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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 2, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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and dustin keller remembers how it felt a season ago when ray lewis got him then. he comes back and gets him again. maybe he remembered that hit he took a season ago. >> al: that would have been a triple sack. conley's punt. and it cannot be saved. touchback with 9:09 remaining. ♪ ♪oi matt the nfl experience of a high pressure field goal. ♪ ♪ [ crowd shouting car alarm blaring ] that's terrible, man! [ crowd ] booooooooo! [ male announcer ] there's an easier way to get an ultimate nfl fan experience. just snap the tag wherever bud light is sold and you could win. bud light and the nfl. here we go. hey, it gets easier. really? no. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t and verizon charge you extra for going over
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>> al: as we come back, the officials had a discussion. they ruled the ball down at the 1 yard line. we want to show you something. this is called -- it was into the end zone. it comes back out. but if the ball hits the goal line, it's a touchback. >> cris: even though he comes in and re-establishes both feet down. we're going to get a challenge now. >> al: baltimore should have the ball at the 20 yard line. they're seeing the same thing we're seeing. >> cris: it's easy to do. he gets both feet re-estabilshed despite the fact he was in the goal line. >> referee: the ruling on the field is first touched by the kicker at the 1 yard line is
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wheels zen master. thank you...todd. ♪ ♪ >> al: all right. mike carey coming out to reverse this and bring it to the 20. >> referee: after review, the ball hit on the goal line which creates an immediate touchback. first and ten on the 20 yard line for baltimore. baltimore will not be charged with a time-out. >> al: so harbaugh wins the challenge. you know the story. brian billick got fired after the '07 season. ryan interviewed for the job and conventional wisdom was that he was going to get the job. but he didn't. they had a five-win season. and they wanted some fresh blood.
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they went to the outside. flacco hands the ball off. rice picks up six. jason garrett was offered the job. they were negotiating with jason who was with dallas at the time. jason was being talked to by atlanta. and then garrett at the end pulled out. and that's how harbaugh, john came in after spending a lot of years with andy reid at philadelphia. he and ryan were on the same staff back at the university of cincinnati in the mid 90s. >> cris: a lot of hard feelings, still. he definitely wanted it. >> al: second and five. and this is rice. so you go back to the university of cincinnati in '96. rex, the defensive coordinatorment john the assistant head coach with the ravens. there they were. rex gets the jets job the following year.
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they met in kentucky when they were in different schools. ryan didn't remember it. they were talking to john. he said wait a minute, rex. don't you remember we met? third and four. and that's caught as flacco hits dixon. tackle there by eric smith. >> cris: todd heap, the long time tight end around here. ravens really went young. dixon played very well. sort of filled in as that pass catcher and three rookies starting at wide receiver. harbaugh said we felt like when he to get better. we didn't have a lot of healthy bodies with the older players. to make a good run in the playoffs, we made the decision
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to make changes and go young. >> al: not very many teams get rid of eight, count them, eight regular starters. only seattle had a bigger surge with 11 gone. >> cris: the interesting thing, too, is the fact they took chances. you know, this offensive line during the exhibition season for the ravens was a mess. and they kind of fell in to some guys like andre jerrod who were released for salary cap reasons to dallas and minnesota. it saved the day here. art model owned the franchise for a number of years. and ozzie newsome has done a masterful job with drafting and
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keeping this team in contention almost every year. >> cris: alabama got florida last night. i'm sure he'll be waiting outside the broadcast booth for me. >> al: third and six. and williams will be stopped a yard shy of the first down. but some good clock chewing time here for the ravens who take another four minutes for the time they punt this off the clock. and we're down under 5:30 to play. >> cris: so for the ravens, they catch a break today. pittsburgh ends up getting beat. and now the ravens in first place.
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assuming this one holds. >> al: the only break that jets get is that buffalo finally lost. cincinnati came from behind. and to the 22 yard lip, kerrne, kerley makes the catch. green bay knocks off denver. atlanta held on. seattle had a chance for a 61-yard field goal at the end. so we got atlanta going against green bay and who would have thought -- you would figure green bay had a really good chance to be unbeaten at this point in the season. and then there are the lions. >> cris: it's been a remarkable year. and a remarkable day. if you watch football this afternoon, the teams that had two and three touchdown leads early in those games almost all gave them up. >> al: it's that kind of a season.
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it's been happening almost every week. buffalo came back. detroit against minnesota. holmes can't make the catch. this is the tweet by engineer michael finley. sunday night football here we come. let's go. there's your promo. >> cris: i wonder why we put that up there? >> al: year of the takeovers. second and ten. tomlinson. forced out by lewis. one hall of famer sends the other out of bounds. >> cris: ngata on the chase as well. ngata got his big contract, somebody put on the tape, you
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know, ray lewis on the outside chases him. i'll tell my story in a minute. >> al: third and six from the 25. and can't make the catch. no flag. cover there by danny gorrer. as paul harvey would say, the rest of the story -- >> cris: well, ngata gets the $60 million contract. and the atm inside the ravens facility was out of order. it said out of order and somebody else wrote, ngata was here. he took all the cash out. >> al: warren buffett wants him to pay more in taxes. fielded to the 38 yard line by ed reed. you're making $60 million, right? there you go. >> cris: all right. ray rice.
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check out the jump cut that he is so famous for. hard to get a handle on that guy. also pretty good. as a receiver, coming out of the backfield, picking up the big first down. and some. watch as a blocker, watch this one. dong. >> al: madden does bam and do you dong? >> cris: i have to come up with something. at least i didn't bring up warren buffett. >> al: you know what? it's almost tuesday. ravens can milk the clock. and look forward to a by week. we asked john harbaugh about an early by week and he said, you know what? we have enough injuries and we haven't even talked about lee evans tonight, the other
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receiver and david reid, the great run back specialist and ben grubbs has been hurt. he said if he's going to be able to get a bunch of people healthy. meanwhile, the jets make that trip to foxboro next week. and there are the ravens upcoming schedule. texans come here. then they go to jacksonville and arizona comes in. and then on sunday night, november 6th, baltimore at pittsburgh. >> cris: they are without andre johnson, too. it looked like he got hurt in that one. >> al: looked very serious at first and then able to get off under his own power. we'll have to see. >> cris: l.t. has had a good year this year, hasn't he? they reduced his role. he was leading rusher a year ago. now they just dump him the ball. i would think that maybe you had it earlier, more yards after the catch than any running back in the game now. >> al: averaging 14 yards after the catch and a lot of others coming on that one play last
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week in oakland. and the handoff here goes to rice. so again, in a game with 51 points, only one touchdown from scrimmage by that man, rice in, the first quarter from three yards. so jets on the road next week at new england. then miami comes to the meadowlands. san diego comes in. then their by week. and then take a look at that. you go into november and you have the bills at buffalo. and then new england on sunday night november 13th. >> cris: they await collin bachlster and nick mangold is not ready for next week, too. maybe somewhere in the back of rex's mind he was thinking, you know, finally get him for one of them. i'd rather have him next week. >> al: and that punt goes into the end zone.
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2:11 to play. in the fourth quarter, you're not going to win a lot of games when you're 10 out 361. that's what flacco is tonight for 163 yards. when your defense does what it does, you'll get a w. >> cris: yeah, i mean, if i'm not mistaken, i think the jets offense really accounted for three points for their side and, what, 21 going the other way. >> al: right. >> cris: good day. this is a good defense. i tell you the other thing that impressed me. stle depth now, some guys like burr parnell mcphee rushing the passer. we saw paul kruger making plays and brandon mckinnie and arthur jones. this is not just a team that has to play the starters all the time. >> al: set. rotate them.
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keep them fresh. sanchez's pass incomplete. and for mark tonight, 33%. 11 out of 33 for 119. >> cris: let's go back to the future and how we all got started here tonight. colin baxter has been that kind of night. that time it was arthur jones taking the turn. >> al: second and ten. tomlinson will be taken down before he can get out of the backfield by arthur jones, the guy we were just talking about. fifth round pick last year out of syracuse. and we get to the two-minute warning.
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>> al: final two minutes. third and ten here for the jets.
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and that's incomplete. i tell you, you look at these quarterback numbers, you would think they played in a monsoon. >> cris: that time ray lewis ended up with ladainian tomlinson in coverage and just grabbed him. that's one way to cover him out there. watch this coverage. i wonder why he can't throw the ball to l.t. there you go. ray's son is apparently some player. >> al: last gas. it's a fitting ending, i guess. another incomplete pass. and sanchez winds up on the turf. so the ravens can run the clock out assuming the jets do not take their time-outs with 1:50. 30 rushing yards tonight.
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fewest by the jets since back in '06. >> cris: so last week they gave up the most yards rushing. and tonight they failed to rush it. so ground and pound is nonexistent here the last couple of weeks. but in reality, you can't take an all pro player out of the middle of the lineup against this defense and these defensive linemen and expect to have a day. it's just not going to happen. without nick mangold this tremendous offensive line becomes, i give them average. >> al: right from the get go, there were a ton of story lines in this game. some kneel downs. the jets are not going to screw around by using time-outs here. it became, you know, right from the start you said it at the beginningst game, it's the center. it boils down to that. and it started that way. and it was disastrous at the
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beginning. and the jets did get back into the game. but then mistakes took them back out of the game. and the rains are on their way to a 3-1 record. slauson took a few snaps at center after they had to put baxter on the bench for a series or series and a half. and they can only hope that mangold is ready next week. >> cris: robert turner who was supposed to be the next guy in is on injured reserve with a broken leg. and so they were thin coming in. and thinner coming out. >> a since 1998, these two teams have met seven times and
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the ravens have won them all. they roll to seven tonight. longest ever winning streak versus any team. and there's, well, rex and he was with ray lewis for ten years. and with suggs. a lot of love and respect going both ways there. but for harbaugh, off they go back home. and off the ravens go into their bye week. wendy's postgame report coming right up.
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strange to say in a game where 51 points were scored, 34 by the winners, but defense was really the story tonight. and one of those stars is ed reed. he's on the field with michelle tafoya. michelle? >> with ed reed, the jets offensive line without nick mangold was vulnerable. you knew you wanted to attack that position. you get the sack-fumble early in the game which sets up the first defensive touchdown in this game. what role did that play in setting the tone of this football game? >> i mean it was huge. they came right back and tied the score with a return. and, you know, we got to be able to challenge that and stay focused, you know what i'm saying? let's go to ruth chris! you know, we just stayed focused focused. we knew the jets were going to fight the whole time. they're a great team. we know that. we came out on top today. >> the ravens have had good
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defenses over the years. this is the first time the ravens d scored three touchdowns in a game. what was the mindset, the emotions and as you welcomed back your former defensive coordinator rex ryan to baltimore? >> we just wanted to come out an play our football. we were excited. we knew we were playing home. sunday night football, you know? it's the best time to showcase your talent and just be out here. it is a blessing. we just kept playing. >> ed, thanks very much. >> no problem. >> hey, man! >> michelle, high spirited group there. down on the field. let's go to tony dungy standing by at 30 rock in new york. strange game as al michaels pointed out. 51 points scored with only one touchdown from scrimmage. odd. >> it really was. and you could say the rains how good they feel. they have gotten back to their style of play. playing defense, pounding the ball with ray rice. and i think the jets really have to get back to that, bob. they've got to run the football. yes, nick mangold was out. but you still got good backs.
11:58 pm
you have other good linemen. i don't think they can put so much pressure on mark sanchez and justin to throw. they have to get that running game going to be effective. >> and, of course, the next test for the jets is the patriots. so it doesn't get any easier. tony, as always, thanks. we'll see you next week. we turn to mike florio from let's get to some of today's key injuries whament do injuries. >> ben roethlisberger injured his left foot late in the game. he was in a walking boot after the game. mri expected tonight or tomorrow. so stay tuned on that one. the same game, texans receiver andre johnson injured a hamstring. mri was expected for tonight. we'll be checking on the results of that in the morning. and then for the patriots, defense already not performing well this year, mayo left knee injury. mcl sprain. he's not expected to miss the rest of the year. he is expected to miss some time. >> all right, mike, thanks. tonight in baltimore, the ravens to beat the jets 34-17. al and cris back to wrap things
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