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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  October 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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if you want to renew, what is your response? >> right now, business as usual for joe hairston. at the appropriate time we will make further comments. for right now, i need to move on and get the job done. >> that was dr. joe hairston, longtime baltimore county superintendent, saying he has until early next year to make a decision on whether or not he will stay beyond his contract. his contract will expire on june 30th at him and he has been a part of this system almost 12 years. we will keep you posted. tim tooten, a wbal-tv 11 news. >> police in baltimore are dealing with another case of men pretending to be police officers in order to break into people's homes. >> the latest incident happened in east baltimore last night. lowell melser joins us with more.
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>> please send their becoming more and more frustrated with people posing as police officers to gain entry into homes. in this latest case, the victim was targeted because he was hispanic, they believe. >> it is agreed just that people will take the trust we have in the community that we have worked so hard to foster and use it against them. >> at baltimore police outraged by crux pretending to be police in order to rob someone. -- outraged by clerics pretending to be police. three white men of what -- meen knocked on the home identifying themselves as police officers. asked how many people were in the home, through the homeowner against the hall, pat him down,
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and stole $1,800 in cash beinflg the scene. >> it is an honest they were wearing police uniforms. >> police are now looking into whether several other robberies are related as the victims in this case have all been hispanic males. >> these look like multiple copycat incidents. people are finding this is an effective way to prey on people's trust and using as an attempt to rob a. >> police say they will be stepping up patrols in the southeast area and other neighborhoods recently hit. >> we will be using plainclothes the units. the biggest thing that will help us is vigilance. if you see something, say something. >> please of looking into several similar incidents and investigating them. they are asking anyone with information on any case in the
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city to call 911 immediately. they are taking this very seriously. live outside of baltimore city police headquarters come along meltzer, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police have not identified the man found dead in what bond found on the 3500 block of wood more road. on the investigation is still going on and they have not released by the person died. detectives have no suspects, but there are asking for the public's help. if you have any information or asked to call -- >> baltimore county making a quick poarrest. gary stokes, jr., is currently being held at the baltimore county jail. he shot a social security employee walking during his lunch break where he was taken to mount sinai hospital being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.
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social security put the building on lockdown in their search. campus police working together with the baltimore city to find the assailant. it 24-year-old student was attacked in this last weekend. we are live with the police investigation. barry? cut the sexual assault happened just blocks from the campus. the victim was walking by herself and was apparently going home after a campus event. patroled by johns hopkins campus police and baltimore city police officers are increasing. this is a love grove of street, an alley between these two which residents use as a shortcut. they are investigating what happened here sunday morning. they say a man sexually assaulting a 20-year-old johns
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hopkins students in the parking lot. these sophomores say they are concerned about their safety on and off campus. >> we alerted our students that this had occurred and gave them advice about what to do when they are walking outside at night. we want them to be very careful. >> police say the man ran from the area and they are confident the partnership with campus officers will help them develop a subject. >> i do not know of our relationship with hopkins could get any stronger. we consider them an extension of the police force. we work closely with their security staff and hospital. >> they can only do so much >> we are doing all we can to try to make the area as sig as we can. there is a responsibility, too,
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were students, faculty, and staff to act in a responsible way in not getting themselves into dangerous situations. most of the time i feel pretty safe here. it is just if you do not think about where you are going, if you do not use your common sense, then something could happen like what just happened. >> the students we spoke with said security issues are addressed at the beginning of the school year and there are security briefings and safety walks. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> there searching for the reason this two-alarm fire that happened around 9:30 a.m. this morning. on most damage was near the front door and the damage has not been estimated. there are no reports of any injuries. >> we know what killed orlando
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brown. the offensive linemen died of complications from diabetes. the state medical examiner ruled he died of an ailment, and among diabetics caused by high blood sugar and a lack of insulin. he leaves behind three sons and a daughter. orlando brown was 40 years old. what started as a call to action on facebook has now spread to the nation. demonstrators are fighting what they call corporate greed and are calling for action. >> it is becoming increasingly much more visible and present. there are feeling a lack of knowledge of this even happening. >> the protest started on wall
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street and has now spread as far as canada. >> slowly but surely, we are crawling out of this damp weather pattern and we will see sunshine over the next several days as the weather pattern transforms. still some cloud cover across the region, but you can see the hd doppler and satellite combination shows temperatures in the 60's. some sunshine is coming through, even over across the ohio river valley. high pressure is building over and the good news is it looks like it will be hanging around for a while. i think you're really going to like what the seven-day forecasts has in store. more details coming up. >> after four years, amanda knox's finally on her way home. >> not center family are
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expected to arrive in seattle sometime this evening. >> amanda knox's dominated of murder in a successful appeal in italy appearing home. assured home, the transition begins for the now 24 year-old "angel face." spending nearly 1000 days behind bars, she has been shielded by the notoriety of her case and the impact is expected to be immense. is her first step closer to home, closer to a forever changed life. her plan for this day, today, and planning for the alternative, and life behind bars, as noted in a journal she kept. >> money the most poignant and
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disturbing pages from the journal was a list, two list sit side-by-side of her life goals of she were to stay in prison, and her goals of she were to be released. >> at london's heathrow airport helping to transfer, a flight that she has dreamed of but have never counted on. captured in a single photograph as she leaves for the final leg and back to american soil with a heavy burdens. >> i do not even look at how deep the financial hole is. >> financial pitfalls and emotional scars remain. it is one step at a time, the first step, here this evening on the tarmac at seatac.
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>> did you know the universe is expanding further than anyone thought? the 2011 nobel prize in physics was awarded to his leadership in the discovery that the expansion rate of the universe is expanding. he is a gell-mann scholar and he shared the prize with another aster possessed from uc- berkeley. >> this has just been an incredible day so far. it has been an incredible 15- year ride in this area of cosmology. >> they will receive a medal, a diploma, and will share a cash reward. by the way, that expansion discovery means the cosmos could be heading for a bolder, bleaker future nearly devoid of life. it was not really a happy discovery.
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>> still ahead, the mayor of baltimore city has a strong message. find out why it is more important than ever to get fit. >> the link between hiv and birth control. >> a clinic in carroll county is offering free health care to the underinsured or uninsured. i am kim dacey with details coming up. >> community's call them scarlet letters. maybe you have seen them. our story about them coming up later at 5:30.
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>> there is aimed the strong link between breast cancer and physical fitness, which was the message. stephanie rawlings blake was on hand as well as personal trainers. people got moving with bonn exercise routines and then got a lesson in how important is to stay healthy. >> it is great for your health. that is what you should do to make that commitment. if you're someone with breast cancer in your family, it is important. >> tonight, medicare drug abuse.
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a report from investigators say thousands of medicare recipients receive prescriptions for multiple doctors for 14 increasingly accused -- increasingly abused drugs. this is more than a four-year supply. the cost of prescriptions amounted to $140 million in a 2008 and congress is looking for ways to tighten the rules. 100% free health care is available to carroll county residents who do not have insurance and meet certain requirements. this program hopes the public can help. kim dacey visited the access carol clinic today at with the story. >> he needed a heart valve
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replacement. >> i was very scared. >> i had no funding at all and i needed the surgery right away. >> he was able to get a life- saving procedure because he uses the access carol clinic in westminster. carroll county residents to live a 200% below poverty level. it started as a part of the health department and then they branched out on their own and now serve more than 4000 patients. >> only works because it is a combination of efforts from lots of different people. it is a unique model in and out that we have a lot of volunteers. >> it is funded three combination of the nation and grants in the vast majority donate their time. patients could not be happier with the level of care. >> and they are great.
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when the doctors come in, they are very perrelli and listen to what you have to say. >> they treat you great. they are very professional. there is a lot of people who do not have insurance in this day and age and it is tough. they treat you with dignity. >> they saved his life and have helped countless others in carroll county with everything from routine checkups to chronic illnesses. >> access carroll is really, really a lot of love. >> they are planning to expand their reach by expanding their space this spring. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> if you're interested in donating time, you can find a link on our website, using injectable methods of birth control could increase the your risk of contracting
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hiv. seattle followed heterosexual couples in africa. using an injectable methods of hormonal contraception -- a woman's chances of contracting hiv and infecting her partner. the risk went up only slightly in those using oral contraceptives. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with the chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> moving up to new england and over the atlantic. coming in behind coming some really nice weather. showers are still coming down across even mature new york near boston. a few of those wrinkles try to work their way through the pope knows andrew new jersey. a dry weather pattern for most of the mid-atlantic through baltimore down in virginia and west virginia. satellite imagery showing skies are beginning to clear.
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this is keeping the temperature is down just a little compared to where we have seen some clouds breaking in through the cloud cover. getting some reusing -- readings in the low 70's this hour. that is the main residual impact of the thick cloud cover. 64 westminster, 65 georgetown, a cool 62 on the beach in ocean city. skies will clear out in the skies will be light. lows overnight around 43 in the suburbs to 51 at the inner harbor. swirling clouds over the atlantic and near the surface, the low was near to boston. the sprawling area of high pressure goes all the way back to the fat cells and rockies and it is moving in slow. it looks like the rest of the week, this area of the pressure will be the dominant whether maker.
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underneath that, it is almost warm. 83 right now in minneapolis, almost 90 in rapid city, south dakota. r temperatures are coming up as that high-pressure system builds on in. there is the insta-weather + futurecast with clear skies. a bright sunny day not only tomorrow and into thursday and friday. looks like basically nice ball whether taking this into the upcoming weekend. northwest winds 8-15. sunrise at 7:02 a.m. picture-perfect october day tomorrow. when nice day on the bay, but a little breezy with an occasional guest at 20 knots. a water temperature is now in the 60's. western maryland crawling out from under the condi temperatures. they should get into the low 60's and it looks like sunny skies with the high around 65.
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on the bay and eastern shore, look for sunshine wednesday and thursday extending into friday. eyes will be in the low 70's. a ocean city, temperatures climbing into the low 70's with an onshore breeze on thursday. tropical storm phillippe is still out in the atlantic. it is still a bit of a threat to bermuda. but take a close look at the forecasted track for a filly bay. beautiful sunny skies wednesday, thursday, friday. this will take this into early next weekend daytime temperatures for the next seven days in the low to mid 70's. >> x marks the spot. raising questions tonight. >> what is being done to crack down on housing?
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>> the survivor of a home invasion in pennsylvania by a bear. >> chris kristi has reconsidered. he said the answer is still no. i am steve in washington with the latest on the republican field in the race for the white house coming up next.
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>> and the answer is still no thank you. republican chris christie says he did reconsider running for president. >> he has said he will not run. steve has the details on how this decision will affect the rest of the gop field. >> he said he decided last night to stick to his decision and not run for president. >> new jersey, whether you like it or not, you are stuck with me. >> is loyalty to his state, finishing his first term, that matters most. >> to me, the answer was never anything but no. >> he had been begged to reconsider. he got the green light and then look into running in iowa and
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new hampshire. >> i listened to so many people in considered if this was something i needed to take on. in the end, when i have always felt was the right decision remains the right decision today. now was not my time. >> is mitt romney's time. he is alone at the top of the gop field. rick perry separate its spectacular fall. in today's "the washington post"-abc news poll, after rick perry's tumble, herman cain has quadrupled his backing. he is getting a new look from the tea party. >> he has been a very successful businessman. he is a straight talker. that is what people like. >> rick perry is not finished. >> everyone is re-evaluated and
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he has an opportunity to relaunch. >> he has considered that he is out for sure, but not forever. he did not rule out a race next time in 2016. from washington, wbal-tv 11 news. >> you can keep track of who is in coming out come and leading the pack on line under "politics." a teenager is dead after an accident along a busy highway. >> whoever hits him may not even know it. the driver of this meshy -- mass the wreck of a truck is blaming the weather. that story is just ahead. >> how dangerous is baltimore housing? housing? one
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>> lives, local, late breaking. you're watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 in hd with stan stovall, donna hamilton, tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5 in hd continues now. >> new tonight, and they get abandoned buildings in baltimore. blocks and blocks of them. they are eyesores and dangerous. how bad is baltimore's blighted housing problem? bad enough that they are now plastering abandoned businesses with warning signs. >> jayne miller is live in the newsroom with more on that story. >> these are part of a pilot program to keep firefighters saved and in the process we find questions. what about the people who run these buildings?
5:31 pm
what have they not been forced to do something about them? >> the fire department called the code x raid program. these people in the community called something else. >> is the scarlet letter, as in calling attention to something shameful. the vacant buildings were these are going up. >> teh "x" intended as a warning to stay out of the building catches on fire. >> we will not send those firefighters inside in a nonstick structure. >> in the has lived in the building for nearly 30 years. a bunch of houses on her block
5:32 pm
have the red x and two others may be in line. all of the houses with the markings have received a violation notices from the city. they wanted to push property owners to rehabilitate their buildings. hear, enforcement efforts may not matter. >> half of them will not have any "property owner." it will be response to arm- twisting. >> most of them were listed as having no contact with the owner. several of them are owned by the city including these two next to a corner store. that just underscores the problem. even when the city is the problem, dealing with this is no better. >> we have an access that needs to be demolished. we need $180 million to do that,
5:33 pm
conservatively speaking. we do not have that right now. >> the amount of money they budget each year for demolition is between $2.30 dollars million. 10,000 vacant buildings need to come down. reporting live from the newsroom, jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> here is a look at some of the other top stories this hour. a 16-year-old boy was skateboarding along route 276 when he was struck and killed. he left the scene of the accident that he was found a short time later. the driver may have not know he had a person. the victim's identity has not been released. on no word on my spark a two- alarm fire. they were able to keep most of the damage contained along the 300 block of this road. one person was treated for burns to his hand and damages estimated at two under thousand dollars. the ntsb is investigating a deadly plane crash in the chesapeake bay that killed a
5:34 pm
pilot's 78-year-old mother. he was lying with his mother in a two-seater when they disappeared. he was able to swim for about 1 mile with his mother before she died. an accused serial burglar facing new charges, this time for trying to escape prison. they found the 25-year-old half of a mile away from heat -- from where he jumped out of the vehicle. >> up a look at the newest iphone. >> and the sixth day of the trial against dr. conrad murray. details on the desperation in the time of michael jackson's death. >> i'm going to do better and be happier. >> he was attacked by a bear inside his own home.
5:35 pm
tonight, speaking out. covering the nation next.
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>> covering the nation tonight, a helicopter dropped into york's east river this afternoon. this was a video taken just moments after words. at least five people were on board the chopper and the report of the rescued four of them. scuba divers are looking for the fifth passenger and at least two people seriously hurt. derailing this train and injuring. the victim is rich taken to the hospital-- victims were taken to the hospital. >> the pennsylvania man who survived a bear attack is speaking out publicly. he was lighting up the family dog only to have it run back inside with a black bear on its
5:39 pm
tail. instinct took over and he began to wrestle the bear. when his wife tried to step in, the bear went after her and he dove headfirst to save his life. >> it was literally pulling the hair out of the back of your head and you were just -- like, it was unbelievable. i really thought, "this is an." >> is listed injuries required more than 70 stitches and staples to his head, 20 bite marks on his hands, arms, and shoulders. the couple's 10-year-old son was not injured. >> when he describes something like that, it does not sound all that bad, but you look at that and you think he is really fortunate to have survived it is what all of you have been waiting for for months. >> the unveiling of the newest apple iphone. a sneak peek of what is getting all the hype. >> i am sally kidd in washington.
5:40 pm
if you are fed up with a bank fees, why not just switch? one member, of congress as it is not so easy. >> chilling testimony in the trial of dr. conrad murray. they're focusing on what he did before and after michael jackson's death. >> big weather changes unfolding as we speak. we will come in with fantastic fall weather. 66 at bwi marshall, 70 at the inner harbor.
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>> the prosecutors in the manslaughter trial against dr. conrad murray focusing on his actions and phone calls just before and dr. michael jackson's death. >> they're talking about the desperation he experienced around the time of his death. we have the details. what the prosecution today sought to establish that while dr. conrady being paid to care for the king of pop that his mind was elsewhere. three of his girlfriends took the stand, the mother of his children, a dancer he texted, and a houston waitress. >> i was just talking.
5:44 pm
the next thing you know, i said, "hello? hello?" oppressed the fund against my ear and i heard mumbling of the voices. the phone was maybe in his pocket and i heard coughing. >> at the time, the mary doctor was living with nicole alvarez. >> back when your relationship with mr. murray came more serious, before the birth of your son, was he living at your residence? >> yes. >> was he providing financial support to you? >> yes. >> they were singing may have been desperate to keep his $150,000 per month job to afford his extramarital affairs and extra children.
5:45 pm
they testified they would regularly have contact with him during the time he was supposed to be caring for jackson. the defense maintained that he with the desperate one, and added that gave himself before -- the fatal dose of the propofol. convicted, dr. murray could face in pre wbal-tv 11 news. >> now, your 11 insta-weather + forecast. >> a cool morning across the united states come even across parts of the south. 43 this morning in charlotte, n.c. 45 degrees in nashville. cooler step up into the great lakes as well. 45 degrees at bwi marshall.
5:46 pm
a dry day -- finally. temperatures actually got back to normal. 71 at the airport in the inner harbor. starting to steady out with this system that has kept us cool and cloudy moving away. the record low below freezing on this early october day back in 1974. you can see the showers drifting further away around new england, boston, but our skies are going to clear out as we had overnight. temperatures will fall quickly while it is 70 downtown now. expect a 20-25 degrees temperature drop overnight. 40's will be common. maybe some 30's in western maryland tonight. northwest breeze at 5 miles per hour at less. here is the swirl of clowns that has hung around for too long and is now drifting which is
5:47 pm
alarming stronger high-pressure to move in. one big a strong area of high pressure which will provide several days of nice weather. the futurecast shows that with nearly clear skies. warm days and cool nights, what you would expect in autumn for the mid-atlantic. the high a little bit above normal, sunrise at 7:06 a.m. the wind can be breezy at time, averaging 10 knots with a gust to 20. there will be a small craft advisory. it should be nice. the chopper is a little nicer than that. here is a small, compact storm that is drifting in the general direction of bermuda. this is a nice front which will help to push this away. 65 mile per hour winds and
5:48 pm
expected to become a category i hurricane. this front will kick it out to sea before it can get too close to bermuda. that is the current system in the atlantic. the hurricane season goes until the end of november. they are not currently a threat to the united states. no real weather threat to our conditions here in the mid- atlantic for the next seven days. sunny skies with a daytime highs in the low 70's. will pick up a little bit of a fair weather cloudiness, partly cloudy, dry and mild conditions conducted until -- expected until tuesday of next week. >> apple unveils its latest iphone, the iphone 4s, an 8 megapixel camera, better battery 5 chip.nd and the new a
5:49 pm
>> it is a remarkable chip, a dual core processor developed -- delivering performance. it is also with dual core graphics which means the graphics can be up to seven times faster than they were in the previous five own. this will help with all of the applications you might use. the one area we will really see this screen is on games. but developers can do with the game play on the phone will be remarkable. [applause] >> the iphone 4s now be available on sprint as well as at&t and verizon. the called for switching banks is meeting negativity. >> they say the big banks
5:50 pm
intentionally make it difficult for you to close your account if you are not happy. a bill just filed in the house addressing that. banksof the nation's mega- are jacking up fees and consumers are fed up. >> they get all of our money as it is now and now they want to charge us again? every time we turn around a are charging us for something. >> bank of america will start charging $5 per month for using their debit card. some say it is time for consumers to take a stand. >> today customers across america realize they have the right to change banks, to move to banks that are not going to nail them with keys that are driven by greed. -- nail them with fees. >> sometimes they charge you. sometimes they keep your account open or make it hard to transfer the money. do >> pushing legislation that would require them to make it
5:51 pm
harder to close accounts. -- easier to close accounts. they want to make it easier to do it in person, over the phone, or over the internet. >> they have to transfer the money electronically. >> the american bankers association has not taken a position, but they say it is important to note that many banks offer switch kits. the banking industry says consumers who are unhappy can blame the government or imposing new regulations that have altered the economics of offering a debit card. in washington, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thousands of new jobs and $6.20 billion are the terms of the new contract between ford motor co. and united auto workers union. it will add more than 6200 jobs across the u.s. and guarantee most workers a bonus of $12,000.
5:52 pm
>> a special treat today when surprised with school supplies. this teacher was the winner of that the office max and adopt-a- classroom. for one day, they honor 1000 deserving teachers by presenting them with the $1,000 worth of much-needed classroom supplies. >> there are a lot of great resources officemax is giving me. this takes a little pressure off of trying to find things you need for your classroom. it is a nice stress relief. >> since 2007, they have awarded more than $5.50 million in grants and school supplies. on the case is stacking up against ulysses currie. testimony today from a former executive putting his relationship with transportation
5:53 pm
of specials under the microscope. details coming up new at 6:00. >> what is it like without a car? that story coming up.
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5:55 pm
>> does this sound familiar? you take the kid today care or school and go to work? for those who do not have a car, the process can take hours. today, politicians and business leaders can belong to see how long it can take.
5:56 pm
one of those was are owned jayne miller. rob roblin has more. >> for jessica thomson with three children and works two jobs, it is the beginning of a very long day. >> think about the time the mechanic told you, one week to get your car back and the panic they go through not having a car for a stinking week will not having a car evora. >> they decided to tag along with jessica as she headed for work of this morning leaving the house at 9:28 a.m. little did we know how time- consuming the trip would be. >> down to washburn, get back on the bus, go downtown, then get on the subway, then walk the rest of the way. >> it was on the bus on 10th avenue in brooklyn heading toward the day care. the a 12-block a bus ride, then
5:57 pm
a three-block walk to get them there. >> we have now gone from her house to the bus stop, got off, walk three blocks come and have only begun. >> 93 block walk back to pasco avenue and wait for the next bus, and wait come and weight, and wait. >> sometimes it is on their own terms. right now, we just wait. >> over 30 minutes, back on the no. 64 bus to downtown. and across the hanover street bridge, into downtown, ending here at baltimore and charles. now time to get on the subway. >> to have to plan two hours out. sometimes more than that. sometimes, and for seen things happen and you have to explain to your boss and people just do not understand. >> the fastest part of a the trip is from baltimore street to the rogers avenue metro station.
5:58 pm
then another three or four block wall and finally arriving at jessica's job. it took right at two hours. >> this is a job in itself. get to the bus stop, get to the right bus, get the connections. >> the public has the impression that low-income families do not get to work. they were twice as hard. >> donating your old car can give you a tax break and give a person like jessica's some much- needed transportation. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> i give just got a lot of credit. here is what is coming up new at 6:00. >> crooks posing as cops in baltimore city. i am all melser with the latest coming up. >> an exclusive interview with the baltimore county
5:59 pm
superintendent about his plans. i am tim to live in towson. >> police investigating the sexual assault of a student near the johns hopkins campus. i am very simms with the details ahead. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> a good evening, everyone. the big story, after 12 years as baltimore superintendent could joe be on his way out? >> tim tooten is live with more on that story. what did you find out? >> dr. hairston denies whether or not he has made plans to stay on. hairston is one of the largest -- longest serving baltimoschoor intendents. no talking how long until he leaves.


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