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tv   Today  NBC  March 31, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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back now with more "today" on this thursday morning, march 31, 2011. a rare nor'easter, by the way, is making its way to new england and parts of new york state. some of these areas could be buried under a foot and a half of snow. we're warning all of you smart people joining us this morning with your smiling faces and we'll get the latest coming up. i'm ann curry along with carl quintanilla who's been great to have as a partner. matt is on assignment and natalie is off. >> a lot coming up including the
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story about judge judy. she was hospitalized after becoming ill while taping an episode of her popular show. we'll get details about what exactly happened and how she's doing now. >> one thing she's been saying is she was really exhausted. it e it's raised the question of are you tired today? so many americans, 32 million americans, are suffering from insomnia. this morning we'll tell you what you can do, what may be causing it and strategies for a better night's sleep. very important. >> also, are you doing spring cleaning? >> i always say i'm going to and i eventually do in the fall. >> it's a necessary evil from the kitchen to the garage. even the bathroom. some places you may not want to tackle. we'll talk about tricks to make this year's chore a breeze. then prince harry. we think this weather's bad? spending time in sub zero temperatures. we'll have an update on preparations for the daring trip to the north pole before he goes
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back to london for the wedding. >> very exciting. would you do that? i would. >> you'd do anything. >> maybe a few things here and there. let's check on the news. we have tamron hall in for me this morning. >> good morning, everyone. the libyan foreign minister and long time confidant of moammar gadhafi has flown to british saying he's no longer willing to serve the regime. this as president obama authorized cia operatives to enter libya and they assisted in the rescue of the crew of the downed fighter jet. nato said it's taken full command of air operations in libya. japan may expand the evacuation zone surrounding the quake are advantaged fukushima nuclear facility. radiation levels are higher than expected as far as 25 miles from the power plant. the voluntary evacuation zone currently extends 19 miles from the plant. ohio lawmakers passed an anti-union bill that cuts clek tiff bargaining rights for some
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350,000 public workers statewide. the governor is expected to sign the law within days. in wisconsin, governor scott walkerer is indicating that he may ignore a judge's decision on a bill there. fighters on the ivory coast seiz the capitol and other key cities. this as the leader was sanctioned after his refusal to step down. and a pharmacy is continuing to custom mix a drug known generically as 17-p and raised the price from $10 to $1500 a dose. judge judy suffered a health scare on if set of her show. kristen welker has the latest. a lot of people worry about the very popular judge judy. >> indeed.
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good morning, judge judy's publicist says the judge will be just fine. she apparently had a scare wednesday. judge judy was taping her show, suddenly became ill and was rushed to cedars sinai hospital in los angeles. she was listed initially in serious condition. according to some reports, the judge was experiencing intestinal discomfort. she told the new york post's cindy adams she was in the middle of taping and started to feel faint saying her speech even slowed. her publicist said, quote, i spoke to the judge who said she's feeling much better. she says all of the tests are negative and she's going home today. the judge is 68 and has presided over her courtroom show since 1996. again, she is expected to be released laterer today and will resume taping her show on april 12 as priestley pl-- previously
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plann planned. thank you. the first pictures have returned to earth revealing a look at the amazing planet of mercury. scientists are interested in the craters that may contain frozen water. maybe the workers trying to catch the lost cobra in the bronx zoo can take a lesson from a russian zoo. this racoon escaped and put up a fight climbing the highest trees, escaping a net and biting a rescue workerer. after the overnight chase, crews were finally able to corner the ska advantager and return it to its cage. look at that little fighter. back to maria with a check of the weather. >> we have a great crowd out here. look at these guys. it's cold and rainy. tomorrow we have a nor'easter under way. take a look. what you're seeing now in the northeast not related to the southeast. that's going to turn into a full on nor'easter up the coast. tonight into tomorrow, snow
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develops and we have a number of winter storm warnings from new jersey, pennsylvania up through maine. here's what we are looking at for snow totals. nothing wrong with the screen, folks. we are looking at possibly in the pink area more than a foot of snow for the green and white mountains to maine. out of the picture for heavy snow, new york to boston. so that's good news for the morning drive. be prepared for cold, wet rain along the coast and windy conditions, too. that'sns >> a little bit of light rain and drizzle possible as we head through the day. temperatures on the chilly side. highs only in the mid-forties.
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ann, back inside to you. >> all right, maria, thank you. this morning on "today's health" trouble sleeping? if you can barely see over your coffee this morning there may be a good reason. research shows us that 70% of women spend more time trying to fall asleep than sleeping. the majority are suffering from insomele knee i can't -- insomnia which affects 32 million americans and counting. kerry peterson joins us. good morning. >> good morning. >> why are so many of us suffering from this? >> insomnia is on the rise. we have identified four main reasons. first is stress. stress is on the rise. we go to bed worrying about what's going to happen the next day, about our jobs, our lives. it makes it difficult to fall asleep. causes the production of cortisol which interrupts the sleep cycle. also, we are not exercising enough. exercise really helps you fall asleep. i highly recommend if you're
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having trouble falling asleep, exercise. >> how much? >> 20 to 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity. >> take a walk for 20, 30 minute ifs you can. >> yeah. >> you're seeing this is on the rise so it's something people have to take care of. you talked about things people can do. you know, at some point you may have to see a doctor. >> yeah. >> this becomes chronic. not just once in a while because my son is having trouble in school or i'm having trouble at work or my husband, it's something mo-- >> correct. it could be an underlying condition. not just primary insomnia which has no known cause. investigate the cause with your doctor. first of all, emotionally you can be suffering from depression, anxiety. you can have multiple medical problems like arthritis, thyroid disease, reflux. if you're a shift worker and you work at night and sleep during the day that can be a cause.
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certain medications, caffeine, if you drink caffeine after 2:00, big problem. that's a no-no. alcohol, drugs. there are lots of sleep disorders that can be identified such as sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. >> once you checked off that you don't have a medical condition and you're maybe just exhausted because of stress, you talked about a walk. one thing i used to do was write down before i went to sleep the things i had to get done, what worried me because that's what happens. you get overwhelmed. do you recommend that? >> it's good to compartmentalize things and ask what can i handle now? can i make a decision to impact me and put my mind at ease before i go to sleep? if not, put it aside until morning. it will be there tomorrow. >> maybe if you have worries and writing it down isn't sufficient, maybe talking to your friends, going to a therapist. >> there are things, first off, certainly talking to a therapist can be helpful just to unload
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your stress. relaxation techniques can be very helpful. yoga, meditation. then there are therapies that a therapist can go through with you. one called sleep restriction which is where you limit the number of hours you're in bed. so you're only spending time in bed sleeping. rath ra not lying there awake. another technique is called reconditioning where you associate your bed only with sleeping. only go to bed when you're very tired. if you're lying in bed more than 30 minutes restless, get out of bed, go back to your living room and engage in a quiet activity until you become sleepy again. it takes the anxiety out of the bedroom. >> you can prepare -- i mean, isn't sleep also to some degree allowed when you follow the same pattern right before you go to sleep at night? in other words, create a pattern? >> yes. >> maybe create a place in your bedroom that makes it feel like a place you want to sleep? >> all of these -- sleep hygiene
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is important. spend at least one hour before bedtime winding down, keeping the lights dim to avoid the artificial light exposure like television, computers, smart phones. all the light inhibits the production of melatonin which allows you to fall asleep. you want your bedroom to be just for sleep. you want it to be a peace fful place. make sure it's cold enough. don't watch tv in your room. that makes you associate other activities with the bedroom. only go to bed when you're exhausted. wait until you're sleepy before you cross the threshold and make your bed every day. just having a clean, neat bedroom and unfolding the bed is another ritual that can help. >> yeah. sometimes with my kids and my family i always say before they go to bed, everything is going to be just fine. there is nothing to worry about. you're going to be fine. take a deep breath. >> deep breathing is helpful.
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>> life is good. thank you very much. great advice to help us. coming up next, carpet stains, moldy grout. how to tackle the toughest parts of spring cleaning your home. and another bone chilling day for prince harry as he prepares with other young men for a daring trip to the north pole. first these messages. our snack machine. you should try something new. activia parfait crunch! crunchy granola you mix right in to creamy and delicious activia yogurt.
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♪ good morning [ male announcer ] there are sixteen fresh-picked oranges squeezed into each carton of tropicana pure premium and absolutely no space for added sugar, water or preservatives. tropicana -- we put the good in morning. it's that time of year, spring cleaning from the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom. if you're gearing up for a hard-core cleanup, shop smart magazine has solutions for your worst cleaning problems. lisa freeman is the editor in chief of shop smart magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is an awesome segment. i love that you survey people
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asking their worst cleaning issues. were you surprised by the number of people who responded? >> it was overwhelming. we had hundreds of people get back to us begging us how to fix this, how to clean this. a lot of responses had to do with bathroom grunge, clogged sinks and pet stains. >> lots of similar themes. >> very similar themes. that's what the story covers as the most common things people ask. >> i want to ask how often you clean is as important as what you do to clean up the stains. how often do we do a top to bottom thorough clean of the home? >> once or twice a year depending on the item. >> not bad. >> if you shampoo carpets twice a year you wear them down. only once a year. your refrigerator is a good once a year job. certain other jobs do all the time. for example, the toilet. instead of bringing out the heavy duty chemicals once a week or every couple of weeks, clean it more often to make it easier.
9:17 am
>> i'm with you on that. nothing like a dirty bathroom. the first tip is carpet stains. so many people relate especially the wine or juice on the carpet. >> the most dreaded carpet stain is red wine or grape juice. it's easy to fix. dab it with warm water first. then warm soapy water. take a cup of water in dish detergent, mix it around, put it on there. then 3% hydrogen peroxide. most people have it in the medicine cabinet. it has to be a fresh bottle or it won't work. >> will the peroxide bleach the carpet? >> no. it should be fine. if you're worried, test it in an out of the way spot first. >> next up, the microwave. we can relate to having the pasta the day after and it explodes. you look in there going, what do i do? >> if you wait a week -- >> hope not. >> or a couple of weeks, people
9:18 am
who have one at work know. but put a bowl of lemon juice inside. squeeze fresh lemons in a quarter cup. put the microwave on high and use the condensation and a rag to wipe it clean. if there is stuck on gunk take a maxed out credit card and use it to scrape it out. >> lemon is a cure-all for so much. >> you can clean brass and all kinds of stuff with it. >> the kitchen synch, oink, one dirtiest spots in the home. what do we do to cure our problems with the kitchen sink? >> the trick is you have to maintain your drain. that means in order to prevent clogs from happening in the first place you can't put down anything that gets clumpy like coffee grounds, oatmeal, rice, all of that stuff. >> people think i have a garbage disposal and it goes away. >> don't do it. oil and grease, never put it
9:19 am
down the drain. put it in the garbage can. if you get a clog there is something called the master plunger you can use to undo it without chemicals. another trick i love which is totally not -- chemical-free is to dump boiling hot water down the drain every month or so. >> that helps loosen any grease in there, any soap scum. it helps maintain your drain. >> and it's free. >> mold and mildew seems difficult because when you use the products sometimes it comes back in a day or so. what's the trick? >> one of our top cleaners is comet with bleach. scrub, scrub, scrub and then cover the clean grout with a mold resistant sealant. that should help make the job much easier. you shouldn't have to do it as often. if it keeps coming back you have a bigger problem. >> you have to change the grout. >> you may have to regrout. >> pet stains?
9:20 am
that's one i can relate to. i have tried everything on the market. i'm going to get rid of the dog if she doesn't get it together. i kid, i kid. i love her. we love our pets but we want to get rid of the stains. >> try warm, soapy water first. that probably won't work so go to step two which is ammonia. this is toxic stuff. so put gloves on, put a tablespoon of ammonia, mix it with half a cup of water and put it on the stain. step three, use vinegar and water. a third of a cup of water, two-thirds of a cup of water. if that doesn't work, get rid of the dog. >> all those people who responded -- >> or your carpet. >> was there a stain you can't cure? >> no, it's all doable. if you need to, bring in a professional cleaner. there is always that. >> thank you so much. coming up, quick and easy ways
9:21 am
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coming up, a bitter cold day for prince harry preparing for a
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trip to the north pole. >> and how to convert that spare room in your home. >> plus, "sex and the city's" kim cattrall and her new movie playing a washed up adult movie actress. we all want our kids to eat their vegetables, but we all know kids would rather they just disappear. ♪ make me say la la la la la la ♪ [ woman ] now with a little magic from mom, there's an easy way to get kids the nutrition they need. mott's medleys has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass but magically looks and tastes just like the fruit juice kids already love. mott's medleys. ♪ la la la [ woman ] invisible vegetables. magical taste. >> going to a job interview, i make sure i've got the right guidance. it's the same with my taxes. turbotax has a unique gps feature that guides me step-by-step. and calculations are guaranteed 100% accurate. they even offer audit support. and help me reach my maximum refund, guaranteed. >> man: try turbotax now. some say i've done it all. i say i'm just getting started.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> clouds and drizzle this morning. high temperatures stock in the 30's. a couple of a 40's here and there. temperatures will not rise all that much during the day to day. low-to-mid-forties expected for high. continued chance for drizzle and light rain. east, east northeast winds at 10 [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone
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♪ so what do you do when your grandmother comes to visit? straighten up the house maybe? make sure you've got her favorite tea on hand? well, what about if you're prince william and your grandmotherer is the queen of england? >> hi. >> queen elizabeth and prince philip are headed to wales to visit with prince william. we'll get details as far as we can get them tomorrow here on "today."
9:31 am
>> that's got to be a stressful visit from grandma. >> speaking of royalty we're here with carl quintanilla and tamron hall. i'm ann curry. we'll be speaking about prince harry. he spent another day learning skills required for his trek to the north pole, this time getting the true feeling of sub zero surroundings. the latest on that, you guys. >> also ahead, making the most of the space you have. if you have an extra room you don't know what to do with we'll show you how to convert it into something fun and useful and it doesn't have to cost you anything at all. george oliphant -- wow. ta-da. >> segment's over. >> more tips coming up. >> also cooking italian today. we'll learn how to make easy dishes including a baked pasta that will wow your friends and family. first a check of the weather from mar are a la rosa in for al. >> you have been doing a great job. >> thank you. >> i don't know if i eel will b
9:32 am
invited back tomorrow. we're seeing nasty storms in florida now. the risk of severe weather continues into the afternoon as the storm develops off the coast. sunny and warm from texas to southern california. record highs in san francisco. tomorrow the heavy wet snow moves into the northeast, especially interior new england. green and white mountains could pick up a foot of snow. wind and rain the biggest threat from philly to new york to boston. >> expect cloudy skies, off and on a light rain showers and drizzle. tonight, but mixed with snow again, the most liquid during
9:33 am
ann, tamron, carl, back to you. >> thanks, maria. up next, the latest on prince harry as he prepares for a daring trip to the north pole. still ahead, got an extra room you want to turn into something fun or useful? george oliphant to the rescue. for better nutrition. and that's what they do with great grains cereal. see the seam on the wheat grain? same as on the flake. because great grains steams and bakes the actual whole grain. now check out the other guy's flake. hello, no seam. because it's more processed. now, which do you suppose has better nutrition for you? mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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♪ so prince harry is surrounded by snow as he trains for his daring trek to the north pole. we have nbc special correspondent ben fogle on the trip with him. hey, ben. how are you holding up? >> reporter: good morning. it's very cold here. but prince harry spent the day learning the necessary skills that he'll need as he joins the trek to the north pole which meant getting to know the real meaning of sub zero temperatures. after a bone chilling day on the ice training in the life-saving immersion suit there was light relief as well for prince harry and the group of wounded soldiers before the arctic trek. having pulled his possessions behind him, prince harry spent his first night in the snow learning to camp in the arctic conditions that will be his kingdom for the next week or so. after setting the tent his
9:37 am
temporary royal residence, the guide brought his dog to stand guard and protect the prince from the threat of polar bears. it was a cold night as temperatures plunged to 25 below zero. how was his first night in the arctic? >> it was good. things happened that i never want to speak of ever again. >> reporter: an early start and he woke to a small audience one last time before he and the team of injured soldiers trek into one of the most remote areas on the planet. >> how was your night? >> we have been here all night waiting for you to wake up. >> you kept quiet. well done. >> w we didn't want to disturb you. >> reporter: as the prince packed up, we asked the guide the question everyone wants to know. does he snore? >> he has this cozy little -- mm. this little bass going. it's not snoring. more like a little bass in the
9:38 am
background. >> reporter: i'm not sure if that piece of information got the royal seal of approval or not. well, the team have been delayed up to 24 hours due to poor weather conditions in the north that just demonstrates how extreme this hostile environment really is, which means that in the meantime, prince harry and the soldiers will be holed up here in svalbard. ann? >> ben, take care of yourself. hopefully they won't be too delayed. there is a wedding to go to. by the way, we have a royal wedding app now available on iphones. so to download it, it's free. you can get ready for next month's big event and hopefully harry will be there. up next, george oliphant has quick, easy, inexpensive ways to convert the spare room in your home after this. dove invited real women to have their close-ups taken by a fashion photographer. then we asked them to try new dove visible care. a revolutionary new line of body wash
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this morning, giving new purpose to an extra room. an old bedroom or office can be easily converted into a new, useful space with a minimum cost, new furniture and a fresh coat of paint. "today" contributor george oliphant went to the rescue of a young widow in westchester county, new york. >> dear george, the day after my honeymoon my husband had a seizure, fell, broke his neck and died. his passing left me unsure how to handle the office space/workout room where he would spend his time. >> that was his room. i would walk into it and stand there and i wouldn't know what to do. >> if you could help me move
9:43 am
forward with this room without leaving him behind i would be grateful. when you read something like this, you have to help. that's what we're going to do. first things first, we have to get everything out of here -- the books, shelves, bowflex, it's all got to go. then when our designer shows up, she knows what she's working with. what do you think we can do? >> make it lighter looking, paint a wall blue, but not the whole room. >> a fresh coat of paint changes the look of a room. once it's done, time to start designing. all right, nicky, this place looks fantastic. what a transformation. see what kristin thinks. welcome home from work. i'm glad to see you came in your scrubs. >> couldn't wait to get home. >> what do you say we check it out? >> sounds good.
9:44 am
oh, my god. thank you. thank you. you made this apartment more of a home again. >> all about the first step, right? >> exactly. >> and george oliphant, host of "george to the rescue" is here with us with quick ways to convert a room. good morning. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> that was great. she was so deserving of it. >> what a wonderful lady. >> a lot of people want to copy the concept. what should you consider first? >> okay. you have a space. you're like, do i need a guest room, tv room, home office? why not all in one? multi-purpose furniture is your best friend. >> what do you have? >> we have great pieces. this is a couch but at the same time you have guests over, want a guest bedroom?
9:45 am
push it forward and now you have a bed. >> and a chair. >> you can bring it back up, lounge, watch tv. everything folds up. that's the idea behind bow concept and multi-purpose furniture. you can have it as a little sitting room. then, oh, let me get dishes out or, oh, we have company coming, want to get rid of the dishes. >> great storage space. it's so comfortable. people assume with multi functional furniture you think dorm room, but it doesn't have to be. >> not at all. this is sturdy, high quality furniture that will go in any house. it could be in a college dorm or a nice house. >> this caught attention. >> all in one. you just fold everything up. i'm doing it backwards. it folds right into an ottoman like that. the storage solutions are there. you save space and away you go. >> it beats an air mattress.
9:46 am
it's cute. >> who needs that? this is cuter and the air mattress would be still pumping. you want to have plenty of places to store books, knickknacks. a great way is shopping inside your house. find things that are stuffed on a back shelf, you're not using. bring them out, put them on a shelf, give them new life. >> you said something -- this is a decal. >> this is a picture of me from a rescue in north carolina. you can get anything, stock images like sports figures or animals if you have little kids or you can do something from home like family photos. put it on the wall and it personalizes the space. >> a fresh coat of paint. >> changes every room. >> all right. congratulations to kristin. how do people get in contact? i know you want to help. >> send an e-mail to this weekend, "george to the
9:47 am
rescue" season 2 kicks off. watch it. >> you need a theme song. >> we do. something rocking. >> as long as you don't dance. >> are you saying my dancing isn't good? >> you're better in the home. up next, simple italian dishes you can serve tonight. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:48 am
9:49 am
this morning on "today's kitchen" step by step italian cooking. chef scott conant of scarpetta and the cosmetopolitan las vega is here with easy italian dishes that can be a meal or a side. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> we should talk about how busy you have been. new restaurants in miami. >> miami, toronto, beverly hills and las vegas as well. i have had new york for a while. >> what is d.o.c.g.?
9:50 am
>> it's a stamp of quality. you know how champagne is from champagne in france? it represents the same stamp of quality essentially. >> a class of wine? >> exactly. a stamp of quality for certain wines coming from certain places with a certain grape type. anyway, it's a reference to that. >> nice. what are we doing today. >> today we have stromboli. i have a beautiful dough we made. >> you have done the dough. >> i have. we're doing one with salami. the other with broccoli rabe, smoked mozzarella and ricotta. >> this is a vegetarian version? >> i'm doing the meat version. we have garlic that i'm putting inside. >> spread it across? i'm not going to put it in a lane that we wrap around later. >> do whatever you want. just spread it around. >> how involved was the dough making? >> simple dough. it's really straightforward. olive oil, yeast, water, little bit of salt.
9:51 am
really simple and straightforward. the fun part is rolling this thing up. you stuff it nicely, fold it over. >> we have a limited amount of time here. >> this is goat? >> ricotta and fresh mozzarella. broccoli rabe. >> fold it by thirds and roll it up nicely just like that. perfect. then on top i add a little bit of olive oil, rub it on. a little bit of sea salt some tomatoes, some rosemary and pop it in the oven. i'll show you the finished product. >> is this a formal meal? >> this is something that's very rustic. it's in the bread basket at scarpetta. at docg it's on the menu.
9:52 am
great with wine. great in the morning with a cappuccino. >> really? why does yours look better than mine and we are already started? >> i don't look as good as you though. i have caramelized onions in sausage. i will add the cookled rigatoni. let it cook for a couple of minutes. add beautiful spinach. this is a great -- you can do it without sausage as well if you're vegetarian. spinach, cherry tomatoes. i cook this beforehand. so when customers -- not customers, but when i have guests at home or something, just for example, i'll keep this right in the pot, cook it 10, 15 minutes before they arrive. when i'm ready to serve it, i pop it in the oven and let it heat up for 20 minutes. so i keep it right in the pot. >> if you like goat cheese, you can go heavy? >> not a problem at all.
9:53 am
why not? people love that gooey good stuff. >> can't get enough. >> we heat it up, finish it in the oven. or we can go directly to the plate. >> oh! >> we like it! >> i'm done with you. >> oh, oh. >> this is amazing. this is a stromboli. >> we have garlic nundini as well which are garlic knots. and we have whipped ricotta. >> i'll live vicariouvicariousl >> good stuff. >> what's elephant garlic? >> you know what it is. the big one. >> i thought it came from an elephant. i don't know. >> all right. >> we're just here to learn. >> just here to learn.
9:54 am
>> observe. >> the stromboli is delicious with the salami inside and that's vegetarian. >> it could be elephant. i have to be careful. >> such a nice quiet set before we arrived. >> sorry. >> scott, thank you so much. what's coming up? >> uno. >> kim cattrall is in the house. she has a new movie out. >> she plays an aging porn star as only kim can. she's really great in the film. >> terrific. >> it's actually moving. that sounds funny, but it's true. >> stick around. >> much more, but first your local news.
9:55 am
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9:57 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> so far, pretty dismal.
9:58 am
clouds and to buttress stuck in the 30' what weather to impulse is pulling out. our forecast stays wet and it gives us a chance for a shower activity along with temperatures only
9:59 am
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