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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  November 5, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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12:01 pm >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon in hd. >> an off-duty police officers that overnight while working security at a baltimore county strip club. good afternoon. i am mindy basara. that is our big story this noon. the call came out after 2:00 a.m. about an altercation at christina's been no review at sparrows point. the officer had been stabbed twice and the suspect shot. lowell melser could join us live with the latest. -- joins us live with the latest. >> police are not releasing the name of the officer involved or the suspect, and are saying that the whole situation is very much under investigation. it was but police are telling us in a nutshell right now. it was after 2:00 this morning when a 42-year-old male off-duty police officer was leaving christina's when he was approached by a male suspect who stabbed the officer in both the neck and the back.
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police say that the officer took out his service weapon, which he was allowed to carry, and shot the man in the upper body. both were taken to shock trauma. >> the first thing is is there any relationship between the two, the suspect and this officer? were words or something exchange? was the suspect even in the bar? we don't know any of that right now. >> baltimore city police tell us that the officer involved has been on the force since 1994 and does work in the violent crimes unit. he is in stable condition but as far as the suspect, his condition is unknown. we will continue to follow the story and have developments in the later newscast. i am lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> city police are looking for whoever shot a man in west baltimore last night. the shots were fired at liberty heights ave. the unidentified victim was hit several times in the abdomen.
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no word on his condition. an investigation into a disturbing number of rapes has intensified as a ninth victim comes forward. latest attack happened at brendan avenue, one a woman returning home from work was raped at gunpoint in an alley. police are confident they are not dealing with a serial rapist. >> we are waiting for dna evidence to kind of put and piece together the ones that are. >> police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. family and friends united in baltimore to remember 15-month- old kevin williams, the toddler killed allegedly by his mother's boyfriend. there was a severe damage to his links -- lungs and liver and
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spleen and cuts and bruises. the suspect is held for first- degree murder. authorities say that a 26- year-old was operating the gas pump at the exxonmobil station on route 85 near 270 in frederick county and around 4:00 a.m. yesterday morning when something went horribly wrong. when officers arrived, the man and the gas pump for consumed by flames and he later died from injuries. new this noon, an intense house fire in northwest baltimore for crowd around 9:30 this morning that the 4300 block of ridgewood ave. everyone got out safely. baltimore mayor sheila dixon goes on trial monday. is the first of two trials she faces. there is a lot at stake, perhaps regardless of the outcome of. jayne miller explains.
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>> she made history as baltimore's first woman mayor, but next week, her future is on the line. the mayor faces felony charges of theft of gift cards intended for the city's needy and misdemeanor charges related to her duties. what happens even if she wins? is there a part of the reputation that will be forever tarnished? some answers tonight at 11:00. i am jayne miller. >> things are pretty quiet, or have been, for most of the morning. we now have a little disturbance out of the mountains and there will be rain showers in carroll county and frederick county. you can see the direction of movement to the southeast. watch around towson, cockeysville, hunt valley, back into the city. these showers are moving into your neighborhood within the next hour or hour and half.
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they will increase the cloud cover. temperatures will stabilize. 53 at the airport. 46 in westminster, 47 in hagerstown. as soon as clouds and showers come by, temperatures at your house will probably level off or dropped as we head into the afternoon. down south, the temperatures should make it into the mid- fifties. we will look at the seven-day forecast and have good news for the upcoming weekend. >> round two in the battle between main street and wall street. while people across the country wait in long lines for the swine flu vaccine, the shots have arrived at wall street firms. >> they are a familiar sight in towns and cities across the country long lines of people from indiana to texas and california. from pregnant mothers to the very young, the country's most vulnerable hope and wait for the chance at an h1n1 vaccine. >> the line has not moved and it
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is hot and a half pregnant women in the heat. >> at wall street, a different story. some of the countries most influential businesses have secured the vaccine for their employees. employees and traders at the new york stock exchange, bankers at goldman sachs and citigroup, along with employees at the new york federal reserve all have access to the hard-to-find h1n1 vaccine. this while some new york hospitals and hundreds of pediatricians and obstetricians in this city and across the country scramble secure vaccines for their high-risk patients. >> it is frustrating and inconvenient and is for good for people to try to get the vaccine and not be able to breed as physicians, it is for our -- not be able to. as physicians, it is frustrating for us. >> "corporations are always a
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partner in disturbing vaccines." the problem, critics say, is that this is no ordinary flu, nor an ordinary vaccine. >> it is a sad commentary on the with the government has reviewed our medical system. >> with the president declaring swine flu a national emergency, goldman sachs has received 200 doses of the vaccine, the same amount as this hospital in new york. >> i have no idea how many high risk people there are at goldman sachs, but i am sure there are not nearly as many as a hospital. >> coming up, after days of searching for a missing baby, in a little girl was found safe under babysitters bed. why several people now face charges. and prisoners turn into good samaritans when a guard is attacked and it is all caught on tape. and the doctor from the falls road animal hospital is here to
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answer your pet questions. e-mail them to the
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>> take a look at this -- inmates at a florida jail should their respect for a deputy when he was attacked by another inmate.
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he was put into a life- threatening chokehold. the other inmates not be in a down and fought for the deputy. one inmate picked up the emergency screen. the officer says he will send letters to the inmates who helped, which could help them further down the road in the court system. a girl missing for five days has been found alive under a bed. she was found in a box under her babysitter's bed in panama city. police say they plan to charge the baby sitter and the babysitter's husband and the child's mother, but they do not say why. still to come, medicine is meant to deal, but the fda says it can do the opposite if it is not used properly. the results of a new study on prescription errors and the latest on the search for a solution. >> watch for the rain showers, and out of the mountains now.
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we have better news for the weekend. we will take to the break with a live picture downtown. >> and dr. kim hammond from falls road animal hospital here to answer the pet questions.
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when it comes to constipation relief... miralax is the one. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. >> in the consumer other, a warning for pet owners pledging microchips into their pets to keep track of them. while they do work to reunite owners and their loved ones, they warn that if you do not up load information linked to the chip, it could lead to an unfortunate ending.
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it can keep your pet from sitting behind bars and a shelter or euthanize. this company is considering moving its pledge to shelbyville, kentucky. the ceo says that the current site is not cost-effective, but if union workers agreed to a new contract, the plant can remain. the final decision will be made by the end of the year. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with tony pann. >> we are watching rainshowers coming out of the mountains. they're moving into carroll county and frederick county. if you are watching us in baltimore county or baltimore city, eventually harford county, these will move into your neighborhood in about an hour or an hour and a half. there is nothing really of any consequence in this batch of
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showers. light rain and sprinkles will cross over the area. it will increase the cloud cover. this will drift back down into the 40's. you can see that on the satellite. cleared south and east of i-95. with rain showers are around, it will really drop off those temperatures. you can see that happening with the rain has occurred. temperatures back into the 40's. 48 in hagerstown, 41 degrees in cumberland. 55 at the airport, 54 in easton, 56 degrees at the maryland science center. that is about it for the temperatures today. temperatures will continue to drop as we have a cold air mass to our northwest. each one of these systems that brought down over the great lakes will drag the cold air with the. it is a chilly forecast at the beginning of the weekend. before we get into all that, we
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have a quick tropical update. we have a hurricane on the map now, hurricane ida. it is off the coast of central america, and it is very unusual to have a hurricane in the middle of november. there is. this will move up to the gulf of mexico by the beginning of next week. if you have travel plans in the gulf mexico early next week or towards the end of the week, keep an eye on what happens with hurricane ida. there will be a chance for a shower as we had through the day. high temperatures a wide range, from 40's and in the mountains to the mid-to-upper-fifties in the city. temperatures will drop back into the 30's after the skies clear after midnight. it is going to be chilly on friday. windy, tatars in the upper 40's and low 50s. we will lose the went and got the temperatures. 64 on sunday.
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they expect high temperatures in the upper 60s to around 70 on monday and tuesday. we will send it to somebody i have not seen for about 10 years or at least have not been on tv with an 10 years, one of my favorite people, mindy basara. no, i met dr. kim hammond. >> that hurricane on the noon news, we call it a noon phoon. >> you should have seen the reunion -- i wanted to sing, "reunited --" anyway, dallas. >> a little puppy full of vigor. >> a good thing it is not -- [unintelligible] >> that is just an in-house sort of joke. >> moving on, let's go to
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questions. >> let me tell you about this. this is really important. don't do it yourself. take it to a professional. the problem is that the mets so closely adhered to the skin that when you try to remove it, a lot of people do it with scissors and cut the skin and it is a huge disaster. let the professionals do it. take it to a professional groomer. the other part of the equation is brushing the cat every single week. well, certainly, a little bit of a disadvantage not having the dog in front of us and trying to figure out what is causing it. but inflammatory bowel disease,
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the diet is part of the answer. it is not the only thing. sometimes you have to see if there is a parasite involved. it can be treated effectively. the other thing you have to realize is that you cannot suddenly feed your dog kibble food and not expect that to impact the bells. -- cannot suddenly feed your dog table food and not expect that to impact the bubbles. -- bowels. >> it is very tempting. >> i do it myself. i did not give -- i even gave my dog a halloween treat. and i am the expert. >> you are enablers. if you have a question for the doctor --
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in the medical alert, the fda says that millions of americans are getting sick and dying because they are not taking the medicine correctly. sometimes the ever happens at the pharmacy, sometimes in the hospital. the government wants to do something about it a tracie potts explains. >> every year, 4 million people and in the emergency room or at the doctor's office because they got the wrong medicine or wrong dose. the institute of medicine says that 1.5 million of these mistakes are preventable. it is the fba's job to make sure that the medicines are safe, but not the agency is concerned about whether people are taking their medicine as directed. >> we have an overarching responsibility to make sure that medicines are used safely. >> as part of the safe use initiative, the fda will hold public meetings to ask doctors and pharmacists and patients and others for solutions to things like patience overdosing " on
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acetaminophen over-the-counter and prescription drugs. and doctors prescribing the wrong medicine. pharmacists giving the wrong pills. parents who do not properly measure liquid medication for their kids. >> even if we have the dosing device attached to the bottle, some parents will still overreach. -- reach for the teaspoon. >> even officials amid the health care officials don't always read warnings. >> it does not ensure that then -- that the information necessarily translate into effective use. >> the fda wants to create specific solutions and then measure whether they are working. the commissioner says that the new effort is an attempt to be proactive, to go beyond
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regulating medicine and making sure that people use the medicine safely. at the fda in maryland, tracie potts. >> up next, the maryland lottery numbers and another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast. come on, we're going to a steakhouse
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play keno for a limited time and you can double and triple the winnings. you never know when you look at once of visit your local pottery retailer and let yourself play. winning pick four -- maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> tony has a final look at the weather. >> things are changing a little bit. clouds are rolling in and even a
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few rain showers. if you have an outdoor plants, put the next two or three hours, there could be a passing shower or sprinkled with temperatures will level off back into the 40's by this evening. it will be chilly and windy tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news at noon. if you missed any of this newscast and you want to watch tony some more -- >> who doesn't? >> we will have to repeat broadcast at 1:00 on the appeal- plus, verizon fios. however great day. -- have a great day.
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