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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 7, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> here we go. there is one. [laughter] >> the h1n1 vaccine -- this little boy is one of the first kids in our state to receive it. county health officials offered a clinic offering the swine flu vaccine to the homeless, who are at a high risk for transmission due to close living quarters. she says is the easiest she got. >> no pain. it was wonderful. >> she is hoping that the midst will help her daughter avoid h1n1. officials say protection is critical for pregnant women, and one between six months and 24 years old, those with chronic medical conditions, caretakers, and medical workers. doctors at johns hopkins and expressed concern, urging parents in particular to vaccinate children against to be particularly it directly virus -- the deadly virus.
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>> it just because there are accidents on i-95 does not mean we stopped fighting there. you take precautions. you drive with the speed limit, you wear a seatbelt. >> a series of public service announcements reinforced those precautions. >> wash your hands open. cough into your sleep or tissue. >> if you fall and high risk group, your dose of the vaccine should be available by the end of the month. local hospitals report heavy traffic due to the swine flu, but doctors say that most patients can recover at home. reporting live in west baltimore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> arundel county residents can apply for their vaccinations. the department of health will provide free vaccine by appointment tomorrow and friday at the annapolis health center at 3 harry s. truman parkway. it will be provided from 1 to 4 in the afternoon and five-seven
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each evening. the number. and to find out who qualifies for the nasal spray and the latest on the vaccine, go to our website,, and click on the link at the top of our home page. tonight, a baltimore county man who worked at a rose hill church with children is a jail, charged with sex abuse of children. 55-year-old william davis is charged with sexually abusing a neighbor's child, and police believe there could be more victims. we explain the peculiar way the police learned about the abuse. >> they took him out in handcuffs route 735 -- about 7:35. >> she watched her new neighbor get arrested yesterday. a 55-year-old wbal-tv 11 news had -- a 55-year-old william davis had just moved into this
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house in essex a few days ago. >> undercover police, so we did not know about it. >> police began investigating davis after he ordered internet service. during the installation, a subcontractor for comcast cable wanted to make sure everything was working properly. when he hooked up the service to davis's laptop, he found child pornography. as police questioned davis, she admitted to abusing a girl for three years. it happened in essex, her home. the abuse started in 1988 and ended in 2006, when the girl was 11. >> it is terrible. we certainly do not want someone like that in the neighborhood, with all of the young children. >> another neighbor tells us that the best sponsored a young girl in ecuador through compassion international, a
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christian child advocacy organization. he not only sent money, but spent a week visiting her. he also hired a local 11-rolled to cut the grass, and on saturday, the 11-year-old was at davis's home, watching television with other children. >> it is weird. very weird. they are everywhere, but when they wake -- when they are across the street, and your child was just over there -- it is sickening. it is sickening. >> davis performed volunteer work in the community. at rose hill community evangelicals church, he was part of the sunday school program in youth group. the pastor says that the congregation is a saddened and shocked by everything. >> the church as first priority is with the kids, to make sure they are given the care and concern they need, and they will cooperate fully with police. >> wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> davis right now is being held without bond. today, attorneys prosecuted a man accused of killing his three children in a hotel bathtub. he played his confession. on march 2008, he drowned his three children by holding them under water for 10 minutes each. no jurors were in court during the hearing. attorneys hope to keep the statements from being admitted as evidence. if convicted, he faces life without possibility of parole. >> investigators are still looking for answers in the mysterious death of tony fein, who died tuesday morning after collapsing at a friend's house. we are live in the studio with reaction from the ravens. >> fein's agent said that he had returned home to port orchard
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washington, hoping to get a shot with another nfl team. but that will not come. he died in an emergency room yesterday. the linebacker who played for mississippi for two seasons before trying out for the ravens this summer. he also served in the military for two years, fighting in iraq. in august, fein was accused of assaulting a police officer at the inner harbor. a group of men allegedly passing around a handgun confronted fein. the officer claims that fein shoved him. but fein claims he did nothing more than turnaround when the officer began shouting. the alleged weapon turned out to be a cellular phone. fein was charged with misdemeanor assault. a few weeks later, fein was released, but the region's claim it had nothing to do with the inner harbor incident. >> he is a tremendous american, a tremendous young man.
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he is a raven to us, he always will be. just a good person. we are proud to have him here as part of our team. >> my purse and the team's purse go to his family -- my purse -- prayers and the team's go to his family. it is one of those situations that makes you cherish the time you have with family and friends. >> prosecutors recently informed tony fein other plans to drop charges against him. at this time, police in washington state have not said anything about a possible cause of death. a 68-year-old librarian was gunned down at a social club. his family hopes of that the suspects will be apprehended. we have the latest a murder investigation. >> his family met with
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detectives here at the northern district of this afternoon. his brother told me that his family was getting frustrated over what they are calling a lack of communication with police, and tonight still, after this meeting, there are a lot of unanswered questions. >> it was back on may 31 in the early morning hours when the doctor, a leader in the liberian community in the city, was approached by two men cleaning up after a party at his york road social club. the man demanded money, there was a struggle, he was shot and killed, and the two men fled with nothing. after the murder, police released the composite sketches of suspects, but since then, his family says that the case seems to have gone cold. >> we have information from the police department and we are trying very hard to bring those people who killed our brother so they can get off the street. >> 11 used caught up with a
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family after meeting detectives at the northern district wednesday. his brother said that the family became frustrated from what he called setbacks in the case and lack of communication with police. with help from his city councilman, he was able to get a meeting. while the family was grateful for the update, satisfaction is still long way off. >> i know the police are trying very hard. but i want them arrested before i am satisfied. >> at this point, the family hopes these composite sketches lead to arrests in the case, as they are doing all they can to keep their faith alive. >> we do not want this thing to happen to another family. we do not want those people who have done this to also be on the street. >> if you recognize those composite sketches or have any information for investigators, called the baltimore city police department. the sketches are also on our
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website, if you would like to take a closer look, wbal-tv 11 news. tonight, city residents will get a new play area for their favorite pooch. the city is joining forces with the downtown partnership to transform an area between fayette and baltimore streets into a dog park. the area will defense -- defense, but it will provide access to water and doggie waste bags. october is national breast cancer awareness month, and there is a possible breakthrough in fighting the disease. why it may soon be easier to determine a woman's risk for breast cancer. why officials say that the bid may be in jeopardy. i made a commitment to her. is a dedication to her. >> a remarkable story of an 84- year-old runner. strong northwest winds
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earlier today tapping into air temperatures dropping. we are in for a cool morning. 52 at bw
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today, the location commission announced the potential operators asked for a delay in providing additional information. the commission says that the baltimore city entertainment group, who have modified their original application, are still looking up details with the city. the location commission warns that further litigation delays could lead to rejecting the slots bid altogether in baltimore. >> time is of the essence with regard to that proposal. >> the baltimore route is expected to provide the information necessary by november 18. >> in medical alerts, it might be easier to determine if women are at risk for breast cancer. researchers in canada have developed a new test that only
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requires a small number of breast cells to determine whether there is a breast cancer risk and which therapies would work for treatment. the baltimore marathon is a saturday, but tonight, a pep rally was held for a special participants. shane lauer will compete in the baltimore running festival with the aid of a sponsor. the student suffers from severe muscular dystrophy. he says he is just grateful to take part in a large race and wants to open people's eyes to the unique role of disability. >> an 84-year-old runner in this weekend's marathon gives new meaning to the expression, "you are never too old." >> fred saks plans to compete the halfway point of saturday's marathon. we have his remarkable story. >> well with a light bulb moment when you said, i can do that?
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>> it was something i try to do in the '60s. >> 84-room fred sax is turning for the 2009 baltimore half marathon. despite kidney problems, high blood pressure, kidney problems, and the death of his wife. they had been married for 62 years. >> let me put it this way. after losing my wife, my doctor put me in for medication because he knew how upset i was. i said, no, i am going to continue jogging. that helped me. i did that years ago. >> running is a part of fred's love story. he met his wife when they were 15. after the war, he proposed in the park. she said yes, and their family grew over seven decades. >> she was pretty. and she -- i had my first kiss
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with her. >> five years ago, he was diagnosed with normal pressure hydrocephalus, a neurological disorder with symptoms similar to alzheimer's and parkinson's. fred was a care giver, and running helped him do it. >> now i'm going to start trying. if nothing else, to keep strong from jean. >> when she died this summer, fred kept training. >> i made a commitment to her. it is a dedication to her. one by one, i could do it. >> three of his five grandchildren will get the starting line with fred on saturday because they know, like he does, that running can be an act of love and a way to honor the life you cherished.
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>> i think about her all the time. i love her. when the race is over, you had better get out of my way. >> in rosedale, wbal-tv 11 news. fred tells us when he attempted the marathon 40 years ago, he had sidelines from overtraining. overuse injuries cropped up this time as well. he developed tendinitis, and his doctor said he could only compete if he agreed to only walk. so when you see him saturday, cheer him on. if you would like to cheer on your favorite runner, text your message to 88509. those messages will run along the bottom of the screen all morning, saturday morning, during our coverage of the baltimore festival.
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for some many people out there on saturday, is more than just a race. much more than that. you can see it written right on their shirt. the meaning of the race for them. outside today we have had a fall day, but the tropics will not give up. this cluster of clouds out there in the northeast, it is tropical depression, but this evening, the cloud cover looks better than this afternoon, when it was a full-blown tropical storm. perkins down to 35 miles an hour, threaded 55 miles east of street thomas. it looks like it is -- hurricane is down to 35 miles an hour, 355 miles east of street thomas. around here, a few drops of rain, but these story today was the strong winds behind it the storms in eastern canada right
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now. it struck the storms down there and gusted to 50 miles an hour at times at bwi marshall pretenders have fallen 10 or 15 degrees since late afternoon, and we're already down to the 50's in the central-eastern part of the state. for wake up thursday morning, 7:09 some sunrise. it to be a nice day tomorrow, high-pressure drifted right across the region, but had of it, clouds and moisture buildup. it looks like a little bit of rain. a little cloud cover tomorrow. we will start with sun, pick up afternoon clouds. the clouds thicken up as warm air surges in friday, but the bulk of the system goes through saturday. start the race is 8:00 a.m. saturday. scattered showers in the areas. hit and miss activity is a possibility throughout the day saturday.
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clouds will arrive in the afternoon tomorrow, not nearly as windy. no. 2 north west wins at 10 to 15 knots on the day, water temperatures in the upper is 70's. a chance for showers on marathon saturday, and clearing up sunday, cooler weather monday, tuesday, and wednesday of next week. the search for a burglary suspect caught on camera exposing himself in more ways than one. he was in my driveway, naked. >> tonight, identifiable clues that will help police catch him.
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tonight, louisiana police are working on an unusual burglary. not because of what was taken, but because of what the suspect was not wearing. >> the man was naked when he committed the crime, caught on surveillance video. the video showed of the man at showering, cooking, even drinking in the victim's home before he transacted -- ransacked it. the video shows his face and tattoos, good evidence to track the man down. >> this is video evidence, and that is the best evidence you can have. >> the camera caught him, naked, with his face. and when he was in my house.
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>> authorities believe that the man was high or drunk when he broken. why did they come to me for stories like that? what am i going to do about it? coming up, why the ravens are laughing, but not at cincinnati's passing game. and the start of the baseball playoffs. and the start of the baseball playoffs. all that and
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>> spangles wide receiver -- bengal's wide receiver draws attention every time he comes to town, because of his antics and the things that come of it -- out of his mouth. but people keep an eye on him because he has carson palm are throwing at him again. it coincides with carson polymer's returned to the lineup. he missed 12 games last year with an elbow injury. bengals lost 11 games. this year, they both look healthy. they can ignore what ochocinco says, but not what palmer does. >> he has talent. the guy can throw a football from anywhere in the field. he is running very well right now. he is trying to make a big third
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down or forced down in the game. i think he is back to being carson. really getting the ball to his running backs and things. he is playing the game the way they want to play. very well. >> the browns had a clear message to their wide receiver today -- "go east, young man at." he was traded to the jets just two days after allegedly punching a friend of lebron james outside a nightclub. they et stucky, tresnick, and two draft picks, reportedly a third and fifth. the coach said simply, "personal conduct is important to me is out of personal income ranks high for michael crabtree. he finally became the last first-round pick to agree to terms this year. he had a six-year deal with half
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of it guaranteed, $34 million in all. it sounds like crime -- crabtree got the better half of the deal. the minnesota twins ran into reality tonight. the yankees christened their new stadium with a lopsided 7-2 win over the twins, who opened up the division series, picking up third inning. the pitch, awful. right off the glove. two-zero twins. that will do it for minnesota, third inning, up to -- nothing still, there is a home run, tied at two in the bronx. in the fifth, the play for the yankees, and this one is going deep center field, to -- run home run. the yankees win game 1, 7-2 over the twins. citizens bank parked, that is
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out of the right line. the former oriole is coming around to score, 1-0 lead. worth at the plate. power alley. left-center field. philadelphia docks of the rockies, 5-1. in the other national league division series right now, fifth inning and los angeles lead street louis, 3-2. stay with us. we will be back
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>> nice weather coming in. all that gusty wind out of here, clear skies to markham a lot of sunshine, 72. chilly in the morning, pleasant in the afternoon. some parts to even touch the 80- degree mark for a period of time before the clouds pick up and give us a chance of a shower. saturday as the best chance for rain for the weekend, lingering into the afternoon. temperatures are not bad for running, 68, little warmer at 57. hopefully the rain of remain scattered.
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>> that is it for us. if you missed any of the newscast, our encore comes your way tonight and you can see it there at [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]


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