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tv   Today  WBAL  May 12, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're back with more "today" on a thursday morning, the 12th of may, 2011. warm and sunny in new york city. we like that a lot. hopefully it's nice where you're waking up as well. nice to see these people standing around this morning. inside the studio i'm matt lauer along with al roker and natalie morales. speaking of the sun we're going to talk about how to enjoy it safely. this morning we're going to talk to a dermatologist about how to
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protect your skin and how to recognize a problem, a little spot that you perhaps would say is not the kind you should have and how to know what's a good mark on your skin versus a bad mark. sometimes it's a very subtle difference. >> melanoma is one of the cancers that causes the most deaths. >> it goes undetected. >> plus, bristol palin in the headlines, sporting a new look these days. some have suggested she's had plastic surgery and what bristol is saying about the change in her appearance. she's finally speaking out. we'll take a look at bristol before and after. and the top five places to retire according to "money" magazine from wyoming to the eastern shore of maryland, they look at places with senior economics, especially when it comes to tacks. we're going to run down the list for you. first we're going to get a check of the headlines. ann had to leave a little early and you're going to take care of it. >> that's right. as officials pore through
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osama bin laden's pretty journals. officials also say bin laden wrote about ways to secretly plant al qaeda operatives in the u.s. officials along the mississippi delta are facing a difficult decision as the river tops out at record levels. the river has already caused historic flooding in the south as it surges toward the gulf of mexico. officials are now deciding whether to open a major spillway in louisiana, flood 3g million erics of vir ill land. thousands spent the night outdoors after fear of aftershocks after the worst earthquake in 50 years. two tremors hit lorca sending buildings tumbling to the ground, killing at least eight people. there are new fear this morning at japan's fukushima's
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nuclear plant. one of the reactors has a leak. exposure of those rods would put the plant at risk of a catastrophic full meltdown but the plant's operator says the rod is table and cool at this time. the house armed services committee has delayed a vote on obama's new policy that would allow gays to serve openly in the military. meantime the governor of delaware signed that bill into law last night. evangelist billy graham was admitted to a north carolina hospital yesterday after a bout of pneumonia. they say the 92-year-old was alert and resting comfortably. lava poured out last night. the new eruption is getting more attention than usual because italy's bicycle race passes through. they're going to have a good view of that. a plane hit by lightning in midair provided these
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spectacular images. the bolt passed harmless through through the emirates airbus that hat about 580 people on board iechlts a nice picture, but you wouldn't want to be on a plane. has happened to you? the wing got struck b lightning. >> delta shuttle had like a st. el momo elmo's fire. was on a plane when a little gremlin -- have you seen that? >> in fact, you were sharing a plane with william shatner. >> and there were snakes in the aisle. >> let's -- >> that was a good episode. >> "twilight zone." let's check it out for you. unfortunately our friends in mississippi are going to be suffering for days to come. in vicksburg, it crested 57.5 feet. as we look today to show you
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what happened as far as the weather is concerned, we've got big problems. slight risk of strong storms to the west of the mississippi but they will be looking at anywhere from 1 to 2 inches from memphis to vicksburg. tomorrow o dropping anywhere from 1 to 3 inches all >> nice, quiet start for us this thursday. temperatures and low but on the cool side, but we will make it into the seventies again. a mixture of sunshine and a few >> and that's your latest weather. now to bristol palin's new look. eyebrows are being raised about her big change in appearance.
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show's speaking out for the first time and nbc's kristen welker has the details. good morning, kristen. >> good morning to you, al. bristol said she is thrilled to no long vir a, quote, chubby little baby face and she insists cosmetic surgery had nothing to do with it. bristol palin's sleep profile had many doing a double take at the white house correspondents dinner. >> many people were saying who is that next to sarah palin. nobody could recognize bristol. her face had dramatically changed. >> the daughter of former alaska governor sarah palin said in an interview she had corrective jaw surgery loochling at the difference before and after. >> bristol told us that she had corrective jaw surgery are for medical reasons so that her teeth and jaw could correctly align and she knew for years that she was going to have to have this surgery. >> reporter: bristol told the magazine she's absolutely
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thrilled with the results. >> she's definitely full in the cheeks. >> reporter: this doctor wo has not treated palin says her higher cheekbones and seemingly similar face suggest there may be something more to this story. >> she may have also had a little bit of fat removed from the cheeks to define the rest of the face. it's a medically indicated procedure and it's also cosmetically beneficial. >> reporter: but the 20-year-old tells ""us weekly"" i wouldn't get plastic surgery unless i got in an accident or something terrible and got disfigured. i don't obsessor over my face. bristol was thrust onto the national stage in 2008 when her mother became the republican vice-presidential nominee and she became one of the country's most famous unwed teen mothers. le but bristol would soon take her own place at the podium as an unlikely spokesperson for abstinence education. >> i was out here just trying to tell teens that is hard work,
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this is a real jobful it's a 24-hour-a-day job. it's not like an accessory on your hip. it's hard work. >> reporter: last year she found her stride placing third on abc's ""dancing with the stars."" now a new reality show is reportedly in the works set to follow bristol's move to los angeles with her son trib. she says her showbiz career didn't play a role in choosing to go under the knife. slim chance of that. >> whatever she's had done looks really good on her. >> palin says she also look as little different because she lost about five pounds and she said she is feeling just great. al? >> kristen welker, thanks so much. now here's natalie. al, thank you. now we'll today to "today's
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health" and sun safety. skin cancer if detected early has a high cure rate. plus if you take the right precauti precautions you can significantly reduce your risk. doctor, good morning. good to have you here. it's a crucial time to start doing body checks. >> absolutely. skin cancer really needs to be detected early. if it's not detected early it's not as curable. one in five americans is going to develop skin cancer at some time in their lifetime and one person dies every hour from melanoma. the earlier it is detected the better it is. >> where should we be doing body checks? where should we look? >> they're dependent on the actual individual. you should determine your risk base on your risk factors. do you have genetic history? do you have lots of moles all
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over your body. are they different sizes and shapes? do you spend a lot of time outdoors? if you had one blistering sun burn, you increase your risk of developing skin cancer by two-fold. you want to take all of these things into account when you determine how frequently you should be doing your body checks. best to see a dermatologist and determine how many times a year you should be seen and when you are doing your body checks, it's great go into a bathroom with great light and start at the top of your head, look all the way down to the bottom of your toes, everywhere in between. look between your toes, your fingers, areas where the sun doesn't shine. it doesn't matter. i tell people to strip down to their birthday suts and check. >> i've heard of people who sadly saw what looked like a pin dot, it turned out to be melanoma and they died. personally. i've experienced that with a
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friend. let's talk about the a, b, c, and do melanoma. >> asymmetry. you want your mole to be symmetric ka ol' both sides. if one side is different, that could be a problem. you don't want the mole to have any irregularity to it. >> b is for border. how is that different for asymmetry that we saw there. >> there should be a sharp border. there shouldn't be no notching. it should be clear, not fuzzy. >> it should be regular. >> it should not be irregularly. you can see that it should be very well demar indicated. the border should be sharp, very clean looking, a straight line in some way. >> c is for color. as we look at colors, all these different colors, what do you not want to see. >> you want the color to be all tones of color. you don't want different shades of brown or black. you don't want a color that
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mixes red or black or a little bit of gray in it. it really should be one color. >> certainly scaling or bleeding, anything like that -- >> these definitely always an indicator that something at snooish d is for diameter. size is important as well. >> we usually say the size of a pencil eraser, about 6 millimeters about about the cut-off. you want to have it looked at to make sure it's not an issue. not that all moles that are bigger than 6 millimeters are a problem, but they can be. >> what if you see it changing in size? is that usually an indicator or could it just be a -- >> it could be e, evolving, and that's a big problem. this thing i find often very reliable is a person will come in and say this mole has changed. it's irregular, slightly change, irregular in color, itchy.
9:13 am
usually it's an indicator that something is going on. exclusively it's just infamiliar torey but i like the evolving. >> melanoma not the only type of skin cancer. there are two other types. >> melanoma is the deadliest and can cause the most problem but basil and squamous. basil usually presents with a red or a dry scaling patch. it can look like a pimple that doesn't heal. and squamous cell carcinoma also can present as a scaling patch, usually in very chronically sun-exposed areas. you see this in people who are very fair, spent a lot of time outdoors. >> keep track of your moles and go in for checks if you can. thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up next, the top five places to retire and get the most for your money and a little later on bobby thomas is here with all your warm weather beauty needs.
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on "today's money" finds the best play to retirement today one of your most important decisions is financial. so which towns in america give you the most bang for your buck? donna, great to see you. >> great to be here. >> you crunched these numbers at "money" magazine and you've got a list. six key components. state income tax, sales tax, median property tax, median home price, state bond rating, and budget shortfall. you can get the tax and home prices but why state bond ratings and shortfalls?
9:18 am
>> typically you look for a low cost of living and hospitals and lots to do now that you have free time. we look at places that have a strong fiscal health. a lot of places have budget problems and that could really raise taxes. fiscal weakness can lead to a higher tax down the road. >> two places people like to go to, florida and arizona, how do they rank? >> they're definitely retirement meccas. people love the sun and warm weather. but those two got hit hard by the housing bust. it could mean a lot of fiscal problems for people who live there. >> let's get to your top choices. first off, laramie, wyoming. it's a town with zero state income tarks 4% sales tax and akorgd to your list, 0% budget shortfall. >> it's a great place to live and to retire. it's great if you like biking.
9:19 am
it's, of course, for people who love the outdoors. university of wyoming is based there. that's attractive because you can take classes there. >> next is ames, iowa. why does it come in second on your list? >> it also has a very low cost of living. again, it's one of the few states that doesn't have any budget shortfall you can expect not to worry about higher tacks there. and it's great place to live. you may not think about ames, iowa. it's home of iowa state. hats a great lively downtown and it also is great place to take classes as well. >> and college football. bozeman, montana. i love that. not far from yellowstone national park, good college town. why did you choose this? >> no sales tax. no budget shortfall. it's a little more expensive. the median price in bozeman is
9:20 am
about $300,000. if you're looking for some place artsy, bloomington, indiana. galleries, muvgs theater. why would baby boomers like that? >> it's another university town so you have that going for you. a lot of university towns have good hospitals associated with it but significantly has a much lower cost of living there. the home prices there average $130,000. really below the national average. >> and then this one last town, i've not heard of it, st. michaels, maryland. >> it's a lovely place, right on the chesapeake bay. dick cheney has a home there as well. it's a wonderful place to live and retires really like it. it's not too far from washington, d.c., as well. >> thank you so much. you're giving us something to thing about. for some of us, they say we should retire pretty soon. from drab to fab in one day, wee going to show you how to turn your backyard into a relaxing living space. u.
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coming up, we've got a recipe for one of the best chocolate chunk cookies you will every eat from one of the best chefs. also get a jump start on your summer beauty rah teechblt
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> a sunny morning, and we will have plenty of sunshine during the day. temperatures start out in the 50's, and we go up into the 70's for the highs. forecast is a good one state wide. again, lots of sunshine, perhaps a few more clouds out to the
9:29 am
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so one has come up with a date night. we'll show you how it works tomorrowed on "today." coming up in this half hour, warm sunny days around the corner. >> we promise you they are. it's time to get in shape for summer. first we tackle your backyard. george ol' i fanlt is here. we are so in. that's perfect. and then we're also going to dig into your beauty bag from your hair to your face with bobby thomas. it's a whole summer makeover. and the bakery. they opened up just right outside our studio 1a. well, we've invited the head chef thomas keller over for a chat. and he's bringing us a couple of cookie recipes to share. >> conditioned wait. welcome to the neighborhood. first you've got a check of the weather for us, al.
9:32 am
>> absolutely. let's show you what's happening. we're looking at a risk for strong storms from east texas all the way uninto the mid plains. rain. slight risk of strong storms. rain in the ohio river valley. sunny along the east coast. then for tomorrow, mild weather in the east but rain movinings into the ohio river valley. sunny to mild and hot weather >> it is going to be another beautiful day. temperatures will make it into the 70's this afternoon. is school at the present time, so maybe in light ja
9:33 am
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this morning on "today's home," building your very own outdoor oasis and you can actually do it in one day. george oliphant came to their rescue in new jersey after debbie asked for his help. >> in 1997 my girlfriend, who is john's cousin, invite med to their family reunion, and that's how it started. we got married in june, and five months later, he had a stroke, which left him right side paralyzed, his arms paralyzed and also with afascia, which is the inability to communicate. i thought it would be great if i can put a sun porch on for him where he could interact with your neighbors. i asked george if he can come to my res are skew.
9:37 am
>> hi, george oliphant, i'm here to rescue you. ♪ >> all right. debbie, john, one, two, three. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> it looks like a different house. >> i know you're the handy man around the house. >> yes, sir. >> it's the least i can do. speesk handy, there was one thing i noticed on the side of the house, i took the liberty of fixing it. let me show you what i did. if you want to look up, you can. >> oh, my gochltd. >> did you really think i was just going to give you the front porch? >> oh, my god. >> is this an outdoor oasis or what? >> it's beautiful.
9:38 am
>> oh. so sweet. george to the rescue. george oliphant is here. we're all tearing up. he's doing a lot better now, isn't he? >> we did a revisit not that long ago and john is night and day. he's speaking more, much more activing loves the back and front porch and he's out there. >> you gave them an oasis. >> you can do all this in a day. it's great idea to extend your living area outside. ite going increase the value your home by having it nice and decorated. >> so you're investing in good furniture. >> it's going to get people to come and say i want to enjoy and be out there. outdoor furniture. it's fantastic because it has that indoor look, the indoor feel. if you feel the cushions, they're soft o but not hard. it's mold-resistmold-resistant. it can stachbd up to the
9:39 am
elements. this is stuff that can stay out all season long. >> so it's worth the investment to buy good quality outdoor furniture it's a little pricey but it's totally worth it because you're going to have it year after year, season after season and you don't have to throw i out to buy new stuff. >> fire pits are also something people are putting into their homes now. you don't haven't to dig underground. >> a lot of times people would dig in or get a gas line. there are tons of different options. i like this one. it's nice. if you have kids. it's portable. you can move it to doesn't parts of the yard. you can cook smo'mors on it. it has a screen. you can get these umbrellas at they're great because they add pops of color, they provide shade in the sun or in the winter with crisp evenings.
9:40 am
>> we like that. let's talk about summer entertainment. these things -- >> funny enough, that is not a stump and these are not rocks. they are actually speakers. >> speakers. >> these are with wires but you can get them remote as well. they don't have to be your typical speaker. you can have them as a pot for a plant, a birdhouse, a stump. they have them to look like fire hydrants or little dogs, animal figure reasonable. litter your yard. >> you have to have the big screen. >> this will survive the outdoors? >> this is from sun bright tv. it's down to negative 20 degrees all the way up to 20 degrees. so no matter how hot or cold, you're protected. you can get tints in your glass so you don't get the glare. >> nothing like watching the game outside. >> watch the game outside, listen to music, have a fire. >> and finally go green really quick. >> if you have trees noekt your
9:41 am
windows, it's going save on your energy bill, protect your house, shade your house, and has curb appeal. if you have a nice well manned lands cape on your house, kit add up to 20% on your home. >> that says it all. good job as always. so nice what you did for that couple. that's great. you can see "george to the rescue" this weekend on some local nbc stations. >> coming up next tom kelser making his version of chocolate chunk cookies. it doesn't get any better than that right after this. of activia. that's good. wow. this is really good. great flavor. it's really creamy, it's really tasty. ooh, wow! jamie lee curtis! it's activia. it's delicious. i am shocked. it's hard to believe it's that good for you. it's so good. try the fabulous taste of activia today. taste it, love it, or it's free. and now discover activia dessert. in rich, indulgent flavors like blueberry cheesecake.
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kitchen", chocolate chunk cookies. bouchon's with opening day. it's right across the plaza from our studio. the chefs are happy to be here, baking hard. they're baking sweet treats for customers. here we geev tt owner, thomas keller, the renowned chef who owned the french laundry and other restaurants. chef keller, welcome to the neighborhood. >> good to see you. excited to be here. >> we've been waiting for this day. >> i as well. certainly our entire staff as you saw hard at work. >> your chefs get in about 3:00, 4:00 in the morning? >> it depends. some get in as early as 2:00 in the morning to get the croissants in. >> they fit in with our lifestyle. you're making chocolate chunk cookie. it starts off like the basic chocolate chunk but you -- >> we're creaming our butter and
9:46 am
sugar. what the extra in there is molasses. it keeps it more moist. we know this growing up as chocolate chip cookies. we mix our salt with levining. >> any kind of special flour? >> just all purpose flour. >> the brownish color is from the molasses? >> exactly. it's not a lot. it's a tablespoon of molasses for this recipe but it does an amazing amount of work. we love the added flavor and more important the texture of it. >> what i think is interesting about these cookies, you add two eggs, you're also adding two kinds of chocolate chunks. >> we are. we like the different textures and flavors. this is our normal chocolate chip like a tollhouse chocolate chip that we're going to put in. there and this is a chocolate
9:47 am
chunk which is a gitard, san francisco, the texture is a little different and bitterness. that goes in there. >> and you mix that up. you scoop them up. you use an ice cream scoop? >> yes. it's a number 10. you could make them smaller. >> for you you may want to make them a little large sneer you know me too well. >> depending on the size is how long you -- >> my kryptonite is your peanut butter. >> we're going to add our butter cream to our peanut butter. of course, we have it like that. what you're going to do -- that's right. put as muff as you want. don't be bashful. look at that. perfect. if you lose your day job, come across the street.
9:48 am
we have night jobs for you. that's always possible. >> nutter butter is another one of my favors. this is a decadent version. >> we have a variety of things. these are french macaroons, different flavors here, carmel, minute, chocolate, peanut butter and jelly. our signature is our bouchon, similar to the brownny but more deck dechblt our chocolate chunk and double chocolate chunks petener butter nutter butter's here, an array of tarts, we have a beautiful mint we're doing. chocolate tart. these are wonderful. >> what are those? >> ho-40s. we harken back to the day where we don't -- these are wonderful. >> ho-ho, no, no. >> we've got peanut buttercups,
9:49 am
peppermint patties, carmel corn, whatever you want. we have. >> chef thomas keller, welcome to the neighborhood. >> thank you very much. good to be here. >> from golden locks to golden skin. first this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year.
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this morning on bobb by's beauty bakele bog by thomas is here with the last trends from eye-popping color and sunless tanning and hassle-free hair. like the sound of that. good morning. >> good morning. >> time go through your beauty bag and figure out what's old, what's new. >> it's a great time of year to toss everything old out and it's fun. color is huge. we saw it on the runway, oscar
9:52 am
de la renta. models were sporting bright vivid eyes. >> the summer look is bright eyes. >> pass on the black or brown. colorista is a kit at see for ya. you get this kit. $36 for $136 worth of makeup. eye shadows, lip palette. >> this great tool helps you pop it out and you can put it in this compact that comes with it to take it in your purse. you can experiment with the color this way. >> i love makeup forever because they're leading the curve. it's makeup that stays. it's waterproof. >> look at that bright pink. >> it actually stays out. look at my eyes. i had fun with purples and teal and played around with the colors. that will stay if you want to go swimming or anything. >> because makeup forever is forever. it's waterproof.
9:53 am
and nude. >> this is a backstage beauty secret. just like you use nude shoes to elon gang your legs, if you use nude, lit open up your eyes. >> you use it -- >> inside your eye and it will make your eye appear brighter and bigger. so it's an optic call illusion. a lot of makeup artists use it to give you a doey-eyed look. you have these at your local drugstores. many of these are made up of 50% water catching a lot of blogs. dr. jard has come u out with with a beebe cream. it evens out your complex. it's five products in one. >> because it's a lot of water if you have sensitive skin. >> yeah. there's a lot of buzz about this.
9:54 am
there's this magically cool powder it's cool. because it's 50% water. when you put it on your skin, it actually feels cool and like a liquid. >> like air conditioning. that's great. it blends in. >> over here it's about summer for the body. >> you've heard about spf in a pill. they do help your body's own damages mek niche from damage from the sun. but you still need spf. these are my favorite tanners. go to i have an article that explains all of these. >> these pads. >> these in particular are great because they're gloves that you slip your hand into and you can have more control when you apply color. so these dr. denese gloves are
9:55 am
really amazing. >> you have hair products that help with frizz? >> frizz ease from john freida. they say up to 11 days or until you wash it out. >> 11 days? >> 11 days straight. >> please tell me you're washing your hair in between. and wave rollers. everything on the table here is on and i've listward you can get it and the benefits. >> great stuff. we love it. thank you, bobbie. coming up, kathie lee and hoda are going to introduce you to
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update.
9:58 am
>> perfect week, weather-wise, and it continues for at least another day. more and more stores are out to the west and they are getting closer. eventually things will change. to date we keep at the same with lots of sunshine. by the end of the day friday and see the world in hd
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