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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 20, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a doctor explains that it takes two weeks for the vaccine to take effect. >> if we can get the population vaccinated, we can eliminate many cases. >> two-thirds of americans are likely to get the swine flu virus before the vaccine get around. drug companies typically roll out the medication for the winter epidemic. the swine flu has got to the medical community by surprise. this first grader is one of the children who did not get the vaccine to avoid getting sick. >> we have been really worried. >> if your children are healthy, --
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>> it is tough for them to be out of school for a while and a half to make of the work. >>, one person says you are immune to the strain much to get it. it is still recommended that children get the vaccine once it becomes available. >> there is no downside to getting the vaccine. >> as soon as it becomes available at our pediatrician, we plan on going there to get it. >> use common sense. >> make sure you wash your hands before you eat. >> just as we see with the seasonal flu every year, the swine flu outbreak is taking a deadly toll. around 600 americans have died from the virus including 81 kids, many did not have underlying conditions.
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wbal tv 11 news. >> concerns over the flu virus is having cameras asked about the number of students infected at the school of their child. tim tooten and continue our coverage on how school districts are keeping track. >> payments are a click away from learning if i taught school has an absentee rate of more than 10% at the carroll county. >> they wanted to know how many confirmed cases of h1n1 we have in our schools. it is not a recorded illness. we have no way of confirming the information, and we do not want another avenue is putting misinformation out to the public. >> carroll county is posting data on the website, they continue to monitor absentee rates. baltimore city said it would do the same. baltimore county officials say they will send out parent of letters if the rate is more than
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10%. howard county will do the same. they say they will monitor the numbers and give of data at the request of parents. in carroll county, parents said they support posting numbers on the website. >> unthinkable be scary for some parents depending on how high it is my daughter was sick last week. there is nothing you can do about it. >> that may reduce the number of parents that are eager to get the facts. >> we get parents who want to know how our attendance rate is and how many kids are out and what reason. this is another tool to help keep them informed. >> the first absentee numbers have already been posted on the website of the county. wbal-tv. >> the baltimore county health department has cancelled tomorrow's h1n1 swine flu clinic
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at some middle schools. a clinic will be held this saturday at perry hall middle school for those in the priority groups. baltimore city is encouraging pregnant women and priority groups to come out to a vaccination clinic being held tomorrow from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. at the baltimore hebrew congregation on park heights avenue. if you missed any of that information, you can find it on our web site click on h1n1 on our home page. a triple shooting is being investigated. police responded to a call just before 9. they found two victims who had gunshot wounds. a third victim was also found. they're all taken tuesday the hospital with serious but non life-threatening injuries. police are still searching for information regarding the deadly hit-and-run accident that killed
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a john hopkins student. the vehicle was caught on friday afternoon. the victim was hit at the intersection of st. paul in university park with. police have spoken to the owner of the truck. he was released today without being charged. authorities want to hear from anyone with information vital to this case. it will be up to the state attorney's office to file any charges baltimore county police say a man jailed for a 1981 of rape has been charged with another rape dating back to 1980. authorities say dna evidence to link him to the rape that happened of pine court in woodlawn. our reporter has more on the story. >> this all came about, thanks to the state's dna database which was facing a major backlog that was corrected in a new area
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of 2008. officials say this database is a vital tool up only to soften current crimes but cold cases as well. >> this man seen action does of from the maryland a sex offender website now faces charges on two that occurred almost 30 years ago things to dna evidence. he was originally charged in january for the rape of a 58 year-old woman in june of 1981. it happened in her home of butler road in reisterstown. detectives looked into a similar unsolved rape recently that occurred here in the village of pine court in august of 1980. his dna was run through the state combined dna index system and there was a match. >> because of the technology and the enhancements, our detectives go back and live in these cases to see if there is new
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technology where they can find the offenders. >> dna is one of the most important scientific developments that has happened in recent history. >> the member of the forensic sciences division says the technology has come a long way over recent years. they're able to check dna profiles on local, state, and national references. >> of the goal is to be able to solve unsolved cases and to give the investigator in indication on the the things they should look at. >> dna samples will be allowed to be taken from those charged with violent crimes regardless of guilt which enables them to solve more cases. >> what is really important is that we are able to get these suspects off the streets sooner and stop them from committing crimes in the meantime.
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before we had to wait for them to be convicted before we could get a sample. >> if they are found not guilty, they are removed from the database. looking at the numbers, in september of this year, 72 arrests because of the database. this man faces two counts of first-degree rape and is being held without bond. wbal tv 11 news. >> he is considered armed and dangerous. baltimore county police need your help finding a 16 year-old robbery suspect. police say brian shepherd forces went into a home in broad daylight. monday he stole several items from the home and threatened to kill the victims. investigators believe that he could be caught frequenting south baltimore. if you know where he is, you are urged to call metro crimestoppers. it has been seven years since the fire bomb claimed the lives
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of several family members. the mother fought to rid her east baltimore neighborhood of drugs and violence. community members are renouncing a $625,000 federal grant to help residents of east baltimore create drug-free neighborhoods for their children and families. >> if you talk to people who are recovering, they will tell you that they find themselves chasing death 24 hours a day. there has got to be another way. the sad part about it is that while this and death chase is going on, life goes by. opportunities go by. >> an announcement happened at the oliver recreation center. >> in tonight's project become a report, it appears that maryland's girls -- schools will
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not be spared when facing the budget shortfall next year. the superintendents have to search hard for savings. the governor has spared education after many rounds of budget cuts -- cuts since he took office. gov. o'malley says one way they can cut down on costs is to have standard designs for buildings. tonight it appears that the first mirror tower will not go on the auction block tomorrow. one company announced it would assume this $79 billion debt. the building opened three years ago. first merabank and comcast art -- first mariner bank and comcast are some of their clients. >> been an investigator for three years now and have never seen anything like this. >> it watery does not end the
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way the suspect intended. how divine intervention brought the suspected robber to his knees. , and the pink flamingo is gone. why it will not be flying back this way any time soon. >> warmer air may bring some wet weather before the week is over. temperatures in the 5
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>> we could known next month if the nightclub will operate. it operates out of the basement of the belvedere hotel in not burning. it was the scene of a shooting and other violent activities. a hearing will be held to determine if the club should be closed for good. until then, it cannot operate as
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normal. residence in perry hall are outraged after vandals broke into their vehicles. several cars were burglarized. neighbors believe a group of teenagers are responsible for breaking out the windows of the car. they believe they used paint all guns to cause all of the damage. they were loaded with marbles according to police. >> they know how quiet it is back here and how trusting we are. >> it really affects everybody. we have to get insurance. we have to replace the things they have taken. it angers you. >> if you have any information on those who may be responsible, contact baltimore county police. >> there were very tense moments confronted by a gunman inside of a business. the apparent robbery went south when the suspect got on his knees literally asking for
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forgiveness. our reporter explains exactly what happened. >> at the check cashing store in indianapolis on monday, the armed robber storms in with purpose. his gun aimed at the clerk's face. she starts to cry. that is when a normally violent encounter takes its turn to a peaceful resolution. the clark begins witnessing about god. the robber was so impressed, she -- he offers her comfort. she gives him a hug. he said that he had eight one- year-old to support and asked her to pray for her -- he said that he had a two-year-old and asked her to pray for her. the security camera captures a
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nearly perfect picture of him. >> i have been an investigator for three years now and have never seen anything like this on a case i have investigated where the robber reaches out and hugs the victim and the victim later on hugs the suspect. >> after surrendering to the witnesses, and after his mother recognized him on television monday, the 23rd -- 23 year-old man surrendered to indianapolis police tuesday morning. wbal-tv. >> the catholic church wants to make it easier for some to convert to catholicism. the change means conservative anglicans around the world will be able to join the catholic church while retaining aspects of their liturgy and identity including married priests. the new parishes will be established in local catholic
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diocese. this is the pope's effort to create a more unified catholic church. school lunches could become more nutritious. obesity rates have tripled for children ages 6-19. new nutrition standards are recommended for school breakfasts and lunches. the agency says children should be offered more fresh fruit and vegetables and their meals should follow a new calorie guideline. experts say this will help combat diabetes in children and soaring obesity. >> we have to balance the program so that children who do not get enough food will get enough food and guard against children getting too many calories were given the concerns about childhood obesity. >> congress will take these recommendations under consideration when amending the expired child nutrition act. >> even though this morning we
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had the coolest coldest temperatures of the fall season so far, the warm-up got under way a few moments later. sunshine and a soft breeze lead to warm temperatures of 70 degrees in baltimore today. 72 in downtown baltimore. a chilly morning. a warmer than normal afternoon. it will not be as cold tonight. we are seeing numbers right now across the state 10 degrees warmer than what we salt the same time last night. the couple of patches of cloud coming through. the temperature will be kept up a little bit. 65 at bwi marshall. warmer air is coming our way. still in the 50's at this late evening hours.
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chilly spot upper 30's. most locations will be closer to 50 degrees. these are high temperatures this afternoon. new lows 60's in chicago. -- low 60's in chicago. a steady supply of mild air will keep coming this way. this southerly breeze will carry some moisture eventually from tropical storm creek in the eastern pacific. -- rick in the eastern pacific. a lot of moisture into mexico from this tropical storm.
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this moisture will be getting into the southern part of the united states. sunny to partly cloudy skies on wednesday and thursday. the showers start to approach on friday. saturday looks like the best chance for rain here in baltimore. temperatures ru baltimore. temperatures run in 5-10 degrees above normal. light and variable wind under sunny skies. those 70's around the chesapeake bay. we will see some sunshine as well with high temperatures of about 71. light and variable winds for some of voting. showers -- boating. showers arrive friday night and possibly a heavy downpour on saturday. >> an update on the flamingo fiasco.
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why you will not get to see the pink >> hello, america. it is tuesday, october 20. the estimated jackpot is $12 million. you must match these five numbers and the gold medal of all to win. -- megaball to win. here are the numbers. 45-17-55-25-13. mega ball is 8. ♪
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my sunglasses! ♪
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♪ people say i'm forgetful. (horn honks) ♪ maybe that's why we go to so many memorable places. the all-new subaru outback. love the road you're on. >> it has been there for a number of years, but tonight, the giant flamingo is gone. the city told the owner that she had the option of paying for a permit to display the kremlin go -- the flamingo or take it down. she had to pay the fee and the fines that have accrued over the years. she decided to take it down.
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>> the city does not want it. it is an unwanted burden. -- bird. i am not going to fight city hall. i am just going to take it down. >> since she took down the flamingo, she does not owe the city any money. >> one person takes the stage wearing a peyton manning jersey. an explanation you will not believ
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>> we have time to take stock and examine individual efforts this week for the baltimore ravens. one player are brought to baltimore with many skills but did not know what to do with them. now rice was up of many yards and scored twice against a defensive line. that was last week. he shared his thoughts on his rapid rise from rookie to all the rage. >> now, it is comfortable for me now. the game has slowed down enough for me where the coach will let me do certain things where he
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knows i am going to help make a play. it feels good knowing that i am in the office where i feel comfortable. >> the head coach never hides his emotions very well. the terps and off a homecoming loss -- are coming off of a homecoming loss. one player met with the media pretty fired up. they will not win version the corner. >> our guys play hard this weekend. they put it on the line. they play at aren't -- hard enough to win a football. we cannot turn the ball over. if we start doing that, we will win football games.
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we played hard enough to do that. >> a linebacker from the browns suffered a shoulder energy -- injury against the browns -- pittsburgh and will miss part of the season. jackson led the browns in tackles this year including many against the ravens last month. a tennessee tightened head coach -- titan coach bart embarrassing, beaten by the patriots last week. -- titans coach is embarrassing, beaten by the patriots last week. >> i just want to feel like a winner. >> i cannot see that joke
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playing very well. new york is looking for a 3-1 lead. . ccalex rodriguez smoking his 5t home run of the season. york is in absolute control. bottom of the ninth. 10-1 in the night. n inth.
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>> a little warm up tomorrow. >> correct. we have some bonus fall weather for the next couple of days. cloud will pick up friday and a chance of an afternoon shower. that will start a downward progress on the temperatures. cool and breezy to finish up the
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creek. -- week. >> thanks for joining us. it ni and musical guest, [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]


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