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tv   Today  NBC  October 4, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're back with another hour of "today" on a tuesday morning, the 4th of october, 2011, brightening up in the northeast, chillier than we're used to but i saw a long range forecast coming off your ipod, i just looked over your shoeld earl, it's going to warm up a little bit. >> going to be a lovely weekend. >> tell us, please. >> i'm matt lauer along with ann curry, al roker and we're joined by tamron hall as well. natalie is on assignment. coming up, this whole question of what's next for amanda knox, the italian court on monday
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overturned her murder conviction. she is now on a plane heading out of that country, heading back home presumably to seattle, washington. what will happen next? we will be talking about that coming up. also coming up this morning, they're back! "today's" professionals are going to be taking on another high profile case, the trial of conrad murray, of course, the doctor in the michael jackson case. they're going to tackle that as well as answer the question, you know, here goes, is the quality of sex more important than the quantity in marriage? apparently some people here already responding. that's right you're looking at star jones laughing her head off, donny deutsche and dr. nancy snyderman with a lot of opinions. >> s.o.s., somebody help me. >> you have the vapors. >> something's going on, anyway, joy is going to take a look at this is interesting how to stay on your diet when you're at someone else's house, maybe they invited you to dinner and don't
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want to appear to be rude saying no thanks. what are the secrets to staying on a diet. we're looking at meal replacement shakes, are they good, and healthy snacking. >> seems like good advice, serving pizza, what do you do? later on a special "steals and deals" with our own jill martin, discounts of 75% off exclusively for "today" viewers. she's even got a luxury vegas getaway at more than half price. >> looking very carol meryl there. >> natalie is on assignment i mentioned. savannah guthrie is at the news desk. >> thanks. in the news today amanda knox is on her way home at this hour to the u.s. after her conviction for the 2007 sexual assault and murder of her british roommate was overturned in an italian court on monday. nbc's lester holt is in perugia with the latest. lester, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. so much has happened. hard to imagine yesterday amanda
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knox was sitting not far from this place in prison, wondering what her fate would be. her cameras captured her, where she began her journey this morning at the rome airport, walking with family and supporters, at one point we see her embrace part of the entourage there at the airport before boarding a plane to london and catching a flight presumably a nonstop back to seattle. all this happening as the prosecutor here in italy has vowed he will not rest with the decision but will appeal it to the italian supreme court. that is not a slam dunk. it will take several weeks, perhaps months to process that. for amanda knox it matters little because chances of her being extradited are between slim and none. the family of meredith kercher the victim in this case held a news conference this morning. they say they accept the decision of the court but they're mystified and puzzled because they were told a narrative of a murder that involved three people, one of them rudy guede, already serving time. his appeal failed, but that
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leaves if you acquit the other two involved, then perhaps who are the real killers? that's the question the family is left with. this case has had huge attention in the united states and britain, in italy all of the papers have a similar saying "innocenti" is this one, and as i try to hold it to the camera, humanized more than what we've seen previously, pictures that go along with the narrative of her being diabolical. this shows her after the verdict when she broke down in tears. back to you, savannah? >> lester holt with the headlines, thank you. back here all eyes on new jersey's governor chris christie, today could be the day he announces his bid for the white house. this as president obama calls
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himself the underdog against any republican in 2012. as president he is being blamed for the faltering economy. house speaker john boehner says he'll make delay of trade agreements his top priority. president obama said the deals with south korea, colombia and panama will support american jobs making it easier for u.s. companies to sell their products overseas. the tsa begins testing a program today that lets some pre-screened frequent fliers pass more easily through airport checkpoints in detroit, miami, atlanta, and dallas ft. worth. the agency says it will also start testing new technology next year to spot fake i.d.s and fake boarding pabss. the recall of california grown row main lettuce is larger than first announced. true leaf farms of salias, california, says the voluntary recall for possible listeria contamination involves about 2,500 cartons shipped to stores, restaurants and cafeterias in 19
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states and canada. the initial announcement only mentioned the 90 cases sold in retail stores. let's hope it doesn't get physical but there's a fight brewing over the title of world answer oldest person. a great grandmother in chechnya has a passport listing her age as 116 years old. that would make her one year older than american bessie cooper, who was just named by "guinness" as the oldest living human being. it's now 9:06, back to matt, ann and tamron. >> that's a fight i want to be in someday. >> it would be nice to get that far. savannah thank you very much. mr. roker? >> just put him in a big jar of smuckers and let them fight it out. where are you guys from? >> memphis! >> memphis, all right, memphis good to see you. let's check your weather and see what's going on. we've got a new storm coming into the west, that's going to bring a lot of heavy rain and mountain snows over the next 24
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hours. 6 to 12 inches in the sierra, 12 to 18 inches in the high country or more, and you can see we've got a lot of rain to talk about as well from seattle all the way down to san francisco. snow back through just to the east of salt lake city, and here in the east, we've got some rain hanging out, not going to be all that horrible as that low moves >> it will be a pretty nice day. a mixture of clouds and and that's your latest
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weather. ♪ and i'll be taking care of business every day ♪ . >> time for a second round of "today's professionals" because we haven't had enough of them. tackling the headlines, star jones, donny deutsche of deutsche incorporated and dr. nancy snyderman, nbc's chief medical editor, good morning to all of but >> good morning. >> hello. >> we've got the michael jackson death trial going on in los angeles, and yesterday we heard testimony from the e.r. docs who once again said when given the opportunity dr. conrad murray who was taking care of michael jackson, failed to say that he had given the drug propofol to michael jackson. we'll talk about the legal significance first, but just as a doctor, nancy, if you were in that same set of circumstances, is there any justification for providing only partial information as prosecutors? >> web a patient comes to the e.r. comatose or out of it,
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whatever family member is there should give the laundry list of everything that's happened and it was very interesting to me yesterday that the doctor in the e.r. said she knew he was dead but yet they tried to revive him and you do that, you go to sometimes heroic places because one, the family is there, and they just need to know it's okay and dr. murray said "please try, please try," but the doctors knew he was dead on arrival. >> what do you think the legal significance is, star? >> i think that at every step that dr. murray had a choice to make, to do the ethical thing, he made a bad choice, and that's the building blocks for gross nenlgsz. >> there's bad choices and then there's negligence. >> this has to be something about ordinary malpractice. >> not telling the medical and emergency professionals what drugs had been given to the patient, i really think is about as bad as it goes.
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>> what's interesting the girlfriends come on "today," so now today you'll see a side of his private side, and where did the drugs come from. one was able to pipeline >> this is obviously a gross negligence case, anybody who has been sick and you go to three doctors and they tell you three different, we put doctors up there, but doctors make mistakes all the time. i'm just saying in the big picture. >> he could have actually confessed to a mistake and i think it would have gone a long way earlier instead of now the new michael jackson's the one who did it to himself, that's where it comes into a problem. >> next topic a doolzzy, qualit sex better than quantity? >> i need some help. what do you mean by quality sex, savannah? >> donny, please, why -- >> can we answer that? not directly if we don't understand what that means? >> a conversation is sometimes
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nice, donny. >> and passion that is born of a relationship -- >> talking about your feelings, donny? >> sometimes a guy's definition of quality sex -- well i actually think for both it's kind of ending in a, you know what i mean? that's what we mean, don't wite >> that's not what the study was about at all. let's pull it back in here. basically -- >> come back little sheba. >> husbands asked wives would you rather have more sex or quality sex so it's frequency versus quality. husbands and wives said quality. >> it's more sex versus better sex. >> what's ironic chances are if you're having great quality sex you want to have more quantity. i think everybody would agree on that. >> do you want to go through life either/or, or through life and/and. >> i got and/and. i can work with that. >> husbands who were sexually satisfied that was the leading kind of indicator as to whether
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or not they would have their marriages end in divorce. >> i say this to young people all the time, when people get married today, they get married because they're of a certain age. if you don't start with that incredible passion, that is price of entry and once again you need the other stuff but if that's not there, the building blocks start to fall. next topic, a gray hair pill. research is being done, apparently within the realm of possibility, you take a pill and you wouldn't get gray hair. before we get to the should you, nancy, is this possible? >> absolutely possible. we know that there's an enzymatic reaction that goes on in the hair follicle that creates peroxide. can stress play a role? we ask that question every time a president enters the office with brown hair and leaves with gray. absolutely possible to get a pill. the question is would you take a pill rather than getting dye put on your hair? >> especially if there were side effects which there always are. >> i'm going to see the commercial on television that
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says, this pill, i'm going to make up a name, oxy oxy and oxy oxy is going to allow me to not be gray but you may get diarrhea, you may not be able to get to the bathroom on time, you may go blind, your left ear may fall out, you'll have gastr gastricenterology issues. >> all women color their hair. if a guy colors his hair it's like that's crazy kind of vain, yet maybe taking a pill doesn't that same stigma to it. >> you don't have to go to the salon with the dye in your hair. >> we don't have to leave this to your imaginations. star, we wondered and made a graphic of what you would look like with gray hair. >> i like it. >> there she is. bro >> brown skinned girls look good with gray hair. >> dr. nancy you don't miss
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this. >> i don't think i'd look that good. >> donny, imagine if you dyed your hair. >> where -- look at danny therrio from "dance fever." we all know guys can look, you called me a silver fox? i love you, too. guys, there are very few aspirational sexual role models of women with gray hair. >> i wouldn't respect you as much if you had the dark gray. you give me billionaire mogul right now. >> i'm going to turn the camera off and you can continue talking. >> you'll send me a memo on the first question i get a feeling. >> no. you are on thin ice. strict, staying on your diet eating out. and luxury items at bargain prices and exclusively for our
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to answer your questions. leah from waltham, massachusetts, live on skype. what is your question? >> hi, joy. i've been following your plan and i've already lost about 15 pounds so thanks to you i now know how to prepare healthy meals for myself, but when it comes to going over to other people's houses for dinner, sometimes i get stuck. if they're serving fattening foods, what are some tricks for keeping my meal on the healthy side? >> first, kudos. you must feel fantastic and via skype you look great. here is my motto. go out of your way to stick to your diet whenever you can but don't get caught up with the uncontrollable. i don't want you to worry about that. you don't want to offend your friend, you want to enjoy the experience but at the same time you want to control the amount you're consuming. a few strategies, nix the liquid calories, drink water and soda, allow yourself one cocktail, watch the portions to are all things served, load up on vegetables even loaded with butter and oil, normally more
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filling and less fattening than the other fare. when it comes to dessert request a small sliver or have two bites of anything that they put on your plate. that is a nice middle ground. you'll do fine. >> leah if it's a really good friend you can call them ahead and say hey i'm trying to be healthy. >> it all depends on who it is. you're right, al. >> next question to the phones, karen in atlanta, georgia, karen, good morning, what is your question? >> caller: good morning. there are so many meal replacement drink products out there such as shakology and slimfast. if you're trying to lose weight is it healthy to replace one meal a day with a salt lake and if so which? >> there are different options for different people and some personalities do really well having a go-to meal, the same one day after day. there are a lot of great brands out there. you mentioned some of them but really you could whip up one right on your own. i like to throw in fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables and milk and yogurt, a scoop of protein powder and ice cubes.
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i'll put one out on my facebook and twitter. experiment and have fun. you can control what goes in and what stays out. >> now a viewer e-mail from mar shah in corning, new york. "my son is a freshman in college. can you recommend healthy easy snacks for his dorm room? he has a mini fridge and microwave in his dorm." guys have to worry as well. >> when it comes to college dorm room fare, easy to grab produce and real food. produce is a no brainer, loaded with nutrition. real food is satisfying and hearter than pretzels, crackers and cookies. stuff the fridge with apples, carr carrots, hummus and yogurt. for the microwave, soups and packets of oatmeal. they're simple and more filling. >> and healthier. >> way healthier. >> one more in here, this is a good one, viewer, mail, eve in
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new york city, how dark or what percentage of cocoa does chocolate need to have in order to have health benefits and how much can i have without negating the effect? >> look for any brand that says at least 70% cocoa, and that's because all the healthy stuff, al, is concentrated in the cocoa so the higher percentage the p t better off you are. 70%, 1 ounce, 150 calories the size of a credit card. >> like one of the squares in the chocolate? >> figure about the size of a credit card, the height of a lindt dark chocolate. you get the health benefits but don't go overboard and maintain your weight. nice sweet fix. we love the chocolate. just ahead on "jill's steals and dales" exclusive discounts for "today" viewers from a vegas getaway to luxury linen, jewelry and she's got a little thing that i think my son's going to like as well. first these messages. took over a restaurant just for a day, to show the world a better burger.
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>> >> live, local, late-breaking - this wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning, the fog that was around early this morning is burning off and we could wind up with a mix of sun and clouds in the afternoon and we will keep a 20% chance of rain. not a bad day but breezy this afternoon with temperatures in the mid 60's and beautiful weather for the rest of the week with sunshine and high temperatures and
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i took the bling out. >> bruce jenner will be hoda's better half for the hour today. oh working? read being yourselves. >> we're self-absorbed. >> matt lauer, did he get in to the paper? >> no, just you. >> me and my family. >> it's kardashian week, bruce jenner with us. how do you think you'll do? >> i think i'll do just fine. >> i love it. >> i'd start drinking heavily now, bruce. >> yeah, the big hour is coming
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up here at 10:00, watch. yeah. >> okay. >> we'll be watching, thanks guys. meanwhile, just ahead, time for some big bargains exclusively for "today" viewers on our popular series "steals and deals." listen to this, nearly 80% off great items from jewelry to boots, that time of the year and a spectacular las vegas getaway. >> wow, very nice. plus one of our favorites here, academy award nominated actress, mom and author, julian moore, penned another children's book, the latest "freckle faced strawberry." >> where'd she get that title? >> i don't know, hmm, she's a red head, got freckles. >> adorable. >> so sweet. >> we love julianne. we'll talk to her in a minute. first how about a check of the weather? >> first today we're going to be looking at pesky showers getting out of the northeast, more rain moving into the pacific northwest with wind, mountain snows by tomorrow, record highs in the plains, down into texas, the gulf coast looking pretty
9:32 am
good. tomorrow we have heavy rain along the central and southern california coastlines. inland, heavy mountain snows, plenty of sunshine from the mississippi eastward, a little >> good morning. the big storm will still be close enough to give as a 20% chance for a sprinkle. the best chance will be in the mountains and coming up next, vegas baby, one of our best steals and deals ever. exclusive discounts, including that vegas vacation, vegas! right after this.
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coming up to me now and saying i got the deal. >> everyone wants a deal. >> everyone loves a good deal. here's how it works, go on to now and we'll link you to the websites. we're giving five deals up to 90% off but only for 24 hours, and things get sold out quickly so get your little fingers on the computer now. >> snooze you lose. start out here. >> speaking of snoozing. we're starting off these were big last time we did sheets. home fashion sheet sets, hard to say, four piece, retail $69.99 to $99.99, includes fitted sheet, flat sheet, two pillow shamz, seven different colors, made of microfiber available in full, queen, king and california king, sold in macy's and bed, bath and beyond and really soft. retail $69.99 to $99.99, depending on the size. the deal $19 to $24, up to 76% off. >> that is amazing. this is the entire set so you
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don't have to bother getting the fitted or the flat. everything is in there. >> all four pieces. >> they are really soft. makes me want to dive into the bed now. moving from the best to what we love the most shoes. these are great boots. >> everyone's going to go nuts over these. aerosoles riding boot, retail $120, their best selling boot, one style, multiple colors in black, brown and tan, the tall riding boot with two brass buckles, great look for day and night and extra cushion footbed for extra comfort. if you have bigger calves, there's a little bit of elastic in here. >> room here. >> it will stretch a little bit. retail $120, the deal is $36. >> 70% off. >> 70% off. these are a great staple from fall into winter. >> you can wear a mini skirt, leggi leggings, a lot of versatility. a nice amount of jewelry. what's going on? >> i've been wanting this for so
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long this deal. look at how pretty and dainty these are for every day. $175 to $225, beautiful necklaces in two styles. the first is the skippy digging necklace. they named it. made of hand cast sterling silver with 14 carat gold plated. the chain is adjustable, each has a special spag. >> i see happiness, love, believe. >> jennifer aniston wore this on the last episode of "friends." forget the haircut and get the necklace. you look over here the heart p n pendant has beautiful sayings. >> trust, peace, love. >> you can layer that. heather graham wore it in "the hangover." >> i'm trying to remember that scene. >> you have to go back now. retail $175 to $225.
9:40 am
the deal $49, up to 78% off and you could wear this all the time, a beautiful piece. i wore it around town to see the reaction, that's how i gauged this and everyone went nuts. >> you load up on these and give them out to your friends for christmas gifts at $49, that's good. >> great deal. >> at least two friends. scarves that time of the year of course. >> scarves are always huge but this is a great way to access rise any outfit, the retail is $38. four styles, multiple colors, lightweight and great accessory for fall, spruces up a basic look, celeb fans, jessica alba, heidi clum, halle berry,s did 12. that's 68% off. >> can i grab one of these? this just popped off. the super deal. >> look at the chairs. >> this is a super deal. where are we going? >> to vegas, baby.
9:41 am
viva las vegas. >> like "the hanger" there's a theme. >> the palms hotel, one of the hip resort destination, video here. filled with award winning bars and restaurants, 95,000 square foot casino, resort is one mile from the strip and three miles from the fashion show mall. there's a weekday pass and also a weekend deal. the weekend deal say little cheaper. the weekend package retail $625, two-night stay, palms dining credit, two daily breakfast buffets. retail is $625, you can dance like them, the deal is $329, that's 54% off and that's a weekend package in vegas. >> not shabby. that's pretty good. >> a weekday if you can get off during the weekdays is great, there's a cheaper package. >> cheers to you and cheers to us going to veigh gas at a discounted product. the products are sheet sets by
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most of us know julianne moore as an accomplished actress with 50 movies, four academy award nominations under her belt and author of a terrific series of kids books based on a perky and loveable character named freckle faced strawberry. the latest installment "freckle faced strawberry, best friends forever." good to see you >> nice to see you too. >> this has wonderful illustrations in it. it explores the friendship between freckle face and her pal, windy pants. the last time you were here you tried to explain how, why windy pants is named that, and would you like to take another crack at that? >> well he explains it in the back. his name is actually patrick, but they call him windy pants because of the wind in his -- and he says never mind, he gets embarrassed, doesn't want to say it. >> i think what's interesting,
9:47 am
you focus on friendships here which is a really tough area for our kids to navigate especially when they're a little younger. >> well i think that we have this expectation as children and as adults that we're going to be friends with somebody because they're like us, we both like to do this thing and so that's why we're friends, we like, you know, we like the same kind of foods, like the same kind of sports and in reality, we really just are friends with someone because we like that person. i think marriage is actually a good example of that. but honestly, i sort of had the male/female friendship in there, it is an analogy for marriage. i don't like sports particularly but i'll go to a basketball game because i love my husband and in this book you'll see these kids do the same, sort of the same things but they also do those things for each other and they really just are friends because they have a natural appeal for one another. that's what we do as people. >> for folks who don't quite get the relationship, freckle faced strawberry bears a striking resemblance to another actress
9:48 am
we've seen. >> what? oh, my goodness. yeah. >> that picture. >> that was me when i was i think 5 or 6, it was a kindergarten picture. >> that's terrific. >> i'm actually less freckly there than i am now. >> and freckleface has had her own offbroadway play coming back. >> that's right, it will be opening in early november mmac on west 56th street. it's based on the new book and it's delightful. >> you've got great projects coming up, including an hbo drama where you play sarah palin. >> that's right. >> what was that like for you? >> it was great. it was a wonderful experience. i loved my director, jay roche so much and the script was interesting. it was an interesting explanation of what it means to be involved in a political campaign, the behind the scenes look at it. >> make you think you might want to run for office soon? >> i don't think so, no. i'm happy in the children's book
9:49 am
business. >> wow that is uncanny. >> she doesn't look like frecklefaced straw fwberrstrawb. >> no. >> she doesn't have a friend named windypants. >> no. >> the book is "frecklefaced strawberry, best friends forever." coming up next a game day feast for all of you are football fans. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning on "tooled's kitchen" "today" kicks off with football, when you have ingredients like beer, brats and cheese, you can't really go wrong. >> leo has put together a menu to enjoy at game time. >> that's right, our frozen tundra. >> that's right. you're welcome al. >> you have to have in lambeau field something good and hearty to stick to your ribs.
9:52 am
>> absolutely. we start off with beer and cheese. >> yes! >> two wisconsin staples. >> tamron will do the healthy option. this one is not the healthy option. it's beer, cheese and more beer and cheese. >> and macaroni and cheese. >> and butter. tell us. >> we have a roux, bitter autte flour. we go with wisconsin beer. and we'll start off we don't want the roux to burn on the bottom. >> is this the beer cheese we're making here? >> it is. >> it's an honest question. >> heavy cream. >> not just cream. >> heavy cream. you got to get that in there. so we're going to stir that in, bring it to kind of a simmer, a little bit of a boil so that roux can thicken up. we'll add our cheese. we have cream cheese, gives it that creaminess we're looking for. >> okay. >> and then we've got our wisconsin cheddar cheese.
9:53 am
>> of course. how much is that is that? >> three cups. >> that's all? >> that's all, yeah. go ahead and stir that in. >> um-hum. >> how long are you basically doing that? >> want it to meltdown and bring it almost to a boil, to kind of a light simmer so we can get that roux to thicken it up. >> next step? >> next step we'll add our pasta. >> this has already been cooked? >> this is a cooked cavatappi pasta. we'll go in here. >> that's what i meant. >> there we go. >> don't be shy, come on. >> all right we'll season a little bit. the cheese has a natural saltiness, i don't want to salt it too much, a little bit of cracked black pepper and then just stir it in, get it nicely coated, the cavatappi pasta holds the sauce, we like it a lot. >> that's a lot like you, savannah. >> that's in the next shot, okay. what's this in. >> our bread crumbs, we'll
9:54 am
finish it off with our bread crumbs and mix it. we'll go in our dish >> that looks drishs freliciousy over here. >> we didn't get time to melt everything. >> top it with bread crumbs? >> tossed lightly in butter. >> of course. what about beer? do you toss them in beer? >> no. >> just kidding. okay, great. >> comes out looking something like -- it shall. >> something like this. >> how long do you bake it in. >> baking it for about 30, 35 minutes until they're golden brown, the cheese melts. >> yum. >> dig in. >> in the meantime -- >> i don't see any butter, i don't see any cheese, beer. >> no. >> today we're doing a chicken and white bean green chili. >> that's nice. sticks to you. >> this is one of those that will warm you up. >> you need that in green bay. >> absolutely. here i'm sauteing my aeromattics, spannic onion, fresh garlic, green bell peppers, anaheim chili peppers,
9:55 am
fresh tomatios and cerrano peppers. simmer it down until it's translucent. chicken stock we'll finish it with the chicken stock. >> nice, nice. >> beer and cheese is really great. >> beer and cheese is right. don't brag. this will be delicious here. you wait until we're done. >> we want to simmer this for about 15 minutes, flavors melt together. we bring our blender in. >> that's a blender, all right, you just blend that up nicely. how long does it take to get it a smooth consistency? >> a couple of minutes to get the chunks out of it. >> nice, nice. >> and then we're going to go right into our goal here, the finished product. >> you're going to add your bean and chicken after the fact? >> we're building the green sauce here. >> we want to see what else did you make? we have 30 seconds left. >> let's try this. >> you've got some brats over here, too, an absolute must. >> couldn't come to green bay
9:56 am
without hamburgers and
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