there are concerns over possible contamination of one of the inactive ingredient used to make the medication. the makers did not say how many bottles would be pulled or if anybody got sick on the medicine. you can find out more by calling this number. investors are looking at the polls of the housing market. that is in the bloomberg business report. >> more signs of recovery in the housing industry. sales of existing homes climbing to the highest level in two years according to economists
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surveyed by bloomberg. this report is critical,. rising sales would mark the fifth consecutive gains. the reserve policymakers balance to keep interest rates low to ensure this growth is sustained. the weekly initial jobless claims will be announced just ahead of the opening bell today. the federal reserve signaled it may start taking a more hands off approach to the economy. the bluebird maryland index is up following on the day. president obama will be attending the g-20 discussions in pittsburgh today. they will discuss financial regulation, bank bonuses, and how to improve the economy without resorting to protectionism. g-20 leaders must agree on a new mandate for jobs and growth.
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they must work together to end stimulus programs. i am at the new york stock exchange reporting for wbal tv 11 news. >> it is a shot you have to see to believe. students at the university shared a basketball from the third deck of the football stadium. take a look. >> this is the world's longest basketball shot. oh! good. what? correct this is part of a group that raises money for children. the video is being scrutinized to make sure there is no editing bill on there. -- editing going on there. >> let's give them the benefit of the doubt.
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>> 6:21. another check on weather and traffic straight ahead. >> a band is being used it for >> a band is being used it for
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>> good morning, checking on the morning commute. some problem spots. we have confirmed an accident on the bw parkway. northbound, 295, an accident there. watch for delays as we get further into the morning rush.
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here is a live of you. the outer loop courtside, a bit of a slowdown. some problem spot in catonsville, watch for some length closures. at falls road, some fire activity. liberty heights, watch for police activity. that is the latest. >> a warm day ahead. made a pretty -- mid 80's again today. 74 now. 70 at the airport. we will be in the mid 80's again today. does as we head into tonight, ts will feel better. up to 65. we are drying out.
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we are tracking a storm system for the weekend. details are just ahead. >> the beat does not go on for one marching band in ohio. their choice of music is a little racy. >> ♪ >> known to rock the crowd at local high school football games, the indian creek band has a great reputation for entertaining. part of their halftime show has been sidelined by the superintendent after complaints of provocative tunes. >> certain songs, i would not let my daughter listened to on the radio. i would not want her to listen to them at the game. >> tucson's have parent outraged. one by britney spears. it has scandalous lyrics. but one person defense their choice to play it. >> did you not think you were
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going to get in trouble? >> it is a popular song, but you do not hear the lyrics. we did not sing in the of the lyrics. we did not think it would be a big deal because it is just music. >> you do hear the lyrics of the other song. the band shouts them out in the routine. >> you can take it suggestively, but we did not mean for it to be taken that way. >> the songs are banned from the routine. some players are not going quietly. they want to protest at the next school board meeting. this parent thinks it is a bad situation that should a been prevented by the band director. >> i think it is sad. now they have nothing to play. i think it is terrible. >> the superintendent says he will not seek any punishment against the band director.
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he feels that it was just a bad choice. >> that was jackie kaine reporting. >> 6 of 27. there is much more to come -- 6:27. there is much more to come. >> we are tracking an accident on the bw parkway. we will update you on how it is impacting your ride. that is next. >> cloudy and warm today but sunny and cool tomorrow. i have your seven-day forecast coming up. >> i am nikole killion in pittsburgh. the president arrives here later today for another global summit, the g-20. i will bring you a preview coming up. >> here is a look at the winning lottery numbers from last night. numbers from last night.
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>> good morning everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. let's check the forecast. >> some drier air will filter in tonight. but it will be warm and humid today. 81-85 with partly cloudy skies. the seven-day is coming up. >> the city council is looking at some massive changes to deal with the budget shortfall. >> our reporter has more information about the furlough that will save $30 million.
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>> i help save $30 million. >> if we do not do the fat will help save $30 million. >> if we do not do the furloughs, it could mean up to 400 people laid off for the government. furloff for the government. furloughs, officials want to save over $30 million. furloughs are necessary to save city government. $60.2 million shortfall in the government with five days with depending on salary. the furloughs began on october 5 and include mayor sheila dixon. several city council members and the finance group who put together the plan are affected. >> we must act and we must act the only likely alternative to be more painful. the longer we wait, the more painful it will be. >> they have to come up with $8 million in cuts as an alternative to furloughs. unions for the city and are part of a contractual violation.
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seven court locations will remain fully operational. >> people are picking up extra caseload. they are filling in for are furloughed. >> public works will close its offices on friday october 9 in an effort to save money. no trash collection that day, only recycling. reporting live, wbal-tv. >> in new poll of americans support some type of health-care reform. care reform and some are in favor of president obama's plan. 21% say that president obama have the right idea of the health care reform plan. those were about health care
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insurance rose. the majority of people said that president obama is handling his presidency good. only 2% had no opinion. this is an exclusive poll for our market >> police have charged a woman with the potential objection of a four year-old boy. this occurred in anne arundel county. one person approached the boy, approacand tried to get away wih him. she is charged with kidnapping, second-degree assault and other offenses. some baltimore city police officers are on administrative leave after a man threatened to commit suicide but after arriving, he says that man
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lunged at the officers with a spatula. the officers fired. the man is in critical condition. >> today president obama becomes the first u.s. president to chair a meeting at the un security council. >> and the g-20 is getting underway in pittsburgh. the call killion is there with a look ahead. >> as the president and other world leaders arrive for the g- 20 summit -- they will be welcomed by welcome signs and protests. some scaled a bridge to put up a banner and were arrested. more rallies are expected today and police are stepping up guard. >> security is in place. the traffic has been made aware of this.
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>> barricades around the senate venue. they will talk about economy and other topics through climate change. nuclear weapons will also be discussed. president obama is chairing a meeting with leaders of the security council. >> the nuclear power reputation -- nuclear proliferation is growing. the prospects of wars and acts of terrorists could be on a scale that we could hardly imagine. unanimously adopted a resolution calling for a reduction in nuclear weapons. endorsement of the president's nuclear gender. >> -- nuclear agenda. we are expecting a number of protests today probably a bigger one. past. >> good morning. getting busier out there with some delays. an accident on bw parkway.
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you may want to see -- use an alternate as we are not seeing any major delays yet. a back up on the west side beginning at 795. 41st and falls road, to separate fire locations in that same area. watch for that. and other activity. a downed wire and paul -- pole in catonsville. watch out for that. >> partly to mostly cloudy with temperatures in the 80's for today. the winds are shifting to the northwest. bayfront is stalling out over the carolinas.
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saturday afternoon, increasing clouds. sunday rain early and by game time, it should be ok. we have more for you coming up. >> the ravens are getting something they are not used to getting from the national media. we'll explain when we come back. >> we are still taking your answers to our watercooler question of the dame. -- day. at dunkin' donuts, there's always fresh coffee brewing, made hot and delicious all day long from the highest quality, freshly ground beans, and that's why more folks choose dunkin' donuts coffee to get their day off to a fresh, delicious start. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> the ravens will take on their old rivals the cleveland browns this sunday. >> they are 2-0 and ranked no. 1 on a few power poles. >> the ravens have enjoyed some new media attention this week. it shows that the ravens are being taken notice. they averaged 35 points a game. the ravens finally same welcome. >> i could not believe it. i think we were pretty far behind before this week. at the end of the season, that is what we are shooting for. >> one week you will see it and the next week you lose it. the neverland haiti. -- -- and everyone hates you.
6:41 am
>> the championship game -- >> we were ranked 20 at this time last year. i do not think the numbers prove a whole lot of this time in the season. you still have to go out and play games and win games. >> we have watched the same rankings last year. they had as way down at 20. it does not matter where you are. the bottom line is to play hard each time. >> the players were on the offensive side of the ball when they came out to talk to the media this week. >> be sure to tell in 298 barack -- 98 rock or wbal radio
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for information on the game this sunday. >> coming up, we will meet the volkswagen jetta. it gets an epa estimated 32 miles per gallon, and was named an iihs top safety pick. all for just $179 a month. and like all new volkswagens, it comes with 3 years or 36,000 miles of no-charge scheduled carefree maintenance. it's all part of why the jetta is the top-selling german engineered sedan in america.
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>> in the headlines this morning, about her financial past. she admitted to some of her financial errors but not all. the committee bill be meeting friday night to pick a replacement as the general election is set for november 3. acorn is filing a multimillion-
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dollar lawsuit against the to people who recorded the videotapes in baltimore that shows employees giving tax advisor to a couple posed as a pimp and prostitutes. they argue that the filmmakers of violated wiretap laws as they videotaped the employees without their consent. the less you are at your job, the better you perform when you are there. that is according to a new study. forcing employees to take time off may make them do better work. they are happier and less likely to leave their job. >> that brings us to your answers to our watercooler question of the day. >> we ask if you think more personal time will lead to better productivity at work. >> one says time away from work
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is a determining factor but not the only one in worker productivity. a work environment free of harassment and other things are also helpful. >> another person agrees that the time off will increase productivity and happiness. taking a brief from in the region taking a break from anything will help clear your mind and help you do better when you return to it. >> thank you. we will close all the answers on the front page of our web site at >> here is a check under morning commute. fire activity in two separate locations in falls road. that should be clearing up shortly. an outer loop delay.
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lane number four at the toll plaza, a vehicle is clearing as we speak. here is liberty and we are seeing the back of develop. it is been a nice ride here despite the accident. be careful on a 95. that is the latest. >> >> it is going to be warm today. a few clouds around the area. there is a front that is slowly sliding to our south. it will probably stalled over the carolinas by later this evening. then we will dry out and be a little bit cooler. some shower activity in the middle part of our region. we will see that system affected
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by the weekend. i will let in of the timetable for that. the temperatures are in the summit could be out there. it gives me. -- in the 70's out there. excuse me. we will get into the mid 80's today. winds out of the northwest. high pressure will build in and give us more seasonable conditions for tomorrow. 83 degrees in ocean city today. on the bay, no problems. waves only 1 foot or less. water temperatures are cooler than the air temperatures, in the mid 70's. 95 degrees is the record high. 39 is the record low.
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tonight it will dry air around 59-65. part of a cloudy skies. another front associated with the storm activity will a purchase this weekend. late into the evening on saturday we will get showers into the early morning of sunday. cooler tomorrow, breezy, 76 and mostly sunny. cooler on saturday. 69 is the forecast high. a better chance of sunday morning showers. partly cloudy skies before the ravens game. it's like chance of showers on monday. cooler tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> they keep. time now for the last look at
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other big story this morning. it's up decision city officials have to make to close a massive budget shortfall. our reporter towards us live from city hall with more on that story. >> good morning. mayor sheila dixon says furloughs will become a for almost everyone in city government. everyone will be asked to make a sacrifice. if not, it could mean the loss of 400 jobs in the city. a drop in text -- tax revenue and state funding is the reason. starting october 5, all part- time, temporary, contractual workers must take a furlough up to five days. that is an unpaid day. police and fire departments must come up with an additional $8 million in cuts to avoid furloughs. the unions say that as a violation of their contract.
6:51 am
there will be no trash collection on monday but recycling to help reduce the budget. wbal tv 11 news. >> coming up on "oprah" jay z is in the house today. and barbra streisand is stopping by for a visit. that is today at 4:00. here is a look at what is coming up next on the "today show." >> unprecedented security in pittsburgh as president obama plans to meet with the world's top financial leaders. we are live with the latest. and how oare jaycee dugard and
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her daughter is doing after their release. and more about a hazing ritual at a high school. and an actress joins us in this deal with a live interview about being sexually abused by her father. that is later on today. >> just ahead, we will take a look at whether and traffic
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>> for a minute there i thought the show was already over. i was about to get up and leave.
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>> you were about to be gone. >> some fire activity that is clearing in an area. use caution with a down wire and pole in catonsville. the elderly. northeast side has a delay. -- the outer loop northeast side as a delay. here is a live view of white marsh where delays are starting to develop. >> you'll get your time off. >> exactly. [laughter] >> it feels like summer but tomorrow we will be back where we should be. 76 tomorrow. looking good in time for the game. >> thanks for joining us for 11
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news today. >> be sure to tune in to wbal radio when you get into your car. >> this as a wbal tv in editorial. >> the water main break in dundalk is another reminder of the aging infrastructure facing most of our cities. the water main break in the east baltimore community came without warning taking of a major section of road and flooding the homes of several families. many were left without power and water for days. they have lost precious family memories as well as household
6:57 am
items. the city, state and even the senator talk about the needs of families, some insurance companies did not respond to policyholders or said their policies did not cover the damage. whether repairs may take up to six weeks. many of these families may be in limbo longer. there is no question the aging of our community needs to be addressed. it is not a question of if but when another community will face similar circumstances. with the maryland general assembly approaching, legislators have a another optional item. what can maryland to do to ease the problem of the aging infrastructure. it is a problem for all with a simple solution. money. the aging of our community is another important item that must be addressed during these difficult economic times. we believe that it must move to the head of the list.
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