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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  June 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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called as a witness, shante wept at times, boccieri colli portrayed her brother as a peaceful person -- but she very calmly portrayed her brother as a peaceful person. >> arbys the sheet favored the prosecution in this case, but -- obviously, she favored the prosecution in this case, but the hope is that she would always tell the truth. >> i think it is a risky defense move that they took. >> the officer is accused of shooting a marine 12 times. witnesses said he patted a woman on the but after leaving the lounge in 2010. she told her brother, do not do that. the woman he touched said it was disrespectful and attempted to slap him.
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he apologized and grab your hand and push it away. the officer pulled out again and started waving it around and said, now what? do it again. do it again. and the marine said it to the officer, what is your problem? why are you waiting a gun around? and the officers said, get your expletive on the ground. get your expletive on the ground. the officer said he did not comply. >> there is not a person among us who would see another individual with a gun pointed at as an advance toward that person consistently as that person backpedals for over what appears to be 100 plus feet. >> the witness said her brother had his hands raised and later had them by his side with his palms open. the officer never identified himself as a police officer. >> without question he identified himself and gave orders kids is to with making an
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arrest that night. >> the officer insisted that he did identify himself. crystal ramsey claimed brown was the aggressor and after he's factor on the behind a very hard she slapped him. he said the -- she said he looked like he was going to irahit her. both witnesses testified they heard the gunshots. one witness said her brothers last words were, "he shot me" and then he fell to the ground. >> the big question is whether or not the officer will take the witness stand. we should find that out tomorrow. >> a washington d.c. police officer charged with the murder of a 20-year-old woman now faces manslaughter in the death of her
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1-year-old daughter. her body was found lying in the oxon run stream valley part. she was later found dead in a car seat in her car nearby. court records show they were in a paternity dispute. >> two people have now died from heat exposure. a man and a woman both died from excessive heat exposure. both were over the age of 65 and had underlying medical conditions. this as the excessive heat comes our way let's check in with tom. >> it looks like it is way to get tough around here, especially wednesday and thursday, may be lingering into friday. the heat index is expected to top 100. that is the way it feels on the outside if you do not have any heat relief. the advisory for all of central maryland, and a heat warning for
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cecil county. harford, baltimore county, all of the metro area into southern maryland as well. western maryland has cooled off with some showers. chicago is 95 right now. minneapolis, minnesota, 100 to right now. winds out of the west for the next few days and that's will -- and that is going to have our way. >> in an unrelated matter, we have a notice for parents and students. school is closing two hours early tomorrow because of the anticipated heat. that is in baltimore county. skyteam 11 was over this scene at garrison boulevard and grant lee road less than an hour ago. several different fires broke out. so far, no injuries. >> a battle is shaping up over
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the city's property-tax rate. it is emerging as the key issue in the mayor's race. and it does appear it gives voters something to choose from. jayne miller is live. >> we were just talking to a line -- young lawyer in the city who said she would like to buy property here, but the property tax are just too high. she will get no challenges from those in the mayor's race was a fixing that is a top priority. -- who say fixing that is a top priority. >> one more pledged to address the city's property-tax rate. the're all running against incumbent stephanie rawlings- blake with platforms to cut taxes. >> i have sat down with the economists and business people. >> depue appears to be the most aggressive. she says she will cut the property-tax rate in half by 2014, in part through incentives
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for taxpaying residents. another promises a 50% cut over 10 years. he will rely on better efficiency. landers relieve -- believes a 25% to 30% cut is more realistic. he wants to raise the rates on vacant properties. all three have proposed a tax rate that is nearly double of neighboring counties. >> it is too important for conjecture. a much -- like a much more conservative approach comes from the mayor. -- >> a much more conservative approach comes from the mayor. >> we need to be fiscally responsible. the type of dramatic reductions that we're talking about is a intelsat guy and that is not who
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i am. >> what is your definition -- is a high in that sky and that is not why am. >> what is your definition of responsible tax cuts? >> i will talk about that during the campaign. >> some say these cuts could kill the city's chances of attracting more jobs. monad at 6:00 p.m. -- more on that at 6:00 p.m. >> representative anthony winner posey scandalous confession, will it be his -- representative anthony wiener's scandalous confession, will it be his downfall? will his constituents forgive him for his mistakes? more from washington. >> one day after representative anthony wiener shocking me a call paula -- mea culpa -- >> i have exchanged explicit
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messages with about six women in the last three years. >> nancy pelosi was calling for an ethics investigation tuesday of government resources were used. -- to see if government resources were used. >> we have a much higher standard than people realize. >> today, that dnc called on democratic leaders to demand his resignation, but the new york congressman has vowed to stay in office. >> i do not see anything that violated the rules of the house. >> still, it may have already had an impact. he wanted to run for mayor of new york next. >> this has all but certainly killed his mayoral campaign. >> and the person who broke the scandal says he has another x- rated picture he is not releasing. ultimately, his political fortunes will come down to voters, some unwilling to forgive or forget.
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>> so many of these politicians feel they are entitled to get what they want. >> i do not think we should waste our time and energy on this one we have 9.1% of the public not working right now. >> others wonder why this scandal is taking up any more time. >> and republicans are now trying to make a campaign issue, and as a price. they're sending out messages, asking for a return of campaign contributions to wiener. >> also, bad economic news is transferring into that will numbers for the president. >> a record number of americans disapprove of how the president is handling the economy. >> we are experiencing some headwinds. >> president obama was not offensive in a news conference
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-- not defense in a news conference. he said the biggest problem now is fuel prices. as he welcomed angela merkel today, he was paying the price. his job approval had spiked up after the killing of osama bin laden and is now down below 50%. and 59% disapprove of his zero -- of his handling of the economy, a new low from the "washington post" abc news poll. it leaves him open to attack from republican candidates, like tim pawlenty today. >> the president rightly thought that the stimulus, the bailout and the takeovers were the solution. he says they worked. they did not. >> president obama takes credit for averting disaster and for future hiring. >> we have set a path that will lead us to economic growth long-
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term. our task is to not panic, not overreact. >> a plea for supporters to hang in, even during recovery is stalled. -- even though the recovery is stalled. >> even still, president obama is still ahead witof many republican potential candidates, but tying with mitt romney. >> could gastric bypass surgery reduce your risk for alzheimer's? >> find out why some researchers believe it is possible. >> it is just a complete miracle, amazing. >> an operation on a baby to correct the fluid buildup in here just before she was born. >> a woman is robbed and assaulted in a columbia bar. cuts and a baltimore man market
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is moving locations tonight. is moving locations tonight. --
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♪ your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at >> there was a ceremonial groundbreaking today for baltimore's everyman theater. it will be moved from charles street to the west side of downtown.
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>> i am particularly proud and excited about this project because not only can i come down to go across the street to the hippodrome, i can now come down to where i live and cross the street and be able to go to the everyman theater. >> more than $60 million has been raised for the renovation and the move -- $16 million has been raised for the renovation and the move of every man. it has been raised through private support. >> obesity has been linked to wait -- and increased risk of alzheimer's disease. a new study finds that after bypass surgery could help lower the risk. researchers discovered weightloss appears to reduce the proteins that form plaques in the brain. they compare brain samples of 15 patients before and after the underwent very accurate surgery,
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losing an average of 86 pounds. -- who underwent bariatric surgery, losing an average of 86 counts. this woman knew something was wrong when she started losing weight during the 29th week of president -- pregnancy. it turns out her baby needed a surgery that came with a 30 percent chance of survival -- a 30% chance of survival. it is neither a hunch nor a gas, no, faith is a feeling from deep within. -- nor a gas, no, fate is a feeling from deep within. her babies lungs had a half cup of fluid that should not have been there. parents can soon learn that things change and consistency is the only constant -- and inconsistencies the only constant.
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>> we did not know if she was going to make it. >> doctors told melissa they would have to induce labor. she was just 29 weeks into her pregnancy. >> they were discussing what condition she would be in when she came. >> but there was one other option. >> it is an uncommon procedure that comes up maybe once or twice a year. >> a small tool just a few inches long was inserted into her chest in hopes of releasing the fluid. the commission only happens once every 30,000 pregnancies. >> she is a complete merkel. >> -- a complete miracle. >> february 11 she was born. she had a small piece of plastic seeking out of her side that was removed a few days later. -- herlong's fully of long's fully inflated again and
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she is perfectly normal. >> that was chris reporting. that surgery is so rare that the doctors at the mayo clinic have model thata new mott allows them to get a feeling for the procedure before they carried out. the deadly e. coli outbreak in germany as many americans concerned about food borne illnesses. new numbers from the cdc dealing how many people get poisoned each year gives a clear picture of an outbreak in the u.s. nearly 50 million americans get sick from contaminated food each year. in 2010, more than 60 people died. experts say the problem usually starts with contamination on farms, then prop -- improper handling of food at home. couldn's wrinkles indicate her bone density during early menopause. yale university gave a score of
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face and neck recalls bait -- based on the death of wrinkles. -- the death of wrinkles. experts think that can balance share a common group of proteins that may shock -- may explain the association. more studies are needed >> and now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> temperatures are gradually starting to warm up a little bit. the humidity level is slowly returning and we are in for another heat wave through the middle of this week. 92 degrees in downtown baltimore at this hour. that is the hot spot in our region. most other spots are peeking out at the mid to upper 80's. -- most other spots are peaking at the mid to upper 80's. 81 at cambridge. a nice babies there. -- bayh breeze there.
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with the dewpoint numbers in the 50 fuzzy and 60's -- 50's and 60's, they are not too bad right now the higher the dewpoint goes, the mud year it feels. -- muggier it feels. when the heat index goes over 100, that is when the weather service issued an advisory, and that is what is posted for tomorrow. the storms to our west down through the mounds and tracking toward southern west virginia. all of we -- all we got from that complex is the clouds that pushed off through central maryland. 63 to 70 degrees with light winds. sunset this evening at 8:31 p.m. a heated by 34 tomorrow afternoon through southern and central maryland. -- keith advisory for tomorrow
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afternoon through southern and central maryland. you can see what is coming our way. right now, we're on the other side of this stalled out front. the heat that is over the upper midwest is rolling over the mid- atlantic. 96 at chicago's o'hare. 102 degrees in minneapolis. it a lot cooler in the rockies. this will be coming up over the mountains and into the mid- atlantic. mostly sunny skies and expect temperatures well above 100 tomorrow afternoon. there is a front over the appalachians that will try to push in late thursday evening. as it gets closer, it will not move through, at least thursday
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night. but as it gets closer we may pick up a stray thunderstorm thursday night into friday. on the bay, only light, a westerly breeze at 5 knots. 74, that is when you get into the high heat and humidity. the upper 90's. on the beach, 84. inland, it is a scorcher. thursday night and friday, scattered thunderstorms and temperatures will start to back down again over the weekend >> the trial of a young mother accused of killing her daughter continues in florida. >> still ahead, what evidence was found in the trunk of kasey anthony's car.
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>> tonight, police suspect foul play in the disappearance of a 20-year-old indiana university student. her purse and keys were found. police say she that -- left her cellphone and shoes in a bar. >> when somebody at 430 and has no shoes and had earlier been
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drinking, and just disappears off a street corner, we feel like they're certainly could be foul play involved. we feel like if she had just decided to go to a buddy's house we probably would have heard that by now. >> her parents also say she has a condition she needs medication for. >> evidence was found in kasey anthony's car, testimony earlier .oday more from orlando. >> from a stained carpet swatch to a tire cover and evidence in the trunk line appearer. >> residue of chloroform was detected. >> but today, defense attorneys effectively countered the
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argument. >> very small amounts. >> drive for reform taken from the trunk would have come from a variety -- dried chloroform taken from the trump could have come from a variety of sources, they testified. prosecutor jeff pashtun pointed out chloroform evaporates quickly. that is why the air in the car was saturated. >but he also had to call back to the stand a doctor after giving him the wrong sample to identify yesterday. and that gave jose by as another opening to question the dr.'s credibility. >> yesterday, you mistakenly admitted the wrong piece of evidence in this case. >> apparently, yes. >> meanwhile, waiting in a hallway to be called, forensic
5:28 pm
experts who will testify someone conducted searches for making chloroform on an anthony home computer. >> anthony's lawyers say that her daughter drowned in a swimming pool and that the father tried to cover up the death. george anthony denied the claim when he was on the stand. >> still had, top stories and the investigation into the long island serial murders continues. >> he is back in his hometown. >> a vicious attack in colombia and it is all caught on tape. and it is all caught on tape. 15% or more on car insurance? host: what, do you live under a rock?
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>> new tonight at 5:30 p.m., a violent attack inside a howard county bar and is caught on tape. that attack happened last week inside the second chance saloon in colombia. >> now police need your help finding the woman who had another woman in the face and took her purse. >> the owner of the board thinks the suspect was the guest at a birthday party here that night and police are hoping to get some information and help to find out who she is. but a woman walking into a columbia bar is hit in the face, not on the ground where she sponged and assaulted some more, before her attacker, another woman, takes off with her purse.
5:31 pm
police are now reviewing the tape. >> you can see in the earlier part of the video that our detectives reviewed that it looks like the suspect is actually waiting and looking at the front door watching people come in. while we do not believe that she knew this woman, we do think that she was targeted, perhaps because she was female or because of her size. >> very shocked. i cannot believe something like that would happen in maryland, let alone my bar. >> he says he has never had a problem like that before. it is usually a laid-back place and has a slightly older clientele. he's glad the 29-year-old victim was not seriously injured. >> she was shaking out at the time that police came to talk to her. >> she was treated at the scene police said this was an isolated incident and are hoping to get information from the suspect -- from the public to get leads on a suspect.
5:32 pm
>> if you have any information, call the stock line tip line. there is a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> thank you. here's a look at some other top stories. in washington d.c. police officer charged with the murder of a 20-year-old woman now faces manslaughter charges in the death of her 1-year-old daughter. he is being held without bond in the death of anita wyck. court records show that they were involved in a paternity dispute. baltimore county police need your help finding a kidnapping suspect. these two say that maclaine held them against their will for more than an hour inside a trailer. yeah any interim -- if you have any information that his
5:33 pm
whereabouts, york and courage to call metro crimestoppers. -- you are encouraged to call metra crimestoppers. police say 14-year-old drove -- there is. authorities say she was being taught how to drive by her 25- ran into thet winnie ran water there could be charges for knowingly allowing someone under the age of 15 to operate a motor vehicle. >> two people died from exposure. cooling centers are available and therefore more than just cooling-off perio. >> we are declaring a code red. we want individuals to know that
5:34 pm
we have 11 cooling centers throughout the city. they are places they can go and cool off and get water, but also for energy assistance. >> for locations, go to for now, let's get a check of the weather. what does it look like, tom? >> it is going to get hot again. some big storms pass just to the west of us today. they're rolling through the mounds and headed south and west of us. we did see some cloud cover break off and drift across our region. it did not hold the temperatures back much here, but in the mountains it is much cooler. to the west, scorching hot. 96 in chicago. 102 degrees in minneapolis. we will see how long the heat is
5:35 pm
going to stick around this time with the seven-day forecast coming up. >> a piece of aviation history has gone through maryland. the u.s. airways jet that had landed safely on the hudson river is making its way to its new home in charlotte, north carolina. you can see more pictures and video of the plane as it traveled through our state on our website, just click on slide shows. police say they're keeping an eye out for aggressive drivers. the number of patrol cars hitting the streets will increase this week. also, a public awareness program about raising awareness of aggressive driving. an estimated 200,000 deaths per year are caused by aggressive driving. deep underground in western maryland is a rich formation of marsalis jail. shale.abe
5:36 pm
there's concern about unintended consequences, including water contamination. gov. malley says it could bring a lot of money to the state, but he wants to ensure safety first. >> still ahead, find out the age of those now feeling the burden of debt. >> also, how a legacy of a police officer killed in line of duty will live on. >> and a mother is facing charges after crashing into a mall. it's what caused the accident that had five children to the hospital -- what caused the hospital -- what caused the accident
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why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation. where you are free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. why not cruise from baltimore? visit today. facts a shares deputy in york city has been killed in line of duty as his wife -- >> a sheriff's deputy in new york city has been killed in a line of duty as is by goes into labor. as officers tried to take christian patterson into custody, he fired on deputy weinmann, hitting him once in the chest. he died on the way to hospital. three officers returned fire on
5:40 pm
patterson and he is listed in critical condition. no word on whether the officer's wife has given birth. meanwhile, new connections to the possible serial killer in long island. at least 10 bodies have been found since december within a 2 mile radius of one another. >> police say a 7-year-old girl was beaten up for her bike. it happen in an apartment parking lot in anchorage. several witnesses saw the man pudge the girl and had repeated the after she refused to give him the bike. -- punch the girl in the head after he repeateshe refused to m the bike. the girl is in a hospital in stable condition. the man has been arrested a woma. a woman crashed her suv into a wall with her 11 children inside. she admitted to drinking. officers said there was not
5:41 pm
enough room in that vehicle for all of the children. five were sent to the hospital. >> that is nuts. still ahead cannot no surprise, customer service is falling by the wayside. >> and more accusations denied that the for-profit college industry has been abusing -- more accusations to night that the for-profit college industry has been abusing the student loan program. >> and one name, buchy, he is back in the spotlight in his hometown. >> temperatures starting to warm up already and a heat advisory in effect for tomorrow afternoon. details coming.
5:42 pm
>> she punched a woman and then snatched her purse. it is all caught on tape.
5:43 pm
police need your help finding a woman responsible for york -- for the incident, which happened inside the bar. and finding -- and in the race for baltimore city, property taxes could be the hottest topic. these stories and much more in this week-long celebration --
5:44 pm
>> not since 2008 has the dew tour made a stop in maryland. >> but this summer is back, adding some events, including the skateboard bowl. and who better to keep things off other than buchy? >> right around here and in car around here.
5:45 pm
a big steve harf with all of this speech. and then you just launched all of these ollie's. >> he is that same kid again every time he is here, remembering the countless hours he spent on his board perfecting his moves. still a kid at heart, but he now has thousands of young followers and in just over a month he will hear the roar of his home town crowd again. the dew tour returns after an absence and no one is more excited than buchy. a broken ankle he sustained on a commercial shoot a month ago is healing. >> what went through your mind when this happened? trex this has to be the worst timing ever. >> instead of defending his title, he was forced to watch from the sidelines.
5:46 pm
>> right out of miami team to get back on the board. a week from now i should be writing again. -- riding again. >> as he makes his return to his hometown, there are so many first to look forward to. >> we are thrilled to be at ocean city for the first time ever. we have never been in the stands before. >> if you cannot make it to ocean city, you can watch it right here on wbal tv 11 starting july 21. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. the temperatures -- >> the
5:47 pm
temperatures are back up to the 90-degree mark today and the key level is continuing to rise. it will be hotter tomorrow through thursday and then back off on friday and through the weekend. a comfortable 60 at the airport early in the morning and then 30 degrees warmer than that this afternoon. that got us above the normal high of 81. still shy of the record high of 96 in 1989. the pollen is backing to the high range and quite a bit of mold as well. high, thin clouds have been blowing in off of these storms through the afternoon as they were trekking through western maryland. a big line of storms out there. some nasty stuff. all we got were the high, cirrus clouds. it is quite muggy out
5:48 pm
there. 92 in baltimore. delaware in the mid 80's. mostly clear skies tonight, light winds and sunset at 8:31 p.m. lows ranging from 6370. -- 63-70. tomorrow afternoon, likely to go over 100 in many areas here. a heat advisory from hertford county and back over to frederick county. a warning for areas around philadelphia. it could be even tougher as far as the heat and humidity combination goes. minneapolis, they get in the right position and they can certainly get to -- start to get hot. omaha, nebraska was over 100 today. minneapolis was at 102. chicago and 96. that west win brings the heat
5:49 pm
into the mid-atlantic region. -- the west wing that brings the heat into the mid atlantic's region. a slightly better chance for a thunderstorm late in the day thursday. tomorrow, he scorcher with west winds at 6-12. light winds on the day tomorrow with waves less -- on the bay to mawr with winds -- light winds on the bay tomorrow with waves less than a foot. 97 tomorrow, a hot day with plenty of humidity. mid 90's on thursday. thursday night and friday, a chance for thunderstorms. a bit cloutier on saturday and sunday and that will cool things off a little bit. udier on saturday
5:50 pm
and sunday and that will cool things off a little bit. >> a new study from ohio state university says the new debt age is 28. by 28, young people have overestimated how much money they were going to earn on their job. the survey also showed that had a positive influence on those aged 18 to 27 by giving them higher self-esteem and more control of their lives. more accusations that the for- profit college industry has been abusing the taxpayer supported college loan program. critics at a congressional hearing today said the industry took in billions of dollars by targeting underprivileged students that qualify for federal loans. >> for-profit colleges had offered on campus and online secondary education and have become a multibillion-dollar industry. but at a senate hearing tuesday, critics charge that a chunk of those billions came from u.s. taxpayers.
5:51 pm
with charts showing a degree from a for-profit college costing up to four times that a public college and then charging double-digit interest rates to students with government-backed loans. the committee's chairman compared it to the predatory lending of the housing crisis. >> these are essentially staffed prime loans -- subprime loans, carrying high interest rates. >> eric schmidt is in default and feels betrayed by reporters at catholic university who urged him to take out loans to pay their tuition -- at kaplan university who urged him to take out loans to pay their tuition. >> this sector has the highest share of students with that, the highest debt alone degrees and highs default rate. >> it is approaching 80% at some for-profit schools. they're accused of targeting
5:52 pm
only underprivileged students who qualify for federal loans. kaplan university issued a statement saying its tuition is comparable to other higher education institutions that are heavily subsidized by taxpayers. >> you may already know college will cost you something, but do you know how much? calculate college costs and add up how much he will need to save on our website. go to and click on consumer alert. it looks like consumers are getting fed up with poor customer service. 65% of those surveyed said they have walked out of the store due to bad service. another 67% said they will hang up on a poorly handled customer service call. several more did receive high marks for their service. among them, apple computers and southwest airlines. >> dozens were on hand this morning as this class receive
5:53 pm
their diplomas. for 12 weeks for the students receive hands-on culinary training while preparing food for the maryland food bank. >> to know that the food we were making was going out to people who needed to have the food, i just want your heart and makes you feel good. they took the academics out and made it live serving. >> the program also said that each student with a job in the food-service industry after graduation. >> still ahead, it looks like the race for mayor could be a battle over property taxes in the city. >> there is more than one way to sip your wine. how about this suit? it is made with an entire bottle of maryland wine. >> i will introduce you to a special athlete who will be competing this weekend at towson
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> athletes from townsend -- towson university will be competing in the special olympics games. if you have not been to a competition, you have really missed out. rob roblin introduces us to one of the many special athletes. >> over 1600 athletes will be taking part in the special
5:57 pm
olympics games. one of them is michael. >> michael was at the track at a high school today. after some searching, he began his work out, getting ready for this weekend's summer games. >> you like competing, don't you? >> yes, i do. and that means i will not stop. >> you do not quit? >> no, i will just keep going and going. >> what is your favorite event? but my favorite is basketball. but to be honest, -- >> my favorite is basketball. but to be honest, i like all of them. >> he has been competing for years and his parents say it has been amazing watching him grow over the years. >> he has been doing so much more than anyone ever expected he would do. i think it is terrific. >> it is an experience to go to towson and see all of the kids with all of the levels of disabilities. it just is a wonderful feeling
5:58 pm
to see these kids run and compete. the kids that are most disabled are the ones that get the biggest cheers. they're the ones that are really working hard. they all work hard, but it is really wonderful to see. >> also working out is michael's brother, steve. >> he is proud of everything he does. hockey, a track and field, everything. >> michael has won medals in the past and win or lose, this weekend at tamzin university, as always, michael -- at towson university, as always, michael will give his all. >> good luck to michael and all of the athletes this weekend. that is a 4:05 p.m. >> i am jayne miller. the mayor calls it pie in the sky. details, next.
5:59 pm
>> a woman is assaulted in a columbia bar. the dramatic video coming up. >> a heat advisory for wednesday. the insta-weather plus is coming out. >> tonight, can he be done? it is the question that now defies the race for mayor. >> so far, everyone hoping to take stephanie rawlings-blake said job says they can lower taxes. >> is a big issue that is emerging in this race, and the one that shows clear differences between the mayor's position and those of her challengers. -- challengers. >> the race for baltimore city hall is already crowded. stephanie rawlings-blake of now faces three prominent opponents. faces three prominent opponents.


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