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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  January 5, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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across the tracks. >> her family was stunned as well as the students at kendal high school, where police say the victim was heading. >> she and her friend ron their way to school. they were walking along the tracks. the amtrak train did, in fact, come by and they were walking parallel on the tracks. the friend that she was walking with, that anne marie was walking with, was able to get out of the way back she was not. >> after more than two hours, amtrak's northeast corridor was completely shut down. even after the train started moving again after 11:00, massive delays throughout the eastern seaboard for the rest of the day. >> i was meeting a customer from italy. it is going to be a bit of a problem. hopefully, he will not be too long because he is expected to go back to new york this afternoon horey this evening. we will see what happens.
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>> -- or this evening. we will see what happens. >> wbal tv 11 news. >> a registered sex offender has been charged with fondling and 11-year-old girl. it happened at the baltimore city church. rodney kezar was released from prison last april and is now at abused -- accused of abusing the girl on sunday. in 2001 he pleaded guilty to child abuse. >> tonight, baltimore police are looking for the teenager they say shot another teenager. 14-year-old thai rain -- tyrone main selman shot -- tymaine selman shot another teenager. >> police are looking for a bank robbery suspect. he is wanted by the fbi violent
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crimes cried. he robbed a curative bank in the 500 block of conklin avenue. he also has two warrants on zook dashon file with the baltimore city police department. friends and family said goodbye this morning to 89-year-old boy who was killed by a falling tree. he died at johns hopkins hospital. the was among some fourth and fifth graders attending a nature camp in westminster. his funeral was held this morning at the angel of st. bartholomew's church. several west fewer parts were evacuated this morning after a fire broke out at a pizza shop. that call came in just before 4:30 a.m. this morning in the 5500 block of johnnycake road. crews worked to find out how the fire got started, but no one was injured. >> president obama announced just minutes ago some tougher
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airline security procedures. he said he was committed to a eliminating problems that allowed a self-described bomber onto a plane last month with explosives. >> 11 days after the christmas bombing attack, president obama called his national security team to the white house and demanded the unvarnished truth about how the system failed to stop abdulmutallab. >> the president does not find acceptable the response for everyone gets in a circle and points to somebody else. the american people do not accept that. >> they intercepted conversations about a nigerian bomber. the cia was warned at the state department was warned by his own father. the national counter-terrorism center of 3 reports but did not connect the dots. neither did the director of national intelligence. >> we lament the absence of human intelligence. with this kind of situation, it is difficult to say that someone
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failed to do their job. >> i suspected al qaeda agent is allowed to fly to the u.s. carrying a bomb. the president is ordering all kinds of changes. the citizens of a dozen hybris nations are being patted down, their carrión are hand search. two, toughening up the system of 54 watch list. passengers can now be put straight on the no-fly list. >> the machines make it faster. >> but advanced scanners and updated lists are not yet deployed. that puts more pressure on the agency heads who came here today to use what they have got now and to do a better job connecting the dots. >> more details are emerging tonight from the cia about a suicide bombing in afghanistan. investigators say they still do
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not know exactly how we cia informant was able to blow himself up on a base last week. four agents and their bodyguards were killed in that bombing. 36-year-old who monica lil of the lobby thehimam khalil al- balawi blew himself up after he lured them into that briefing. let's check in with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a couple scattered flurries on hd doppler this evening supposed to be in the low to mid 40's this afternoon. they briefly heavier sellers are quick touchdown tonight. some flurries in the baltimore city area. off to the north and west and
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death in the mounds, some significance no accumulation will continue into tomorrow. we're watching a weather system that will get here late thursday into friday. that is the system that could bring us a couple more inches of snow toward the end of the week. >> the deep freeze over much of the nation has been blamed for millions of dollars in lawsuits -- in losses for florida citrus crops. it has people bundling up this week in lots of places and it could be days before things get warmed up. >> a deep freeze is gripping the majority of the country from the midwest and southeast from new england complete with bitter cold, dangerous icy roads and records know. in upstate new york, lake-effect snowfall is making its mark in a big way. in fulton, more than 4 feet of snow buried cars and homes. salt trucks are working around the clock and the snow keeps
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falling bone chilling -- keeps falling. bone chilling temperatures in the upper midwest. double digits below zero in some areas, including des moines, iowa. in illinois, the cold snap caused ice jams on the fox river and sent water overflowing its banks. in much of the southeast, temperatures dipped to near or below freezing. homeless shelters were overcrowded in charlotte, n.c. due to the cold. and in florida, the cold snap a threatened citrus crops and cause people to grab their jackets. >> forecasters say the frigid temperatures are here tuesday bradley's the coming week. -- are here to stay for at least the coming week. >> a little bit of hot apple cider and you will be fine.
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>> january byte and snow restart are a big change from the mild fall, a snap that as forecasters concern the u.s. could be bracing for the ones when during 25 years. -- for the worst winter in 25 years. >> you can follow the forecast 24 hours a day on our website. you can use our interactive rader that allows you to track the weather anywhere in the nation. for that and other features, go to and click on "weather." >> inouye details about what will transpire tamara in a baltimore court room as baltimore mayor sheila dixon argues for a new trial. it is expected to be a hotly contested hearing and part of it will be in secret. jean lowe joins us live from the newsroom. >> -- a jane miller joins us live from the newsroom. >> five jurors are being called to court to explain themselves,
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but not publicly. that will take place in the judge's chamber with only the judge and lawyers and the mayor herself present. >> in the months leading up to her trial, mayor sheila dixon was the absent defended, skipping all of the hearings that set the stage for the trial. that will not be the case tomorrow. ñ as herbert -- as her lawyers now argue for a new trial. if appearances matter, law professor douglass and says dicks and hopes to send a signal about the old. of tomorrow's proceedings. >> in effect, she is saying i would not be your wasting my time if i did not believe my lawyers have a very good argument for getting a new trial. >> dixon's lawyers claim the jury's conduct costs hurt a new trial. they will be asked to explain
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postings' they made on facebook. and an additional juror may be as ready 2006 shopping spree that involved the mayor. she did not reveal it during jury selection. the most serious question could be around sure ron davis, who neglected to discuss her arrest on theft charges two years ago. >> we have to be concerned about different issues. the juror truthfulness in answering questions is important, but so is the same to the other jury verdicts. this jury spent seven days wrestling with the evidence before reaching a decision. it will take a lot for the judge to overturn the jury's verdict. and to grant the mayor a new trial. but if the judge rules in the mayor's favor, the floodgates could open in other criminal cases with other defendants trying the same tactics to
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overturn their convictions by investigating jurors. >> it will be interesting to see what happens. kiki nabizad many new year's resolutions lists. a medical alert, why keating -- why quitting smoking may increase the rate risk for a certain disease. >> and use a kitchen spoon to take cough syrup or medicine? new research shows that it's not the best idea. >> and the new global fund, how it could shake up the cell phone industry. >> consumer groups in
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torrow, whwithe poars? who llbuiltoow's ci aging ones? who willdiscer torr >>i wid ke l? sib wi >> i wi. i >> today's teachers ud
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insciee,telogy, engineerinanmaho the y toomor
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>>, nc chairman michael steele appeared on the today show this morning speaking of a gop that he says has moved away from its conservative birds. >> now we have eight time to refocus our energies and anchored ourselves in those principles and move forward with those inside and outside the party that do not adhere to that. >> he is pushing his new book and in it, he asserts that gop members ought to stand up for
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their values. he also offers that the obama administration has nothing to this and in its policies. >> making resolutions this time of year and many smokers do intend to keep at about now. johns hopkins warns that it may increase the risk of diabetes. they say that is not an excuse to continue smoking, but rather to watch your weight if you do. in a study comes 11,000 adults found that people who quit smoking had a 70% increase risk for developing diabetes in their first six years after being smoke-free. why? they suspect the weight gain after kicking the habit is often to blame, but smokers also face a 30% increased risk to get the disease. it is still best to quit smoking. researchers are saying the antioxidant rich pomegranate may do more than just cleanse your
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palate, but also helps fight breast cancer. researchers say these compounds inside help suppress an estrogen production in the lab studies. having a medical procedure can be frightening and stressful for just about anyone, but one texas hospital is really taking a unique approach to putting patients at ease. there's a surprising medical benefits to the ambient room. >> i am a bit nervous. >> but mentally, they added snorkelers is relaxing on a beach somewhere in south america. -- the avid snorkelers is relaxing on a beach somewhere in south america. this is hurt and the experience, a procedure room
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where patients get to choose the lighting, at a ceiling scene played on monitors, and even relaxing music. it is one of the first of its kind in the country and doctors say in addition to simply making the patient more comfortable, their medical benefits, too. >> we have been able to use less sedation on patients because they are relaxed naturally cured >> -- naturally. >> force linda, the room had surprising -- for linda, the room had a surprising effects. >> to have not been in the water in several years? >> and it inspired her to get back to a real beach sometime in 2010. >> using a kitchen spoon to measure a liquid medicines like cough syrup can lead to over and under dozing. -- dosing. researchers as 145 college students to 4 5 milliliters into
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various sizes of spoons. of course, they tended to port to much or too little. while this might not be a big deal, the sick people are often at the south medicating every 46 hours over several days. they recommend using -- every 46 hours over several days. they recommend using the dosage cups. >> the weather pattern has not changed much over the last couple of days. you can still see the pattern holding strong on the hd doppler. snow is more prevalent in the mountains, but even around here, and occasional flurry can accept -- can be expected this evening through tomorrow morning of way over to the delaware coastal areas and south of the debris. some of these -- of the bay bridge. some of these have your purse will be later tonight.
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it bluecoat the ground in a few spots with a bite -- it could cut the ground in a few spots with a light dusting. at temperatures around the beltway at the freezing point right now. columbia at 31 degrees. rock hall just above freezing. chestertown at 32 degrees. statewide, cold at the beach across the bay. the winds, while they are not quite as strong, still getting occasional gusts over 20 miles per hour. gusting up around 20 miles per hour on parts of the eastern shore, too. factor in the cold wind and the wind chill is in the teens in many spots and single digits in far western maryland. overnight, since no action once again the weather does -- some snow action once again.
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do not be surprised if some of these heavier snow showers, at least in a few spots, produce a light coating of snow by the morning and by afternoon tomorrow, skies will be clearing out. you can see on the scale here, the first category shows up an inch or less. that is indicating a light coating, may be testing in a few spots in central and eastern maryland overnight. variable clouds around baltimore tonight, snow showers and cold. 19 to 26 and a west wind at 12 miles per hour. snow showers tomorrow morning, clearing in the afternoon. it will get a bit warmer tomorrow. we may even hit 40 in a couple of spots. the low over the eastern sections of canada drifting a bit further over the north and east, but high-pressure welding strong from chicago to new orleans.
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it is a chilly 56 in miami at this hour. it is a bit warmer out west. single the chills in the afternoon in canada. more chances of snow over the weekend. tamara, a few flurries, 38. 35 thursday and we will see some snow in the evening. the disturbance thursday night into friday morning might produce an inch or two of snow. cold air and a brisk wind over the weekend. by next tuesday, back to 38. >> still had to--- still ahead, fewer than half of americans said they are satisfied with their job. >> and $787 billion set aside for economic stimulus in 2009. why the big investments are yet to come and what some of that money will be spent on.
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>> and baltimore county teachers will be spending extra time in the classroom. u.s. 5:30 p.m., their complaints and the superintendents response. >> a new proposal conditionally gives lawmakers a daylight. come on, we're going to a steakhouse yes, i wear dentures super poligrip seals the denture to your gum and it prevents food from penetrating it was very very comfortable fitting (charlie dullea) super poligrip helps keep out food particles. just a few dabs create a seal that helps keep food particles from getting between dentures and gums to make them more comfortable while you eat. super poligrip lets me be me we've been going to steakhouses ever since (charlie dullea) try super poligrip
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>> $787 billion in taxpayer money, part of last year's economic stimulus plan, so what is in store for some of that money this year? >> how will it impact the job you have, the way you travel, even upcoming visits to the doctor? >> the conference report is adopted. >> sign into law a month after president obama took office, the recovery act was characterized as a $787 billion jolt to the economy. >> putting americans to work doing the work that he's done. >> initial entitlement programs like medicaid and unemployment benefits, tax cuts as well as so-called shovel ready infrastructure projects. but most of the investments are yet to come. >> what we will see in 2010 are a lot of these things like high- speed rail, as margaret,
5:26 pm
renewable energy. >> things like infrastructure and transportation will more than double over the next six months. >> computerized health records will not flow through the system until 2011 and stretching the spending did not ease the country's short-term date -- labor pains. >> my expectation is that any embarrassment suffered will encourage self correcting the event lead to better reporting the future. >> we knew from the beginning it was not clear to create jobs and it has not created jobs. >> i will not rest until every american who is looking for work can find a job. >> many critics are calling a second stimulus also -- many critics are calling it a second stimulus. also, a number of those jobs to be saved. >> still to come, the heirs to
5:27 pm
the johnson and johnson fortune, what happened to kasey johnson? >> also, a few tips that could help get you out of financial trouble. >> new legislation to go after debt settlement companies. >> it is causing quite a stir among baltimore county teachers. coming up,
5:28 pm
>> lawmakers want to better
5:29 pm
protect consumers by regulating debt settlement companies. they want to end predatory practices. >> we have to do some of the troubling stories, how residents looking to get out of debt paid company a fee, but end up in a bigger financial hole. some groups are looking to the legislature to keep it from happening. >> relying on credit cards got a baltimore woman into financial trouble. she hired a debt settlement company to help. she said eight major problems worse. >> this is $400 or so that was taken out of my account every month and they were not paying and of my credit -- any of my creditors. >> the company were very familiar with the maryland attorney general. >> the way this was presented by the attorney general's office is, you ripped off your client. is that you did? >> no.
5:30 pm
we did not ripoff clients. gartz the attorney general is trying to achieve a $2.2 million judgment against the company to help pay back customers. >> there are reportedly called debt settlement companies but in actuality our predatory thieves. >> the maryland human rights -- business rights coalition calls it a booming business at a time that incomes are stuck it -- stagnant. companies promised to handle the debt, but instead -- >> the financially destruct consumers and leave them deeper in debt with forests credits course -- with a worse credit scores. >> they say they follow guidelines and follow payment structures with creditors, but operate differently and are unregulated.
5:31 pm
he took as his client ever said was about $1,900. he admitted charging $2,500 to $3,000 for initial consultation, plus an additional 4000 to $6,000 for attorneys' settlement. those upfront fees are but consumer advocates are trying to stop. >> consumer advocates are seeking legislation to get rid of the up-front fees. they're also looking at the that will put a cap on the total debt of 15%. >> here's a look at some of the other top stories. a deadly train accident in middle river. anne marie sigel was killed by an amtrak train while on her way to school. she was a freshman in high school. it was not clear she was walking along the tracks or tried to cross them. trains were held at union
5:32 pm
station what? that was investigated and there have been delays of trains all afternoon. -- at union station while that train was investigated. 14-year-old shot and killed -- 14-year-old tymanie selman shot and killed another boy. but you have any information of his whereabouts, your eyes to go baltimore police. and katie johnson was found dead. there were no reports of fraud play at the scene. she was the daughter of willie johnson, the honor of new york jets. and she was the growth rate of reality tv star particular to give up.
5:33 pm
-- t kila tequila. >> why has there been so much opposition to this story? >> it would affect the majority of the baltimore's thousand schoolteachers and it would mean more paperwork, according to the teachers' union. the superintendent says not so and has agreed to set up a public meeting to explain the benefits of the program. >> teachers say that besides pork -- report card, and woulaid result in a lot more paperwork and pressure. the superintendent is now calling for a public work session with his public board of education to explain the program. >> the imagination can run wild when there is lack of clarity of the information. this is why we will have full disclosure. >> harrison said he is not
5:34 pm
pleased with how the progress program has been portrayed in public. he believes teachers are simply being misled. >> this is no difference than what has transpired in baltimore county for the last 10 years with every new initiative we have implemented. particularly those that have gained national recognition. >> but the teachers' union says there are lots of reasons why the program has become so confusing. >> they have been getting these messages. when aim first came around, said was mostly a resource program, providing a lesson plans, putting curriculum in one place. and we support that goal. >> in the meantime, teachers see no way of having to fill out the extra progress reports before the next report card. >> a public meeting has been set for january 26. last week we posted a lot -- an online survey asking if you support the aim program.
5:35 pm
you can still vote. >> we do have the results of that study so far. more than 2000 people have voted and the vast majority, a full 95%, say they do not support the program. 2% said they support the program and 3% said they were not sure. you can go to and click on "education pitkin >> a new survey could help explain why you are not -- click on "education." >> a new survey could help explain why you are not happy with your job. >> and the first punches were thrown today in that fight for maryland's first district congressional seat. the rematch, day one, new at 6:00 p.m. >> rise, copper, and of course,
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looking for a man who nearly killed a teenage girl. that attack happened last friday in greenville county at a park. the 16-year-old victim told us that the suspect smashed her head against a pole and then used her cellphone 2 call 911 and report the crime. so far, no arrests. but there is an arrest in a string of fires in massachusetts. anthony guay was arrested and charged with two counts of murder and one count each of our burglary. he is accused of starting a fire in north hampton where a father and son were killed. he pleaded not guilty. he is being held without bond. >> a very big surprise while trying to escape. this all started when a sheriff's deputy recognize the man, brothers, from suspect it descriptions. when he approached them, they took off running from a nearby
5:40 pm
school where a football team of off-duty police officers just happened to be practicing. >> we were off-duty just having fun and you do not expect a criminal to be right in your lap and then take off running from you. >> the entire team chased the criminals and eventually took them into custody. >> rynex this one is expected to shake up the cellphone -- the nexus one is expected to shake up the cell phone industry. >> dissatisfied with your job? get in line. that story, coming up. >> colver the intent -- colder than normal temperatures on the way. the forecast is straight ahead. the winds are gusting right now and temperatures hovering around freezing.
5:41 pm
>> here's a look at what we are working on for 11 news at 6:00 p.m. states sencer andy harris says he wants a rematch. new at 6:00, where he wanted to go again. and no pay raises for state lawmakers to add these to for a few years. tonight, details on the strings attached to future salary increases.
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>> fewer than half of americans say they are satisfied with their jobs. that is a lower than average survey. what is behind the news? >> unhappy at work? you are in good company. a new survey shows only 45% of americans are satisfied with their jobs. >> wages, voters policy, vacation policy, recognition, communication channels -- it is just about every aspect of our jobs that we are much less satisfied with that several years ago. >> the annual survey by the conference board has shown a steady decline for more than 20 years. >> i hate to say it, but it comes with a paycheck. that is why you were paid for it. it is not necessarily supposed to be fun. >> i cannot complain. >> sure you can. >> no one will listen anyway.
5:44 pm
>> we found some people that like their jobs. >> it is a job i like and i'm secure. >> i love my job. >> i own my own transportation company, so i'm very satisfied. >> just over half surveyed found their jobs interesting. the study is probably no surprise to workers, but the authors say it is a wake-up call for employers. >> the more dissatisfied we grow the less productive will become that could have some indications for even the growth of the u.s. economy. one of the -- >> one of the most troubling statistics compiled many counted their commute as the high point of their workday. >> now, your insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> on hd doppler, we are still picking up on quite a bit of snow shower activity up and down the appalachian chain. great news for skiers. fresh powder out there for ski
5:45 pm
lovers and anybody who wants to get in the mountains and enjoy winter weather. very cold, though, so bundle up. this assures all the way down the two northeastern tennessee. -- the snow showers go all the way down into northeastern tennessee. it would not be shocking if they like coating were dusting of snow occurred late tonight and early tomorrow morning. so far, this new shares have stated amounts, but a few showers will be possible to night and early tomorrow morning. the normal now is at 41. that is below our normal high. we have had the coldest part of the year. 41 degrees is the lowest normal high-temperature reactor at throughout the year here in baltimore. we only hit 34 today.
5:46 pm
it's chilly out there right now. although, temperatures are not falling off that quickly. a bit of a breeze helping out. cambridge looks to be the warmest in the state. it there's a winter storm warning in garrett county and western allegany. they will have another three-5 inches of snow overnight into tomorrow morning as the winds keep piling up the snow in the far western sections. a few inches of snow are likely to break off the pennsylvania mounds and be carried south and east on those brisk winds. you could see a light coating of snow in some spots early in the day tomorrow before it clears up. temperatures might turn out to be milder. a few inches of snow out near oakland. 83, 4 inches out near that weight. -- maybe three, 4 inches our new that way.
5:47 pm
tonight, cold, light flurries and heavier showers late at night. it could push toward 40 in some spots morale as the west /northwest come in at 10 to 20 miles per hour. good skiing conditions will hold on for a few more days. it should be ideal of a nun's once you get there. it oceans to -- it should be ideal once you get there. at ocean city, cleare tamara. it will -- clear tomorrow. it will push toward the 40 degree mark. this stationary front is the breeding ground for new storms. it looks like a clipper is developing on that now. when it passes by, it will drag some of the cold air from western canada into the eastern united states. another chance for a light snow and another shot of cold air coming at us.
5:48 pm
38 tamara, a few snow showers could cut the ground. then it clears out, but cold over the weekend with gusty winds and temperatures below freezing saturday and sunday. gradually warming up on monday and tuesday. >> pay down your dad with a few simple steps and google is in the phone business. >> there is a new heavyweight player. google released its highly anticipated next generation phone today. j. gray has a closer look at the nexus one. >> google is ringing in the new year, literally, with the new smart phone. after months of hype, the nexus one was unveiled today at the company's california headquarters, adding another dimension to the google empire that already includes google
5:49 pm
search, google earth, google maps, google news, and google voice. >> is putting those who will applications out there for people to use and trying people over to smart phones. that is all too will need to drive the volumes. >> it is touchscreen like the iphone and can run multiple applications simultaneously and is powered by the google and toward operating system. but the nexus is not limited to a specific cellular network. >> it really changes the game and what changes it is trying to do, at least initially, without a partner. >> abhijit whiz factor cannot be denied. -- the g. whiz factor cannot be denied. google has also voice enabled every text field in the phone. which means it -- you can
5:50 pm
operate every application with verbal commands. it is fitting for a phone that everyone seems to be talking about right now. >> you're probably wondering about the cost of the nexus one. it is $521 and locked. that means you pick the self- service. not every carrier is on mine yet. with team mobil, the cost is one doubt -- 107 $9. -- $179. 42 million people lastb
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>> the baltimore ravens are helping fans get in the playoffs. . >> today, ground crews for running all over the city, stenciling reagan heads all over the city. -- raven heads all over the
5:56 pm
city. >> uc their work at every home game 3 now the ravens ground crew has another job to do. their goal, to get fans in the playoffs. -- in the playoffs spirit. >> how long will this last? >> quite a while. you may see this up until march or april. >> sean is a raven's field grounds supervisor. he says it is a plan of tradition to stencel the field and he says it is easy to do. -- a playoff tradition to stencel the field and he says it is easy to do. >> there are a little halfmoon's that are cut out and we will die out individual colors. >> po was action -- asked to join in the fund.
5:57 pm
-- pope was asked to join the fun. >> we will spread the good cheer and the good luck and hope that they will do well in foxboro next week. >> with such a school -- a cold stencel, you might wonder if it is available to the public. >> we have been asked to do this for individuals. >> can you? >> yes, we can. >> i could see some of those in your guard. >> [laughter] >> ehud you think it's the biggest surprise on the ravens offense this year? you can text the letter "a" for a rate rise and so on. that never again, 88509. -- the number, again, 88509. we will update the results
5:58 pm
tonight on 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> that is all for us at 5:00 p.m. >> we will rebroadcast at 7:00 p.m. on wbal +. >> maryland's first district congressional race will be one to watch and it started today. >> an exclusive follow up on the high unemployment -- a follow-up in the midst of high unemployment and budget cuts, state lawmakers gave themselves a pay raise this year. it may be in offer the have to refuse. >> and a teenage girl walking to school killed by an amtrak train. what happened, next. >> live, local, they breaking to lead this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. in hd. >> anti- harris will again try to become an md. -- andy harris will again try to become an maryland congressman.
5:59 pm
harris, the republican and hopkins anesthesiologists made several stops to date. >> the democrat pete harris to win the first ruschel district -- the democratst beat harris to win the first district race. >> many consider to be maryland's most vulnerable congressional seat. there are two things that could affect this match, fund-raising and turnout. >> i am here this morning to formally announce that i am running for congress in maryland's first congressional district. >> the rematch is now official. on tuesday, republican state senator and jarius launched his bid to run against -- andy harris launched his


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