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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  September 25, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal 11 news. >> good afternoon. i am mindy basara. a baltimore city police officer is recovering after he was involved in a gunbattle with two people who tried to rob them last night. he was hit several times outside his home in north baltimore. david collins has the latest. >> the officer is listed in serious condition at sinai hospital. police have a suspect in custody and are confident the other suspect will be apprehended zone. around 10:20 basnight a 16-year veteran of the police force became the target of an armed robbery. the officer is a member of the large apprehension task force. two males approach to the officer off-duty at his home. during the robbery attempt, a
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gun battle ensued. the officer was shot several times. he managed to shoot one of the suspects in the leg. that person sought treatment on his own at sinai and is in police custody. police believe this was a random robbery attempt at this time. >> all indications are it was attempted robbery. the officer was tried to go into this house and there was a brief gun battle when they tried to rob them. we are optimistic we will get suspects into custody. >> the officer was released from surgery around 3:00 a.m. and remains in serious condition. the police commissioner and mayor dixon will have more to say about this crime later today. >> it's been a trying time for members of the baltimore county police as they mourned the death of a fellow officer. police said jason simons was on
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his way to work when he lost control of his pickup truck on a wet road during a sharp turn. the truck hit a guard rolguardrd trapped the officer inside. >> this is the stepson of an officer who died last august. this is a deep woolens -- wound. >> he was survived by wife and a six year-old son. a baltimore city police detective made false statements and stestole from suspects. the 16 year veteran allegedly received several items from a person that had been arrested. also, they say your brains for the informant to pay for
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information and then split the payment with him. >> i hope that people will recognize we are on the job and that the majority of police officers all honorable men and women who are offended by this concept. >> lundstrom it is on home detention and will be back in court next month. baltimore city fire and police unions hope to work out a plan with city leaders regarding budget cutbacks. the police union says $5 million could be saved without furloughs or layoffs. >> if you take some compensatory time instead of overtime. until the furlough plan ms -- when this and we expect this will stop as well -- this will protect younger officers from being laid off and will protect all of us from furloughs. it keeps the cops on the street for taxpayers. >> there are 1300 patrol officers in the city. a man walked to a fire house
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looking for help with a medical problem but found no one inside. this was in northwest baltimore tuesday morning. staff members on duty had left the farm house to have equipment repaired 10 minutes earlier. someone called 911 and if the man was taken to sinai hospital where he was pronounced dead. there was a deadly step in east baltimore. the woman found suffering from multiple stab bones at sinclair land. that was after 5:00 this morning. -- steps wounds. she was pronounced dead. an animal called the man accused of participating in a child pornography ring is out of jail. dubbin scott ferguson was released on bail after turning himself in. investigators recovered dozens of videos and pictures from computers and other storage media in his house. he could get up to 73 years in
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prison or be fined $150,000 if convicted. a student at montebello elementary middle is being treated for the virus and is not in school. officials sent a letter with students yesterday, assuring parents they are cleaning the school. clauses are canceled today for previous the scheduled professional day. -- classes are cancelled today. >> we are dealing with some clouds around the area. we will see a little sunshine later this afternoon. there is a thick blanket over us right now. we will dry out this afternoon. the wind will pick up. the northeast wind at 10-15 later. 67 degrees down down right now, 64 degrees in easton. in the 60's at the airport. it will be terribly cloudy, 71- 75 at best today -- invariably
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cloudy. there's a chance of iran by tomorrow night. cooler weather tomorrow. details later. >> stunning details have rocked the g-20 meeting. iran has been operating a secret nuclear facility. president obama today demanded iran and what is not a peaceful program. -- that iran ebnd what is not a peaceful program. >> iran is operating a secret nuclear plant. >> this is not the first time iran has concealed information about its nuclear program. iran has a right to peaceful nuclear power that meets the energy needs of its people. but the size and configuration of this facility is inconsistent with a peaceful program. >> u.s. intelligence reportedly learned of the underground plant
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a year ago. by the time of his u.n. speech wednesday, the iranian president knew that his secret was out. the iranians in form to the u.n.. today they claim to the plant is not overt because they admit running it. >> the scale of what we believe is the breach of international commitments will shock and anger the international community. it will harden our results. >> the u.n. nuclear agency today demanded access to the plant. >> iran must comply with u.n. security council resolutions and make clear it is willing to meet its responsibilities as a member of the community of nations. >> the french president predicts tougher sanctions by december if iran does not back down. the u.s., the french, the british, and others will make that point in person to the iranians at a meeting scheduled for next week. once reluctant to back up for iran sanctions, the russian
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president went out of his way at the g-20 summit this morning to praise the leadership of president obama. steve handelsman reporting from pittsburg. >> the oldest serving senator in u.s. history is recuperating at home after being released from a west virginia hospital. robert byrd was hospitalized two days and underwent tests after a fall at his house on tuesday. he's being treated with antibiotics for an elevated white blood count. he was hospitalized in may and in june after suffering infections. supreme court justice ginsberg has been released from a washington hospital after spending the night as a precaution. the 76 year-old justice plans to be back at work today. she fell ill in more office yesterday afternoon after receiving treatment for anemia. coming up, a brazen act call on video. if it happened during the
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delivery to a florida convenience store in broad daylight. his goal is to make driving safer for the public and commercial carriers. the white house
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>> unbelievable video from florida of an armored truck driver being robbed in broad daylight.
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this was in miami gardens on thursday. the truck driver left the store with a bag of cash. two men ran up and took his gun and the money. this is the second armored truck robbery in south florida this week. a surveillance camera caught this bizarre shooting at a california restaurant. the man was eating at an outdoor table in norwalk when he stood up, fired seven shots at a passing vehicle, sat back down and continue eating a meal. he faces several charges. he will be arraigned today. they believe it was gang related. a new book based on 30 hours of newly released data debuts provides a rare glimpse into the life of michael jackson. the author rabbi's schmooli. a fan's novartis started ujacksd
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up to buy tickets for his movie that comes out in october. alarming details of a new study about health care. researchers say health insurance may not be enough. >> we are starting to see a little clearing. started with showers this morning. nothing over central maryland right now. we will have an active doppler this weekend. when does out of the northeast at 10 miles an hour
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> the obama administration plans to hold a summit next week on distracted driving. they want to announce plans also to look into cell phone use by bus drivers and truck drivers. the goal is to make the public saber. researchers say cell phones
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distract drivers from the roadway. flying may become more friendly for your pets. several airlines have partnered with the petits group to standardi -- with a pet group. american, continental, delta, and sw are working on that. nintendo plans to cut the price of its council to do hundred dollars this sunday. -- it's nintendo wii game consoles. $200 is the new price starting on sunday. >> york forecast with sandra shauw. >> we saw some light rain this morning. now that is to our south.
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stationary over the carolinas. we have a lot of cloud cover, but we could see a little sunshine later this afternoon. tomorrow we will see more gray skies. let's check out to the temperatures. 67 at the airport, 69 downtown, 66 around easton. at ocean city it is 72 degrees. the forecast gets us from 71 degrees up to 75. we will remain invariably cloudy. northeast wind at 10-15 in the wake of the front. we will remain dry throughout this afternoon. the the dewpoint will drop. by tomorrow we will have another major change. looks like 97 was the record high for this date in 1970. on september 25, 1953, it was 35 degrees. 75 is the normal high.
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53 is the average low temperature. we will be where we should be denied in the 50's with partly cloudy skies tonight. -- we will be where we stood before this time of year. low pressure will enter the ohio valley tomorrow and generate potentially some heavy rain for us into tomorrow night. we will be cooler than normal tomorrow. a significant amount of clouds. by sunday morning we will get the brunt of the showers. it will start early tomorrow evening. heavier activity later tomorrow night. sunday we will wake up with some of it. it's out by about 9:00. by 2:00 we will start to clear in central maryland. that is good news for the ravens taking on the cleveland browns. things are looking good for
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them. we will be clearing. 75-78 degrees for the claim game. 66 degrees tomorrow. mostly cloudy throughout the day. a chance of showers tomorrow night into sunday morning. by sunday afternoon, 78. monday, back to the 80's with a chance of evening showers. by tuesday through thursday we will be cooler than normal in the upper 60's for wednesday and thursday. but topsy-turvy forecast while we make the transition into autumn. >> a new survey reveals more than half of parents who don't plan to have their children vaccinated against h1n1. the survey of 1,600 pounds conducted by the university of michigan shows 54% plan to give their kids off the seasonal flu
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vaccine only. hannaford concerned about potential side effects. th-- they are concerned about the potential side effects of the h1n1 vaccine. a professor says his research shows children who are spanked have lower iq's. the study shows the more frequent, the lower the iq. researchers at ucla found even if you have health care coverage, you could still end up in major debt. now the story. >> i have a bill for $17,000. >> that is with insurance? >> exactly. >> he says he did not even need the treatments. that happened with insurance.
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>> i'm on a copays situation. once that is maxed out, you are pretty much on your own. it is difficult. >> one doctor researched suspand found 2.2 million california adults had medical debt. two-thirds incurred this while they were insured. >> many people have insurance that leave them exposed to large medical bills when they get sick. >> some reasons, high copayments, no limits on out-of- pocket expenses, services not covered, high deductibles. >> we have a high deductible plan of $4,000. after we pay the $4,000, we have to pay 10% of our bills. because of a high deductible plan, i want to go. >> she does not even go for presented healthcare.
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the same with her friend who has a $2,000 deductible. >> i hope i don't get sick. >> researchers are warning some plans don't have of pocket limits. even if your company pays 80% and you are responsible for 20%, if there is no limit on your out-of-pocket expenses, you could still a lot of money. we have your lottery numbers. and another check on the forecast. first, when looking at wall street this hour. stay with us. ( clicking )
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oz's old the mid bill terra talents. mom's putting themselves to the test. that's at 2:00 today. and oprah winfrey is speaking with jay leno about the debut of his new prime-time show. also, she will talk to harry connick jr., the singer. millions of credit card holders face rising fees. congress may enact rules to protect consumers as early as december instead of next year. that is tonight at 11 news at 5:00. now your maryland lottery numbers. >> purple drawings and scratch jobs. >> let's play pick 3. zero, two, six.
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12:27 pm >> we have a look at the forecast. >> it's going to be chilly and damp. most of iran will hold off until tomorrow night or sunday morning. -- most of the rain. you will need a light jacket tomorrow. it's going to be a bit of a mess. >> thank you for joining us at 11 -- thank you for joining us for the 11 news at noon. destory broadcast lat>> watch ta hamilton and stan stovall. have a good day. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]
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