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tv   11 News Today  NBC  January 5, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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-- d. tells our next -- details are next. >> find out if we see any relief anytime soon of these freezing temperatures with the forecast as 11 news continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> it is going to be one of those winters. >> this could be the worst winter we have seen in 25 years. we have seen colder and wetter conditions for the east coast.
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[unintelligible] we are dealing with some snow fall later on this week. another arctic blast on the way. it will be worse by the weekend. it feels like 16 downtown and at the airport. a high of 32-35 today. more flurries this afternoon. let's check the morning commute with sarah. >> on the outer loop at reisterstown road, an accident on the side now. hopefully that will be cleared shortly. ramp to the inner loop, another accident to watch out for. it is off to the side. fire department activity and johnnycake road.
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the water main break with possible delays because it is icy in the area. fall and are closed on the creek and drawbridge. -- curtis creek drawbridge. park heights had a delay. it is easing up a bit there. delay is developing southbound 7 -- 95 in the white marsh area. a national maryland guardsmen are headed to afghanistan. >> we have three action this morning on it. night. during the course of this week, some 300 international maryland
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guardsmen will head overseas where they will provide support for combat operations in afghanistan. some say this is the first deployment. others say this is their third time they have been to the middle east since 911. largest deployment in guard history. >> any deployment can get wrenching for the families. this is what they train for. this is what they do. if you were to go to every one for this. that are the best that maryland has to offer. >> this is a 90 day location for the this is a 90 day locatin for the men and women had it to afghanistan. later.
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open after shutting down because of a terrorist threat. there is a big meeting at the white house today where the president will sit down with this security team to discuss day. >> at the white house a revised new year's agenda. president obama talks counterterrorism. he is speaking with the cia, the fbi, and others looking into the christmas day bomb plot. cabinet officials will be there as well. >> we are looking at internal reviews to see what others in every government also have concluded and to take whatever additional steps are necessary. >> britain said it shared with the u.s. that it denied the alleged bomber a student visa for wanting to attend a bogus
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school. it added to what the u.s. new possible attempt. >> critics warn the rules could backfire. the issue bomber was a british citizen. >> you have to respond to threats that have actually happened even while you are thinking about new ones. >> christmas day sounded too familiar. >> president obama is expected to outline and national security reforms to prevent future attacks. he has denied sweeping tactics. wbal tv 11 news. >> no new trial for a convicted
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person who says he was restricted in choosing his own counsel. he pled guilty to helping plan the 911 attacks. >> a 47 year old new orleans man obama. couple. police were able to track the and possession of an illegal firearm. >> lawyers for one of the suspects accused of killing a former city councilman is trying to get the case tossed out.
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the lawyers. on the harris case. they went back, and found he had been a suspect in another case. that affected the murder of another person. killed. was. the attorneys for mayor sheila dixon says the chat of jurors on facebook is proof that she did not receive a fair trial. mayor sheila dixon. the judge asked them to discontinue chatting. one said if you see me on the news, remember you do not know
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sign of frustration. >> from a jurors point of view, what they may be saying is we did ever job. they say it is not saying no more facebook communications. >> the judge will hear arguments for a new trial for the mayor tomorrow. >> detectives need clues on a man who was hit from behindthe car left the scene. called 911. the man is on life-support this morning. the driver has yet to come forward. >> i do not know if somebody did this and that scared. it is understandable. we need to know. >> police are reviewing surveillance tapes from a nearby pub for possible clues. anyone with information should
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call the baltimore county police department. his family is offering a cash reward for information that leads to an arrest. >> anyone with information on the missing woman needs to come forward. she has been missing for more than one month now. be clues to her disappearance. again. fallen tree will be laid to rest today. when he died thursday morning when it happened last tuesday. his funeral will be held at 11:00 a.m. it is at a catholic church in manchester.
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stirred up some controversy. many are pessimistic consideringall members will have to decide pay raise. they will decide if upgrades and needed. many are not happy with the decision. >> why should they have a raise? >> no one should be able to vote to give themselves a raise. that is an absurd. >> with a salary of $43,500 a year, maryland legislators of the highest -- are the 11th highest paid legislators in the country. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. how do you feel about possible pay raises for maryland legislators, given the state of the economy? email us your response to
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>> coming up, the mornings financial news in a bloomberg business report. >> shots are fired inside of the las vegas federal building. >> the battle against breast cancer does not always end once the disease is gone. find out how you can lower your risk for a second attack. >> stay tuned for details on your seven-day forecast. >> we continue to track accident on the west side. we will update you on those.
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>> the first tuesday of 2010. a little bit better than we were at yesterday. some light snow flurries of activity across in central maryland on the eastern shore. nothing significant as far as accumulation. some upper level lows will get through here today. right now, it feels like 16. feels like 13 since certain parts. actual temperatures are better than yesterday. 32-35 today with cloudy conditions again. slight chance of flurries this afternoon. 41 is the normal high for this time.
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we are well off the mark again. in one degree record low was set in the 1800's. it is still breezy. the winds still gusting out of the west. another area of high pressure. canadian arctic air will enter the atmosphere later this week. the winds are better today. we maintain our cold in breezy outlook. thursday evening through friday and another frigid blast of air. it will hit far down south. much more so than usual for this time of year. snow on thursday evening through friday.
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here is our futurecast model. by thursday night, a band of snow moving through the area. it will be a messy commute friday morning. the mildest they will be tomorrow. increasing clouds before the snow fall thursday night through friday morning. 29 on friday. 30 on saturday. sunday, 27. >> not messy as far as to morning commute at the moment. some accidents are in the clearing stage. some problem spots that may tie you up a bit but not blocking lanes of travel. fire department activity is cleared moving very well on the portion of the west side on the
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beltway. watch for delay is due to water main break repair and conditions there. we will keep posted. to the west side is moving better. 11 minutes on the north east outer loop. here is what itlooks like in park heights. moving well. that is the latest. over to you. [inaudible] >> taking a look at some of our top stories this morning. morning, a security officer is he entered the lobby of the building by -- the man is wearing dark clothing.
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some officers returned fire killing a man. a lawsuit over his social security benefits. a security guard was killed and a federal marshal was wounded before officers shot and killed the gunman. the names of those who died from illnesses brought on by the trade center attack will be remembered during a memorial service. >> if you are looking for work in baltimore, you are in lock. -- luck. hottest places to be according
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california. advertise the job positions. state. job satisfaction is at its lowest level in a couple of decades. only 45% of americans say they are satisfied with their work. that number was at 49 percent a couple of years ago. economists warn lower job satisfaction could stifle innovation thus hurting competitiveness and productivity. the winning start to the new year on wall street. traders hope that the rally will continue to go. we have more in the bloomberg business report. >> wall street will focus on pending home sales. the number of previously owned
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homes fell in november. many waited for the home buyer tax credit to be extended. chief economist tell us that the underlying trend is improvement. factory orders is rising in november. analysts expect to see a total of 11 million vehicles sold in a month. that would be the second straight monthly gain. not a bad way to kick off the new year's. your bloomberg maryland index is increasing 1.5%. northrop grumman is moving its headquarters to washington, d.c. from los angeles. it is considering locations in maryland. the move is expected to happen in 2011.
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reporting for wbal-tv. >> fighting breast cancer can be a frightening and emotional journey. for some women, after they have seemingly won their battle, breast cancer strikes again. there are things you can locally for risk of getting it the second time. >> in recent study looked at what women should do to avoid developing breast cancer is second time. >> the most important thing is take anti-estrogen medication if you have a certain type of cancer. >> many women do not take these medicines because of side effects. >> do can always talk to your position if we do not tell it one medication well to switch to another one. >> obesity, and drinking too
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much alcohol and smoking increases the risk significantly. lifestyle changes could cut your risk in half starting with a balanced diet. >> exercise to lose weight to get to the goal weight which would be healthy. alcohol does not have to be completely abstained. smoking is something you should not do the matter which and will be looked at it from. >> interesting. 26 degrees on tv hill. >> donald trump will have competition in the here department in the next edition of the apprentice. details are next. >> here is a look at the winning lottery numbers from last night. hope you had them.
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>> could morning. -- good morning. volume is building in traffic. watch for a water main break and icy conditions in one area. some delays on the west side.
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nothing major yet. as the czech drive times, we are in great shape overall this morning. delays starting to form at liberty road. here is a live view of other delays. over to you. >> there are snow flurries out there very light in nature. no accumulation. mostly cloudy skies out there. flurries again this afternoon. 32-35. breezy but not as bad as estimate. 13-17 visit greece on sunday -- 17 degrees on sunday in foxborough for the ravens game.
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>> in entertainment news, then to bonn is no longer a swinging single. -- vince cvaughn is no longer a swinging single. he popped the question last valentine's day. he cannot move to the jungle to compete in a tv game show. former illinois gov. is a contestant on the celebrity apprentice. he will compete against cindy lauper, selita eubanks, and the taping begins next month.
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>> there is much more to come in the next half hour of the 11 news today. >> if you want to show your purple pride for the playoffs, we will tell you where you can find the latest ravens playoff gear. >> a major military deployment makes history in maryland. we will tell you why straight ahead. >> some light flurries out there with wind chill factors in the teens. i will let you know more about .
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. we have a quick check of the day's forecast. kretzer it will be sort of a repeat from yesterday. the wind chill factor is in the teens. it feels like 16 downtown and at the airport.
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32-35, a chance of flurries this afternoon. what's the new year begins on a difficult vote for families of 300 members of the maryland international guard. >> family and friends gathered last night to say final goodbyes as nearly 300 international guard members set off for>> when the troops get there, they will provide support for combat and transport operations. for some, this is the first deployment. >> the first wave of international guardsmen from maryland are saying goodbye to their families at the airport. some 300 members will head to afghanistan. fighter organization. >> i am ready for it. it will be my third deployment.
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>> this is my first deployment. scared. lie ahead. leaving behind a wife and a new baby. >> i have a daughter now so it is different. separate from her. it is a heartbreaker. it is really hard. i do what i have to do. >> it can be gut wrenching for the families. this is what they do. if you were born to go down to every single one of them, they will tell you they train for this, they signed up for this. they go with great pride. has to offer. >> they are heading over in these planes. all 300 men and women are on a 90 day rotation.
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>> baltimore city police are looking for the shooter involved in a shooting of a man shot in the back. no word on his condition. >> police need your help in finding a teenager the walk away from a hospital the other night. he is described as being 5 foot 6 inches tall. he has brawn -- brown hair and eyes. he was wearing a black hooded jacket, and jeans. he is emotionally troubled but only poses a threat to himself. anyone with information on his whereabouts should call baltimore county police. >> we are learning more about a
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man who died after his car plunged into a creek in washington, d.c.. he graduated from johns hopkins university last year. rescue workers -- a jogger sought a vehicle almost entirely submerged in icy waters. he was pulled out but later died at the hospital. no word on what triggered the power outage and reagan international airport. flights are grounded for an hour yesterday afternoon. flights were kept from landing and departing flights were kept from taking off. it is believed the problem originated at a power substation. why it failed is under investigation. >> the ravens are going to take on the patriots in foxboro. fans of looking for their tickets as well. local travel agencies are scrambling to come up with packages to the game on sunday.
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fans are turning out just like they did for last year's playoff run. >> i had 82 of them go with me last year. there were all very friendly and grade. i had no problems at all. >> organizers say bus travel and tickets to the game could run $500 per person. a new t-shirt began rolling off the line yesterday. you can find them at stores for about $20. >> we are checking on your morning commute. in new accident on 95 in howard county. on the northbound side, an accident coming in there. no word if it is blocking lanes for causing delays.
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the water main break in a different area. normal delays developing in one area. a few slow spots but nothing major. over all we are doing quite well. 95 at fourth blush looking good, but we are tapping the -- 95 at white marsh looking good there, but we are tapping the brakes. >> 32-35 fisher temperature range. cloudy skies. went out of the northwest at 10- 15 miles per hour. more of the same tomorrow. 38 is our forecast high.
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you may see evening snow showers thursday into friday morning. look at how cold it gets for the weekend. lows in the teens. when shells into the single digits by the weekend. -- when it chillind chills intoe digits by the weekend. >> in march and june, president obama holds his first major meeting of the failed christmas day bombing. a previous -- in washington, president obama hostess first major meeting of the failed christmas day bombing. details are next. >>
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>>. a hacker has pulled out an attempt on his banish prime minister. -- spanish prime minister. this resemblance to a character has been a running joke for years. the site had been shut down while the proper pressure was restored. some young women took their vegetarian lifestyle to the very extreme yesterday. they were trying to enlist others in their cause. they wore bikinis made out of
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lettuce headed out sandwiches -- handed out sandwiches. vegetarians by 20 pounds lighter than meat eaters. those extra 20 pounds could've kept those young women warmer yesterday. >>a heartwarming story out of are man's best friend. a cougar charged at a boy. defend him. officers arrived shooting the big cat. the golden retriever was there to help. >> if the dog had not been here, son. we would not be standing here
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like we are today. >> she is more than a best friend now. she is my guardian angel. >> the dogs suffered a swollen eye and puncture wounds. otherwise, he is ok. >> she has earned her keep. >> coming up, and look at the morning's headlines. >> we will take a look at the busy morning rush for motorists in howard county. >> light flurries are migrating across the state. we can see more action of this later on that afternoon. 26 of the airport. 27 at the airport. 27 at the airport.
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>> welcome back. residents in baltimore county. this morning. we are told it happened in a pizza shop on the ground floor. the residence in the apartment above were evacuated. >> detectives need clues on a man who was hit from behind shortly before 11:30. it happened to the day after christmas. the car left the scene. called 911. in critical condition. he is on life-support this morning. the driver has yet to come forward. anyone with information should call baltimore county police. pay raise. they will decide if upgrades and retirement packages aren't
6:46 am
needed. many are not happy with the decision. >> that brings us to your answers to the watercooler question of the day. >> we s tell you feel about possible places for the legislators. >> after the session is over, they are getting a couple of paychecks when most of us are trying to get by with one. they should not kit a pay raise if others -- -- they should not get a pay raise and others are not getting one. >> many are underpaid compared to those holding professional positions in the same sector. the same could be said for the bible teachers in our school system. >> -- valuable teachers in our school system.
6:47 am
>> they should learn how to live on a budget and get rid of some of their excess. we will pose more answers on our website president will sit down withwe have a preview. >> this is the most comprehensive meeting the president has had to date since the failed plot. he would get updates on techniques. with a meeting with a counterterrorism adviser. they have a meeting today at the white house to talk security and intelligence advisers on the attempted christmas day bombing. >> we are conducting an internal review.
6:48 am
the president has called for a full government to review. >> it is expected to dominate discussion as officials try to address problems in the system that allowed a man to smuggle eight explosive device on fight despite warnings about him. >> it was on carry on like it. >> they want to include body scans and other measures to terrorist activity. issues today most likely. white house officials say he will talk more about strengthening the watch list to prevent a future terrorist attack. in washington, wbal-tv.
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>> we are tracking a problem on northbound 95 in howard county. there is an accident being worked on there. we are trying to find out if robots of there. -- road blocks are there. a delay stretches from white marsh to the 895 split. looking good on the j.f.x.. >> down to 24 miles per hour as we approach liberty. 12 minutes is your drive time on the outer loop. we take a live picture here searching for delay is due to an accident. no signs yet. they could creep up at any second.
6:50 am
that is the latest. over to you. >> we are monitoring some light snow activity. none of it is accumulation. they are seeing significant lake effect snow out of the great lakes region. we will have more snow flurries this afternoon. and 13 wind chill factor up near the state line. we were in the low teens at this time yesterday. 32-35 is the temperature range.
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record high was 69 in 1997. the record low was one degree in 1887. we could see a snow flurry tomorrow morning early. cold and breezy. nothing major going on for the next 48 hours. as we head into thursday evening in friday, more snow. rain to the south of the jet stream. snow in our neck of the woods. check out the band of snow. we will keep posted on this.
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a vigorous upper level load to generate more than that. 29 for the high on friday. there when they making it feel like the low teens again. the senate, 27 the high temperature. >> thanks. time for a look at our big story. reaction. >> when the troops get there, they will provide support forfor some, this is the first>> the first wave of maryland are saying goodbye to afghanistan. some say this is their first deployment. others say this is the third time they have been to the middle east since 9/11.
6:53 am
this is the largest the plummet in our history in maryland. it is a 90 day rotation for the men and women had it to afghanistan. back to you. >> we wish them the best of luck. missing for 18 years, j.c. dugard is found alive. we will hear from the women who broke the case with oprah. here is a look at what is coming up next on the today show. >> coming up, most of those board -- more on the bone chilling temperatures. we will find out when things are expected to warm up. and the sudden death of the 30 year-old heiress to the johnson & johnson fortress. where tiger woods may be. a dog saints -- saves a boy from
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a cougar attack. >> just ahead, we will take a look at weather and traffic together before you head out to start your day.
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torrow, whwithe poars? who llbuiltoow's ci aging ones? who willdiscer torr >>i wid ke l? sib
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wi >> i wi. i >> today's teachers ud insciee,telogy, engineerinanmaho the y toomor >> we are seeing some of the normal volume related delays. our reporter is trying to find out if there are any lanes blocked at a new accident.
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watch for delay is due to water main break repair and icy conditions in a different area. volume related delays on white marsh approaching the 895 split. we are starting to see delays approaching 32. >> the cold weather is not going anywhere. >> about thursday evening through friday, we are expecting some snow. we will know more about it as the week progresses. >> thanks for joining at this morning for 11 news today. but we will be back with a live update at 7:25. >> have a great day. .
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