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tv   11 News Today  NBC  April 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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rain showers are likely. the temperatures will fall throughout the day. take a light jacket and an umbrella. we'll come back and look at the seven-day forecast. first we say good morning to sarah. >> good morning. we're looking pretty good as we get into the 6:00 a.m. hour. we have this accident ilan conowingo road. it was shot over towards sandy hook. that is now gone. this accident remains in catonsville. other than that, no problems to report in terms of the delays. 59 on the north side. in good shape as far as our drive times. five minutes to get you down to the fort mchenry. 11 minutes on southbound 95 down to 32. running smoothly on 70 east and west. this is a live view of the
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topside of the beltway at harford road. the entire beltway running smoothly at this hour. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> a carroll county woman is dead after a standoff with police. >> jennifer franciotti is live in a studio to explain. good morning. >> police say the woman ignored commands to drop her weapon. this happened in the 4600 block of upper beckleysville road. call originally came in as a domestic dispute. she had a handgun. officers had a visual on the woman who could be seen pointed a handgun at officers. after a ignored commands to drop her weapon, a trooper open fire, shooting the woman, who later died after being flown to shock trauma. there were other people in the house to consider.
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>> we had two people in the house -- the home owner and her teenage daughter were in fear for their lives and in fact had locked themselves in an upstairs bathroom. so we had people in the house who were in danger at that point. >> the woman lived in the house with her sister and teenage niece. no word on what caused this situation. the investigation is still ongoing. reporting live, jennifer franciotti. >> a would be carjacking suspect is recovering this morning. police say the suspect wrestled a gun from a security guard. he then used that weapon to carjack somebody up the street. police credit watch full citizens during this attempted escape. >> wouldn't have done this without the help of the community. community members, neighbors were pointing police in the direction. this individual was shedding clothing in an effort to change his appearance and to elude capture. >> federal hill is a really tight-knit community. we look after each other, so to say. so when we see something like that happen, we know a lot of
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the police officers down here, really good people. we try to help out. >> police say they were forced to shoot the suspect. his injuries are not considered life-threatening. >> a man considered -- accused of killing his girlfriend was found guilty of first-degree murder. at his truck, christian was accused of shooting foster and dumping her daughter -- her prosecutors will seek a sense of life without parole. and man accused of killing a police officer is guilty of involuntary manslaughter. sian james will be sentenced in july in the death of brian stevenson. james through a piece of concrete after a dispute over a parking space at. >> having the deceased city officer who we all try to look up to, it is a hard situation. >> james testified on friday he
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through the concrete in self- defense. >> a woman is recovering after a fire swept through her home. crews were called to clifton avenue just before 2:00 p.m. yesterday. the woman was treated at shock trauma for smoke inhalation. firefighters brought the blaze under control in just a matter of minutes. no word on what set that fire off. >> they worked late into and night -- into the night in annapolis. david collins was there and has more on what past and what did not. >> [cheers] >> the 2011 session without relying on tax increase. a significant policy change to pension reform.
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>> we are very excited about the passage of invest maryland. there are few states that have been able to make this sort of a lot meant to venture capital. >> that is the governor's signature job proposal. it will all-out high-tech companies to draw money for expansion. the governor's measure to establish the framework for establishing affordable -- his efforts to keep the gun offenders in prison longer has turned into a task force. the governor's offshore wind legislation is now study. his ban on future septic systems needs more study. they came to an agreement on medical marijuana. it provides an affirmative defense. those arrested for possession may be able to avoid a conviction.
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>> we do not want to saddle people with a conviction because it ruins their lives. >> a bill providing on sta-- legislations gives potential track operators -- the house and senate came to an agreement on a bill raising the alcohol tax from 6% to 9%. funding for programs that help the development -- developmentally -- additional money to the baltimore city school system. this will not last long. legislators will be back in the fall for a special session on redistricting. the columns, wbal-tv 11 news. >> there house and senate both agree to provide a state subsidy
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to horse track owners. that bill will not go to the governor's desk. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what is your opinion of the accomplishments of the 2011 session of the general assembly? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> libyan opposition forces reject a proposed cease-fire. this was brokered by the african union. it did not call for muammar gaddafi to step down. the former libyan justice minister said piece will not be possible until gaddafi leaves. -- said peace would not be possible until gaddafi leaves. a million egyptians gathered last right to demand the prosecution of hosni mubarak, his family, and former members of his regime. many were injured when the
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military stepped in. egyptians have been calling for the release of everyone arrested in the crackdown and the complete investigation of the events. >> 67 degrees on tv hill. coming up, the morning's financial news in the bloomberg business report. >> a traffic jam on one of the busiest airports leads to a real-life case of a bumper cars. wow. at story is coming up. >> they are picking up the pieces in wisconsin after severe weather. >> mr. the severe weather last night. rain will catch up to west later today. >> the earlier problems have been cleared. we'll update you on any new problems
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>> welcome back. so far so good. it is dry in baltimore city. this will be the warmest part of the day. temperatures will drop back into the upper 50's later this afternoon. we'll get through the beginning of the drive time ok. some rain is showing up in the far western suburbs. winchester, hagerstown, and out into western maryland. around baltimore, there is nothing going on at the present time. that stuff is moving to the east. it will take an hour, hour and a half before moving to the beltway. take an umbrella with you. let's take a wider view. a lot of rain getting ready to
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move into maryland. showers and thunderstorms in virginia. here is the center and storm out of kentucky and tennessee. heavy rain on the back side. this has to drift through maryland. rain will be likely this morning and into tomorrow morning. we get a few breaks in the overcast. that will be across the lower eastern shore and southern maryland. there could be thunderstorms. theink we're socked in with clouds around baltimore. the temperatures are the other big story. they will be falling today. using the warmest part of the day is in the air to. today it will be this morning. 67 right now at the airport. temperatures will be in the upper 50's by the time the drive home from work. near 59 or 60 later this afternoon.
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rain showers are likely. sunrise in just a few minutes. tonight, rain showers are likely. temperatures will drop back into the 40's. tomorrow, the storm will be pulling away to the northeast. there could be some rain showers in the morning. it will start to clear up in the afternoon by wednesday. it will stay cool. temperatures will be in the upper 50's. we hit 85 yesterday and tied a record high temperature. falling temperatures today. upper 50's tomorrow. a chance for some rain, probably in the morning on wednesday. thursday looks like a good day. showers on friday night into saturday to start the weekend. we should have a decent day on sunday. a bid on the cool side, a high temperature near 60. let's check the roads with
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sarah. >> not that bad at the moment. volume is building. no significant delays. we have one problem in this city and baltimore street and hiltons tree. 50 miles per hour on the west side. still moving well past 795. 795 looks great. 70 in towards the beltway are running smoothly. looking good on 95 coming from out of the northeast. problem-free pont 83 towards the beltway. the j.f.x. moving without delay. moving well on all the major roadways up to the airport. this is a live view of 95 in howard county. more volume in the southbound direction. a bit of a delay in the outer loop at harford road on the north side. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> investigators will review the
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damage done in parts of wisconsin to see if it was a tornado that ripped through a town. dozens of homes and vehicles were destroyed. a few injuries were reported. no one was killed. investigators looking into the circumstances that allowed it to its commercial jets to collide. an air france was taxiing to takeoff at jfk international airport when it tried to pass a much smaller airport. look at doubt. it spawned it around. officials say nobody was injured. vincent gray was among dozens arrested during a political protest on monday. they were protesting a lack of voting rights in congress. they sat down and blocked the street in front of the office building. they have since been released.
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>> as the price of gasoline goes up, the sales of gas is going down. 70% of gas station reports a drop of 3% or more in gas sales. that is the sharpest decline since gas soared past $4 a gallon. the average price is now $3.76 a gallon. another bill people are finding it hard to pay is their mortgage. 32 million homeowners are having a hard time making their house payments. one in five borrowers now says their homes are under water. it is still better than last year, when 29% said they were barely getting the mortgage paid. more college faculties are logging onto facebook. the waiting list for some
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universities gets even longer. jane king has more in the bloomberg business report. >> high school seniors getting acceptance letters from their college of choice. some do get rejected. a number of schools are offering this option -- guaranteed admission if the student attends another institution for a year or two and makes it to a certain grade point average. colleges are swamped with applications. a new survey says 90% of college faculty use social media like facebook and twitter. some even use them in their teaching methods. lower sales from alcoa may weigh on the markets that. numbers from the commerce department this morning. a mixed close yesterday. the international monetary fund
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cut its growth forecast. the bloomberg maryland index was slightly lower. that is business. i'm jane king for wbal-tv 11 news. >> it appears girls who are getting migraines more likely 10 to gain weight. researchers examined the incidence of obesity and migraines together taken up with several findings. patients >> that have migraines are more likely to be obese and also patients that are obese are more likely to have higher number and higher severity of migraine attacks. there is a correlation between your body mass and migraines. >> a doctor says the study shows the need for young women to exercise and eat right to avoid
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obesity. it is important to see a doctor. the study was published in the headache." "had " >> the orioles' starting lineup will look different for the next few weeks. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. what is your opinion of the accomplishments of the 2011 session of the general assembly? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. not bad. one accident of note in the city around baltimore street and hiltons tree. other than that, the j.f.x. running smoothly into town. a smooth ride on the north and west side of the beltway. troweling on southbound 795,
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around 66 miles per hour coming down towards owings mills. this is an 95 south of 100. this is southbound traffic. a bit heavier heading down to the capital beltway. that is just the volume. this is the north side at york road. more volume in that direction. running a good clip. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now we check in with tony. >> so far so good. the rain is holding off to the west. it will be moving into the baltimore area within the next hour or hour and a half. it is reining in hagerstown. it is just west of hagerstown -- it is raining in hagerstown. take an umbrella. temperatures will be falling. we're in the upper 60's in most locations. this will be in the -- this will be the warmest part of the day.
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falling temperatures. dry run baltimore. the rain moves in forever body after lunch time and into this afternoon. it will be chilly as you drive home from work. we will check the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. first, here is keith mills. >> thank you. good morning. the orioles and their yankees played their first of 18 games tonight in new york. chris tillman will start against a.j. burnett. the birds will be without shortstop j.j. hardy. he is on the disabled list with a strained stomach muscle. he could miss up to three weeks. he was off to a good start. injuries wreaking havoc. the orioles are in first place by a game over the yankees. the rays hammered the red sox
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last night at fenway. nfl draft is two weeks from thursday. instead of showing us some boring corymb video, which show you some football. ed reed and deception right there. the judge has ordered the sides back to the table -- an interception right there. a magistrate judge will mediate the talks. that does not mean there will be a resolution. the two sides will meet in minneapolis and not in d.c. the washington capitals are coming to baltimore. they will play an exhibition game in september at 1st mariner arena against the nashville creditors. the capitals are popular here in town. the baltimore bandits left 14 years ago. the capitals open the playoffs tomorrow night. i think if they were to build a
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new arena downtown, minor league hockey would be exploding. no doubt about it. >> 6:25. 67 degrees on tv hill. much more to come -- >> a hampstead woman is shot and killed by maryland state police. details are next. >> it prevented a government shutdown. but the budget deal is getting a beating from both sides of the aisle. i am kate amara in washington. >> we have an accident in the city. we will update you on what to
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us this morning. tony pann has a quick look at today's forecast. >> good morning. so far, it is ok. the rain is knocking on the door. we can see rain moving into frederick county and back up towards the hagerstown. the heaviest rain is up in western maryland.
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we'll see the direction of movement is to the east. the rain will catch up to all of us. once the rain gets here, it will stick around for awhile. temperatures will start falling off. it is in the upper 60's right now. upper 50's to around 60 tonight. take a heavier jacket. rain showers are likely starting later this morning. seven-day forecast in just a few minutes it. >> another week of back-and- forth budget battle. >> president obama prepares to unveil his plan. congress is still struggling over the final details of this year's budget. kate amara joins us live with more on the story. good morning. >> the leaders of both parties and the president signed off on the steel. the votes are still pending an opposition is growing.
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details emerged overnight. that last-minute deal that prevented a government shutdown. the $38.5 billion in spending cuts include $8 billion from the state department, $3 billion from defense programs deemed unnecessary, $1.5 billion to high-speed rail. $10 billion comes from targeting earmarks. the white house says the agreement demonstrates a commitment to spending less. >> it is but a portion of the problem and a small slice. it's an argument that we were making for a long time in urging congress to get done with that work. >> but critics argue the cuts will have little to no impact on the deficit. much of the legislation is financed through one-time savings or leftovers from previous years, like unspent census money and federal construction funding. >> we think the bill is solid. you never say never until there is a vote. >> and some conservative republicans are opposing it. in a letter, sentaor rand paul told colleagues he won't vote for the measure, writing, "this discussion is simply not credible or serious."
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there is also opposition on the house side. >> still, we think that there are enough votes to pass it. >> so the legislation would fund the government through the end of september. a vote could happen by thursday. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> as congress is trying to beat the deadline, we heard about policy provisions. what happened to those? >> many of them are out, especially what the white house wanted. they were able to preserve some environmental policy regulations and reject attempts to cut funding to planned parenthood. anti-abortion lawmakers did succeed in winning a provision that would block taxpayer- funded abortions in the district of columbia. >> kate amara, thank you. >> nick romney is once again seeking to become the next
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republican nominee -- mitt romney. during the 2008 campaign, he ran a solid second to john mccain. he is the front runner of the 2012 election. >> a standoff comes to a deadly end. jennifer franciotti joins us live in this to do with more details on this story. >> police were called to the hampstead house before 6:00 p.m. last night. they said a woman repeatey pointed a weapon at officers. police activity at a hampstead home on upper beckleysville road, where a woman with a handgun is shot by a trooper. state police say the call came in as a domestic dispute. but en route, they got word a woman inside had a handgun and was threatening to kill herself. >> troopers responded as did local police officers. they saw this woman in the upstairs window with a handgun, and then a downstairs window. she was repeatedly pointing
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this gun at police officers. >> state police say troopers gave repeated commands to drop the weapon, which she ignored. >> she continued to point the gun at officers. a trooper in fear for his life fired his department-issued pistol, struck the woman once. she was immediately provided emergency care. she was flown by state police medevac to the university of maryland shock trauma center where she was pronounced deceased. >> there is no word on why the woman was upset. police say she lived in the house with her sister and niece, who were both inside hiding at the time, which was a major cause for concern for police. >> we had two people in the house -- the home owner and her teenage daughter were in fear for their lives and in fact had locked themselves in an upstairs bathroom. so we had people in the house who were in danger at that point. >> this investigation is still ongoing. no one else was hurt. the identity of the woman has not been released. reporting live, jennifer franciotti. >> officials are looking at
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getting some outside help in closing a budget gap. many programs are on the chopping block. corporate sponsorship could help raise money. the mayor's office is working with marketing experts to find the best approach concerning a measure to preserve part of baltimore's civil-rights history. the old reed's drug store at howard and lexington. the lunch, was the site of one of the first civil rights sit- in. >> races of children come behind and have the curiosity piqued and ask, what happened here and why is it important? >> the debate comes as the property is targeted for redevelopment. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> time now to get a look in your morning commute. not all that bad.
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normal volume-related delays. an accident along baltimore street and hilton street. be careful. 26 miles in the outer loop west side. that stretches from 795 down to liberty. everything running smoothly on 70 in towards the beltway. 54 miles per hour around dulaney valley on the inner loop topside. 63 as we check our speed sensor on southbound 83. the entire 83 stretch from the maryland line to the beltway looks good at this hour. a pretty quiet ride for now. southbound 95 through howard county, 59 miles per hour just south of 32. this is old court. a bit of a buildup in volume as we normally see at this hour in the outer loop. this is traffic of 95 at white marsh. southbound traffic still moving
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pretty well wants to get beyond white marsh is when things start to slow up just a little bit. so far so good at the fort mchenry. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to tony. >> we will do the seven-day forecast this time. we're watching the rain marched to the east. it is raining in howard county. this is moving towards baltimore. it will take another hour and a half to get here. around 8 a.m., rain will arrive from the baltimore beltway. it will catch up to everybody today. take an umbrella with you. the beginning of the drive time around baltimore should stay dry. 67 at the airport. that will be the high temperature today. it will drop into the upper 50's and below 60's said. rainshowers expected this evening and into tonight.
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a high temperature of only 58 on wednesday. 65 on thursday. rain comes back at the beginning of the weekend. we set a record high temperature of 85 degrees yesterday, to the 50's later this after man -- later this afternoon. >> that is spring in baltimore. >> 67 degrees on tv hill. what if you went to bed and looked up to find some noisy neighbors had just moved in? that is the predicament a polar bear and her cub found themselves en. >> we are still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. what is your opinion of the accomplishments of the 2011 session of the general assembly? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to
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oprah: a laugh-tacular "s.n.l." class reunion starring tina fey, chevy chase,
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>> some lions have a new characteristic. after spending most of their lives in poor conditions in bolivia, they have been transported to colorado.
6:41 am
they were confined to tiny cages when they were rescued. they have been transition into larger in closures. the lions will be led into a big 20-acre habitat starting this week. >> a polar bear bedded down for hibernation any man-made island off the coast of northern alaska. there were a lot of changes. the bear became a mother. the new mom came out over winter slumber very confused by the new neighbors. security cameras captured their natural curiosity. it seems they ditched the den and the never looked back. > 6:41. >> volume continues to build. will have see you on that.
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one accident of note in this city. >> things are dry around baltimore. rain will be moving and surely. we will check the seven-day forecast after this short break. 67 at the airport.
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>> welcome back. new assessments of the radiation leakage have prompted officials to raise the severity level of the crisis. it is now the highest level of the international scale, on par with the chernobyl disaster. the radiation that has leaked 1/10th of all was emitted at chernobyl. there was a shooting in federal
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hill. the suspect wrestled away a gun from a security guard and allegedly used the gun to carjack somebody off the street. the suspect was shot. his injuries are not considered life-threatening. governor martin o'malley will be busy this morning. the governor will sign bills that will implement federal health care reform, raised pension contributions, raise the alcohol tax, ban drivers from reading text messages while driving. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- what is your opinion of the accomplishments of the 2011 session of the general assembly?
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>> we will post more of your answers on the front page of >> a long proceeding in charlottesville, va., as the trial of a lacrosse player accused of killing yeardley love got underway. jayne miller has the story. >> this was not a trial. for much of the day, the courtroom was packed. prosecutors revealed key parts of their case.
6:47 am
we heard from yeardley love's roommate. she described finding her body lifeless, face in a pool of blood, a hole punched in your bedroom door. it was too much for her mother. another friend told of trying but failing to resuscitate the on lacrosse star. the died nearly a year ago on may 3. accused is her onetime boyfriend, george huguely, also a university of virginia student. he faces first-degree murder and felony murder. his lawyers to push his case, that he had no intent to kill and did not know yardley was dead until police told him. george reacted in disbelief, asking, she is dead? i never did anything to her. i swear to god. to fans
6:48 am
lawyers say there is no evidence that it happened. they challenge the medical examiner's conclusion that you're really died of blunt force trauma. lawyers know she had been drinking before her death and had been using a prescription drug that may have caused a heart problem. friends describe a relationship that had grown increasingly rocky. you're really blew up against huguely -- yardley blew up against huguely. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. out, somere heading delays starting to fall into place. one accident along baltimore street at hilton st. in the city. speeds around 31 miles per hour in the outer loop west side. that is backing up traffic on southbound 795. some yellow showing up along
6:49 am
providence road. on southbound 83, speeds of around 60 miles per hour. 30 minutes after the outer loop west side stretch. 12 minutes on the outer loop west side. eight minutes to travel on the inner loop over towards the j.f.x. the j.f.x. looks great into town. all the volume is the biggest delay so far this morning. southbound traffic toward the fort mchenry still running smoothly, even at the toll plaza. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now get the latest on the forecast from tony. >> we are watching the rain marching toward the east. it will catch up to us here in baltimore. nothing showing up around the beltway at the present time. we have about an hour or so to go. we have some rain and howard county and frederick county and
6:50 am
the northwest part of carroll county. this is all moving eastbound. take an umbrella. this take a wider view of system. there is a lot of rain upstream. rain coming up through virginia and north carolina. this will move through maryland. the center of the storm is back in kentucky and tennessee. it will be a while. the rain will last through tonight and into part of wednesday. there could be some breaks in the overcast in southern maryland which could produce some instability to kickoff some thunderstorms. around baltimore, it just be rain shower activity. it is 67 at the airport. typically we see our highest temperatures in the afternoon. today, it will be this morning. rain showers are likely this afternoon. temperatures will fall to 58 or
6:51 am
59. upper 50's and low 60's by the time the drive home from work. take a jacket with you. rain showers are likely tonight. we will drop into the 40's by tomorrow morning. tomorrow, the storm will be pulling away to the north east. we could see some rain showers most likely in the morning. expect a high of only 58 tomorrow. we will be in the 50's this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. clearing up on thursday. thursday looks like a nice day. sunshine and 65. rain comes back on friday. it will be cool on sunday. sunshine with a high near 60. >> and armed standoff comes to a violent end. jennifer franciotti joins us live in the studio with more. good morning. >> state police say the woman
6:52 am
ignored repeated commands to drop her weapon. this all happened just before 6:00 p.m. last night in the 4600 block of upper beckleysville road. the call originally came in as a domestic dispute. police were advised the woman had a gun and was suicidal. through open windows, officers had a visual on the woman, who could be seen pointing a handgun at officers both upstairs and downstairs. sister and teenage niece had barricaded themselves in a bathroom. state police said a trooper opened fire, shooting the woman, who later died at shock trauma. her identity has not been released. reporting live, jennifer franciotti. >> you will not want to miss when all stars come together on oprah's staff is. patricia morgan, tina fey, in chevy chase in a class reunion.
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that is today at 4:00 p.m. on "oprah." here is meredith vieira for a look at what is coming up next on the "today" show. >> scary mishap at the new york airport. one plane clipped the tail of another. we will have details. police find what could be to export sets of human remains linked to a serial killer here in new york. we will take you on a tour inside k milton's childhood home that is now up for sale. -- katee a cage milton' middleton's shall sit home. that and much more ahead when we get started this morning right here on "today." >> 67 degrees on tv hill. >> we will come back and check on the weather and traffic together before you head out to start your day. stay with us.
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>> we're getting reports of a vehicle fire on interstate 70 at baltimore national pike. you can possibly see some lanes closed. that is a brand new incident. at baltimore street and health history, delays around the area on the north and west side and on southbound 95 coming out of the white marsh area. southbound 295 this move from 100. this is 70 at 29. no sign of delays here. eastbound 70 at 40, watch for delays.
6:57 am
>> by the time you drive home, it will be in the 50's. falling temperatures said. the rain will move and eventually. the rain will move in in about an hour. rain for everybody later this afternoon. temperatures falling from the 60's to the 50's. we will be in the 50's tomorrow with a chance for a few showers. 60 looks like a good day. do not forget, tune to am 1090 to hear traffic and weather together on the fives. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will be back with a live update at 7:25. >> have a good day. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at, and stay connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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