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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  December 31, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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rain with a little sleet mixed in with that. we are 35 degrees or so, but in some areas is closer to 32. the shading that you see in pink mostly to the west and northwest of town might indicate a little bit of sleep. tonight we will have to deal with the storm system moving through. a precipitation we get, whatever the wintry makes turns out to be, out west they stand the best chance to get some snow and sleet accumulations. advisories in parts of western maryland, pennsylvania, and ohio. with that said, even though our precipitation will be like, it could be a little slippery because the wintry makes is in the forecast overnight tonight. >> that early morning snow did
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make getting around difficult for those with holiday plans. >> we picked up one to 2 inches of snow early this morning. >> take a look. a new year's eve winter wonderland. this is what it looked like before dawn in downtown baltimore. streets filled up fast with snow, making driving down right treacherous, with accidents galore. folks who had to travel spent the morning cleaning of their cars and shoveling walkways. this street was a sheet of ice. marlene lewis thought she would have her husband drive her to work. >> you would not normally have your husband drive you to work. >> normally i would drive myself. >> by midmorning, the snow has stopped to a mix of rain. we caught up with a group heading to times square to celebrate the new year.
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getting to greyhound was tricky. >> there was a lot of sliding and we fishtailed a couple of times. we definitely want to get up there early. >> what about plans for tonight? tony says whether issues could still play a role. >> as we turn the page to 2010, there will still be some scattered rain and snow showers. i would not cancel any of my new year's plans. >> state police are warning drivers to use extra caution in case there is refreezing on the road race, and because it is the years the, watch for a drunk drivers on the road. >> you can follow the forecast through our interactive radar on our website, it is billed as the largest new year's eve fireworks display in this region, but baltimore pose a fireworks display could be
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postponed because of the weather. -- baltimore's fireworks display. >> last year high winds made the city postponed the show until new year's day. this year, so for the show is scheduled to go on as planned, marring an excess of heavy winds are high rains. as of right now, the live entertainment will kick off at 7:00 and they are planning to unleash the fireworks at midnight. snowe did not slow down a set up for baltimore's new year's eve spectacular. everything is ago with the city with a far worse in the entertainment. the show is still set to -- everything is a go with this city with the fireworks and that the entertainment. >> there might be a slight chance of snow showers, but that is fine when it comes to
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fireworks. >> we have a new fireworks show. they will be doing barges that will be out. there will be fireworks music, which is a first for us. >> the mayor is relieved that the $100,000 spectacle will not have to be postponed. the city is expecting at least 10,000 people to turn out for the annual celebration, and many more plan to watch the fireworks from the warmth of their nearby homes. >> what are your plans for new year's eve? >> we are not sure. we are keeping it low key. >> we will be able to see the fireworks regardless. >> if you plan to make your way to the inner harbor, the mayor offers this advice. >> i would suggest that they type -- that they take public transportation and leave the cars at home so they do not have to deal with the traffic. >> the rain has put a damper on traffic at the inner harbor right now, but shops and restaurants are still open.
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we were speaking to the crew that sets up the stage. they say typically people do not start pouring into this area until 11:00 because they want to stay warm until the very last minute. >> will the weather affects your new year's plans? many stores have seen steady business all day with customers preparing for 2010. robb is live in hamden with more. >> here in hamden, precipitation is coming down in the form of brain. going around town today and talking with folks, they say the heck with the weather, we are going to party tonight. at party city this afternoon, people were stocking up on their new year's eve party supplies, and most people are planning to celebrate, no matter what the weather. >> i am getting some hats and headbands for the girls and place and food. >> are you going to party at home or are you going out?
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>> we are staying at home. we have a party every new year's. >> there were noisemakers and hats and something called party kids that people were grabbing up as they get ready for midnight to roll around. >> we are having a new year's party at our house. this is the first year that we invited more than three or four couples. >> we are seeing a good mix of people partying at home and people coming in from businesses so they can supply for the amount of people that will come in off the street. they are expecting busy nights tonight. >> over at beltway liquors, people were stocking up for tonight. >> we are still going out. >> we are having another couple in the neighborhood over for dinner. >> i am getting too old to go out. what can i tell you?
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>> the weather actually gave us a break this year, because we had more time to stock up. we worked throughout the night, and we are ready to roll. we have plenty of champagne and plenty of beer, waiting for people to come in. >> so have a good time, be smart, and don't drink and drive. >> i am not drinking, i am a deliver, not a consumer. >> if you do go out tonight, watching out. as the temperatures drop, all this moisture will be changing into ice, and it could get slippery. >> we are following breaking news from baltimore county. investigators are on the scene of a shooting in woodlawn. police say a man was shot multiple times. we are told the victim was taken to shock trauma, but there is no
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word of his condition. the homicide rate now stands at 237. officers were called to the scene around 9:30 last night and found the victims shot several times. police are also investigating a shooting in east baltimore that happened early this morning on east wolf street. officers found a male victim shot several times. he was taken to hospital, but there is no word on his condition tonight. >> an attorney for a registered sex offender says his client denies hurting a maryland girl. her body was found on christmas day near the maryland-delaware line. he is a registered sex offender in maryland and delaware. leggs is being held without bond. sarah foxwell's funeral will be
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held on saturday at 11:00 a.m.. some sad news to report tonight. accident. baltimore police say a 73-year- old man who went missing yesterday has been found safe. he was sitting inside his daughter's car yes day when she went inside the veterans hospital to visit a patient. when she came back to the car, it was gone, and so was her father. >> now to the latest in the war on terror. classified report is being sent to president obama today detailing intelligence failures
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that almost led to the bombing of the northwest airlines flight on christmas day. they are investigating why it was not like before he got onto the flight and house intelligence information can be better shared. >> as requested, president obama has received a classified report on the intelligence breakdown that led to the near bombing of a u.s. jet liner on christmas day. how despite multiple warnings, he was able to board that northwest airlines plane intending to blow it up. >> there has to be an incentive for someone to take the intelligence, integrated, and then make the decision on who gets onto an airplane. >> the president says agencies had the intelligence to prevent the attack, but the information was not relate in time. the state department says officials never told them to pull his visa, after his father reported his concerns.
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>> the intelligence is done on a need to know basis. moving to a need to share culture takes time. >> the president also want stronger airport screening. some say the so-called body scans are an invasion of privacy. >> that technology is not something they are concerned about at all. they are already using methods that would defeat it. >> other methods include patting down passengers and requiring passengers to remain seated an hour before landing. the president will be meeting with agency heads to review security problems and how intelligence can be better share. >> still ahead, the irs makes the change that could mean your refund may not be as much as expected. >> also, we have heard about problems that come with drinking and driving. why walking while intoxicated
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can be just as dangerous. >> and one of the most popular toys of the holiday season as one mother raising questions about its safety. greg's head aches and delays coming to a portion of the beltway. i will tell you where, coming up. >> the nutcracker was delayed, but it is at the o
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>> having your came early today for hundreds of families in the baltimore. it is a new year's eve party for children during the day. the band milkshake provided visaentertainment. organizers say it is a celebration you do not have to lose any sleep over. >> a young woman's headaches just would not go away. an emergency room visit led to the diagnosis of are rare brain tumor, and a message from her neurosurgeons, do not ignore a persistent had a. >> when you look at charlotte, you would think she is a healthy 22-0, many out with friends and working. in may, she started to get headaches.
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medicines did not work, and she hoped for four months that the pain would just go away. it did not. >> young people with headaches that are persistent and progressive and get worse and worse over time are never normal. >> after a trip to the emergency room, a tumor was found on the back of her head near her spine. she ended up in surgery. >> charlotte has tumor that uniquely is very common in children. >> is common in children under 10 years old, but so rare in adults, there are only 15 documented cases a year in the u.s., making it a little more tricky for -- to trace. >> whether they will need chemotherapy or radiation or both is still under investigation. >> charlotte was lucky and
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surgeons were able to remove the entire tumor. she is feeling like her old self. now she is in for a year of chemotherapy and radiation. >> i want to go back to being the and continue to do with my life. >> chances are, she will not ignore a persistent headaches began. >> the tumor is so rare, there have only been 400 documented cases like it in the last 30 years. we have all heard the rumors about driving drunk, but walking while intoxicated can be dangerous to. experts say walker's to have been drinking tend to be unpredictable and may wander into the street. wearing lighter clothes -- lighter colored clothing at night and locking in groups can make you more visible. you should be more careful when traveling through areas with a lot of bars and restaurants. many resolve to lose weight in 2010, and most will fail.
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researchers at george washington university found those who are overweight or obese do not want to exercise in front of help there, skinnier people and do not feel welcome at gems. small steps should come first, like taking the stairs and trying eating less during the day. >> now, your forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> another taste of winter and another weekend coming up with a storm moving to the area. this one is more a myth than a hit. it looks like new england will get hammered with this particular storm. we did give 1 inch to 2 inches of snow this morning. there was some sleep mixed in. -- some sleet mixed in. temperatures are slightly chillier out in western maryland. you can see an indication on the radar that may be the western part of the state, higher
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elevations are picking up more sleet with this one round of precipitation that is moving through the area. now let's take a look at what we had during the day today. it may lead to 34 for the high at the airport, 35 at the inner harbor. 2 inches here on tv hill and around that area. the liquid equivalent to the snow was almost 2.25 inches at the inner harbor. that would account for close to 2 inches in some areas as far as snow is concerned. mostly in the mid 30's around here. there are pockets where it is closer to freezing. columbia is 35, as well as
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pasadena and chestertown. a little pocket of chilly air here accounts for the threat of sleet tonight as temperatures dropped just below the freezing point. we will not go too far below it. here is the cloud deck around us. drier air down in the carolinas and you were clouds, but here is the storm coming up the coast. plus we have a cold front coming in from the west. we are not the prime target. a big storm will crank up off the coast of new england and throw some bad weather their way over the next couple of days. once all this passes through, there is not much going on out to the west except cold air. mostly cloudy overnight tonight with a like mix of rain, sleet, and snow. it is enough that we could have a threat of some slippery conditions.
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29-34 for the overnight temperatures. there are advisers and watches for bad weather out to the west, parts of west virginia, pennsylvania, an ohio, but that is only if your going to be travelling out to the west. the forecast, mostly cloudy skies. a winter makes early and in most of the day drive vehicl. if you get up toward cecil county or northern delaware, the chance for precipitation may last a little over tomorrow. you see that mix of precipitation around us, then the bulk of it moves out of here by midday on friday. there will be some snow's out amounts to the west. now we will take a look at the next seven days as we bring in the new year. blustery conditions new year's day and sunday, and temperatures at or just above freezing. they will stay in the 30's 4 highs all next week.
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morning lows will be down around 20. >> from a new president to the swine flu outbreak, another year has come an almost gone. our year in review is ahead. >> looking for a bargain when buying champagne? but next, why this may be the best time to buy.
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>> the marilyn transportation authority is calling it one of the best -- one of the biggest projects since its completion. >> we have more on the extensive project and what it means for drivers. >> some say it is a project that is long overdue, the drawbridge on the outer loop portion of the beltway that crosses over curtis creek. now the maryland transportation authority is going to do something about it, unfortunately causing a lot of delays and headaches. >> is the only access to 695, and the other bridge, they have been working on for about two years now. it is really going to be a pain. >> drivers and residents in the curtis bay area are not too happy about it. >> is terrible. you cannot get around. a lot of traffic congestion, you cannot get in or out. >> starting monday, the merrill
5:26 pm
lynch and transportation authority will begin a comprehensive project -- the maryland transportation authority will begin a comprehensive project on the drawbridge that crosses curtis creek for at least five weeks so some much-needed repairs can be done. it was one of the last sections of the belt way to be completed 30 years ago and reached -- it got stuck in the upright position and had to be manually brought down. for people who need to drive over this portion of the belt way wish there was something else that could be done. >> it makes it really inconvenient for the people in that area. it is a little bit of everything, so is just one more thing. >> to find out more about this construction project, go to our website,
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>> still to come, more problems for tiger woods. another company says no thinkth, we will not sponsor you. >> and a live look at times square in new york city where folks are gathering to watch the ball drop. we will take a look at new
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>> in less than seven hours, 2009 will be no more. >> michelle takes a look at the year in review.
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>> u.s. careflite pegeen 49 went down into the hudson river. many are crediting the pilot with the controlled crash landing -- u.s. air flight 1549. >> preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the united states. >> the plain's tale is the only recognizable part of the plane. smolder reminders for all on board. >> could this be the end of the line for general motors? >> when bernard madoff walked into federal court, it was likely his last day of freedom. >> this small plane crashed into a ball of flames in butte, montana, killing 14 people, including seven children.
5:30 pm
>> i was stunned, outraged, and just plain angry that 13 people were killed for no reason. >> it only took three quick shots for navy snipers to end a high-speed standoff. captain richard phillips had been held hostage by pirates and a life boat drifting off the coast of somalia. >> the deadly swine flu has affected at least eight people in texas and california. >> at a public school in queens, new york, more students sent home after more concerned cases of so-called swine flu. the world health organization and all greatest pandemic alert to the second-highest level, signaling it believed a global outbreak of swine flu is imminent. across the country, it is out with the old and in with the
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new. >> they left the governor's mansion. if there is the sole reason given in the divorce complaint filed in family court in charleston. >> he is simply the greatest entertainer that ever lived. >> michael jackson collapsed at his home in los angeles. when paramedics arrived, he was reportedly not breathing. >> they attempted to resuscitate him. >> but the smiles would have to wait, as the most poignant tribute was delivered by those who were perhaps closest to him. his brother jermaine, singing michael's favorite song. it is clear at disks. -- at this point that it was the
5:32 pm
drug propofol. >> the cambridge police acted stupidly. i could have calibrated those words differently. >> a long trip home is finally over, back in the arms of their families. the motions are overwhelming. >> the kennedy family is mourning the death of its patriarch, senator edward kennedy, his passion for politics now silence. >> not much time left for those wanting to cash in for their clothes. the funding ran out in less than two weeks, prompting congress to scramble and add another $2 billion. >> it is an amazing, emotional story that shook even veteran law officers. >> jaycee dugard was found alive in antioch.
5:33 pm
>> a search of the residence at revealed a hidden backyard within the backyard. it had shed some intense, and outbuildings were juycee and the girls spent most of their lives. >> this is the moment when 6- year-old 6heene was supposedly swept away -- win 6-year-old falcon heene was swept away. >> it has been determined that this is a hoax. >> you do not expect it here. >> that home was ripped apart, a firestorm of bullets raining down on dozens of soldiers. >> it was a single shooter. the investigator investigation will focus on that single suspect.
5:34 pm
they are all struggling to deal with what happened here. >> president obama has issued the order, some 34,000 troops will deploy to afghanistan starting next month. >> five days after the crash that put tiger woods in the spotlight for something other than golf, he took a swing at putting the rumors to rest, using his website to admit what he called transgressions, apologizing to his family and fans. >> chances are someone you know has been second with the swine flu this year. according to the new numbers, nearly 200,000 have been hospitalized and nearly 10,000 have died since the outbreak began in april. >> obama accepted the nobel peace prize. >> my accomplishments are slight.
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♪ >> it has been quite a year. >> every time i see one of those stories, i say "oh, i forgot about that." it is already 2010 in some places around the world. hongkong celebrated the years with a light show, looking across victoria harbor. you can see that skyscrapers were let in bright colors. there countdown began at 30 seconds to midnight and was followed by a light show on 10 buildings with synchronize music. >> taiwan brought in the new year with a spectacular fireworks show. they watched singers and dancers before the big fireworks show, and it midnight, a colorful
5:36 pm
fireworks display lit up the early morning sky. >> the fireworks here in the u.s. have not started yet, but we can take a live look at times square for they are getting ready. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to pack into that area tonight. >> we have fireworks plant here in baltimore if the weather cooperates. we are learning more about the recent american airlines flight that crashed in jamaica. >> the weather has dried up downtown, but find out how the earlier winter weather could affect the new year celebration in downtown baltimore. >> is a family's worst nightmare. what they discovered inside a casket that has i
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>> a police officer in charlotte, north carolina has been fired after he was accused of sexual assault inside his
5:40 pm
squad car. a 17-year-old told detectives that he abused her in the back seat of his patrol car after he pulled her over for a traffic stop just before christmas. >> while investigating the original complaint on december 29, an additional victim came forward with similar allegations. >> jackson is now facing extortion, kidnapping, and three counts of sexual battery. the police chief says more charges are expected. >> officials in connecticut are trying to figure out how a funeral home cremated the wrong body. a family arrived to their mother's wake and found a body of a different woman in the casket. the funeral home accidentally mixed up the bodies and cremated their mother. police said they do not expect to file criminal charges, but the department of public health is investigating in deciding what step to take next. rush limbaugh remains
5:41 pm
hospitalized in hawaii tonight after experiencing chest pains yesterday. he was rushed to a hospital while he was on vacation. his doctors have yet to confirm whether he had a heart attack, but they do say he is now resting comfortably. he was scheduled to return to his radio show on monday. >> many people will turn to falling their taxes after the new year, but the irs is making a change. why it could affect the amount of your refund. >> another sponsor cut its ties with tiger woods. >> there is some light rain in the area where the little sleet mixed in here and there. a light rain is mixed into the forecast to bring in the new year.
5:42 pm
>> at certain times of the date, traffic in the baltimore beltway can be tricky, but get ready, because it may get worse. one local hospital recently welcomed five sets of twins, all within a matter of hours. we will introduce you to the proud parents. thos
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>> at&t is hanging up on tiger woods. they are dropping support for woods after his car crash and allegations of infidelity. >> at&t announced it is parting ways with a legendary golfer in
5:44 pm
the wake of a sex scandal. they are the latest in a list of companies that have pulled away from the world's first millionaire athlete. reports of his infidelity surfaced after a car accident outside his home near orlando, florida, last month. would later admitted he had been unfaithful to his wife and announced he would take an indefinite break from of to work on his marriage. since then, more than a dozen women have come forward to say they have had affairs with woods. investors in companies that sponsor would lost as much as $12 billion after reports of his infidelity. >> then it becomes much easier for another company to drop him. >> at&t would not disclose terms of its agreement with tiger woods. >> at&t and others that have
5:45 pm
scaled back include -- some have said they will stand by woods. >> some light rain has moved into the area. there are some pockets where temperatures are right around freezing. everything is rather insignificant right now. temperatures are hovering just above freezing and we could see some slippery spots overnight. mostly in the baltimore washington area and northward, and out into western maryland, the temperatures are a little closer to freezing. there is a little more sleet extent and less of a light rain. all of the precipitation is relatively light. we are now prime target for the
5:46 pm
storm. it looks like new england will be. the storm is really developing once it gets past us. it is not a big issue, but it may put a damper on our plans for tonight. the northeast corner of the state and up toward philadelphia will be the last to get the precipitation tomorrow. western maryland is the most apt to pick up some snow accumulations. a little review of the year. the scale indicates all the months that we had a lot of rain. red indicates the months that we had rain in excess of normal. the blue areas indicate the months that had less than the normal precipitation. you see the month of may and this month where the two big ones. october did not do too badly, either. the majority of months had above average precipitation, and the year is running above average. we are just putting the frosting
5:47 pm
on the cake with today's precipitation, even though the amounts are slight. 34 at the airport, 35 downtown. right near freezing at randallstown at 33. those of you who are right near freezing, there may be a little sleet mixed in with that. really cold temperatures in the dakotas and the great lakes. once the storm clears us, the chilly air will be moving into the area. there is a cool front out to the west that will be coming in. the real development will be of the new england coast, where the storm will really crank up after it has passed us. we are on the outer edges of the storm. mostly cloudy tonight, like rain, sleet, and snow mixed. we may even pick up a son break before sunset.
5:48 pm
40-44 the high. small craft advisories go up with waves up to 3 feet. after midnight, once we are into the new year, the bulk of the light precipitation will pull away from us. by midday tomorrow, the clouds began to break up. we do see snow showers and amounts out west, and that will persist right into the rest of the weekend. the seven-day forecast, the new year forecast, tomorrow's high 42 after a morning low of 30. it could be a little rainy or sleety. temperatures will remain cold and blustery with ties only in the 30's. >> it may cost you less to pop
5:49 pm
the cork on the bubbly this year. new year's and champagne are a tried and true combination, but prices have gone flat since the lingering recession -- recession. this is actually the best time of year to get a good price on champagne. according to the champagne bureau, most courts in the u.s. lower prices before new year's to encourage people to buy more than one bottle at a time. how you enrolled in medicare can cost you. if you are 65 and already council security, enrollment is automatic. he stay employed and receive benefits from your employer and retire after 65, you only have eight months to join medicare. if you miss that deadline, the coverage can be delayed by six months and you could pay a 10% surcharge for life.
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health insurance rules for seniors are complex and you must do your homework. remember the zhu zhu pets that were popular this year and almost impossible to find? one mother's daughter's hair got caught. >> last night she had a bit of a nightmare experience. this electronic hamster toys started to nibble on her long hair. evidence tonight of the blond locks and tangled in the little motorized wheels. >> i went to look, and a whole thing was tangled up in her hair. >> her mom says she did notice several warnings clearly posted on the box and on the toy itself, but she argued, young
5:51 pm
girls like haleigh and her sister might not pay close attention. >> these toys are marketed to young children, mainly girls, ages 5 to 8. their hair will get caught up in these pets while playing, especially while sleeping at night. >> between the two girls, these little toy hamsters have gotten caught in their hair four times. >> at least two times since christmas, and last night was the worst. >> she says unless the manufacturers make a change, her daughters will not be playing with them unless the batteries are out. >> the company that manufactures them advises parents and caregivers to explain to children how to use the pets and to tell them about keeping them away from their hair and skin. dozens of people were hurt when they flight crashed in jamaica.
5:52 pm
the plane ran off the end of the runway, and nobody died. investigators say that could be because of their seats. the plane was only eight years old, but it had a brand new seats designed to withstand strong perforce is -- stronger forces. the seeds may have contributed to the 100% survivability factor. >> people stayed in the seats and the sikh state in the floor, so they did not get hurt. >> the plane was split in half after the crash. the faa does now require airlines to install the seats, but they are not required to retrofit them on older planes. if you use your car for business, you can expect a little bit less from of sam in your tax refund next year. the standard mileage rate is going down next year to 50 cents
5:53 pm
from 55 cents. mileage rate for medical and moving purposes will drop as well, from 24 cents down to 16.5 cents. the deduction for using your vehicle for charity will not change and will remain at 14 cents a mile. eckstrom more on standard mileage rate, you can log on to our website, also, a theory that any -- antioxidants will help anyone from heart disease. plus, looking to improve your help in the new year? under the spotlight section, you will find 11 foods that can boost your diet in 2010. if you drink tonight, please do not drive. call the tipsy taxi. the program will give you a free ride home. for more information, click on "video." >> coming up next, a portion of
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the beltway is set to close next week. >> why officials are shutting down several lanes and where traffic will be rerouted. >> the mossdale ballet is bringing in "the nutcracker"
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> the blizzard of 2009 caused a lot of cancellations, and one of them was a baltimore tradition, ago the nutcracker" by the moscow ballet.
5:57 pm
>> "the nutcracker" has been a tradition in baltimore every holiday season for the past 16 years. >> in 1993, the moscow ballet started touring in america, and baltimore was the first year and we have been here every year since. >> this year's performance was scheduled weekend a blizzard of 2009 hit. they had to postpone the production. they are back this weekend production they missed. >> the restaging will cost in excess of $40,000. >> nevertheless, the dancers are used to performing and plan to give eight stellar performance. they have some new surprises this year. >> it includes father christmas
5:58 pm
and snow maidens and costumes. we are delighted to be back this year. >> if you had tickets for the original performance, the time and see assignments are the same. there are four performances this weekend, and there are tickets still available. for more information, visit our website, >> i am warming up already. >> if you missed any of the newscast, we will rebroadcasted tonight at 7:00 on wbal plus. >> we have another storm coming through for the weekend. it could be slippery out there. we will bring you the details. >> how will the weather affects party plans tonight? a live report is coming up.
5:59 pm
>> live downtown, the city's new year's eve festivities are about to get underway. >> live, local, latebreaking. >> some of you woke up this morning to rain, others to snow, but unlike two weeks ago, the weather did not bring everything to a standstill. our big story tonight, a weather alert. anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of snow in the baltimore area. >> let's check in with meteorologist john collins. >> it is another holiday weekend, and it seems like every weekend some kind of storm comes along. this one is more that -- more a mess than a hit. the storm go past us and then intensified. new england is more of a target and we are on this one. and we are on this one.


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