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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  March 11, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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could be rainshowers commission. we should get through the morning of k. temperatures are nice and mile. the high temperature of in the upper 50 cooking. we will be above the average temperature market again. in much better chance for rain on friday and saturday. we will talk about that later. >> and nice ride out there. the volume-related delays. an easy ride of the north side. 12 minutes on the west side.
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a live edition a couple of spots. problem free. the area bridges are checking out fine at this hour. that is the latest. back to you. >> an arson investigation in baltimore county center officials north today. >> similar crimes has been plaguing york county pennsylvania. our reporter is live with more details. >> two cars were set on fire. baltimore county police want to know if it is related to a string of arsons in york county. >> i heard a funny noise outside of the house. >> neighbors are on edge after learning about cars that were set on fire around 2:00 tuesday morning. the homeowner heard something
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outside and looked out his window. >> he realized his cars were on fire. there were able to get out of the house. our investigators have found that the cars parked in his driveway or intentionally set on fire. >> this comes after a string of car arsons a few miles north in york county, pennsylvania. in all of the cases, nothing was taken from the car. the set on fire. police are not sure if the cases are connected. >> detectives will meet with those from the pennsylvania state police thursday to discuss the similarities for the similarities that our case may have with theirs. it may be interested to the same suspects or it may not be. we do not know. >> they do not have a description of the suspects to go on. they hope this does not turn into an arson spree as in pennsylvania.
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>> some people have their cars in garages. if they get caught on fire, it could take down the whole house. as they are taking precautions to make sure they do not become victims. >> keeping our cars locked up. if we hear a noise, go outside and check it. >> anyone with information is asked to call baltimore county police. the bba ltv. >> baltimore -- wbal tv 11 news. >> the victim was found for a august morning on williamson lane. he was in the middle of a commercial complex with severe head trauma. they are trying to determine how he died. >> harford county will be the first school board to seek
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elected and appointed school board members. they are currently all appointed. some county residents seem to be happy with it. >> we will have sixth elected board members and three appointed. over the next couple of elections we will get new board members. >> we should give it a try. people that are angry -- maybe it would affect both factions. i do not know. >> are lawmakers close to reaching a final agreement on health care reform. they will reveal their plan to rank and file members as the president makes a final pitch to get the job done. our reporter has the details. >> the president says the time for talk is over.
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they are close to an agreement according to democrats. president obama made a another pitch for health care reform wednesday this time at a high school in suburban st. louis. >> we cannot accept the status quo. we cannot accept the same old same old. >> his column on congress to act on a sweeping health care legislation that will expand coverage to 30 million uninsured. it will crack down on insurance industry abuse. he lost his mother to cancer told lawmakers of the system failed his family. >> she ended up passing away because she did not have equal rights to health care. i wanted to finish her fight for health care. >> the house will vote on a bill next week if the president has his way. they want to get it passed without any republican support. after days of negotiation, and
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nancy pelosi says there are plans beginning to read the bill as early as today. republicans are doing whatever they can to stay out of their way. >> the democrats are trying to conduct a solely partisan vote to ram this felt down. >> conservatives are descending on washington to join the fight. >> we do not want this. we do not want the government in this. >> the white house wants congress to act by march 18 before the president leaves for indonesia and australia. in washington, wba ltv. >> do you know how many calories are in your meal? pioneer of bread will add nutritional affirmation to their menus by later this march. it is the first restaurant chain to do so. a federal law mandating the
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action has yet to be passed. some residents -- restaurants post their nutritional facts on the website. that brings us to cover watercooler question of the day. are you more likely to eat at a restaurant that posts nutritional information? email us your response to it might ruin the whole idea of going out to eat. >> coming up, a british artist is about to unveil an art project in the big apple that has people warning about the pieces. we will tell you why next. >> where you keep your vitamins may determine how effective they are. >> details on the morning commute. we will update you on major we will update you on major roads
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>> welcome back. some light fog out there this morning. very little precipitation at this time. the forecast for today, mostly cloudy skies. if 40% chance of rain showers, mostly this afternoon. high temperatures in the 50's. back over to the news desk. >> in a medical alert, high humidity levels in batters in
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kitchens can degrade the potency vitamins even if the campus on tightly. vitamin c can break down within one week with higher amounts of humidity and moisture added as the bottles open and close. brown spots shows it is deteriorating. >> people are buying parasites to treat asthma, allergies, and other serious illnesses. >> many people think of worms as a kid thing for the earth. could warm speak for our bodies? some people are deliberately infected themselves with worms hoping to take control of painful diseases. >> that is what this woman -- man did. he has crone's disease. doctors offer him a little help. he flew to mexico and paid thousands more to be infected by
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one of the spirit a hookworm. it is hookworm therapy and it is illegal in the u.s. he says it is making a difference. a special medical alert tonight. could certain worms be beneficial in treating conditions such as asthma, multiple sclerosis, and crowns disease -- crohn's disease. >> coming up. >> a live look of downtown this morning as become back to
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>> good morning. not much is happ> good morning. not much is happening down there on the morning commute. we will take a look to see what
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it's going on as far as your speed sensors. nothing major on the j.f.x. drive times, 11 minutes from 95 from the outer loop not tie. -- north side. let's give you a live view. here is southbound traffic. not a whole lot in the way of volume there. no problems to report that the construction zone. let's check the buses and the trains. >> no delays on the buses. the major divergence to report. on-time service on the rail
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lines in trains. -- and trains. now back to tony pann. >> good morning. we will continue our theme, think spring. santer is that the home and garden show. -- sandra is at the home and garden show. >> many people have had a cabin fever and have wanted to be out. last weekend, up 23%. this is a european landscape. this is one of 19 feature gardens on display here. anything you want for your home and garden could be found here. what are some of the unique
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things we will see this weekend. >> our orchid show is beautiful. there is a banzai sale. they will do flower designs. it is really unique. they are great at what they do. >> any different kind of style or vision you have? >> we sell everything under one roof. you do not have to run all over baltimore. a lot of damage from the snow we have had this year. we will get a really busy released soon. great pricing. >> what is a trend this year in design or what is most popular? >> people will stay in their
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homes longer and will look to fix them up. and those that bought their new homes will be adding things that they did not when they originally bought it. many things to see. landscaped gardens. it is beautiful. >> we want to show more of this garden. what are we looking at? >> they use a lot of natural stones. they won best in show last year. >> sunflowers you may have planted would get a lot of good rain this -- some flowers you may have planted will get a lot of good rain this weekend. scattered showers today. it is more humid outside. the heavier rains coming in tomorrow night through saturday.
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the rain will stick around all weekend. temperatures will not be too bad because we are on the mild side of the system. >> the chance for rain will increase. thanks. here is a wide view of the same system we have been talking about. thunderstorms rolling across the midwest and the mississippi valley producing severe weather in oklahoma yesterday with a tornado. you may hear a rumble of thunder around here. the chance for rain will go up saturday and sunday. 44 degrees at the airport. it will be a mild day.
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mostly cloudy skies. high temperature in the upper 50 cooking. a chance -- 50's. a chance for rain showers. the wind direction of change tomorrow. it will come out of the north east. the clouds will thicken and the main chance this will increase. the better chance of rain on friday. it will be a lot cooler. the best of the system will come through slowly through the weekend. rain will be in the picture through monday of next week. a lot of snow on the ground from washington county to garrett county. nothing in effect around baltimore at this time. that will change as we get to the weekend.
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it's really good chance for rain friday and saturday. you may hear thunder on saturday for the high temperature of 53. 49 tomorrow. showers in the forecast sunday and monday. daylight savings time this weekend. back to the news desk. cried from art related stories this morning. and all torque art installation has people looking up. -- an outdoor art installation has people looking up. the first sculpture went up tuesday. 31 figures will be placed throughout the city. it opens march 26 and runs through august 15. >> a colony of courses in
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florida paints. she taught her horses to paint and now she has four coursehorst have learned how to paint. some of the paintings go for as much as $3,000. >> 46 degrees on tv of. >> we will take a look venture into the watercooler question of the day.
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>> and woman will be back in the area today fighting for stronger gun laws. it requires a mandatory five- year sentence for those guilty of gun possession illegally. she wants the sentence to be longer. good and bad news for the local economy. home sales rose 10% in february despite the blizzards.
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despite the rise, the median home prices in the baltimore area dropped more than 5% from last february. the average number of days a home was on the market improved. the baltimore running festival returns. it boosts the local economy. it has raised millions of dollars of the past few years to help local charities. it will be saturday october 16. >> time to get to one of your answers to our watercooler question of the day. >> be more likely to eat at a restaurant that posts nutritional information? >> we go out to eat three times a year. the last things we are worried about is nutrition. we want to have a good time. keep emailing those responses. we will read more in the next hour and post all of them on the front page of our web site.
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>> an actor known for his young years on the screen and dies suddenly. we will have the latest on his investigation. >> lawmakers are at odds to help reduce medical fraud. >> and a unique way to get rid of ghosts. >> we expect some rain as we head into the weekend. the seven-day forecast coming up. >> no incidents to report. we will update you on traffic coming up.
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back to the right? no, back here. how about over here? n-- let's go back to the left. waffling is back at dunkin' donuts. for a short time only, enjoy the return of the delicious oven-toasted waffle breakfast sandwich. america runs on dunkin'. >> cars are set on fire intentionally, and baltimore county police want to know if it is connected to some arson attempts outside of the state. >> we are back on the hot seat on


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