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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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our big story . a tsa security officer is the target of a child porn investigation. michael scott wilson is suspended from agency after police raided his baltimore county home. our reporter has more on the story. >> michael scott wilson's neighbors are stunned by the charges, especially since most described him as someone that took pride in his job and the authority that came with it. the transportation security administration took a lot of heat when officers singled out a 6-year-old girl for a pat down in april, but now baltimore screener is facing charges. michael scott wilson is charged with possession and distribution of child pornography following a search of his house . >> i think it is a bit shocking and disturbing to find out someone is living so close, particularly someone employed in
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his capacity. >> wilson is married with no children and was recently arrested and released on bail. no one answered the door at his town house. neighbors have a lot to say about the accusation. >> i travel a lot. i go to the airport once or twice a week. to think that those screeners could be undercharges like that is alarming. >> they do a three-dimensional body scan where they could see quite a bit. to learn that someone that lives in the community not only is employed in that capacity where he has the capability of seeing other people and compromising situations is pretty disturbing. >> this is not the first case of a tsa officer implicated in child porn. last spring of philadelphia screener was charged with uploading girls from the website. wilson's neighbors' calls these cases a side of the times and a reminder to keep your kids' close. >> when i was their age, we got
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on their bikes. now we do not let them go unsupervised. we keep them under close scrutiny. i worry about cell phones and the internet. >> we contacted the tsa about wilson, and they issued a statement. "tsa calls its security officers to the highest and ethical standards and it investigates allegations of misconduct. the allegations and no way reflect on the outstanding job are more than 50,000 security officers to do every day to ensure the safety of the traveling public's." as for wilson, we learn he is suspended from his job. >> tonight, anne arundel county police have charged a 49-year- old net after he was trying to bribe two kids to walk off with him. officials say the incident happened in downtown park. a woman saw a suspicious man giving two boys of money. we're told she stopped them and alerted a park ranger.
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when police arrived, they tried to confront him and he took off on his bicycle. he was apprehended and charged with obstructing and hindering and disorderly conduct. police want to talk to the witness, and the two boys. a midafternoon murder has ended one east baltimore community's nonviolent street. a 21-year-old was shot and killed just before 3:30 today . last month, baltimore received a $2 million grant to continue its safe streets program in the neighborhood. 280neighborhood had gone28 days without a homicide. lakeland elementary and middle school launched an anti violence rally today. students heard of the messages on a piece, conflict resolution, and consequences of their choices. the rally was organized by the parent teachers to organizations and brought out some of the city's top leaders.
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>> it is a cugood turn out. these kids are positive. we know that hurt people or people. this community is coming together to say that if you are hurting, we are here to support you. >> the city council president also attended today's rally. despite the columbus day holiday, the stock market was opened today and it closed with a banner day. the dow jones searched 330 points. experts say it was fueled by news the european leaders could have a plan to stabilize the euro. the cost of constant police surveillance is climbing as occupy wall street protest ends another week. they've spent $2 million to patrol it lower manhattan protests. officials predict the price tag will continue to rise at a time when city agencies have been ordered to slash budgets.
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the police commissioner says that the cause could threaten the class of new cadets entering academy in general. in washington, protesters have accepted a four-month extension on their permit. it came from the park police. it began as an anti-war demonstration, but now protestors are expressing their concerns about jobs, the economy, and what some are calling corporate greed. >> from homelessness to wealth divide, to taxes to the environment. >> it will probably need a bureaucratic structure if it is going to succeed pierre >> he says that he liked -- like the occupiers are ico likely to have more of an impact if they become involved in the political process. forces in libya have said that
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they have cornered gaddafi's fighters in his hometown of sirte. they expect sirte to fall by the end of the week. control of the town may come as welcome news to another baltimore journalist has has joined -- who has joined the opposition. he says he is not leaving until he learns the fate of the men who were jailed with him. >> when matthew vandyke decided to fight with the rebels and libya, that did not surprise his mother. >> you do for your community what ever the community is. it does not necessarily mean your neighborhood. to him, his community was libya. and he felt he had to do whatever he could. >> for months he had been missing, captured and imprisoned by gaddafi forces in march. his mother tried everything she could to find out what happened
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to her son. >> i felt he was in prison. i never thought he was injured or was a war casualty. i knew he was ok. i hope he was not being mistreated. >> then in august with the help of rebel forces, mathis get from prison and although he could come on then, he decided to stay in libya . >> he hopes to find that the three men that were in the truck with him when he was captured on march 13. >> he is determined to find out the fate of his three close friends? >> yes. he realizes that if they are not in prison, then they are casualties of war and they are dead. once he finds out their fate, then he will come home. >> she talked to her son this morning. he says he is fighting with rebel forces and is as safe as he can be in a war zone. >> it has to be frightening for a mother . >> but i do not let it eat me alive. i focus on the fact that this is a young man who is doing what he has a passion for, and has made
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a commitment and is going to stick to the commitment. i am very proud of him. >> as the fighting continues for hometown, gaddafi's an official says that he believes the ousted leader is hiding in the desert near algeria. in egypt, 26 people were killed in clashes between the army and coptic christians. church officials are blasted authorities who are allowing repeated attacks on crutches. protestors tried to stage a peaceful sit-in. the violence is the deadliest in egypt since president mubarak was toppled by a popular revolution back in february. tonight, a republican state senator says he will introduce his own plan to restructure maryland's congressional map.
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he says his plan will preserve of the sixth district is configured. he contends that the plan put forth by the governor's plan and will dilute the district rural population with urban montgomery county residents. the senator claims the panel's proposal as an effort to tilt the district in the democrats' favor. a blue-ribbon commission is endorsing the idea of increasing the state's gas tax. that is despite the universal opposition from a new poll. as david collins explains, state lawmakers may consider it during the next legislative session. >> they are not exactly free falling, but gasoline prices are plummeting. down 25 cents from last month. many consumers are saying, so what? they are still too high. >> looking at that, it is hurting everybody. >> what are you doing about it? >> taking mta. >> the drop in the price of a barrel of oil has started to inch up. it is against this backdrop that
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legislators are considering increasing the state's 23.5 cent gas tax by 10 cent per gallon. the tax has not been raised since 1992. the midlantic petroleum distributors association commissioned a poll on the issue. 77.6% oppose the 10 cent increase in the gas tax even if it would only be used for transportation projects. the number goes up to 80.2% if the money generated could go to things other than transportation. >> it is not just rural maryland, it is across the entire spectrum. >> 78% of those surveyed in western maryland opposed it. 71% in the baltimore suburbs. 69.2% on the eastern shore. 62% of those served in the washington suburbs are against increasing the gas taxd. . in our a sampling, some people
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liked the idea of using revenues from the tax increase to put people to work. >> baltimore has a lot of potholes. they need to fix the streets. >> but a gas tax increase may have a ripple effect. >> it goes beyond the pumps because consumers are forced to make a decision on spending bill limited revenue that they have available to them. >> "the new york times" reports that census data reports household income fell 6.7%. >> if they raise the maryland gas tax, would you have to budget harder? >> yes. i would not be able to spend money on the things that i need to spend on. >> by the way, the commission's final report is due to the governor and general assembly by november 1. you can check gas prices were you are using our free smart phone app and compare prices of our website netflix is backing down after customers balk.
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a change of plans. the new iphone is not that much different on this service, but true techies are turnoeed on. >> talk about the old and a girl's night out. a purple evening, a big thank- you from the ravens. we have the action straight ahead. >> wonderful fall weather, but there are changes moving from the south. the 7 day forecast features of rain. right now, cloudy skies and 61 at the airport. 71 degrees downtow
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to build the perfect fios bundle. >> a tugboat caught fire along a 1400 block of key highway. a fuel line it broke sending plumes of smoke into the air. fortunately, no one was hurt. what does the recent earthquake in our area has to do with your chimney? because of the 5.7 earthquake in
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august, officials say it is more important ever to get your ventilation system checked. experts say that earthquake damage can be difficult to say and that is especially true for chimneys. >> considering the magnitude of the earthquake and the potential for structural damage to residential properties and other buildings, we strongly encourage people to have their home heating systems as well as their chimney serviced to identify whether there is any structural compromise. >> professionals encourage homeowners to do research before hiring of ventilation company. you want to make sure that that company is certified. apple today announced record sales for its new iphone 4s. the company says first day orders topped 1 million. the model was sold only at at&t then, but verizon and sprint are offering this latest version.
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the model cost $200 with a two- year contract and has a much improved camera. netflix is abandoning his plan to split off its dvd rental. the company had planned to separate its dvd by mail and internet streaming services, but today the ceo announced the video rental giant will keep its services together after subscribers complained about managing more than one account. more than 6000 ladies packed the club level of m&t bank stadium for a purple evening. as 11 news residents and jennifer franciotti tells us, ray rice kept the fun filled event. >> it is the biggest event of the year for lady ravens fans who takeover of m&t bank stadium for of purple evening. >> we came from the eastern shore and we are having a ball. >> it is my first time.
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i am so excited. the weather is fabulous, but i am looking forward to kicking a field goal on the field. >> on the field, plenty to do -- drills that make you feel like you to play like a ravens, and plenty of picture opportunities. on the concourse, the feathered ravens drew a crowd. >> you can feel the spirit of purple. >> it is great to see this many people that are supporters of the ravens. it's fun. >> i am going to give away my gloves. >> but it was the appearance of number27 rate rise that had the ladies losing their mind. with the equipment manager by his side, ray rice talked about his uniform. after repeated pleas he started taking parts of it off. >> go, ravens!
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>> this week, the denver broncos put on their first event for women. they only sold 800 tickets. this event was sold out a week ago at 6000. at 7 t bank stadium, jennifer franciotti. >> unfortunately, we are unable to show you the rest of the rate rise on veiling, but jennifer said that it sent the crowd into and uproar. >> unseasonably warm weather all across the mid-atlantic and the northeast. temperatures are summer-like. look at highs across the mid- atlantic and the eastern part of the country. 85 up there in boston today. 81 in new york. 80 as far north as syracuse, new york. unseasonably warm weather along the eastern seaboard, including the 85 degree reading at b.w.i.. a sharp contrast to where we were on the 10th of october back
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in 1979, when the orioles and pirates were playing baseball in the world series and it was snowing. 34 degrees the record low. the 10th of october in 1979. that was accompanied by 3/10 of an inch of snow. 93 on the other side for the record high. that goes back to 1939. cloud cover across the region. hi, then, cloud right now. -- high, thin clouds right now. it is 71 in downtown baltimore. relatively mild in the mountains to our west. we wake up to temperatures and a 50's. the normal high is 69, so we will be barely under that in the early morning hours. an area of low pressure coming out of north florida and moving into georgia. that will spread rains of the mid-atlantic coast. it is already ringing in much of south carolina and eastern north carolina up towards southern
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virginia -- it is already raining. it is moving slowly, so the bulk of that will be or arriving late at night. cloudy to the day tomorrow. showers break out as we head towards wednesday morning and the rain could be heavy as we head through wednesday afternoon and evening. scattered showers linger into thursday before the system moves out in time for the weekend. clouds and mild tomorrow, 71-76 degrees. the rain holds off until tomorrow night. up on the chesapeake bay, the winds are light at 5-10 knots. showers will hit the mountains in the evening and continue until wednesday. highs in western maryland only in the lower to mid 60's. milder on the eastern shore but not by much as the rain gets heavier on wednesday. the lower eastern shore, best chance for heavy rain. temperatures in the low 70's for tuesday and wednesday. clouds and mild temperatures tomorrow. rainshowers tomorrow night, rain
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may be heavy on wednesday. a chance for scattered showers thursday and 75. a cold front goes through -- breezy, cooler, drier weather for the weekend. 60's on saturday. good running weather for the marathon and nice football weather on sunday with sunshine and 67 degrees. >> injury the dominated a conversation not just for the ravens, but for the next opponent. we will tell you why coming up in sports. >> tonight's jackpot has an estimated annuity of $2 million. your numbers are -- 5, 28, 40,
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>> now 11 sports. >> coming out of the buy jim harbaugh did not sound is optimistic about the injury to ravens players. as for jimmy smyth, returning from the bank of energy, possibly returning this week. the coach said he is not here this week. returning from the ankle injury. the houston texans may likely come to baltimore without their greatest players on offense and defense. the coach says that he will not officially rolled johnson up against the ravens. john harbaugh did not even try to play up the significance of jonathan not playing this weekend. >> but the fact he is not out there. let's not kid ourselves. that is huge.
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you have to tell the defense over top of him or he will catch every pass. he cannot be covered one-on-one on a consistent basis. so i'm hopeful he is not going to play. i will let kitty. if he does not play, i will be smaller . >> in the news got worse for jews into it. the texans learned that mario learned-- the news got worse after that. the texans will put williams on injured reserve which would end his season. huge loss for texans. his absence should make life a lot more comfortable for sunday afternoon. considering a major league has not had a postseason game since 1903, it happened this evening and taxes as the rangers hit the first-ever post-season walk off grand slam to win game two of the american league championship series. picking up the third inning in
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texas. tigers to derek hollins, left field. the tigers in front 3-1. tigers in the playoffs. rangers still down one. not anymore. nelson cruz. this game would go to extra innings. bottom of the 11th, bases loaded. cruz lights up the lone star state. as texas beat the tigers 7-3. game 2 of the nlcs, is still going on. we cannot show you the highlights. they lead milwaukee 11-3. on saturday, we will see the 11th running of the baltimore marathon. finishing a marathon means pushing through some pain.
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but after this weekend's chicago marathon, runners might want to take caution. an illinois woman that signed up to run a half marathon and decided to walk the second half to complete the full marathon. probably not the best decision considering she was a nine months pregnant. by the time she reached the finish line, she had gone into full contractions. typically in a marathon, the water station does not include breaking your water. . she gave birth to a baby girl. all of us to have kids to know better -- it might be easy, but all of us that have kids know better. that is a full 26 miles. the nba commissioner david stern announced that the first two weeks of the upcoming season canceled because of the labor strife. a different kind of labor. >the 11th annual baltimore running festival saturday morning. a team of us will be down there
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talking. tom and pete will be running. we are involved in all aspects of the marathon. >> the 7 day forecast coming up, but first, jay leno with a look at what is on the tonight show off. >> good show. aaron eckert is here, but the past winner of "dancing with the stars" and a
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>> here is to summer weather and the fall. >> on this day in 1979 it was snowing at the world series. here you go. temperatures in the 80's today. not quite that warm tomorrow. 70's tomorrow. some rain in trekking through. >> spring and fall. >> scattered showers taper off on thursday. fall comes back for the weekend. with highs in the 60's. great marathon weather. a little breezy. gorgeous weather for football on sunday with a high of 67. all in all, everything in 17 day package. >> all four seasons right here. that is a look at our news. thank you for joining us. the tonight show with jay leno is coming up next. >> follow breaking news and whether any time at and stay connected with us on
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