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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  June 3, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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john collins says a check of the forecast. >> everybody i have encountered this morning has been light how did. >> that is you, john. >> yesterday was great. >> everybody feels the have a waeight lifted off their shoulders. clear as a bell outside. high pressure is sitting over the great lakes. it is favored us with great weather conditions. there storms up in the dakotas and minnesota -- severe storms up in the dakotas and minnesota. but check on the traffic with kim dacey -- let's check on the traffic with kim dacey. >> a serious crash on the
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topside of the beltway. the right lane at delaney valley disclosed. -- is closed. a train is blocking a roadway road.ould bind roaodbine this is a live look at the accident scene. boun dulaney valley road, the entrance ramp will be closed. is 50 at sandy point. there are some wind warnings on the bay bridge. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you. the top prosecutor makes a move to crack down on repeat poffenders. >> jennifer franciotti is live
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with more. >> a small number of violent offenders commit a large number of violent crimes. there is a new task force dedicated to the investigation of the violent repeat offenders. bealefeld is supporting the plan. says it will add focus. stricter penalties have been advocated for violent offenders. >> i was shot on the job in downtown baltimore. it was by repeat gun of fender, multiple of violent crimes in his pass. >> coming up, who is expected to lead this new units. reporting live, jennifer franciotti. >> testimony in their murder
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trial of gahiji tshamba will continue on monday. this week, witnesses were heard from. two officers who responded to the scene also took the witness stand. >> back up, please. >> he remained silent after he testified in court. he had just testified in the case of gahiji tshamba. tshombe is accused of first- degree murder. troll of the bullets struck and killed tyrone brown. >> there were portions of the testimony that were true. officers tshomba was backing up.
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there were shots fired during confrontation. >> hill demonstrated how the officer backed up but then moved forward. hill said brown began to back up and raised his hand. hill said he told his wife, "he is going for a gun." hill claimed to tshomba said, put your hands up. there were a series of gunshots. said to tshomba ran up on brown. >> mr. hill's testify on -- testimony was used to refute the testimony of his wife.
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we are sure that the experts and other witnesses will confirm that mr. hill had the position of the two people in reverse. >> barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> new video of a tornado striking massachusetts. the woman stayed with the video. the twister toppled trees. the storm caused the first tornado-related death in years. a woman found her cat. erlin was deadr after the tornado flattened her house. she is so happy. learn how a tornado forms on our website. we have the latest on the
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cleanup efforts in joplin, missouri. just click on whetheeather. >> in with a new food pyramid. it is a map of what you played should look like it will time -- of what your plate should look like at mealtime. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think the new food icon highlighting portion control will be more effective in encouraging healtier diet choices than the old food pyramid? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> i like that. 57 degrees on tv hill. a frantic search for a 17-month old. >> the national spelling bee.
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>> good morning. friday morning. there is the skycam view. first light of dawn. 65 degrees downtown. some of the suburban readers are getting closer to 50. ' could be in the 40 you can see that blue coming down from canada and reaching down into pennsylvania. it is a bit chilly. this air is very dry. it contains no rain.
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we get some of the rain at the picture. details on the full forecast coming up. >> the search continues for the body of a boy after it cognac accident in the bio -- after a kayak accident near the ohio- indiana line. his life jacket was found about a mile downstream. mother and boyfriend frantically called 911. investigators are calling this a tragic accident. a raging wildfire continues in eastern arizona. high wind and dry conditions is feeling that blaze which is burning at steep terrain. it has zero containment right
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now. >> the final round of the national spelling bee came down to this. >> e-y-m-o-t-r-i-c-h-o-u-s. [cheers] >> wow. >> sukanya roy won the annual contests. she spelled "cymotrichous." she will receive more than $40,000 in cash and prizes. final-round was broadcast on espn. that is easy to spot spell them
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cymotrichous. >> prices jumped again for your morning coffee. >> missing for a year. the jury this animal talk that is amazing -- the journey to this animal ta (announcer) while there are some home disasters you can't avoid, there is one you can. septic system breakdowns affect 1.2 million homes each year. septic backups can cost about six thousand dollars in expense, and countless hours of repair. rid-x. help save yourself from disaster.
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>> dozens of maryland teenagers sign a promise not to text and
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drive. they learned how to drive around big rigs. this is part of an effort to keep teenagers safe. so more is one of the deadliest times on the road for teenagers travers. you can sign the pledge on a websites. there is disturbing data on distracted driving at you will find a link on our home page. >> there was a story driven by a student. >> they hear from their peers more than adults. >> they can keep each other honest. we do have a serious crash on the topside of the beltway. the right lane of the outer loop is blocked. in carroll county, woodbine road
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trainsed because they see a csx is stopped on the road. police are on the scene. we have the report of an accident at north point. this is a live look at the crash scene on the topside of the beltway. that ramp is going to be block to northbound delaney valley. this is 50 at sandy point. very light volume if you're heading down to the beach. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. >> we have a good ride so far. 36 line is diverting at washington boulevard and monroe. the 8 line is operating with a few minutes of delays.
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penn, camden, and brunswick lines reported no delays. now back to john collins. >> good morning and thank you. big area of high pressure has kept us high and dry. heavy thunderstorms in the dakotas and minnesota. these boxes indicate thunderstorm watches. that is where all the weather will be at, to the west. for us, nice. it was warm yesterday. we had a nice breeze. this morning, we're starting out quite a bit cooler. temperatures in the 60's, 50 's. 54 in easton.
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edgewood, 60. frederick, 52. .0's in western maryland rise is where we usually bottom out temperature-wise. you can see where this area of high pressure is. some clouds are beginning to drift towards us. storms are coming out from the west. ulman this will be close to to us by the end of the weekend -- storming this will be closer to us by the end of the weekend. that is where all the action is expected to be during the day today. sunshine and pleasant conditions today. 80 for the high. small craft advisory is out now
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but there will be dropped at 6:00. northwest winds, 10 to 15 knots. water temperature is in the mid 70's. dry conditions for us until we get to saturday. this is the clout and is beginning to move them -- this is the cloudiness that is beginning to move in. we have not had a significant rate for a couple of weeks -- significant rain. try and around 80 at ocean city -- dry and around 80 as ocean city. the brain chance the day looks good -- the rain chance today looks good.
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averages warm but not a bad forecast -- temperatures warm but not a bad forecast. >> the u.s. government sells its remaining interest in chrysler to fiat. fiat will pay 5 $40 million. -- $500,000. the deal gives fiat in majority stake in chrysler. u.s. government will no longer hold any stake in the bottom -- in the water company. starbucks is raising package prices 70%. $14.95 per pound. >> ice-cream shops hope you will be to the heat with some new
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interesting flavors. jane king has the bloomberg business report. tgif. >> happy friday to you too. we're seeing more hacker attacks. there was an attack on lockheed martin. the impact on the defense department was minimal. that is based on information that lockheed martin shared with the defense department. month in china may be behind this attack -- someone in china may be behind this attack. jobs are front and center. futures are quieter. there was a mixed close yesterday.
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shoppers are becoming more budget conscious. a deal may be brewing. a possible joint bid for foster's. from beer to ice cream. more sellers looking for unique flavors. flavors like french toast and butter popcorn ice cream. that is business. i'm jane king. i once had black pepper ice cream. it was pretty good. >> i will try french toast ice cream. >> more on-line companies
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looking to go public. >> we saw this coming. groupon sent a memo about the potential i.p.o. they are trying to raise ,000. >> coming up, we'll get another look at your morning commute with traffic and weather together. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. do you think the new food icon highlighting portion control will be more effective in encouraging healtier diet choices than the old food pyramid? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to a wipe is a wipe
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>> a dog missing for an entire year has returned. >> he wandered hundreds of years from his colorado home -- hundreds of miles. >> buster brown is going home after he was reported missing. employees were able to track down his owner things to a microchip. >> she has been looking for him. she kept his stuff in the house. she thought maybe he was stolen or maybe a mountain lion got him. >> i was thrilled that we got him. >> the happy reunion almost did not happen.
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>> we tried the phone numbers. they were all phone numbers. sent out our 10-day letter. >> on the day before he was to go for adoption, the owner called the animal shelter, excited her dog had been found. how he ended up in salinas may forever be a mystery. went across five states -- he went across five states. buster isto work busthere from is hidden under his skin. >> we would have done our best to get him adopted. he has an error there will be
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excited to get him back. >> that is so cool. >>-- he has an owner that will be excited to get him back. >> gregg bernstein says he has a plan to keep repeat violent plan to keep repeat violent offenders off the
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us this morning. let's check the weather and traffic on this friday morning. >> it is cool out there. if you need to complain about the weather -- we need rain. we do have some rain in the
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forecast. a local this morning. -- a little cool this morning. 54 at the airport. humidity is down. walmart downtown, 65 degrees -- warmer downtown. coming up in just a minute. >> the topside of the beltway is not looking too great. we have a new accident on the topside of the bell what approach to the harrisburg expressway -- top side of the beltway. the ramp has reopened, but police are still on the scene. carroll county, woodbine road
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still remains closed because of a train. is a serious crash where police are on the scene in directing traffic. bull lane closures -- possible closures. this is the beltway west of york road. traffic is moving just fine. here is the accident at 83. traffic is moving fine in both loops. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story involves repeat violent offenders. >> i plan to get them off the streets. jennifer franciotti is live with more. >> gregg bernstein says a large number of violent crimes are being committed by a small number of repeat offenders.
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is creating a special unit to attack the problem. stricter penalties have been called for. >> i was shot on the job in downtown baltimore. it was by repeat gun offender, multiple violent crimes in his pass. >> gregg bernstein's unveiled his plans for keeping suspects like that off the street. the new unit will be dedicated to the prosecution of violent repeat offenders. >> by imprisoning these repeat offenders, i believe we will -- we will make baltimore a safer place to live and work. >> the native will work with local police to make sure violent repeat offenders stay
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behind bars longer. >> he shares my dedication to making baltimore safer. most important goal for our citizens. >> this is great news that we will get an added push and an added focus on this very narrow pull to people -- narrow ppool ool of people. back to you. >> looking for a missing woman. she was last seen on monday in temple hills. she is an african american female. we're told she is about 5 foot 3 inches tall. may be driving a green saturn with maryland registration.
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if you have any information on her whereabouts, contact prince george's police. the search for missing baltimore city fire cadet will continue later this morning. 20-year-old rodney goggins was reported missing on tuesday. arsis say his socks and shoes were inside the car -- sources say his socks and shoes were found inside the car. >> we are hopeful. as of now, no news is good news. no news is good news. >> something was picked up near the bridge, but so far, no recovery by sonar dogs. >> mitt romney is the sixth
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republican to announce his republican candidacy. he offered his bid for the job before a large crowd of supporters at a new hampshire farm. >> the next president of the united states. >> mitt romney used a sparkling day to deliver a speech based on patriotism and the founding principles of the country. >> each of us, is from different backgrounds. we are united by one great overwhelming passion. we love america. we believe in america. >> he also went on the attack, blasting the first years of the obama administration. >> you have had your chance. of the ones who are just getting
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started. >> he also weaved in his overall message -- putting the country back to work. away from the crowd, we had a chance to sit down with the former governor. he says he has enjoyed the colorful figures that have made their way into the national discussion. >> they are generating a lot of enthusiasm. that is a good thing. >> now as an official candidate, he enters the field as the immediate front runner. time will tell if this is the start of a journey that will take him where he wants to go. >> i am running for president. [cheers] >> 5:37. 57 degrees on tv hill.
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we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. ♪ >> scientists believe they have
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found a new found of resistant mrsa bacteria in cow's milk. is genetically different to existing strains. cows could be a source for mrsa. pasteurizing their milk could -- people in close contact to cattle could be in high risk for the infection. >> the e. coli strain that has killed 70 people has never been seen before -- has killed 17 people. than 1500 others have fallen ill. operate has affected eight european countries. the markets have not been affected. >> 57 degrees on tv hill.
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game two of the nba finals. we have the highlights. >> investors bracing for bad numbers on the jobs front. numbers on the jobs front.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. we have some updated information on the accident on the beltway that is on the ramp to northbound 83, blocking the right lane. have a crash cleanup on the ramp to north dulaney valley road. police are still on the scene. be aware of that. woodbine road remains closed because of a stopped csx train.
5:45 am
we have the report of the next north point at sparrows point. this is the beltway west of york road. it is looking good there. the beltway at the harrisburg expressway. blocking the ramp to northbound 83. looking good of the inner and outer loops. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. >> we still have a good ride for rail commuters. drought and natural continued to run problem-free -- light rail and metro continued to run problem-free. the 36 wind continues to be diverted at washington and
5:46 am
monroe. -- the 36 line. back to john collins. >> readings are still above the average. this high pressure will be drifting eastward today. we're still in great shape. the only significant weather is in the dakotas. the bad weather is a long way away from us. 66 in annapolis. temperatures are warmer down near the bay. the wind is not coming off the bay. 67 in ocean city. frederick, 48 degrees. there are some upper 40's, including western maryland. clear skies overhead.
5:47 am
you do see high, thin clouds. here is the high-pressure. that will be the major influence on our weather today. the high pressure is influencing that. the humid stuff is down to the south. we are in pretty good shape. another nice one today. 78 to 83 is the temperature range today. good conditions until we hit saturday evening. then some clouds begin to drift in. that is the leading edge of a rain chance. on sunday, we could see a few scattered showers. we could use the rain.
5:48 am
the forecast for ocean city includes great weather and maybe a chance for some rain. still a bit breezy, especially during the morning hours. by sunday, we could see scattered showers and thunderstorms. tetris will be around 80 at the beach -- temperatures will be around 80 at the beach. seven-day forecast. 81 today. most of the weekend will be ok. saturday rain chances after dark. sunday may be the only fly in the white meant -- in the ointment. rain chances back in the forecast next week. week.'s for highs next
5:49 am
>> the government's anticipated monthly jobs report is out today. that could indicate whether the economy is on the road to recovery. >> economists are expecting bad news today. company is hired fewer than 100,000 people in may. investors bracing for jobs numbers today. the key reports from the labor department offering another glimpse into the health of the economy. >> the economic fundamentals are still grim. we are still in the middle of a rocky recovery. >> dismal reports gave gloomy readings on economic growth. continued declines in housing prices. >> the recovery is really losing
5:50 am
momentum. >> unemployment claims remained stubbornly high. government sector laying off 20,000 workers each month. >> a lot of economic had winds pushing against the kind of growth we need to get out of this. >> to get back to 4.4% the comet would have to add 100,000 jobs a month for three straight years. >> 57 degrees on tv hill. so much more ahead -- >> including a look at one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. plus -- >> back to the quorum for the nfl -- back to the court room for the nfl.
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>> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> this morning we asked -- do you think the new food icon highlighting portion control will be more effective in
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encouraging healtier diet choices than the old food pyramid? >> amanda posted on our facebook page -- keep sending us those responses . we will post more of your answers on the front page of >> nfl owners and players meet again today. the owners appear to have the upper hand on this side of the litigation. for the first time, it looks like negotiations have finally started to make a breakthrough. the commissioner and owners and players association officials met secretly this week on wednesday and thursday in chicago with a federal mediator. the judge canceled next week's mediator sessions because he said the two sides are engaged
5:55 am
in discussions. both sides released a joint statement yesterday, saying they will honor the judge's wishes for continued confidentiality. it looks like the sides have reached the point where they realize litigation will not get the deal done. it appears they are finally focused on going that route. more will we see you later tonight at 6:00 p.m. i'm gerry sandusky. >> if you didn't stay up late last night, missed a game. you cannot tell it was stripped 's non-keys'dirk nowitzki shooting hand was injured.
5:56 am
emmy had the lead -- miami had a lead in the third quarter. nowitzki goes on a tear. he hits the 3-pointer that gave dallas the lead. mario chalmers sank this shot. check out this move by nowitzki. spam and moved -- spin move. here is a desperation shot. clagn. off the rim. -- clang. game 3 will be played on sunday in dallas. >> you almost did as good a job as may.
5:57 am
because of atoday power outage -- you almost did as good a job as me. umbc closed today because of a power outage. >> one student graduating and how we overcame some health challenges. >> the forecast is just ahead. >> we have some new information on the beltway. the latest is coming up.
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>> investors bracing for bad numbers on the jobs front. the gloomy outlook on economic growth. >> keeping repeat violent


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