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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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ipod to ground- breaking iphone and ipad, tonight we remember the man revolutionized technology and the way we communicate. the passing of steve jobs is our big story. i am rod daniels. with flags at its california headquarters lowered to half staff, apple did not give a cause of death, but the tech garrote -- grouped had battled cancer since 2004. >> he launched the era of the personal computer. his groundbreaking macintosh change the look of the computer screen and popularized the mouse we take advantage of -- take for granted today. he also revolutionized the way we listen to music. steve jobs, to the co-founder of apple, is one of the original silicon valley legends. he started his business in a garage and turned it into one of
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the most successful technology companies in the world. >> they came by the thousands to see the new computer invented by steve jobs. >> this is awesome technology. >> jobs came from humble beginnings. he was adopted by a middle-class families who could barely afford to send him to college. he dropped out after six months, but credited a calligraphy class for inspiring him to make style and esthetics a big part of apple's look. >> what everybody had to drive a basic car or live in a beige house? it would be a pretty different world. >> apple almost became a different place after jobs was fired from the company he founded. he returned to the helm at 12 years later and helped resurrect apple from near death. his comeback was followed by the release of the imac, the ipod,
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itunes, and the iphone. jobs helped invent a line of products that have been almost cold light among fans. after a long battle with pancreatic cancer while he was still at apple, jobs received a liver transplant in 2009. >> i would not be here without such generosity. >> steve jobs, a man who made a difference in his personal and professional life with a legacy that has revolutionized our everyday lives. the lease behind a wife and four children. >> there is continuing coverage of steve jobs on our website. we have posted an interactive timeline of his career and a slide show. go to our website,, and click on national news. sheriff's deputies are looking for a possible robbery victim who may have taken matters into his own hands. michael mack is wanted for
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allegedly shooting two men in aberdeen yesterday. he fought the shooting victims rob him earlier in the day and shot them in retaliation. one of the man was released from the hospital. the second remains in the hospital. one day after a man was found dead, officials are really the death a homicide. the body of 55-year-old ronald givens was found in woodlawn. police will not say how he was murdered, but are asking anyone with information to give them a call. one man is dead after crashing his truck into a tree in pasadena. officials say a state trooper witnessed the man driving erratically on southbound rte. 10 and around 4:30 this afternoon. the man lost control, did a 360, but did not stop. he took office speeds up to 100 miles per hour and crashed on route 100. >> the trooper police the man certainly was a danger to all
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the drivers out there. he was driving erratically and speeding. he was moving across all three lanes of traffic, lost control of his vehicle. we do not know at this moment the motive for his driving behavior at that point. >> state police say they are surprised no one else was hurt. traffic was backed up for quite some time. while hospitals and patience scramble to find life-saving drugs, a handful of companies are cashing in. we are live with the plan to crack down. >> none of these companies make drugs or treat patients, but they are buying and trading drugs at huge markups. congressman cummings has requested documents from these companies. >> i am horrified to think in the 21st century these kinds of things are going on. >> this koets led the maryland
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women's basketball coach to a championship victory in 2006, but now she is taking on a tougher opponent off the court. >> this is extremely personal for our family. with my son, tyler, who is 3.5- years old, he has leukemia. >> one of the madisons tyler takes is in short supply. it is on a federal list of drug shortages that includes cancer fighting drugs, blood pressure, and emergency room and medicines. >> i am fortunate that my son -- the drugs have been made available, but as a mother and a parent, if you were limited a drug that could save your child's life, i think it is inexcusable. >> the fda says quality and manufacturing issues have caused the shortages. brenda wrote to elides a cummings, who launched an investigation. his research reveals that some companies are marking up the
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price of limited drugs as high as 650%. he proposes a legislative fix. >> i believe we will get a bipartisan cooperation on this because it affects so many people in such a vital way. of all the issues i have dealt with in my 30 years in public life, i think this is one of the worst. >> the more we can dig in and get to the bottom of this, the more i feel like we have a small piece in this equation, but we can make a difference. >> congressman cummins has set up a tip line. just contact his office for more information. >> a maryland health group is planning to push for an increase in the state of the tobacco tax. the maryland citizens health initiative will launch a campaign next week to increase the tax by $1. the group says the increase will
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provide affordable health care to residents. maryland raised its cigarette tax in 2007. a disagreement among democrats on a key provision of the president's jobs plan. he is touring the country demanding congress passed the bill. members of his own party publicly rejected the idea of hiking taxes on families and making $250,000 a year. >> they are not rich. that kind of does not get you a big home or lots of vacations. >> the white house responded saying there would be willing to work with lawmakers on tweaking that particular provision. protest over corporate greed and social injustice that began over two weeks ago took on a new face today. union workers have joined a major protest in manhattan. they are showing support and calling for change. >> thousands of union makers --
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workers joined the occupy wall street protesters on a march against what they see as corporate greed, corruption, and a broken economy. >> a wide swath of americans have been hurt by the economic crisis, hurt by the political corruption. >> there is no protection. no matter who we vote for, nothing happens. the people feel like they are getting shafted. >> social inequality and rising unemployment have struck a chord with some of the nation's largest and most powerful unions. >> we are trying to make sure that the rich pay their fair share. we believe -- >> what -- what started as a grassroots rally just over two weeks ago swelled into a nation- wide movement. at 70 protest have been held in
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50 cities from coast to coast. >> until we start coming together and acting out, no one is born to know what is going on. >> protesters united in their frustration and passion. >> this is the beginning of a people's revolution. >> a movement taking shape and labor experts say a step closer to returning inspiration into action. >> i think you'll see a lot more politicians jump into the fray. this could be a defining issue for both parties. >> new tonight, sarah palin says she will not seek her party's presidential nomination. she issued a statement saying "family comes first." the onetime vice president of canada says she will focus on replacing prevent obama, helping republicans regain control of the house. >> the nation has lost the last of the civil rights movements
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big three. he passed away today in birmingham. kai reed joins us with more. >> how white he did not get much national attention, but most historians would say that without him, the civil rights movement would have been much different. a local pastor tells us about his friendship and this time is spent in baltimore. >> he would have been right here. >> harold carter senior remembers fred shuttles worth. shuttlesworth was a guest preacher and a lifelong friend. >> he believed that segregation was dead wrong. he not only believe in it, but he believed his call to ministry what to do something about it. >> the first became a pastor in birmingham, alabama, in 1953. he was a powerful force against
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racial injustice. >> what he was doing in birmingham was not always with a spotlight on him, but he was marching against segregated patterns. >> at a time when segregation and jim crow strangle the south. he organized countless marches, demonstrations, and sit in separate pieces by two bombings, a beating, and was sent to jail many times. the form the southern christian leadership conference. he was called one of the nation but the most courageous freedom fighters. dr. carter is grateful to have known him as a friend. >> it was a basic french ship. he was a lot of fun. -- it was a basic friendship. he was a lot of fun. >> there will always gerris a conversation he had about 10 years ago.
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>> whether there is a heaven or not, the life of love will still have been worth it. i remember him saying that. >> rev. harold carter met shuttlesworth when he was 15- years old. he retired as a pastor five years ago and suffered a stroke in 2008. he passed away in birmingham at age 89. >> where did you stay in ocean city? a hotel closing early after testing positive for a potential deadly bacteria. that's troubling recording of a drug induced michael jackson made its way into court. the latest of a doctor being tried. >> between a hurricane, an earthquake, in this natural disaster, i think i am tired.
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>> it could be on the way for areas affected by tropical storm lee. quite gorgeous fall whether headed this way. in baltimore, clear skies. 61 at the airport. 68 downtown.
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>> in ocean city hotel is closing after guest developed legionellosis. legionellosis is caused by inhaling water mist containing bacteria. the guest were hospitalized.
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fortunately, no one died. parts of maryland will receive federal aid to help with recovery efforts in the aftermath of tropical storm lee. they will get funding from fema after president obama declared those areas of major disasters. the declaration makes federal funding available to state and local agencies who need repairs. remnants of the tropical storm whipped the the state last month, damaging buildings, and causing major flooding. jurors heard a troubling recover -- reporting during the contract murder trial. that recording was part of a conversation he had with michael jackson while in a coherent -- incoherent state. >> made that audio recording be marked people's 96. >> jurors heard a troubling recording of a conversation dr. murray, recorded on his iphone six weeks before the singer
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died. jackson was slurring and sounded incoherent, talking about his upcoming shows saying it had to be phenomenal. >> [unintelligible] i have never seen nothing like this in my life. >> he also talked about building a children's hospital in helping children because he caught himself, did not have a childhood. >> i feel their pain. i know they're hurt. -- their hurt. >> at that point, jackson fell asleep in the recording stop. three of marie's mistresses the piece band. a dancer he met a gentleman, 3
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club, who murray tested. and a waitress the prosecution's goal is to attack, gregory's character. they did that by saying he was too busy talking to his girlfriend when he should have been watching michael jackson. the prosecutor said he was juggling a parade of women and a famous patient until it all came crashing down. >> earlier in the day, a forensic computer investigator testified he found evidence of dr. murray was checking emails on this phone in the hours before the singer's death. prosecution witnesses revealed a legislative favor in the corruption trial of senator ulysses currie. the use testimony from the director of the maryland energy administration to suggest currie used the power of his office to delay many elements of the energy bill.
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>> now, your first alert forcast with meterologist tom tasselmyer. >> it is the beginning of a stretch a beautiful fall weather today. what we saw today will be repeated for the next several days. it might call off a little bit tomorrow. it was a warmer than normal fifth of october. 76 at the airport. 78 downtown. normal is only 70. the normal low has dipped below the 50-degree mark. the lows are now below 50. clear skies continue across the region tonight, which will make our cool overnight temperatures. not too bad around here right now. 61 degrees downtown. 52 at oakland. 57 at pittsburgh. that is the air moving south tonight and tomorrow. some of that chilly air to the north of us. freeze warnings in northern pennsylvania and upstate new york.
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they will not have any more in northern vermont in northern new hampshire. the growing season has essentially ended. tonight, not as chilly, but it will be cool in the morning. mostly 50's 260's. 43 in the suburbs. 53 downtown. when out of the north tonight and tomorrow. that would drag some that chilly air to our region. a dry cold front slipping through right now. high pressure over eastern canada will lower our temperatures by five degrees or so tomorrow. warped out in the middle of the country will stay there for a while. tatars in minneapolis approaching 90 this afternoon. normal temperatures tomorrow, right around 70 with a northerly breeze at about 5 miles per hour. 5-10 knot breeze on the bay. western maryland, chile the next couple of nights. maybe in the 40's tonight and 30's the next few nights.
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67-69 degrees on thursday and friday. eastern shore in cecil county down to dorchester county, highs in the low 70's. sunny skies and beautiful fall weather. the same scenario in ocean city with the northeast breeze coming off the water. all of around the lower eastern shore, lots of sunshine. tropical storm of philip still out there. starting to see a little bit of a job to the north east. a band of clouds that stretches through bermuda will help get phillipe away. the storm may become a hurricane, but will be quickly put out into the atlantic and shoat rapid signs of weakening as it gets through the cooler waters of the atlantic. for our region, it is gorgeous. sunny skies for thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. still mostly sunday -- mostly
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sunny on monday. 80 on sunday. 79 monday. a few scattered showers will get here late tuesday into wednesday. >> rex ryan's jets to a humiliating beating in baltimore. how will they get ready for new england? like sunday never happened. >> live, it is powerball, america ' ever jackpot game. good evening, everyone. your jackpot is an estimated $60 million. for just $1 more you can add our power play option. if you're multiplier is the number 4. your first wife balt number is the number 46, 7, 43, 54, and
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>> john harbaugh gambled a bit
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on sunday. the hope that they could get by the jets. it is a gamble that paid off handsomely. jimmy smitts was recovering from an ankle sprain suffered on the very first game of the season. the year has proved a test. john harbaugh hopes to have smitts back in the lineup. he knows how to tackle, but has not played in a month. harbaugh asked fans to be patient. >> i look forward to seeing jimmy get back to play and begin development at a player. i hope everybody will understand that it will be his first game playing. we will try to work him in there in a way that is best for our team and best for him to become the player he wants to become.
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>> should be returned to the field october 16, he will not have to contend with andrea johnson. audrey johnson suffered a hamstring injury on sunday. he will miss the next three games at least, including the game against the ravens. his value carry some serious weight not only to statistics, but you must game plan to stop him. when we last saw rex ryan he was mumbling and tumbling at the hands of the ravens. i wondered how long he would take to recover. the answer, three days. >> i just want everyone to understand you are talking about two hall of famers. we know he is going to have a bust in canton and the minor hall of fame. belicheck is a call of famer
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from a west wind university. now, i am iowa all of famer from southwestern. >> the cardinals gathered for the last time in st. louis. we had a game five on friday. the phillies having to contend with one of the most renowned baseball crowds. bottom five. in a flash, the st. louis swirl. wednesday, racing across the plate. a daring journey. in the sect, oswalt suffers a freezer burn. two-run homer. st. louis survives, forcing a game 5. 5-3. that is why they play the game.
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>> thanks, steve. here is jay leno for a look at what is ahead of the tonight show. >> tim allen on the show tonight. scotty mccreery and i am a face unclogger. i am a nose coach. i am a throat untickler. i am a human cough suppressant. and i am the sniffles worst nightmare. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about cold and flu remedies.
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this sensor will show why my living room gets too hot and too cold! for a limited time, geup to five-thousand five-hundred and fifty dollars in rebates to make your home more energy efficient. visit bge smart energy dot com. >> a beautiful day today.
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>> spectacular. it is going to stay that way. that high pressure system as want to hang around a while. mostly sunny monday. a slow moving area of high pressure. just like the lousy weather of around for a long time, this will deliver a extended stretch of high -- of a nice weather. clouds and showers arrive tuesday and wednesday. >> i become so jaded from that. >> exactly. it is nice to see the sun shine again. thank you for joining us. the tonight show is coming up next.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible. >> announcer: it's "the tonight tonight, jay welcomes --


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