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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  November 11, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EST

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constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we have a look at the forecast. >> with the remnants >idof ida visiting today. the rain can cause some trouble on the roadways. sarah is going to tell us about that in a second. here is hd doppler. some solid rain around the i-95 corridor and the beltway. temperatures in the upper 40's and 50's right now. a high of only 56 degrees. it will feel like it is in the
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40's. we will see how long this will stick around in a few minutes. >> good morning. we are not dealing with any weather-related incidents at this time. we are doing well despite the roads being wet. down near the fort mchenry looking good. j.f.x. great shape. here is a live view of traffic. this is looking good aside from the slick roads. use caution. less see what is going on the west side. problem free. back to you. >> have a big story this
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morning, for weeks maryland, washington, and d.c. residents lived in fear as a two snipers took the lives of several people going about their business. >> the mastermind was executed by lethal injection. >>9:11 last night it was all over. john allen muhammed says he maintains his innocence to the very end. >> the execution of john allen mohamad has been carried out under the laws of the commonwealth of the fijian. debt was pronounced at 9:11 p.m. . there were no -- death was pronounced at 9:11. there were no complications. he did not make a last statement. >> more than seven years after he was caught, one of the most notorious killers in u.s.
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history was put to death. his attorneys say the client maintained his innocence up to the death. his heart went out to the victims' families. >> to all of those families and the countless citizens around the country who bore witness and continue to do so to those tragic events, we renew our condolences and we offer our prayers for a better future. >> he wore denim jeans and a short sleeve denim shirt and was restrained with leather straps. he declined to have a spiritual adviser to visit him before his death. the various family members of the victims worked in a separate room and a curtain was drawn before the legal injection. they could hear audio of what was going on in the room. the witnesses from the government and media gave their thoughts and opinions. >> he was silent. you could see him start to
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twitch at 9:07 which we were told it is because they started giving him the iv. he started breathing more rapidly and then he died. >> i think we have some solis -- solace from what happened here tonight. finally some closure. >> to his attorney says his last meal consisted of chicken with red sauce and strawberry cake. none of the victim's family members spoke after the execution. body -- the first wife says she will get it once the medical examiner's office is done with it. she will take it to louisiana for a private burial.
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wbal-tv. >> now to the trial of baltimore mayor sheila dixon. who will determine the mayor's fate? jennifer franciotti is live outside of city hall with the details. >> good morning. the mayor was an active participant in picking the jury. there are nine women and three men. there are six alternates. seven are african-american, two caucasian, one of asian background, and two of mixed descent. mayor dixon says she is pleased with the court process so far. >> to think that is balanced and
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i have a fair trial. white the judge does not want the jury to -- >> the judge does not want the jury to be influenced by any media so far. we will have more on this story coming up for you at 5:30. wbal tv 11 news. >> you can follow both of our big stories online where you can read more about the trial and you previous reports. you can also learn more about the victims killed in the sniper attacks as well as here was the ex-wife of john allen mohamad had to say. >> president obama spent hours yesterday with the loved ones who lost some of wounded in the ft. hood shooting. he said that cannot happen in
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america. >> we pay tribute to 13 men and women who were not able to escape the core of or even in the comfort of home. the memory will be -- the core werhorror of war even in the comfort of home. >> some scary moments for baltimore city students when some were stabbed in different incidents at different schools. one is accused of cutting a student on the arm. it happened around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. the victim was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. a few hours later, a student was stabbed in the back. six young men trapped in black hooded sweatshirts, black and
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green bandanas were charged. five are in custody. police will not specify how they got in the school. >> another teenager -- the howard county council voted to put a tanning bed ban into effect immediately. becoming the first county in the country to do so. young people are more likely to burn with a tin producing skin cancer. the board cannot amend the parental consent policy. >> it is an important provision. >> the county says it will send teenagers into salons to test owners. anyone who breaks the law cannot be fined. that brings us to other watercooler question of the day. do you think more governmental
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-- government should follow howard counties example and barbotine use of indoor tanning devices that e-mail us your response. >> what one person claims he was really trying to do. >> and a possible security
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>> welcome back. we have light rain falling. here's a look at hd doppler. billick at the at-95 corridor. -- a look at the i-95 corridor. rain showers off and on all day. temperatures will hold steady -- an 40's and -- high 40's in an
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50's right now. we will see if we can improve things over the weekend. >> covering the nation, a rock slide on a tennessee highway. it is caught on tape. the second one came tumbling down. this is outside of chatted who the tennessee -- chattanooga. it could remain closed for more than a week. >> the lawyer accused of trying to blackmail david letterman says he was not trying to extort money from the host. he was trying to sell letterman a screenplay. prosecutors accused the man trying to get $2 million to keep quiet about an affair. letterman apologized for the affair. still ahead, a howard county
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student shows up with a new friend. we will tell you which reagan's star spent the day in school. >> thousands of dollars loss for
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[sigh] ah... the efficient life is the good life. >> if you have to go out, hopefully traffic will not be too bad. >> we hope that is the case. more volume is light because it is a holiday. at franklin, a water main break. there may be some enclosures there. a bit of a slowdown as you make your approach to the hair rosburg expressway. looking good on the day --
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harrisburg expressway. looking good on the j.f.x.. the outer loop starting to slow up just a bit. it is slick out there. there could be reduced visibility as well. this spot looks fine towards the fort mchenry. here is park heights where we are looking good so far this morning. that is the latest. let's check with tony on the forecast. >> give yourself as much time as you can this morning. hd doppler showing rain up and down the i-95 corridor.
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gmac a dry day in cumberland county. -- you may see a dry day in cumberland county. this is what is left of the tropical storm. it is spreading reign up and down the east coast from new york through the carolinas. we have to start watching this area of high pressure. but it is setting up shop in new england. the winds are going to start to pick up. today, i do not think it will be that active. the temperatures are not going to move up that much. we might be able to add a few degrees. a high temperature in the mid 50's. it will pick up. bring showers off and on all day today.
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tonight, rain showers, breezy and cold. very little change as we head into thursday. the pressure gradient will pick up. winds will be testing over 50 miles per hour. it will tropical storm condition near the beaches. that may be the case on the chesapeake bay as well. it is breezy around baltimore and chilly. a high of 53. the storm is going to stall. the same forecast in play on friday. breezy and chilly. i think the storm will start to move out at the beginning of the weekend. sunday looks like the best stay out of the weekend with a high near 64.
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>> in the consumer alert, the medical center has alerted that some of their patients may have been in properly access. the former employee may be responsible. they do not know if the information with access inappropriately. if you have concerns, you can contact the hospital. more and more cases of securities fraud are popping up. what do you do if you are a victim? review your credit reports and billing statements. you can obtain free credit reports that certain website. always file a police report if your identity is stolen. >> bankers may have nothing to fear from a financial roles in washington. jane king joins us live with more in the bloomberg business
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report. >> investors are pouring over senate banking chairman chris dodd plan to overhaul financial industry regulation. some say the measure may do little to nothing to rein in the billions of dollars leading to the excessive risk-taking largely blamed for the collapse of lehman brothers and the entire financial system. it will require pay to be rolled back to complete -- traded companies. wall street's leading financial firms are setting a bonus milestone this year. stock futures pointing to a strong start today. the u.s. dollar is weaker this morning and gold has set another record high.
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low stocks fall on a slow disappointing fault. we will get recordings from macy's. the international council of stoppard's seditious -- shopping centers said there was a rise this month. wbal-tv. >> thank you. 12 people are under indictment this morning part of a textbook burglary. many books were stolen from community college libraries. textbooks were discovered in a car in july. the bar codes were removed. the judge dismissed the case saying the surge in the car was not warranted. the steps -- fetthefts continuen other counties. >> this was a public trust that
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was violated for personal gain. >> wouldn't give the $4,000 worth of textbooks were stolen. students sign up for a library card but never intended to return the books and started selling them in local stores. >> coming up, a look at the morning commute with traffic and weather together. the changes the ravens team has to make to make the playoffs. >> do not forget to e-mail us your answer to the watercooler question of the day. do you think more governments should follow howard county's example and bar teen use of indoor tanning devices? email us your response to
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>> the ravens turn their attention to the cleveland browns and the second half of the nfl season. the coach sees major changes that have to take place. fewer penalties and more big plays. he saw that combination saturday undermine his team. the ravens lead the nfl in penalties. mistakes and penalties. undermine the ravens offensive effort. those have to change in the second half of the season. he said that last night on his show on wbal radio. if the ravens want to stay alive in the playoffs race, they will have to have more big plays and
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fewer penalties. >> every game is a new season. this week we feel very bad about that stuff. we have to take this one game season that we are facing against what i think is going to be a good cleveland browns team on monday night and have to be ready to play and get the mission accomplished. >> do not look for in the instant changes that took place. the ravens word out -- worked out someplace for certain players. i am gerry sandusky. hope your day is off to a fantastic start. >> a student at an elementary school is the big man on campus after he showed off his newest friend, a baltimore ravens. the tight end picked the child
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up in a limousine and took him to school. he signed autographs and spoke to students at an assembly. >> i think it is a great deal. we are teaching kids to be active and live a healthy lifestyle. >> amazing. i will never forget this day. >> the kids spend some time outside othrowing around a football. what a great day. coming up, -- >> now that the jury has been seated, the mayor resumes part of her public schedule. we will have more on that straight ahead. >> i am nikole killion in washington. is president obama closer to making a decision about the war in afghanistan? >> we have some rain to contend with on this morning.
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we will let you know how long it will stick around. >> that rain normally means problems on the roads. none at the moment. we boss: ah! thank goodness you're back. gecko: what's going on, sir?
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