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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 24, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we came back, my stomach started hurting really bad. >> i don't want her to get any sicker than she already is. >> school nurses have been busy. they have been issuing notes like this one, asking parents to keep students home until they are well. it is the same message county school health officials are trying to get out. >> that is a problem for many years. we ask to wait a whole day to make sure the fever is gone. >> baltimore county's top position says his office has been tracking the numbers. >> we ask them to stay home, rest up, and then come back after you are feeling better. >> health officials across the
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county and state are recommending students get vaccinated. there is a confirmed case of the so-called swine flu and baltimore city. the letter went home today to parents saying the school tonight is being thoroughly cleaned. we will give you more details as soon as they become available. >> the debates over health care reform turned contentious as members of clash over what should be included. sally kidd has the latest. >> heated exchanges today as members of the senate finance committee haggled over health care reform. the debate got heated at times. >> we do not believe in a very massive government takeover. >> members of the senate finance
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committee sparred over amendments. >> is a sucker punch. >> as they worked on the specifics of a health care reform bill. with hundreds of amendments to be considered, it is expected to be another long night. on the house, democratic leaders are shaping their final bill. >> which would increase competition, lower cost, improve quality. >> the american people have made clear that they are opposed to etch. >> a new poll shows most americans consider the economy and their personal finances the most important problems they face, with health-care related issues a distant second. most believe in the need for reform. >> they want insurance companies to be more regulated.
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>> but they are evenly divided about how much change is necessary. the poll shows one in four adults skeps a recommended medical treatment forecast because of the cost. >> two former employees have filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the makers of a hidden camera video, showing acorn workers giving money laundering advice to a couple posing as a pimp and a prostitute. they want to send a message. david collins joins us live in north baltimore with more. >> their message, taking a stand against those who do not want to play by the rules. this hidden camera video cost two employees their jobs. it cost acorn federal funding.
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a lawsuit may not reverse those actions by the attorneys believe the suing will send a message. >> it used to be that free network television statements and major newspapers have to play by the rules. now we have a bunch of bloggers who think the rules do not apply to them. i think it becomes like the wild west of news gathering. >> the lawsuit uses a civil provision that requires the consent of both parties to record private conversations. >> do you consider yourself a conservative? >> i consider myself to be a progressive radical. >> do you define yourself as a journalist? >> i don't have a business card. >> he has been honing this style
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since his college days, starting with pranks and than delving into social issues. >> there are way too many black people in ohio so i am just trying to do my part. >> two employees were fired after the incident. >> they have lost their jobs and they have been made national laughing stocks. >> the parent did not wait -- did not wear his caution inside the office. >> we do think that these folks who take the incident should have to [unintelligible] >> they made a similar videos and other locations, but the $7 million lawsuit only involves the recordings made here. >> a city police officer has
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been arrested on federal charges of making false statements and stealing from suspects. mark lunsford is a 16-year veteran assigned to a joint task force. court documents allege he took money intended for an informant even though he gave no information. >> police are investigating an accident involving an off-duty officer. sky team 11 was over the scene today. authorities said the officer was driving his personal vehicle when he suddenly lost control. no word on his condition and his identity has not been released. >> a plan to save millions of dollars without layoffs or furloughs. jayne miller has that story. >> everyone agrees that the
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public would notice the layoffs and furloughs, but how much and what is the alternative? government furloughs usually mean an agency closes for the day, but not so for city -- for fire and police departments. >> we don't want to compromise our role in responding to 911 calls in the city. >> the union president is trying to hold the city to a no- furlough clause. the union relies on a new estimate of how difficult and costly and actual police furlough will be. there are 1300 officers spread out and various shifts that cover every moment of the day. a five-day furlough would require 24 officers to be taken off the streets, a 20% reduction
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in patrol strength. >> if we can take some of compensatory time or some overtime until the furlough plan and, and when it ends, this would obviously stop as well. it would protect our younger officers from being laid off. it keeps the cops on the street for the taxpayer. >> the city is trying to squeeze about $8 million out of the fire and police departments. a furlough plan and layoff plan was approved yesterday. >> maryland's unemployment rate is now just over 7%, which means it is doing better than other states. some jobs sectors are hotter than others. lowell melser joins us live with
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that story. >> currently, the unemployment rate is 7.2%, almost double then a few years ago. state officials tell us things are slowly improving especially in the education sector. as the economy slowly improves, maryland officials are starting to see a few promising signs. >> we are hopeful this will start to turn around. >> eric is the executive director of the governor's workforce investment board. there are places you should flcok and avoid. cold areas include real-estate, construction, and retail. on the other side of the coin, hot areas include health care,
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education, universities, and the federal government. all have seen slight increases in the past several months. >> health care and education have not lost jobs. >> the one place this increase is being noticed is john hopkins university, which recently received $114 million from the federal stimulus program for research projects, meaning they will have to fill positions and not laying anyone off. >> at the same time, we can gear up quickly, high your people, and the kickstart the economy. >> officials with the state say for those pounding the pavement at job fairs and sending out applications, things will continue to improve. while hopkins officials made it clear that these new grants will mean a significant amount of new jobs here, they could not give us an exact number because the grants come in on a daily basis.
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if you are interested in applying to these jobs, we put a link on our website. >> more breaking news tonight. let's take it out live to captain roy taylor. >> this is northbound interstate 95. there is an automobile fire. three lanes of northbound interstate 95 that are shut down. traffic is backed up all the way past interstate 695. >> last week's massive water main break has sparked a rescue group to take action. >> find out what they are doing in case this disaster should happen again. >> we are in for cooler
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temperatures and a better chance for rain moving into the region. the forecast is coming up. here is a look at what is coming up tonight on the jay leno show.
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>> baltimore county officials unveiled their new radio tower. the enhanced transmission provides more coverage in remote areas. it is part of a $57 million project. the massive water main break has prompted county officials to think i had in the case of the -- in case of another disaster.
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recreation and parks employees and several volunteers also took part. >> we practiced this last september at the same time so it is a good way for hurricane preparedness and other disasters. >> they will be able to provide goods for 5000 families by day. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> fall is here and came in earlier this week but so far no sign of fall temperatures. temperatures will cool off a little bit. normals are now 76 and 53. 39 on this day back in 1983.
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we had a couple of showers at bwi marshall. there is a lot more rain west of the mountains. that is what we will have to watch for tomorrow night and saturday. it may be making an impact on our weather for the first part of the weekend. 80 degrees at salisbury. a hint of the cooler air starting to show up in pennsylvania. wild it will remain mostly cloudy, the windsors should change to the north. -- the winds should change to the north. temperatures will be more like fall. the front coming through central maryland right now, the winds are light and variable in direction. there is a weak area of high pressure but will probably have not much success clearing out the clouds around here.
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expect some of this cloud cover to hang around. that increases rain chances for the first half of the weekend. tomorrow, cloudy and cooler. we will have their clubs and the rain holding off to the west. some showers are possible in the mountains tomorrow. for saturday night, there is the potential for a heavy downpour. good news for football on sunday, the storm moves off the coast early in the morning. 71 to 76 degrees tomorrow. it will be breezy. the sun rises at 6:57. a small craft advisory on the chesapeake bay. scattered showers on friday and saturday.
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it should clear up on sunday. in the central part of the state, dry but cloudy. seven-day forecast -- cool and wet on saturday with a high of 66. the sunshine returns in the afternoon getting us back into the upper 70's. a stronger cold front coming in on monday. >> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> injury report thursday. the ravens have a pair of starters not practicing. the defensive coordinator says johnson will take the field. the browns' defensive coordinator must be having a nightmare.
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note touchdowns allow the sunday after the chargers got the ball inside the 10 four times. >> anytime you play red zone defense, and more importantly i don't know if i have ever been around 18 with four goal line stands. for us to do that four times in 1 ball game, you can see that ended up being the change in the game. >> the browns come to town with their own injury problems. brady quinn was sacked four times, but cleveland thinks there are places to attack the ravens defense. >> they are a very talented group of guys. with ray lewis and others, they
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relied a lot on pressure. >> more than 900 votes for your extra points high school game of the week. natural rivals and good teams this year. they get our spotlight for the most highlights tomorrow night. your final meaningful golf event this season, it is tiger woods's to lose. this wedge shot, a hop and a stop within 3 feet. tiger woods is right there. down the hatch. he finishes at - 3. that seven-day forecast this.
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>> we continue to follow developments tonight with a student who has a confirmed case of the h1n1 virus. a maryland man arrested by state police on child pornography charges is back on the street. tonight, why he was let go
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>> we will be back here at 11:00.
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