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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  October 5, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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baltimore county police want you to take a good look at this photograph of 55-year-old ronald thomas gibbons. they tell 11 news investigators have no idea how he ended up dead on his front lawn in the 3500 block of woodlawn road -- would more wrote in woodlawn. usually with a homicide investigation, police will release the cause of death -- the cause of death to the media, but in this case that information is being withheld. >> this is an open investigation and we don't want to compromise that. the debt has been ruled a homicide. >> frightened neighbors say that givens was a very nice man and was taking care of his 96-year- old mother. others were concerned because they say the crime scene is random, and none figured that givens would be a target.
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it is described as a quiet neighborhood, and a murderous very out of the ordinary. investigators are not releasing much information, they say simply because they do not have it. they are turning to the public for help. >> homicide investigators are not releasing any information about the man or his death at this time. they want to keep that close to the best as they pursue this investigation and look for suspects. >> as you can see, it was tough getting any information on this case. if you think you can help, you are asked to call investigators. we are live in towson outside of baltimore county police headquarters this afternoon. >> we have some breaking news from skyteam 11. a car accident at route 100 and catherine avenue in pasadena, where a car has hit a tree.
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it is unclear how many people might have been hurt in this accident, but there could have been injuries. it began, avoid the area. a baltimore county officer is off tonight, his police duty suspended and his gun taken away. he is first with assault and other offenses. the alleged victim in this case is also a police officer who works in the same precinct. >> shares deputies are investigating a double shooting in aberdeen. there is a surprising twist tonight. we are learning the man who pulled the trigger may have been the victim of robbery himself. >> we just learned that one of the victims was released from shock trauma today and the other is still here in serious but stable condition.
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>> it was kind of crazy. all i saw was a young man hit the floor, and i saw that he was very hurt. >> neighbors in the 200 block of mayberry and aberdeen witnessed a double shooting. people think this man shot a 21- year-old and 23-wrote david dudley. >> earlier in the day, the suspect, mr. mack had been rocked in the 200 block of mayberry drive. he believed -- had been robbed. he believed that the victims were the individuals that had robbed him, so he went and shot them. >> police are not sure the victims' for the ones who actually robbed mac. they are still investigating that robbery. >> it is not what you think. you have to have some kind of secure evidence saying that these people did this. you cannot just think someone did this and go and retaliate. that is crazy. >> please think mack shot both
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of them in the upper torso. >> i pray for the victim that was heard, and i pray for the person that did it. i don't think this was necessary. it was senseless. >> michael mack remains on the loose. police are looking for any information on his whereabouts. >> his address is in aberdeen. we are encouraging anyone who sees him arno's his whereabouts to call harford county sheriff's office. >> you can always call 911 or contact the harford county sheriff's office directly. any information could lead to a to thousand dollars reward. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news -- 28 $2,000 reward. here is a nice sight to see, a clean sweep all across the mid atlantic region. it has been hard to even find
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cloud in the sky across the region this afternoon. the clouds in the mountains have faded away quickly. now we are left with crystal clear skies, high pressure building in, and what you see is what you get. for the next several days, temperatures will be cool in the morning and normalize it -- more nicely into the 70's. it looks like the weather pattern will take us at least into the weekend. a little bit of rain starts to show up in the forecast. >> firefighters and police are trying to figure out what led to a person being rescued from the inner harbor this morning. it happened around 5:30. police are not releasing too many details, but we are told a person was pulled out of the water and treated at hopkins,. no word tonight on that person's condition. >> there were reports of a suspicious -- suspicious person walking around with a rifle.
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police started a sweep of the area. the question an internal contract employee, but they say nothing has been found. baltimore police are investigating a dog attack that landed one person in hospital late last night. it happened just before 11:00 last night. the person was treated for dog bite wounds at mercy medical center. animal control has since been notified. we should learn more shortly about the future of baltimore county school superintendent dr. joe hairston. >> that is the word from the county executive, who is not reluctant to say that harassed and might be on his way out. tim tooten -- ha to -- hairston might be on his way out. tim tooten has more. >> it is safe to say the board of education, but we are waiting to hear from the board president. the county executive, kevin kamenetz, has plenty to say about joe hairston.
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>> we are waiting for dr. harrison to let us know it is hairston to let us know. he intends to make a public statement shortly, and we will wait to hear what he has to say. >> that is not what joe hairston told 11 news during this exclusive interview. >> right now, it is business as usual for joe hairston. >> you sense that what you are hearing, he wants to stay around, or should the board be looking elsewhere now? airston as had a very long tenure and has a long record that he can be proud of. >> his contract does not expire until next june, so why all the talk now about his future? >> i feel very good about how the school system is operating right now, the direction we are going in, and obviously we will
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wait to hear from him and see what the next appleby. >> the board of education is supposed to have the final say on his future with the district. >> i know we have a great school board right now with some fresh faces. i know they are very interested in dili on the progress we have made in the school system. i know they are very clear about their mission to be very open and transparent with how decisions are being made and to better accept public input before decisions are made. decisions which could shed more light on how longhairston stays on as superintendent. >> at the proper time we will have more comments, right now we need to get the job done. >> a job he is still holding down for now. more on the study if you more on the story new at 6:00. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> from being in a prison in italy for four years to being in
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her own home in her own bed in seattle. >> amanda knox wasting no time at all. >> a homecoming for years in the making. a tearful amanda knox is greeted with the rows -- rousing applause from supporters as return home after four long years in an italian prison. >> i am completely overwhelmed right now. i was looking down from the airplane and it seemed like everything that wasn't real. >> a day after an italian appeals court overturned her murder conviction, she thanked supporters. >> it is important to me to say thank you to everyone who believed in me, who supported me and my family. >> it is our first taste of freedom since the seattle exchange student and two others were charged in 2007 with the brutal murder of her british roommate, meredith kercher.
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knox's parents have stood by her side since the case began. >> it has been a very long for years, but could not have made it through without all of the people supporting us. and especially amanda. >> for years, she has maintained her innocence and fought for freedom. on tuesday, she finally won it, based primarily on faulty dna evidence that led the appeals court to overturn her conviction. on monday, amanda knox broke down when she heard the verdict. the 24-year-old is beginning her first few days of freedom. >> see how it all started four years ago right now on we explore the timeline of events that led to her homecoming. still ahead, another reason parents should use sunscreen on their kids. >> how melanoma affects children differently than adults. cracks were people in baltimore are reporting that have been
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raped. but the city plans to do about it. >> kids practice have to show they may not be eating as well as you think they are. -- kids breakfast habits. >> protest in lower manhattan take on a new shape.
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>> baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake releases a detailed report that tracks activities in progress of the city's sexual assault response team over the past year. the report shows a 68% increase in the reported number of cases of rape since 2010. a new campaign includes a program to help connect rape victims to resources. >> no rape or sexual assault victim should suffer in silence. each and everyone of us are here to help and to support you. >> all calls made to the help line are free and confidential. 443-279-0379 is the number. >> more proof that parents
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should use sunscreen religiously on their children if you are around. a new johns hopkins children study out today shows that kids have a higher risk of invasive melanoma than adults. researchers found the disease was much more likely to spread into the lymph nodes of children. melanoma remains rare and children, and experts say both diagnoses and treatments can be dangerously delayed. researchers have found a way to treat early stage breast cancer patients without exposing them to drugs that could damage the heart. a new study of 3000 women with early stage breast cancer finds those who did not use a drug had nearly the same outcome as those who did. it is and anti-cancer drug commonly used in treating breast cancer and has been shown to cause permanent heart damage. women can effectively be treated without that drug and should no longer be subjected to its long- term side effects. many people now assume that breast cancer is a disease that
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only targets women, but doctors say men are susceptible also, especially when it is in their family history. >> for the last four years, ray sias has been waging war against his own body. stricken with a very rare form of breast cancer known as inflammatory breast cancer, sias says the first signs he was sick were easy to overlook. >> it looked exactly like a pimple. i figured it would pop, but instead of popping, it actually inverted my. grim.e diagnosis was graha his only real hope for a longer and fuller life lay with the specialty research clinic in
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texas. >> when they saw the type of cancer it was and the fact that i was a male, they called me back the very next day and wanted be there two days later. >> unfortunate, infections and his budget left him grounded. >> it is just torture for the family, and to watch him go for this -- over this for this long. >> be smart and don't let anything holed up in anything, because you never know what it could be. updon't let anything hold anything. >> the study shows that children are eating everything from cereal to candy in the morning, that is if they eat breakfast at all. researchers surveyed 350 students about what they ate for breakfast that day. about 20% did not eat anything in the morning.
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about a quarter had two or more breakfast, and 18% said they bought food at a store on the way to school, which included candy, chips, and sodas. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the transition is under way and has happened. we are out from under that:cloudy weather pattern. dry and mild is the theme for the next several days. a satellite imagery shows hard liquor out to be found through the afternoon with a high- pressure system coming in and wiping out -- shows hardly any clouds to be found through the afternoon. it is 70 up in new york, 66 in boston, toward richmond and west virginia, temperatures fairly uniform in the 60's. frostburg at 64, oakland 61
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degrees now. they will see some lows in the 30's now for the next few days. almost the desert like pattern, chilly at night and it warms up rapidly throughout the day. mid-70's feely, three of baltimore and on to the eastern shore. 43 in the suburbs, 51 downtown tonight. the sunset comes in this evening at 6:43. it is clear here and all the way up into western new england, back to the great lakes and down to the gulf coast. a new shot of chilly air coming out of canada, aimed mostly at new england. we will see that high-pressure system building from the north. the temperatures may back off by four or five degrees tomorrow. very nice with sunny skies, and then a warmup will get under way as we head toward the end of the week and the beginning of the weekend. we will have to watch and see what happens with that western storm. there is really no rain in the
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forecast. until then, the futurecast will look like this for the next several days, basically clear and dry. 68-73 tomorrow. kind of a reinforcing shot of cool, canadian air. son up at 7:07 and going down at 6:44. wages averaging about 1 foot and water temperature 70 at the baltimore harbor. western maryland, 30's at night and then sunday during the day. highs in the mid to upper 60's on both thursday and friday. eastern shore, beautiful, sunny skies. the same for ocean city, a little bit cooler right on the beach as the winds will be coming off the water. inland should reach into the low 70's. we will be the latest forecast
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track for this tropical storm that is not too far away from bermuda. we will give you that hurricane center track next hour. sunshine thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. beautiful october weather, a little cooler tomorrow and we might hit the 80-degree mark by the end of the weekend. nighttime temperatures will still be cool in the 40's. continue into wednesday of next week. >> still ahead, three people were killed and several injured after a workplace shooting in northern california. >> find out what police say was behind the violence. >> today the jury heard chilling statements from michael jackson himself, talking about his troubles with his traumatic childhood. we will have the latest, coming up. >> federal prosecutors introduce everything from legislation to land deals in the bribery case against senator currie.
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it is day 7 of the manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray in the death of michael jackson.
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>> be recorded michael jackson in an almost incoherent state. stephanie stanton has the latest. >> made that audio recording march 4 and dedication. >> jurors heard a recording dr. conrad marie recorded six weeks before the singer died. on the recording, jackson was slurring and sounded incoherent, talking about his upcoming show, saying that it had to be phenomenal. >> when people leave my show, when people leave my show, i want them to say i have never seen nothing like this in my life. >> he also talked about building a children's hospital and said he wanted to help children because he himself did not have a childhood.
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>> i feel their pain. i feel they are hurt. >> at that point, jackson fell asleep and the recording stopped. on tuesday, three of murray's mistress is took the stand, a dancer he met at a gentleman's club, who he texted the day michael jackson died, and houston wagers with whom murray was talking when he noticed jackson was unresponsive. >> the prosecution's goal was to attack conrad murray's character. prosecutors said the doctor was living a double life, juggling a parade of women and a famous patient, until it all came crashing down. earlier in the day, a forensics computer investigator testified that he found evidence that dr. murray had been checking e-mails on his own in the hours before the singer's death.
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>> still ahead, protests on wall street continued to borrow. plus the parent company of friendlies restaurant chain filed for bankruptcy. >> family and friends will remember an elderly couple killed tonight after fire ravages their baltimore home.
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>> hundreds of people marched through the streets of lower manhattan in in what has become known as the occupy wall street protests. those protests began to 0.5 weeks ago with just a few dozen demonstrators -- 2.5 weeks ago. >> hundreds have set up camp nearby and become increasingly organized as the protest has grown. >> hundreds of union members joined the growing numbers of protesters in a march against what they see as corporate greed. government corruption and a broken economy. >> americans have been hurt by the economic crisis and hurt by the political corruption. >> there is no protection. no matter who we vote for, nothing happens. people feel like they are getting shafted. >> that message of social
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inequality along with rising unemployment has struck the core of some of the nation's most powerful unions. >> we are trying to make sure that the rich pay their fair share. we believe in that same concept and that is part of the reason we have joined forces. >> what started as a grass-roots rally in this lower manhattan park just over two weeks ago has swelled into a nationwide movement. simba the protests so far have been held in 50 cities from coast to coast -- sympathy protests have been held. >> until we start acting out, no one is going to hear and know exactly what is going on. >> this is the beginning of the people's revolution. >> determined to keep going, now that the movement has become more organized. >> it is just an early stages and it has to define itself. >> protesters say they are prepared to camp out
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indefinitely, but they could outgrow this space. the city may be asking demonstrators to find a new headquarters. >> meanwhile, president obama continues to tour the nation, demanding that congress pass his job stimulus bill immediately, but it looks as though some of his own party needs convincing. senate democrats publicly rejected the president's plan to hike taxes on families making $250,000. >> they are not rich, and in large parts of the country, that kind of income does not get you a big home or lots of vacations. >> while the democrats' debate about who's taxes to hike, republicans in both houses say any tax hikes or a bad idea. >> the bad economy has cost more than 1200 friendlies restaurant's employees their jobs and more layoffs could be coming. there are 18 restaurants in the
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state of maryland. all of them are independently owned and operated, which means none of them are in danger of closing because of the bankruptcy filing. the massachusetts-based company says it is working to prevent further restaurant closures and layoffs. aei says it is ready to hire. county executive kevin kamenetz and members of his team spent the morning at the hunt valley aerospace company. it builds the shadow of unmanned aircraft. aei says it needs trained engineers and contracts specialist. >> baltimore county police have released the name of the man found dead on his begin his front yard monday. tonight they are searching for whoever killed 55-year-old ronald givens. investigators are asking anyone with information on what happened to call metro crimestoppers.
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a baltimore county police officer is also -- of the job tonight, charged in a domestic violence incident. the alleged victim is officer brian eaton's girlfriend. he is charged with assault and other offenses and was released on a $50,000 bail. the alleged victim is also an officer who works in the same precinct. family friends are getting ready to say goodbye to a husband and wife killed and a house fire last week. donald and jenny patterson will be laid to rest the night at the morgan state university concert hall. both of them serve as school principals in baltimore before retiring. investigators are trying to determine what sparked the flame at their home. >> the baby boomer senior expo is one-stop shopping. >> the expo is held at the timonium fairgrounds and this
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year features over 250 exhibitors. rob roblin has the story. >> this is the 24th annual baby boomers senior expo, and every year it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. an hour after the opening this morning, the place was packed, as seniors from throughout the area came to one of the largest events of its kind. >> this the 24th annual year for this event. we are proud to have expanded to this capacity this year. >> everything from home safety, how to eat better, take better care of yourself, how to stay independent and in your own home. >> this is a place to get information. some were here to find out how to get health insurance. >> i am looking to change by medicare plan this year. the one i am in is not one that is going to make me happy. >> they can sit down and take all the time they need and have someone go through all the different options.
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>> for others, a chance to get some medical tests done for free. betty was here to get in older sound on her carotid artery. >> we are looking -- to get an ultrasound on her carotid artery. >> we are looking for any kind of blockage patients can have in their legs. >> you are afraid your insurance would not cover it at the doctor's office. >> there were plenty of seniors lined up for a free flu shot. >> it is basically painless, and we have some good-looking women here to give you the shot, so you cannot be that. >> it is sort of like one-stop shopping for seniors. >> everything they have here is good. >> the last day at the expo is tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. >> looks like a lot of fun there. >> still ahead, for get tickle me el-gamal. this year's hottest -- tickle me
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elmo. this year stories are more accessible. >> what makes someone wanted -- to punish kids this way? >> that is the question police are asking a pennsylvania couple accused of blocking their son in a coffin as punishment. that story is next.
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>> three people are dead and several others injured after a gunman opened fire at a workplace in northern california. police said the man walked into a meeting and began shooting in cupertino, california. emergency crews were able to treat several victims at the scene and then transfer them to local hospitals. swat teams are searching several locations in the area for the suspect who is still at large. investigators are hoping equipment on board a helicopter will give them some clues as to why it went down in the east river yesterday. navigation equipment may have scored some very useful information. one passenger died and three
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others on board were seriously injured. the ntsb says went may also have been a factor. nearby laguardia airport reported wind gusts up to 20 knots at the time. >> manslaughter charges in the shooting death of a 7-year-old girl. police were conducting a raid while searching for a murder suspect. the tv crew was recording when officers burst into the home of the 7-year-old and her family. she was shot once in the head and died as a result. officers claim that joseph weeklies gun accidentally went off. two people are in police custody in pennsylvania, accused of a disturbing case of child abuse. the couple is suspected blocking their 7-year-old child in a coffin wearing only a diaper. detectives say on previous occasions they don't take the child to a chair. they may have used the chair as
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punishment. >> how can they really defend themselves in that situation? >> i think is awful that someone could do that to a kid. i cannot imagine someone would want to do that to a child. >> the 7-year-old little boy and a 2-year-old child in the home have both been placed in foster care. >> if you are in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, it did to foreclosure, find out why lenders can still come after you even after the house is foreclosed. >> families selling their final resting places so they can put food on the table. coming up, how much you can get for a burial plot. >> our first beautiful morning in forever. many kids are taking advantage of what to school day, an
5:42 pm
international event. >> the rain did end and the skies had cleared up. we will see hello we can keep this beautiful fall weather pattern going -- we will see how long we can keep this beautiful fall weather pattern going
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x coming up tonight at 6:00, did ulysses currie use his power in and bought -- in annapolis to benefit his business? where do you stay in ocean city? one hotel has tested positive for legionella bacteria. we will have these
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x there is weighing in at 1,176 pounds, the great pumpkin of valley view farms this year. it will be on display for the next month. you can stop by and guess how many seats are inside. on november 5, it will be cut open and tom tasselmyer will reveal the answer and the closest guess. who actually counts those seats? >> i do. >> i thought you did. >> those seeds have to be fixed the size. >> you may be onto something. >> you should be pretty good at it by now. i cannot give you any hints. we have done this now for many years. that will be on the fifth of november at noon time. >> the winner gets a $350 of
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valley view gift card. >> are we eligible? >> probably not. >> we do have to count each and every one of those seeds. it is critical. i heard the rain was kind of devastating on pumpkins this year. i don't think it hurt that one there. 76 did -- 76 degrees today at bwi marshall. we are running above the normal high of 70. the first time this fall that the normal low is in the 40's. we slipped below that 50-degree mark as the normal continue to slide downward. we are about to see normal highs only in the 60's, so the trend is under way. today was a mild one, lots of sunshine across the region and nothing in the precipitation column. down in gaithersburg it is 70
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degrees. annapolis 74, and 72 extends all the y down to the coast. a little cooler-amounts out to the west. look for temperatures in garrett county to dip into the 30's the next few night. here in town, about 51 or so near the inner harbor, 43 more likely target for overnight lows in the suburbs. the light, nor the lee wins will come down to about 5 miles an hour. clear all the way into ohio, chicago, and iowa. a new front dropping south out of canada that will reinforce the comfortable and dry weather pattern. pretty warm on the other side of this front. the warm stuff is going to stay out west and we are in for a comfortable weather pattern here across the mid atlantic for the next several days. right into the upcoming weekend
5:48 pm
at least. the normal is about 70, and that is about where we will be. north winds at 5 miles an hour, up at 7:07. the ways will average about 1 foot. western maryland, cold at night but pleasant during the day. this is what gives the leaves turning color. it is that kind of year. they will see a lot of fall color over the next few weeks. ocean city, beautiful sunshine and high temperatures just a touch kumar on the beach. upper 60's there with the wind coming off of the water. tropical storm philippe just off -- a frontal zone, an old front that came off the eastern part of the united states and made its way out over the atlantic. as a leap interacts with that front, i think it will get
5:49 pm
pushed away from bermuda. 65 mile per hour winds expected to become a category one hurricane and go off to the east of bermuda. that keeps the main part of the storm way out over the open waters and nowhere near any major lead areas for the next several days. look at that, sunshine for the next four days. still mostly sunny on monday. we will warm up a little bit over the weekend, getting close to 80 degrees on sunday and into monday. the threat of char's arrives late tuesday into wednesday. >> people are looking for various ways to get their hands on quick cash. summer getting rid of burial plots. holly is getting rid of two plots she bought several years ago. she once that real estate of her
5:50 pm
hands and she wants to thousand dollars in cash. >> the money would help, so that is why it came to my mind, maybe i should put these on craigslist and do something about it. >> more people are opting for cremation and skipping burial altogether. family plots can go for a purchase of $50,000. more and more homeowners are caught up in the foreclosure mess, and they are finding out is not over even when the bank case it takes your house back. elizabeth billings lee has the story. >> they should give them a break somewhere. people are having a hard job paying their rent here. >> according to the wall street journal, $100,000 is the average amount by which foreclosure sales fall short of the loan balance. roy represents a distressed
5:51 pm
borrowers. he knows only a small production -- small fraction of foreclosures go this way. >> i cannot see how it is cost- effective for these lenders to go after some reduce some of these people. >> if the only way out for you is going to be bankruptcy. >> he says the banks looked at each case, deciding who might be able to repay. >> financial institutions are lex -- less interested in getting a judgment that is going to be good for 20 years when the borrower might be in their 50's or 60's and don't have 20 years of earnings potential. >> it is not a bike or a traditional toys. toys r us is expected to name accessories as one of the
5:52 pm
hottest holiday trends. the american academy of pediatrics recommends limiting a child's screen time to no more than one or two hours per day. >> news junkies and brian williams fans will no doubt be happy with nbc's latest programming announcement. they will launch a prime-time newsmagazine with anger brian williams, the first new prime- time news program in 20 years. >> it will be serious journalism, hard news magazine. it will also have some things we are probably not used to seeing. it will be like. i will be here when you see me. >> sounds good. also very funny me it will be followed immediately by 11 news tonight. the pulitzer prize winning musical "south pacific" makes
5:53 pm
its debut at the hippodrome. ♪ >> a new production is based on the 2008 tony award winning lincoln center theater production. set on a tropical island during world war ii, it tells a story of love during a time of war and prejudice. >> that is what really makes a classic, with the values and message that is inside becomes alive every time you put it on stage. the connection with the audience and the actors is clear. >> it is one of the great musicals. it will be featured at the hippodrome theater from now until october 9. coming up, the latest in the center of ulysses currie trial and how the power of the office can be easily abused.
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>> did you know wednesday is what to school day? it is an international event to teach more than just safety but healthy habits. details are next.
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5:56 pm
>> if it seem like there were more kids walking to school this morning than normal, there were. today was international walk to school day, an international initiative focusing on safety. >> it is not unusual to see kids
5:57 pm
walking to rogers for elementary, but this is quite a showing. scores of parents are escorting their children because wednesday is what to school day. >> we talk about the importance of safety and how we walk can cross the street and looking both ways, and just the importance of walking to school. >> over 40 schools in maryland are taking part in the international event. baltimore county police have stationed with aaa, stationing officers along the routes. the primary goal is teaching safety. >> please use the crosswalks, look roadways, and pay attention -- look both ways, and pay attention to the crossing guards. >> it is also about the drivers. >> we have parents that are dropping off before they go to work. they might be in a hurry and not realize they are blocking walkways and crosswalks. we really want parents to a
5:58 pm
slowdown and think about what is going on in a school zone. >> walk to school day is also about getting kids moving and thinking about the environment. it seems to be working. just take it from the kids, who seem to have gotten every single lesson of the day. >> i love it. i got a lot of exercise. >> jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the weather was perfect for today. here is a look at what is coming of new at 6:00. >> federal prosecutors detail a legislative favor and a sweetheart deal in its case against senator curry. >> the victim in one case becomes a suspect in another. i am live with a bizarre twist in the shooting investigation. >> and a murder mystery here in baltimore county. i am lowell melser and i will have details as 11 news at 6:00
5:59 pm
start right now. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6. >> baltimore counties longtime school superintendent says it is business as usual, but how long will dr. joe hairston remain on the job? we begin with the story we first told you about yesterday, the future of the baltimore county school superintendent. >> is he and or is he out? tim tooten has been following this story. he is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> this is quickly becoming a story not about how long joe hairston stays around, but how soon he will go public with his decision. it appears the county executive kevin kamenetz may have a few clues. >> as the appropriate time, we are certain to make some further comments, but right now we need to move on and get the job done. >> joe hairston still has nine mo


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