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tv   11 News Today  NBC  December 22, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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her instead. >> it was the nation's top bankers last week now the committee bankers' meeting with president obama. >> and anne arundel county passes the slot bill. a change in the forecast for christmas. 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. >> cloud rolled in last night and kept temperatures higher. above freezing downtown.
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33 in annapolis. mostly sunny. winds are out of the northwest. we will get heavy rain with a storm coming up later this week. we will talk about flooding concerns as well. it is icy in some locations. sarah has details on the morning commute. >> however second accident of the morning. the left lane is close south of the beltway. a water main break with lane closures in effect in a different area. southbound york, a right lane closure. a vehicle is on an embankment in
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another area. volume is building in the outer loop. southbound 295 south of the beltway, left lane closure due to the accident there. back to you. what appeared to be an act of kindness appears to be different. >> our big story this morning, a baltimore city woman in the hospital. >> a man shovel snow for the victim. he returned, forced his way inside of her home, richter, and slit her throat. >> -- ray. her and a slider for -- raped her and slit her throat. >> the man was given permission from his parole officer in virginia to come to baltimore to visit his relatives for christmas.
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he was in the canton neighborhood offering to shovel walkways for cash. a 26 year-old woman took him up on his offer. >> some time thereafter, he knocks on the door again. this time she opens the door, not thinking anything of it because she already had an encounter with the man with no problems. he forced his way into her home, raped her, and slit her thorat. -- throat. >> the victim was able to pick the man out of a lineup. she was able to call for help after her attack. the man was arrested near the home of relatives. wbal tv 11 news.
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>> a soldier who was home for the holidays after being on tour in afghanistan was shot. he later died at the hospital. an arrest has been made in the shooting of a dunkin donuts employee. he was arrested inside of his home after being identified from a worker at the store. he faces a number of charges including attempted murder. >> a county council passed legislation to allow for a slots at the mall and at a park. here are the details.
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the county council cannot choose between the mall and the racetrack. the fate of the proposals are in the hands of account executives. laura parker executives are disappointed by the decision. -- laurel park executives are disappointed by the decision. the future -- >> the future is not bright at all. this could be the nail in the coffin. >> state prosecutor's office is asking the judge not to grant a new trial for mayor sheila dixon. they argue that she received a fair trial. the jury takes its trial seriously because of the split decision. the defense argued the juror
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misconduct is reason for a new trial. a hearing is scheduled for january 6. all of central maryland school systems are closed again this morning. baltimore city, baltimore county, cecil county, mary's county, and others are closed today. many have canceled classes for wednesday as low. frederick, press george's county and -- prince george's county and others. you can get the information at the bottom of your screen. crews continued to clear the roadways from snow. baltimore city, baltimore county, carroll, cecil county and some other closures are occurring in other counties today. information will be updated throughout the morning.
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>> it is hard to get all of the roads done, but i think they are doing a good job. >> the conduct of a website to upload photos and the others. >> many people have holiday shopping left to do. many malls will remain open until midnight today and tomorrow. retailers hope to see holiday sales improve that were deprived of for the weekend. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. how much holiday shopping view still have left to do? email us your response to
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>> president obama is meeting with small banks to talk about lending. >> today it will be president obama with the challenge meeting with community bankers to determine how they can lend more. >> they have to look at their balances. >> many are struggling. the government reports more have fallen behind on dividends of and -- owed to the treasuries because of bail laws. >> the president should sit with bankers but also with regulators to determine how we are going to get this put together. >> community banks on the front lines of sub-prime landing. many are still dealing from foreclosures. existing home sales will be
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discussed today. the biggest gains in 26 years are -- is expected. wbal tv 11 news. >> the morning's financial news in the bloomberg business report. >> you do not want someone to break into your car and steelyard gps which could set you up for another crime. -- steeal your gps which could set to up for another crime. >> i have the details on the 7 day forecast coming up. >> a couple of accidents of note. it is due to ice.
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>> it is 32 degrees, right at the freezing threshold. the sunshine will be up here in about an hour or so. we got a lot of sunshine yesterday. a clufew clouds came in last nit holding the temperature down. the middle of the country will get a blizzard and heavy rain for us. our temperatures are generally around freezing right now. not a bad morning out there. we will be below the normal of
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44 degrees today. 30 degrees in the mountains. a sunny day on the shores of ocean city. the temperature will plummet to night. they slush on the roadways will freeze up again. we will be quiet and beautiful for the next couple of days. in a storm system will affect us after that. a few degrees cooler today. there are light, northwest wind. sunset is at 4:48. christmas day scenario -- a lot
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of milder air from the south. it will make this a brain event for us. -- rain event for us. if the storm drains are not cleared, we could have an issue of flooding. be aware of that. rain for christmas. 50% coverage. christmas eve will be called only 18 degrees. saturday a 60% chance of a wintry mix throughout the day. the clearing trend on monday is expected. >> dealing with some accidents this morning. ice could be a factor out there.
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be careful on the on and off ramps. a water main break at loch raven. southbound york, the left lane is closed due to a water main break repair. volume is looking good at greenspring. we are starting to see delays just passed this area here. >> and pierre a sheriff's deputies are in critical condition after being shot in a line of duty. they're responding to a report of a fight between a couple of brothers. the deputies were shot hindmost
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-- shot trying to disarm one of the men. three months from now, you will not be stuck on the tarmac. a new world is limiting the amount of time that passengers can be kept on the tarmac waiting for takeoff. if an airline breaks the role, they could be fined up to $27,000 per passenger. airlines say it could lead to more flight cancellations and problems. officials say that an actress died of natural causes. her name is britney murphy. they are still trying to determine the exact cause of death. that could take several weeks. >> if you had have -- have had
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someone break into your car and steelyard gps device. it did not surprised if they literally follow you home. many are using the cars feature to lead them to their home -- to the owner's home. you may want to take it out of your car when you get out of your vehicle. an agency wants verizon to answer why they are charging customers over $300 to cancel their smart phone contracts. the focus on wall street today is how much small banks are lending. here is a look at the trading firm in new york stock exchange. >> president obama is
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encouraging community banks to lend more. they will be looking at white house plans and regulatory overhaul. state unemployment funds are running out of money. that is according to the "washington post." . they say many programs will go broke within a couple of years. many states are running out of money and they are borrowing from the federal government. maryland's unemployment funds has not borrowed from the federal government. a higher close on wall street for trading. they are devising buying shares of alcoa and intel. legg mason is a stop to watch.
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one person is known for pushing companies to increase their value while cutting costs. at the new york stock exchange, i am reporting for wbal tv 11 news. when >> you have probably heard of a condition where a blood clot developed in the arms or legs. some are getting more aggressive in treating these. >> blood thinners do not get rid of the clot. it helps you prevented from developing further clots. we need to find techniques that will get rid of the clot. >> new procedures include stent
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placement and ngo plastic which enlarges the veins in which the clocks occur. -- angioplasty which enlarges the veins in which the clots occur. once you have a hadvt the more likely you are to get it again. the longer you wait to have it treated, the more difficult it is to treat. >> do not forget to enter our watercooler question of the day. you can e-mail us. email us your response to
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>> aysha an issue as you had done to the ramps. -- ice an issue as you head onto the ramps. watch for water main break repairs shutting down some lanes in certain areas.
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an accident at walker road and valley mill road. volume is a little bit lighter because the schools are out. >> a pretty day out there today. 35-39 with winds steady out of the northwest. tomorrow, more of the same. 33-37. plenty of sunshine. increasing cloud on christmas eve. we will be cold at 18 degrees on christmas day. we could say wintery makes to start things. a heavy rain event throughout christmas. details coming up in our seven day forecast. >> it is beginning to look like christmas in iowa.
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>> there is a christmas tree with a different thing everywhere you look. >> not one, not 10, not even 20. around 40 christmas trees at this home in waterloo. brandon loves christmas. >> i love the whole idea of christmas and the spirit of christmas. i like snowmen and rudolf and santa claus. >> he loves the history. this is a victorian tree with antique ornaments. his hobbies started almost 10 years ago. now it takes over the house literally. >> it gives us time to rearrange things around.
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afterwards we take them down. >> all of the trees come down. >> it is special to get them out for this time of year. >> they range in size from a few inches to 7.5 feet tall. they range from snowmen themes, patriotic, and this one decorated from the movie "is a wonderful life. well -- life. wel -- "it's a wonderful life." >> he has more than 90 sent us.
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it definitely feels like christmas here. >> very pretty. much more to come next. >> and man on parole is accused of raping a woman in canton. i am live with that story straight ahead. >> a person brings a gun and to a snowball fight. >> we are dealing with eyes out there in many spots. we will tell you about some water main break closures as well next. >> details on what we can expect over the next couple
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(announcer) every woman has many sides express each one more with downy simple pleasures feel more calm with new downy lavender serenity feel more daring with spice blossom dare feel more elegant with orchid allure now all have renewing scent pearls that help you express every side of you downy simple pleasures. feel more >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. >> we will see mostly sunny skies.
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temperatures in the mid-upper 30's. 32 at the airport. more elevated temperatures than we originally anticipated. more on your seven-day forecast at the end of the news block. >> thanks. a man is responsible for raping a woman after shoveling snow offer sidewalk. our reporter is live at police headquarters with the story. this person received permission from his parole officer to visit baltimore to see relatives for christmas. authorities in virginia were awaiting dna tests to see if he was responsible for a couple of rapes in that state. now he is arrested and charged for a break in canton. the saturday snowstorm was picturesque. a canton resident says a man
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knocked on his door in the middle of the day offering to shovel his sidewalk for cash. he did not hire the man or suspect anything was amiss. >> people help me -- offered to help me with different things. this is a friendly neighborhood. it is a safe and friendly neighborhood in general. >> police said a 26 year-old woman answered a knock on her door. she chatted with the man in 19 year-old in town to visit relatives for christmas. he paved and should -- he shoveled her walkway. >> he knocked on her door again dared she opened the door again because she had previous encounters with no problem. he forced his way into her home, raped her, tried to slit her throat. >> police arrested the man as the victim picked his photo out of a photo lineup.
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the attack has residents shaken and angry that one of their residence was targeted. >> the lots of people come from other areas into canton. >> police say the man robbed his a victim of cash and debit card after he slipped her throat. it is remarkable that she survived and was able to describe her attacker to police. >> police are investigating a homicide in one area. a witness told police that a man collapsed in the middle of the road after being stabbed. he was pronounced dead later at the hospital. if you have information, call anne arundel county police. >> fire officials say residents
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should make sure that fire hydrants are free and not covered underneath the snow. make sure they are working properly -- that is what the firefighters will do. >> sometimes we cannot get the full extension placed on to the hydrant. >> officials say residents should have a clear salted pass to their home. they can get quick and easy access to homes as a result. a couple of water main breaks in baltimore accounting is showing aging infrastructure. there could be a disruption in service as crews worked to pinpoint the source of the break.
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a dozen of businesses have lost their water service as a result. >> many people are making up for lost time because of the blizzard when it comes to holiday shopping. >> saturday was supposed to look like this, but instead it looks like this. >> were you planning on coming out on friday? but you did not. what did you do? >> i watched television. i worked on the computer. i cannot shop. >> one store has charm bracelets that of a big gift item this holiday season. >> they are really cute graceless. they are wonderful. -- really cute and bracelets.
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they are wonderful. you can create them to fit their personality. >> a lot of people are coming in. >> the clouds -- called were strong today. -- crowds are strong today. retailers are making up for what they lost. >> it was supposed to be the number one weekend of the year, but we were closed because of the storm. we hope that everyone will come out this week. >> to make up for the lost time, one mall townshend town center will be open until midnight. others will be open from 6:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m.. wbal tv 11 news.
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>> a veteran detective pulled a gun during a snowball fight in the nation's capitol. he has been placed on desk duty because he had acted inappropriately. he got out of his car and drew a weapon after driving into the middle of a twitter-organized snowball fight. some emergency medical technicians have been suspended for refusing to help a pregnant woman who was because they weren break. they were ordering breakfast when a woman needed their help in a bakery. they told people to call 911. she later died. >> they were sitting there
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having coffee. they are in men beings. someone is dying down the street. they would not help the person. they just sat there. >> it took paramedics 15 minutes to arrive on the scene. the pregnant woman had a seizure and died. >> we are checking on your morning commute. we are still dealing with ice on the roadways. be careful. watch for a closure on certain roads. water main break repairs are continuing in different areas. the accident on bw parkway is now cleared. we are building in volume on the of the loop.
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here it is delivered the road. that is the latest. let's get a check of the forecast. >> we will be in the upper 30's in baltimore. tomorrow, more of the same. for the next couple of nights, below 20. we have had planned and in flow of mild air. we may have in wintery makes by the weekend. -- makeix by the weekend. and we will take you to a santa sighting that may have you seen triple santas. >> i will bring you more details
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>> the president paid a visit to the boys and girls club in washington yesterday. he passed out a basket of cookies and ask what they wanted for christmas. >> we know there is only one true santa claus but many of his closest friends gathered. 150,000 santas gathered. they came in all shapes and sizes.
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there was a k-canine santa clau. >> what are they saying? [singing "who let the santa's out?" >> we will see beautiful conditions but colder than normal. milder for christmas. heavy rain is expected. 32 of the airport
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>> and marilyn soldier survived a tour of duty in afghanistan only to be shot and killed in the streets of baltimore coming
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home for the holidays. he was shot sunday night driving home from the gaucherie store with his wife. -- grocery store with his wife. he died at st. agnes hospital. john leopold account executive will determine if there will be slot parlors at all in the anne arundel area. it could occur at the mall or the racetrack. no word on when the decision may come. many are trying to make up for the time and money they lost this weekend at stores because of the blizzard.
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>> many people have holiday shopping left to do. many malls will remain open until midnight today and tomorrow. retailers hope to see holiday sales improve that were deprived of for the weekend. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. >> we asked how much holiday shopping do you still have left to do? >> one person says i still have things left to purchase. i am not coming back in until i have everything. >> another set by finish all of my shopping on the weekend. i finished all of my baking yesterday. now i have to clean my house today. i have never been shopping, wrapping, and baking this early. >> and mother in frederick rights, i have a few guest left to get.
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[unintelligible] >> one person says i am happy with what i am giving. we will post more of your answers on the front page of our web site, wbal-tv. >> and other early morning vote for health care in the senate. lawmakers are holding the second test vote today. our reporter explains the next step. >> this is a procedural step in the process before lawmakers can hold a final vote on it. >> we are not over the finish line. >> the end is in sight on the health care vote. they hope to pass the legislation by christmas. >> they hope to make a tremendous difference for families, seniors, businesses, and the country as a whole. >> bill would extend coverage to 30 billion uninsured
6:48 am
americans. it has the endorsement of the american medical association. republicans are fighting the bill to the end. there is still a chance to vote on this bill. >> some say there were deals such as extra of funding for nebraska to get the vote from the senator ben nelson. >> we have the louisiana purchase and a cornhuskers' kick back. i got a new name. >> there is dealmaking. >> this legislation is about the art of compromise. just about every senator has something important to amend this bill. if they do not, it does not speak well of them. >> in washington, nikole killion, wbal-tv.
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>> if you have to travel today or if you are shopping, you will see some more volume of around the malls. water main break repairs continue in certain areas. watch for lane closures as a result. if you're heading other places, most roadways are looking pretty good. here is a live look at traffic. no official delays in the outer loop. a slowdown towards middletown. let's check in with santer. >> -- sandra.
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>> a few clouds are hanging around. a beautiful sunrise headed for today. the upper midwest and the planes by thursday will deal with a blizzard. there is a system that is at the heart of this. it will affect us by christmas day with heavy rains. 35 degrees downtown. not a lot of warming. we are under a cold air mass. the high pressure will keep that firmly in place. 30 in the mountains. a warm location in ocean city this afternoon. more clearing tonight. 17 in our northern and western suburbs. an 20's downtown.
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here is the high pressure that will hold steady for the next 48 hours before its allies offshore. it will increase clouds on christmas. another quiet day that will last for a while. here is the christmas scenario. some milder air. it could hit us after midnight on christmas eve. maybe freezing rain and then switching to rain. snow could melt in a prominent with the heavy rain. it could cause some storm drains to clear. hopefully that will take place. flooding could be heavy through about christmas.
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it should clear out sunday. the high only 33. >> a canton mama was brutally attacked, rape, and slit in the throat. >> the suspect got permission from his parole officer in northern virginia to visit baltimore relatives for christmas. this person received permission from his parole officer to visit baltimore to see relatives for christmas. authorities in virginia were awaiting dna tests to see if he was responsible for a couple of rapes in that state. the saturday snowstorm was picturesque. a canton resident says a man knocked on his door in the middle of the day offering to shovel his sidewalk for cash. he did not hire the man or suspect anything was amiss. a 26 year-old woman took him up on his offer.
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when he was done, he knocked on her door again. when she answered it, he forced his way in, richter, and tried to slash her throat. -- rape hed her, and trid toslit her throat. >> up next on the today show. >> the war on health care is getting ugly. and lawyers were called to court this morning. what could be a final decision on if a man can bring his home -- his son home to new jersey. the wedding march that became an internet sensation. what is the couple behind it is
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doing with their international fame? we will catch up with them right here on today. >> i still love that video. >> just ahead, another look at weather and traffic together before you head out to start your day.
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>> volume is a little lighter with people out from school. water main breaks to watch for. you can see a slowdown on
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southbound 95 that it is not to that. -- not too bad. here is a live view of the harrisburg expressed. >> we will be in the upper 30's today. we are down to below 20. christmas day, heavy rain is expected throughout the day. a high of 40 degrees. we will see rain from it. enjoy the next couple of days. >> get your supplies. i was at home the point. .
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