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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  December 21, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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concern over is this -- suspicious vehicle called them to call the police office. on the 200 block of victory lane, it led the to the arrest of 25-year-old mark kaiser of baltimore. >> when the deputy approached the vehicle, they noticed two males in the vehicle. the clothing was disheveled. >> he is a teacher in beach field elementary. he has been placed on leave. >> this is crazy, especially for a schoolteacher. i just thought it was shocking. >> he met the 15-year-old boy online, but believed he was an adult. when asked about the appearance he said, "he looked like a very young 18 year-old."
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>> we believe the men online, but just because there was an arrest made we will not stop. we will confirm what kind of relationship they had before this weekend. >> he told deputies he tried to verify the teens aged and the profile described the teenager as 18. he is charged with other sexual offenses. live in the studio, barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a federal grand jury indicted the man who planted blow up a military recruiting center. he was arrested in an fbi sting two weeks ago. he agreed to detonate what he thought was a car bomb. he did not know it was a fake provided by an fbi agent. martinez is being held until trial. >> we are keeping an eye on the holiday forecast. so far, it seems reaction is mixed on the prospect of a white
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christmas. the city is preparing for white christmas. the talks are loading up. what is still unclear is whether or not they will actually need it the road salt. for the latest, let's head over to tony pann has been tracking the wet weather. >> it is still not a for sure thing that this will happen. i put a 50/50 on this. as aof them haven' it complete mess. the energy is coming out of the west coast today and will be on the gulf coast on friday. maybe mississippi, alabama during the day on friday than saturday through monday it will be moving up through the mid- atlantic. this will be a slow, drawn-out event. it may move in on christmas day in and not move out until monday. there's a change until monday, everything is going down.
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so maybe the snow would not start until the afternoon hours christmas day. i still say there is still only a 50/50 shot because some model shows know and some do not. we should have a consensus in a few days. >> thank you, tony. california got more of their share of rain over the last few days and the forecast is for more rain starting tonight. we have more from chris clackum. >> with water rescues have kept emergency workers hopping. near san diego, three people were caught on the wrong side of the rising river. >> one of the three was hypothermic. they had been out here all night in the cold and rain. we were able to bring them across and get the medical help. we let the life of the other two and then got them out. >> quarter hikers were trapped overnight by rushing waters near los angeles were also rescued.
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they were averting further strategy from a destructive storm system that is pounding mess -- most of the west coast. >> the rain has been relentless. 7 inches since this weekend and is not expected to let up after another 8 inches or more falls by thursday. saturated ground is sliding down the mountainsides and residents have been put on alert. >> we just ask residents to monitor the news stations, radio stations, and stay aware of the radio conditions -- of the weather conditions. >> flooding remains a problem. they are now more susceptible to mudslides, which residents only hope can be held back by a fortress of sandbags. chris clackum, nbc news. >> remember that you can track wet weather anywhere in the
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nation with interactive greater. use the futurecast feature to see where the storm is headed. you can try and out on yourself and application and also on wbal door,. -- can try it out on your cell phone application and on >> the state has grown at a slow pace. kristen blogger and takes a look at the numbers. >> for the first time, the american population has topped 300 million. the 2010 census shows a shift from the north and east to the south and west where populations are booming. >> this is the first decade in our history where the western region is larger than the midwest. >> michigan was the only state
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to lose residents. the biggest impact may not be in the population but in politics. results are used to read proportion the 435 seats in the house of representatives. new york and ohio both dropped two states. those in the grain will take of representatives, texas with a gain of four. results were delivered to the president tuesday morning. >> he was interested in his own state of illinois with each actually lost a seat. >> the democratic-leaning states were the ones who saw losses. republican states had the biggest gains. there is a lot of money on the line. >> $400 billion per year will be distributed by the federal government for the next 10 years. >> after 100 million forms and census workers at knocking on doors, --
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>> this is the only thing we offer dissipate in. there is nothing else where we are all part of it. >> they say it is a new and accurate picture of america. >> while the population grew 9.7%, it is the second slowest rate of growth. we will learn more about the aged and racial breakdown of america as well as more local information as the numbers are looked at more. that data will come out in february and march. wbal-tv 11 news. >> interesting stuff. maryland is one of the 32 states whose congressional seats will not be affected. the state general assembly will begin redistricting next year. the democrats may try to make the 1st district may attractive to one of their candidates. six of the eight representatives are democrats. this shows that the maryland population grew by 480,000. you can track the changes of
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across the u.s. since 1910 to see how the data will change congress. we'll have a link on our website, >> late breaking news from anne arundel county. the racing commission has rejected a deal which means the future of lives -- live racing in the state, including the preakness, remains in jeopardy. we are live with the very latest details. david? >> it happens just a few moments -- >> they accuse them of putting a dagger into the heart of the horse racing industry. >> this is an entity to maryland racing, okay? -- this is an insult to maryland racing. this has brought racing to the verge of agreement. >> this will cost them to amend several laws. the owners wanted a bigger share of the purse. to increase the cost of the betting, they are requiring
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horsemen's to lobby lawmakers. if their efforts fail, racing will stop after the preakness. they want to give up simulcasting rights and to contribute $1.7 million toward operating costs. >> even if that is accomplished, they want to reserve the right to pull the plug on live racing after the preakness. this is if they feel they are not making a profit. >> no business can survive if they lose money year after year. >> they have asked the commission to referee. they told them there are some provisions they could work with in exchange for the days of live racing including the money. frustration is prevailing. >> it means asking the governor to provoke imminent domain. >> the maryland racing commission brought in a compromise to turn down the offer and left the room. >> we do not support running a
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full program. we do not. we think we need to do what is rational and to downsize this in the short run to a point where we can at least approximately break-even. we do not even need to make a profit. >> the maryland racing commission unanimously rejected a live racing schedule from the track owners and there is no word. >> apologize for the technical problems. still ahead, local athletes are giving back to the community. >> the ravens were out today spreading holiday cheer and including running back re right. their presence were not the only ones. >> first of all, i wanted to provide some guidelines for pedophiles said they could avoid harming their victims. >> despite his intentions, the man who wrote the controversial book is now in trouble with the law. more on the charges against him
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and by legal experts are calling the case "difficult." >> good ordering wine online become a reality? i'm lowell melser and i have the story new at 5:30. >> another win for president obama and democrats in the senate on a key procedural vote on the start treaty. i am on capitol hill with that t
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>> in what is shaping up to be another win for president obama, republicans announced support for the nuclear start treaty. this comes as they push to pass parts of their agenda in the last days of the lame duck session. we have more from washington. >> no. 3 republican, lamar alexander, said he would vote to ratify the start treaty. >> it leaves our country with enough nuclear warheads to blow any attacker to kingdom come. >> billions would be spent in his home state of tennessee. >> a parade of republican experts say this would not stop efforts to build anti-missile defense systems against a ranha. -- against iran. >> ms. snowe?
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>> aye. >> the start seemed to be ratified with nine republicans voting yes. democrats said they celebrated their wind on saturday after repealing do an't ask, don't tell. >> early christmas presents for president obama who has been working the phones. reaching out to republicans. one lesson from the midterms. >> what i think the american people wanted after that election was the two parties to work together which is exactly what the president took from that election. >> a reality check. despite pressure from 9/11 first responders, republicans are resisting a bill to pay for their medical problems. the senate approved a bill to fund through march. the democrats' 2011 spending bill was blocked. >> the obama string of winning
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could soon and. republicans are about to get more seats, more power, and more say in the american agenda. nbc news, capitol hill. >> for the record, the treaty would limit the u.s. and russia's nuclear capability from 2200 down to 1500. alert,"night's "medical the rate of teenagers giving birth has a drop to its lowest rate. in 2009, the cdc reported a 6% drop from 2008. the cdc thinks the recession is a major factor. overall, 4.1 million babies born in 2009 which is a 3% decline over 2008, the second annual decline and economists blame
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this on a weak job market and a decline in immigration. tonight, we hear from one of the researchers who found autism may be linked to pollution from the freeway. this is the first to suggest a real cause other than unknown environmental factors. the university of southern california researchers say the game with a lean 1,000 feet of a freeway may increase the risk of partisan. pollution does decrease blood flow to the brain which would explain the findings. >> a lot of the parent to have kids on the spectrum believe there is a link with toxins in the environment and think that our kids were not born this way. something is hurting our kids. it is a big, big piece of the puzzle. >> doctors caution about drawing conclusions about autism any time soon. people who smoke menthol cigarettes may have a harder time kicking the habit. menthol cigarettes, about 25% of the market, held smokers inhale
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more nicotine per cigarette which enables smokers to become more addicted. researchers say this most likely explains the low quit rate among african-americans and young smokers, two groups with the highest menthol cigarette use. >> now, your 11 insta-weather + forecast with your meteorologist, tony pann. >> winter will begin at 6:38, with the solstice. we have had winter weather the last couple of weeks. it is cold now. we made it into the low 40's today. right now, settling back into the lower end of the 30's of. 34 at the airport. 33 degrees. we are watching some flurry activity on the other side of the mountains again. there are some snow showers in northern ohio and a weak disturbance coming across the upper midwest that maim generate a few snow flurries tomorrow. generally the high pressure is
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in control so they will have a tough time developing. with a high-pressure anchor over the atlantic, there's not much this can do besides creating snow for us here in the maryland. this does produce some fog cover. you can see that on the satellite imagery. we will call was partly cloudy for the rest of tonight, cold, but nothing we're not used to. the winter solstice is at 6:30 p.m. tonight with partly cloudy skies. temperatures overnight range between 17-28 degrees. during the day on wednesday, a weak system will passed by two hours south. a disturbance out of the great lakes, so maybe a few snow flurries, and the best chance for showers or flurries of be in the mountains during the day tomorrow. >> a chance for a couple of snow flurries in the forecast on thursday. the high around 40 degrees. if there is a change from yesterday, everyone has -- everything has sloan down. this could be a long, drawn-out
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event with snow possibly on christmas day and lasting for monday. the main event may be on sunday. that is how it looks now. saturday-monday here is a possible. this storm will start in the gulf coast on friday. there are three possible tracks, one was the bus. if that happens, we will wind up with rain. and this ago strayed off the coast, we will get nothing. i think we can take this one out of the equation. and willie there be a direct hit or a miss. the computer models are still questionable. another has the direct hit, so we will just say 8 50/50 chance for snow over the holiday weekend. we will refine this obviously as we get closer, but with it is still five days away. christmassy, no problem if you are flying out of baltimore. it will be dry. christmas day, a chance for life
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snow in the afternoon and then a 50% chance for snow sunday and monday as this big storm crawls up the coast which is still tracking questionable. 50% chance with temperatures in the low 30's. >> thank you, tony. with budgets running low, stores are pulling out all the stops. >> walmart is losing money on their latest deals. what is the nation's no. 1 retailer doing to get your business? >> i am wrong roblin. the ravens during christmas to some special kids. that story coming up.
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>> today, some deserving children that a chance to go on a local shopping spree. orioles right fielder markakis join this woman and her children. they are on a roll children. they give back to the community all year round and they say they were especially happy to help during the holidays because the recession really takes its toll. >> anytime we can help kids from maryland in a time of need,
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especially around the holidays, it is important for us. it is important for the kids to get with the have always wanted. >> in addition to their foundation, the orioles reached foundation also helped organize the event. >> is not only the orioles giving back, but several ravens are as well. five showed up for a party for some hard-working baltimore city students. rob roblin was there. >> thanks to some generous people in the baltimore ravens, a very merry christmas for some baltimore city young people. the people here decided to throw a christmas party for some hard- working kids from baltimore city. >> just giving back to the community. i'm very fortunate to have a thriving business and i wanted to do a little something special for the holidays. >> great food. santa claus was here.
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a great party, but then it? >> i like to introduce from our whoppin' that put ithe on teh saints -- ray wright. these kids just love the baltimore ravens. >> is the time of year when hard work pays off. giving back to these kids is something that i would do any day of the year. >> there were five ravens players here today to say hello to the children and help them pick out some christmas gift. >> it is christmas, you know? it is the time of giving, sharing, showing love. >> i remember when i was that young, it by word of that someone i would have never forgot it. >> and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. we like to give back to the community. >> the whole idea was to do
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something nice for some hard- working young people. we worked with dr. alonzo to identify the best schools to give this special treat to this year. you can tell these kids are very excited. >> the kids all had a great time. one young man said thank you for every kid who was here. >> i want to say that i love that the ravens players love baltimore. >> rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> how q was he? >> the holiday season is not already and green. the ravens fans in sure there is purple in their festivities. we want you to show as the ravens number one fan. share your videos with us on the >> now if they can only get that dog a ravens costume. >> still ahead, we will recap the day's top stories including with the new census numbers mean -- mean for the government.
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>> also -- look a both sides of the net neutrality debate. >> wine lovers may soon be able to order their favorite wine online or over the phone.
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>> live, local, late breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 in hd. your insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 in hd continues now. >> there tonight at 5:30, with all of the online shopping, many residents would like the ability to have wine shipped to their
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homes. maryland took the first up today to make that a reality. >> the comptroller released a new study to examine how other states do direct wine shipments and also how best keep alcohol away from minors. lowell melser is live in annapolis taking a closer look. >> is a copy of the 100 + page wine shipman reports submitted to the legislature earlier today by the comptroller's office. the comptroller is so confident about what is printed in this report that they should be able to answer any question that a legislator might have. the comptroller's office is confident that once they've read the report that it will lead to an easy passage of this bill in the next session. in the last legislative session more than 100 lawmakers and gov. supported direct wine shipped in. a committee refused to pop the cork causing a stir controversy in finger-pointing.
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>> anyone who believes that not supporting direct wine shipping means stealing from the pockets from someone else, i think that is unfortunate. >> they want the facts, and that is what we are reporting. >> de ville -- state to build -- state bill 858 was passed. they want to protect small maryland-based businesses, comply fully with the state's tax laws. >> there is a lot of pressure in the house and senate to pass direct ship legislation, and we hope this will be a useful blueprint for them to follow should they go in that direction. >> the report surveyed 3000 people and it highlights a number of recommendations for lawmakers including instituting
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what a $100 permit fee with an annual renewal for sellers. only in and out of state winery's would be able to sell, not out of state retailers. consumers would be limited to 12 cases per person per year and there would be no delivery on sunday and the carriers are responsible for collecting taxes for the states. also a concern was underage drinking. this shows it was not a problem in any of the states surveyed. >> it is a really minimal number of incidents. we will keep our guard up, and i do not think that is something that should be a major concern. >> it will be interesting to see if the information in the report is enough for the maryland general assembly when they meet next year. the maryland comptroller also tells 11 news that if direct line shipment becomes a reality that it could help double the number of wineries in the state and that a number of jobs as well.
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live in annapolis, lowell melser, wbal second tv 11 news. >> the 2010 census data has been released it shows a strong economy with a red states picking up six house seats. maryland will not be affected. the republican tilt is due to population growth in the south and west. while the nation's population has grown in the last 10 years coming census data shows it has done so with a slower pace than before. jayne miller will have more on the census numbers coming up tonight on 11 news at 6:00. >> here's a look at some of the other top stories this hour. a man is recovering after taking a gunshot to the shoulder just after 11:00 in the 5000 block of crenshaw avenue in northeast baltimore. no word tonight on his condition or a suspect. >> baltimore county fire crews spent the morning spending a -- fighting a two-fire alarm fire in telson. we're told it took them about an
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hour to control the blaze and no injuries were reported. investigators are still looking at a cause. it 50-year-old girl is recovering after being struck by a car in the perry hall. when they arrived on scene, the teen was conscious and everything and was taken to hopkins children's center. investigators are still looking at what happened. >> the sec is voting today on net neutrality orders. if passed, there will be new rules for the internet. some say this will protect consumers while others calling government meddling that will slow down innovation. mashal friends and has the latest. -- michelle franzen has the latest. >> the fcc adopted an outline helping the internet to flourish, the same time protecting consumers. >> in no blocking and no unreasonable discrimination. >> this will allow providers to manage networks and a band with
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applications by temporarily throttling back on some programs but providers cannot block certain programs that would interfere with innovation. some experts say it is a start, but they do not go far enough. >> these rules will be a band- aid on what is broken. it is better than nothing. unfortunately, they do not regulate the wireless carriers as well as they should. the fcc vote has renewed debate over whether the government should regulate the internet or take a hands-off approach. >> nothing is broken in the internet access market that needs fixing. >> it is not clear how the new rules will be enforced. watch groups in the internet is changing so rapidly that new protections are needed to make sure that consumers have equal and fair access. >> it has become the marketplace of ideas over which all of us communicate and all this have a stake in it. which should not be controlled than leverage by a handful of telecommunication giants.
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>> new rules may end up being challenged in court before arriving in the virtual world. nbc news. new york. >> still ahead, a popular actor from 30 rockets recovering. we have more on tracy morgan's surgery. >> a local organization saves the day after a stalled almost stumped up the holidays. we will hear from those turning tears of sadness into tears of joy. >> there may be nothing that the other 49 states can do, but there is something the state of florida can do. >> charges against the author of a controversial how to book for pedophiles. how they were able to do with other states could not. >> an on-line meeting leading in baltimore city schoolteachim
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>> popular nbc show "30 rock" will be down one of their stars. tracy morgan is recovering from a kidney transplant. a 42-year-old morgan received a
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new kidney earlier this month. he will miss at least two episodes. he was diagnosed with diabetes 15 years ago. the man who wrote the how to book on pedophilia that has been pulled from amazon has been arrested and charged with obscenity. he was charged with allegedly selling the book to florida deputies. they targeted him using the top anti-obscenity laws. they had to do something because of the prosecutors say it was protected by free-speech. >> in our system, one can advocate a lawless, even a despicable philosophy, the key question becomes whether crosses the line and instead becomes a detailed instructional manual on how to commit horrible crimes. >> what is wrong with the society that thinks we have gotten to the point that we cannot arrest child predators and child pornographers for writing a manifesto of how to
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break a child? -- rape a child? >> he defended his right to publish that controversial news. >> a community in central oklahoma came together and kept a skunk from sticking up their christmas. they collected more than $16,000 for kids -- toys and clothing. it was already to go when it was breakdown by a skunk. a nearby company offered to try to get rid of the smell, officials were forced to destroy all of the donated items. because of all the publicity, more donations poured in. >> we had people coming in with a stack after stack of toys. some had two, had five or six. we were so excited, we could hardly stand. >> operation christmas handed out the gifts on schedule last friday. >> have the stuff in there? >> i do not know. >> that is the real story.
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>> a look at the spectacular event in the skies earlier this morning. >> if you plan on taking advantage of the last minute shopping deals, some of the best deals retailers have to offer. >> the stalking bandits that theme salvation army and our love. i will let you know how you can help coming up. >> resolve a chance for holidays no in our seven-day forecast. here is a look downside. clear partly cloudy skies. beautiful. 34 degrees at the airport. whether is next.
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>> a local teacher is taken into custody after police found him partially clothed in a car with a teenage boy. we have the latest on the investigation. the future of live racing in maryland is under discussion. david collins says the late breaking developments on the talks to save racing in
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maryland. maryland. those stories and
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>> many of us graduated with student loans, but the level that students are taking on now is increasing at an alarming rate. cnbc has the story. >> it is the debt crisis no one is talking about. americans now owe more on their student loans than they do on their credit cards. the rate of student loan default this approaching that of home mortgages. it affects these people like 20- year-old kyle has $72,000 in student loans. with a $14 per hour job at a bookstore, he cannot pay them off. >> its the rudest awakenings i
5:46 pm
have never had to deal with. >> two-thirds of last year's graduates have student loans. the average debt per student is $24,000. unlike most debt, student loans cannot be refinanced or wiped out and the bankruptcy. >> i have tried to work out anything for them, you know? i have tried to pay you $50 per month. they said i had to pay the full amount now or that they would take it out of my paycheck. >> with college tuition rising twice as fast as inflation and a dismal job market. this i was senator compares it to another crisis. >> this is indeed like the housing bubble. >> because student loans are taxpayer dollars, we could all wind up paying the price of admission. cnbc. >> you can see the full report on the college debt crisis
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tonight at 9:00 on cnbc. when it comes to financing your child's education, there are some money-saving tips on our website. you can calculate how much need to save and factor in your child's age. log on to and click on "consumer alert." >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> today turned out to be pretty nice day. we manage to get in the 40's. let's look at the official numbers from earlier today. 42 was the high temperature. the average rise 44. we were close. the inner harbor got up to 41. nope -- no precipitation today. temperatures in the '40's again. 34 degrees in mount airy. snowberry activity on the other side of the mountains again coming off of indiana and ohio. this is a weak disturbance in the upper levels of the atmosphere that will try to cross over the ridge tops
5:48 pm
overnight. it may wind up giving is another snow flurry tomorrow, but most of it will dissipate. the cloud cover is making it into maryland. you can see that on the satellite imagery. we will call it cloudy skies tonight. we're counting down to the beginning of winter which is in 1.5 hours or so. 6 38:00 is the winter solstice. temperatures will be between 17- 25 when you wake up tomorrow morning. >> a week system will pass by to our south and one of those disturbances in the upper levels of the atmosphere will come out of the great lakes. snow flurries possible. tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds, high temperatures in the upper 30's to around 40 degrees. still technically below average, but not as bad as it has been. let's talk about the weekend. the flooding has changed is the fact that everything is slowing down. -- if anything has changed, it is the fact that everything is slowing down.
5:49 pm
the main events may hold off until sunday or monday. on friday, we will see an area of low pressure down here on the gulf coast. one possible track is going west of us. if that happens, we'll get rain. if this happens, we could get a lot of snow. dagos due east and we wind up with nothing, we can take this option off of the table. it will later be a direct hit or miss. their computer model showing both of those solutions. i will say is a 50/50 shot heading into the weekend and hopefully things will come to a consensus. dry weather on with their christmassy. if you are flying out any time between now and friday night, no trouble and all. the 50% chance for snow fifth -- saturday through monday with temperatures in the low 30's. "consumerght's
5:50 pm
alert," retailers are offering more deals. let's start with best buy. they are doing away with restocking fees. the 15% fee would apply to cell phones and a lot of other electronics. this could save you about a hundred and $30. walmart stores are handing customer's ticket the dollar -- are handing customers a $50 gift card. the iphone sells at wal-mart for $2 less than apple and at&t's sale price with a two year contract. walmart is living -- losing profit on the iphone just to drive more sales. >> it may seem like if you are doing your shopping last minute, it may be a sign that the economy is moving in the right direction. three days until the end of the holiday shopping season, business seems to be moved -- booming.
5:51 pm
former $54 billion will be spent on holiday shopping back in 2007 before the so-called great recession. the number dropped to 435 billion in 2008 and declined to just $437 billion last year. this year, experts are predicting big things. kerry cavanaugh has the latest. >> the rushes on at house in town center. last minute shoppers are scrambling. some say it pays to procrastinate. >> 40% off of already reduced things? so it was good. there is still plenty of stuff to choose from. >> we found customers lining the counters. >> there are lots of male shoppers at the last minute, but they are getting a last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers. >> they say this holiday shopping season is much stronger than last year's. they expanded to meet demand. >> at pandora, they will not
5:52 pm
have much of the way. >> economists believe increase spending across the board is a sign consumers are confident the recession is ending. >> it indicates that consumers are, perhaps some easing open their wallets and coming out of their shells the they have been hiding in over the last couple of years. >> clothing sales are up 920% over last year. jewelry is up 2.6% and books, music, and sporting goods spiked up 3%. electronics are flat. economists say that is because retailers slashed prices on things like plasmid televisions to say competitive. >> with smart phone applications, they are able to get good information regarding what the prices are regarding anything. >> the closer you get to christmas, the less leeway you have to shop around.
5:53 pm
that's ok with him. >> i'm not usually a procrastinator. i'm not a big shock for myself. if it makes her happy, that is all that matters. >> kerry cavanaugh, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a lot of the malls have accommodated their hours. they are long -- there posted on our website under "holidays." >> for those be that were awake very early this morning, you could have caught a glimpse of the total clips of the moon. it was high in the sky. a total lunar eclipse occurs when the earth casts a shadow on the full moon completely blocking the sun's rays that otherwise eliminate the moon's surface. the indirect light causes the moon to glow. it was a festive red color. there will be and not -- there will not be another instance like this until june to thousand 11 which will not be visible from north america. did you see it? >> i was getting ready for work because after be here at 4:00,
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but i missed it. >> it was either be late for work firm look at the clips. >> probably a good choice. "still ahead, why libraries -- live horse racing and clean the preakness remains in jeopardy. >> we're learning more about the baltimore city teacher that is accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy. the latest on that 6:00. >> some boxes are fully ready to go, but others still the donations. i am kim dacey and i have details on how you can help coming up.
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>> an urgent cry for help from the salvation army. they are trying to help some 1800 families and are falling short. >> distribution starts tomorrow. you only have until 9:00 tonight to help. kim dacey has the details. >> the salvation army's christmas west -- christmas warehouse is packed with toys, clothes, and gifts for 1800 needy families in the city and county, but they are running shy of a full house. >> we decided to help an additional 200 families, so we stretched the mark knowing and hoping that the community would help us to bring those things in. >> they're calling on the community in a last-minute push to fulfill all of their needs. distribution is wednesday and thursday and they still need items for 250 families. each family gets one box. of the items on the list still
5:58 pm
circled are things that the families need. they need donations of warm winter coats for all ages. that is not all. >> we need boys and girls toys 10-12 years old. we need all clothing items sizes 6 and up even up to 18-20 because we do have some kids that a 12 year-old that are larger than others. we also need all sizes shares. >> they also need pre-made stockings. the gifts should be new and unwrapped. the salvation army is all they have received and they are asking people, no matter what holiday celebrates to remember the spirit of the season. >> in all of the traditions, it is reminding people that we are blessed and that we have been given many things in our lives and that we are all part of a community and we want to give back to that community. >> all the nations have to be in by 9:00 tuesday night. for a list of locations, you can visit
5:59 pm
in the northwest baltimore, kim dacey, wbal news. >> here is what is coming up 6:00 p.m. >> the weather was quiet and cold, the wisdom of a chance for some holiday snow in the seven- day forecast. >> the future of the preakness remains in doubt. details straight ahead. >> a baltimore city schoolteacher is in jail. how on-line meeting that led to his arrest. >> live, local, a late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00 in hd. >> good evening. our big story is the future of the preakness stakes is in downtown night. early tonight, the racing commission rejected the live racing plan. david collins joins us live with this late breaking development. david? >> they are calling for a change >> they are calling for a change of ownership, either


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