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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  November 22, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> there will be designated by clinton and pedestrian crossings. >> when you walk i will get a little shopping cart and get whatever i need. >> but opposition to wal-mart is as loud as it is strong. they want to build a 93,000 square foot store that will include a supermarket and produce section as well as a pharmacy. in addition to paying low wages, protesters worry it will put locally owned stores out of business. >> city council is expected to vote on this bill within the hour. new at 6:00 p.m., we will tell you what they did. >> late this morning, a jury found a salvadoran immigrant guilty in the murder of chandra levy. ingmar guandique was found
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guilty of two counts of murder. chandra levy was 24 years old when she disappeared in may of 2001. her remains were found one year later. her mother says she lives with her daughter's death every day. >> the results of the verdict may be guilty, but i have a lifetime sentence of a lost limb missing from our family tree. >> the case helped derail the career of then congressman gary condit, a onetime suspect in the case, was also a romantically linked to the interim. >> tonight, sheron jones was killed early sunday morning and the investigation continues. barry, i anderson and his book with the victim's mother today. >> yes, and she describes her daughter as a nice person who enjoyed working as a corrections officer.
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police believe the victim knew it the attacker. >> and nothing in the 1700 block of aisquith street gives any indication of the tragedy that happened here. early sunday morning, friends found the body of the 28-year- old woman inside this corner house. >> she fell or something and she got up and turn the light on. >> investigators a correctional officer sure ron jones was shot in the upper body. -- sheron jones was shot in the upper body. the late sunday, officers were involved in a barricade situation, but leaving a possible suspect was inside the victim's apartment on edgecomb circle in west baltimore. police did not find him there. they continued looking at that address and the house on aisquith street for clues. police confirmed that the
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friday, they were called to stop a physical altercation between jones and her exit boyfriend. -- ex-boyfriend. >> they broke up three weeks ago and she told them she did not want him anymore. he told me he was going to therapy. you knowhe don't want more, but he could not stay away. >> please do not believe she -- and her murder had a need to do with her job as a correctional officer. her mother said she loved her jobs. >> john's work as a correctional officer for six years. -- jones worked as a correctional officer for six years. the police department released a statement that they are saddened at her loss. >> tonight, a corrections officer at carroll county detention center what is in sables -- detention center is in
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stable condition after he was allegedly attacked by an inmate. officer davis was treated for severe facial industry -- injuries at carroll hospital center. the patient now faces additional charges of assault and battery. >> according to be cecil county sheriff's office, a patient the daughter caught 49-year-old jeffrey maupin on tape allegedly molesting her mother. the daughter said she set up surveillance after her mother complained. maupin faces third and fourth degree sex offenses. he is now out on $50,000 bond. >> the temperature is unseasonably mild and it looks like it will stay that way through tomorrow. a brief closed on wednesday and then we warm up again as we head into the holiday weekend. up and down on this thermometer
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the next seven days or so. temperatures running in the 60's for most areas throughout the afternoon. upper 50's in a few callers spots. a very comfortable afternoon. showers to the west, however. we will keep an eye on these showers bearing down on chicago. that should be moving through here tomorrow afternoon. it will cool off a little bit wednesday and then more changes in store for the holiday weekend. >> despite the controversy over airport screening procedures, the secretary of homeland security made it clear today that there will not be any major changes to those practices. that has upset some holiday travelers. steve handelsman has more on what all the fuss is about. the next -- >> with the peak travel day looming wednesday, tsa is urging flyers not to protest by refusing bodies ganz
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and instead cannot demanding time-consuming pat downs. -- body scans and instead, demanding time-consuming pat downs. >> most people just want to go home and spend time with loved ones. >> but some people are angry. tom sawyer says his agent would listen. >> they would not listen when i told them about my medical condition. >> they pushed too hard on a bag that he wears to collect his urine and it leaked. >> it was so embarrassing. >> this cellphone video shot friday in salt lake city has gotten over a million hits on youtube. a little boy with his shirt off. tsa says that he set off a metal detector and his dad pulled his shirt off so that they could get a better look. but it upset some watch. tsa says the public is getting a
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distorted view that most buyers are getting pat downs when in fact, is just one in every 100. and jenin nepolitano today is not backing down. tsa might refined its body stands and pat downs, but it will not stop them. >> we have to be sure that we are doing what we can ensure -- and should to adequately screen passengers. >> it was just last holiday season when the accused and where palmer got on a plane with a bomb on his body. -- the accused underwear bomber got on a plane with a bomb on his body. >> we continue our team coverage tonight. passengers across the nation seemed to be up in arms. is it the same situation out there? >> this does not appear to be the case at b.w.i. marshall. an overwhelming majority of the passengers i spoke to flying in and out of here today say they are in favor of the security pat
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downs and full body stance. despite all the attention is running tsa security, michelle cooke did not notice anything out of the norm on her flight home. >> i did not see any pat downs anywhere. it was pleasant. deadlines were not long and security was not bad. >> -- a the lines were not long and security was not bad. >> we do not anticipate any significant disruptions due to security procedures in place. >> some passengers are at odds over tsa pat downs and full body scanners. >> i have no problem with it, honestly. i think it is a good idea. i want to save when i fly. -- i want to know i'm safe when i fly. >> but some passengers like thomas shelton disagree. >> i think it is an invasion of
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privacy. >> why is that? >> would you want me feeling you up? i don't think so. >> he would rather see things done differently. >> the old-fashioned method, if you have problems, then proceed. >> we have heard reports of small children being subjected to some of those intents pat downs. coming up at 6:00 p.m., we will hear from another mother who said she would not be too concerned if it happened to one of hers. >> thank you. here is the question. do airport backdowns bother you? in our web survey nearly half say no and that security is important. more than one-third say is a bother. cast your vote act,
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just click on travel. >> the fight is still on over condoms and the fight against aids. >> and have a trip to the eye doctor saved one woman's life and how it could save yours. >> who would let me drive a snowplow? the state highway administration, that is too. -- that is who. >> the baltimore school system needs to $0.8 billion for construction and renovations. the where will they find the money? a live report, coming up.
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>> this afternoon, nearly 1000 people marched to west baltimore state's center to demand their fair share of jobs and development. they're part of a group of faith based churches that give local employment opportunities to people in the community. the first employment meeting was held in october and tonight, the group is demanding that they be fairly considered for jobs at the state's office complex development.
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>> there were nights, reddick, and willing and able to work. -- they are organized, ready, and willing and able to work. >> union baptist leaders say 40% of those who applied also had prior construction experience. >> the voluntary withdrawal of over the county -- over-the- counter cold and cough medicine has kept in and out of the emergency room. a new study by the seat it -- by the cdc measured adverse affects in kids under age 12. while the overall number of cases remained steady, visits by kids under age two were down 50%. in the majority of the cases the child took the medicine when the parents were not looking. getting a checkup is important for good i health, but sometimes in our busy lives we put off making those appointments.
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donna hamilton introduces us to a woman who's very vision problems center to the doctor for an eye test, an exam sheets has helped save her life. >> she has a lot to be thankful for. several years back she was having trouble with her vision. glasses did not seem to help. >> my eyes started to get bleary. i was like, i've got to get it checked out. something is wrong i know that something was wrong because my side was going in and out. >> you was referred to dr. shary rolen. she tested her eyes and thought she had inflammation of the optic nerve. that is what all the tests showed. this is what a normal field of vision looks like. this is karins. almost a total blackout. >> she did not see any of the testing lights. >> but there was something about her test that bothered the doctor.
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she center for an mri even though she had no insurance. -- she sent her for an mri even though she had no insurance. >> they were full on their schedule and we said, we do not care. get her in. something was telling me this was serious. >> i got down there and got my mri done and they put me in a wheelchair. i knew something was wrong. >> it found a large, life- threatening aneurysm pressing honor optic nerve that could burst at any moment. she was transferred to surgery the same day. >> my gut was telling me something else and i listened and i followed through. >> and every thanksgiving, karen is thankful. >> i am very thankful. god is so good. >> we are happy for her. new research suggests low sodium
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levels in a study of 5000 older adults found that those who had low sodium had an over 60% increased risk for false. increasing sodium could be a fall-prevention strategy. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a little bit of dog to contend with this morning. -- a little bit of fog to contend with this morning. the normal high is only 54 degrees. we hit 65 at b.w.i. marshall and 60 at the inner harbor. the morning lows were relatively mild as well. where in the 40's to near 50 to start this 22nd day of november, 2010. the record low goes back to 1880 when the temperatures dropped to 15.
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60 at park bill today. 60 degrees in catonsville. 59 at sykesville and randallstown. temperatures are quite mild tonight and will continue to be mild through the overnight. allegany and garrett counties, temperatures should be in the upper 50's this time of year. that is quite mild. we are likely to see some fog over the region again tonight. the normal low is about 33 degrees. tonight, many areas, downtown baltimore, are around the bay, but they will not get below 50 degrees. unusually mild and partly cloudy skies all because of this low pressure system off the carolina coast. there is a really cold air behind the front, though, of to the north and west. some very cold arctic air. for the time being, that will stay there. this front will come through
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tomorrow afternoon and cool off a little bit on wednesday. friday night and saturdays when things will really cool down. tomorrow, this front comes through and triggers a few scattered showers. it will be breezy and cool, but sunny on wednesday. thanksgiving day, the next system is approaching. that may produce a wintry mix in the poconos and the border there. but south of that, just scattered showers and maybe even a thunderstorm. when that front gets out of here, that is when the cooler air will start to come in for the upcoming weekend. tomorrow, 61 to 66. a chance of showers in the afternoon. the winds started in the southwest and turn to the northwest in the evening. waves on the day will be right around 1 foot. the front goes through tomorrow
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night. breezy and cool on wednesday. thanksgiving day, another chance for showers. maybe a thunderstorm in the evening with a high of 58. it will be warm friday morning and ended temperatures are falling through the day friday, dropping into the 40's. sunshine on sunday and a chilly 47. >> it was a great game. >> sort of a tale of two halves. >> it really was. the ravens get the wind and a month from now, no one is quite tuesday that seven-three, that was against carolina. they will say that ray lewis still has that after 15 years. >> the election may be over, but now maryland's new congressman fights himself the target of a new campaign. -- finds himself the target of a new campaign.
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>> it does not get much better than that. the ravens fans, a little bit of everything yesterday in the game against carolina. >> the first half was all and get -- all about the offense and
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in the second half, well, the defense to kovar. -- took over. >> it was a good game ended the second half it was also two types of defense. the fourth quarter, that has become quite unpredictable this season and yesterday brought a few more surprises in the wind. -- in the wi8n. you could feel a sense of panic wash across the thousand the ravens fans who had turned out in carolina. that oh, no, not again the kind of feeling. they covered about 20 yards. and they finally finished the play in the end zone. it put the game out of reach. then carolina's next offensive play, ray lewis added an exclamation point.
5:26 pm
doing it in front of thousands of raven's fans on the road for carolina. >> a notice respecting carolina, but to have that many raven's fans in the stands shows the true respect and love that our fans have. it was like a home game. to see all of those purple jerseys, it is the greatest respect that you can have, for people to pile in and say, we will follow you anywhere because we believe in you. that was huge. >> they looked like a college team had a bowl game. -- at a bowl game. >> every time he does that you're like, oh, no, and you know he is going to lateraled it.
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here's a picture of chester the frog. and who would not like this for their right? the ultimate tailgate vehicle. keep your photos and videos coming in. send them to and remember, wbal tv and radio 1090 are your raven's broadcasting. >> still ahead, recap of the day's top stories, including what we've learned about a baltimore teenager. the sad story after his body was found mutilated. >> new at 5:30 p.m., a closer look at whether the church is backing away from its ban on condoms. >> trying to find the money for
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city school construction, a live report coming up.
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the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. >> live, local, late breaking, you are watching wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. in hd. >> new tonight at 5:30 p.m., baltimore city has the oldest school buildings in the state and tonight, the school district is finding -- trying to find the $2 billion needed to meet construction needs. even during the best of times, trying to come up with $2.8 billion is no easy task.
5:30 pm
>> it is especially hard with budgets as tight as they are these days. that is why the school district has introduced a task force to find the much-needed money. >> the 10th person task force is made up of city, state and school experts and they will be looking into every option to find the money. at a press briefing today, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and the city school ceo andrea alonso introduced a task force to find a minute for school construction and renovation. >> dr. alonzo and i have formed a task force of city government, city leaders and state and private experts to form a manageable pathway. all options are on the table. >> the city's school district has appealed the school buildings in the state and local
5:31 pm
tax base that is insufficient. >> baltimore faces a $2.8 billion construction shortfall for school construction and renovation. $1.5 billion is needed for maintenance to provide acceptable living conditions. another $1.3 billion is required to be major renovation and new school construction. greg's the task force will make its recommendations by february 2011 -- >> the task force will make its recommendations by february 2011. dr. alonzo said that meeting the construction and renovation needs is a must. >> there is no question that the condition of buildings in that the ability of children to learn. if you have outmoded science labs, libraries, and classrooms without broadband access, buildings that are not fully air-conditioned, windows that
5:32 pm
have not been changed since the 1970's and sometimes cannot be opened. >> the task force recommendations are due in a little over a year. >> and here now is a look at some of the other top stories at this hour. baltimore police are investigating the murder of a maryland corrections officer. 28-year-old sheron jones body was found at her baltimore home. no arrests have been made, but police are searching for a person of interest in the case. the woman was walking northbound -- a woman was walking northbound saturday night in jessup when a man grabbed her on the sidewalk. she claims the man grabbed her and pulled her to the ground and threatened her and sexually assaulting her before she was able to get away.
5:33 pm
and a missing baltimore teenager has turned up dead in massachusetts. investigators identified the mutilated body they found in mills and as that of the 16- year-old. yet been missing for a week. the boys stepsister told police he ran away from their new home in north carolina after a fight with his father. she believes he could have been heading back to baltimore with friends. >> the 47th anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy. on this day in 1963, the president was shot in a motorcade in dallas. the police arrested the harvey oswald for the murder. vice-president lyndon johnson was sworn in as the 36th president. the side of the shooting, the texas school suppository, now stands as a museum that chronicles the events. tomorrow, the pope will address some issues that are facing the
5:34 pm
catholic church. >> the issue that is pending is the attitude toward condom use. >> pope benedict xvi sat with john analyst -- sat with a journalist in with the vatican said was an open forum to ask any question and it is there on page 118. the question about aids in africa, should condoms be used to prevent the spread of the disease? in one of the longest answers in the book, the pope said in part there may be a case in which some individuals, as perhaps when a male prostitute uses a condom. there can be none the less the rate -- the intention of reducing the risk of infection toward a more human way of living sexuality. >> was that the pope endorsing the use of condoms? >> no, it is not, but it sounds dangerously close, doesn't it? >> this is the publisher of the
5:35 pm
new book and also a longtime friend. >> when you hear the word that the pope is endorsing the use of condoms in limited situations -- >> using someone could do it any particular case -- he is saying someone could do it in a particular case have any intention to avoid harm. that could be the first step. >> in the book, the pope also admits that he would not hesitate to resign if he is physically, psychologically, or spiritually unable to carry out his duties. >> still ahead, a basketball game turns tragic when a boy files frofalls from a sky box. >> and what is the most dangerous city in america? it is a place you do not want to be. we will tell you. >> and some shoppers expect
5:36 pm
to spend more this year than last.
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than churches and school buildings. they are sanctuaries where all god's people can come together in peace and unity. visit a catholic church near you, our doors and our hearts are always open. . . . . . pope john paull ii said, 'the future of the world and of the church passes
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>> results are expected very soon as to whether a jawbone found along an arubian beach belongs to that of natalee holloway. the 18-year-old never returned home to alabama from a high school graduation trip in 1995. her accused killer is already in a peruvian jail, charged with killing a woman in that country. officials say lucas tang was taking pictures of his family from a third level skybox last night when he fell. witnesses say the boy was moving his legs, arms and had once paramedics put him in the ambulance, but unfortunately, he was not able to make it.
5:40 pm
>> st. louis has the dubious distinction of the most dangerous city. that is, according to ceq presque, which looked at six types of crimes, murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault and vehicle burglary and theft. detroit, michigan, flint michigan, and oakland california rabbit out now -- the top five. some criminologists question the methodology that cq uses, even calling it unfair. >> we are in north. . this is lynch road and highway road. an accident involving a motorcycle. they have requested the maryland state police helicopter to this
5:41 pm
location. they do have the victim packaged up for transport. they are detouring traffic. >> still had to night, you can run, but you cannot hide. >> debt collectors are going from letters and phone calls to tweeting and facebook messages. how would you say and write about on the internet can help creditors -- and brag about on the internet can help creditors tracking down. >> unseasonably warm temperatures and a few showers in the insta-weather plus forecast coming up next.
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>> here's a look at what we're working on for 11 news at 6:00 p.m.
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the state news congressman is now the target of a whole new campaign. why andy harris, it's about congressional health care are center stage -- comments about congressional health care are center stage. and not everyone is happy about the new wal-mart stores. ♪ [ female announcer ] if you want to just push messes around, dishcloths are just fine. for a better shot at getting surfaces clean,
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you'll want bounty extra soft. in this lab test bounty extra soft leaves this surface 3x cleaner than a dishcloth. even with just one sheet. super clean. super soft. bounty extra soft. in the pink pack. and try bounty napkins. >> last winter we got a record- breaking amount of snow from 43 inches to 56 inches across the state. now the state is preparing with all the lessons they learned from last year. believe it or not, jim was able to get behind the wheel of a plow. the >> it is that time of year again. the state highway administration is gearing up for another winter
5:45 pm
season. >> you havto make sure the plows and trucks are in good working order and the drivers do training during the off-season. we have little rodeos and they go to snow college and learn different techniques. >> and this year they have a new environmentally friendly objective, to use less salt. >> you can creigh what it so it does not bounce as much when it goes down -- you can pre-wet it so when it goes down it does not count as much. >> the memories of last year's record snowfall are still very fresh, especially for the plowed drivers. but they ultimately say they want are more prepared for whenever mother nature throws as this year. >> now we know what to expect. >> to see how difficult a snowplow driver's job is during this no, i'm going to attend the
5:46 pm
state highway administration snowplow obstacle course. how, but iquite sure made it through without hitting one peril or crown. of course, i was going approximately half a mile an hour, if that. the real drivers deserve a lot of credit for doing it on real streets which real obstacles in several feet of snow. and while they are prepping for winter weather, you should be, too. >> make sure you have your windshield washer fluid filled up, you have your cellphone charger reach you get stuck, you have your kitty litter or stand if you need traction. >> believe it or not, winter is on its way. >> while we are talking about winter plans, is your car ready for the cold temperatures? our car care checklist helps you getting year. go to and click on "
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axion" wbal. -- "as seen on wbal." >> it is rare to get another winter like last year. it was the all-time record setter. the average snow in baltimore is about 18, 19 inches across the entire winter. no snow in the forecast right now because the temperatures are unseasonably warm. 61 degrees in baltimore at this hour. but just to our west across the ohio valley covers 60's to near 70. an unusually mild weather pattern. 57 degrees in annapolis. chestertown is at 60 degrees. the smoking county of our state,
5:48 pm
garrett county, -- of the snow kean county of our state, garrett county, they're looking good. tomorrow is another mile day. we will start with a few clouds and and some patchy areas of fog. the normal low is about 33. we will be way above that. this warm front is pushing up into parts of upstate york. there's some cold arctic air in parts of the country. montana, north dakota, up toward the northern rockies. it is staying below zero in many areas of their in southwest canada. some of those will peel off and dropped behind our temperatures a little wednesday. tomorrow, but mild temperatures and some scattered showers through the afternoon. skies clear out and the
5:49 pm
temperatures will drop a little wednesday. thanksgiving day the next front is brought -- is approaching. there may be some wintry ice mixed in up in the catskills and poconos. tomorrow, just like today, 61 to 66 degrees. a little bit more cod cover and a 50% chance of an afternoon shower tomorrow. on the bay, waves are at about a foot. out in western maryland, 53 degrees before it cools off on wednesday. southern maryland, 63. a slight chance for hr is even on the lower eastern shore. 66 around poconos and salsbury. good travel weather around the mid-atlantic wednesday. maybe few trouble spots around the country at 6:00 p.m.
5:50 pm
thursday, a thunderstorm could pop up. 58 degrees on thanksgiving day. friday, dusty winds will follow. saturday, falling into the 40's by the afternoon and it will be windy and cool over the weekend, highs only in the 40's for saturday and sunday. >> shoppers spent a bit more in the first part of november, which is helping to raise retailers' hopes for the holidays. everything from boots and sweaters to electronics and jewelry, and another bright spot, online sales are up 10% from this time last year. there's a new survey that shows that despite being cautious, consumers are still expected to spend more on holiday gifts this year than last. it also shows that americans are doing a better job of managing their debt.
5:51 pm
malls,merica's shopping there may be a little more holiday cheer this year. >> i have more money than i had before, so i can put aside more. >> spending is up in the first two weeks of the rembert and a new survey shows shoppers may be finding optimism and it's the holiday bargains. in the phone survey by the consumer federation of america, 57% oreported they will spend as much or more as last year. 23% say their financial situation is better. >> i have a new job, making more money, and then in a better place. >> and while 30% to find their finances worse -- >> i will not borrow money to buy gifts. >> but that number is better than last year. >> surveys suggest that at least two people are feeling a bit better. we're not out of the woods. >> americans are still concerned
5:52 pm
about running up big debts as they run from store to store. >> make a specific list and stick to it t. comparison shop using the internet to get the best deals. and in january, pay off any credit card debt. >> stores are set to open earlier than ever, some on thanksgiving. >> and with christmas falling on a saturday this year, that means one less shopping weekend than normal. retailers may not even wait until the traditional black friday to start slashing their prices. >> it was only a matter of time before debt collectors started coming up to boris through social and that the -- coming after borrowers through social networking sites. if you are writing about that new job or the new house, they
5:53 pm
are listening. -- if you are bragging about the new job or the new house, they are listening. >> if you are claiming that you are broke and at the same time posting pictures of your new boat on your facebook page, you deserve what you get. >> there is a gray area in the law when it comes to what collectors can do concerning social networking sites. until that law is clear that, you should not ride on line about new money. if you're shopping in a bad mood, leave your wallet at home. a new study done by cornell business researchers, if people do not feel good about themselves, they're likely to splurge. it is the perfect storm for overspending. to avoid spending too much, pay with cash. >> it is almost here. the festival of trees will be planting its roots at the fairgrounds this weekend. the event has been a baltimore
5:54 pm
tradition for the past 19 years. it includes more than 100 craft boutiques, rides and not to mention the beautiful trees that you can buy. go to the website and click on "as seen on wbal." still had tonight, the latest fallout after andy jarius is it can -- is accused of complaining about is -- after andy harris is accused of complaining about his government benefits last week. and word is spreading over plans for britain's roel affair. plans for britain's roel affair.
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>> the rumors continue to fly tonight over where prince william and kate moulton will hold their wedding. prince william has seen an enormous job and his popularity since last week's engagement announcement -- an enormous jump in his popularity since last week's engagement announcement. >> the modern face of europe's oldest monarchy charmed the world with their announcement. a new poll says the majority of britons are so enamored with william that they believe the 28-year-old would be a better team than his father. and they think charles, when the time comes, should give up the ground to his son. but a break with tradition is
5:58 pm
unlikely. >> it is quite complicated. he will not want to do that. >> that moment could be decades off and right now, there's a wedding to plan. it is expected that it will be held in the nearly 1000-year- old westminster abbey. the price tag is a daunting $40 million with most of the details still yet to be settled. william will have little input on the dress, of course, but he is said to be personally involved in almost every other detail. and on top of that, the prince has an actual job to do. the rescue by the was called off on an emergency less than 48 hours after the announcement. flight lieutenant wales, as prince william is known, was called in. the man who was rescued to safety said if it were not for prince william and dtv would not
5:59 pm
have survived. >> that is all for us at 5:00 p.m. here's a look at what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> thousands of passengers at b.w.i. reacted to security checkpoint. coming up, some of the alternatives they would like to see in place. >> baltimore city council just cleared the way for wal-mart and a slew of new jobs in west baltimore. >> a new campaign targets congressmenew congressme-- and his complaints of having to wait for health care. >> good evening, everyone. our big story tonight at 6, the white house says it will evaluate new screening measures. >> we begin from the washington bureau. >> administration officials say the government will take into account the public's conc


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