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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  May 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it has been quiet. it will be that active going into next week. 52 degrees at the airport. a little bit of cloud cover. a touch of fog in some areas. it will be another nice day today. a high of 74. there is a chance for some thunderstorms in the mountains. we will check the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> good morning. we have it medevac operation in canada -- in carroll county. old frederick road shut down by route 94. take frederick road to avoid this. this will cause some delays. in terms of problems elsewhere, we are off to a good start. moving well on the j.f.x., 55 miles per hour. 56 over towards 795. 795 looks like a smoother ride.
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11 minutes from 95 down towards the 83's. in the outer loop west side, about 11 minutes there as well. in live view outside if you plan to travel at 70 and 29. east and west down. this is york road. north side is very light in volume. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> flood waters along the mississippi. the problems continue to push south. >> the river is overwhelming several towns. the water has forced residents to make some difficult decisions. >> a frantic rush to stay ahead of the floodwaters continues in parts of mississippi. the house is losing right now. the city's 9 casinos have been swallowed by the water.
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taking away more than 9000 jobs. >> this is a flood of a generation. this is a monumental flooding. >> down river in louisiana, crews rushed to finish a temporary living -- a temporary the day. the army corps of engineer may open the spillway, putting 13,000 structures and 25,000 people in jeopardy. >> i keep saying immense. it is hard to say how much water is in the system. this is the most that has been in the system. >> more water is on the way. >> as the mississippi overflows, broccoli roads, we take a look back at the countries tend deadliest floods. see the photos on
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>> a person is dead after a motorcycle and bus crash in randallstown. this was on liberty road. the driver of the motorcycle was taken to the hospital but later died. no word on the cause of that accident. reisterstown firefighter -- there was a crash and it remains under investigation. >> three baltimore county police officers will be honored later today for their heroic service. last year, their risk their lives to rescue a man from a burning building. police officers michael forish, zachary small, and michael lynch were dispatched to the fire. when they arrived, the home was fully engulfed in flames. they ran inside to help a victim
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get out. a man was trapped at the top of the stairs. the rescue was described. >> the judgment was a large judgment, probably 300 pounds. i'm not arnold schwarzenegger or anything. without the other officers, i do not know if it comes out the way it did. officer lynch ran outside and grabbed a garden hose. we started spraying up the stairs. we got him out of the way. >> all three officers will meet with president obama and tonight they will receive recognition at the wagner theatre in a special ceremony tonight. >> newt gingrich will run for the republican nomination for president in the 2012 election. a majority of americans do recognize his name.
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the announcement was made using social media and is becoming a trade. >> face time -- twitter it is an opportunity for candidates to push out the message in a real- time way and also to eliminate the editor. >> newt gingrich will make his first official speech as a candid it tomorrow. donald trump made it clear he is not a fan of the heat that comes with being a candid. he is shifting his focus on how the white house handled the death of osama bin laden. when asked if he will run, he said he is thinking seriously about it and will give americans an answer by june. the people who could decide to challenge the president in 2012, see our slide show that >> the five biggest oil company executives will head to
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washington, d.c., today. the issue is whether the companies will receive $2 billion in tax breaks. democrats say it will help bring down the deficit. republicans warn it could cause more pain at the pumps. shell, bp, and chevron would be affected. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think congress should eliminate tax breaks and subsidies to oil companies as they wrestle with bringing down the national debt? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> al qaeda it is accusing president obama of assassination in the death of osama bin laden. the leader was unarmed during the raid.
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there are promise serious consequences if the u.s. interest rates -- interrogates osama bin laden's wives. 54 degrees on tv hill. a shocking discovery. how one woman was kept in her home. >> 0 per pondered in chicago -- oprah honored in chicago. >> we will help you decide what to wear today -
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>> good morning, everyone. we have mostly clear skies right now. it will be another nice day. 59 downtown. slightly cooler in some of the suburbs. there's a touch of fog in some
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neighborhoods. 57 in annapolis. a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds. we will have a high temperature of around 74 degrees. we will come back and check the forecast for the upcoming weekend. >> the vermont man is in jail. he is charged with using a stun gun on his ex-wife. police say he hit it and waited for is ex-wife takoma and attacked her. he reportedly charged her with a stun gun. police say he tied her to a bed. a neighbor noticed all the strange activity and called police. it is believed the guy was upset about their divorce. the woman is being treated for minor injuries. four children were dead.
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a woman will be arranged. the woman faces four counts. ec left " the kids home alone and she went shopping -- she left the kids home alone and she went shopping. >> a special honor for oprah. she now has her own street in chicago. people crowded in front of the car broke studios -- harper zero studios. she is ending her talk show in a few weeks. this is her parting gift to oprah. oprah was overwhelmed by the honor. you can see her final episodes every weekday at 4:00 p.m. right here on wbal. >> we were looking for michael jordan, the statue for oprah. not going to happen. 54 degrees on tv hill.
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changes to your water bill. how it will affect your wallet. >> these advertisements could make you money. we'll explain how. >> 8 medevac operation in pride's -- a medivac operation
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not only cleans your toilet with every flush, but also freshens your entire bathroom. so even in between deep cleans, it's as fresh as any room in your home. for tips on a healthy home, visit >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> what is going on in carroll county? >> we have a medivac operation. if you, take old frederick road, that is what is the block.
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it is shut down between walkersville road and rte. 94 -- watersville road. we're still in great shape on the west side, the 55 miles per hour. 57 on the southbound j.f.x. south of the beltway. running smoothly on 95 coming out of the northeast. one accident on eastern avenue. in terms of problems elsewhere, the major roadways leading up to the beltway are checking out ok. there are no delays to report east or west down. this is traffic on the north side at york road. york road looks good as an alternate to the harrisburg expressway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to kurt kronke of the mta system. good morning. >> we're moving along nicely.
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we do have a few diversions. the eight bus with the diversion at 27th. on-time service on the light rail. metro subway on time. marc trains moving along on scheduled on the penn, camden, and brunswick lines. i am kurt kronke. now back to tony pann. >> it will be another nice day today. a few high, thin clouds around. temperatures will be about the same. 54 in jarrettsville. we pick up those high, thin clouds on the satellite. there is a lower cloud deck starting to come in. some patches of low clouds and a touch of fog in some neighborhoods. the atmosphere is changing. you can see the thunderstorms getting closer and, through west virginia. those are firing along the same boundary that we were talking about yesterday. all of this key to -- heat is
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starting to collapse. it is not quite as warm yesterday when i was showing you those temperatures. temperatures were in the mid to upper 70's. that bounder is falling apart and the heat is falling apart. everything will have a chance to move to the peace. there is a chance for some severe weather today. -- everything will have a chance to move to the east. a chance in western pennsylvania and maybe it garrett county later this afternoon in two parts of west virginia. it is getting closer to us. in a mixture of sunshine and clouds today. temperature around 74. tonight with a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm in the forecast, especially in the western suburbs. we will keep a chance for thunderstorms on friday.
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a much better chance over the weekend. saturday and sunday, 50%. i temperatures around 70. the active weather will continue into the beginning of next week. chances for showers and storms on monday and tuesday with temperatures in the 60's. >> the department of public works is overhauling the way they read meters. residents complained that their work on fair spikes in their bills. organizing staff to reduce times. officials say the current system is more than 30 years old. an upgrade cost as much as $100 million. hundreds of high-school seniors will still be able to receive scholarships. funding was ordered to be restores to see your store counted on a reward they earned
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for academic achievement. the government released a statement saying, they're tough choices and deep cuts to existing programs, it was never our intention to impact prior awards. the scholarships are good for any school in maryland. texting for cash. the textures also benefit. >> stepped onto a college campus and one thing is clear -- nearly everyone carries a cell phone. you can see what advertisers would like to get a piece of the action. the company wants to add danner advertisements to each of your text messages. the people you text will get an ad with every message. >> the higher value the ad will
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have. >> right now texting is advertising-free. how will your circle of friends feel about getting an ad with your message? >> absolutely not. i don't feel that would be appropriate. >> i would release them from my phone. >> there is already advertisements on everything else possible. >> with some much hostility towards the idea, why would anyone want to do it? >> the texture can make some money on this. >> high volume texters could eventually earn anywhere from a penny to 10 cents per text. >> advertisers are interested in specific types of advertisement. >> the next mountain to climb --
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finding a way to adorn your text messages with advertising links fruit banner ads -- throughout banner ads. >> you do not want to open a text and see an ad there? >> they plan to pay through prepaid visa cards. there will also donate money to your favorite charity. for more of formation, go to our website, you might lose some friends in the process. >> my kids might be able to pay for their own college. bobby flay is about to open a new burger joint right here in baltimore. jane king has the bloomberg business report.
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good morning to you. >> we do get the latest weekly jobless claims numbers. retail sales. lots of economic data today. futures looking lower here. we're keeping an eye on april retail sales. that comes about an hour ahead of the opening bell. it seems shoppers are spending money, despite higher prices at and at grocery stores. strong sellers include jewelry and private home items. we're setting up for a lower start to things. the commodity prices just got whacked yesterday. that is boosted concern about rising inflation. there is the result on how traded on wall street yesterday. crude is back down today.
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there is a hearing on capitol hill with some of the big oil companies. they will come before the senate finance committee. democrats will grow them of giving up tax breaks to help reduce the nation's deficit. college kids may be looking forward to their summer vacation. in the fall, bobby flay will open up bobbies burger palace in the varsity. the restaurant is scheduled to open up on september 1. they never had restaurants like that when i was in college spirit back to you. >> i understand you have some information about mickey mouse becoming an english teacher. >> he is a popular teacher in china. teaching chinese children how to speak english. disney has these all over china.
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it is big business and it makes it more fun by using characters from movies. my son max watched "wall-e" last night. >> i hope it is not in a higher- pitched mickey mouse voice. thank you. >> 54 degrees on tv hill. coming up, we'll get another look at your morning commute with traffic and weather together. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. do you think congress should eliminate tax breaks and subsidies to oil companies as they wrestle with bringing down the national debt? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to
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>> 8 ravens superstar was out and about. >> ray rice paid a surprise visit. students from elementary school received awards after more than 200 of them promise to be active for a least 60 minutes a day. ray rice ask them to continue their good habit to during the summer months. >> stay active, eat healthy. do the right thing in school. >> the school was randomly selected from all baltimore area schools that participated in the program. >> 54 degrees on tv hill. coming up -- >> some lawmakers say big oil is not paying its fair share. i am kate amara in washington.
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>> it will be another nice day today. we do have some rain in the forecast for the weekend. >> progress to report on that accident in mount airy. we will che3q
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odors... my busy family has them.
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so it's a good thing our new air wick odor detect senses thousands of odors. and automatically releases a burst of freshness... that everyone can enjoy. >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us this morning. let's check weather and traffic. >> good morning. another nice one today and things will change over the weekend. it has been a fantastic stretch of weather. we will get one more nice one in today. partly cloudy skies right now. 52 degrees at the airport. it will be nice this afternoon. a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds. a high temperature around 74.
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the atmosphere is changing. rain will be moving east this weekend. >> we were off to a bit of a rough start in mount airy. everything has been cleared along old frederick road near route 94. you cannot travel there. everything is out of there. -- you can now travel there. no promises on the west side. 95 coming out of the north east continues to run smoothly -- no problems on the west side. a live view of traffic. this is conditions at frederick road on the west side. so far so good. volume building just a bit in the outer loop. 95 from white marsh continues to run smoothly. out of harford county and out of cecil county. a nice ride down to the fort mchenry. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> honored for their heroic
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service, that is will happen to three baltimore county police officers. >> the man risked their lives to rescue a man from a burning building. jennifer franciotti has more on this story. >> neighbors remember the fire that woke them on halloween. it happened on clarendon avenue. >> neighbors or out in their nightgowns. smoke was coming from the top of the house. there were fire engines. >> the police officers michael forish, zachary small, and michael lynch were dispatched to the fire around 5:30 a.m. the officers ran inside to help a man trapped at the top of the stairs. by phone, he talked about what happened. >> the judgment was a large gentleman, 300 pounds. i'm not arnold schwarzenegger. without officer forish and
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officer lynch, i'm not sure this comes out the way it did. he ran out to get a garden hose and started spraying up the stairs while we got him out of the way. >> officers michael forish, zachary small, and michael lynch will be honored in our nation's capital. they will meet with president obama and receive recognition in a special award ceremony. >> good to be able to be recognized. it is a nationwide award. they pick candidates from across the nation. that fact alone is humbling. >> that was jennifer franciotti reporting. congratulations to them. police continued to search for a gunman who shot and killed a man in downtown baltimore. shots were fired on north eutaw street wednesday morning.
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the identity of the person found dead in the inner harbor is still not known this morning. police pulled a male body from the inner harbor yesterday afternoon. the body was found near light street. an autopsy is underway. vandals in south baltimore. two residents will go to find their car windows broken out. residents say vandals have been hitting about six cars a night for the past three weeks. if you have information, give baltimore city police a call. senate democrats are taking aim at big oil today. >> ceo's have been called to capitol hill. kate amara has more with how this decision could affect the consumer. >> good morning.
5:35 am
republicans warn the plan to cut subsidies could just cause more pain at the pump. around $4ces howver a gallon, -- >> the pain is big oil cost profit. >> taxpayers would save $21 billion over 10 years. money that would go to pay down the deficit. >> we're st. enough already to big oil. you don't need the taxpayer giving you an extra hand out to help. >> the bill towards the five biggest oil companies. their top executives have been called to testify. the leading republican called the measure a tax hike the lead to a price spike at the pump. >> the oil industry said it is
5:36 am
being unfairly targeted. the american petroleum institute said security would take a big hit. >> there is no way to think that raising taxes would help every american family. >> the bill is expected to hit the senate floor next week. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think congress should eliminate tax breaks and subsidies to oil companies as they wrestle with bringing down the national debt? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> 5:36. 54 degrees on tv hill. a new device will revolutionize amputees. of deputi >> a true miracle. however little boy it overcame the odds. >> we will let you know what to
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expect if you're heading out on
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>> welcome back. all is quiet on this thursday morning. 59 degrees downtown. we will have another nice day
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today. it will change going into the weekend. we have some rain to talk about. there's a touch of fog in some neighborhoods. 55 in westminster. a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds with a high temperature around 74. we'll come back and take a look of the weekend forecasts. stay with us. >> a new prosthetic device is expected to revolutionize the so far, 10 people have had this new device inserted in their leg. the devices have caused irritation or ulcers. paramedical coverage continues online. you confine some help with allergies. we have posted six steps to help
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fight the system. it is apt wbtt >> a boy is 3 feet tall and received lungs four inches long. there was a marked difference weeks after the transplant. good for him. 54 degrees on tv hill. the orioles went the second of 83-game series. we're meeting mark turgeon -- the orioles win the second of a three-game series. this is a beautiful morning. will help you prepare for your day with weather and traffic.ea
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning.
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sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. if you're heading out in the next few minutes, let's check on the area roadways. the entire beltway is running smoothly. 57 miles per hour on the j.f.x. and a nice ride on the harrisburg expressway. if you're traveling in glen bernie, 46 miles park and southbound 97 at 100. 295 looks good. we're up to speed through howard county. this is liberty road. traffic is still pretty light. no promise to report down. 95 on the south side. the key bridge looks good. everything running smoothly across the bay bridge as well. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to kurt kronke of the mta system. good morning to you. >> we're moving along nicely. a slight delay on the metro
5:45 am
subway eastbound, about 10 minutes. bus diversions on the 14 and 51 buses. the eight bus is diverting at 27. on-time service on penn, camden, and brunswick lines. i am kurt kronke. now back to tony pann. >> it will be another beautiful day today. things will change as a move into the weekend. it will turn a kind of active. it has been smoothed over the past five days. it will become that active by this weekend and the beginning of next week. 54 degrees in jarrettsville. a bit of fog in some neighborhoods. we can see some high, thin cloud cover spilling in from pennsylvania. it will make for a beautiful sunrise in a few minutes. it will add some caller on the horizon just before 6:00 a.m.
5:46 am
we can see some thunderstorms moving across west virginia and ohio. this is the dividing line between the hot air and the comfortable stuff that we're in. this heat is starting to collapse. temperatures are not as warm off to the west. that allows the atmosphere and everything moves to the east. we will be in that shower and thunderstorm activity by the time we get to the weekend. most of these storms will be in the southern plains. wind gusts over 60 miles per hour. there is another area of concern for severe weather that is pretty close to home. western virginia -- west virginia and western maryland. everything is progressing to the east. a nice day today. high temperature around 74 degrees. a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm tonight. mostly in the western suburbs.
5:47 am
another sign that things are starting to move. a 30% chance for a thunderstorm on friday. we increased the chance of to 50% on both saturday and sunday. temperatures will be around 70 degrees both days. temperatures below average on monday and tuesday. we'll be below average all the way through the beginning of next week. fantastic today. things start to change tomorrow. rain over the weekend. >> 10 years ago, the power plant breathed new life into that part of town. this was a destination for visitors. we have more on the next chapter of the venue and for downtown. >> power plant live has become a destination for concert, food, and night live. now it is going -- it is
5:48 am
undergoing renovation. >> you have to keep moving forward. >> david cordish is the original developer of the area. a new roof over the outdoor stage has been added to allow bands to play even in the rain. a new screen shows ravens and orioles games. mort new places are on the way, including a beer garden. >> this expansion will beat people and baltimore will have a reason to come to baltimore when they want to have a good time, and they will have jobs. >> power plant live is holding a job fair in june. people hoped to revamp all of downtown baltimore and convert older, and the buildings into
5:49 am
new businesses and residential space. >> we have sent out letters to talk about conversion of properties. we will be trading even better spaces, which residents want. we will not be seeing new projects for a couple of years. >> they hope this is a first step that will jump-start their vision of a new downtown. >> we can be even more competitive and to bring people into the suburbs and in from washington, pa. because there's more to do. >> kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. so >> of the new venues already opened and some should be operational by july. >> police continue to search for the gunman who shot and killed a man in downtown baltimore. shots were fired on north eutaw street on wednesday morning. the victim later died. the authorities have yet to
5:50 am
identify a body found in the middle river. the body was discovered on wednesday. it appears the victim was struck by a train. amtrak police are investigating. two people had to be rushed to the hospital after a collision in moncton that happened last night at hunter mill road. one of the victims had to be flown by medevac. their conditions are not known. >> 54 degrees on tv hill. so much more ahead -- >> including a look at one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck. [ horns honking ]
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[ whistle blows ] [ male announcer ] can the network you live on handle the computers, tvs and technology you can't live without? ♪ verizon fios can. get the power and speed of america's largest 100% fiber optic network. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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>> this morning we asked -- do you think congress should eliminate tax breaks and subsidies to oil companies as they wrestle with bringing down the national debt? >> keep sending us those responses. we will post more of your
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answers on the front page of >> good morning, everybody. the orioles needed a big effort from chris tillman. they got it. the birds beat felix hernandez and the mariners 4-2. they go for the sweeping tonight. tillman gets this guy. luke scott past a diving adam kennedy. the inning not over yet. adam jones is play as well as i seen him. there is nothing he is not doing on the field. a clutch two-run triple. luke scott and vlad guerrero score.
5:55 am
the orioles want to win. four hits for adams. they beat felix hernandez. adam jones is playing out of his mind right now. a full field looks to go to post to the previous three that includes animal kingdom, who settled into his new home in cecil county. trainer graham motion east the champ back into race shape with an easy gallup. he got into cecil county couple of days ago. he will get a hard workout this weekend. dialed in could also raise. that is one good-looking colt. mark turgeon may not have been the first choice to replace gary
5:56 am
williams, but he is the first choice now. he was introduced at comcast center yesterday. mark said he will talk to gary williams and will likely keep 1 or two members of the coaching staff. the miami heat beat the celtics. adam jones is carrying the orioles at a time when they were on the skids. >> there is a softer side to him. >> i hear that. >> thank you, keith. >> the red cross is asking for some support. >> how google wants to give you control over your home matter where you are. >> fighting animal abuse.
5:57 am
house and star athletes are helping the cause -- how some star athletes are helping the cause. >> we do have some rain in the forecast. >> how about the area roads? we will check on your morning commute.
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i'm not just looking for deals, i'm looking for the hottest fashion. i get a lot of ideas just walking around the city. it's like a fashion show out there. then, i negotiate directly with designers... so you get the savings. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. >> it is not just firefighters who rushed into dirty billings. police officers doing, to -- it police officers doing, to -- it is notches firefighter


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