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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  October 12, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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some high-profile marriages have the appearance of business alliances. not theirs. theirs was a love story. when he moved to baltimore, her support helped to guide him. she served on the boards of kennedy krieger institute, a baltimore symphony, among other organizations. they also donated $3.5 million to the lyric opera house. patricia modell is survived by her husband and her two sons. and six grandchildren. she had a knack for making people around her comfortable.
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she later said that he should take his losses of more often because he had wonderful eyes. she energized and frightened and ran she entered. >> we have much more about the life of patricia modell on our website. at one point, she had appeared on more television shows than any other woman in u.s. history. her record was eventually broken by one of her good friends. you can read about that on >> another story that is still developing. city police are investigating the severe beating that led to a man suffering from massive head winds. we had a crew going to the scene. this happened around 2:30 this afternoon. we do not know what kind of weapon the alleged attackers used. he is being treated at hopkins hospital right now. >> they have never found her
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body, but baltimore county prosecutors said they are convinced that rochelle battle was murdered. >> they are making their case against the man they said kilter. >> -- killed her. >> jury selection has just finished up. the defense has listed 20 and that means the trial could go towards the end of next week. jury selection and the trial of the 36-year old start wednesday in baltimore county circuit court. the judge told potential jurors, he is accused of murdering 16- year-old rochelle battle in 2009 at his home in middle river. her body has never been found, despite searches of a nearby landfill. she was under way to meet someone at east point mall the night she disappeared. jury selection took until 4:00.
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ask potential jurors questions, including whether they could be fair and impartial. the court eventually sat a jury of nine men and three women. the judge give them instructions before adjourning for the day. opening statements are scheduled to begin tomorrow morning. >> tonight, the board still is the young driver killed this morning after crushing a car into a house was a senior at chesapeake high school. >> grief counselors were on hand at school today where teachers tell us that kala marie austin had a genuinely kind sold. she will be remembered for her kindness, her smile, and her way with words. she really took pride in doing her work well. >> the crash happened just after 7:30 this morning. investigators said the 17-year daschle lost control of for car
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and rammed into an abandoned house. police tell us they are rated their investigation continues. >> police are trying to figure out what send a car crashed into a pizza shop late this afternoon. [no audio] >> two men are behind bars after a road rage and involving a gun. there were called by a man who had told them after a traffic incident, the other driver pulled a gun. authorities say it happened and the central avenue area of edge water. the white jetta drove by the officers and the victim as they were talking. the officer said the dentist job, but its celebrated, nearly hitting one of the officers. they were both arrested after
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officers stopped the jeddah. -- jetta. a 15-year-old girl was struck by a car this morning while walking in baltimore. we do not know how badly she was hurt. it happened just after 8:00 this morning. investigators are trying to determine exactly what happened, including new is at fault. they're not releasing any names. a robbery suspect cocked in his tracks, literally. the man tried to break into crazy raise around 4:00 this morning. somehow his -- somehow his getaway car was stopped on the railroad tracks. no word on whether they successfully remove the vehicle from the train tracks. >> a man known as the underwear bombers surprise accord by changing his plea to guilty. he now faces a mandatory life sentence. >> we will have more on that
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story coming up a little bit later. secretary of state hillary clinton condemned an alleged iranian plot to kill the saudi arabian ambassador to the united states. she called the plot a dangerous escalation. why house officials are rallying the international committee to condemn iran. [no audio] >> a 56-year-old u.s. citizen was arrested in september and is now charged with conspiring to kill the saudi ambassador to the united states. an iranian co-conspirator remains at large. >> there has been rain in the area for most of the day, but light rain. be of only had about a 10th of an inch. we are not really getting drenched, that is good news.
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there is some steady shower activity coming out in parts of baltimore county, carroll county. the showers continuing to track across the city. you can see this batch of rain is going to taper off. i think the rain will ease up as we get past about seven, 8:00 or 9:00. there is another system of to the west. this one could bring some more showers are way as we head into tomorrow and friday. we have to keep an eye on an unsettled weather pattern. more details on that with a seven-day forecast. >> as we just mentioned, day two of the trial, the man known as b on forward bomber. he surprised the court by changing his plea to guilty. we have more from detroit. >> after sitting for the first day of this trial without saying a word, accused terrorist surprised everyone with what he had to say on day two. changing his plea this morning
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to guilty. >> it is not something that i recommend. >> defending himself, he ignored the advice of his stand by lawyer and told the court he was guilty of all charges. conspiracy to commit terrorism and attempted murder. >> i do not believe there is any particular photograph or piece of evidence. i think that he also had something that he wanted to say and he made a statement. pipes that statement came after the plea, when he said the explosives hidden in his underwear were a blessed weapon to save the lives of innocent muslims. as i intended to wreck the u.s. airplane for the u.s. wreckage of muslim land and property. >> you do not feel any remorse about it. >> passengers on the plane were as surprised as everyone else with the seven played. >> i am completely shocked. >> confident that justice has
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been served. >> he it was guilty >> he did everything that he said that he did. i do not know what the sentence is going to be. he deserves what he gets. >> what he will get is now the only question left in this high- profile case. he faces the possibility of life in prison. sentencing is scheduled for january 12. >> officials in baltimore are working to hope that all kids are safe as they walk to school. the mayor and the department of transportation are using a $2 million federal grant for more than two dozen school zones. people are packing the streets right now on the campus of towson university. >> the ellen degeneres show has
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a crew in baltimore. any sightings? >> not yet spread sheet is in california, but she is doing a special taped segment on the campus. they are already rallying. [cheering] a lot of excitement out here. she sent out a week to 36 hours ago letting people know that she was gone to do a special event and the baltimore area. student found out through twitter that she would be out here and they came dressed up. what are you dressed up as? >> we have the three little pigs. >> where's waldo? >> a lot of excitement on
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campus. she wants the students to get dressed up as their favorite characters. they will be taping this segment and will be live with updates to out. -- throw out. back to you guys in the studio. >> the rain is not bothering them at all. >> governor o'malley is grades are slipping, the latest report card from the maryland league of conservation voters. >> doctors say they are more concerned about their parents. >> your new area code just might be 667. that story is coming up.
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>> government martin o'malley is slipping in his grave, at least when it comes to the environment. that is compared to the a- from 2008.
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the group says that all leads to a dirtier air. >> a show of support today for family, friends, and colleagues affected by breast cancer. members of johns hopkins will be wearing pink card hadst about the month. 160 workers created a pink ribbon to raise awareness for the disease. they're trying to remind people that early detection is cape. i got my flu shot today, just a reminder that cold and flu season is just around the corner. as germans began to flood into schools and day care centers, -- as the germs began to flood into schools and day care centers, children can quickly rebound. >> kids swap terms as often as they do creon's. -- crayons.
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>> you are a parent and your job is to take care of this child. you were going to love them and you will catch some colts. >> he is a pediatrician in cleveland. he says there are no documented studies on how often illness is spread from children to their parents. he sees it all the time. >> if a parent has not been exposed to a certain virus in a number of years, it will be more susceptible. >> adults are not as prepared to handle a virus. they did not get as much exercise and they do not sleep as much as kids. they're less likely to take care of themselves when they are sick. >> treat yourself as you would treat your child. if you start to get sick, a lot of fluids and rest. >> teaching kids how to prevent
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catching cold and the first place could help keep the entire family helping. >> a majority of illnesses are spread when people touch their eyes or nose with their hands. scientists said they are on their way to preventing an allergic reaction to food. researchers at northwestern university perhaps a why blood cells around a tiny amount of peanut protein. once it was injected into mice, the immune systems were tricked into thinking it was safe. this method could prove to be an alternative to avoiding foods. the research is a long way from being a safe and usable in humans. another new study is challenging the theory that you cannot do anything to change your genes. that study in canada focused on the jeans of more than 27,000
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adults. researchers were looking at a specific gene that increases the risk for heart disease. they found the carrier's had nearly the same risk for heart attack as those who did not have the gene. >> the hurricane is arctic caused some damage in mexico. the category 2 storm pounded the beaches with powerful waves and damaged some beachfront properties. authorities are expecting mudslides from the storm. most businesses are closed, windows were shattered up in advance of the storm. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast -- >> light rain for most areas today. the rain is still coming down in locations around the baltimore area. a little bit of yellow showing up on the radar. across parts of the bay. that is where the showers are a
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little bit heavier. some rain to contend with early, but it tapers off quickly to our south. by late this evening, we will be dealing with some drizzle and fog. the bulk of the rain will get out of here in the next two or three hours. temperatures have been stuck in the 50's and 60's. central md., and a little bit warmer. 64, edgewood. you get into some low 70's in cambridge. as we head towards early thursday morning, to some patches of light rain. the ground is wet and it will produce a little fog overnight. this low pressure system south of us making its way into the carolinas. this will pull away from us.
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sitting not to the west is another front. beginning tomorrow night into friday, it looks like this will ripped through a pretty fast. that is what shows up on future cast. some scattered showers in the area tomorrow afternoon into friday. you can see that next front coming in from the west. maybe even a clap of thunder. watched hellenized the dry air comes in to the west wind. -- what how the nice dry air comes in. there could be a strong what -- a strong the dusty west wind. it will clear out and it will be comfortable, but did little bit on the breezy side. still a chance for a shower. 72-77 degrees. on the bay, the went to be out of the southeast. a fairly quiet day on the bay tomorrow.
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a couple more days of some wet weather, but it looks nice in the mountains for saturday and sunday. eastern shore tomorrow, a little son could break to the cloud cover. 75 degrees and a chance for showers tomorrow and friday. just a 30% chance of a thunderstorm at ocean city tomorrow. scattered storms on friday and a lot of sunshine for the weekend. 51 add 8:00 in the morning -- at 8:00 in the morning. a lot of sunshine and a comparable 60 at 11:00. a chance for a shower tomorrow, especially in the evening. breezy and cooler saturday, a great football weather for the ravens on sunday.
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>> starting next year, you'll have to remember a new area code for parts of maryland. >> testimony continues in the case against michael jackson's former doctor. i will have the very latest, coming up. >> what senator currie did not tell the irs and why defense attorneys say it is no big deal. ugh, time to color.
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>> that had been the key in the trial of dr. micha. conrad murr. >> in a surprising move, lawyers for dr. conrad murray dropped the claim that michael jackson may have swallowed propofol. testimony continues today cardiologists from the california medical board.
5:26 pm
after he told the court that he found six deviations in care given by dr. conrad murray. >> giving someone propofol in someone's home without the proper equipment, it was an extreme deviations from the standard of care. >> under cross-examination, he's part with the defense, holding firm in his opinion. >> he spent nine hours trying to get him to sleep. >> he should not have been putting him to sleep in the first place. it is not indicated for sleep. >> during yesterday's testimony, the medical examiner struck a major blow to the defense's claim that jackson may have given himself the drug. >> that scenario does not support self administration. is that accurate? >> to me, that scenario seems
5:27 pm
less reasonable. >> on tuesday, the jury heard more of his taped interview with police in which he describes the moment jackson paused children's learned their father had died. as the prosecution winds down its case, the defense will soon begin calling its witnesses. it is unclear if the doctor will take the stand. there are two remaining witnesses for the prosecution, a sleep expert and an anesthesiologist. it is unclear who will take the stand for the defense. >> maryland is getting another new area code. >> we will tell you when it is coming and the locations getting the new digits. >> helping children in foster care, that is why this group is training for this weekend's
5:28 pm
baltimore running festival. >> the ravens are getting ready to face taxes this year. ray lewis is at the center of what they're going to do. i asked him how he is still the scuds. he has the answer, straight ahead.
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>> live, local, latebreaking.
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the news continues now. >> if you are dialing to any of these counties in maryland, and get ready to remember an additional three numbers. 667 is the new area code and it goes into effect next march. >> the remaining numbers for 401 and 443 will all be taken. >> starting in march, if you did a new phone number in maryland, the area code might be 667. to solve the problem, the fcc will add another area code. >> starting at about march of 2012, people get new numbers or dead -- new numbers may get 667.
5:31 pm
they get to a point where there are not enough left. you need to prepare for the next. >> why 667? coming up with a new area code is not that easy. >> you cannot use any code that has already been used. you cannot use -- there are a number of them like 800, 888. there are more than just those. they are set aside for those purposes. you cannot have numbers like 911. >> how do people feel about it? >> i guess it is ok. >> i do not care at all. >> no. keep the same area code. >> pretty great, i guess. >> it is important to know that 667 will be an additional area
5:32 pm
code for the new numbers. >> reaction online suggest some people find some humor in the number. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories. patricia modell has died. the ravens say that she died this afternoon following five months in the hospital. add one point in her career, she appeared in more tv shows than any other woman in u.s. history. patricia modell was 80 years old. friends and classmates are remembering a chesapeake high- school senior killed in a morning crash. kala marie austin lost control of for car.
5:33 pm
the car crossed two lanes and crashed into an abandoned house. what caused her to lose control is still under investigation. the so-called underwork bomber changed his plea to guilty in the attempted bombing of a plane carrying 300 people as it approached detroit on christmas day of 2009. he faces a mandatory life sentence eric holder said the outcome of this shows that american ports are an effective tool against terrorism. >> the search is on for a new superintendent for baltimore county schools. the school board has already begun the process of replacing him. his contract expires in a june of next year has been on the job for 12 years. >> mitt romney has the support
5:34 pm
of 23% of republicans. >> and herman cain has been surging, but rick perry did not stage a comeback that he needed. >> rick perry plug away to date. >> the choice is about whether we will keep a president who has failed to create jobs. >> campaigning in indianapolis, after last night's debate in new hampshire, rick perry looking lost, admitting that he can not match mitt romney on the economy. >> he has had six years to be working on a plan. >> he leads in new hampshire polls and an iowa, where he has hardly campaigned. michele bachmann won the straw poll and rick perry surged to a lead. republicans are not in love with mitt romney. >> they david michele bachmann
5:35 pm
for about three weeks in august and decided they did not like her. they did not rick perry for a couple of weeks and they decided that they did not like him. now they are dating herman cain. >> there is a difference between the flavor of the week. >> herman cain said today, it is his sales tax plan that has caught on. >> 9-9-9. jobs, jobs, jobs. >> president obama's plan blocked yesterday in the senate, it is the winner in today's news poll. 64% approval. all the gop candidate disapprove. >> i think it is a terrible idea to raise taxes. >> mitt romney is looking more like the one that will get to
5:36 pm
debate that with president obama. first, iowa. herman cain will face the kind of scrutiny. >> you thought flashed mobs were only for the young. a group of senior citizens have the wind during the debate last night. they danced to the song "stop in the name called love." after going to their routine, they talk to people outside about the issues. >> for the first time in nearly six decades, the detroit lions are 5 and 0. why police impounded this boss. -- bus. >> the ellen degeneres is taking at towson university.
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>> excitement is building at towson university tonight. >> of thousands are gathering for a taping of the ellen degeneres show. >> you can feel the excitement on the energy. students are dressed up in and surrounded by some -- [ch eering] we have some girls dressed up like mad -- madeleine. she let people love to come out to the university with their favorite -- >> ellen! ellen!
5:41 pm
>> we have students that have put together costumes very quickly. >> we are the hunchback of notre dame. >> what made you guys decide to come out? >> we love ellen. >> the show is being taped in california right now and they will take a satellite feed from the university throughout the taping of that show. if you are at home watching right now, it is not too late. i think they are all dairy excited. -- they are all very excited. >> thank you. having a good time out there. >> i hope they put together a good dance retained. >> in the market for a new energy-efficient car? the new electric car by general
5:42 pm
motors. >> it will be hitting the road soon. the ravens are gearing up for their battle against the titans. a preview, plus how former raven at derrick mason could factor in the the game. >> rain showers moving across our area. it should taper off this evening, but we may not be done with the wet weather just yet. the wins are, u coming out of the east.
5:43 pm
>> that the federal case against the state senator is starting to wind down. officials with the internal revenue service took the stand. did senator ulysses currie use the power of his office to scan the system? maryland students can expect an
5:44 pm
extra dose of math if they want to get into college. more on the death of patricia modell, the wife of art modell.
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you need the patch. (announcer) icy hot patches. targeted no-mess relief. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch. >> detroit lions fans might miss a popular landmark. authorities said they cited the bus for not having a state safety inspection. police say it has been operating illegally natal getting area. >> the first place ravens come off the week as healthy as they have been since the beginning of the season.
5:46 pm
much of that is thanks to the man and the metal. -- in the middle. >> when the ravens are at their best, they are forcing turnovers. they have forced 14 of them, scoring four times. ray lewis is in the middle. despite the fact that he is in the year 16, one company says he is the best in the game. >> how are you doing that? >> gas young burk ray lewis was a time -- that yonder ray lewis was a time bomb. i am really slowing the game down. >> after reviewing every play for the first four weeks, rates again as the number one middle linebacker in the nfl. >> it is more 18 the defense
5:47 pm
that highlights my play. >> we are trying to score. we are trying to get off the football field. we're trying to cause havoc, trying to put pressure on you. we do not want you to score. that is our mentality. >> we have a great defense, but it would be great to give them some relief. we are out there scoring points. let those guys just play defense. >> ray lewis somehow an amazing shape 16 years and. he is one of the very best in all the nfl. they had allowed four touchdowns this year. they have scored four touchdowns this year. that is best in the nfl. >> all season long, we are looking for the biggest ravens
5:48 pm
fans. tracy texas to the purple evening monday nights. she and her family took pictures and the locker room. emma poses with her ravens pumpkin. you can send your fan photos to >> she had a great smile. >> it started raining early this morning and has not stopped. >> not the flooding problems we have been dealing with. it looks like this will get out of here tonight. another round coming and thursday and friday, but the weekend looks pretty nice. but at these wind gust across the eastern part of the state. ocean city has a guest at 18. that east wind brings moisture and keep the temperature down.
5:49 pm
the clouds are low and occasional showers break out. 67 on the beach in ocean city. 66 downtown baltimore. we only made it to 65 after a morning low of 62. that is typical when you have an east wind coming in. almost a quarter of an inch of rain at the airport. the rain showers are coming through right now, but they are moving steadily north. east wins will continue, however, so the temperatures will remain steady. between this area of low pressure and the next front, there may be a few breaks in the clouds tomorrow. this front will arrive tomorrow evening into friday and triggered another round of
5:50 pm
showers. there goes the batch of rain trucking north. a front, with some showers and a thunderstorm. it should be beautiful going into our upcoming weekend. mid-70's tomorrow, warmer than normal. sunrise at 7:14. waves are less than a foot. if you are heading up to the mountains, this rain should get out of their thursday, friday. saturday and sunday look nice. on the day, look for an isolated thunderstorms, especially on friday. thunderstorms increase a bit on the lower eastern shore. for the start of the race come 8:00 on saturday, sunshine, a little breezy. comfortable running temperatures. the main feature for the race this year will be those of brisk
5:51 pm
west wins. -- winds. 75 degrees tomorrow, 50% chance on friday. windy, dry, and comfortable on saturday. beautiful football weather on sunday. >> southwest airlines is hiring more pilots to fill in the expanding flight schedule. it is looking to add 140 more pilots after adding several new markets. the low-cost carrier is adding washington, d.c., and atlanta to its list of destinations. the increased flight schedule could mean lower fares for fliers. if you are planning on traveling over the highways, bridges over the holidays, the time to stop shopping for flights is now. do not wait, you can expect to pay about $40 more than last
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sony is recalling 1.6 million flat paddle -- flat panel televisions. the faulty component may cause them to melt or catch fire. the announcement comes after a tv owner in japan called the fire department after noticing a small fire. 11 incident at overheating have been reported in japan. >> most of us have one or two math class is in high school to move on to college. if your kids want to get into a maryland college, you can take that number and double its. >> a maryland group, running four children in foster care. we will tell you
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> nearly 200 people will run our walk in the baltimore running festival to raise money and awareness for children in foster care system. the maryland court authority special advocates for children is hoping their efforts will get more kids out of foster care and into permanent homes. >> members are called for a training run. they are supporters and volunteers from across the state as -- who work for advocates for children in foster care. >> our goal was 25,000 and we are almost there. >> on saturday, they will be 180 strong in the baltimore running
5:57 pm
festival. >> some are doing the full, some are doing half. >> one is hiking. lester, he walked the full marathon, it took him six hours. >> nobody wants the full marathon. there was only four of us. a lot of volunteers did the half. the whole idea is to get the message out there. >> they are trying to do more than just raise money and awareness. they're trying to generate interest. the volunteer turnover rate is tied to the one to get people excited about helping children. would some 10,000 children under the protection of the courts in maryland, help is needed. she is doing her part by running on saturday. >> it is such a great cause. to give them the support as they
5:58 pm
go through the system. >> you can watch complete coverage of saturday's running festival right here and on our website. we will be live at the finish line. we will also have a team of reporters stationed along the course. whether you are running or watching, share your photos. that is all for us at 5:00. here is what is coming about 6:00. >> a man is on trial for the murder of a 16-year-old girl, even though there is nobody. >> i will tell you why maryland high school students are being urged to take some extra math. >> the federal bribery trial of senator currie, up what he did not tell the irs. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]
5:59 pm
captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6. >> are big story tonight is sad news. patricia modell, the wife of art modell, has died. >> she lost her battle with cancer this afternoon. we have more on patricia modell. >> for decades removed from her high-profile acting career, she still had star quality. that certain something you can not quite define, but you can spot it immediately. patricia modell could make a new acquaintance feel like an old friend. family became her primary focus after she married art modell in 1969. she stepped out of the spotlight and said goodbye to a starring role in "general


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