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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  October 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it was a different story later. >> to black males account -- entered the store. they were both all armed with handguns. i confronted the clerk and demanded money and it took, the register's. >> the man fled behind the store with an undisclosed amount of cash and are still on the list. one person suffered minor injuries. cox one of the suspects did physically assault him, and he was transported to a local hospital for treatment of non- life threatening injuries. >> workers at an auto shop next door said they were shocked to learn about the robbery, especially because it happened in broad daylight and during the busy morning hours. >> you have to have a lot of guts to do that. it is sad because it can't even -- >> many say they will still
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patronize the royal farms but this service as a reality check that crime can happen anywhere. >> it is sad because you can't even get a cup of coffee without worrying if you will get robbed or not. >> it will stop me. i am there every day. -- get won't stop me. i am there every day. >> if you know anything or saw anything, they want to hear from you. he never to call his crime stoppers. he -- the number to call is crime stoppers. >> and overnight fire was intentionally set. firefighters arrived on the signed -- the scene at 3:30 this morning. investigators have learned the building was vacant because it was undergoing repair from a previous fire. police are asking anyone with
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information to call them. >> a state police are investigating a head-on collision that happened after noon. route 1 was shut down for nearly half an hour as cruise's responded to the crash. three people were taken to shock trauma, but they are expected to survive. initially accused of abducting her friend's baby, she is free to night. williams was the subject of a police search after she was supposed to be watching the child. both she and the child turned up missing. they found the baby at the home of they were elected in sieglinde. the investigation of an alleged kidnapping his at an impasse. >> they have stopped all ground searches to concentrate on the little evidence they have a while the mother complains of being treated as the chief
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suspect. >> the search for a little lisa had investigators searching through a land fill friday afternoon while the mother of the little girl who disappeared said police have told her she failed a lie detector test. bradley told matt lauer she took the test after lee set went missing on monday. >> they said i failed. i said that is not possible. where she is at. >> after failing the test, they got tough in questioning her. they maintain the parents are not cooperating. >> our concern is to find li- sao. we needed to find lisa and bring her home. >> little lisa went missing from her crib at four days ago. police did not have a clue where
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she is or how i kidnapper could have so easily navigated through it to snatch the child. ground searches involving 100 officers have turned up nothing while veteran investigators say it is proper for police to search and on the president's or there is little evidence elsewhere. >> to always have to eliminate that person what you are moving out to try to find out who is responsible. >> the investigation continues, but police are back where they were on day one. >> it was a wonderful day today with the sunshine and temperatures climbing into the low 70's. 69 degrees or not at the top of the hour, the skies are clear and a light wind. it will be chile again tonight. temperatures will drop into the 40 pete's.
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mid-70s tomorrow, may 80 on sunday. 74 cast coming up in a few minutes. >> two home invasions in baltimore county have police on edge and neighbors on ads. the latest among the 7500 block in would lawn right now. two men are on the run. the woman inside said she had to jump from a second story window to use caper attackers. we do know that one man has been arrested in the same area. the police say they are not connected. three men held a woman and her grandson at gunpoint and stole several thousand dollars as well as two computers. found guilty of home invasion, a baltimore city and will learn his fate in december. she shot and killed the man inside. the wife and two children were home when it happened.
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>> police are still looking for the person behind the wheel of a pickup truck that was used to whip a speed camera out of the ground a pure >> it was dragged behind in the field of a high school. what is the latest, lowell? '>> police tell us they had arrested two 17-year-old student at the high school and are still looking for an adult in this case. they ripped piece speed camera out of the ground using a chain and a pickup truck. it is ironic because the speed camera was slated to be moved and it did not work in the first place. >> out in front of the high school on the 7400 block of north point boulevard is a son of what is left of a speed camera that was pulled out of the ground. police say tuesday night before
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11:00, to to announce and an adult tied a chain to the poll and ripped it out of the ground. >> the vehicle drove across one of the lawns over at the high school. they left the scene. >> one day before, the camera was decommissioned and is slated to be moved in the coming days so it was not even working when it was ripped out of the ground up. investigators talked to research officers was led to the arrest of the two juvenile on friday. police will be checking recent tickets to see if the vehicle was not back ticketed. >> that is something our detectives' will be looking at. >> for drivers that use this stretch of north point boulevard, they agreed they do work as far as following people down. >> the camera has slowed them down, and i think it is a good thing. i did not know somebody to attack. that is horrible. >> if they get caught, they
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should go to jail. i agree, it does cost more money to put them back out. >> the two juvenile face destruction of property and that theft charges and faces three shares in jail or $2,500 in fines. the same will be for adults with that person is found and arrested. >> we now know the name of the man killed in a deadly police chase earlier this week. brianmncnutt lost control of his truck on route 100 and ran into a guard rail. we are alerting his driver's license had been revoked since 2008. >> now to washington where the jobs numbers are out for september. a big 9.1% unemployment rate did
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not improve. that is bad news for president obama. >> the prediction had been for 60,000 new u.s. jobs in september. today's actual hiring number, 103,000, left economists relieved. >> this is good news. we will take it. it is much better than what we had one month ago. >> fear of a double dip is increasing. just 100,000 new jobs when our population is growing means our unemployment rate stayed a dismal 9.1%. >> that is why again the president believes we cannot sit back and it did nothing. >> 9.1% proves congress needs to pass the jobs bill. >> it will put congressional -- construction workers back to work, teachers back to work, and tax cuts for every american who
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gets a paycheck. >> republicans vowed to defeat more stimulus and taxes on the rich. >> has any of it worked? nope. it is time we trust the american people to deliver our economy from the shackles of government. >> there was a preview last night in the senate. >> not by trying to strangle everybody and shut everybody up. >> republicans tried to force a vote on a version many democrats do not support. democratic leader infuriated republican leader mcdonnell. >> who gets to decide who is wasting time? >> voters do, but not for 13 months. >> both sides appear to be charging the other side of trying to create folks rather than jobs. >> the republican field of candidates for president in 2012
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is set to. >> right now the candidates are targeting a specific field of voters. >> despite the high profile job, in grid has been pretty much able to stay under the radar until now. coming up, stepping into the limelight. >> we will tell you why medical aid
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>> the independent humanitarian organization is presenting nearly 200 billion stories of child could mount a patrician. today in patterson park, medical staff and aid workers were guiding visitors through a simulated clinic. the exhibit included standing documentary and images about the worldwide problem. >> all of our tour guides are aid workers who have worked in nutrition projects around the world. not only will visitors see how we diagnose and treat malnutrition, they will see new advances in the treatment of on attrition. >> the clinic and six of its run
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through the weekend. it all wraps up sunday evening at 5:00 p.m.. >> in 29's medical alert, the tsa test has been used for years to screen for prostate cancer. a new report says healthy men do not need to be screened. that idea is meeting with some resistance. >> after a routine blood test showed he had prostate cancer, he and his doctor opted to remove it with the surgery. >> get it out of my system so i favor this. >> the aggressive treatment may have been a lifesaver because he has a family history of the cancer. for most healthy man, a government advisory panel says a routine blood test is unnecessary. >> there have been several studies looking at blood test cancer screening. the majority of studies have
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shown that these save lives. >> a protein released by the prostate when cancer cells are present. most men are never effected by these cells. the test does not show how aggressive the cancer is. going forward with treatments like surgery can leave men impotent. certain medications used to treat prostate cancer increase the risk for heart disease killing patients long before they buy from the cancer. >> a man that trades cause of death. >> the doctor suggests that could be why the death rate due to process date cancer has declined over 20 years. other specialists disagree, standing by the test. >> the man with the most aggressive cancers have a pretty good survival at 15 years. that is the benefit to screening is finding the lethal cancers. >> the task force will make the new recommendations which are to get final.
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but the group does not get the final say. men will still be able to get the test if they choose to. >> the task force does not consider -- influence health insurance companies on reimbursement. medicare is required to pay for the test request creek -- regardless of the recommendation. boosting cholesterol could help diabetics lowered their risk for heart disease. the medical records were studied of 30,000 diabetes patients. those who had increased levels of hdl or less likely to suffer of a heart attack or stroke. they say people with diabetes can improve their cholesterol by losing weight, eating well, and exercise more. finally, air pollution -- especially from traffic puts
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pregnant women had a breast or premature birth. a new study looked at 100,000 births. they found women living in heightened levels of traffic pollution had a 30% increase risk for premature delivery. concentrations of the pollutants were higher in the winter and lower along the coast proving that local weather patterns play a big role in how they are dispersed. >> we have breaking news right now from sky team 11. this is in part kites or a two car accident. we are hearing from the scene that there are people trapped inside. people get more on this accident and bring it to you again. this is going on in part heights. >> nowwhat more can you say abot the beautiful weather? we can think this big area of high pressure for that.
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it will stick around throughout the weekend. the weather will not change much until the middle of next week. on the backside of this area where the winds have been coming from the south, the temperatures were in the 80's. the war in the seven depots because we have a north west wind going. it feels like summer. that big surge of warm air will be visiting us toward the tail end of the week. we will get close to 80 by sunday. we will keep temperatures on the cool side tonight. you combine that with the fact that the air is dry and the temperatures fall off pretty quickly after sunset. this is usually a good marker for how cool it will get over night. temperatures will approach the dew point by tomorrow morning. it will get chilly in the morning but it will warm up quickly. 69 at the airport, 71 downtown.
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the forecast for tonight -- clear skies. temperatures will drop back into the upper 40's. another fantastic day, sunshine, light and variable wind spirit the highs will climb into the upper 70's. sunshine had nine minutes after 7:00. it will be a fantastic weekend. checkout some fall colors. they are picking -- they are kicking in now. the usually peaks in about a week but you will still see some great colors. ticket drive into western maryland and even pennsylvania. good idea for that this weekend. colors are starting to get going. next chance of rain will hold off for the middle of next week. it may come from the tropics. we've all watched an area of low pressure sometime early next week. drive it up toward baltimore. if that happens, we could get
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another round of heavy rain after this stretch of weather during the middle of next week. we will see how the low pressure develops. sunshine to mar, 76. 80 on sunday. a great day with a high near 78. overnight lows will be in the 40's. maybe wednesday and thursday, we will see another chance for rain. until then, go outside and play. >> still ahead -- the afghanistan war tenure anniversary draws attacks on u.s. outposts. the conditions a decade after the war began. >> how conservatives feel about the current gop presidential field coming up.
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>> it has been a big week with sarah palin and chris christy deciding not to run. >> all eyes are on washington
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were the values -- we explain why it is a critical stop for candidates. >> this weekend could be a turning point for some of the gop hopefuls as they go after the social conservative vote. it is one of the largest gatherings of conservatives in the country. >> as a conservative, i believe with all my heart that the government closest to the people is the best for the people. >> an opportunity to play get to know you with the presidential potentials. >> i am here to learn more. i am excited to hear what they all have to say. >> many undecided about who to support. >> i am not sure yet. i think it is early to say. the >> i was on the -- i am going to have to be listening to the candidates as they speak
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here. >> others are content with the contenders. >> i think it is very good. i think it is still pretty wide open. >> who will come out on top? >> i don't know. i am kind of leaning toward herman cain. >> ron paul. >> folks like rick santorum resonate very well. >> no candidates taking anything for granted. >> topples are a funny thing. obviously we hope to do well. >> all of the republican candidates will be at the values voters summit. the only 11 -- the only one not attending is jon huntsman. >> it is hard to believe 10 years ago the u.s. entered the war on afghanistan. >> now more than ever, concern is mounting that we may not be ready to bring our troops home.
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>> the 29 at 5:30,what did conrad murray say? the recording has never been played in public before. >> we have the latest on the trial and los angeles.
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>> and what could be the most important testimony of the trial so far, detective scott smith of the police department took the stand today to play an interview he recorded two days after michael jackson's death. it is the first time the recording has ever been played in public. it is the first time we hear dr. murray giving his own version of the event. >> in the interview, dr. murray says he was trying to wean jackson off of the purpose of who he had taken in the past. he also told where he could find it contracts and's house. the day began with the defense cross examining the toxicologist. anderson found the drugs throughout michael jackson's body including a small amount in
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his stomach. they tried to suggest the drugs could not have been in the center's stomach without oral ingestion. anderson did not agree. >> you really cannot explain anything other than oral ingestion as a means to getting it into the stomach? >> i can testify that i have personal experience that drug levels can be detected in the stomach of many different types of drugs and they were not given orally. >> if convicted of the involuntary manslaughter charge, he faces up to four years in prison and the loss of his medical license. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories of the hour. the search is on for two and rob a store in telson just before 7:00 this morning.
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investigators said the masked men took money from the cash register and assaulted one customer before leaving the store. police are calling a vacant fire a case of arson. the building was empty because it had been devoured by flames once before. it broke out before 3:30 this morning. it was actually called in as a tree fire. crews were able to knock it down in 30 bennett's time. there were no reports of injuries. police are not releasing any gains in a deadly head on collision. a happened just before 6:30 this morning. the been killed was 20 years old. >> tonight we are continuing to monitor for the wall street protests that are really stretching across the country. >> we are igniting another debate between republicans and obama. they say they are being
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encouraged by the white house. president obama says he understands the backlash against the bailout in 2008. not doing so would have caused red damage to the economy. >> this is day two of the occupied philadelphia demonstration. they spent the night capped outside of city hall. charles ramsey spoke with protesters. they say they plan to stay for days hoping to influence changes in laws they say favor the wealthy -- the wealthy. >> still ahead -- an entire town evacuated. >> two a masked armed gunmen hold up a royal farms store.
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>> 10 years after the collapse of the taliban, rockets were fired at a u.s. base in the eastern part of the country. but questions remain over
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whether afghan forces will be ready to take over security by the end of 2014. >> it is america opposing longest war. today marks the 10th anniversary for when the first u.s. boots hit afghanistan soil. a dangerous reminder for soldiers in eastern afghanistan when their base was attacked by rockets. proof that the battle still rages in various parts of the country. >> i think they made a point to keep us busy today. >> since 2001, nearly 2000 u.s. lives have been lost. over 14,000 have been wounded in nearly 1400 billion dollars have been spent. many are asking why america is still at war in afghanistan. >> i was in sixth grade with this kicked off. it was not a big deal to me because i was, what, 10 years
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old? >> there are a lot of answers to that question including an afghan government that has been riddled with allegations of corruption. and insurgency that has built up throughout the years. in 2003 when america shifted its focus to iraq, afghanistan became known as the forgotten war it. the situation here deteriorated drastically. many afghan analyst said that the war did not really we start until 2009 when president obama shifted the attention back to afghanistan. right now, the goal is to train the afghan security forces and the afghan government so they can take responsibility of the governance of their own country. president obama has made it clear that he wants to withdraw all combat troops by the end of 2014. questions still remain if the afghans will be ready for that. >> covering the nation tonight,
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while video out of illinois. emergency crews rushed in to evacuate hundreds of people by the nearby town. nobody was seriously hurt. officials are on location try to figure out what caused a train to jump the tracks. a similar scene in the work for a tanker truck burst into flames. they were discovering trucks to a gatt -- to a gas station. blue up sending flames into the air. the driver of the truck he skipped, and no one else was hurt. >> officials have released security video of it and they say gunned down nine co-workers on wednesday. the sheriff's office said this is video of her walking with a rifle after the shooting. he killed allegedly three people and wounded several others and cupertino, california.
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no motive that for the shooting has been released, but investigators say he was unhappy at work. >> a government program is under fire. >> why did it take so long to save millions of homeowners from foreclosure? >> first lady michelle obama is not the only one who likes to shop at target. the wife of coach harbraugh and magazine ad.
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>> here is a look at what we are working on for 11 days at 6:00. a robbery at a convenience store packed with customers.
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a search for the suspects. a speed camera for ripped from its base and it destroyed. how the vandals did it and the questions in this case. we will have the stores and much more tonight at
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>> we have breaking news right now. we are looking at accident in the windsor mill area of baltimore county. it looks like a transport fan has crashed into a building. we do not know the extent of injuries but we will stay on top of the store and give you more information as soon as we get it. >> the coach will face his
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brother on the field, he is head coach of the san francisco forty-niners. a friendly rivalry is taking place next month and a magazine. >> the november issue november"in-style" magazine. wife,y ask the coach's claire wives, coaches' wives to come up and model. this year was "rivalries." says we are plenty forty-niners, john's brother jim, his wife he appeared of together. >> they gave the family members a unique way to spend time together. >> we cannot get to see each other very much. we had a lot of fun. we had to push each other, shove
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each other. we would be out of the shot. >> it took longer to do hair and makeup and it took to shoot the shot. it took 20 minutes to shoot us. >> the nfl women's line this in its second year. it gives a woman more options than ever when it comes to the game a wardrobe. >> it is tailored for women. is set for their body. it is fun. it is very stylish. >> it is nice because we can support our team up be a woman at the same time. >> you can find the nfl apparel and coles and macy's. she did get the sweatshirt. >> it is a little steelersish gold, but i like it. >> her time in front of the camera says was on. >> i try not to put myself out there too much.
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i am a mom, i take care of my daughter. i just want to be there for her. i want to let john do his job. it is fun. on encouraged me to do it. it was fun. >> monday night is one of the most looked for two nights. she will be taking part of a panel discussion. if you have any question for the head coach's wife, you can ask them. >> i do want to say i know how to say his name -- it is harbaugh. there is no rest here at tv 11. we hope you will join us for one hour ravens special at the break. we will review the first four cans of the season and hear from key players. that is at the break at 7:00 right here on wbal tv-11.
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>> it was another beautiful day today. what can you say? help me. eye in try to get a lot of that it is here for the weather. it was a glorious, fantastic -- thank you, donna. you are the poet in the room today. >>it hit 72 degrees downtown. just to give you a perspective on the average. the average low is 49, we drop down to 45 this morning. the record for today -- 96 in 1941 treated as bit as chilly as 35. we will be up of these markets as we head into the weekend. it will feel like summer before we get to the tail end of the weekend on sunday. for right now there is some high pressure. it means there is no whether going on anywhere near as. there is some rain in georgia.
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other than that, we have some rain and snow going on in the rocky mountains. there is a huge disparity in the temperatures of the go west and east across the country. it is cold enough to snow in the mountains with temperatures in the '30's and 40's. a jump over the demand, it feels like summer. it is 85 in minneapolis. some of the summer weather will visit us on the east coast. in the meantime, we are in the middle ground. it is in the 50's want to get into the extreme northeast and parts of maine, massachusetts. here at home, it is very comfortable. a little breeze coming out of the east. the forecast for tonight, clear. it will be a little on the chilly side. there could be a touch of fog developing after midnight. early tomorrow morning if you wake up there could be some areas of fog.
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temperatures drop in food to the 40's. it will stay in the 50's downtown. sunset at 640. let's take a look at the forecast. we will move west to east. we will get some great color. if you want to take a drive out -- skyline drive would be great to drive this evening. the." next week. you will see some great colors in the mountains. saturday and sunday -- temperatures in the low 70's. around baltimore, we will keep the sunshine in the forecast as well. a high of 76 tomorrow. if you had to the eastern shore counties to the beach, the wind might be coming off the water the next couple of days. we will get an ocean breeze in ocean city that will keep temperatures cooler near the water. it will be in the 80's if you had in mind. as i mentioned, we are watching something try to develop in the tropics. it is at the beginning stages right now. there is not a whole lot happening at the present time. a lot of low pressure to the
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east of florida. some develop in the eastern part of the gulf of mexico. there is something going on down here. there will be an area of low pressure coming out of the gulf. it will travel up the coast and perhaps a visit us during the middle portion of next week. we will enjoy some fantastic weather. maybe by wednesday and thursday we could have the leftovers of a tropical system coming to visit us. temperature in the low 70's. we will stay in the upper 70's on monday. all in all, the forecast for the beacon. -- good forecast for the weekend. >> the government to quit too long to help struggling homeowners across the nation. now in the emergency homeowners loan program has ended with a half of its budget and spent. they disbursed only $432 million out of its $1 billion budget. the program was designed to give up to $50,000 to homeowners who are facing foreclosure which
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would be forgiven if they stay in that home pour up to five years. meanwhile, the census bureau is releasing some sobering numbers. we are looking at the biggest drop in homeownership since the great depression. 65% of americans of their homes. it is down more than 1% from 10 years back. keep in mind, back in the 1930's the plunge was 4.2%. bank of america says they have fixed problem slowing down their website this week. many wondered if packers were to blame. the bank now says they have resolved issues that were caused by system and great and heavier than usual traffic. and outside analysts has confirmed the bank was the explanation. in this period of deep debt and unemployment, financial planning can be crucial. teenagers are not given the proper tools to handle their finances successfully. one school is bringing the banks to the students.
5:51 pm
>> jennifer is an associate teller at capital one bank in maryland. she is also a senior at part del hawaii. the bank branch is actually inside her school. >> we learn how to knock yourself into a deficit. they give you a project. he did give you an area of real life like you are a dentist and you work here and here. we have to find out everything. we have to get our own medical insurance. let's have a savings. how much do you pay for movie tickets? >> this bank is open 3.5 hours a day three days a week. capital one employees manage and oversee the bank. it is only open to students, teachers, and administrators. it adheres to the same federal regulations as other banks. >> would be surprised how many students go off to college and
5:52 pm
have no idea how to manage their money. their parents are typically for a way and they don't have the basic skills to understand how to manage their money. >> this is the first student run high school branch. capital one has three other offices in new york and new jersey. >> you will learn how to attack the budget. they will learn the differences between a savings account and a checking account. they will learn it is important to check your credit history. >> for students like jennifer, savings and numbers make sense. i hope there class makes -- they hope their classmates feel the same way. >> that is a great idea. >> most people come out of high school and know nothing about money. >> some amazing stories of survival. >> local world war two veterans with a living history lesson he will never forget. >> protesters say job message to
5:53 pm
the governor and other elected officials. the story new at 6:00.
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>> 3 vintage world war two planes will be on display over the weekend. >> carroll county regional airport this afternoon, some men, most in their 80's, had a chance to go back to where they were young. planes that flew over 60 years ago and helped win world war two will be on display at the airport. william meyers wept when he saw his old be 24 bomber come in today. william is a tail gunner. >> what do you think? >> beautiful. >> collings foundation counts these aircraft.
5:57 pm
if like them all over the country bringing history to the people. >> they represent a whole generation of folks in the 1940's. it was a very dangerous turning point in the war. >> the time they served was in some of the best time in their lives. >> it brings back a lot of memories. >> five of us went in together. 35% combat losses and are fighting group, all five of us returned safely. one of two still remaining. >> starting this afternoon you will be able to go aboard some of the old planes. if you are willing to pay, you can take a ride in the aircraft. >> if you want to see these plans, they will be here at the carroll county regional airport all weekend. >> they are absolutely beautiful. >> that is all at 5:00.
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here is what is coming up at 6:00. >> new unemployment numbers are out. find out which sectors are hiring and what it means for our economic recovery. >> public frustration over a lack of jobs is building. with the governor's plan to do about it straight ahead. >> scary moments at a busy royal farms when two masked gunmen hold up a store. >> live, local, late breaking, and this is wba ltv 11 days at 6:00. >> the jobs numbers are out today for september, the big one is 9.1% unemployment did not improve. >> that is not good news for president obama. the economists are saying they find some reason for encouragement. >> the september report is
5:59 pm
better than anticipated, but it still indicates that this recovery is not gaining the momentum that everybody is hoping for. >> on the outskirts of the nation's capital, they are opening two new facilities and adding jobs. >> we have already hired 35 new employees with the potential for up to 150 new jobs in the next 12 months. >> the company's success in a down economy does not reflect a struggle seen elsewhere in the manufacturing sector. manufacturers cut jobs for a second straight month. the unemployment rate has been stuck in the 9% range for more than two years. >> in a america, you need 125,000 jobs created every month to stay even. >> the nation added only 103,000 jobs last month, most in the construction, health care, construction, health care, retail,


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