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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  October 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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shoes? the county school board tells 11 news that he will announce in about an hour how the district will go a replacing joe hairston. >> the embattled school chief says he is ready to talk about why he is leaving. tim tooten has been following this story all along. he is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> joe hairston is planning to leave baltimore county has barely been in the works for a while. he said the school board help to make up his mind a little more than a month ago. >> right now, it is business as usual for joe hairston. >> he made up his mind two days later, even though his contract runs out next june. the school board is already making plans to replace the longtime school superintendent. >> we are looking for someone who is going to understand teachers. peck's county teachers hope they will have a say in picking the next superintendent. >> he or she has to have been an
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educator, obviously well versed in education, but someone who remembers what it is like to be in a classroom, to understand the difficulties and the workload issues. >> the board of education would have the last word on who gets to replace joe hairston. the county executive told us last week he has no doubt they will make the right choice. >> and now we have a great school board right now, with some fresh faces. i know they are very interested in building on the progress we have made in the school system. i know they are very clear about their mission to be very open and transparent in how decisions are being made and to better accept public input before decisions are made. >> joe hairston is promising to go public later this week to talk about his progress, his future, and why he decided to step down.
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we also may know how soon they hope to have a new leader in place. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a rather bizarre twist today in the case of a woman attacked with bleach in a baltimore county walmart. today the suspect made her first appearance in court. barry simms joins us live with more on the proceedings and some surprise support for the suspect today. >> that support comes from the parents of one of the alleged victims. theresa jefferson's bill remains at $350,000. prosecutors say she victimized the father of her child and his fiancee, but his parents see jefferson as the victim. fred culp cannot escape the cameras as he left the district court in towson. he defended the mother of his 6-
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year-old grandchild and blamed jefferson's troubles on his own son. >> he was shot. he did not think i was going to walk in here on him today. they have been involved in a pattern of harassment against jefferson. >> he has been messing with that girl a long time ago. >> defense attorney warren brown made note of the parents coming to court. >> that was the first i have ever seen that occur. ellen asked them to come. they felt strongly, though, knowing about their son's propensity to annoy and harass ms. jefferson. >> prosecutors say jefferson victimize the couple bought grabbing bleach and pine sol and causing a hazardous situation, forcing the evacuation of the walmart superstore on saturday.
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this a just days earlier, that it obtained a protective order, but it had not been served on him. jefferson testified that she grabbed the kaline bottles because she had no other way of defending herself. >> we are dealing with what happened on that particular day. >> the prosecution claims jefferson has made threats by voicemail and text messages. the defense says hearst's 6- year-old son plays football and she is the team mom. she was in the walmart shopping for the team win that fight started. >> about a half-dozen people were evacuated from their homes after contractor had a gas line. skyteam 11 was over the scene on
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the 8900 block of tawes streets in baltimore county. fortunately, there were no injuries. >> federal prosecutors accused center ulysses currie of hiding evidence. david collins is following the case as a federal courthouse and joins us live with more. >> some of the most interesting arguments were made when the jury was not present. prosecutors allege senator curry tried to hide some of the very documents they are now using against him. prosecutors allege that center ulysses currie spirited a package of original documents from his home and annapolis legislative offices, and let them at the office of a real estate developer friend, kenneth michael. prosecutors implied that the senator took the documents as part of a conspiracy to hide his
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relationship with shoppers. the defense argued it was no conspiracy, and they will show when they present their side how disorganized curry was. court testimony indicates the packet of original documents included minutes in which currie attended. the package contained a thank- you notes for his help in securing traffic lights, getting a state grant, and legislation that allow the benefit of a transfer from one district to another. the defense argued these documents could be found at a number of deeper places, and pointed out that they were. in another document presented to the jury, currie wrote about a contract extension, saying i am in a unique position to shift shoppers efforts to expand in communities around the state. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> on capitol hill, a critical test for president obama's jobs plan. the president took his pitch for passage of the road again today. some republicans said they have the votes to kill it. sally kidd is live with the latest. >> senate republicans say the problem with the president of the plan is that it includes a massive tax increase. >> this is the moment of truth for the u.s. senate. >> president obama push his jobs package in pittsburg, but his message was also aimed at congress. >> republicans say one of the most important things we can do is cut taxes. then they should be for this plan. this jobs bill would cut taxes from virtually every worker and small-business in america. >> it includes a payroll tax cut, and employment insurance,
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paid for with the by% tax on millionaires, which republicans oppose. each side accused the other of playing election-year politics. >> this whole exercise, by their own admission, is a sure raid men to give democrats a political edge -- is charade meant to give democrats a political edge in an election that is 13 months away. >> the republicans called it a monstrous baylor. >> it is time just put a stop to gimmicks and let's come up with the real plan to put america back on the right track. >> supporters say there are areas of agreement. >> there is reason to believe that at the margins, there are some things that can get done. the likely outcome is that this will all get a bundle together with the work of this so-called deficit super committee. >> the president says he is not
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waiting for congress to act. he instructed his administration to go ahead and move forward with those recommendations of his jobs council that can be implemented and that do not require congressional approval. sally kidd, wbal-tv 11 news. >> as i understand it, there are a number of items that will require congressional action, so what is the next step? >> a number of those items we are likely to see broken up. the jobs package taken and broken up into smaller legislative pieces, and democrats will try to push through those things that can get some agreement on. >> stay with us, there is much more news ahead on 11 news at 6:00. >> signs on homes. a live report is coming up. >> i am gerry sandusky. the ravens get in owings mills where john harbaugh says he will
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not mine leaning on a pair of former texans for the sunday showdown with houston. >> there is rain on its way coming up from the south. the forecast is straight ahead.
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>> in new listings for homes on the market are down 23%. that is the lowest monthly level in two years. >> the news is not all bad. prices went up just a little bit. rob lot -- rob roblin has details from north baltimore. >> in talking to real estate agents today, they say homes are selling, but they have to be fixed up and priced right.
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>> you are calling about 205 campbell road? let me get that information for you. >> over 70 agents work out of this real estate office, and they will say in real estate right now, it is a buyer's market. >> all the buyers across the board want everything in a house. they want it completely done. they want all the newest, trendy kind of materials, and they want it for 2005 prices. >> agents say buyers want the perfect house at the right price, or they are not willing to buy. >> years ago at the height of all this, you took the house and ran. >> now they are taking a little bit more time and they want to make sure the price is right where they want it, so if a person is selling it a little too high, the buyers are
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hesitating. >> the buyers want to come in at the bottom price and they want a cadillac for a volkswagen price. >> homes of the street three or four years ago sold for one amount. >> karen ford had her house on the market a year ago but took it off when it did not sell. she has a contract, but she dropped the price thousands of dollars. >> we started at $297,000 and then dropped to $279,000, and then took the house of the market. just a year later, we started again at 200 dougie $5,000 and we are down to like $235,000 -- we started again at $255,000. >> it is definitely a buyer's market. >> so how much how can you get
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for $300,000 these days? you can compare what you can get around the country in our slide show at >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> not quite the summary, warm, 85 degrees we had yesterday, but temperatures are still running above normal for almost the middle of october. the normal high is only 68. we made 72 officially at bwi marshall, 75 at the inner harbor. nothing in the rain gauge today. the bulk of the rain we anticipated will be coming through tomorrow. this day of the year is typically rather dry. the most we ever had was just over an inch in 2002. cloudy skies across the region helped keep temperatures down today. there are some showers to track on hd doppler coming up out of the carolinas into west virginia. you see some yellow and orange
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just to the north of roanoke. just a light rain in maryland, but the shower activity will increase after midnight. seven ecoterrorists year-round the i-95 corridor, an ocean city is a little cooler, holding at 66. 58-64 in baltimore tonight for the low. we don't expect the temperatures to drop very much, and the deeper into the night we go, the better chance for some rain coming up from the south. still moving very slowly from the north. we will be dealing with some brisk east to northeast winds as the rain moves then tomorrow. a series of fronts out to the west will keep the shower chances into the early afternoon of friday before starts to clear up friday night. tomorrow looks like a wet day statewide even as far west as central ohio. that first batch of rain moved out thursday morning and we may
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see some breaks in the cloud cover. it is possible we will get a little sun here on thursday. friday may start off saudi. showers began to taper off in the afternoon and it will start to clear up friday night. tomorrow a wet, breezy, cool day with the east wind at 10-50 miles an hour. sunrise behind cloudy skies at 7:13. the east wind should get kind of stick on the bay and near the coast. but three quick chop is possible. the autumn glory festival in garrett county, the leaves will be beautiful. he will just have to deal with a little bit of wet weather. 59 tomorrow and 62 with scattered showers in the mountain on thursday. it looks like wednesday and thursday may be the wettest days there. the eastern shore seeing wet
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weather for thursday as well. the-7's thursday, and at ocean city, steady temperatures, a good chance for tomorrow. some of it could be occasionally heavy. for the marathon and the 5 k and all the other stuff going on saturday in downtown baltimore, by 11:00, 62 degrees and the winds are picking up. by 2:00 in the afternoon, it will be breezy day, although it does look like lots of sunshine. rainey tomorrow, scattered showers thursday, the rain slowly tapering off in the afternoon on friday. a breezy, nice day on saturday. good, breezy weather on sunday for football with a high around 70. >> this is the 11 sports. facilityvens' training in owings mills, where they are
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still have injury concerns coming in to the showdown with the houston texans. this time around, it is home game, and the ravens have some unique insight into how the texans will likely try to attack the ravens. the former texans will back -- pullback, and on defense, pollard, a former texan himself. on the other side of the ball, pollard has put a lot of muscle into the secondary, especially in a year where injuries have standout the secondary. john harbaugh says he will not hesitate to lean on any intel these two players can give about a sunday showdown. >> they will be emotionally excited to play the game and i think our guys will be mostly ready to play. that is always the case when you
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go back and play your old team. they have spoken in positive terms about the texans, about their personnel and their coaches. we have always had a lot of respect for them anyway. >> john harbaugh is our special guest tonight on ravens 101. if you'd like to look at the interview, you can see it tonight on wbal plus on comcast, channel 208. for the denver broncos, the tim tebow era has arrived officially. the head coach named tim tebow the starting coach for the broncos, less than a week after he came into the second half until then for a floundering kyle orton. he led the broncos in a comeback, although they were defeated nonetheless. here is the real timing genius
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of the move. the broncos next game on the road next week is in miami against the dolphins. tim tebow played college ball in florida and remains the most popular person in the state of florida. by naming him as a broncos starter, they have turned the next road game into a home game in miami against the winless dolphins. stick around, tom tasselmyer is back with a seven-day forecast after this.
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x will have reaction from baltimore county where the school board is set to announce the search for a new school superintendent. the new campaign to win public support for a new tobacco tax. a complete wrap up on the gop
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>> we are back to the rain. >> rain coming through for couple of days, scattered
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showers on thursday and friday. a lot is going on in baltimore on the weekend. the marathon on saturday, the football game on sunday. if we get all this rain of here by friday afternoon, we should have all smiles for the weekend. 90% chance of somewhat whether tomorrow, 40% chance of showers on thursday. clearing out friday night and it looks nice, 67 on saturday. >> the runners like a nice and cool. >> that is a look at our news. thank you very edge for joining us. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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