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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  October 8, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning. welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm jennifer franciotti. >> and i'm lisa robinson. our top stories in just a moment. first john is here, and we want to take a look outside. >> what can we say? >> gorgeous. >> it has been great. we deserve it. we suffered for this. >> think of last weekend and this weekend is just wonderful. >> you were noticeably --
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noticeably absent. >> yes. well, there is some stormy weather out west between denver and west kansas. some good thunderstorms down in west texas today. good for their rain. they need some. and we'll talk about when rain might get into our forecast coming up in the insta-weather plus forecast in a few minutes. >> our big story this morning, trying to break a cold case. it was a year ago today that 78-year-old sterling palmer was found murdered inside his northeast baltimore home. >> still his killer is on the loose. sheldon dutes has more on palmer's wife's emotional plea in solving this case. >> i will never forget how i found him. when i come in the house, you
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never expect to find your husband dead in the basement. when -- i left him making a sandwich in the basement. >> someone came into her home and stabbed her husband sterling multiple times. he was 78 years old. >> unfortunately there is little evidence to go on to describe what exactly happened. whether it was a robbery or some other motive. >> i lost my best friend and my husband. i'm lonely. i couldn't imagine being without him. >> this weekend marks the one-year anniversary of sterling's death, and evelyn said she still hangs on to fond memories of her husband. >> shopping. yep, shopping and watching the judges on tv. that's what we used to always do. >> police say they initially had some encouraging leads, but none
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of them panned out. >> i can tell detectives are working, but it is hard when nothing is being done. >> we are confident someone will come forward and share the information they know. >> she is making an emotional plea to someone to help start the healing process. >> maybe someone will remember. maybe someone saw something coming out of here at that time. maybe they were leaving through the alley. maybe this will bring back the memory. >> sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> palmer's family will gather for a vigil in his honor tonight. if you have information, you are asked to call homicide. >> the search is on for the suspect that stormed a baltimore county convenience store yesterday morning. that brazen robbery ended with a customer in the hospital. kim dacey has more. >> 7:00 a.m., friday morning.
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two men wearing masks, wielding handguns stormed into this farm on east joppa road in towson. >> it occurred at a busy time. in addition to the clerks, there were a number of customers shopping at that time. it did happen at 7:00 a.m. it is difficult to say why this particular location was chosen at such a busy time period. >> you got to be crazy to pull a stunt right by the police station. >> that's right. royal farms is just over a mile away on the same road as county police head quarters. police responded to the 911 call but the suspects had already gotten away on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash. >> our patrol officers, our detectives, oir canine unit -- our canine unit and air unit did spont respond but -- did respond but were unsuccessful in finding the suspects.
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>> a customer coming into the store was assaulted and taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. john douglas said it could have been him rblingts -- him, but his work kept him from going in that morning. >> i feel lucky. i have my check in my pocket, too, so i feel very lucky. >> police continue their search for the suspects. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> one person was taken to sinai hospital after an accident in northwest baltimore. sky team 11 was over the scene at the intersection of park heights and pinkny road after 5:00 friday afternoon. 20 crew members were called to the scene to assist in that rescue. >> sky team 11 was over the scene of a head-on collision in cecil county on route 1 near greenmont road and rising sun. the victims were flown to shock trauma with non-life-threatening injuries. no word on what caused this
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accident as well. >> police are looking for the person behind the wheel of a pick-up truck that was used to rip a speed camera out of the ground. it was then dragged dragged through the field -- it was then dragged through the field of a high school. >> this is what was left of the speed camera at sparrows point. police say it was pulled on the ground. it sits here in evidence in the north district. police want to know if you know who did it. >> out in front of sparrow's point high school in the 7400 block of north point boulevard is what's left of a speed camera that was ripped out of the ground. the pole and camera itself sit on the floor of evidence at the baltimore county north point presirving -- precinct. police say two juveniles and an adult tied the chain to the pole, ripped it out of the ground, and sped across.
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>> the vehicle went across the lawns and left the scene. >> one day before the camp -- camera was decommissioned. it wasn't even working when it was ripped on the ground. investigators talked to officials at sparrow's point high school which led to the arrest of the two many students. police will be checking to see if the suspect vehicle was in fact ticketed. >> they will be looking to see if there are possible connections to previous citations issued. >> for drivers that use this stretch of north point boulevard, while they use speed cameras they do work in slowing people down. >> the camera has slowed them down. that's horrible of the >> others feel the people who did it will probably end up costing taxpayers more money and should be held accountable. >> if they get caught they should go to jail. it costs more money to put them back up.
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leave them alone and learn to slow down. >> jurgen melzer, wbal-tv 11 news. -- i'm lowell melzer, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now to washington where the jobs numbers are out for september and the big one, 9.1% unemployment, did not improve. economists are finding room for improvement. happens hans has -- steve handelsman has more. >> the prediction had been for 60,000 new jobs, so today's actual number 103,000 left economists relieved. >> it is good news. we'll take it. it is better than what we had a year ago. >> fear of a double-dip is decreasing. >> numbers like these suggest recession risks are abating. >> with just 100,000 new jobs when our population rate is growing means our unemployment
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stayed a dismal 9.8%. >> that's why the president believes we cannot sit by and do nothing. >> the white house says this proves congress needs to pass the obama jobs bill. >> investments to put construction workers back to work, first responders back to work, and tax cuts for every american that gets a paycheck. >> republicans vow to decrease stimulus debt. >> have any of them worked? no. it is high time we trust the american people to liberate our economy from the shackles of this government. >> and a showdown on the jobs bill approaches, there was a preview last night in the senate. >> not by trying to strangle everybody and shut everybody up. >> republicans tried to force a vote on a version many democrats don't support. >> there has to be an end to this. >> democratic leader reed infuriating republican leader mcconnell. >> who gets to decide who is
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wasting time around here. >> vote erds, too. but not for 13 months. >> and both sides up here are charging the other parties are now more focused on winning votes than getting jobs. from capitol hill, i'm steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> meantime, public frustration over lack of jobs is fueling protests across the nation. occupy baltimore continued its week-long demonstration at the inner harbor. david collins has more. >> money for jobs and education. >> the public display of lack of jobs is building. occupy baltimore, similar to groups springing up across the country are springing up across the country. their message, we are tired of the status quo. we want action, we want to work, and we want government to pave the way or get out of the way. baltimore city school teacher irish kirsh believes the $104 million earmarked for a juvenile detension facility could be better spent.
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>> a lot of our youth have more options, and if there were more youth jobs, more training for young people, and more equity in access, then our young people wouldn't be on the streets and we wouldn't have to lock them up. >> maryland's unemployment rate has been inching up the past couple months. it is still lower than the national average of $1.4%. governor martin o'malley is working on a jobs bill. he has yet to release the information. >> a policy group says because the state has to maintain a balanced budget governor o'malley's jobs bill will be somewhat limited. >> in past years the state has successfully led tax credits, credits fors research and development. >> it has been reported that the government wants to expand business tax credits for biotech investments and stream line the permit process for development. the governor has initiated jobs programs in the past.
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one giving businesses for hiring off the unemployment line got mixed reviews. fewer people than expected were hired. high tax rates he says have held back maryland's true potential. >> tax cuts stimulate economic activity. they produce inducements to do more, work harder, invest more, whatever it happens to be, purchase more real estate, purchase more retail goods. >> the governor may introduce his jobs bill during the special session later this month. as far as taxes are concerned, tax cuts and breaks means less revenue for the states. many state lawmakers believe tax hikes, not cuts will be on the table at least in the 2012 session. in the news room, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 6:12, 58 degrees on tv hill. arm and protect your family against viruses. we'll show you how in a few minutes. >> why bank officials say was fueling their slowdown coming up.
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>> first a live picture outside. john has your insta-weather plus forecast next. stay with us. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore,
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the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> all clear here. nothing to show on radar here. i have skewed our national radar view farther south and focusing on what's happening in the florida peninsula, a storm has been down there a few days and it will continue to develop. it could be an issue for our area next week. also there are storms in the plains states. west texas getting much-needed rain here. a scall line moving through the commissioner pan: and southward -- a little squall line moving through the panhandle and southward. barometer way hyatt 30.49. i mentioned sunset.
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sunset earlier each afternoon and evening. parkton 45, 48. 50 in oakland. bayside area a little warmer than away. the bay water temperatures are in the 60's. can you see the blue shades. the cool air here infiltrating to the northeast down through the mid-atlantic region. then we go to a yellow green. look at chicago in the 60's. minneapolis in the 0's. warm air to the west of us. the jet stream pattern. the jet stream takes a nose dive. this is chilly air up here. ahead of the jets is mild air being drawn into the midwest. center of high pressure in the upper atmosphere. we're on the cooler side slightly.
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that's why we're getting cooler readings. last week's rain is way off over far eastern canada at sth stage. sunny skies, pleasant. variable winds. 73 to 78 for the high. a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. south winds at 5 knots. a one-foot or less chop. temperatures in the 60's. water temperatures on the bay today. insta-weather futurecast shows a high sitting over us. that's good. it keeps the storms away from us. look at what's developing. a nice circulation down in the southeastern part of the us us off shore. whether it will be tropical in nature or a storm coming up by the middle of the coming week, we likely will get rain out of it. so we stay dry over the weekend with plenty of sun. tomorrow up near 80. a few clouds on monday. increasing clouds. tuesday night into wednesday and thursday. rain chances are up. even through that, temperatures stay in the 70's for highs. >> i hate to say this "w" word,
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"winter" but i guess we have to. in keeping your family's health in tiptop shape. what you need to stock up on in your medicine cabinet. >> and what has prompted health officials to come up with a new way to ensure consumer safety. >> later we'll take you to the los angeles courtroom where jurors in the involuntary manslaughter trial of michael jackson's
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>> in this morning's consumer alert health officials say a listeria outbreak have lead to 21 deaths. illnesses and deaths have been reported in 23 states. 300,000 cases of rocky ford
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cantaloupes were recalled in september. >> a new study says seafood is safe to eat. >> seafood is tested here more than anywhere else in the world, according to state officials. >> we have taken every measure to test for what we can find and report what we do find. >> since may of 2010, a louisiana food plan ran over 200 tests. everywhere from fish and shrimp have gone under the microscope. >> none of the samples have gotten close to the level of concern. >> now you will have access to those test samples. >> we obviously have to overcome some consumer resistance to louisiana seafood. >> a new website called gulf let's you see test results for yourself.
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>> so consumers can make decision abouts the seafood in louisiana for themselves and their families. >> the goal is to put more louisiana seafood on your plate. >> the f.d.a. would allow you to eat over 60 pounds of shrimp a day for the next five years before you would reach a level of concern. >> that was kelsey reporting. >> a seafood safety campaign has been funded by b.p. and they say they will continue testing for up to three years. >> bank of america said they have fixed the problems slowing down their web site for the last week. many wondered if a hacker was to blame. the bank says they have recalled their problem which were from system upgrades. outside officials have confirmed the banks explanation. >> flu and viruses coming up
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this winter. how to profect yourself. we'll tell you how. >> first a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> in this morning's "medical alert" flu and cold viruses will be here soon.
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we have a pharmacist here with the right remedy to harm and protect yourself. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> you have an array of things. >> first of all, if we're going to talk about arming yourself against the flu, we have to say the flu vax vaccination is the best way. if you qualify and you need one, you should get one. aside from that, the biggest thing you can do to get your -- boost your immune system is get enough sleep. you need seven to nine hours. nutrition, exercise, and hydration. we hear these things all the time. those are the cornerstones of good health. >> if you need a little help, there are products out there you may need. >> absolutely. as the weather gets colder, we need to think of dry skin, dry mucous membranes, and dry lips. right over here we have blistex cold and allergy lip soother. if you breach the skin, you can
6:28 am
get an infection. >> i never heard it explained like that. >> then we go to sinus rinsing. ns an old thing. there is renewed interest because it is safe, effective, natural way to prevent and treat symptoms of cold and flu. i have a line here. it is from the traditional netty pot. >> they definitely work. then we have this battery-powered one. it is battery operated, gentle. it is ergonomically designed. >> just the fact is says "water pick" is a little scary. >> it is a gentle stream of water. you control it. i think for a lot of people, this will take away the intimidation factor of the netty
6:29 am
pot. it is uncomfortable, but it works. >> do you have to tilt your head? >> yes. it goes in one nostril and out the other. >> some teem use it every day. >> it is like hygiene. our hospital trillions filter so much out. the theory is, if you rinse them out, you are really doing some good. it is difficult to find cold products for children. they are not recommended. i have a cough medicine here that can be used for kids age 2 or if you are 102 you can use it as well. it is a natural home pathic -- homeopathic medicine. it has honey. no drug interactions and it will not cause drowsyness. that may be good for older people who may be on multiple medications. >> everybody is sick. you stand there in the aisle.
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these medicines are expensive over the counter. >> i definitely advocate getting the generic products. they are the same thing as the major brands. they contain the same active ingredients. they have to. they couldn't be sold if they weren't. i personally buy generics all the time. you are right. they are expensive. >> the single and most important thing to have in your medicine cabinet. >> i would say the sing the most important thing is an anti-pyret ic. i like eye bue profinance. -- ibuprophin. >> lots of good information. thank you. more news coming up.
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for a great vacation you can't beat mississippi. sure you can, it's called louisiana. hang on, florida's where folk's want to be. that's only until they get a taste of alabama hospitality. we can't agree on which state's best, but we can agree on one thing, wherever you vacation in the gulf, you'll have a great time. great seafood, beautiful beaches and fun for the whole family. we've got intimate bed and breakfast right on the water. cafe's with views of the gulf. go blue water fishing, ride a kayak, or just enjoy the world's best weather and soak up the world's best sun. we've gone all out to make this year the best ever.
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and we are 100% open for business. you mean 100% open for fun. here in the best part of the gulf. louisiana, florida, alabama, mississippi. this could go on for a while. >> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thank you for joining us. >> well, you have been a hero. >> i went on vacation. it has been kind of wet.
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we're in great shape. south of us, atlanta still enjoying some sunlight. they will be up around 80. a few degrees cooler than that. once you get into florida, rain for the entire florida peninsula. 77 chicago. clear and 81. out of denver, it is going to be a rain day today. 44 the high. dallas just east of rainy area. west coast looks good. temperatures in the 60's to around 70 or so. the national weather is fairly quiet. we'll have more on that coming up. >> the investigation surrounding
6:34 am
a missing girl has focused on the mother. according to deborah bradley, the infant's mother afailed a lie detectiveor test -- a lie detector test. >> we want to find our lisa and bring her home. >> the father also said he would take a lie detector test, but police said it wasn't necessary. >> yesterday the jury heard from conrad murray on awed yes tapes recorded days after jackson's death. >> in what could be the most important testimony of the trial so far, a detective took the
6:35 am
stand. also, dr. murray gave his own version of events. >> he said i can't function if i don't have it. don't cancel it. >> dr. murray testified he felt pressure to give jackson propof of every night -- propofol every night so he would not cancel his upcoming concert tour. >> i loved michael jackson. we had a good relationship. and after joining his team, i started to see the situation -- regularly, frequently, nightly, deprovam. >> he said he was trying to wean michael jackson from the
6:36 am
propofol. he said he found jackson unresponsive. >> i came back to the bedside and he wasn't breathing. >> if convicted of the involuntary manslaughter charge, dr. murray faces up to four years in prison. gina kim, nbc news. >> charles harris is standing by for "11 fitness." >> and the three nobel peace prize winners and the mission they are committed to. >> first check out our forecast
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>> another good morning here
6:39 am
today after a great day today and the day before that. we're doing fine. we're on a roll here. keep it up through the weekend. radar nothing going on around baltimore and the mid-atlantic region. we go south to florida, rain again today down there. in fact, there is say lot more there than there was yesterday at this time. that's the forecast for today. we'll be watching that particular storm because we expect it to drift northward next week and possibly affect us. out west, norms in the plains -- tomorrows in the plains states. texas may get some squalor lines, but -- squal lines but they may put up with that to get the moisture. 54 at the inner harbor. a little less chilly than yesterday at this time. barometer way up. at the moment, the wind is calm. you see that first light of dawn
6:40 am
there on the horizon. well, sunrise coming up at 7:09 this morningment we get 11.5 hours of sun light here. the days are beginning to shorten down. sunrise and sunset as well around the area. 46 degrees in easton. 44 on the boardwalk. elkton 47. all shades in blue in the 40's. we see this little bit of green around the bay. bay waters in the 60's. bayside temperatures, if you are on the water there, a little warmer. a lot of readings still in the 50's. 52 in oakland. only 45 at frostburg. a patch or two of fog to our west. area of high pressure sitting on top of us. that will be the case all day today. each day that high is moving faurgetter to the east. that trend will continue. it is a big area of high pressure. so once it gets out over the house, it will have a good affect on our weather. it is it moves farther east,
6:41 am
this front will move to the west. this storm eventually down in the south will develop a little strength and drift northward as well. look at these temperatures. minneapolis 65. warmer than we are. 59 in international falls. that's up in the nation's cold spot thrfment is a surge of colder air coming up. today nice, a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. lots of sun. the forecast looks like this. 6 today -- 76 today. we start picking up a couple clouds. almost 80 for the high. 75 tuesday.
6:42 am
we start picking up more cloudiness. still it looks like basically a dry day. rain chances going up tuesday into wednesday. >> thank you, john. skt of state -- secretary of hillary rodham clinton spoke about the three nobel peace prize winners in liberia yesterday mple -- yesterday. >> i am bursting with pride. she deserves it. she has paid her dues. >> university of maryland law professor larry gibson is talking about the liberian president ellen johns johnson-sirleaf. she's the first democratically elected president of an african
6:43 am
country and also now nobel peace prize. >> she came to the train station in boston. nice lady. she asked, would i be willing to go to liberia and just make an assessment whether she could win . >> initially gibson said he was reluctant, but he eventually agreed. >> i went and interviewed 371 liberians and decided that actually a woman could win. >> gibson said he drew up a plan and thought he was done until sirleaf came back and asked him to travel to china where campaign materials why cheapest. >> i went to china and ordered the posters, stickers, banners, everything it takes to run a campaign. >> at that point gibson said he was so far into the process, he didn't see any point in turning around. so the new advisor traveled to liberia, launched the presidential campaign, and the rest is history.
6:44 am
>> when we empower women around the world, then everyone is better off. >> rob daniels, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tim tooten traveled to liberia in 2007. he sat down with ellen johnson-sirleaf. that was part of his award-winning documentary, africa's maryland. we posted that on our web site at click on the link "africa's maryland." >> stay with us. "11 fitness" is coming up next. >> first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. either i can't get to sleep, or i can't stay asleep.
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>> welcome back. it is time for "11 fitness. charles harris is joining us. you can't spot reduce, but you can tone. and we're talking about the abs. >> you can spot train, but you can't spot reduce, like you just said. i always like to do abs. it is amazing on the response we get on our abdominal segments. it is always a crowd favorite, always necessary, and always necessary to get new tips. today i brought in three different things that we can use to enhance your ab workout, add intensity, and add variety to your basic crunches and leg
6:48 am
lifts. >> shake it up a little. >> shake it up. i'm going to hit the ground. >> you have your medicine ball? >> let's start with the medicine ball. you can get this ball from sports authority, dick's, places like that. >> discount doors. >> yes. this is a four-pound weight. it goes up to eight, 12, 16 and 20. i go up and add resistance to my workout like that. what is this? >> the medicine ball. >> i can roll over and do a plank with the ball. >> that takes balance. >> hold it 30 seconds. >> you are keeping your stomach in while you are doing it. >> that is working not only my abdominal but my obliques and back. with the eight-pound weights i can do the same thing for resistance. i can come out with my arms. i also get a chest workout, too. >> sure. >> now, if eight pounds is too
6:49 am
much, they can start with three or five. >> no threes. >> ok. i was going to take it easy on people. >> fetal position, extend up and out. that is working lower and upper abs. i told you -- >> this is one i learned this weekend. it is cool. >> anything from the belly button down you are working your lower abs. >> and you are not raising it too high. >> i feel it in my quads, too. >> it will end with a bang. >> i did that with three pounds this week, not eight. >> now, when you do abwork, you have to lealt properly as well. at least 16 minutes of card know five times a week. that can consist of walking, running, swimming, biking. arobic classes. >> i just referendum -- just
6:50 am
grew. >> i can go down that way and go up. >> so wouldn't people be surprised how this makes a difference? people might think i don't need to do that, but it does help? >> any time you can mix it up and provide -- mix up the routine, it is showing the muscle different. doing the same thing over and over again. i'm going to end with my favorite. come l up like this. i really feel this the next day. i feel this the next day. go side-to-side like that. >> if you would like to get in touch with charles 443-253-0090 or
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>> coming up, your weekend forecast. first to lester holt. >> to the latest in los angeles for the latest on michael jackson's doctor. juror's heard the interview dr. conrad murray gave to detectives houns hours after the pop star's death. >> plus the desperate search continues in missouri for a missing 10-month-old baby who disappeared from her crib this week. now her parents are -- investigators are questioning the parents' cooperation. >> in florida a story involving two scuba drivers left behind in shark-infested waters. we'll hear their tale. it is straight out of a movie. those stories and more when we
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>> four-plus seasons not nearly enough -- were enough for andy mcphale. he had the option to renew that
6:55 am
and chose instead to move on. some of the numbers under andy mcphale. they created a new spring facility and revamped the scouting department. his grow the arms by the bats never materialized in a winning season. in 2007, the director of baseball operation winning percentage isn't pretty. he did well in trades, acquiring adam jones, mark reynolds, and luke scott. jones in particular won in a deal remains one of the best trades in orioles history. but sometimes left fans shaking their heads. now to figure out a replacement, certainly buck showalter will have a large say in that hire. >> sunday night, led to a jerry johnson touchdown. however, used his helmet too
6:56 am
much. they did throw a flag during the game, but the nfl looked back and said, yeah, you shouldn't have done that. a $15,000 fine. however, he can handle it with his new $60 million contract. i did some of the math. a $15,000 fine for izz -- his $27 million salary will be like me having a $60 fine. >> this is the columbus day weekend. >> yeah, that's right. >> we tend to forget about it. >> so let's take a look at the forecast. today lots of sun. mother's day lots of subpoena. temperatures up around 80 degrees or so. further out in the forecast, though, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday we pick up more clouds and a rain chance. some developing down in florida. i hope no one is going to disneyworld this weekend. that would be a bust down there. this week gets wet. >> thank you, john.
6:57 am
and thank you all for watching. >> we'll see you in 25 minutes. the "today" show is next. captioned by the national captioning institute >> you see it everywhere. in store windows, along the side of the road, even at football games.
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we're talking about pink. october is breast cancer awareness month. nfl players are sporting pink to find a cure. in 2011 nearly 40,000 women died from breast cancer. another 300,000 were diagnosed with some form of breast cancer. due to treatment and awareness, breast cancer deaths are on the decline. the american cancer society estimates that there are more than two million survivors in the u.s. that's why awareness campaigns like that in the nfl and fund raisers like race for the cure are important. early detection is key to survival as people are diagnosed with breast cancer. this month and every month we are reminded that our families, friends, neighbors and co-workers are living with this insidious disease. to find out how to join the fight, log on to
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and click on "health alert."


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