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tv   11 News Today  NBC  October 14, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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49 in the city. mostly cloudy skies with rain late this afternoon. around baltimore, it will stay dry until late tonight and during the day thursday. high temperatures in the mid 50's. we will talk more about the weekend forecast later. >> good morning. number one i-95, some accidents with lane closures. you can exit that 216 and get back on exit 32. take the bwi parkway repeat -- bw parkway. looking pretty good on the beltway.
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you will find a place 32. 295 is a better bet. fire department activity had monument and bradford. back to you. search is underway for the gunman who killed a local storekeeper in his baltimore home. >> on monday night, he close the store in drove 15 miles west to his home. gunman followed him home or was waiting for him. the attacker got inside, ransacked the house before killing the man. home as the gunmen stormed the
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house room by room. >> they searched the resident -- residents. they killed him before they left. >> please do not believe this was a random act of violence. they believe he was targeted. they know a damn was spotted near the crime scene -- a van they hope someone will come forward with information on this case. wbal-tv. >> in baltimore county, detectives say they now have a suspect in custody in the hit- and-run accident on monday. the driver who struck and killed a 61 year-old woman turned herself in. the name has not been released. neighbors say they are taking action to prevent similar accidents in the future. >> there are no sidewalks for pedestrians to walk up and down. they are racing through here.
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i see it quite often when i am taking a walk through here. >> if there is a safety issue, we will address it. this was an unfortunate tragedy that took place. >> charges have not been formally filed. police say they are pending. >> killing three young children. another roadblock yesterday in the trial. the process was halted after the judge decided that the man was in no condition to appear in court. had not obeyed. -- bathed. attorneys are trying to confession to police will be allowed as evidence. he is accused of killing three of his children in a baltimore bathtub.
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guilty to manslaughter in the death of her newborn has been sentenced. she was charged bustier with dumping her newborn in a trash bin behind the church. the infant was born alive according to the medical examiner. she said it was stillborn. >> in 19 year-old pleaded guilty in june to kidnapping, robbery, and intended that. he abducted a 17 year-old boy and girl from a stop in last october. the girl was raped and the boy was locked in the trunk. he will serve two consecutive life sentences. a vigil was held in the memory of a man who was shot and killed saturday in son of a home that he was trying to rehab into a
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gymnasium. people say they cannot understand why anyone would kill someone who was trying to turn the neighborhood around. >> he was a very nice guy. he helped the elderly, the single women. he was just a nice guy. >> his wake will be held friday. it did begins at 10:30. the funeral will follow a of a club. president to die from the swine flu. the virus is spreading. the centers for disease control says it has reached epidemic levels in the united states. more than 45% of adults hospitalized for the swine flu have no underlying conditions.
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>> some totally healthy people are suffering from this very rapid deterioration from the swine flu. that is not the usual presentation, but it can happen. >> we have compiled a wealth of information on this at our website at there are five separate health- care reform bills around capitol hill. they need to merge them into one. -- she is the first republican yes vote, senator olympia snowe. >> unlike others, her vote was not known. even to the president.
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>> of wanting sank senator olympia snowe. >> his top cost the dances. it is not just partisan reform. >> we are closer than ever before to passing health care reform. we are not there yet. >> only the baucus plan meets the president's goal. what's it lowers the federal deficit, expands coverage, and has quality. >> except for senator olympia snowe, republican said that their goals were not met. >> proposed gop amendments were rejected. what's medical malpractice reform. >> republicans say they are not then trying to change the bill. some democrats are determined. >> if you think we will not get a public auction in, -- >> senator olympia snowe said she has this warning.
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>> my vote is today. it does not forecast what my vote will be tomorrow. >> talks begin right away on what reform version goes to the senate floor. expected big fight over democrats over whether the final version has a public auction. the debate starts later this month. they love to have a bill by thanksgiving. wbal tv. >> baltimore county officials have settled on a contractor to operate 15 speed cameras in school zones. they will receive nearly $180,000 a month to maintain the cameras. camera per month. be installed in a matter of weeks.
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>> the fbi is now scanning driver's license to search for criminals. a search is already under way in north carolina. one suspect has already been caught in the effort. the fbi says they want to ensure the privacy of people. no word of it will go national. that brings us to ourwhat do you think about a driver's license photos to track down citizens? once you cannot fight city hall by raising a big flamingo. for nearly seven years, this giant, pink flamingo with said the interest -- entrance of this cafe. they received a notice they needed a permit and would have to take it down immediately
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without it. >> i am not sure why all of the sudden they are hot on the tail of the flamenco. that bird is not flying a way. >> some order to keep it up, the diner must pay the city $800 a year. once we will keep you posted. >> coming up, in the mornings financial news. >> california has too much of the opposite. we will have the latest on the damage the heavy rains are causing. >> the largest recall in the history of ford motor company is larger. who will study of what the problem next. >> the weather is pretty quiet in the cold rain coming up. >> not so quiet on the roads. closures
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>> clouds are picking up, but we do not expect any rain until later this afternoon and evening. petition in nablus.
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we are watching the big storm system over the couple of days that we have been talking about. showers and thunderstorms along the coast. the high is blocking the rain from coming in. mostly cloudy skies expected today. the high pressure is pulling in cold air from the north. temperatures in the 30's across pennsylvania. the temperatures are going to have a tough time moving today. we start out in the 30. he and 40. he. we should reach 50's today. northeast wind with no
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advisories if you are going to take the boats up. a chance for some rain. the evening commute should be dried. temperatures in the 40's. we expect rain for the first a commute. the storm will deepen thursday night into friday morning. the best chance for rain will be then. it chance for rain thursday. the high temperatures both days will be in the upper 40's. still a chance for rain on saturday and sunday. let's see what is happening on the roads. >> we never early-morning problems affecting the roadways.
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watch for those delays. another accident coming east of i guess some the approach to the delta, was shot for the list because of an accident. -- watch out for delays because of an accident. over to you. >> some of cover top stories this morning, with the station
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fire burned not too long ago. the fear is that there will be a slide of vegetation near thewatch out for flooding and flowing debris. a driver lost control of this vehicle because of weather issues. police say they finally have the man responsible for the brutal rape of a young girl. dennis earl is responsible for the abduction of jennifer schmidt when she was 8 years old. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. the florida teenager was set on fire by a group of teenagers. they threw rubbing our call on him and set him on fire. the teenager jumped into a pool tuesday was flames. he had burns on 75 percent of
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his body. he is in a medically-induced coma. > nearly 5 million ford vehicles are being recalled. a fire hazard. the 1992-2003 model years. for a complete list go to our website at more than 200 college students are being given an amazon kindle with all of their textbooks digitally downloaded on them. they are trying to light in the physical load on students and
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reduce the rising cost of textbooks. we have the health of the nation's department stores with the bloomberg business report. >> investors are focusing on retail sales today. purchases probably fell more than 2% last month. that was after the cash for clunkers for grim indeed. -- program ended. the federal reserve has pledged to keep interest rates low so that shoppers will seek up discounts. we would get a better idea of the assessment of the economy later today. we had a mixed close yesterday. a downgrade of goldman sachs pulled the benchmark indexes down from their highs.
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health insurance stocks are in focus today. the health-care overhaul won support from every health industry group except for insurers. insurance industry criticizes the bill on texting high end policies. i am jane kane. reporting for wbal tv 11 news. >> road island has a dense and chief end baltimore has a singing commissioner. >> i am everywoman. it is all in me. any thing you want baby. >> that was the police commissioner and his staff. he made good on his wager of over the airwaves. he lost a bet with criminal
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justice director on which police would win the cup of the baltimore marathon. you can check out more of his performance on our website at when you put things on video, they last forever. >> that is right. another check on weather and traffic straight ahead. >> you're not seeing double. this high school has 13 sets of twins all in the same grade. >> here is a little of the winning maryland lottery numbers from last night. good luck.
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>> good morning. we are checking on the morning commute. all lanes have been reopened at 216 on north of i-95. it will be a while before the traffic filters through. the accident is gone. here is a live picture. we are checking and accident reported nearby-70. -- i-70.
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over to you. >> good morning. it will not be the best wednesday you have ever seen, but it should be quiet. 44 a bwi. 45 in middle river. the temperatures will not move all that much. if you are heading out for lunch, an 52 p. -- low 50's. >> for the past three years, 13 sets of twins have been going to the same high school. they all are seniors and they are looking to make it into the record books. >> no need to adjust the tv. you're not seeing double. you are looking at a possible world record. >> it is ridiculous.
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>> she is talking about the number of twins she is surrounded by every day. 13 to be exact. [unintelligible] they are all seniors at this high school. >> we have 26 students who are related. they feel a sense of pride. >> it took a couple of years for them to realize that they were not seeing double. they are in the process of give kingston the guinness book of world records. >> we felt that we had more twins than the record holders. >> that is minnesota with 10 sets of twins. now they have their eye on the prize. >> we will open an account on guinness book of world records website. we will try to fund raise the cost of $600 and hopefully break
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the record. i hope it was something special for these twins to remember for the rest of their lives. >> getting a spot will take a few weeks. >> very exciting if it actually happens. >> it is going to happen. >> amazing. kansas authorities are on the hunt for something that is not a rabbit or a dealer or a kangaroo, but a lot like all three of them. it is one of the world's largest rodents. it escaped from a home. if anyone gets close, it takes off at alarming speed. inland 25 miles per hour. this has been proven to be smarter than those trying to
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catch it. >> there is much more to come in the next step hour of 11 news today. >> a man is killed and baltimore county police need your help in finding the suspect. what's prompt questions from legislators and the usefulness of those gps trackers. >> we have rain, wind, and cold temperatures to discuss. is a look ahead on the "jay leno show "tonight. hi. i'm a plug. did you know that when you turn off your computer, tv or video game, i still suck up energy? i can't help it. it's like if i put a milkshake in front of you and told you not to drink it. not to mention all the peer pressure i get from my pals. (random voices) c'mon. wahooo. pull the plug or turn off your powerstrip before we turn it into a party strip.
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>> good morning. welcome back to 11 news today. >> a chilly start on this wednesday. temperatures in the 42 key right now. the storm we have been talking about all week approaching from the west.
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we will take a look at the seven-day protest a few minutes from now. storekeeper inside of his home. >> he was gunned down early investigators say was a targeted attack. our reporter has more. >> the victim ran a store of north avenue. this case. this is not a random act of violence according to them. 35 year-old man closed his shop>> we are not sure if he was waiting for him. >> as the gunmen stormed the house room bar room -- >> we do not know what they were looking for. before they left, they killed the man. >> the news is sickening to neighbors. >> he will be missed in this community.
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customers, especially those facing tough times. afford them. >> investigation did not believe he was chosen at random. >> we believe that it is not a random act. we believe that he was targeted. >> baltimore county police say their best lead involves a van spotted near the crime scene. it was later abandoned in baltimore city. wbal-tv. and racetracks. any potential buyer must first make a promise. the want to auction all properties on january 8. it will request potential buyers to promise not to move
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the preakness out of the state ofthe bill was passed that would allow the government to cease tried to move elsewhere. today. lawmakers demanded answers from those responsible for the gps track and devices used on juveniles. >> a review of thousands of internal emails raised questions. they showed juvenile officials had trouble keeping track of gps monitoring equipment with some kids throwing the units away. in one e-mail, the company that leases the equipment to the state has a long list of reasons why they may not track and offender properly. >> there are certain signals but
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are coming to an urban area that can affect the accuracy of the system. >> do you feel the system is defeated by kids to get used to it and know how to manipulate it? >> no. >> the million-dollar initiative as an stations. >> it is not a program by itself. why the 17 year-old and an arrest record. in july, hughes accused official elected by the old girl critically wounded. >> many have been arrested several times before. maybe a gps system does not work for them since of being able to monitor them. >> records will exonerated this
6:34 am
person, or so he thinks. baltimore police commissioner asked about that. >> are you confident that you have the right guy? what's a stand behind the work of my police detectives. wbal-tv. >> the commissioner described the gps tracking as a work in progress with details the need to be completely worked out. we posted prior stores on our web sites >> a student brought something to school that he thought was cool, but it was determined to be a but then from the school
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board. they decided to change the strict code of conduct as a result yesterday. national debates will be discussed to determine if schools of a gun to far with their zero-tolerance policies. >> the accident on northbound i-95 has been cleared. an accident northbound i-95 approaching the perryville area. we will let you know what we find up there. fire department and city on the bradford end monument. you may want to avoid the area.
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a slowdown on the air live west side. >> no weather problems on the wednesday morning to reach. cloudy skies. 39 in frederick. 44 at bwi. rain late in the day. 55 degrees will be the high. we will talk about this storm coming of the closed in a moment. >> coming up, it does not matter how old you are, sometimes it is fun to get things smashed. that is the thought behind this
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fall tradition. >> i am nikole killion jim martinson. i will tell you what is happening next sunday there reform bill. >> still taking your answers to the watercooler question of the day. what do you think about a federal program that would scan driver's license photos to track down citizens? email us your response to
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>> this would be the youngest boy accepted in the genus society mensa. parents said they learned early on that their son was different. at 18 years old, he had a vocabulary of 600 words.
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-- 18 months old, he had a vocabulary of 600 words. >> what sort of bird lives in the antarctic? >> england. >> name in these sorts of penguins. -- penguin. >> name any sorts of these birds. >> in paris fashion show had models, actresses, all made of chocolate. these are edible fashions. that is amazing. it opens today. it will draw 15,000 visitors. yes today we went to a putin
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competition. it is different today. this is in maine and the yearly pumpkin drop. they are hoisting giant pumpkins 30 feet in the air and dropping them on an old police car. the car was donated legally. proceeds will raise money for the county's community emergency fund. >> 45 degrees -- 42 degrees on tv hill. we will look at the morning headlines coming up. >> some delays. . on i-95 with problems and now the west side. >> quiet day today. on the chilean side. mostly cloudy in the city. rain is on the wane. rain is on the wane. the seven --
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. the headlines. action to prevent similar accidents in the future. in no condition to appear in court. had not obeyed. -- bathed. allowed as evidence.
6:45 am
he is accused of killing his three children in the downtown bathtub of a hotel. one suspect has already been caught in the effort. the privacy of people. no word of it will go national. watercooler question of the day. what do you think about a federal program that would scan driver's license photos to track down citizens? >> one person from hunt fell voice as he has no problem with this. -- hunt valley says he has no problem with this. >> from middle river, this
6:46 am
person says it is a great idea. >> and sandy of woodlawn says i think it is great. your license is identification. they have been identifying people through so many databases on television, it is time they caught up with television. you can continue to post your answers. >> what is next on the health care reform bill? our washington bureau reporter joined us live. has a look ahead. craft a final bill. >>14 ayes and 9 nays. >> of the health-care bill has
6:47 am
been approved. now the next cep. harry reid will combine that bill with another one. >> we have a lot of difficult work ahead of us. there are significant details and disagreements to be worked out over the next several weeks. >> president obama says the finance committee bill was not perfect. it is the fifth and final committee to complete work on a the measure is getting a critical boost from the only republican to support it, senator olympia snowe. >> when history calls, it calls. i think the consequences of inaction dictate the urgency of congress to take every opportunity to demonstrate its capacity to solve the monumental issues of our time. >> now a monumental task to forge a bipartisan agreement. the senate vote could pass in the coming weeks.
6:48 am
senator reid says the debate on the final health care bill could be in effect on october 26. nikole killion, wbal-tv. back to you. >> you mentioned there will be two other senate proposals discussed today. what are some of the differences between them? >> it finance bill passed yesterday in the bill from the health committee passed some time ago. they share the same goal of trying to provide for affordable access to health insurance for all americans. the health committee bill is considered to be a little bit more liberal. it calls for a government plan. and employers must cover their workers were at the finance committee bill does neither. >> think he. -- thank you. >> we are checking on your area
6:49 am
roadways as volume builds around the areas. we are seen delays. here is a live view of traffic. wieter seeing brake lights in one direction. here is a live view of traffic on the north side. harford wrote, you will sit on the beltway. your average speed on the elderly is 60 miles per hour. fire department activity could tie you up. what's fort some slow stops from month, to belfast -- meltsount carmel to belfast.
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>> 39 in frederick. we will have a tough time adding to temperatures today. the system is far too of the west. high pressure is to cover east. it is blocking the activity from commission. we will have mostly cloudy skies today. it will look threatening, but do not expect any rain. tim jones across northern pennsylvania are in the lower 32 he. -- 30 to keep. mostly cloudy skies is the forecast. chilly, high temperatures between 52 and 57. no advisories in effect on the
6:51 am
day. -- bay temperatures will drop into the 40 to keep. the storm we have been talking about will take shape thursday morning. it will not get going until thursday night into friday morning. that is when most of the rain will come in as it goes of the coast. it just breezy conditions and cold air. snow in the upper elevations of western maryland. there could be some still missing in thurston night and friday morning. a good chance for rain on thursday and friday morning. the storm will pull away. hyson the shares in the 40's on both days. -- more showers expected on
6:52 am
thursday and friday with temperatures in the 40's. >> thank you. our big story this morning, the storekeeper in his baltimore home. store in drove 15 miles west to his home. police are not sure if the gunman followed him home or was waiting for him. the attacker got inside, ransacked the house before killing the man. there was one other person at home as the gunmen stormed the house room by room. another person was home with the man. they believed it was targeted. they are following up on in the of the>> they searched the resident -- residents.
6:53 am
-- they are following up on the lead of a van seen at the crime scene. if you have any information, please call baltimore county police. but she sold more albums than anyone yes -- last year. taylor swift makes dreams come true today at 4:00 on "oprah." and here's a look at what is next on the "today show." . >> what is jdoes jaycee duggardk like now? we will show you a photo. heavy rains in california have dangerous landslides and dangerous -- several homes are being evacuate it. and a model claimed she was
6:54 am
fired for being too fat. that is when we get started right here this morning. >> she is anything but fat. >> just ahead, elected weather and traffic together before you head out to start your day.
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>> and standard commute. here's a live view of harford road. it is backing up in the evolution towards providence. same thing in the white marsh area. was found 40 on frederick rd., getting some commotion over there. southbound high as 95 kids in
6:57 am
better -- i-monday 5 hitting better. -- i-95 getting better. >> aged -- a good chance for rain tomorrow. temperatures in the 40's for the next couple of days. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> the next update is at 7:25.
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good morning. here she is. you're looking at the first photo released of jaycee dugard since her terrifying,


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