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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  September 25, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> you made sure. >> on tuesday. right. >> exactly. >> and he said if you don't wear it, you are toast. >> payback. >> anyway, hopefully it will be clear by the game. we are going to be dealing with heavy rain potentially late into saturday mainly over saturday night and into early sunday morning. there's even rain there this morning. this is light shower activity moving through and associated with that front that really hasn't made much progress but that we think is going to clear the area this afternoon so we'll see variably cloudy skies 71-75, breezy, and it will help make it feel drier. the timetable for that weekend rain coming up in your seven-day forecast but right now let's check out your commute. >> showers never make for a nice commute and this is tricky out there. dealing with slick roads and as volume picks up we may see more problem spots. at lutherville and sem narrow and shar mouth road and speed
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censors not indicating any volume delays, so that is good news. an accident at elkton this one is clear. checking drive times then 11 minutes on the outer loop north ride. speaking of 895, here's a live view of traffic as you make your approach to the harbor tunnel and no problems to report at the fort mchenry either. despite the fact that the roads are wet take it slow. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story at 5:30 our first full day of the g-20 summit in pittsburgh. >> more protests could flair up again today. nicole killion joins us live from pittsburgh this morning and we understand the president will make some sort of a statement before things kick off this morning. >> yes.
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here in mindy's old stomping grounds and as you said the president expected to make comments about the expanding role of the g-20. >> brushing off drops from a light rain president obama and the first lady welcomed leaders to pittsburgh. hosting leaders ahead of today's summit on the agenda putting the economy on the path to recovery. >> we are not going to walk away from the greatest crisis citizens world depression and -- >> they expect to reach an agreement on a series of financial reform like limiting executive compensation and addressing global imbalances. >> the key to what the recovery and growth takeover next decade and/or so in the world economy is died up with this economy of global imbalances which created
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the problem in the first place. in a nut shell the u.s. doesn't save enough. >> as the high level discussions continue so do the protests. here demonstrateors clashed with police. >> i hereby declare. >> more than 40 people have been arrest sod far and bigger protests are expected today, mindy. >> so what other issues are the leaders expected to discuss and any more details about the president's statements? >> climate is the other issue we expect to be talked about more and in terms of this morning the white house says the g-20 will now become a permanent council for the economic policy. in the past only a small group has dealt with if you but other emerging countries are to be included now like brazil i had anya. >> our other big story an
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off-duty baltimore city police officer spent several hours in surgery. we're told he was shot during a robbery last night. jennifer franciotti is outside mount sinai hospital. >> after 10:00 p.m. last night police say the officer was off-duty and trying to enter his home in northwest baltimore when he was approached by three men with guns in the block of high gate and a gun battle then erupted between the officer and suspects. the officer was shot multiple times and immediately underwent the first round of abdominal surgeries. according to baltimore police's twitter site the officer came out of surgery at 3:00 a.m. and was transferred to i.c.u. and is listed in critical condition. police are talking to two people of interest in this case. reporting live jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you, jen, and this morning's project economy report
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there's food news if you're looking for a job. baltimore's largest employer johns hopkins university has steefed go ahead to hire more people. the university just received $114 million from the government stimulus for projects and they thereof hire a significant amount of people and they say consider looking for a job in health care and avoid real estate, construction and retail because those sectors are not hiring. >> meanwhile a low-interest loan program for low-income baltimore residents, the alliance for economic inclusion explain how the borrow and save program works. they want to help those bridge the gap on their income and get them on the path of a stable financial future. >> several qualifications that you have to be combleed. i mean ployed you have to have a pay stub. you have to have a bank account
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and you have to be willing to take financial education and budgetting classes. >> the spram sponsored by the neighboring -- baltimore. go to and click on "news links." could the way you discipline your child influence their i.q.? research shows children who are spanked had lower i.q.'s. the study tested the i.q.'s of children ages 2-9 and re-tested them. three five points lower than the kids who weren't spanked and guidelined with more frequent spankings. they believe spanking can be a stressor for children that brings us to our water cooler question of the day, do you think spanking a child can impact their i.q.? email your response to the time now 5:37, 674 degrees
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on tv hill. coming up a popular over-the-counterdrug is being recalled this morning due to safety concerns when you give it to children. details next. >> and it's been 30 years since the boss made a stop in baltimore. details on the bruce springsteen concert. >> and expecting volume to
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>> and top of this friday morning to you, hope you're doing well. a little unsettled out there this morning. an active h.d. doppler with plenty of green all over the area. chauffeurs -- there are showers in association with the area.
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we'll be then seeing a mix of sun and clouds but not as humid. oui going to be seeing those temperatures drop as the day progresses. 66 with light showers on the eastern shore so we'll stay in the 60's cloudy for your morning bus stop forecast for this afternoon partly sunny with breezy conditions winds northeasterly at 10-15 miles per hour. feeling a lot less humid but then a cloudy, gray, rainy day for saturday. details just ahead. >> all right. sandra, thank you. the makers of tylenol are recalling certain batches of children's tylenol and infant drops because of a possible contamination of one of the ingredients, those made between 2008 for a full list of recalled products go to click on "health."
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>> the humane society is launching a new campaign to get you to adopt your next pet from a shelter. up to 3 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the united states. the campaign will be broadcast over radio, tv and the internet in an effort to sway as many people as possible and say only 20% of pet owners adopt from shelters. the time now is 64 degrees on tv hill. prepare to laugh tomorrow night as the full season premiere of "saturday night live." previews coming up. >> and now you're looking at a live picture over downtown baltimore. coming up weather and your commute on 11 news today.
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>> good morning.
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sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. we're dealing with wet roads out there so that could create problems. the accidents we've had have been cleared in the last few minutes so we're dealing with light volume and not a lot in the way of problems thankfully. 56 on the j.f.k. south of the beltway and so car drive times 11 minutes on the outer loop west and north side and looking good with a five-minute ride. 895 as you make your approach to the harbor tunnel and looking good aside from the fact that the roads are wet so take your time getting to where you need to go. west side, problem free on i-70 as volume builds ever so slightly. now we go to kurt kroncke of the mta. have a great weekend, kurt. >> those wet roads out there will most likely slow up with buses so keep that in mind and
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giver yourself a few extra minutes. the 5 and 13 buses running late and on the rails looking good. no delays on the light rail or metro cubway and mark trains on time. for the mta transit team i'm kurt kroncke back to sandra shaw. >> have a great weekend. >> you too. a mixed bag this weekend. for the ravens game on sunday i'm hoping we're going to be clearing out but kind of a little bit of everything. this morning we're starting out with light shower activity. front didn't make a lot of progress. sliding through slowly to the south. light showers bottom line throughout mid-morning then we're going to start to clear band less humid. let's take a look at our current temperatures. looking at 68 downtown. heading over to the eastern shore low 70's to mid 60's but
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we're only going to be in the mid 06's because cooler air is going to filter in. looks like a cool raw day, 65, showers around. for us most of this light rain will get out of here this morning then we'll get left with a mix of sun and clouds. sort of variably cloudy. breezy out there and 75. winds northeasterly at 10-15 miles an hour. we'll feel much more comfortable by the afternoon. 73 on the eastern shore. on september 2 5,1970 a 97-degree record high was set, to so sweltering back then. 35 back in 1963 our record low. and in both cases we're going to be in the cooler range in the 50's after the front has cleared the area. so partly cloudy still breezy,
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easterly winds tonight at 10-15 miles per hour. the stationary front is going to slide over the area and re-emerge this weekend lift through the north tomorrow. and then the area of spinning is going to move to the north in the ohio valley tomorrow. that's going to bring in clouds, cooler conditions. we're only going to be in the mid 60's tomorrow then by tomorrow night potentially heavy rains. here's how the future cast breaks it down. cloudy tomorrow morning and by tomorrow night the heaviest cloud activity over baltimore into sunday morning. so a very wet start to sunday morning, but it gets out of here. by 3:00 p.m. just light rainfall so for the ravens game keep your fingers crossed. potentially looking good for the game. clearing will stay for the 1:00 kickoff so mix of sun and clouds. for the rest of the weekend it
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looks like we're just going to see the morning showers on sunday and clearing for monday. looks like a slight chance of an evening shower so kind of up and down. clouds, sun, rain, next middle part of the week going to be cooler. >> in entertainment news this morning fans have been camping out since monday night to get the best seats in the house for the upcoming bruce springsteen concert. springsteen returns to charm city for the first time in 30 years tickets for the concert at first mariner reep go on sale at 10:00 a.m. but if you somehow miss out for his show here in baltimore you might want to try for the november 2 show at the vords center in washington, d.c. good luck. >> yes. "saturday night live's" weekend update thursday edition aired last night but tomorrow night the first full blown episode of the season comes our way and
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mark barger has a preview. >> kids are back in school. football's returned. leaves are beginning to change and in another sure sign of fall -- >> it's "saturday night live"! >> studio 8 h was busy once again. >> i got super butter flies and sick to my stomach all the time. >> the night mares are back. >> but the "s.n.l." game is coming off a dream season a presidential campaign that sent buzz off the charts. >> put your hands up. >> and brought in the show's biggest audience in more than a decade. >> the hardest part was the season ending when we had all that momentum. >> now the challenge is to top themselves. >> it's not like manute bol but jordan. >> yes. >> the season's first host is one of hollywood's hottest oorkedses. megan fox. >> part of it is someone who is willing to do anything and i think megan fox seems to have a
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great sense of spirit for that kind of stuff. >> complete stranger into my home. >> and in the spirit of charity they are tossing a bone. >> we think if they land the songs they might have a shot. >> they said "saturday night live" might catch on too. >> yes! >> 35 years ago. mark barger, nbc news. >> and coming up in the next few weeks the hosts will include ryan reynolds, drew barrymore and gerard butler. >> one florida man made his climb visible for everyone to see, he was growing pot right in the front yard. a tropical lush landscape yard is now missing its two centerpieces. he took them right to the plants when police r0eu6ed. never denying a thing. >> it's not like i was hiding it. planted it by my house so i could protect it.
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>> all righty. well besides smokeing the pot, which obviously he does he says he was planning on making a walking cane from the stalk and says the giant plants provided shade for his dogs. he says he can't get away with something forever especially when it's in your front yard. >> he'll get lots of shade where he's going. >> the time is 5:51 on tv hill so much more ahead on 11 news today. >> here's a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. (announcer) for one day only,
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>> good morning, everybody, keith mills with you, the ravens back home at m t bank stadium means a visit from the cleveland browns, the first division game for the ravens looking to go 3-0 after the win over san diego. wil lets mcgahee sets the tone. the ravens have the third-ranked offense in the nfl. that's three. joe flacco with five t.d. passes and ken camron says the mention of todd heap in the field is simple. just keep getting better. >> i'm supposed to be better, joe's supposed to be better, todd, willis, collectively we got to keep getting better.
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we're in a relentless pursuit of getting better. that's not going to change. >> and a reminder the ravens broadcast team here at wbal-tv out in full force gerry sandusky with the call and pete gilbert and yours truly under the tent outside gate b for the radio pregame show the ravens 13 1/2-point favorites, but stan you and i -- i don't know if mindy agrees with it. >> you're being pessimistic. >> look. browns can be enthusiasts and seem to rise to the occasion against the ravens. >> it's gist a negative vibe. >> they'll be fine. >> win by two touchdowns. >> ok. that's what i want to hear. >> ok. >> yes. all right good to see you. let's get to one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked do you think spanking a child can impact their i.q.?
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>> well, rob had an interesting response writes i really can't think of any reason why i would hit my kids. i've never had to, but i'll say this. if a parent does hit their kids for doing something wrong and the kid doesn't do that thing again, well, then i guess the kid got a bit smarter, didn't they? keep emailing your responses to >> all right. here's a look ahead. >> sounds like my dad's theory. an american car company shaken down getting ready to increase production. >> baltimore county schools are fighting an increase of students coming down with flu-like symptoms. >> and you've probably heard of or met extremely smart pets but how about the smartest horse? >> ed? >> horse? >> wilbur? >> oh, my goodness. it's friday around here. dealing with showers on h.d. doppler and you might want to
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get used to the rain because it's in your weekend forecast as well. i'll let you know the timetable for it coming up. >> and thankfully we're not dealing with anything in the morning commute. that report coming up.
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>> a baltimore city police officer spent hours in surgery overnight after being shot multiple times. i'm jennifer franciotti. i'll tell you what happened straight ahead. >> i'm brook hart in washington. president obama is in pittsburgh this morning and set to announce the g-20 has new authority over world economic matters. >> and the weekend looks like it's starting out on the dreary side. the insta-weather plus forecast as the news continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]


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