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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  January 20, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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from midnight until 5:00 a.m. is when we will be dealing with it. the weather service has issued a and whether or lard from cecil county all the way into baltimore and into the mountains. -- the weather service has issued a weather warning. a lot of this will dry up before it hits the ground. the snow has been falling in western maryland into western pennsylvania and that is the area we expect to come in later tonight. this will not be a big storm for us but it will be a big storm for new england. more details in a few minutes. >> remember, you can track storms using our interactive radar on >> as we told you just a minute ago, police are looking for answers after two bodies were
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discovered inside of a condominium. the victims were found this afternoon. we are live on the scene with the details. >> we are actually in the 6070 block of jumpers circle. homicide detectives have left the scene but there are a couple of uniformed officers that are watching the condominium behind me. earlier this afternoon, police say they found two middle-aged men dead face down inside of one of those condominiums. we have some video from earlier. a relative of one of the deceased called police after it had been a month since he had heard from one of the victims. they made the gruesome discoveries. it was thought that they died from carbon monoxide but levels were normal inside of the
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condominiums. they are calling the deaths suspicious and the bodies had been there for quite some time. at this point, they will be taken to the medical examiner's office for an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. police say that is when they can tell us more about what exactly unfolded here. that is the very latest. we have more at 6:00. >> marylan is mourning the loss of another public servant. this time it is a firefighter. mark falkenhan was killed last night while battling a fire. >> he is being remembered as a firefighter's firefighter, an expert in search and rescue. he was with the lutherville volunteer fire company last night. fighting fires was not just a
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career for mark falkenhan, it was his passion. >> he worked beyond his regular hours. all you had to do was tell him that he needed to do something and he did it. >> saving lives was when he tried to do before a four-alarm fire took over a building. people were trapped in the building. he was on the third floor making sure that no one else was trapped, officials said. he made a distress call. this man was next door and he watched it all happen. >> he was yelling help me, help me, save me. >> the fire people are tearing up the ladder. as it is they got halfway up, and they all of fire shot out of the window. -- a big ball of fire shot out of the window. >> mark falkenhan died at the
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hospital. >> public safety is a part of the family. it is a long time since this happened. >> he leaves on hind a wife and two children and a long legacy in the kennedy. he had been a career firefighter. in 2006, he joined the secret service to help train agents on search and rescue techniques. this is a close friend. >> we will remember him as being the firefighter's firefighter. he was a man who was truly dedicated to. we will remember him for all of those positive things. >> the last time a firefighter died in the course of fighting a fire was all the way back in 1984. there were two people rescued from the apartment complex. we did not know the conditions. >> baltimore city prosecutors
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have dropped a felony assault charge against a volunteer citizen on patrol member accused of beating an african-american teenagers and now eli werdesheim only faces misdemeanor charges. >> prosecutors moving to drop the first degree assault charges definitely gives and his lawyers some relief. the lawyer for the victim is upset. he met with the state attorney yesterday and asked prosecutors were making any changes in the case. he said that bernstein would not discuss what the plans were. the prosecutors claimed after reviewing the evidence that they would not prosecute on the charge of first-degree assault. >> this is exciting. and his family are pleased. >> he still faces possession of
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a deadly weapon, assault charges. the lawyer for the 14-year-old boy that is accused of beating is surprised. >> he should have been a facing the felony charges for the ladies and gentlemen of baltimore to decide whether the felony charge sticks. they took that off the table. >> it was november 19th of last year when the incident happened. the 14-year-old was walking along the road and according to documents, a car driven by followed the boy. individuals got out of the car and he was held to the ground with eli werdesheim saying that "you don't belong here." >> when you are hit with a walkie-talkie so hard if cracks
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or scold, that is a serious injury. >> he should have faced hate crimes charges. >> this was a hate crime. >> a spokesperson for the attorney office says at princeton is not commenting on the status of the case. -- says that bernstein is not commenting on the status of the case. eli werdesheim returns to court on february 16th. >> house republicans got to work on trying to replace the president's health care reform law. they held the first in a series of hearings designed to share the spotlight on what is wrong with the health care reform. they passed an appeal yesterday senate democrats are not willing to get back into a fight they won last year. >> just like they promise, house republicans passed a bill to repeal the health care plan. now comes the hard part. today is day one of our effort to replace the health care plan
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was something better. >> republicans control the house and they are planning a long series of hearings to dissect the health care a lot and its effects. the very first hearing focused on medical malpractice reform. >> every dollar that goes towards medical liability costs is a doll that is not go towards patience at need care. -- is a dollar that is not go towards patience that need care. >> the repeal not happen. democrats called the gop efforts a waste of time. >> every potential minute focusing on redundant legislation is another minute we are not helping families and businesses emerge from this recession. >> republicans say that they're serious about killing the reform law because it kills drops. >> if the tree is rotten, you cannot -- you can cut it down. >> whether it is the health care a lot, whether it is what some of these agencies are doing, all
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of this has a tremendous impact on jobs in our country and we will deal with these one at a time. >> the president and his party can expect a rough couple of years. >> tonight, a liberal lobbying group is leading the charge in maryland's to keep the health care a lot in place. progressive maryland is criticizing congressman andy harris at all congress people who voted to repeal the health care a lot. this is a step in the wrong direction, they say. >> this touches every life of the people of maryland. repeal of this law would be a major step backwards for health in the state of maryland. >> progressive maryland says that retail in the law would threaten the health care coverage for 750,000 seniors.
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>> still ahead, arizona congresswoman giffords is making the next up towards her recovery. >> a new test for alzheimer's like no other. how doctors could soon be able to diagnose the disease even more symptoms of fear >> the ravens' owner -- doctors could soon be able to diagnose the disease before symptoms become clear. clear. >>
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>> the doctors and family of rep gabrielle giffords are moving her into a rehab center in houston, texas. >> gabrielle giffords continues to amaze even her caretakers. she is looking out of a hospital window, standing, looking at her ipad. >> this does indicate commented function. she has a long road ahead of here. >> this will take her to the texas institute of rehabilitation and research in houston. >> they have an outstanding and world-class reputation.
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the doctors and nurses there are among the best at treating penetrating head injuries that gabby has been dealing with. >> her husband considered several facilities but houston made the most sense for their family. this is close to his job at johnson space center. >> this will let me be by her side as much as possible every single day. >> they also made a bold promised that giffords would be back in tucson. >> she will be walking, talking, and in two months you will see her walking to the front door of this building. >> as her recovery moves forward, so this investigation of the accused gunman. a federal grand jury has formally indicted jared loughner. he has a hearing on monday in phoenix.
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>> in tonight's medical art, smoking is the most preventable cause of disease and death. state governments are not doing enough to help smokers quit. 40 states including maryland and washington, d.c. received an "f," when it comes to funding prevention and treatment programs. >> if people continue to smoke, this is extremely costly to state medicaid programs as well as health insurance programs overall. >> the federal government got a respectable b grade in the report, most notably for giving the government the power to regulate tobacco. the rates have stalled among kids and adults for smoking. a new plane scanned that can help identify patients with alzheimer's disease more than
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95% of the time. the results are so promising that panel said that it should be approved for marketing. it might also be able to tell healthy adults whether they have the disease even worse it -- even before symptoms appear. they are hopeful that this can help clear a path through the alzheimer's fog. >> what this is a way for a living individuals to determine that there is -- in their brains and i believe that this would increase the diagnostic accuracy. >> the fda panel voted to approve a new test on the conditions that the company provides training courses for doctors that way they can insure that the scans are being interpreted consistently throughout the country. a call for action to make breast feeding easier for new mothers. the surgeon general's report offers guidelines to improve breast-feeding rates which are
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expected lead -- which are especially low among african- americans. they suggest more mother to mother supported and urging doctors to become better trained to care for nursing mothers. also employers should give paid maternity leave and provide women with breaktime and private space to pump their breast milk while at work. >> we have been watching the system of protests from the south and west. clouds increasing and thickening. more rain and snow showing up on the radar. in the mountains, there has been some snow for a good part of the dead. this will continue to make its way to the north and east. -- there has been some snow for a good part of the day. some of this will be dry across northern maryland and bring us the potential for an inch or two of snow. if you look at our advisories,
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you can get a feel of the track of the storm from southwest to northeast. it goes from tennessee, into the mountains of north carolina, and into south west virginia. several inches of snow possible in ohio. once it gets stronger over the new england coast, warnings are up in boston, providence, and up the coast of maine. we are in the initial system weakening. while it is reorganizing, we expect a much lighter version of this. there is the winter weather advisory. this is on the upper eastern shore. frederick and washington county. back west into the mountains from 9:00 tonight. 9:00 tomorrow. we have a five hour window at 5:00 a.m.. we had a low 40's at the airport and the inner harbor. with temperatures above freezing and near 40 towards
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college park. the potential for some rain mixed in as this note is starting to move in. it will be a primarily light snow event. south and east of baltimore, a little rain mixed in will cut down on accumulations. once it gets out of here, this article front will come through here. temperatures will fall tomorrow and winds could gust to 40. the wind will listen to the region beginning to tomorrow afternoon. snow showers hit the -- by midnight and spread eased towards baltimore and then the upper eastern shore. by 5:00 a.m., the system is already pulling out of here. in its wake, it will likely drop in source it -- an inch or two of snow. computer or models are keeping the snow well to our north and west. just a light coating of snow north of baltimore to the pennsylvania line. the forecast tonight getting close to midnight and a chance
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for a light snow. midnight until 5:00 a.m., one to 2 inches. it will be a moist wet snow with the warmer temperatures. even some rain could be mixing in south and east. tomorrow, strong wind, cold temperatures. 20-25 mile per hour winds gusting to 40. temperatures falling into the 20's during the afternoon with a wind chills going down into the teens. there is the forecast. 3-5 inches of snow. it turns very cold. it makes the temperatures go to zero or below in western maryland. sunny and windy in the afternoon tomorrow. look at the chill, a high of only 25 on saturday. 15 sunday morning. cold weather continues until monday with lows near 10 in the morning. monday night into tuesday, another storm approaching. this could bring heavier snow fall.
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>> of course, we will be here bright and early to bring you the latest on the weather conditions, the weather, what have you. >> police need your help tracking down a man who hit three people with physical and never looked back. >> police have named a suspect. >> of the house of the day gets a great you would not want your child to bring home on your report card, so why is this considered good news? details straight ahead. details straight ahead. -- of the health of the i may be mud, but i have standards. mops? please. some of them have bacteria. ♪ and they try to pick me up? ew. i'm really hard to get.
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>> there had been some encouraging signs that the health of the chesapeake bay is improving. the ecosystem is still dangerously out of the balance. >> fish consumption warnings continued and thousands of the fishing industry jobs have been lost. we go live to the state house in annapolis. >> the health of the date gets a -- the bay gets a d plus on
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its report card. experts say the health of the chesapeake bay is out of ballots. clean-up efforts are insufficient and efforts have fallen short. the report card also contains some glimmers of hope. that is what two advocacy groups told the committee. they give them a grade of d plus. >> the number has gone up to 31 out of hundred. >> the blue crab population has more than doubled since 2008. maryland and virginia established tax limits. rockfish are just okay. spawning is below average. there is no change in chad. nitrogen is well above the recommended limit.
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the oyster population is decimated. the importance of wister's cannot be overstated. you are watching a time lapse of wister's eating. they are turning polluted water crystal clear. -- the importance of oysters cannot be overstated. that the fed can withhold funding. several policy initiatives will be introduced this session including restricting development and developing offshore wind power. also limiting the use of lawn fertilizers. bay advocates would like to see a more unified effort from their partners in new york, pa., and virginia. >> virginia has a tax incentive program. what we're trying to do is to get each of the states to have
5:27 pm
both. >> people have a lot support at the state house. the chair person at the hearing reminded everyone that saving the bay is the number-one priority of our committee. >> still ahead, we will recap the day's top stories in this search for a suspected hit and run driver who sent people to the hospital. >> we are also learning more about the baltimore county firefighter who was killed in the line of duty. how mark falkenhan is being remembered. >> a cat in a bear trap? that story is coming up.
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>> the ravens' hold their own version of ravens' wrapped up. it really came sooner than anyone wanted. nearly a week after a crushing playoff loss to the steelers, they talked to a press conference this afternoon. >> they talked about how the owner feels about the starting quarterback. we are joined live from the studio with details. >> the owner and the front
5:30 pm
office are being very bullish on the quarterback. they want to change their outcome in the playoffs, they are staying with what works. they will not change quarterbacks, offensive coordinator, or ticket prices next season. the quarterback expects to complete a contract extension possibly as soon as next week. after three straight trips to the playoffs, they believe that more productivity and more delay on the offensive line could make the difference. there is also labor problems and a potential work stoppage had been a concern. there is plenty of optimism for a full season next year. the general manager getting a deal done. for the quarterback, pushing the envelope on consistent success remains the focus. >> am i happy that we achieved a chance? john said in his conference 10
5:31 pm
minutes after the game, you can only aspire to be great. the other seven great teams cannot win three in a row. i assumed that all 8 of those teams won three or five or seven in a row. statistically, only one can go on a ministry. that will be the super bowl championship when the. i would like to do this. is this realistic? no, it is not realistic but will keep on trying. >> he has a priority. that is not just johnson, that is dixon. i don't think that they might be preparing for the draft and any other thing that has the most importance to me than to bring a player like -- and get him under contract. history proves we would do that. >> tonight at 6:00, the ravens'
5:32 pm
owner prevents -- presents a common-sense plan for helping owners and players avoid a walkout. >> we are sharing and showing ravens' fans forever. three generations of fans, it seems that the love runs really deep. check this out, we also have a cheerleader in training. you can share your pictures all year long on" >> the volunteer firefighter who died fighting a blaze work for the u.s. secret service. officials say that mark falkenhan was an emergency specialist for the agency since 2006. he was retired from the baltimore county fire department and he went for the -- and he worked for the lutherville volunteer fire company. a fire started before 1:00 this
5:33 pm
afternoon on the 1600 block of deep run road. the fire remains under investigation. the baltimore county police say they need your help tracking down a hit and run suspect. officials say john anthony jarboe has three people died january 8th and kept going. officials say he drives a 2009 nissan altima and there could be fined and damage to the car. they are not ruling out the possibility of a car could have been repaired. >> at this first month of the year will come to a close but january will always be a month of remembrance for the family and friends of -- she was killed in a crash in florida. now the site of the crash has
5:34 pm
been renamed in her honor. >> three years ago, as this very hour on this very spot, my life and the life of my family was forever changed. >> a new year and a new resolve, the family reliving that day when they lost their daughter to a distracted driver. the scene of the crash dedicated to her memory. >> everyone says, isn't it great that you have a highway named for her daughter? you cannot hug a highway sign. >> the law will not bring back those who are lost. her father continues his message to bring about change. you might remember this mother, whose life changed after the death of her daughter, chelsea.
5:35 pm
>> chelsea and her friend were crossing the street when she was hit by a driver on her cell phone. she died a few days later. >> -- will never forget the day her daughter's school bus was hit from behind by a distracted driver. >> at the bus burst into flames. -- was trapped inside and died. >> all of these tragedies in florida and still no law banning cell phones behind blocked. >> they are really here to send a message to the people of florida. >> for my heather, you are heather, it is time. y --our heather, it is time. >> you can sign a pledge to stop distracted driving on our web page. >> the nation's largest retailer
5:36 pm
is vowing to make food healthier and it is getting a rousing endorsement from the first lady. >> this is one of the largest fbi crackdowns on the mafia ever. this is what they're calling the arrest of more than 100 accused mobsters. >> i solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of the president of the united states. >> it was 50 years ago today when president john f. kennedy took the oath of office and took the oath of office and tonight we reflect on his
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>> today, leaders in congress honored the memory of john f. kennedy. there was several memorable lines in his address from that day. probably most memorable was his talents to americans -- "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."
5:40 pm
>> that set a new era of service to our country in washington. they laid out a challenge for all of us to make america greater. >> all my life, people have told me that my father changed their lives and that they changed america. they tell me they decided to run for office, to join the peace corps, where the civil rights movement, and serve their community, because for the first time someone asked them to. >> you can reflect on president kennedy costs legacy -- president kennedy's legacy. you can find the link on our home page. >> in one of the largest mafia crackdowns in fbi history, fbi agents have arrested dozens of suspected mobsters. eric holder said that 127 defendants come from 5 crime families in new york, new
5:41 pm
jersey, and rhode island. among those arrested are high- ranking members of the gambino family. he said some allegations of those classic mob hits while others involved senseless murders. the miami dade police lost -- force is one in loss of two officers killed in a shootout. the officers were part of a team trying to serve a warrant on a homicide suspect when gunshots were exchanged. at least one suspect was killed and another is in custody. >> that's that. baltimore was up the only place to set some records. 2010 was one of the hottest years ever. >> a cat in a predicament after its foot was caught in a bear trap. >> more on the big announcement coming up. >> a winter weather advisory in
5:42 pm
effect. details straight ahead.
5:43 pm
>> here is a look at what we're working on for the news at 6. -- are leading the state in economic recovery. we will have the latest from annapolis. committees are mourning the death of a volunteer firefighter.
5:44 pm
>> in east baltimore, a cat was found wandering the streets with
5:45 pm
a trap on its paws. we have more on the efforts to save the cat. >> it was about 7:30 last night when a man spotted a cat dragging something. >> a gentle man said that he saw the animal caught in a trap and they went out to find him on the sidewalk. he had a trap attest to his leg. >> this is a photograph taken last night. you can see that this did a lot of damage. >> you are looking straight down on the pawn and this black line is where it was situated. two of the middle bones and a foot or broken. we had to work very fast. then one of our technicians was strong enough to overcome the force and opened it up and then we started the process of antibiotics, pain medication, soaking the foot.
5:46 pm
>> today, the cat seems to be doing much better. >> everything he has been through, it is astounded that he is so nice. he is so sweet and for giving. you are a good boy, right. >> you have got attached to him. >> i love him. >> how did this happen and more importantly, why did this happen? >> for this to be open so it could be sprung when he touched it. >> no telling how far he brought the trap. >> correct. you don't know how far he went. >> the people are confident that even if they have to amputate his pots, he will still make someone a wonderful pet. >> you see the best and the worst of people. the fact that he can end up like this is awful but then people will adopt him and they will
5:47 pm
take care of him and he will bring such joy and then you will see all of the goodness that the circle does bring. >> he will find a great home. 2010 has joined 2005 as one of the warmest years on record. the global average temperature was 95 degrees and the arctic sea ice was also the lowest on record. the world's leader logical or is asian says that the data -- the world's leader on meteorological data says that all 10 of the warmest years occurred since 1998. at >> i don't think the global temperature was 95 degrees. >> that seems pretty high. nets seems incendiary.
5:48 pm
-- that seems incendiary. >> that year which would be one of the warmest on record would be the year we had the most snow on record in baltimore. this is the only year in baltimore where we had a 100 degree day and a 20 inch snowfall. >> crazy weather. >> there is more snow coming our way for tonight. this is spreading across parts of the mountains and into western pennsylvania. the farther west you go, the more significant the snow will be. there will be a few sprinkles of rain mixed in south and east of baltimore. as you head north and west, some snow will start reaching the west. it has been snowing throughout the afternoon. you can see this storm system stretches from western pennsylvania all the way into tennessee.
5:49 pm
this will be gone by just after sunrise tomorrow morning. this system will be moving so fast that it does not have a chance to put out a bunch of snow in our area. as you can see, these are winter weather advisories from tennessee through pennsylvania. the darker shade areas are winter storm warnings. parts of south central ohio and on the coast of new england, the storm is strengthening. we are in an area where the storm will be reorganizing. it is only the northern counties which will be into a winter weather advisory played tonight and early tomorrow morning. 30 and parton, 33 in edgewood, 30 in hagerstown. it is to the areas south and east that the rain might mix with the snow. this storm strengthened across cape cod tomorrow afternoon.
5:50 pm
this system will bring in some very cold air from canada. that front will sweep through here tomorrow and we will get a reenforcing shot tomorrow. maybe the coldest air of the winter so far. snow showers approaching by late tonight. moving quickly through baltimore and off the coast. from about midnight until 5:00 a.m., the potential is there for an inch or two of snow. maybe some spots up here in northern pennsylvania could get 2-3 inches. it is not a big deal for us but in the colder air to the north, there will be decent snowfall from the mountains of maryland into pennsylvania. light snow will be from midnight until 5:00 a.m. don't be surprised if you see a flurry or two later than that.
5:51 pm
the load tonight is 28-33. briefly tomorrow, we will hit a 38-35. temperatures during the day tomorrow will probably fall for the 20's. a high of 17 in the mountains going down near zero. 33 with gusts of 40 m.p.h. when the snow showers move out tomorrow morning. a little bit of rain shower mixed with snow on the eastern shore. it will be windy on the coast tomorrow. a gale warning is up for the day tomorrow. 4 foot on the chesapeake bay. a cold weekend. highs in the 20 posset lows 13- 15. another storm approaching monday and tuesday. loews 13-n the 20's, 15. >> wal-mart says is going
5:52 pm
healthy and will soon trim fat and other additives from thousands of food items. they made the announcement alongside the first lady today in washington. >> the first lady has now -- has made healthy eating a priority and this is the first time she has run her support behind a single company. wal-mart watching their waistline and yours announcing a new plan to make their food healthier. >> talking to our customers, it is difficult to have healthy food and afford them and we are trying to change this. >> the company will reduce sodium, sugar, and i'm healthy trans fat from its great value plants. this is part of a collaboration with the first lady's anti obesity campaign. >> efforts like this show us that we can improve how we make and sell food in this country, we can do that.
5:53 pm
>> the retail giant says that they will reformulate of thousands of items from snack products to sell the dressings and canned foods. they will cut sodium by 20% and sugars by 10%. >> general mills has been reformulated products. this is part of a broad movement. >> will other grocery chains follow suit? >> i hope that day out compete wal-mart. other supermarkets should be representing the consumers' interests and stepping to the plate. the cost of food, the health of food. >> others have made bad steps making gradual changes to the contents of their products but some are making a wait and see approach to see if the government mandates further action. >> nintendo is jumping on the 3- d bandwagon. they said that their classes-
5:54 pm
free system. on sale march 27th. this will set you back $250. nintendo says more than 30 games will be available for that game biogen -- for that system by june. >> out the economy is on the upswing. the real boom is in baltimore. get ready to laugh your way through the new thursday prime- time lineup. we have a preview
5:55 pm
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>> tonight, nbc kicks off its new lineup. they are debuting their latest comedy called "perfect couples." >> the title is "perfect couples," although the characters are anything but. >> they have watched a the generations of couples and they have said, oh, we will get it right. there is no way to do that. >> this is the couple that think that they are ahead of the game. >> another couple tries the self help route. >> it makes me feel unloved. >> the third couple favors the joy of arguing. >> this is about the pitfalls of couples and how they find
5:58 pm
their way through it. >> after several months on the sidelines, the gang returns to parks and recreation. >> this is about taking a big gamble. >> that is because new characters have laid down the budgetary law and jobs on the staff -- and jobs are at stake. >> at that point, i was considered the most handsome cast member. >> after a rough start with critics, but they are the bell of the ball. >> we are ignored by everyone and now they cannot get enough of us. want you to miss any of that so let us recap. it kicks off with "kennedy," at 8:00 followed by "perfect couple," then "the office," and
5:59 pm
then "30 rock," and then "outsourced." >> a winter weather advisory, a little bit more snow on the way. >> of baltimore county firefighters have heavy hearts, a respected leader has died doing what he did best. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute the >> a developing story out of baltimore county as two people were found dead inside of a home. we will have more on the story in a minute, but first we have a weather alert. was much of maryland will be under a winter weather advisory and some parts might see it as much as 5 inches of snow. -- much of maryland will be under


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