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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  November 10, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal 11 news.
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>> good afternoon. we begin with breaking news from baltimore county. crews are working to clear a multi vehicle accident. >> this is what it looks like right now. they have removed four vehicles from the accident scene. we have video to show you of what it was like one hour ago when we first got here. around 9:00 a.m., there was a horrendous crash southbound 795 just south of 140. it involved anywhere between five and six vehicles. three people wanted to the hospital. it appeared that one vehicle going north crossed the media and striking a pickup truck. traffic is still back up from 140 and 795.
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state police are still trying to get this road opened up as soon as possible. >> thank you to date two of jury selection in the trial for mayor sheila dixon. the mayor is accused of stealing discards' donated for needy families and could be thrown out of office, if convicted. o>> the process continues with individual questioning of prospective jurrors. the process is winding down. the judges optimistic that a final jury will be selected a little later this afternoon. >> mayor sheila dixon's demeanor it seemed no worse for wear. they banded to do what she is up against has sunk in. she finds herself accused of theft and misconduct. she has spent hours listening to the individual questioning.
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her outward appearance remains one of confidence. >> how did you sleep last night? >> fine. >> the mayor has spend every moment in the courtroom. the lawyers, the mayor, both sides are at the bench with the judge. they are bringing jurrors up to be asked questions. all of that is starting to wind down. we expect to get to the final process later today. >> thank you. 11 news continues to follow the mayor's trial, and as always, on
12:04 pm john allen muhammed and molvo were convicted of the murder of dean meyers. at 9:00 p.m. tonight, john allen muhammed will be executed in virginia. the u.s. supreme court blocked his appeal to governor of virginia denied clemency. stay with 11 news. we will provide live reports tonight at 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. it is expected to be an emotional service about to begin at fort hood. thousands have gathered at the nation's largest military post. the president and first lady will also be there. >> president obama will be a part of the traditional military memorial here as thousands gathered to honor those killed
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and injured in the attacks last week. >> president obama leaves the white house for a trip like no other in his young presidency, traveling to texas on a mission of mercy and healing. family members of the fallen struggle to cope with their loss. >> she lost her brother in the attack. >> the only piece i do not have are about his last moments. i wonder -- was he scared? was he in pain? i know my brother. he was a scared of anything. he was not scared of going to war. with the soldiers around him at the end, thin-would be the way he wanted to go. >> more than two dozen were
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injured during the rampage. 13 were killed. as the healing process begins, the investigation continues. intelligence officials say the suspected gunman nidal hasan has traded more than two dozen e- mail's with al-awlaki. he is an al-qaeda supporter. investigators say the army was aware of the correspondence and that nidal hasan's e-mails were consistent with the research he was doing for an advanced degree and were in no way threatening. >> still in critical condition, nidal hasan has refused requests from army investigators hoping to question him treated meet with his military and civilian attorney last night in his hospital ropes. -- in his hospital room. >> 11 news will carry the memorial at fort hood on wbal
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plus. baltimore county fire and rescue crews found themselves returning to a familiar scene yesterday. another carbon monoxide leak. crews responding say the levels registered at 52, well above the single-digit safety level. >> they showed that everything was going to be ok. >> fire officials say no one inside in the of the units had to be taken to the hospital. just last week, baltimore county executive's announced legislation requiring carbon monoxide detectors in all rental properties. the baltimore health department plans to confiscate the 19 horses they used to carry produce. an inspector found that the
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horses were living in unsafe conditions. the health department says the forces will be placed in baltimore county. the horses moved into the stables earlier this year after the city condemned to their homes. the public has a chance to weigh in on a proposed ban that would prohibit minors from using indoor tanning services. if passed, howard county would become the first jurisdiction in the natuion to pass such a ban. tiny bed usage before 35 increases in skin cancer by 35 percent hundred howard county officials said they want to take action. >> if approved, we would be the first county in the u.s. to ban tanning under 18. we are making the proposal because of the no overwhelming evidence that the indoor tanning
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beds are a major cause of skin cancer. >> local businesses fear it would negatively affect their business. the public hearing begins at 6:00 p.m. tonight a glimmer of light at the end of the unemployment on altered a sign that jobs could be rebounding. another cruise ship sailing. it also has its economic advantages. >> we can never be too sure. we are very surprised by it. we did not think we would get anything this late. trapped in the trance of their shopping routine,
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>> ida has weekend into a tropical depression, but not before making landfall. this is what was left in pensacola beach this morning to the rare november storm left little doubt that it was still a hurricane season. >> we can never be too sure. we are surprised by it. >> the only thing i'm worried about is the water. i'm not worried about the wind. >> forecasters believe the heavy rain is now over. still ahead, the latest in luxury now sailing from baltimore. you can e-mail your plant and
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gardening questions. >> the remnants of ida, as it now moves to the east. how will that play into our forecast? we will delve into the coming up. right now, 64 at the a
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>> in this afternoon's consumer alert, good news concerning the economy. the temporary jobs that were lost have reemerged. that is according to the labor department. 44,000 temp jobs have been added since july. staffing companies say employers are hiring temps until they can be sure we can afford permanent workers. news of another cruise ship
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offering service in baltimore. it came into baltimore for the first winter season crews. >> it has a true of 909. it carries over 818 guest. it now sails out of baltimore. a band was playing music as passengers arrived for the first cruise out of baltimore. >> it is convenient. it is very convenient. >> i stayed at the hotel. i left my car and took the shuttle. >> this is more convenient. have family that lives in the area. >> the ship is a celebrity mercury. it is a floating luxury hotel. >> take a look at this room.
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this is the bedroom. right here you have got the dining room. right over here is the living room. this is the way to travel. there's all kinds of shopping, a full casino, a full gym, and a beautiful gourmet restaurant. >> we chose baltimore because it is a very successful market. it is close to new york city. >> as more cruise lines choose baltimore, that translates into jobs and money for the state. >> the job base has gone from 700 to 1500. the economic impact to the region is upwards of 175 million. >> this is a 12-day cruise of
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the eastern caribbean. i wish i was going. >> now, your forecast. >> tuesday is going well so far. a winter weather morning. when it made landfall, tropical storm ida, now the remnants are slowly moving to the east. you can see where it made landfall. clear skies right now. an immense amount of storm activity to the deep south. we will only see this move further to the east because of a big front of that is to the west. in the meantime, take a look at what we have going on locally. mainly just cloud cover. not only do we have all the moisture, we also have the front is starting to move its way through.
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the team's clouds hanging around all day today. the temperatures are still pretty comfortable. 66 downtown already. 64 at the airport. mid-60s on the eastern shore. mostly cloudy today. winds shifting to the north at about 10 miles per hour. another strong area of high pressure moves into new england for tomorrow. tonight, cloudy with showers as the front pushes through. tomorrow is when we see change. we still have the remnants of ida pushing out into the ocean. that will pull in some more moisture. add to the mix the high- pressure that moves to our north by wednesday and thursday.
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we will see the remnants of ida mixing in with this. that is something we will be watching for tomorrow. inland is sort of a question mark. northeast winds of 10 m.p.h. temperatures at best 52 to 57. here's how the futurecast breaks it down. started to force a little bit more as we head into thursday and maybe even friday. you can count on cooler temperatures. how much rain we get is something we're watching closely. >> thank you. gary is here to answer your
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plant and gardening questions. >> these are great. start them inside and you will have them just in time for the holidays. only bury to the shoulders of the neck of the plant. >> very cool. let's go to the questions. mums are my favorite fall plans. should i cut them back when they finish blooming? >> ideally, do not cut them back now to wait until spring. st. patrick's day, mother's day, and the fourth of july will be the perfect times. by then, they will be nice and contacts. when they do bloom, they will be nice and compact.
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>> ok. i have noticed the pine trees have more brown needles than any time i can remember. do you know what is causing this? >> some of that is nothing. they will drop off in the fall. let it go ahead and have been. if you notice that it is still there next spring, give us a call. >> my money tree appears to have outgrown its pot. what's the best way to transplant? >> like most transplants, just take it from a six-inch pot. maybe go to hit eight-inch pot. when you do, just take the route to a little bit. >> was the name? >> score the roots. >> thank you.
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it's always great to see you. you can e-mail us. or send pictures of your plant or guarded. or go to our web site, and click on family. you can also send in questions through the mail. next, your maryland lottery midday pick three and picked four numbers. we will have another check of your forecast. first, let's see ho
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>> in up to date, investigating the deadly bacteria that is living in our homes, food, and bodies. learn if you run risk and the symptoms to look for. does this afternoon on dr. oz. on oprah, he was sentenced to
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die for the murder of three of his own family members. now the death row interview. that is today at four o'clock p.m. on oprah. when it comes to credit card debt, americans for alito $917 billion. $69 billion is past due. tonight, the dos and don'ts when it comes to credit cards. >> good afternoon, maryland. your picks thre three numbers a, 0, 0. pick four in a moment. chance to win.
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. pick four numbers are 3, 5, 4, 7. 3, 5, 4, 7. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> a final look at the weather. things are changing. >> it will get colder. the wins will take up. maybe some flooding. you can see the reason why. we are tracking in what was once ida. now it is a bunch of wind and rain. lows will move out to the of planted could we also have a cold front to arrest. either way, the did% chance of
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showers today and -- either way, 50% chance of showers today. >> if you missed any of this newscast or would like to see it again, we will have an encore broadcast this afternoon. >> be sure to watch a 5:00 p.m. >> we leave you with some shots of sky team 11. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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