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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  October 3, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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beyond these woods is the social security administration's woodlawn campus where the victim apparently worked. police say he was basically taking a stroll through the woods on his lunch break when he was confronted by a robber and shot. police say it was just before 11:45 a.m. monday when an an end -- an unidentified male employee of the social security administration was walking through this wooded area, very near the campus, when an armed man tried to rob him. it ended with the victim getting shot and a suspect fleeing on foot. the victims -- out of the woods and collapsed. -- the victim stumbled out of the woods and collapsed. immediately after the shooting because the suspect could not be located, baltimore police notified security on the woodland campus, causing a lockdown that lasted about two hours. extra security would be in place in various parking lots as
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employees left for home. 11 news spoke to several sources security employees over the phone who asked not to bfi. one employee said he was unaware of the lock down because he had not checked his e-mail. another said she was aware of the lockdown, but was unaware of the circumstances surrounding the shooting. as far as the victim, he is recovering at sinai hospital with non-life threatening injuries. as far as the suspect, police only have a vague description. anyone with information should call 911 the immediately. >> thank you. firefighters are back on the scene investigating a possible gas leak on baltimore's subway system. subway service is running again from johns hopkins to west cold springs. initial air quality tests are not detected any levels of gas, which is why they reopen the
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stops around 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. >> you could smell it in the hallway. >> fire crews tallied 11 news they will stay on the scene and tell people stop reporting the odor of gas. meanwhile, police are crediting a carbon monoxide detector for saving the lives of homeowners inside this house. three people had been taken to shock trauma for treatment. if the cover monoxide detector had not gone off, that leak could be dead -- could have been deadly. >> as we first told you yesterday, a fight over a paint brush as -- is believed to have led to a three-alarm fire yesterday. barry simms was live outside the district court house with details. >> jason hicks is now being held -- held without bail.
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he had a gauze bandage on his right arm and hand. meanwhile, the tire shop that burned is trying to rebuild. belvedere tire is back in business, across the street from where a three-alarm fire destroyed dispute shops building. >> it is a new beginning. >> it was a spectacular fire, three alarms that burned through and collapsed the roof, cracked the foundation and rear wall. 35-year-old jason hicks of baltimore is accused of starting the fire, charged with arson, militias endangerment and assault. being held on $150,000 bail, the judge ordered him to be held without bail, citing the risk to the tire shops employees. >> we definitely looked at this act considering the magnitude of
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the fire, and suffering of burns on his hands. >> jayson hicks admits getting into a fight with a co-worker overrating brush. apparently he had used it and wanted it back. he said he was smoking near inaudible fluids. other workers told another story. they said he used inaudible fluids and toted a fight -- a tire. hicks said he flicked a cigarette and as he tried to take the burning bucket outside its coated his arms. he said he got 10 bases and tossed about it. -- tan paces and tossed the bucket.
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>> baltimore city firefighters are warning of the dangers of mixing such flammable materials. we did talk to the workers at the belvidere tire shop and they tell us they will not do that again. >> barry, thank you. it is a dangerous cycle and our victims often have no way out, but tonight, july funding is working to end domestic violence. a 750,000 lagrange is being announced, going toward helping to monitor homes that are at high risk for violent behavior appeare. >> the grant will provide the overtime to extend the work of the unit. >> so far this year, police had visited more than 800 homes to check on domestic violence becomes. >> the verdict is handed down
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the amanda knox trial in italy. many of you watched it live this afternoon. the college student has been in an italian prison for almost four years and her murder conviction was overturned today. her boyfriend was also cleared in the murder of matter of character. >> it was an emotional market -- moment, being freed after almost four years and an italian prison. her family wept with joy. her codefendant and former boyfriend was also cleared of the 2007 murder of? 's were made, meredith -- of amanda knox's roommate, marybeth kercher. >> we are thankful that the nightmare is over. she suffered for four years for a murder she did not commit. >> she appealed to the court, contesting her innocence.
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after the verdict was read, the court was seemingly stunned. was sentenced to 16 years for the murder after his trial was fastrac. >> cloudy, cool, and occasionally wet, the weather patterns holding on to the afternoon and evening. it looks like it will be another 12 to 15 hours dealing with this unseasonably cool start to october. 20 degrees below normal for this time of year. mostly in the 50's run the baltimore area. temperatures have climbed above freezing in western maryland, but still only in the 40's out that way. the good news is off to the west of us is clearing out nicely and it is all lot warmer. in the 80's over the upper midwest. dry, mild, beautiful fall
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weather is headed this direction, thank phillippe. in -- thankfully. >> the ravens head coach john r. boss thought he had -- thought he had -- john harbaugh thought he had seen a great performance. >> but there is very simple -- really something special about this year's team. >> given the stature and history of the ravens defense, when a franchise record it said, you know something special happened. -- gets set, you know something special happened. here are the highlights. >> ♪ and the home of the brave >> don greene to the backfield. pressure from the backside. it is picked up by the ravens
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and carried in for a touchdown. >> ed reed with the sack and strict. >> touchdown, ravens. >> in the backfield. and paul kruger has fallen on it for the ravens. he recovers at the jets' 22. >> and it is all the ravens at this point. >> picked up by jerry johnson and he is carrying it in a four a touchdown. jaret johnson recovers a fumble for the second touchdown of the night. >> intercepted by darius web. he is going all the way.
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and they will get their third touchdown for the defense tonight. >> they are going to have a party of their own. >> a great job with the calls. however, not everything was perfect sunday night. what john harbaugh has to say about his quarterbacks worst completion percentage, coming up. >> grab your cellphone. yurista nights raven's text question. do you think they're the best team in the nfl? text the word yes or no to this number. 8509. you can also vote on the front page of our website and we will reveal the results of this poll on 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> he was operating on about zero sleet today. >> i got home at about 1:45
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a.m., but it was worth it. it was football. >> vitamins during pregnancy could change the date is help law after they are born. >> and now we're learning how they can cut down on a scary problem in hitchens, the common cold. -- in infants, the common cold. >> and h bb is -- hpv is causing morrill problems with cancers, especially -- oral cancer problems, especially with men.
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>> the wal-mart foundation presents meals on wheels of central maryland with $100,000 this morning. the grant will enable wheels -- meals on wheels to improve their operations and it feed more of the community seniors. >> on behalf of the nearly 1800 clyne to rely on our volunteers to provide nutritious meals, related services and human contact. >> they provide nearly 750,000 meals every year.
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>> in tonight's medical alert, one major curt -- insurance co. has decided they will not pay for new prescriptions after a breast cancer drug avastin. blue cross of california says as of october 17 it says it will no longer pay for the medication for new breast cancer patient, but those already taking the drug will begin to continue coverage. the fda says it does not appear to help breast cancer patients. prenatal vitamins have been around for a long time, but as nutrition has evolved, so have the vitamins. now it is important to take a kind that has dha with elements of fish in it is coming out. >> mandy is well acquainted with
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prenatal vitamins. >> when i came in for my first visit they gave me a baby bag that's vitamins in it. some of them were big, some were small, some were jewels. >> she picked a vitamin with dha in it, as advised by her ob/gyn. >> we know it helps with spring and i growth in utero, but there is now a study ithat shows it helps reduce cold and the duration of cold up to six months. >> that is huge. >> and she believes it has made a big difference for ethan. >> i read about it and it seemed like it would help with his brain development and with cold spirited we have never had a cold. >> she had dha throughout conception and pregnant the and
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even breastfeeding. she still takes it. >> he has never been sick. to try to he's going escape. >> and begins to the doctors entire interview on line act researchers at ohio state reported an increase in human papilloma norovirus instances -- oral virus instances from around 16% in 1980 to nearly 70% in the 2000's. the increase is mainly among men and is believed to be related to oral sex. overweight children are more likely to have high blood pressure. researchers at indiana choate -- at the university of indiana
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studied children over the age of five. when body mass index surpassed the 85th percentile, the risk of high blood pressure nearly tripled. high blood pressure in childhood hobby but raises the risk of high blood pressure in adulthood. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> we are still -- still dealing with what has turned out to be a record-setting cool month of october. this is the cold as it has ever been to start the month of october. on hd doppler there is still some light rain and sprinkles. it is just live dub along interstate 83. sprinkles to the west of westminster. and in westminster, sprinkles of
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rain this afternoon. all in all, still locked into the same basic weather pattern. randolph -- rainfall totals have been very light today, measuring just a bit. maybe a 10th of an inch in some spots. the end result is another unusually chilly october day. about the warmest to can find is in the upper 50's at ocean city. the cooler in suburbs of baltimore and low 40's out toward garett and oakland. the temperatures will drop into the low 40's, west wind at 5. a slight chance of showers at 6:46 p.m. this system is slowly drifting away and anna tilles is a big area of high pressure covering
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two-thirds of the country -- on its heels is a big iraq high- pressure covering two-thirds of the country. 40's and loh 50's locked in over the mid-atlantic, but in the 60's out over chicago and in the 80's over iowa. we will be able to warm up and dry out nicely. you can see that happening through tomorrow evening. by 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night, mostly clear skies. lots of sunshine expected wednesday, thursday, friday. we may even continue this writing to next weekend once we get the slow-moving high- pressure system in here. northwest winds tomorrow 10-15. it will turn of the breezy, but then it is a dry breeze. temperatures in the 60's tomorrow. 20 knots on the bay. it could get a bit choppy on the
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bay. western maryland has felt like winter with the last couple of days. a nice day tomorrow afternoon and again on wednesday with a high of about 63. 66 with a shower on the eastern shore tomorrow. lots of sunshine on wednesday and down around ocean city, the same basic trend, slowly drying out. 30% chance of showers tomorrow. beautiful skies on the beach. this is the mid-atlantic fall. showers move out tomorrow. temperatures warm up on wednesday. the crisp and clear tonight with the those in the 40's. the -- the lows in the 40's. >> still had tonight, a woman is reportedly attacked in fells point and she said police did not take a report. >> coming up, the information
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she was asked for that she believes would be impossible to provide. >> senator barbara mikulski joins an elite grouping of trailblazers. we will tell you how she was honored over the weekend. >> two cellphone representatives take the stand on week two of the conrad murray trial.
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>> an emergency room doctor and eight representative from at&t have taken the stand in the trial for dr. conrad murray. >> it is entering its second week. >> emergency room doctor ruschel cooper was the first physician to see michael jackson other than dr. conrad murray. today she testified that by the time she sighed michael jackson in the art -- she saw michael jackson in the are, there was nothing she -- in the emergency room she said there was nothing she could do for him. she also described his children as being hysterical. >> they were crying, fairly hysterical. >> the defense suggested he did
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not bring the propofol because -- bring up the propofol because it had likely worn off by then. petsmart -- this testimony could play a role it pass the former girlfriend will take the stand, as she is soon likely to do. he was talking on the phone when michael jackson reportedly died. she also said dr. conrad murray was desperate to revive the singer. grex need it -- >> the the doctor nor i could find a pulse. given the situation, dr. murray did ask me one thing and he repeated the request to dr. koo and spirit that we not give up easily and try to save mr. michael jackson's life. >> the defense maintains that jackson was an addict, whose own
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actions led to his death. he faces up to four years in prison and a loss of his medical license. >> the prosecution will continue for the rest of the week and among the upcoming witnesses is a pharmacist who allegedly sold dr. murray propofol. >> and coming up, a home invasion of a different kind. >> it left a couple recovering in hospital tonight. their attacker? a bear. find out he got into their home. >> and a woman was attacked outside a fells point bahrain's as police did not do anything to help her. that story, coming out.
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>> you are lodging wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. in hd with the stan stovall, donna hamilton, the insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 p.m. in hd continues now. >> she said a fight in a bar this weekend that she was not involved in ended with her being punched in the face. the baltimore woman says she no longer feel safe in the city. >> she says she lost her faith in police after she says the way they treated her. lisa has more. >> i first contacted police about this case this morning. they have been investigating it today. tonight, still no answers from them, and no answers for a woman who says she just went out in the city for a night of fun.
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>> at this point i just do not feel very safe. it seems like this could happen to people all the time. >> sheila koffman said she is black and blue because a big fight that broke out outside this bar. >> the guy fell right in front -- right in front of me and when he said i said, nobody needs to fight. everything should just end. and he punched me. >> she says what hurts most is not her face, but the street and she got from police. she said 10 police officers and an ambulance responded. police do confirm that officers were called to the scene for a fight that night. >> 10 cops came, but i was in the bathroom cleaning up. they told my friend that i -- that they should take me into the bar and that's they would talk to me when they were done during everything else. >> kaufmanns as they were all gone when she came out of the bar. the next day she was told she had a fractured cheek at the
5:31 pm
medical treatment center. there she asked for a police officer to file a report. >> i said i wanted to press charges against the guy who hit me because we had his name. the cop told me because i do not have his address and his birth date, i'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do about this. >> maria alvarez took koffman to austin and says she, too, was shocked by the officers -- took koffman to the hospital and says she, too, was shocked by the officer's response. >> they said there was nothing they could do. >> police told me that koffman could file a report or a complaint with internal affairs and that is something that kauffman says she does intend to do. >> here's a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. the all clear has been given and the metro has reopened its eight underground subway stations
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after an odor of gas has forced the closure. the report command about 12:00 p.m. of an odor of gas -- the report came in about 12:00 p.m. of an odor of gas. buses were transporting passengers, but the subway is now back to normal. and police are crediting a carbon monoxide detector had a home for saving three lives. police were called to the home around 10:00 a.m. this morning for a potentially toxic leak. the people were taken to shock trauma for treatment. if the carbon monoxide detector had not gone off, it could have been deadly. and baltimore city police are involving an officer involved shooting. just before 9:00 p.m. last night, officers were called to a home at 3600 block of seen victor street. they confronted a man with a gun. an officer fired one shot and the suspect later died after being hit in the torso.
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and just after midnight, police were called to the 500 block of mcmeekin street. hospital. died to that the >> most of the mid-atlantic is still dealing with clouds and showers. temperatures running 20 degrees below normal for this time of year. mostly in the low 50's around baltimore on the lower eastern shore. and along the seashore, lower to mid 50's. we're supposed to reading below 70's. showers are getting further to the east and the knights, dry weather with readings in the 60's and even in the 70's will start to move our direction. dreier, milder air moving it from the west slowly through tomorrow morning. after that, you will like the seven-day forecast. more on that, coming up.
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>> there was a baltimore connection at the national hall of fame this weekend. barbara mikulski was inducted and she is it thanking a baltimore woman for the nomination. facts in the place that it all began for women, seneca falls, new york, the site of the first women's rights convention, senator barbara mikulski was inducted into the national women's hall of fame. >> i am reminded once again of the founders of our revolution and i believe it beats the heart of every single person here, every woman here, and every man here. just the way it did in 1848. >> the kolster was honored as a political trailblazer and chosen for work for women, students, and veterans. >> i have never been honored with anything quite as significant as this honor.
5:35 pm
>> she joins the ranks of a millionaire heart, harriet tubman, eleanor roosevelt -- amelia earhart, harriet tubman, eleanor roosevelt. until this began, absent from the hall was coretta scott king, a void notice by baltimore county librarian, kalle mccourt. >> and started making a quick little list and i decided i would go home and nominate some. >> dr. bernice king accepted a posthumous honors for her mother, which she felt was long overdue. >> let me also thank the young lady that nominated my mother, who is here tonight, ms. kalle mckelway. >> it is an incredible honor to be here and to be sitting with dr. king. >> in all, levin minute -- 11 women, historical and living,
5:36 pm
were inducted, standing on the shoulders of the early pioneers in seneca falls, new york. >> a lovely story. congratulations, senator. still to come, thousands of people gathered in ticket -- in kentucky to honor a local hero. >> he ran through energy -- enemy fire tuesday fellow soldiers. what you -- to save his fellow soldiers. >> federal prosecutors tried to use a center's own words against him in his bribery trial. ♪
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to evacuate safely. area residents are being told to stay inside to avoid exposure to the gases. because of the fire is still unknown. a flight from north carolina to germany was forced to land in boston after passengers were injured by extreme turbulence. as many as 11 people aboard the flight were checked for injuries. fortunately, none of them appeared to be serious. and more passengers injured, this time on a flight from frederick go to boston. passengers on the jetblue -- from pr to boston. passengers on the jetblue for reported neck and back pain, but again, no serious injuries. >> a couple was attacked inside their home. authorities say the man was beaten and crushed by a bear that chased their dog inside their home. -- britain and scratched by a
5:41 pm
bear that chased the dog inside their home. the 10-year-old son was also with the home, but not hurt. and thousands turned out to honor an american hero in kentucky. he was awarded the congressional medal of honor as a marine for arresting 36 troops in afghanistan. the celebration included a 21 gun salute and a section of kentucky have a 61 was renamed after him. sergeant miers says he hopes people will stop to remember those who have given their lives in service to their country. >> we do, we certainly do. now that borders is close to maag customers may start getting e-mails from barnes and noble. >> 11 new homes for 11 new families in annapolis. that story, coming up. >> cloudy skies, a chilly temperatures, wet weather, but a big change on the way. you can see some breaks in the clouds on the horizon right now,
5:42 pm
but it is st,
5:43 pm
>> coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m., we continue to fall with developing story from woodlawn. an employee with the social security administration was shot during his lunch break. tonight, the latest on the search for the gunmen. plus, a very strong testimony in a corruption trial. ulysses currie accused a key
5:44 pm
>> habitat for humanity was started in 1976 and since that time, the organization has built over 400,000 homes and sheltered more than 2 million are around
5:45 pm
the world. >> and habitat for humanity in the jazz of the area has also built many homes. -- in the chesapeake area has also built many homes. >> just 18 months ago, they get public housing -- vacant public- housing sat on the site. now there are 11 new homes. the idea is to give homeownership to those who could not otherwise afford it. >> we sell these homes to income earning families 40% interest over 30 years. it takes -- for 0% interest over 30 years. it takes them out of that cycle. >> they take abandoned public houses like these built in the 1940's, tore them down, and the -- replace them with these, 113- story town homes. ronald within three months ago
5:46 pm
and he loves his new home. -- moved in three months ago and he loves his new home. >> it puts us back at home in a place where i was born and raised. this is where i would like to be and this is where i will retire from. >> michele will be moving in this week. >> without habitat i could not be doing this on my album. i would like to say to have attacked for humanity of chesapeake, thank you, thank you. >> none of this would be possible without hundreds of volunteers who donate their time to help build these helms. ford -- these homes. for the volunteers, this help is making a difference. >> by putting really great families in houses, we are able to make a community. >> habitat for humanity has helped build over 300 homes in maryland. >> it is an amazing project.
5:47 pm
winter may still be a couple of months away. not make, it will be a couple of months away. but people are already dealing with signs of snow. a light layer of snow on sunday. the cold air will not last for long. by now, i'm sure that the snow has already melted away. >> just south of garrett county, 5 inches of snow. >> really? >> 5 inches? >> they are 2,500 feet above sea level out there, so that makes a difference. a big warmup is it coming our way, so it is all going to melt away. the showers will be rotating heart of europe tonight into tomorrow. -- rotating out of here tonight into tomorrow. the cool, wet weather that we see draft of the mid-atlantic will give way to much wilde -- much mder conditions to our
5:48 pm
west. light showers possible to night into tomorrow morning. it has been very light, a couple of an inch at the airport. the normal high is supposed to be in the low 70's. we have only been in the low 50's. 56-58 today. tonight and tomorrow morning, the same basic weather pattern. 30's and 40's around oakland. down toward norfolk, 60 degrees. in baltimore, those in the 40's a round -- under mostly cloudy skies. low pressure now centered pretty close to new york city.
5:49 pm
and there is a big area of strong high pressure. it stretches all the we have to canada and over to east florida. -- east over to florida. this is what you normally see in october, big, strong high- pressure systems. it should hang around for a few days. a triple digit heat continues around phoenix in the desert. dallas at 86. warm, dry conditions slowly inching in our direction. once the clearing skies get here, you could see right on into thursday at least. and probably even into next weekend. isolated shower, 20% chance tomorrow, but skies will turn
5:50 pm
partly cloudy, allowing temperatures into the mid 60's tomorrow. breezy on the open waters of the bay, so it could get a bit choppy. ons tomorrow, 60's wednesday. eastern shore, cannot rule out a share or tomorrow, but beautiful wednesday. ocean city get in on the dry and warming trend as well. high temperature of 71 on wednesday. phillippe as the tropical storm that will not go away. at times it has looked fairly impressive. it is now a tropical storm with 65 mile per hour winds. ophelia has diminished down to a tropical storm again. this shows you the track that ophelia went on. it is expected to become a category one hurricane, but thankfully east of bermuda when it does.
5:51 pm
then it starts to drift further east. these systems are getting further and further out in the atlantic as it later and later in the hurricane season our emphasis will be on high pressure coming in. the last of the showers moves out tomorrow. sunshine in abundance wednesday and thursday. heights in the low 70's and lows in the low 40's. >> borders customers may start getting unwanted e-mails because barnes and noble snatched up the customer list after it went a step -- bankrupt. if you use to get e-mails from borders, you will now get them from pardonable. the good news, you can opt out without having your data transferred. there's a very interesting twist to this our housing market that is benefiting and other industry that provides home to millions of people. chris clackum breaks down the numbers. >> with unemployment is high,
5:52 pm
homes this are under water, and mortgage loans this hard to get, no wonder the real estate research firm trulia found some people this skittish about buying the american dream right now. >> after the past few years, there are certainly some people questioning whether home ownership is right for them. >> according to the census bureau's datz, home ownership numbers is at its lowest since 1948. that is why there is an increase in the number of people willing to rent instead of by. >> we ask those people where they are choosing to rent instead of buy another home, they were siding things like the flexibility -- they were saying things like the flexibility that comes with renting. >> even investors are snapping up homes and converting them into rentals. nearly one-quarter of the existing homes sold in august were purchased by investors. but lending is attractive right
5:53 pm
now because of the comparatively -- renting is attractive for air because of the comparatively quick out it provides. >> it is more flexible than and owning. cracks and landlords are raising the red by as much as four -- >> and then north are raising the rent by as much as 4% this year. >> uofr alesi more zombie's at the end of the month. the people have party city are releasing this season's hottest coste list, which also includes captain america and other super heros. and be prepared for charlie sheen and congressman anthony wiener look-alikes as well. >> coming up, the latest on the shooting in what law that caused investors to lock down the administration and at social security. and find out why teachers are being shattered at a baltimore county school.
5:54 pm
-- shadowed at baltimore county school.
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5:56 pm
>> october is free fall baltimore month. that means there are all kinds of free activities all over the city. one of them is free still walking glasses. >> stilled walking is an art form, as i'm about to find out.
5:57 pm
i'm getting strapped into a pair at this projects studio. >> it offers an opportunity to build confidence, overcome fears, and it's great exercise. >> you can also learn. they're offering free class's this month as part of free fall baltimore. more than 80 arts and cultural attractions are offering free admission days, programs, or workshops throughout october. >> it offers an opportunity to get out and see new things. it offers an opportunity to see things they had not already seen. >> i got a crash course on what those people in workshops experience, getting on stilts for the first time. after getting distracted, the hard part is standing up. -- after getting strapped in, the hard part is getting out.
5:58 pm
the key is never to stand stationery, and with a help from mali, unable to walk across the room. albeit, a little slowly and unsteadily. >> we will get as many of the people that have learned in our classes and we will have professionals that are showing off their advance moves. >> i was not brave enough to try it on my own, yet, but to knows? with more practice i could be on my own. >> you can find a link for information about any of these events at >> kim walking tall. that is all at 5:00 p.m. here's a look at what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> why is this federal agency paying out hundreds of millions
5:59 pm
of dollars to dead people? coming up, we will look at the billions that are wasted by improper payments. >> prosecutors call-up former transportation secretary in this bribery case against senator kerrey. how the defense managed to neutralize much of it. and a social security administration employee is shot near the with on campus. >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> a very scary day at work for employees that the social security administration building after one of their co-workers was shot on lunch break. >> we are told that shooting happened around 11:40 a.m. this morning around with lawn and parallel drive. that is near the nsa -- the social security administration headquarters that has been placed on lockdown. >> police areel


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