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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  September 28, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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other than that, not bad. a mix of sun and clouds. and then by the middle part of the week, starting tomorrow, we're going to be windier and cooler, feeling like fall is in the air. details coming up. right now let's check out your morning commute with sarah. >> good morning. not a bad commute. we're looking at the area roadways in the green. want to remind you the baltimore book festival closures in effect for another hour until 6:00 a.m. along portions of madison, mount vernon and charles. if you travel in that area, another hour of those closures. let's check drive times for you. 11 minutes outer loop. same on 32. in the white marsh area, away from us is southbound traffic. pretty light in terms of volume both here and on the rest of the major roadways. ft. mchenry, problem-free at the tunnel. no problems at the harbor tunnel. the northeast side, harford road, both loops pretty clear. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you.
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our big story, if you have a lead foot and you drive in baltimore city, you may want to slow down. >> today the first of 51 speed cameras being placed throughout the city will be unveiled. one camera is at the intersection of walter and gle glenmore. it's one of the dozens of areas in the city identified as known as speeding. by law the cameras must be placed within a quarter mile of a school zone. officials say they spent more than a year doing research on which locations have the most traffic accidents and pedestrian-involved traffic incidents trying to find the best locations for the cameras. anyone caught speeding will eventually get a $40 ticket. but city officials say this is not about money. >> it wasn't a profit-making adventure. it was to get people mindful of the fact that they were going through red lights. same with speeding. i can go to a neighborhood association and it could be 1,000 issues, this one comes up every time. >> for the first 30 days only
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warnings will be issued. the city isn't the only jurisdiction launching speed cameras in this week. more on how the state plans to get you. that's at 5:00 30678. >> another driver safety initiative goes into effect. beginning october 1, if you're caught texting while driving, it will cost you $500. many laws does not include reading texts. texting while driving is considered a dangerous action and linked to many accidents across the nation. lawmakers say police officers will have to make the call based on what they witness. do you think it will result in safer roads? e-mail your response. >> state police think financial problems may have led a mount airy man to kill his family and then himself. the family put their house up you on the market twice but could not find a buyer. sometime between thursday and friday evening, charles dalton sr. killed his wife, two children and the family dog.
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the psychologist we spoke to explains why financial problems are linked to what is now known as milicide. >> as people get more and more desperate, more pressure on them, more legal aspects happening, people do desperate things when they're overstressed and overwhelmed. >> on average, there are four to six of these cases in the u.s. each year. in the last two and a half years, however, there have been six cases in the state of maryland alone. baltimore county baltimore county police continue to search for the person who killed an elderly man in rosedale. police were called to the 1200 block of hilldale road friday night for reports of a man in cardiac arrest when they arrived, they found david weeks dead at the scene. an autopsy report revealed his death was a homicide. anyone with information should call metro crime stoppers. >> 20 years. that's how long a baltimore county prosecutor wants a man to serve behind bars for crashing into a home and killing a woman. prosecutors say miller stole a
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pickup truck and broke into numerous vehicles before he blacked out behind the wheel. the accident trapped sullivan in her home and killed her. police later found miller walking down the road. he was convicted in may of auto manslaughter and grand theft. meanwhile, a horrible scene on the interstate yesterday when a tractor-trailer and a car collided. it happened around 2:30 in the morning near 3995 exit. 395 exit. a man, woman and child had to be rescued. the child, we're told, suffered second and third degree burns. the two adults were taken to shock trauma. the truck driver was treated at mercy medical center. >> in washington, president obama will be juggling the u.s. approaches to iran and afghanistan. tomorrow he meets with top advise iors -- advisors on afghanistan. and later this week the u.s. will face would have iran over its nuclear work. brook hart with more on what we
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can expect. >> in iran today, more missile tests, the second round in two days. is tehran working to eventually arm missiles with a nuclear warhead? that's the u.s.' suspicion. the u.s. and at lies -- allies revealed friday iran has been building a second plant in secret. >> iran is on notice that when we meet with the in october, thy are going to have to come clean. >> the long-term weapons goals. >> the iranians are in a bad spot now because of this deception in terms of all of the great powers. and there obviously is the opportunity for severe additional sanctions. >> on tuesday, war strategy in afghanistan tops president obama's agenda. general stanley mcchrystal meets with the president along with defense secretary gates and secretary of state hillary clinton. she said sorting out election results in afghanistan where the regime's been accused of fraud is step one in u.s. strategy
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review. >> it's not over yet. we have to wait until it is resolved, hopefully very soon. then make a new commitment about how we're going to meet our strategic goals. >> secretary gates said he hasn't given the president general mcchrystal's request for more troops and doesn't plan to yet. a political fight is brewing. senate republicans warn that without more troops the u.s. will lose. president obama this weekend called his election rival, john mccain to say u.s. strategy will be deliberate and focus on al qaeda. in washington, brook hart, wbal-tv 11 news. >> turning to sports now. the cleveland browns left town probably black and blue after running into the buzz saw that is the baltimore ravens. joe flacco turned in his second 300 passing yard day of the year with no, it had it had and interceptions. -- it had -- touchdown and ?echtions. the ravens' running attacked
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combined for three touchdowns and 142 yards. neither starting quarterback bradyin for replacement derek anderson were able to manage much against the ravens' defense. the final score, ravens 34, browns three. keith mills will have more highlights and reaction later in the newscast. >> that was a total blowout. great. 55 degrees in tv hill. coming up, many marylanders are toss ago side -- tossing aside what were once nifty devices. >> strolled through thinking that the road was open. there was no way to see until i was inside. >> scary moments for that georgia driver when a sink hole opened up beneath him. >> here's a live look at traffic. this is beltway at liberty road on the west side. moving fine. more on weather and traffic when we come back.
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>> a very good monday morning. it's 60 degrees downtown. 55 at the airport. a fall-like start, really where we should be as far as those temperatures go. and we're going to see a nice daytime high, right on target for norm yacht at -- normal at about 77 degrees. this afternoon, partly cloudy, 75 to 77. slightest chance this afternoon for an isolated thunderstorm. and the reason why is that a front is going to be moving through. it's going to cool us down significantly tonight. 49 to 55 the temperature range. and cool temperatures are going to stay with us all week long. i'll break down the scenario for you coming up with your full weather forecast in a little bit. >> thank you. "covering the nation" this morning, a street sink hole swallow a car near atlanta with the driver inside. take a look at this video. someone apparently moved cones meant to block the street. an unsuspecting driver dropped right into that hole. thankfully the driver was not hurt. but strong was outraged when
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vandals targeted his car overnight ex-says there's no word -- overnight. he says there's no word on when he will get his car out. >> the first campaign fundraiser, a machine gun social. allen is running for the overseer of defense forces like the national guard. donors got the chance to fire the machine gun of their choice in an indoor range. allen also gave away an a.k.-47 worth about $700. the winner had had to pass a background check before being allowed to take it home. >> ok. >> what can i say? >> 55 degrees on tv hill. coming up, after scouring the world for four years authorities finally arrest a famous director. we'll tell you why and where they found him. >> if you plan to fly around the holidays, be prepared for extra fees. details coming up. >> and as far as your morning commute, we're checking on the area roadways so far it's faring pretty well.
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>> you made it just in the nick of time. [laughing] >> in heels, no less. >> what was that all about? glad i have my coffee this morning. let's check your morning commute. it is looking pretty good so far. not a whole lot in the way of problem spots. we just have this closure that remains in effect. actually several of them because of the baltimore book festival. obviously it's over, but until 6:00 they're still going to have some lanes closed in that area. but otherwise looking very good. in the green on the major roadways. 95 right at the ft. mchenry, problem-free. coming toward us is southbound
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traffic, in towards the tunnel. and we're also looking at an easy ride at the harbor tunnel. we'll switch over to a live view of the harrisburg expressway so far so good as i catch my breath. that's latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to kurt kronke of the m.t.a. >> good morning, sarah. i hope you had a great weekend. we are looking at the book festival. cleanup is still diverting at charlton center. marc trains looking good at this hour with no delays on the penn, camden or brunswick lines. with the m.t.a. transit team, i'm kurt kronke. now back to sandra shaw. >> hope you're doing well. as we look at h.d. doppler, all the activity is over the great lakes. there's an incredibly strong system that's going to zip eastward. it already is cause something very gusty winds, strong showers and storms. and for us it's going to cool us down. there's going to be a front that
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slides through throughout the day while we'll be seasonable today, we'll be cooler than normal. no threat as far as resiptation. we will see breezy conditions today. there's already wind advisories posted to our west that you can see. for us, the winds at about 15 to 20 miles per hour out of the southwest. we could see higher gusts. in the meantime a comfortable start out there this morning. 60 downtown. 54, b.w.i. marshall. 55, around st. michaels and easton on the eastern shore. here's how it breaks down today. our normal shy 75, 7 -- high is 75, 76. you see the thunderstorm chance there. it's slight, only about 20%. the front that's going to come through does not have a significant amount of moisture with it. 63 in the mountains. windy throughout. 76 in southern maryland. it looks like 77 generally on the eastern shore. 82 in ocean city. small craft advisory. winds westerly 10 to 15 knots,
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waves a foot or less. this will be the last day we'll be above normal. 91, are record high for this date in 1886. the record slow 40 set back in 1989. tonight's forecast rather chilly. anywhere from 48 to 49 at the airport. maybe 55 downtown. going to keep the wind with us out of the west at 10 to 15 miles per hour. and partly cloudy so a distinct feel of fall in the air with those winds. main player that strong low over the great lakes. system going to move through. upper level disturbance. a weak front today that's going to reinforce the cooler air mass. high pressure will set up by tomorrow. it's going to last us at least until friday. a nice week in store for us. it looks like breezy conditions tomorrow and 70. by wednesday, cooler. only 67. a slight chance for an isolated shower. thursday, we're only 66 for a high with mostly sunny skies. on friday, back up to 70. and just in time for the weekend we're into the low 70's, near normal. we bring in a chance of showers
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and storms as our next weather disturbance moves through. >> in this morning's "consumer alert," it appears many drivers were not happy with the m.t.a.'s decision to charge monthly fees for the e.z. pass device. nearly 14,000e.z. pass accounts have been canceled in the state after a $1.50 fee was instituted. that's nearly eight times the average number of cancellations. the m.t.a. increased staffing to reduce the time it takes to process refunds and close accounts. a new initiative called a smarter way to get there promotes transportation options. it's an effort to ease traffic congestion, employee commute time and pollution. >> we have to be able to get from the county down into the city. and we have to be able to get around our city. that's why this initiative is so important. you will see the circulator buses, bikes, promoting people to walk in certain areas around
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the city and ride bikes. take electric cars. it will all work to make it a better place down here as well as a better city. >> for more on the waterfront partnership, go to our website, click on news links. the airlines are ready to collect this holiday season. american airlines, united, delta, northwest, us airways will charge $10 extra just fly on the sunday after thanksgiving and the weekend after new year's. fares are dropping but surcharges are skyrocketing. the airline collected $2.3 billion in fees last year which spiked more than 50% this year. many airlines are still operating in the red and claim the extra fees are necessary to stay in business. >> mergers are rippling across the drug industry. while wall street places bets on promising unemployment reports. jane king with a look at the day's business news in the "bloomberg business report." happy monday to you, jane. >> happy monday to you, too, stan. they don't call it a merger
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monday for nothing. a major acquisition in the drug industry this morning. abbott labs agreed to buy the pharmaceutical unit of a brussels based company. analysts say it will give abbott full control of a cholesterol drug and clougher its dependence on the arthritis drug. johnson & johnson agreed to purchase an 18% stake in a dutch drug maker. they plan to jointly make a flu vaccine and treatments for other diseases. but joj son & -- johnson & johnson, a lower court decision that their patent doesn't adequately define how to use the drug. treatment forrals salz big business. researchers at johns hopkins university say the number of alzheimer's patients will quadruple to almost 63 million by 2050. stocks closing lower on the session. we did extend the market's biggest weekly drop since july. and right now stock futures very
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quiet, looking at a steady start to things today. ahead of reports this week and there are a lot of them, economists' survey says employers probably cut fewer jobs this month than last. manufacturer, they believe, may have expanded for a second month. and another report show household purchases jumping last month thanks to the cash for clunkers program. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. back to you. >> thank you. >> 5:21. it's 55 degrees on tv hill. coming up, look at your morning commute. >> and don't forget to e-mail us your answer to our "watercooler question of the day." do you think new driver safety legislation will result in safer roads? e-mail your response to
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>> long secret security tapes showing the aftermath of the oklahoma city bombing have been released by the f.b.i. the black and white images show people rushing by the nearby buildings after the blast. 168 people were killed when a fertilizer bomb detonated. although the tapes do not show the explosion or the building, you can see debris and damage to the nearby buildings. some of the images became evidence at bomber timothy mcveigh's trial. he was executed in 2001. law enforcement officials are releasing few details in the case of a u.s. census worker found hang. it's still unknown whether it was suicide or murder. friday the census worker explained why data collection is being suspended in the area. the community remembered a beloved substitute teacher. >> it isn't clear what happened. but priewns tells us -- prudence
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tells us we should stop for a bit for the protection of our staff. we've redoubled efforts on safety, the safety training we give our interviewers nationwide. >> everybody loved him. the kids loved him. and staff loved him as well. if he got a full-time teaching position, he probably wouldn't be doing census work. >> sparkman was pursuing a college degree, hoping to become a full-time teacher. a pulitzer winning columnist passed away. the former speechwriter died yesterday. assistants said he had been diagnosed with chancer. sapphire served as a special assistant to president nixon and later joined the white house speech writing team. he spent more than 30 years writing for the op-ed pages of the "new york times" and won a pulitzer in 1978. william sapphire was 79 years old. meanwhile, director roman poa laski has been arrested and faces possible extradition to the united states.
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he admitted to having sex with a 13-year-old girl in california back in 1977. he fled the u.s. in 1978 before he could be sentenced. he was taken into custody at the airport on saturday as he flew in to receive an award at the zurich film festival. the victim is among those calling for the case to be thrown out saying he was treated unfairly. swiss officials say he can contest his detention in a swiss court. >> the time is now 5:26. it's 55 degrees on tv hill. coming up in the next half-hour of 11 news today -- >> if you like to speed in baltimore city, you might want to slow down. first of 51 speed cameras is being unveiled today. details are next. >> i'm nikole killion in washington. iran tests more missiles this morning. i'll bring you the latest reaction from the white house, coming up. >> and as we take a look at h.d. doppler, it is active. there's a front that's going to move through the area today. i'll let you know what the rain chances are coming up. >> and we're checking on your
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morning commute. an accident just coming in on the harrisburg expressway. we'll update you on that location and check on the rest of the major roads, coming up.
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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. we're going to get a check on weather and traffic. we're all in a pretty good move after the ravens' blowout yesterday. >> razzle-dazzle. >> even better. keith will talk about this later. the steelers' loss. >> yup. yup. yup. as far as the weather goes, things are looking good today. we're going to be partly cloudy, 77. the normal high is 74 so a little bit above normal but a cold front is coming through. it's going to reinforce fall-like conditions. so if you like fall, you'll really like this it week. breezy today.


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