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tv   11 News Today  NBC  October 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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seek flooding. give yourself a couple of extra minutes and take an umbrella with you. the heaviest rain is north and east of baltimore right now. stretching out the parts of harford and cecil county and back over to the eastern shore. a couple of sprinkles in baltimore city. it will be off and on. light to moderate rain showers with a high temperature around 67 degrees. thel come back and check seven forecast going into the weekend. first we say good morning to sarah. >> we are watching the rain impact the ride. some delays on the west side. warren road, we have a crash. 51 miles per hour on the southbound harrisburg expressway. so far so good on the j.f.x. this morning. there is an accident at boston street. tunnel traffic looking good. no accidents at the key bridge.
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10 minutes to travel south on i- 95 from the beltway down towards the 32. we start with the west side. we do have some inner loop delays. kind of strange to have delays on liberty on the inner loop. some light rain is falling around the area. the key bridge traffic is in good shape so far despite the rain. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> thank you. it is now official. teachers will soon get a new boss. >> dr. joe hairston is stepping down. jennifer franciotti is live in towson with details on the search for his replacement. good morning. >> dr. hairston's contract is up in june, so the board has about nine months to find a replacement. he made the board president aware of his decision to leave
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on monday. schmidt would not confirm public reports that the board had already decided not to extend hairston's contract several weeks ago. schmidt praised hairston for his work during his 12 years as superintendent. he announced the search for his replacement will begin immediately. >> i have established a committee to institute and to begin to institute the search process in baltimore county for a superintendent to take to range from dr. hairston. >> that committee is considering hiring a national search for it to assist in finding a replacement. dr. hairston has scheduled a news conference on friday. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> he might not be the only county employee looking for work. the county council is considering offering early retirement bailouts.
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possible furloughs and laos remained on the table. a vote is expected on monday. it is hoped that 200 employees will take the offer. >> word of possible terrorist attacks following word of an alleged attack to assassinate -- the saudidor to the a ambassador to the u.s. >> the justice department is accusing two already agents to assassinate the saudi ambassador. >> it reads like the pages of a hollywood script. the impact would have been real. many lives would have been lost. >> the plot -- a 21-page complaint. manssor arbabsiar and gholam shakuri are charged with murder
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for hire and conspiracy to commit terrorism. eric holder says a special forces unit is behind the scene. >> this was sponsored and was directed from ciran. >> authorities say manssor arbabsiar posed as a member of the mexican drug cartel. they planned on bombing the saudi arabian embassy in washington because they had no regard for their intended victim or for innocent citizens that might have been hurt or killed in this attempted assassination. >> the assassination plot was meant to be the first in a series of attacks. he would not go into detail about the other planned attacks. nikole killion reporting in washington. >> dutch ruppersberger released
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a statement saying the alleged plot crosses the line in iran- state sponsorship of terrorism. he says this is another example of a long history of what it already government cannot be trusted and shot have access to nuclear weapons. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. does the latest foiled terror plot on american soil make you feel more, or less safe? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> the so-called under were bomber gave the court the silent treatment in the first day of this trial, despite the fact that he is representing himself. he refused to make any opening statement and never spoke. he is accused of trying to block a plan. the trial is expected to last three to four weeks. and jenna andmalley
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paul tunnel participated and agreed communication among all levels of all lan security is critical. >> you may have heard the story how one of the 9/11 hijackers was stopped on 95 a couple of days before those attacks. but the trooper in the field was not able to be able to run that name against any sort of backup database to determine whether that person was on a watch list or not on a watch list. that has greatly improved. >> baltimore city police are investigating a late-night shooting in the southeastern part of the city that left six men wounded. this happened last night. the victims are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. an unexpected show of support
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for the woman accused of a bleach attacked at a walmart. theresa jefferson is being held on $350,000 bond for allegedly pouring bleach on her former boyfriend and girlfriend. >> it was a long time ago. >> in court documents, jefferson said she grabbed the cleaning bottles to defend herself. >> no word on possible charges in connection with a deadly hit and run. police chased down the unidentified driver on tuesday morning on druid hill drive. police later released the driver. the victim is described as a woman between 30 and 35 years old was pronounced dead at the scene. >> the baltimore grand prix.
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race promoters had predicted hotels would be at full capacity for the event. hotel occupancy rates for that weekend or just at 69.4%. the mayor said she is not discouraged by those numbers. >> if you look at the expected attendance and the actual attendance, we know that more people came to town that we even anticipated. they might not have all stayed in our hotels, but we know they came. >> hotels did make substantially more money by charging higher rates. city officials should find out help local businesses feared as well later this month. >> the price to light up could soon go up. they wanted legislator to raise the tobacco tax. the push back its name to get
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people to quit the habit. >> i think it will hurt my business. that is why i put my seven days here. i cannot hire anyone does everything has gone up. >> the people have been switching to cigars and smokeless. this time we want the tax to go up on non-cigarette tobacco products as well. >> if passed, the tax rate would be 10 times higher than virginias level. vendors the taxes that high will hurt their sales. >> 63 degrees on tv hill. happy hour making a comeback. >> prosecutor is getting ready to wrap up their case against dr. conrad murray but not before a few experts take the stand. >> michelle obama springs into action in the name of fitness. this also helped to set a new
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world record. >> you might want to do jumping jacks indoor this morning. we have some rain in the forecast. >> there is an inner loop delay on the west side. we will let you
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>> welcome back. 65 degrees downtown. there is a light rain shower and sprinkle activity in the city right now. the heavy stuff is north and east of baltimore. you can see some heavy stuff over in parts of queen anne's county, kent county, and back
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into cecil canada. towards baltimore and western suburbs, there's not a lot going on. this will be off and on rain shower activity. maybe you can stick by without your umbrella. let's take a wider view of the radar. most of the rain is missing us to the west. going into the mountains. down to the south, there are some thundershowers trying to develop in parts of virginia and parts of north carolina. that will rotate out toward us later today. it might be unstable enough to maybe create a rumble of thunder. you can see those breaks in the overcast down south. we have an east wind. it will be hard to get the clouds to break up. 63 at the airport. 61 in westminster. we will maybe ed four or 5 degrees this afternoon.
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rain showers likely -- we will maybe add four or five degrees of this afternoon. overnight tonight, mostly cloudy. a chance for a couple of rain showers early tonight. temperatures drop back into the upper 50's. the storm will be pulling away to the northeast. we still have a chance for a rain shower. the best chance for rain will be on friday. this cold front will move into our neighborhood. then it should clear up over the weekend. 72 tomorrow. 40% chance for a shower on friday. breezy but dry on saturday for the baltimore marathon. 68 on sunday for the ravens. >> good morning. a few accidents. we start in in anne arundel canyon. this is veterans highway.
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one spot you may find some delays this morning. 97 looks good north and southbound. a crash and a tow truck is on the scene at warren road and beaver dam road. 25 miles per hour on the west side inner loop making way up from liberty. there is a speed camera. use extra caution. 70 looks good in towards the beltway. same thing for the j.f.x. those delays on the west side in new. this is liberty as jamaica wake up towards 795. not what we normally see for this time of the morning. so far so good at the key bridge. tunnel traffic moving without any significant delay. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> thank you. the family of a missing missouri baby has hired an investigator
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to help find their daughter. disappeared from arwin crypt more than a week ago. -- it's appeared from her crib . prosecutor is in los angeles are wrapping up their case against dr. conrad murray. he is accused of providing michael jackson a deadly dose of propofol. he claims jackson gave himself the medication. michelle obama jumped her way into the record books on the white house lawn. this was an attempt to set the record for the most people doing jumping jacks in a 24-hour period. than 20,000 people joined in across the world to set a new world record.
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>> it seems like your work week goes on and on, it's not just your imagination. a survey found more than 300 north american companies have 2/3 of their employees working more hours than they did prior to the recession. some expect those longer hours to continue for another three years. there are more cell phone is being used in the u.s. then there are people. the number of mobile devices rose 9% last year to nearly 320 million devices. that is more than the three injured 50 million people -- that is more than 8 315 million people living in the u.s. a group is suing u.s. automakers for cars not made in the u.s. jane king has more in the
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bloomberg business report. >> u.s. automakers under fire for having cars made in canada and mexico. a complaint is being filed aimed at ford and chrysler. they say they're using misleading ads. chrysler says the complaint is about merritt and ford says that there is a question with the local dealerships. -- autumntotors makers are competing for buyers with sophisticated electronics. the system is called c.u.e. stocks ended mixed yesterday. the bloomberg maryland index was fractionally lower on the day. let's talk happy hour.
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more restaurants are offering happier in a bid to draw out budget conscious customers. restaurants are often drink and food specialist to boost sales between lunch and dinner. applebee's added play that happy hours which now account for a chunk of total sales. i'm jane king for wbal-tv 11 news. >> there will be dancing in the streets on towson university. ellen degeneres will talk to the folks via a satellite hookup. the baltimore area is one of the show's largest markets. no word on when the segment will air. you can see "ellen" every day on tv 11. >> 63 degrees on tv hill. >> a familiar face to ravens
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fans will be back in baltimore. keith mills will have details on derrick mason's new job. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. does the latest foiled terror plot on american soil make you feel more, or less safe? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. hope you have them.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning to you. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. the rate impacting your ride and starting to see some early delays -- the rain impacting your ride. in new accident at 97 and 100. watch for delays in the glen burnie avenue. tracking a problem on the alley north side just past providence road. some debris being reported in the road. in cockeysville, this action it still clearing at warren road and beaver dam road. the speed sensor on harrisburg expressway indicating 58 miles per hour on shawan road. this is traffic and kind of a
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mess on the west side. rained into those delays on the outer loop as you make your way from 795 down to liberty. looking for delays and the accident. northbound direction at 100. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. tony has a check on your forecast. >> we do have police some rain to contend with this morning. -- we do have some rain this morning. we have moderate rain to parts of the cecil county and back into can the county. not a lot happening around baltimore and the western suburbs. take an umbrella with you -- cecil county and kent county. often on rain showers. a slight chance for a rumble of thunder. high temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. we'll come back and check the forecast for the upcoming weekend. here is keith mills with sports. >> thank you.
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good morning. back to work for the ravens as day care ready for sunday's game against the texans. derrick mason will be with them. he was traded yesterday from the jets to the texans, who are without andre johnson. he caught six passes for 57 yards. he was staring up and pushing and shoving right there. typical derrick mason. he criticized the jets' offense after the ravens and limit losses. i guess they cut the cord and traded him to the houston texans. >> would like players still like to get after it. the like to play the game. we want to attack people in every way that we can -- offense, defense, special teams, down the field in all three phases. that is what we're about. >> that is john harbaugh talking
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about the ravens new change in offensive philosophy which he said the attack. sunday, the ravens are a favorite. a baseball doubleheader today. game 3 of the national league series. in detroit, the tigers and rangers play game four this afternoon. the tigers played some long ball. victor martinez. he has a bad wheel. tis the game in the fourth inning. in the sixth inning, jhonny peralta. he hit his first home run for the tigers last summer. this is his first home run in the series last night. 3-1, troy. -- detroit. miguel cabrera might be the best
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hitter right now. game four this afternoon. derrick mason is one of my all- time favorites. i love the guy. >> he is a popular guy in town. >> welcome back. >> we are still going to be done -- we welcome him back. 63 degrees on tv hill. republicans hand president obama a major setback to his economic recovery plan. >> the search is on for a new school superintendent here in baltimore canyon. i'm jennifer franciotti. >> a debate devoted to the economy. how the republican hopefuls said they would fix it. i am kate amara in washington. >> we are seeing delays on the west side. we have a problem on 97. you will want towi
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara.
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thank you for joining us this morning. i hope the rain is not sticking around for the weekend. >> i think we will be just fine for the weekend. it will be kind of off and on. off and on rain showers is our forecast as we head into this afternoon. there could be rumble of thunder in some neighborhoods of this afternoon. high temperature, 67. we will come back and detail the forecast for the upcoming weekend. now back to the news desk. >> presidential contenders hoping to win the nomination face-off in new hampshire. >> kate amara joins us live this point with some of the highlights. the morning to you. >> good morning. in this debate, the gop contenders offered up their solution to fix the economy. eight republican presidential candidates squared off on the
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economy tuesday night in a debate from bloomberg television and "the washington post" in the pivotal first primary state of new hampshire. >> welcome to dartmouth college in hanover, new hampshire. >> businssman herman cain, who's surging in the polls, put his 9-9-9 tax plan on the table and said he'd reduce the debt. >> make sure that revenue equals spending. if we stop adding to the national debt, we can bring it down. >> texas governor rick perry says he will roll out his economic platform in the next few days. >> to put 1.2 million americans working in the energy industry. you don't need congress to do that. >> mitt romney accused president obama of failing to lead in a time of economic trouble. >> i would be prepared to be a leader. you can't get the country to go in the right direction and get washington to work if you don't have a president that's a leader. >> romney positioned himself closer to the center in this debate. and his bid to draw crucial independent voters got a boost earlier in the day.
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he picked up an endorsement from new jersey governor chris christie. >> an executive who's used executive power will use it to make american lives better. that is why i'm endorsing mitt romney for president of the united states. >> new poling shows americans are torn about whether the economy would improve under a republican or a second obama administration. kate amara, wbal tv 11 news. back to you. >> how did the candidates answer when it came to that question. >> this was a survey of republican and likely republican voters. when asked who would best improve the economy, mitt romney came out on top with 22% fall by herman cain. -- followed by herman cain. the only three candidates to crack the question.
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>> despite pressure from the white house, the senate has blocked president obama's jobs bill. the president accused republicans of playing politics, saying they supported the proposals in the bill in the past. is likely senate will break down the bill in several pieces. >> a man suspected in the disappearance of his traveling companion in aruba. there's been an appeal for gary giordano's release. officials presume robyn gardner is dead. giordano has not been charged and denies any wrongdoing. >> schools superintendent dr. joe hairston has announced he is stepping down. jennifer franciotti is live in towson with more on the search
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for his replacement. >> good morning. his contract is up in june. that gives the board about nine months to find his replacement. >> i do not intend to seek another term. >> baltimore county school superintendent joe hairston kept his announcement short and to the point. he'll be leaving the job when his contract ends next june. >> it was my decision. and 12 years is unprecedented for a school system of this size. there are only a handful of us around the country out of the 15,000 school systems who have the luxury of being able to say that we have actually served in one school system with over 100,000 students for 12 years. >> hairston made board president lawrence schmidt aware of his decision monday. schmidt would not confirm public reports that the board had already decided not to extend hairston's contract several weeks ago. schmidt praised hairston for his work during his 12 years as
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superintendent and announced that the search for his replacement will begin immediately. >> i have established a committee to institute -- to begin to institute the search process in baltimore county for a superintendent to take the reins from dr. hairston effective july 1, 2012. >> the committee will consider hiring a national search firm to assist with the search and will give recommendations on how to get input from the community. >> i feel very fortunate that i had an opportunity to experience great kids, a tremendous staff, good support, and i think it's a good time to move on. >> we will hear more from dr. hairston on friday. he will hold a press conference. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> this case you up to date. we start with 97 in the northbound direction at 100. we have an accident.
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veterans highway and old mill road, another crash. an outer loop problem does pass providence road. there is some debris in the road. that could cause some delays. warren wrote a cockeysville, an accident at beaver dam road. the harrisburg expressway so far so good down to the beltway. a smooth ride on the j.f.x. into town. some delays on the west side. this is traffic at old court road. a back up developing. the rain is coming into play as well. it might be a good idea to leave early. this is 97 at 100. you can see some delays. the accident is in the northbound direction at 100. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> we will do the seven-day forecast. most of the rain is a pond 95 to
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harford and cecil canada. elsewhere, just like sprinkles. off and on rain showers. this is not going to be a steady rain. a high temperature of 67. a chance for a shower on thursday. a better chance on friday. it should clear up over the weekend. ok on sunday for the ravens game with temperatures in the 60's. >> 63 degrees on tv hill. get a load of this blind side crash that has gone of viral in a big way. still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. this morning we asked -- does the latest foiled terror plot on american soil make you feel more, or less safe? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to
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>> when a mountain biker climbed aboard his bicycle, he never thought this would happen to him. but take a look. is was during a race. and antelope have a flying tackle. he took the biker out. spree of antelope is known to be territorial -- this breed of antelope is known to be territorial. posted that he was suffering from a stiff neck.
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>> a family that lost in a corn maze and then they lost their head. they called 911. the family got lost 25 feet into the maze. they decided to phone a friend in the form of a police dispatch operator. police arrived on the scene and the family was able to get out before the sun went down. the manager tried to give them complimentary tickets to try the maze out at a later date but he doesn't think they will take him up on that. >> i would be too embarrassed to call 911. >> the wife called 911. >> 6:41. six to three degrees on tv hill. we have a few suggestions as to how you can take part in this weekend's running festival and help a good cause.
6:42 am
>> we have several accidents including one on 97 in glen burnie. >> i would sleep in that cornfield before i called 911. we have some rain to talk about this morning. some sprinkles in baltimore city. city. 63
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. police are investigating a shooting in the southeast part of the shooting -- southeast part of the city that left six people injured. the victims are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. no word on a suspect or motive. a show of support for the woman
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accused of a bleach attack at a walmart. theresa jefferson is being held on bonn for allegedly pouring bleach on her former boyfriend and his fiancee. but jefferson is the real victim, says her father. a new travel alert is out after an alleged assassination was foiled. elements of an iranian government were in charge. a u.s. citizen and a member of the air raid special forces conspire to hire members of a mexican drug cartel to carry out a bomb attack. they're accused of conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism. >> that brings us to some of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- does the latest foiled terror plot on american soil make you feel more, or less safe?
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>> we will post more of your answers on the front page of people from all 50 states will take part in saturday's baltimore running festival. this year, organizers say you can still laced up for a good cause even if you're not running. kim dacey has more. >> preparations are in full swing at the headquarters. the week before the event is jam
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packed. but this year, it is sneaker week. both are encouraged to pay $1 a day all week to wear sneakers at work. >> always like to try to create some excitement. we thought this year would be a great opportunity to join in on the fight of breast cancer. >> the money goes toward breast cancer research to the baltimore-based tian that -- tian a foundation. -- tyanna foundation. >> donna hopkins is a two-time breast cancer survivor. she has been cancer free now for 12 years. this year she'll be running in the 5k for the first time. >> i am so happy that i can let
6:48 am
people see that in spite of what i've gone through that i'm still kicking. i'm still doing everything that i did before, even probably more so. >> she is also probably participating in sneaker week. she wants everyone to join and. >> as far as finding a cure for breast cancer, the more money they can raise is going to help a lot of people and maybe one day cure the disease. >> last year the running festival raised $1 million for charities. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news in elkridge. >> you can watch complete coverage on saturday on wbal-tv 11. gerry sandusky and kate amara will be live from the finish line. our coverage begins at 7:55 a.m. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together.
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>> it is sneaker year for tony pann who has them on every day. you should see those sneaks. promise number not 97 at 100 in glen burnie. another problem at veterans highway and old mill road. southwestern boulevard, an accident on the southwest corner. watch for some debris and delays in the outer loop near harford near york road. an accident at beaver dam road. some delays in place on the outer loop north side. you can see the backup. this is traffic on 895 at the split. we have some delays coming down from 95 at the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> it is sneaker week every week for me. the secret is out. dear rid of the banner. -- get
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rid of the banner. would where slippers' if i could -- i would wear slippers if i could. mindy wears slick press in the studio -- wears slippers in the studio. take an umbrella with you in case you run into this stuff. most of the rain is west of us. there's an upper level energy in west virginia and ohio. you can see some thunderstorms back into the carolinas. there is a slight chance we could be on stable enough to hear a rumble of thunder, especially if there are some breaks in the overcast. maybe some sunshine will stick to the clouds. the temperature is not going to move. 61 in westminster.
6:51 am
56 in taneytown. off and on rain showers. maybe a rebel -- maybe a rumble of thunder. tonight, mostly cloudy with a chance for a few showers. we will drop back into the 50's. tomorrow, that storm will pull away to the northeast. we had a chance for a shower in the forecast, 30%. the cold front from the midwest moves through at will cool things off for the weekend. 30% chance for rain on friday. for the baltimore marathon on saturday it will be windy day. going to the ravens game on sunday should be fine with a high around 68 degrees. back to the news desk. >> the announcement of the departure of school superintendent dr. joe hairston
6:52 am
and the efforts to fill his shoes. jennifer franciotti joins us live with more on that story. good morning. >> he let lawrence schmidt know about his decision. they have about nine months to fill his replacement. schmidt praised harrison for his work during his 12 years of superintended and announced a replacement will begin immediately. they're considering hiring a national firm to find his replacement. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> at thank you. here is matt lauer with a look at what is coming up next on the "today" show. >> good morning. mitt romney grilled by fellow gop presidential candidates last night at the debate just hours after picking up in endorsement
6:53 am
from chris christie. an emotional day at the trial of michael jackson's doctor. we'll hear from the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy. al talks to michelle obama about that secret shopping trip to target. linda evans has written a new memoir about her life and her former co-stars. she'll join us live as we get started on it was the morning right here on "today." >> quite a cat fight. >> we will come back and check the weather and traffic together before you head out to start your day.
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>> a new accident. >> this is wet outside. we have an accident southbound on the harrisburg expressway just past padonia road. you're seeing delays on the north side. some debris in the road past provenance in the outer loop. northbound 97, watch for possible delays at 100. this is providence. the north side filling up quickly. we have some debris in the outer loop. this is traffic in the white marsh area. you can see a backup developing quickly heading back down. >> this will not be a steady
6:57 am
rain situation. if you have outdoor plants, you might be able to sneak than men. a high temperature of 67. temperatures are now called to move much. into the 70's thursday and friday. the next best chance for rain will be friday. it will be windy for the marathon. >> it might have an impact. >>looking for more weather and traffic together? be sure to join us this morning for 11 news at 7:00 a.m. on wbal plus. >> you'll find more local news as well as up-to-date traffic and weather information. you can find it all on comcast channel 208, verizon fios 460, and 11-2. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will be back with a live update at 7:25. >> have a good one. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at, and stay connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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