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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  October 8, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm jennifer franciotti. we'll get to our top stories. in just a minute, we'll check
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outside with meteorologist john collins. it has been so beautiful. >> the only thing that could be more perfect is if the overnights could be more chilly. yesterday was a gem. each day the temperatures get a little warmer. it is almost going to be summer-like. if it weren't for these chilly early morning temperatures, it would be almost summerlike out there. the threat of rain, a long way off. take a look at our live h.d. doppler radar. nothing nearby with these clear skies and dry air overhead. the only way we know is we have to go to a radar. we see a lot of rain down in florida. miserable rain.
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showers and thunderstorms, and strong storms there, too, reaching into west texas. texas could use the rain, too. they might even put up severe weather to soak things up a little bit. that rain down in florida that may eventually prove to be our undoing with this great weather. again, that is several days away. we'll talk about the insta-weather plus forecast weekend forecast coming up in just a minute. >> 6:30 this morning, trying to break a cold case. this morning, 78-year-old palmer's was found dead in his room. >> 11 news spoke to palmer's wife and has more. >> i will never forget how i found him. you you never expect to find your husband dead in the basement when you left him making a sandwich. >> evelyn palmer was only gone 20 minutes, but in that time, someone came into their home and
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stabbed her husband multiple times. he was 78 years old. >> there is little evidence to go on to describe what happened, whether it was a robbery or a motive or another motive. >> i lost my best friend and my husband. i couldn't imagine being without him. >> this weekend marks the 100th anniversary -- this weekend marks the anniversary of her husband's death, and she still has sleepless nights without him. >> shopping and watches tv. that's what we used to do. >> police said they have encouraging leads, but none of them panned out and no arrests were made. >> it's hard when nothing is being done. >> detectives are confident that somebody out there knows what's going on, what happened, and will come forward to share that information. >> evelyn doesn't know if she'll be able to reach closure, but
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she's making a plea to anyone that can help her start the healing process. >> maybe someone will remember someone leading out of here at that time, maybe they were coming through the alley, didn't realize what they saw? maybe this will bring back the memory. >> dutes -- sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> his family will gather for a vigil tonight. if you have any information, are you asked to give city homicide a call. >> the search continues this morning for a suspect that stormed a store. that robbery ended with a customer in the hospital. >> 7:00 a.m., two men wearing masks, wielding handguns demanding money. >> it can occur at -- it occurred at a busy time for the store. there were a number of customers shopping in the store at that
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time. it did happen at 7:00 a.m., and it is difficult to say why this particular location was chosen at such a busy time period. >> you have to be crazy to pull a stunt like that at a police station. >> that's right. the royal farms is just over a mile on the same road as county police head quarters. the suspects had already gotten away on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash. >> our patrol officers, our detectives, and our air unit did respond to assist with the search, but they were unsuccessful in locating these suspects. >> workers at the auto shop frequent the store and they were surprised by the robbery. >> that's kind of scary. you never know what's going to happen to you when you are in a place like that. >> a customer was assaulted and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> and john douglas says it could have been him, but his work kept him from going. >> i feel lucky because i had my
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check in my pocket, too. i feel very lucky. >> they say they will be extra cautious as police continue their search for the suspects. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> one person is taken to sinai hospital after an accident in northwest baltimore. sky team 11 was over the scene at the intersection of park heights avenue and peekny road. the fire crew says 22 members were called to the scene to assist in the rescue. >> sky team 11 was on the scene of a collision on route 1 near greenmont road and rising sun. the victims were taken to shock trauma with nonlife-threatening injuries. no word on what caused that accident either. >> two juveniles arrested and police looking for the person behind the wheel of a pick-up truck that was used to whip a speed camera out of a -- out of the ground. it was then used to wheel
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through the field of a high school. >> this is what's left of a speed camera that was ripped out of the ground. the pole and camera itself sit as evidence of baltimore county precinct. two juveniles in an adult in a pick-up truck tiled the chain to a pole and sped off. >> the vehicle drove across one of the lawns at sparrow's point high school and left the scene. >> consumer one day before the camera was decommissioned and slated to be moved during the coming days, so it wasn't even working when it was ripped on the ground. investigators talked to -- arrested two juveniles. >> it is something our detectives will be looking at to see if there are kecks to
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previous citation that is have been issued. >> while drivers hate speed cameras, they agree they work as far as slowing people down. >> the camera has slowed them down. i think it is a good thing. that's horrible. >> others feel the people who did it will probably end up costing taxpayers even more money and should be held accountable. >> if they should -- it costs more money to put them back up. leave them alone and learn to slow down. jurgen melzer, wbal-tv 11 news. now to washington where the jobs numbers are out. steve handelsman has more. >> the prediction had been for 60,000 u.s. jobs. today's actual number left economists relieved. >> this is good news.
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we'll take it. it is better than what we had a month ago. >> fear of a double dip is decreasing. >> numbers like these suggest that the recession risks are abating. >> just 100,000 new jobs when our population is growing means our unemployment rate stayed a dismal 9.1%. >> that's why, between -- again the president says we cannot sit by and do nothing. >> they say that proves congress needs to pass the obama jobs bill. >> investments to put construction workers back to work, first responders back to work, and tax cuts. >> and as a showdown on the jobs bill approaching, there was a
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preview. >> republicans tried to force a vote on a version many democrats don't sigh important. >> there has to be an end to this. >> democratic reed blocked it, infuriating republican leader mcconnell. >> who gets to decide who is wasting time around here. >> voters do, but not for 13 months. >> both sides are charging the other parties more focused on winning votes than creating jobs. >> from capitol hill, i'm steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> meanwhile, public frustration over the lack of jobs is fueling protests across the nation. yesterday occupied baltimore continued its week-long demonstration at the inner harbor. john collins has more. >> the public display of anger and frustration over jobs is building. occupy baltimore, similar to groups springing up across the
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country. their, message, they are tired of the status quo. we want to work and want government to pave the way or get out of the way. >> some believe the $100 million earmarked could be better spent. >> if there were more youth jobs, more training for young people, and more equity in access, then our young people wouldn't be on the streets, and we wouldn't have to lock them up. >> maryland's unemployment rate has been inching up, but still lower than the national average. governor martin o'malley is working on a jobs bill but he is yet to release all the details. an economist says because the state has to maintain a balanced budget -- >> in past years, the state has
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had business tax credits, including credits for research and development. expand business tax credits for biotech investments. the governor has initiated jobs programs in the past, one giving businesses a $500,000. they suggest better tax cuts. high tax rates have held back maryland's true potential. >> tax cuts produce inducements to do more, work harder, invest more, whatever it happens to be, purchase more real estate or retail goods. >> the governor may introduce his jobs bill during the special session later this month. as far as taxes are concerned, tax cuts and breaks mean less revenue for the state. many state lawmakers believe tax
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cuts, not hikes, will be on the table in the 2012 session. >> the time is 5:12. 58 degrees downtown. another controversy of a cancer screening. this time over potential recommendations for men. details ahead in "medical alert oism " >> and the trial tf conrad murray. what has been revealed. >> and it is a beautiful morning. john has your insta-weather plus forecast in just a minute.
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>> the temperatures have been chilly, but warming up. the radar does show rain in the south down in florida. it has been with them for a couple days now. there is more coming where that came from. also some thunderstorm activity out now in the plains states reaching from the great lakes, reaching through minnesota, the plains down into texas. texas could use the rain. all thoy that's a good squalor line out there in west texas right now, and they are getting snow in the higher elevations of
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the rockies, now as well. it is the rain down in florida that will be watching. that looks like it will develop into some kind of a semi tropical weather system coming up on the coast. let's see what's happening right now here. as i mentioned, our morning temperatures have been getting warmer or less chilly. 49 at the airport. 58 at the inner harbor. we are 3 degrees cooler than that yesterday at this time. 93% the humidity and barometer way up there. still rising. high pressure on top of us. the air weighs heavy there. it is cool and dry and storms can't get into it. mourning lows 54 at the airport. no rain. typical high this time of year, 70 degrees. we should stay above that.
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46 in eastwood now. oakland 46. 46 at frostburg. the high pressure centered over the mid-atlantic region. dry air. riding around in the western fringes of the high pressure. you see the stormy weather in florida a little in the gulf coast region. then this line up from texas into minnesota. that really trying to move east and this trying to move north. as long as this is over us, we're in great shape. look at the temperatures. this morning in minneapolis, 75 degrees. international falls is 61 now this morning. 73 to 78 the high here today.
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sunny, pleasant, low humidity at 10 miles per hour. futurecast leaves that high sitting over us. storms can't get in. watch what's developing down in the south. you see the circulation down here by early tuesday morning. that's something we're going to have to watch for the middle of the week. seven-day forecast, we start picking up clouds. at least we're still in the 70's. >> the outbreak over listeria in cantaloupe has become the worst food poisoning in over a decade. >> and the fall-out over the proposed new prostate screening recommendations. our update next. >> and this year's
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>> in "medical alert" the worst case of listeria in more than a decade. tainted canned lopes have led to 21 deaths and made nine people sick. the deaths have been reported in 23 states. 300,000 cases of cantalouped from colorado will be called in -- recalled in september. the p.s.a. tests will be used to screen men for prostate cancer. it can lead to unnecessary treatment. as 11 news reporter erika edwards tells us, that idea is meeting with resistance. >> william dutella has prostate cancer. he and his doctor opted to remove the surgery with -- tissue with surgery. the aggressive treatment may have been a life saver for him because he has a family history of the disease.
5:23 am
but some say a routine p.s.a. test is not necessary. >> tests show it fails to save lives. >> most men are never affected by these cells and the p.s.a. cells does not show how aggressive the treatment is. going forward with treatment can leave men incontinent and impotent. some medications used to treat them for prostate cancer cause heart disease which can cause them to die sooner. >> this doctor from the american cancer society says that may explain why the death rate has declined. other specialists disagree. >> men with the most aggressive cancers have a good survival at
5:24 am
15 years. that's the benefit to screening. finding those high-grade cancers. >> the group does not get the final say. men will still be able to get the tests if they choose to. >> u.s. preventative services task force does not consider costs. its opinion can cause major medical associations with reimbursement. medicare is regardless to pay for p.s.a. tests regardless of the task force recommendation. >> a good boost could help -- ayeser permanent yea studied those with -- those -- on the -- those who had h.d.l. was worse had an increased risk for these
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problems. they say people with diabetes can improve their cholesterol by losing weight, eating well, and exercising more. >> don't go away. we have much more news coming up. first a look at events going on around town this weekend. [ male announcer ] dandruff, meet micro-beads. any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing.
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>> secretary of state hillary clinton says the nobel peace prize winners are an example of what we need. >> i am bursting with pride. >> his name is gibson and he is talking about low bell prize winner. >> i picked her up at the train station and met her. then she asked, would i be willing to go to liberia to make
5:29 am
an assessment whether she sco win. >> initially gibson said he was reluctant, but he eventually agreed. >> i went there and interviewed 371 liberians. i decided that she could win. >> gibson said he drew up a plan and thawed thought he was done until sirleaf came back to him and asked him to travel to china where campaign materials were cheapest. >> i went to china and ordered everything it would take to run a campaign. >> at that point, gibson said he was so far into the process, he didn't see nim point in turning around. the new advisor returned to liberia, and the rest is world history. >> when we empower women around the world then everyone is better off. >> rob daniels, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and you may remember our own tim tooten traveled to liberia in 2007 and he sat down with
5:30 am
president ellen johnson-sirleaf about the connection between america and liberia. we posted this on our web site. click on the link "africa's maryland." go to >> a missing missouri girl and the mother failed a lie detector test. where the investigation stands. >> for the first time we hear conrad murray's version of events. what the live-in doctor said he was doing minutes before finding the pop star unconscious. >> couldn't ask for better weather. we'll talk about when things might change a little bit. coming up on the insta-weather plus forecast.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thank you for joining us. >> john, i have to tell you, i think fall is a big tees. you think it is great, and before you know it, you get slammed. >> we were slammed a week ago. we're great now. come the middle of the coming week, we'll see what happens. something else may rear its ugly
5:33 am
head here. now let's concentrate on what's happening. you are getting welcome rain. showers and thunderstorms reach into nebraska and then minnesota. what we're watching with particular interest, again we're all clear here is down in florida. persistent rain off the atlantic . cuba south florida and the keys. it's great. forecast ahead.
5:34 am
>> police are treating a missing girl's mother as the chief suspect. according to investigators she failed a lie detect detectiveor. she said that's what investigators got more aggressive in questioning. >> to find our lisa and bring her home. that's what we want. the girl said she wanted to take a lie detector, but police told him it wasn't necessary. >> to the criminal trial of michael jackson where -- to the criminal trial of conrad murray which wrapped up yesterday. >> it could be the most important testimony of the trial. detective scott smith of the los angeles police department took the stand to play an interview
5:35 am
he recorded of dr. conrad murray two days after michael jackson's death. it is the first time the two-hour recording has ever been played in public and the first time we hear dr. mur giving his own version of events. >> he said i can't function if i don't -- cancer, cancer, cancer. >> murray described how he felt constant pressure every night to give jackson propofol so jackson wouldn't cancel his upcoming concert. >> michael jackson was a friend. i gave him freeing wently,
5:36 am
nightly lorazepapam. >> he said he frequently gave him propofol. >> i came back to the bedside and he wasn't breathing. >> if convicted of the involuntary manslaughter charge, he faces up to four years in prison. gina kim, nbc news, los angeles. >> history lands in carroll county. how you can take a ride on a bomber that helped deliver rick tri to the world war ii allied forces. >> and the real problem of starvation in africa to patterson park. >> temperatures on the cooler side, but again today we'll warm up with a lot of nice sunshine. details on the forecast for the we dry mouth is uncomfortable. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief.
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>> another good morning this morning. nice and crisp outside. clear skies. and a little warmer by a couple of degrees than yesterday. the clear skies reach all the way down into georgia and the carolinas before we run into rain down in florida. that's what we're going to be watching as that rain develops and moves northward for early next week. for the weekend we're in great shape. also storms out to the west. especially in western kansas, oklahoma, and west text -- texas. the squall-line. they could use the rain. here, clear. 49 at the airport. 58 at the inner harbor. as i mentioned, a couple degrees warmer at this time. humidity 93%. that's usually a high reading in
5:40 am
the early morning hours. we'll dry out nicely once the sun gets up high in the sky. the barometer a high reading. it is continuing to rise. that's a sign of good weather will continue. more on that in a second. easton 46 degrees. elkton 47. 48 westminster. frederick down to 45. yesterday morning they were 39 sofment they are warmer this morning. 50 out of oakland. 46 at frostburg in western maryland. the fall festival is next week in far western maryland. all the fall colors. autumn glory they call it. the weather, we'll see what happens. try to get the stormy weather out of the way by then. >> high pressure sitting over us now. almost bull's-eye on top of us. that's why the barometric pressure is so high. storms can't get into it. they are running around on the edges. here's the stuff in florida. those storms in the west line up
5:41 am
on a cool front. this will eventually work northward. this may mean rain toward the middle of the week. today we're in great shape. in the floor floor peninsula, steamy with thunderstorms. chicago 81. los angeles sunny skies. 73 to 78 for us. sunny skies. variable winds. high pressure stays over us. you can see that storm developing. that's going to break into this high pressure. that's what our forecast is.
5:42 am
wednesday and thursday rain chances. until then high and try. picking up clouds tuesday. 76 today. 80 subpoenaed. nearly 80 on monday. 70's the rest of the week. >> starved for attention. an independent organization is preventing 200 -- medical staff and aids workers were guiding visitors through a simulated clinic telling people how to prevent mall nutrition. it presented stunning documentaries and images about the world-wide problem. >> these are the same tents that we're using in the field currently. all of our tour guides are aide workers who have worked in nutrition projects around the world. not only will visitors see how we diagnose and treat new problems, they will see advances
5:43 am
in the treatment of mall nutrition. >> the clinic runs through the weekend. >> coming up, it is harbaugh against harbaugh on the pages of in-style magazine. how the competition between not the coaches but the sister-in-laws is nfl worthy. >> i'm pete gilbert. a future with the orioles straight ahead. >> first look at last night's winning lottery numbers. good luck. i am a face unclogger.
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>> now sports with pete gilbert. >> his contract was up at the end of the month, and he decided enough is enough. he will not have that renewed. he had the option to do so and chose neighed to move on. some of the numbers under andy mcphale. under his guidance they created a new minor league facility and revamped the scouting department. his grow the team by the -- it never materialized to a winning season. the winning percentage isn't pretty. not a single season with at least 70 wins. he did well in trades. acquiring hardy and scott. jones in particular won in a deal remains one of the best trades in orioles' history. but signing some left many shaking their heads. certainly buck showalter will have a large say in hires.
5:47 am
>> mark sanchez led to a jerry johnson touchdown. used his helmet maybe a bit too much. the nfl looks back and says you shouldn't have done that. a $15,000 fine. however i think he can handle it with his $60 million contract, and he wopt trade it considering what it -- wouldn't trade it considering what it meant. so the $15,000 fine for his $27 million salary would be like me having a $62 fine. that's a look at sports. i'm pete gilbert. we'll see you back here tonight at 6:00. >> john harbaugh will face his brother, jim harbaugh on the field. he's the head coach of the san francisco 49ers. a friendly rivalry will take place next month, that has the brothers decked out in style. >> it is harbaugh against harbaugh in the november issue of "in style" magazine.
5:48 am
ingrid and sarah. they were in town for the photo shoot of an nfl photo shoot. >> this year was rivalries. i thought i would set up against the steelers many but since we are playing the 49ers, john's brother jim, and his wife sarah and i were paired together. >> the two of them had a ball, teched out in accessories, giving family members a unique way to spend time together. >> this was fun. we don't get to see each other much, so we have a unique rivalry. we would be out of the shot. it will be fun. it took longer to do hair and make-up than it took to shoot the shot. it took 20 minutes to shoot us and two hours for hair and make-up for both of us. >> giving female fans more options than ever when it comes
5:49 am
to their game-day wardrobe. >> it is tailored for women, it is fit to their body. it is fun and stylish. which is great. >> we can support our team, but be a woman at the same time. >> you can find the nfl aperil in sforse -- stores like khol's and macy's. >> this is a little much for me. >> but she bought everything else. >> she said her time in front of the camera was fun. >> i am very behind-the-scenes. i try not to put myself out there too much. i take care of my daughter, allison, i just want to be there for her and let john kind of do his job. it's fun. >> you can meet ingrid in person
5:50 am
at a purple evening. it is definitely one of the most looked forward to be events for female fans. the ravens will be enjoying a day off this week. it is a bye week. we hope you will join us for our one-hour ravens special at the break. we'll review the first four games of the season and hear from ravens' key players at the break tonight at 7:00 here on wbal-tv 11 news. i can't say enough about ingrid harbaugh. she was nice and down to earth. great to meet her. >> coming up, amazing stories of survival. >> a living history lesson
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>> some american history flew into baltimore yesterday. >> rob roblin has that story. ♪ >> carroll county regional
5:54 am
airport this afternoon. some folks, most in their 80's, got a chance to go back to when they were young. planes that flew over 60 years ago and helped win world war ii will be on display at the airport. william myers now 89 wept when he saw his old b-24 bomber come in today. williams was a tailrunner. what do you think? >> beautiful. >> oh, my! it brings back memories. >> collins foundation owns these aircraft. they fly them all across the country, bringing their history to the people. >> these bombers represent a whole generation of folks in the 40's. that really want a -- won a dangerous turning point in the war. >> for many of these men, the times they served were some of the best times in their lives.
5:55 am
>> it was good to see them flying. it brings back a lot of memories. >> five of us went in together, and with 35% combat losses in our fighter group, all five of us returned safely. i'm one of two still remaining. >> starting this afternoon you will be able to go aboard some of the old planes. if you are willing to pay, you can take a ride in some of these aircrafts. >> you can see these airplanes here all weekend. wbal-tv 11 news, rob roblin. >> if you do get to fly, rob will not be your pilot. >> that's right. 5:55, and 55 degrees here on tv hill. >> and a robbery. the condition of the customer that confronted the robbers. >> and how vandals ripped a
5:56 am
speed camera from the ground and two juveniles are in custody. that story. >> a nice weekend. you can look at the planes or go out and look at the fall colors. i'll have details on the weekend weather and the week ahead coming up in a few minutes.
5:57 am
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