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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  November 17, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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trailer crashing into a pickup truck. we understand there were three people hurt at this accident. it occurred at approximately 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. one was transported locally by crown to with a hospital. state police are investigating the accident. east and west bound 27 still shut down. they are detouring traffic on to park. >> and our big story tonight, a baltimore judge gave a criminal case against mayor sheila dixon and shape today, knocking out two of the it seven counts against her. >> the decision came as they decided to leave her former boyfriend on the sidelines. >> the prosecutor's decision to leave iran that skim off their witness list setup date -- to leave iran lipscomb off their witness list said at a scary and
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-- said at a scare for the other attorney. brooks sheila dixon's defense -- >> sheila dixon was the defense painted her former boyfriend as the villain. after prosecutors chose not to call lipscomb as a witness, the judge threw out two counts in the indictment, 14 felony theft, one for embezzlement. -- one for felony theft and the other for embezzlement. in short, one-third of the case against dixon was a race. -- was erased. >> the state had no evidence to sustain those charges. >> dixon had claimed that the jury had been poisoned by haven't they would now have to ignore. but the judge had to ignore eight request for a mistrial. other lawyers called its mark.
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lipscomb of what such a frequent gift giver to dicks and she got his gift cards and once donated by developer pat turner confused and thought all of them rented for her personally. >> they will need her to talk about what her state of mind was. >> the defense has been calling the two witnesses, one was a friend of the mayor and another was at her church, both described the mayor as honest. >> we have a team of reporters to meeting of dates from the courthouse. it is all under special section on the trial act
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>> and some good news on the swine flu tonight. the state and local health officials say more vaccines are, indeed, are writing from the federal government. >> more vaccine is making its way to the people who -- where demand is outstripping supply. >> neenan mccarthy has been -- -- has been trying to get a vaccination for two months. >> she gets sick every year, so anything i can do to prevent it, i will do. >> the health department launched a swine flu command
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center to help launch a city- wide plan. shots for nearly 5000 kids by the end of this week. for state and local health officials continue frustrated -- continue to be frustrated. the maryland health department promised 1 million doses by the end of october. at the end of october, about 875,000 have been delivered. >> we are happy to still see them coming in a greater and greater quantities. >> it comes as h1n1 cases are leveling off, meaning distribution is granting at as sickness is dropping off. >> but there are not enough doses for people who want them or need them. baltimore city received just 28% of the needed doses, and that order was placed in september. in howard county, so far, just
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one-fifth of the vaccine doses they need. >> a controversial bill that would require baltimore city's for pregnancy clinics to post a disclaimer could become law. it would require them to display signs saying they do not provide birth control or abortion referrals, failure to do so could result in a fine. as that of the city council voted in favor of the bill at its second reading. it is set for a third and final vote and if it passes it could set a precedent across the country. baltimore county has project -- rejected a proposal to ban tanning booths for minors. they agree that tanning can lead to cancer, but they say that is a decision that should rest in the hands of parents. although the tanning industry is pleased with that decision, it does plan to enact a lawsuit that was launched last week in
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howard county. >> john sherman is live in annapolis to explain what is and what is not on the chopping block. >> tomorrow, the 10th time the o'malley administration has cut the budget. everything that is being cut now is a funding priority. there are simply no other options. >> in annapolis this november, there is no escape from the economic conditions challenging every state's budget, revenues are down, and it is time to cut again. this will be the third round of cuts for fiscal year 2010, cuts now topping $1 billion. all state interest -- agencies will be affected, but the cuts to local 8, k-12 education, and no additional state worker follows. a handful of programs will be abolished. the rainy day fund will be maintained at the required 5% level. this brings the total budget cuts during the malley
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administration's term in office to $4.5 billion. >> i spoke with senate president mike miller a short while ago and he says the important thing here is that this is likely to get worse. when the legislative recession -- session resumes for the first time in a long time, warm bodies will be on the table. >> after reading the 70 degree mark over the weekend and close to that yesterday, in louis vocal off today. -- a noticeable cool off today. in northern virginia, just some sprinkles high up in the clouds. not really a threat for precipitation around here. the substantial rain is through the ohio valley and the swirling rainshowers in the middle of the country is slowly moving our direction. it will bring showers to the forecast for the end of the
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week. temperatures will remain on the chilly side. we will check the seven-day forecast coming up. >> on the heels of last night's victory, the baltimore ravens kicked their kicker to the curb. last night they shot out cleveland browns in monday night football. -- they shut out the cleveland browns in monday night football. >> is a short work week here, but a week of quick work. today, the ravens made a decision to part ways with their kicker less than a day after defeating the browns' 16-0. he was another myth and it was wide left, this time missing a 36 yorker. it really sealed his fate as the ratings kicker. -- missing a 36-yard heer. he missed a game winner in minnesota, a game changer in
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cincinnati. the ravens have not yet signed a kicker to replace him, by have had reason tryouts with billy cundys and mike nugent. they will likely have a new kicker encamped sometime tomorrow. a good defense in cleveland. they were the stars of the show. the defense comes up with two interceptions the third was the touchdown of the year. -- the third touchdown of the year. >> it was special because it was on the road. it has been awhile since we have when, like you said. we needed this as a defense. tonight, we executed very well. we put our team efforts together and it showed. >> the challenge gets significant for the ratings over the next four weeks. starting sunday at home against the colts.
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the ravens have lost terrell suggs not just for a matter of days, but possibly for a matter of weeks. >> thank you. that's up next, using the internet to sell your goods has become a bit easier. it could mean some major competition for east -- for e- bay. >> and healthy eating -- on healthy eating choices may not be the only reason for heart disease. -- and unhealthy eating choices may not be the only reason for heart disease. >> too many babies born too soon. a new report card up next. >> a former baltimore police officer turns small town chief indicted for selling weapons. >> training that could save >> training that could save
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>> just two weeks after the mass homicide at fort hood, suicide continues to be a growing problem among active-duty forces and reservists. 211 soldiers have taken their own lives so far this year. there is more from washington. >> it could be far more for all of the american forces killed be -- killed in combat last year. 140 active-duty u.s. army suicides so far in 2009. last year, the total was 143. this year could see 160 if the trend continues.
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and there have been 71 suspected suicide in the army reserve and national guard picked to wonder 11 dead with a month and have to go in the year. -- and the national guard. 211 dead with a month and a half to go in the dark -- in the year. >> each number represents a person with the family and friends and a future ahead of him or her. >> the army admits combat stress is increasing in afghanistan, repeated deployments are more common, time back home is being reduced. the army knows soldiers need more mental health providers. >> as providers are embedded with units and they have a more comfortable relationship and the soldiers know the provider, that reduces their stigma about seeking help. >> but the army cannot find enough counselors. >> they are just not available. it makes it very difficult for
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us to make up our shortage. >> army psychiatrist, nidal hasan was headed to afghanistan when he went on his rampage at fort hood. the high-profile murders will focus on his mental health, but seems sure to shed light on why hundreds of u.s. soldiers are taking their own lives. army suicides so far are down this month over last and down from their peak last winter. officials hope their scramble to help this bearing soldiers is working. -- despairing soldiers is working. fast food is no longer the sole excuse for americans skyrocketing suet -- heart attack rates. researchers put 22 monies from the museum of antiquities through body scans -- 22 mummies from the museum of antiquities
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through bodies dance. many of the male and female mummies and especially those that died over the age of 45 had diseased hearts. >> egyptians did not smoke or heat trans fats. there were a lot more in that -- a lot more physically active than we are. this is as old as moses. >> this is not licensed to go out and eat fatty foods because it will layer your heart with heart disease, but it does explain why some people with healthy lifestyles can still have heart attacks. the usa is not making the great when it comes to preventing premature births according to the march of dimes. the u.s. scored on the nt on the report card for the second -- only 80 on the report card for the second year in a row. -- scored only "d" on your program for second year in a row. >> i'm in first grade. >> that is a big deal for him.
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he was born four months early and weighed 1 pound, 11 ounces. >> it was terrifying. we did not know he would live. >> despite multiple surgeries and a lingering vision problems, he survived, but lots of babies do not. more than 500,000 are born in america every year, costing americans $26 billion. >> preterm births cost more. this is a major-league problem. >> munier early birds can be prevented by encouraging women not to smoke -- many early birds can be prevented by encouraging women not to smoke, one in five still do, and by koestani elective sections that induce labor until -- postponing elective sections that induce labor until 35 weeks. >> there are a number of various things that happen every week, the statistics get better. >> but the march of dimes gives the nation a "d" for preventing
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to -- for failing to prevent more. >> knowledge is power. it is really about educating ebbert ready. >> and giving everybody a chance to be born healthy. >> maryland got an "f"-- over 13% of its babies are born premature. >> not good news for maryland. any report finds sexually transmitted diseases are on the uptake. teen girls and women in their early 20s are the most affected by as tds, like chlamydia and gonorrhea. many are undetected because they may have no symptoms and those that go untreated could cause infertility. the girls between 15-19 had the highest number of cases and african-americans are also disproportionately affected more than any other racial group. and syphilis, which was on the
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verge of being eradicated is also on the rise with an 18% increase between 2007-2008. it can be fatal if left untreated. viagra for women. university of north carolina scientists have been studying a drug as an antidepressant. it did not work for that, but had an interesting side effect of increasing the beat up. viagra, also discovered by accident. women who took the drug once a day reported significant improvement in their sexual desire and experiences. it has not yet been approved by the fda. >> nabih weather plus forecast with a chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> cooler temperatures are moving back in. actually, getting the almanac back to normal as far as the afternoon temperatures go. the past few days have been up
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to the 70's commodified 56 is the normal high for the 17th day of november. 44 the morning low, that was actually warmer than typical for this time of year. it was 20 degrees on this day in 1996. that was back-to-back days in mid of member bever in the 20's. on the east side of the beltway, 54. r. brown martin state airport, 55. -- are around martin state airport, 55. to the year in spots out to the west. gaithersburg at 48. generally provided skies in most areas. things have cleared out around central maryland through the afternoon and the early evening. cleare to partly cloudy rendition of the sky tonight, 36-43 and light, northeast winds
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at 10 to 20 miles per hour. the slow-moving storm crete's its way into the western part of the ohio valley. -- creeps its way into the western part of the ohio valley. it is still putting down some unsettled weather in the middle of the country. mild air has been pushed down into the carolinas and this system will be moving in with more clouds and possibly showers developing. in the mountains to our west, maybe tomorrow afternoon, scattered showers starting to develop through the western sections of the state. mostly cloudy during daylight hours. late tonight and into thursday, the chances for shards are to increase. a bit of an update to our friday, the weekend forecast is looking a bit better. tamara, a cloudy day, temperatures normal, winds out
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of the east at 10 and a high of 53-58 degrees. western maryland has to deal with a few showers tomorrow. around the chesapeake tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies and 55. new might see some sign next with clouds on the eastern shore and into delaware. 58 degrees on wednesday. winds out of the east on the day, eight to 15 knots, and winds -- waves about 1 foot. 55 and cloudy tomorrow, a chance for a shower on thursday with a high of 56. area of rain in its friday morning with afternoon sunshine. slight chance for a shower sunday, late in the evening and mostly it south of baltimore. the weekend is mainly dry with temperatures ride around 60. >> shoppers are beginning to think a lot about the holidays. it corrects some studies show that a -- >> some studies show
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that some may be spending in a halting manner this year. that may not be good for retailers. >> and are you prepared if there's a chemical spill? that story, coming up. and -- >> and there's about be an overhaul in one school system. new policy could set new limits.
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>> it is a training exercise that is intended to save lives. what would happen in the hazmat situation? >> baltimore city and others boarded the beating in a mock trial. -- participated in a mock trial. >> it is this question that no one wants to see, but for first responders, they want to be ready. firefighters will tell you it is raining that makes a difference and this morning, thanks to csx, first responders from around the area came together for training and have to deal with a major chemical spill. >> we realize this is a manager risky situation -- this is a risky situation. we have to be methodical in how we approach this -- this is a rescue situation.
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we ought to be methodical in how we approach this. >> the guys are in ministering air and packaging air at this time. >> in this scenario, an engineer has become overwhelmed by a chemical and become unconscious in sight. firefighters have to rescue him. >> the importance for us to work in times like this, it is easier for us to understand to form a bond, work together, especially if we have a real incident. >> in this scenario, a tanker is leaking a debt the candidate -- chemical. at first responders have to cap the league. -- is leaking a deadly chemical accurate first responders have to cap the leak. working in protective gear is hot, tiring and difficult. >> how you work in all of that stuff? it has got to be difficult. >> it is hard. limited visibility can
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compromise -- but you cannot compromise the barrier of protection. >> this gives us a chance to work on real tank cars, real locomotives. we are always finding little things out. >> and mother because the difficult decision has left her in big trouble. up next, why she skipped deployment to afghanistan. >> also, many americans are of of work and are running out of options when looking for employment. >> and a small town hired a former baltimore city police officer to be its chief. the one he was indicted. >> significant developments in the felony trial of sheila
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>> he is a former baltimore city police officer who became a police chief in a small maryland town and is now under indictment. residents of that town are trying to understand how the man they hired to keep the peace is accused of breaking the law. the grand jury indicted him, charging him with selling a weapon that belonged to his own police department. we're live in the newsroom with that story. >> after the been the baltimore police department, david eichelberger jr. got a new start in prince george's county. hired as an officer in january, he was promoted to chief in august and forced out of the job last month. >> in the shadow of andrews air force base is a small quiet town, stunned by allegations of
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corrections of the former police chief. >> the man has a family, too, you figure, why would you do something like that? >> former police chief david eichelberger jr. now faces charges of allegedly selling weapons out of the back of a patrol car. one of the firearms was the property of the town police department. >> he had a police officer take a weapon from the morningside police department and sell it to someone on the street. that is not what we're supposed to be doing. >> the grand jury indicted him tuesday, charging him with theft and illegal possession and sale of a regulated firearm. he is accused of selling this black, 40 caliber handgun. >> he told me he needed the money and mine to sell some of his weapons. >> charles tamsin runs an auto service. he says he bought two guns from eichelberger for our $600.
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>> i have the guns checked because i thought something was wrong. nothing came back on them. it's kind of threw up a red flag. >> according to documents, eichelberger admitted to selling the weapons, initially claiming that a baltimore city police officer gave him one in 2005. he actually purchased the gun in 2001 -- another officer said he purchased the gun in 2001. eichelberger then admitted he got the gun from the evidence safe. city police will only confirm that you work from may 2005 to july 2007 when he -- that he worked from may 2005 to july 2007 when he resigned. >> he left after receiving an administrative charge following an internal affairs investigation into an accident during a vehicle pursued. his patrol car struck the
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suspect, causing a minor injury. the city worker told us there was no comment from the city about the indictment. >> here the other top stories at this hour. authorities confirmed the body pulled from kennedy south river is today is the man who fell off a barge of nearly two weeks ago. 49 -- the 49-year-old man's body was found on the beach. he was missing after falling from a 25-foot barge. 42-year-old baltimore county native army specialist chris coughlan was killed in the line of duty. a funeral will be this weekend in baltimore. a reception will follow at the gilman high school, his alma maters. in the wallflowers', the family asks that you send gives to the
5:34 pm
school to fit for a scholarship fund in his name. -- send gifts to the school for a scholarship fund in his name. not restaurant owners argue this is the wrong time to make them revise their menus because many businesses are struggling. regulations would require restaurants with 20 or more facilities to be compliant by july of next year. >> two criminal counts against baltimore mayor sheila dixon have been dropped. the prosecution did not call their key witness to the stand. >> specifically, the judge dismissed one count of felony theft and embezzlement -- and an embezzlement charge and now at least one-third of the state of its blogger applies to this case. both charges are tied to gift
5:35 pm
cards that grumman's come -- that ron thelipscomb provided. the defense called two character witnesses, a city employee and a member from her church. but consider her to be honest. one legal expert says not calling raman's come as a key witness was an amazing strategy. with him out of the picture, it allowed the jury to focus on dixon's actions. prosecutors charged she used gift cards donated by patrick turner for her own purposes. reporting live from courthouse east downtown, david coley, a wbal tv 11 news. >> would you be willing to travel for a job?
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coming up in consumer alert, new jobs are available, but thousands of miles away. >> and a mother could be facing charges after she refuses to leave her baby here in the u.s. for afghanistan. >> i have the good and bad news on this one flow. the next wave of infection could hit. >> in carroll county, students are coming home with stories about using the wii
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>> one of two people charged in the 2002 abduction of elizabeth smart has pleaded guilty. in a deal with prosecutors, she pleaded guilty to the kidnapping and unlawful transportation of a minor. she also asked for smart. forgiveness. she was 14 years old when she was taken at knife point from her home. she was discovered nine months later. her ex-husband, brian mitchell, has also been indicted in the case. a hearing is next month to determine whether he's competent to stand trial.
5:40 pm
>> alexis hutchinson was scheduled to deploy to afghanistan november 5, but never showed up because her child care plan fell through. her mother was quite to take her son and backed out, saying she could not handle an infant because she was already looking after a special needs child and two ailing relatives. when hutchinson was arrested for not appearing, her son was put in child protective services. that is when her mother finally picked him up. >> i had no choice but to go pick him up. >> an army spokesman said hutcheson made -- must stay on the base and got an army -- until the army can review her situation. >> that is difficult. searching for answers in the death of 5-year-old chen nyasha davis. >> also, the shoppers have
5:41 pm
surprises in store for retailers? >> we are tracking the storm in the ohio valley that is moving toward the mid-atlantic. right now, partly to mostly clear ski
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>> yurista we're working on for 11 news at 6:00. what a key rate as for the prosecution will not be taking the stand. and the maryland school district is redefining its academic policy. fight at how the of change the amount of homework students bring home e (announcer) now you can save $14.99 a month for a year with the verizon quad play. call now and you'll get verizon wireless, america's most reliable wireless network - plus mind- blowing verizon fios tv - plus lightning- fast fios internet - plus unlimited nationwide calling - all together for an insanely low $134.99 monthly access
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5:44 pm
as scheduled. her attorney says he is appealing the case because a misdemeanor charge should have been filed in district court not server korte. >> police in fayetteville say they will file additional charges in the death of a 5- year-old girl. her body was found along the road in the town of sanford. she was taken from her home in fayetteville last week. her mother has been charged with human trafficking after police said the girl had been offer of course human trafficking. >> emotions and pain continued to overwhelm the family of five- year-old shania davis. >> she was my joy and she filled my soul in places that you can well. >> the heart ache for her father is often too much to bear. >> you are in a better place.
5:45 pm
you are in better hands. you do not have to heard no more. -- you do not have to hurt no more. >> monday, the body was found and late today, authorities have confirmed what some many had feared. the chou spada, discovered in the woods, was -- the child's body, discovered in the woods, was shania davis. >> her mother, antoinette davis, had been charged with selling the little girl as a sex slave. >> the state of north carolina alleges that at or about the date of november 10, 2009, that you did engage in human trafficking with a child as the victim, knowingly provide shania davis with the intent that she be held with sexual servitude. >> initially she reported that she will up and discovered that
5:46 pm
her child was missing. security video a few days later showed a man carrying the little girl at a nearby hotel. the man on the tape turn himself in to police and has been charged with first-degree kidnapping. as police tried to piece together how and why an innocent young girl was killed. her family struggles to pick up the pieces of the shattered lives left behind. >> now, your 11 insta-weather + forecast with the chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> chilly temperatures pushing down the coast into the mid- atlantic and now for the next couple of days, afternoon readings will stay close to normal. 66 degrees at the airport. these were the morning lows across the eastern half of the country. 20's across upstate new york and new england this morning.
5:47 pm
the normal low is closer to 34, 35. the next couple of nights will be chilly. elkton and cecil county at 53 degrees. rigidly over in caroline county at 53. it was bound into some cool air around frederick, where it is now 46 degrees. cool spots are developing in the region we're starting to see some numbers dropped into the lower 50's. a few clouds coming in later tonight and overall, it's cloudy start to the day tomorrow. that storm that has been, looking west of us is a bit closer. clouds will move in as well. 36 to 43 for the overnight low and a northeast wind averaging about 5 to 10 miles per hour. the northeast breeze coming off
5:48 pm
high pressure in northern new england, keeping the temperature down. low pressure moving very slowly. it is literally cut off from the major flow across the country. there is not a strong westerly wind pushing this across. it is stuck in the middle of the country with the jet stream for the to the north. it will take a few days to clear the mid-atlantic and when it arrives, clouds and showers. tomorrow, a cloudy day. if showers developed, it would be too deep south and west. -- it would be to the south and west. for most areas, just a cloudy day. some of that could mean for into friday morning before the skies clear out later friday afternoon. right now, the first part of the weekend is nice. clouds to mawr, normal temperatures and east winds at 10. heights at 53 to 58. even out here, this is
5:49 pm
relatively mild in mid to late november. 48 degrees. mostly cloudy skies and 55. along the eastern shore is where we may see some sunshine trying to hold on for a few extra hours. 58 in princess anne. those made 50 temperatures are normal -- those mid-50s temperatures are normal. sunshine and six degrees on sunday. -- 60 degrees on sunday. another chance for showers around tuesday of next week. >> forget about leaving town. more job seekers are actually leaving the country for work. we have the details in tonight's consumer alert. >> more americans are hunting for and getting work overseas, according to a staffing companies an executive search
5:50 pm
firms. it is that a 26-year high. when staffing company says there are better opportunities outside the u.s., a phenomenon they have not had before. this includes india, china, brazil and dubai. retailers are already rolling out sales and promotions for holiday shopping. holiday sales are expected to drop 1% due to the struggling economy. 25% of shoppers will be using cash instead of credit. >> things getting is still more than a week away, but the holiday shopping season -- thanksgiving is still more than a week away, a holiday shopping season is underway. >> i am pretty excited about some sales. that is one good thing. the economy is bringing a good thanksgiving sales. >> of what has changed? the recession along with
5:51 pm
consumers' thinking outside the back. this season, cash is king. >> we're hearing from shoppers that they're trying to use debit cards or cold, hard cash to stay within a budget and make sure that they do not get surprised by a credit card bill in january or february. >> more cash, but consumers are expected to spend 2.3% less than last year. retailers are already competing heavily for their dollars. >> from department stores to discount chains, retailers know that sales alone will not draw in shoppers. this year, value is also high on the list. >> the face of consumer spending has changed. even high and consumers that are making a lot of money they want the deal. >> steel -- sears has started a black friday now campaign with weekly saturday discounts up until christmas. >> there are lower than what we typically have because we are
5:52 pm
trying to give the specials like to give on black friday. >> speaking of black friday, retailers say they expect big crowds, especially since 52% of holiday consumers have yet to start shopping. >> there is another way to do well on line. for now, there are just four things you can sell at this website my books, cds d's and video games. -- at the website, books, cds, dvd and video games. >> for more information on go to our website and click on consumer maxine clinics run through thursday. four times and -- click on consumer. for a vaccine clinics as well.
5:53 pm
this dictionary word of the year is known to cause trauma in the search and networking world, can you guess what is? -- is known to cause trauma in the social networking world. can you guess what is? >> the salvation army says it is ready. the goal is to help feed the poor during the holidays. local volunteers will be ringing bells and knocking on doors. >> there is nothing more satisfying than to stand at the cattle and people come up and talk about how the salvation army has touched their lives or touch the lives as monday no enmity huge difference. >> the red kettle campaign -- and made a huge difference. the red kettle campaign runs
5:54 pm
through christmas eve. >> it is unseasonably warm for the red campaign. >> two of the charges against mayor sheila dixon have been thrown out, but that is not all. >> prosecution did not call a key witness to testify. but my physical education class never looked like this. schools are using the week to schools are using the week to get kids excited
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a favorite. >> i'm sure it is a lot of fun. >> i have to would meet thewii golf, i love it.
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if you missed any of this newscast and would like to see it again, we will have a rebroadcast for you at 7:00 p.m. >> here is in the effort is coming of new at 6:00 p.m. >> a judge knocked out two of the counts against the mayor after the prosecutors decide not to call her ex-boyfr>> good eveg story tonight at 6:00 p.m., the charges are theft related to gift c


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