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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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flight attendants attention when he went to the restroom several times. >> it was really scary. i was nervous. >> 11-year-old jenna dunlap was on board southwest flight 13 07 saturday afternoon. it was supposed to be a nonstop flight from albuquerque the baltimore, until the pilot announced an unscheduled stop in nashville. >> i think there were six police officers to came on the plate and escorted him out. >> the passengers were never told officially why the man was taken off the plane, but word got around. >> my sister is deaf but she reads lips and she was reading the lives of several of the officers. she thought she saw one of the officers say there was a device in one of the toilets. >> what we heard was that he went into the bathroom and they found something made out of plastic that could be used for a
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weapon, similar to knife. >> according to southwest, the man has not been detained or arrested, but was not allowed back on the flight. the plane was thoroughly searched and the remaining passengers were also taken off in groups of 10. >> we had to get patted down and our luggage and carry on searched and our purses. >> they went through every book, they thumbed through every page. >> it took about three hours, but the passengers say the process was handled professionally by the crew and tsa, and that helped put them at ease. >> everybody was curious but calm. >> everybody seemed to be taking it in stride. they were happy to be on the ground in baltimore and kasay. >> we all feel very blessed that we landed, even though my poor daughter had to wait here for
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hours. >> the fbi says the item in question in the bathroom was not an explosive. they said the man was questioned in-built and released and put on a flight back to baltimore. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> preparations are underway to dedicate a new september 11 memorial at the inner harbor tomorrow to mark the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack. the ceremony begins at 3:00 at baltimore's world trade center. the governor, mayor, and other state officials will be there to dedicate a memorial and honor those who lost their lives on september 11, 2001. the memorial consists of three steel beams weighing 5,000 pounds, originally part of the world trade center's north tower. this memorial is the only one in the country to contain artifacts from all three of the september
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11 sites. music will be provided by the u.s. naval academy band and morgan state university choir. we are told security will be extremely tight. >> obviously we are on high guard, as we reach september 11. people have to be very much attentive to what is happening and help us keep you safe. >> security will also be tied tomorrow at the ravens'-steelers game at m&t bank stadium. they will be marking the anniversary with the pre-game ceremony and moment of silence. back tomorrow the world observes the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, which killed nearly 3000 people in changed our nation forever. the threat of another al qaeda attack reminds us that america is still a target. >> a huge police presence at ground zero, a rehearsal for tomorrow's 10th anniversary, and
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a show of force. new york is on guard. on manhattan streets today, the search for the kind of car or truck bomb that a pakistani source told security that al qaeda terrorists might be set to use in new york. homeland security ellis are checking flight records. at the 9/11 site in new york, most were not worried. >> we came here without fear that something is going to happen tomorrow. the focus is on 2001. this remembrance in new jersey, a stake that loss 746 people. a retired firefighter in massachusetts set of black for every 9/11 victim. firefighters in new york gathered at st. patrick's cathedral.
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>> as i get older, everyone says i walk like you and run like you. a 10-year-old read a letter to the father he never met. >> i wish i could have met you. this wasshanksville, pa. it tonight. twin beams of light rising were the twin towers fell 10 years ago. on monday, for the first time since 9/11, the general public will finally be allowed back into this world trade center site to start what many hope will be a new kind of return to normal. >> thousands of community service events are taking place across the nation this weekend in honor of the victims of 9/11. defense secretary leon panetta joined hundreds of volunteers at fort meade today to build a
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playground for the children of military families. even pitched in to help. -- he even pitched in to help. >> out of that tragedy, this country has drawn tremendous inspiration, tremendous resilience, and tremendous dedication, first to make sure that what happened on 9/11 never happens again, but more importantly, to bring this country together. >> the playground of the design was based on drawings of children. residents are returning to port deposit tonight, one of the towns hit by -- hardest hit by this week's flooding. officials say things are looking up, but that does not bring much comfort to residents. >> the good news for saturday is, we are better. we are ahead of schedule. the water levels have receded. the crest has passed. >> it is not just us.
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it is the main people in town who have lost everything. >> construction and inspection crews are already canvassing the town. one person is recovering tonight after a fall at meriweather post pavilion. authorities say a 50-year-old man fell while working on a zip line attraction. happen around 11:00 this morning. the worker was taken to shock trauma with non life-threatening injuries. the accident is under investigation. police in anne arundel county are investigating the death of a man whose body was found in a stream. it was down just before 8:00 this morning not far from his seventh home. police say he often walked in that area, and they do not expect bell play. a suicide bombing rocks eastern afghanistan. returning home as the flood waters recede, thousands of
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pennsylvania residents head back to assess the damage. a new leader or arrives. the citizens of libya welcome an interim leader. while his presence could prove a promising change for the war- torn region. >> a couple of pretty good thunderstorms moving through harford and cecil county. they really did not need the rain. as far as the ravens forecast, that looks pretty good, and cooler temperatures by the end of nex
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>> two months of the ovens are dead after a truck explodes in eastern afghanistan. none of the injuries were life- threatening. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attacks, issuing a statement denying their role in the 9/11 attacks and accusing the u.s. of using them as a pretext to invade afghanistan.
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the nation of libya seems to be on its way to establishing a new government. the interim leader of the country's national transitional council arrived in tripoli today. he was greeted with a red carpet ceremony, the first time the leader has been in libya since the violence began. until his arrival, many had questioned the ability of the rebels to take control of the country. >> it is a significant moment for the whole country, not only the residents of tripoli. everybody's very happy. i think a new chapter has just been opened in the capital of libya. >> rebel forces continue to battle muammar gaddafi loyalists in one of his last remaining stronghold. it might be good for the space shuttle, but nasa has made -- plenty of launches left. strange odds as one rocket goes
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up, nasa expects another to crash land back on earth. >> as we continue to try to dry out, there are still a couple of thunderstorms making their way through the area and probably will through the rest of the weekend. i will
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>> tens of thousands of people in pennsylvania are back home tonight as the susquehanna river
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receives from some of the highest flood waters ever recorded. as many as 70,000 residents will be able to return home. damages are estimated in the tens of millions for short. some are calling it a journey to the center of the moon. nasa launched a delta rocket this morning that will explore what is beneath the lunar surface. the mission is made up of to make spacecraft that will orbit the moon and determine the structure of the lunar interior from crust to court. it might give the scientists insight into how the earth evolved. you have probably heard the phrase what goes up must come down. the upper atmosphere research satellite ran out of gas and can no longer be controlled. nasa expects it to break into 26 pieces as it falls, with the largest piece weighing 335
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pounds. officials expect those pieces to land in the ocean. don't get too excited you find something. >> it is typically the property of the united states government, so you do not have the luxury of trying to sell its on ebay. >> it is unlikely anyone will be hit by the debris. you have a one in 3200 chance of being struck, however those odds are much better than winning the lottery. >> don't freak out, you are not going to get hit by the satellite. >> so we had some sunshine today, which was so nice. >> it was perfect, right? like a normal summer day. upper 80's, drying out. >> will it last? >> that is the good question. nobody needs the rain right now. i just wanted to show you will
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pass, harford county cannot catch a break. a violent thunderstorm went through from north to south earlier tonight and they are trying out right now. there is another little cluster in central virginia that could make its way up to us later this evening, but we will keep a closer eye on that. in the meantime, let's take a look at the almanac for today, where we stand as far as temperatures are concerned. 84 at the airport, 86 at the inner harbor. zero precipitation. let's give ourselves a hand, no rain today, at least in those two spots. or normal temperature is 80 degrees. the record was 98 degrees back in 1983. we were talking about all this rain.
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about 27.9 feet and flood stage is 23.5. the forecast is that things will continue to lower in the next couple of days. a couple of warnings, harford and cecil county. because of the susquehanna river, some counties up in southern pennsylvania as well as this whole area are under a flood advisory from baltimore city and southern baltimore county down into prince george's and st. mary's county and into the d.c. area. current temperatures right now are pretty nice downtown. 76 degrees, 70 out at the airport. ocean city is at 71 degrees. hagerstown 67. current weather right now, a couple of spotty thunderstorms moving through the area. pretty much a quiet picture around the country, and i sat quiet until we move into later next week. because of this high right here,
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there is a front associated with this, a canadian front that will bring with it some nice, fall temperatures. by the end of the week, we are talking low 70's and high 50's at night. that could be really pleasant fall weather as we head into the end of the week. a couple of those showers move out of here and it looks clear by game time tomorrow. there could be some spotty showers us move into the rest of the day. don't be surprised if we still little bit of rain during the game. east wins 5-10 miles an hour. it could be a little warmer than 78-81 degrees. there could be a shower or to as we head into that game. as far as the rest of the week, i think it is going to look pretty good. a's through the middle of the week, and then that system i told you about rolls through on thursday -- 80's through the middle of the week. fall is making its way closer
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the names on the backs of the jerseys, executing for a full 60 minutes. they executed very well in the first half. the second half fumble, the first of this season would prove part of the unraveling. a moment rise has relived ad nauseum since january. >> i go out there every day. i don't want to miss a practice. it just so happened that we play the pittsburgh steelers. >> gerry sandusky with the call on wbal radio.
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inaugural football season opening up the mustangs came in style. taking the pill for the first time at home -- taking the field for the first time at home. part of the pregame ceremonies, and the game delivered a quality product. weaving his way 15 yards for a touchdown. the first score ever at the new mustang stadium, but the mustangs bounced right back. 5 yards for a first ever at owings mills for the mustangs. this game with double overtime. navy on the road at western kentucky. john howell, a touchdown run of 57 and 50 yards. quarterback chris procter win for 100 yards and two touchdowns.
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the towson tigers crushed villanova 21-10, the first one since 2007 for towson. the cavaliers getting on the board in the first quarter. third and middle he goes, hold on tight. that would set up a touchdown, 12-0 cavaliers. i don't know how he stayed on his feet, but he did. he has the speed to go the distance, 92 yards. a quality when for potomac, 15- go. i have been a big fan of buck showalter ever since his arrival. he is the right guy for the job.
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it boggles the mind. a nice afternoon to hang around and watch some baseball in toronto, i guess. prince davis, i like what he is doing, fighting through the shoulder pain. vladimir guerrero gets the job done. kevin gray was the closer. the bases loaded, a wild pitch ties the game at 4 each. j.p. finishes off the game for a win for toronto. stay with us, another check of stay with us, another check of [ male announcer ] baltimore.
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x you are not going to need a raincoat or anything, but i cannot promise you that there is not going to be a passing shower. just be prepared. it is going to be a nice game, 81 degrees, i think, mostly sunny, a little bit of cloud. nothing to worry about. later in the week, the 70's. we get a front moving through here with some fall weather. >> go ravens. next on c-span, earlier today the pentagon released a tape seized in sunday's raid in pakistan, purported to be osama bin laden's last will and testament.


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