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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  October 1, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

9:00 am >> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-tv 11 news saturday morning. >> i am lisa robinson. >> i am jennifer franciotti. let's talk about but let's look outside with meteorologist lowell melser. >> it is hard to concentrate with the smell of pizza coming up later in the hour. it is all for me. [laughter] we are talking wet weather today possibly into the late afternoon. fall is here. highs in the upper-50's. yesterday we hit 81 degrees. it is a big change. we are showing shower activity in the western portion of the state that is bringing some mixed precipitation over by frost bird, which could see snow, believe it or not. it is 58 degrees in the inner harbor. both have cloudy conditions. we will tell you how long this
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wet weather will last. >> the big story this morning -- serious allegations leveled against the housing authority of baltimore city. >> charles grassely wants an investigation into how they spend $67 million in federal stimulus money. barry simms has more on accusations and reactions from city officials. >> baltimore's housing commissioner is puzzled by questions and concerns. >> frankly, i was shocked. >> senator charles grassley has targeted the housing authority of baltimore city. he oversees housing. he sent a letter to shaun donovan, claiming his office has received numerous phone calls and e-mail concerning conflicts of interest, fraud, and waste.
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they deny any good -- wrongdoing. >> we run an operation that is very efficient, and are meticulous about playing by the rule, and making sure that everything is done properly, and that we protect the tax dollars. we are very concerned that there are these unfounded allegations made. >> "the baltimore sun" first reported the inquiry. the demand detailed reports on how they use the dollars. chuck -- charles grassely also non- reports for habc's profit affiliate's and contracts submitted to hud. that includes billing receipts,
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documents outlining steps federal officials took after a critical accounting office audit of housing units reached by habc. in the 2009 audit, the gao found the violations, and 380 of them were not reported. charles grassely says hud is good at writing checks but not the debt watching how the money is spending -- not good watching how the money is spent. >> it is very concerning. we think integrity in public confidence it is essential to doing our work and to make these statements without any background or information is very disturbing. >> the mayor's office issued this statement -- of course stephanie mayor -- maybank will -- mayor stephanie rawlings-
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blake will encourage an investigation immediately. >> a u.s. naval academy student will serve six months in prison, convicted of raping a student, and october of last year. the midshipmen claimed the act was consensual and was found guilty making a false statement to investigators. he has been dismissed from the naval academy. >> and maryland congressman says the death of american-born cleric anwar al-awlaki means america is safer. he was killed in yemen. the ranking democrat says it is the biggest blow to al-qaida since the death of osama bin laden. >> anwar al-awlaki was a charismatic leader that inspired people to kill americans.
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he now has been taken off of the battlefield. i said this after bin laden, and i will say this now, if you are going to kill americans, we will find you, and we will bring you to justice. >> al-awlaki is said to have ordered the failed underwear bombing of the detroit-bound train in 2009 and officials say he also communicated with the shooter in fort hood texas. >> if you use a cell phone for texting, you might want to pay attention to maryland making it a legal today. a first offense will cost you $70.10. on your license. -- $70 and one. on your license. >> a brash of break-ins has some residents on edge. according to baltimore police
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there have been nine incidents in september. the latest capt. thursday night, but this time one of the homeowners was inside. >> we started hearing is loud banging sounds. it was obvious it was not a hand. it was an object. the kids freaked out. i was home alone with my 1-year- old and my five-year-old. >> baltimore county police are advising residents to lock their doors and keep bushes around their home trimmed. if an intruder does break into your home locked herself inside a closet or that and call 911. westminster police are looking for a driver in a hit and run. police say a dark blue suv struck a woman and a child as they were crossing the street. the woman was taken to hospital with minor injuries and the
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child was not injured. >> baltimore police are investigating then allows them at a soccer field. someone drove over the field and hundreds of kids now have no place to play as kai reed explains. >> it is getting worse. >> the view shows the latest destruction to the soccer field with large crop circles all over the field. this the third instance this year. >> we think it is someone coming through maliciously causing havoc. >> it was discovered thursday night by a school security guard. the coach and soccer parents spent the night and all day friday cleaning up. >> somebody is getting some sadistic, sick pleasure out of hurting the children. that is what it does. >> it is unfortunate and not fair to the kids. >> if it is located behind
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beaver creek elementary school. a security camera was pointed away from the field. baltimore county police are investigating but have no motive, witnesses, or suspects. the soccer program shares use of the field with hundreds of kids who use it for practice and games. more than one dozen games are scheduled for this weekend. >> chances are we will not be able to play. >> he is disappointed. if he cannot come to his game he will be incredibly disappointed. >> organizers have spent hundreds of dollars out of the organizing money for cleanup and are offering a reward leading to the conviction and arrest of the vandals. >> it is 55 degrees. still ahead, dr. kim hammond joins us. >> to what lengths have you gone to land a job? did it include lying on your
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regiment? -- i am your cv? -- lying on your resume? >> taking a look outside, it is 55 pierre thomas 54 at the
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>> we have some high cloud cover around the area. we are not showing much in terms of precipitation. out west there is a different story. there is what weather to the western portion of the state. there is mixed precipitation and futurecast is calling for some snow as well. we set a record for the zero most wed september for this area -- for the most wet
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september for this area. 13 point to 3 inches of rain. that is a lot of rain. 58 downtown. 54 at the airport. 52 in parked in. 55 in edgewood. ocean city is at 58 degrees. oakland is at 36 degrees, seeing some of the frozen precipitation. we will have partly cloudy skies giving away too mostly-cloudy and a little bit of rain in the late afternoon hours. this is not a plan-cancelling type of rain but bring an umbrella and a raincoat. here is a lull that is bothering us. it came through last night, which is why we have the cold
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temperatures this morning. it is in the atlantic ocean. it will keep turning and bring moisture through several hours later in the afternoon today, through the evening, and into tomorrow. this high pressure in the west will reach us later in the week and bring glorious temperatures inch 70's, and 60 degrees the evening. shower activity into tomorrow morning, turn that around, and quickly we will show you some of the s&l. we do not want to talk about that, do we? wind is out of the west end 10-15 miles an hour. if you're headed to the game, same thing. bring a raincoat. you will need it. 70 by tuesday. mid-70's and low humidity by
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wednesday and thursday. >> the baltimore city fire department annual thrilled show is back. >> if it gives you the look at safety and tried to keep crews safe. we are joined by the fire chief. what to you have planned? >> in conjunction with the maryland association for justice is our annual thrill show, which we have been hosting for more than 50 years with a number of displays, a bounce crawl for the kids, a demonstration of how fast a fire can consume a room in your house, and most importantly we want to educate the public on how to keep safe in your home with emphasis on extension cords and simply on plugging appliances when they are not in use. in addition, a smoke alarm.
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>> what is happening behind year? >> it is an automobile fire which our firefighters encounter every once in awhile. this is another demonstration to see exactly what our firefighters and paramedics do every day. >> does this inspired kids to seek a life as a firefighter when they grow up? >> absolutely. a lot of people who follow the fire department have always wanted to be firefighters and they turn out to be some of the best. >> we had some tragic situations in the last couple of weeks. the latest is these molotov cocktails being thrown into people pulte homes. a fire -- people's homes. could they get a look at what you could do if the situation
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arises? >> absolutely. most importantly, a home to escape plan will increase survivability by 50%. having them out there today, we will share that information. >> we have to go, but where are you, and where -- what are your hours? >> i met the baltimore city fire academy on pulaski highway in northeast baltimore and the event begins at 11:00, and will run through 4:00 p.m.. wish you could be here. >> i do too. >> from the sauce, the crust, the right cheese, all the things we look for in the pizza. "baltimore magazine" is here with its list of the best pizza. >> the lives of two best friends are changed when one is diagnosed with cancer in the new film "50/50."
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x welcome back. it sounds like a no-trainer, do not lie on your resume, but people do it every day. you did some service, and what did you find out? >> it is very pervasive. if u.s. employers, -- if you ask employers, 42% say people lie a little bit or a lot on their resume. it is not just the employer.
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21% of co-workers say they know someone. that is bad. >> i would never think of doing something like that. >> we talked about this. i think most people draw a line between lying and embellishing. really, they are both not true. look how it broke down in terms of what they lied about. >> 58% say they exaggerate on job dd. that could be something to as simple as saying you were a manager when you were not, or responsible for something. you see a lot of vague language like" involved in." >> ok, but wait a minute, is that not what the job resume
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people tell us? think about what you really want on a broad scale? >> the key is what you really do. that tends to be a critical component. if you said i was responsible for this, this is how i did it, that israel, but if you say i was a key component of a team, you were just on a team. >> i am a key component. education -- that is just not. >> honestly, that is where we start to get to real falsehoods. saying you have a degree when you do not. what we see is people that will put down bachelors at morgan state, and they do not say in what, or they do not have a date, so we end up having to say
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did you get a degree, and we get a lot of "well, it is in progress." you have to be honest. >> why are they lying? >> i think there is some of that, and getting fired if you've had three jobs, you might leave out the one that did not go so well. that stuff is easy to find because payroll records are public records and it will all come out. >> job experience, it is hard to like about. >> that is like saying i was a computer programmer when you really were not a few wind that job it will -- not. if you win that job, it will probably not go well. the reality is people are doing this. i understand the desperate times right now and people trying to
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put themselves in the best light, but what you really need to do is try to land a job he will stick at -- you will stick at. >> let's see if you did lie, what do you do? >> they catch you in the interview? >> yes. >> what i meant to say was -- [laughter] there is really no good way to backstroke out of it. what you have to do is take a fresh start on your next one, have an honest resonate -- resume, be clean and clear about what you can do, and sell yourself very well current . >> what about this -- i live. >> thank you, lisa. >> did not go away.
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dr. kim hammond answers your pet questions when we come back, but first a look at some events going on around town.
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3-way cfls really click with my style. learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at >> live from television hill in baltimore, wbal-tv 11 news continues. >> that is a cute dog. welcome back. joining us is dr. ken hammond. >> this is a norman rockwell
9:27 am
posts. great dog. >> she wants to jump up. >> she does. >> here is the first question -- my 11-year-old lab developed a droopy pie. he is taking an oral antibiotic, and one through the eye, any other recommendations? >> basically, the syndrome is about the muscles in the face becoming droopy, in other words some reason is causing the nerve not to work. >> it sounds like the human version of a stroke. >> kind of, but it is more local. it is all about nervous. the pupil will get tiny. the question is what is causing this? it is it a tumor, trauma?
9:28 am
sometimes dogs get hit by a car or have been here 8. you have to let the -- have been here 8. you have to let the medicine works for a while. >> the second question has to do with fleas. my dog has fleas even though i have used the fleet drops on the skin. >> this is the second free season. now that it is cooler, you have to treat your dogs, and cats and also your yards. frontline has come out with a new guarantee, and you have to buy it from a veterinarian and they will explain it for you, but if you use it for three consecutive months and you still have fleas, they will send someone out to exterminate. we know they work. i use them on my dog.
9:29 am
>> good endorsement there. there goes your drops. my seven-year-old beagle seems to have her anal gland cleaned out regularly. when is it time to consider surgery? >> we always get these butt questions. first of all, the plans can be removed very easy and my concept on advising clients is if you are inspecting on a monthly basis, take them off. it is a simple problem. >> you have your hands full. thank you for joining us. it is 55 degrees. much more news coming up including the forecast. stay with us.
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>> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-tv 11 news saturday morning. >> welcome back to 11 news. thank you for joining us. >> let's take a look outside with lowell melser. any better? >> the partly cloudy skies are giving way to mostly cloudy but the good news is the majority of the rain activity will be later in the day but that does not mean there could not be some pop up showers here and there.
9:32 am
most of the wet weather is well to the west of laws which is good news for now but there is this upper-level disturbance starting to separate itself, and unfortunately it will keep turning in a counter-clockwise flow and some will reach our area later today. 54 degrees at the airport. the inner harbor is a little warmer, 58 degrees. we will look at when this wet weather will see me tell, and some warming is on the way. -- end, and some warming is on the way. >> this is a hallmark weekend for barbara kospi. >> she will be inducted into the woman's holophane and deborah weiner is tracking with -- women's hall of fame and deborah weiner is traveling with
9:33 am
her. >> on this monumental a kinsman, senator barbara mikulski's only regret is her parents are not here. aboutfrom baltimore santhink home runs, but it really was a powerful impact. i was touched. >> senator barbara mikulski is among 11 inductees including posthumous honors for billie holiday. the senator was honored by a constituent and shut -- chosen by a national panel. >> she was chosen for her work on behalf of americans everywhere -- her work on behalf of veterans, health care, education. she is tenacious. >> her achievements will be
9:34 am
honored at the national women's hall of fame in seneca falls where women like rosa parks and helen keller are honored for their valuable and indoor in contributions. >> i could not have -- indoor in contributions. >> i could not have anticipated it. i've never had anything significant as this honor. >> seneca falls is believed to be the inspiration for the town in frank capra's classic "it's a wonderful life." that is the conclusion barbara mikulski is reaching, it has been a wonderful life. >> deborah weiner will have reports throughout the weekend including her acceptance speech. >> looking for a way to unwind from a long day? coming up, the pain-relieving benefits of massage therapy. >> and, a quest to find a man of
9:35 am
her dreams in "what is your number?" >> cool, moist weather is here for the weekend, we will tell you how long it
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9:37 am
>> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast. >> taking a look outside, the airport is the 54. the inner harbor is a 58. the barometer is holding steady. temperatures around the area near that -- mid--to-upper-50's along the eastern shore.
9:38 am
hagerstown is at 48 degrees. way out west, oakland, they are barely above freezing and they could see a little snow before the day is done. speaking of the day, it looks ok. the majority of the rain will hang on until later. wind is 10 to 15 miles per hour, but it will be cloudy and ominous, and there will be the chance for a stray shower. our current weather shows a lot of moisture due to an upper level disturbance that is breaking off and will stay with us for the next couple of days. as it turns, it will bring some rain to the area. as it looks, the showers will be in the later hours. we will show you the future
9:39 am
tests in just a second. this came through yesterday. there is the blow. the majority of the country is bone-dry, and this will make it to our area by tuesday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday look absolutely spectacular. around 6:00 today, you see some cloudy skies and there is that german that will go into the goht -- tchurn that will into the night and into tomorrow morning. bing -- bring a raincoat. it will be windy as well. 25 mile an hour gusts. temperatures anywhere from 43 to 48 degrees. the baltimore ravens game
9:40 am
tomorrow -- temperatures around 46, and a 30% chance of rain. you want to bundle up for that. here is wednesday. 74 degrees. thursday, 75 degrees. that is the weather i am talking about. jen? >> i totally agree. if the rain has been stressing your out, europe have a stressful day, or you need time to slow down, you might decide a soothing massage is what you need to unwind. for some is an effective way to relieve pain. mindy basara has more. >> carol suffered from migraines for 10 years because of spasms in her right shoulder that traveled all per night and head. >> the pain was bad sometimes and i was in bed for
9:41 am
a day and forced to take medicine. >> her doctors suggested massage therapy. her massage therapist -- >> payne is a common complaint from patients, and even though the cause can be different. >> mercy medical center pain management specialist says for patients like carol, massage could bring good results. >> we do not necessarily need to turn to medications and other procedures. in her case, it was clear that the relief could serve her well. >> when the muscle is tight, that puts pressure on the nerves. if it is relaxed, you will have less pain. >> once you are able to treat those effected, often your body will become accustomed to a more
9:42 am
relaxed today, if you will. it will almost rebalance things. >> esther 3 massage therapy sessions, she fills -- after three massage therapy sessions, she feels a big improvement, but the biggest surprise of all? >> no had expired that is the biggest part. >> join us now is dr. joseph. good morning. she almost had to train her body how to relax. >> she came to me with shoulder pain and her migraines. we found she had a complicated nerve in her shoulder and i did a surgery to release that. she got better. her migraines got better, and then gradually she got worse again, and i noticed her moscow were -- her muscles were out of balance, and that sparked my intuition to refer her to
9:43 am
massage and her migrants went away. she looks great and is really doing well. >> this is becoming an alternative way to treat different symptoms. >> yes. i think that is exactly right. we use massage, or however you relate to energy, getting that energy can really help patients who have orthopedic complaints when there is not an actual mechanic problem and needs a surgery to intervene. >> as a doctor and a surgeon does that retrain yourself till treat your patients? >> you get to the end of western medicine, and what is left? that inspired me. i have gone to learn about how i can help patients with that.
9:44 am
>> it seems to be working. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. if you have any other questions or would like a referral, call 1-800-mdmercy. are you thinking about a movie? max weiss has a reviews, but first the winning lottery numbers from last night.
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9:46 am
? he was right there. >> what did he look like, baby? >> he had a big head and it was
9:47 am
fuzzy. >> fuzzy? >> that is a scene from "dream house." after a series of scarce, he describes -- he finds his house had a series of murders. max weiss has reveres. >> i did not see that one, but gossip alert -- daniel craig met his wife on that movie. >> a "50/50." >> this is the movie where joseph gordon-levitt gets cancer, and i'm thinking great, did not bring me down. do not be afraid to see this. it is funny. for the most part it is generally entertaining.
9:48 am
i've had friends said will i be in a good mood or a bad mood when it is over. i will not tell you, but i can tell you it is delightful. it gives you everything you want. in many ways it is a buddy film. this young man is diagnosed with cancer, and then seth rogen plays his body. the guy who wrote it was actually diagnosed at the age of 27 and was friends with seth rogen in real life, so he is almost playing himself. so the question is how two young, hip, funny guys deal with this catastrophic news. what i like is it is not overly- sentimental. it feels like what these real guys would go through. there is a love story as well because he has this young
9:49 am
therapist. he is her third patient. 3.5 stars for "50/50." >> "what's your number?" >> a lot lower. i am bombed about this movie because i love anna faris, but the thing about her is you cannot put her in a traditional comedy role. she is more like a cartoon character. she is not really relatable. she is almost like a lucille ball, meets marilyn monroe figure. i did not like the promise. i will status, the few left in the film are just her. the few scenes where they cut her loose, those are the big laughs, but the rest of the
9:50 am
movie, the premise is she has had intimate relations with 20 men, and she reads that if you have had that with more than 29 not going to get married, and she tracks them down, but here where he does not ensue. 1.5. >> that is probably a good number. >> exactly. kids at home, i do not know how the half works out, but we will find out later. >> stay with us. where to find the bestnd
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>> if you're not hungry for pizza before, you will be now. "baltimore magazine" helps us sort it out with the newest addition of their best pizza issue. it looks so good. what did you get set out to do? >> find the best pizza in baltimore. it was a hard test. >> eat your way through baltimore. >> we came up with 34. these are some of the examples. we went to isabella's, which is delicious, in little italy, and even though we do not have signature pizza there is a lot of good pizza around. >> you brought three chefs. let's start with the italian graffiti. >> we are right next to the bakery. the place is small.
9:54 am
we try to please everyone, pretty much dead >> you brought a lot of selectmen. >> -- pretty much. >> you brought a lot of selection. >> we have a three-cheese, the grandmother's pie. >> what would you say your secret is? >> i just cannot give the way, i'm sorry. >> sergio is here. >> we brought three pizzas. when it the mushroom pizza at 1000 degrees. that is what distinguishes us. we of the red clam pie and a pizza with a type of mozzarella that is rich. it is tough to be here at this early in the morning, all enjoying the smell. >> anytime is a good ti to eat
9:55 am
pizza. you ate your way through a good portion of north america and pizza. >> i am wearing de evidence -- i'm wearing the evidence of that. chaz and i tried all the different styles. it was fun, we put a few pounds on, but it was very fun. >> thomas, talk a little bit about your pizza. you are from the american bribery. >> we have some roasted shrimp with roasted corn. >> where are you guys located? >> we are at two north charles at the hotel monaco. >> what should people be looking for when they sit down to a good pie? >> our peace is more like a flat
9:56 am
bread. >> is it fun to come up with ideas? >> sergio, tell us where chaz's is? interesting, they said if they have too much cheese, it is cheap cheese. let's go to weather. >> speaking of cheap cheese, right? sunday is looking like 40's for the baltimore ravens game. 63 monday. rain chances later this afternoon. >> all right. have some pizza for the game. >> where do i get this? >> thank you for joining us. >> so long, everyone.
9:57 am
>> this is a wbal-tv 11 editorial with president and general manager dan joerres. >> it is a familiar story line -- congress deadlocked, which could add to government workers to unemployment. if the democrat vote to pass a plan, the republicans will reject and vice versa. most recently they could not agree on how to pay for disaster relief. with 84 disasters, it is hard -- it is obvious they will exceed deaths in the budget. they voted along partisan lines and went home. that is not acceptable.
9:58 am
every poll taken across the country shows americans in unanimous agreement of the state of the union is broke and people expect elected representatives to fix it. in an era of multiple wars, natural disasters, and a teetering world economy, american can show strength and unity by doing what is best for the american people. instead, partisan battles that are making a spectacle of our system. the special joint congressional committee has been created to devise a deficit reduction plan. now is the time to take off a partisan hats and heal the country. if you would like to comment on if you would like to comment on th
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