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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  October 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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you can see some heavy stuff in montgomery county the major up into howard county. the bottom line you are going to deal with rain on your way to work this morning. the forecast for today, rain showers and maybe a peek at the sun this afternoon. and it will taper off later did a with a high near 72. we will come back later but first let's see what is happening on the roads. >> we're tracking one accident on the parkway. use extra caution sharia there may be some lanes closed. some of fog warnings as you travel costs -- across the bay bridge. reduced speeds and visibility. 39 m.p.h. is what we're seeing already. that is the interloop traffic. we're not dealing with any delays on the major roadways leading up to the beltway. about an 11 minute ride.
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to get to from the beltway down toward 32. here is a view of traffic. it is not an ideal start as you make your way on the north side of providence. no delays but the roads are a little slick. we want to remind you fog warnings are in effect. >> our big story this morning, there will be heavy hearts a high school after a student was killed. >> she crashed her car during the rush hour on wednesday on a mountain road in pasadena. residents say that stretch of road is dangerous. kala austin is described as a happy young lady who was good in school and had many friends. she was likely on her way to school driving east on mountain road where police say she lost control and slammed into an abandoned home on the opposite side of the street. she died of her injuries.
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what pavement and speed may have contributed to the crash. there have been several crashes. they say it is dangerous during rush hour. >> it is a speedway. the drivers are more concerned about getting to their destination about safety issues. not enough roadway to accommodate the traffic. >> grief counselors will be on hand for the rest of the week for teachers and students. >> city officials pushed to make it as safe as possible for kids walking to and from school. they say they are using $2 million in grant money to upgrade to dozen schools on. the installations will include countdown signals, crosswalks, and pedestrian ramps. >> a new poll shows herman cain has surged ahead of the mitt romney in the race for president.
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he is the front-runner at 27%. romney trails with 23% while rick barry slipped to third. he said there taking his plan seriously but analysts say romney has a chance of winning the nomination. that brings us to the question of the day, do you think the nominee will be herman cain or someone else? you can share your response on our facebook change or send this n e now. >> a man is recovering after he was beaten during an apparent robbery. the person responsible is still at large. they say they found him lying in the 700 block of mckuen street. he was taken to hospital with massive head trauma, a fractured draw-- jaw and other injuries. caleb mott was last seen alive
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on tuesday as he left a friend's house. then his body turned up along the 2100 block of san demount road. there were no signs of a trauma. anyone with information should call the sheriff's office at 410-36, 2900. >> opening statements are exacted today. the body was never found but investors believe jason killed her inside his home. this is the second murder trial in which nobody was found. a jury convicted dennis in the murder of his wife tracy. >> a former transportation secretary will testify today against ulysses currie. the deputy secretary is scheduled to take the witness stand. prosecutors say they did favors for the warehouse. they're expected to rest their case today.
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new developments in the alleged plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador to united states. iran says the thing is a lie and it was not involved. we go to washington with more on the response. >> from president obama on down, officials are calling their counterparts around the world and briefing them on the spot and working to isolate iran. u.s. officials want to crack down on iran for an alleged plot to kill the ambassador in washington. one man is in custody and a second is wanted. >> this kind of a reckless act undermines international norms and the international system. >> iran must be held accountable for its actions. >> the u.s. may look to the united nations for new action against iran and new sanctions against the country including penalties on an iranian commercial airliner. the treasure department says it helped special operation.
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the white house says all options are on the table. >> to put pressure in a way that has not been seen before. >> been met with lawmakers to discuss the case. >> this is an act of war. >> whether military action should be considered. >> once the american people are aware of the extent of the activities, i think the american people will be supportive of examining a lot of options. >> the senate holds a hearing on implementing economic sanctions. >> 62 degrees. more lives taken. what health officials are reporting. >> more on the pennsylvania ambush gone wrong. >> here is a look at traffic. the beltway and the rain. some issues.
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>> of live shots from sandy points. it is 66 degrees downtown. we have some rain on this thursday morning. give yourself some extra minutes. let's take a look at the doppler. most of the rain around baltimore is light but there are some thunderstorms starting to pop up on the radio -- radar. those may drift into a howard county in the next half-hour. the forecast for today is rainshowers this morning and then we will get a peek at the sun this afternoon. i'm going to be optimistic with a high temperature of 72 degrees. we will take a look at the upcoming forecast. >> california police have released the name of a suspect in a shooting massacre that left eight people dead. they say scott opened fire at
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the salon in the seal beach, california. friends say he was the ex- husband of a stylus to work there. he surrendered about a half a mile away from the scene. no word on a motive. >> a fugitive guns down a police officer outside a pennsylvania dairy queen. investigators say the shooter killed himself after firing at the unidentified officer. police had been looking from -- for him since october 2 when he opened fire on his boss. >> the outbreak has become the deadliest incident to more than a quarter-century. contaminated cantaloupes are the 23 deaths. 93 people were sickened by the outbreak. it is rare and more deadly than other costs -- pathogens. more deaths are possible because symptoms can take two months to
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appear. the d.c. oil rig explosion will be the topic of a hearing today on capitol hill. the committee will discuss the investigation by the united states coastguard and the bureau of ocean energy management enforcement. it details missteps by bp and its contractors that led to the explosion that killed 11 workers and caused the worst oil spill in u.s. history. >> 5:11 and 62 degrees. many black barry owners will not be happy when they wake up this morning. we will have tells of the growing outage. >> the military is using the technology to train for battle. we will show you how to read >> if you're going to be leaving, one accident on the parkway. we will check in on conditions ♪
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>> a look a year morning commute. let's see what is going on in. we have one accident on 295. if you're traveling, watch for delays. other than that, we are looking good. a little foggy and wet on the road. use extra caution. 40 m.p.h. on the north the interloop pass the harrisburg expressway. 795 checking out ok. on the west side, 11 minutes into get into the outer loop. six minutes up from the 895
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split down toward fort mchenry. here is a view of traffic. we will start with providence. it is definitely what out there. traffic is going to be slower than normal. we will keep you posted once the delays fall into place. harrisburg down toward the beltway is moving well in down to the beltway but definitely watch for fog this morning and a slick press. fog warnings are in effect. no major delays but we're looking pretty good as you make your way east and west bound on the bay bridge. that is the latest. now check on the forecast. >> a little bit of rain to contend with to start the day today. some heavy rain around d.c. a pretty good thunderstorm here montgomery county near bethesda. this may travel of to the northeast and as a howard county over the next half-hour.
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let's take a wider view on the radar. there is one area of rain to our neck of the woods and another one across the ohio valley. in between the two, i hope we get a break in the action. maybe we will get some sunshine as we head into the afternoon hours. that is my hope. 63 at the airport and 59. if we do not get the breaks, the temperatures are not going to move all that much. we have an east wind again this morning. for those of you on the western shore of the bay, some of that water may pile up during high tide. the high tide it may command a foot or two above avere. keep that in mind. if you're watching us on the western shore of the bed. rainshowers are likely this morning. maybe even a rumble of thunder.
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this afternoon, i am hoping we get a peak of the sun. overnight tonight, mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the upper 50's. during the day tomorrow, a cold front is ready to come through. it will give us a chance for rain during the day on friday. once it passes we should have some decent weather for the weekend. it will be when the for the marathon but other than that dry. no problems as far as the rain is concerned. rainshowers on friday. over the weekend, it should clear up. a windy day on saturday. on sunday, if you're going to the ravens game, it should be fine for football. 68 degrees. that is the seventh day forecast. >> we are looking at the bridge in place between the stations.
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the train is on time. on the buses, p the 15 bus is operating with the lace. the festival on saturday will affect many bus lines in and around the city. many are urged to take extra tamil time. for more information, visit >> a lot of unhappy blackberry owners. it will not be credited for the disruptions on their bill. it impacted the internet browser system. the problem is not the cell phone carrier. there will be no credit provided. gm is turning out an electric car. officials say they're producing
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an electric version of the spark minicar. it is done specifically for urban areas. it will be sold globally including in some u.s. states and produce low volume of 2000 a year. it has r.d. sold in the overseas market and will be sold beginning in 2012 in u.s. since all 50 states require restraints for children, the number of kids dying has been reduced. as we have this report, it is saving the lives of older children, too. >> car accidents to between three and 14 and everything else. statistics show that restraint laws, including booster seats, for older kids are saving more children. >> there was a 5% decrease in the rate of injuries for children in crashes. there was a 17% decrease in the
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rate of the injuries. >> how you know which are the safest? in search -- instruments institute released its recommendations. using test dummies, they were able to measure the effectiveness of each seat. a record 31 were listed as best bets. there were safe and effective. five of them were good bets. six were not recommended. >> there is a final category which recall a check set. these are boosters depth may do the job depending on the size of the child. these are where we urge parents to check how the belts are doing. >> this should lie flat across the child's upper thighs. not using a seat belt the right way can cause damage in a crash, including spine and internal
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injuries. >> the irs is going after google. its problems spread to the united states and they're waiting for one of the biggest banks to release his corporate report card today. a look at the business news. good morning to you. >> j.p. morgan chase reporting its results and a few hours. analysts say the bank may post a slide in the third quarter and they are planning losses in the investment-banking unit which is seen a drop in trading unit. it will be a barometer for the rest of the banking industry. we also have the latest numbers on the jobless claims. ahead of all this, futures are quiet. very steady for the start of things. another day charging higher. european leaders provided a road map and the federal reserve says it discusses further asset
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purchases. the irs is auditing how to go avoided federal income taxes by shifting pockets -- profits into offshore subsidiaries. they want information after three acquisitions including its purchase of youtuber. bloomberg had reported a on -- it has enabled the company to go to foreign units. a spokesman says it is a written inquiry and declined further comment. research in motion says it is still experiencing disruptions to its network. it is due to a switch sell near with its infrastructure. it is letting its customers down but did not mention any offer of reimbursement. back to you. >> many were thinking it was operator error. in terms of the airlines, they keep coming up with new ways to
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make more. now they want to charge larger customers more to fly? >> as you can imagine, this is a controversial policy. southwest bought the company and this is one of their policies. i will tell you more about it and when it starts. we will have more on that in the next hour. >> the time is 5:23 and 62 degrees. how the military is using video games to train its servicemen and women. >> don't forget to e-mailed u.s. are answered. do you think the nominee will be mitt romney or someone else? sure your response on our facebook page or by e-mail.
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>> technology has long been a part of military action and now we're seeing how way company is using virtually -- virtual reality. >> we go along for the virtual ride. >> he is suiting up for battle in the virtual world. >> when soldiers get suited up, they get immersed into the environment. >> the former marine is about to enter a fire fight in afghanistan. >> there are traces. they get excited. >> powered by a computer in his backpack and a viewer on his head. chad is fighting with technology made by silicon valley. possibly the most realistic way to prepare our soldiers for combat. >> this is nice.
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a nice system. a lot of control. i think it is nice. >> the system is intended to provide realism, give these soldiers the belief they are in the environment in getting trend. >> it is a system being tested all over the world. you choose the field of battle and how many soldiers are involved in the fight. it is technology making for a better trained, better protected soldier. >> i think the enthusiasm the military showed gives it a good future. >> any training to help them out. we're proud of that. >> when computer aided step at a time. >> that looks pretty cool. the time is 5:27. convicted of killing and stuffing a woman in the freezer.
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what she could be reached sentenced today. >> family and friends are loss in the -- mourning the loss
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>> live, local, late breaking. >> good morning. welcome back to the news. >> thank you for joining us. the rain is coming down. >> a bit of a problem for the commute. there could be some problems. give yourself a few extra minutes. the heaviest rain is south and west of us. there are a few thunderstorms north west of d.c. mostly light rain and drizzle. the forecast for today, i'm going to say maybe we will stay peek out the sun. rain likely but may be some sunshine and a high of 72 degrees. the weekend things will change
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for the better. i will show you the 70 forecast. >> the key with the weather is do not freak out. you will be fine. be sensible. >> exactly. do not freak out. >> less secure morning commute. the on ramp, than not -- that accident is gone. if you're traveling there, you'll want to use cash in. so far, so good. 44 on the north side. 62 as you go past bell air road. traffic is cooperating. let's see what is going on at providence. so far so good on the north side. if you can leave early, you will be just fine. there is the bay bridge.
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no problems to report as a result. back to you. >> scratch it. dangerous. that is when neighbors are calling the road or a high school student was killed in a car crash. >> she was killed on rush-hour in pasadena. we're joined with more on the story. >> 17 year-old kala austin had one day of -- -- he dreams of becoming a teacher but she was killed on her way to school. kala austin was a popular, happy outstanding student at the high school in pasadena. on wednesday morning, she lost control of her car on a mountain road in pasadena. she slammed into an abandoned home on the opposite side of the street. she was rushed to the hospital but died from her injuries.
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what a pavement and speed contributed to the accident. >> too many accidents. you hear about accidents happen ing. >> this never was saddened but not surprised to hear about another crash. she says it is often turned it -- congested and dangerous. >> it is a speedway. the drivers are more concerned about getting to their destination than they are safety. as far as the traffic, not enough roadway to accommodate the traffic. >> it has lights controlling the rains -- lanes of traffic depending on the time of day. police are investigating what caused the crash. friends have put up the memorial -- for a crash site. >> grief counselors will be on hand for the rest of the week to
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help students and staff. >> montgomery county police maj help finding and missing a 11 year old boy. an amber alert has been issued for him. he was last seen near germantown. he may be in a 2011 honda. 5ag-9405. if yevgeny information, call police -- you have any information, call police. a murder case involving stuffing it will body in a freezer. she was convicted for beating and strangling hughes who went to her home for a three-way
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sexual encounter and then they killed her. her attorney requested the recent concern hearing. we're following a developing story overseas this morning where an earthquake struck indonesia's overnight sending people running in a panic. no tsunami alert was issued and there are no immediate reports of injuries. some buildings were damaged. the quake was reportedly a 6.0 in magnitude and centered southwest of the island. now want to libya where the son of muammar gaddafi may be in custody of tnt -- national transitional council. he has been captured but it has not been confirmed. forces had been closing in on supporters in the home town. he was the national security advisor and had a strong role in the military and security
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forces in his father's regime. >> patricia modell has died. she died after spending the past five months in the hospital. at one point, she had appeared in more tv shows than any other woman in u.s. history. she was 80 years old. to see more pictures from her career and links to the charity she supported, go to >> now maryland is getting back the number 667. a new area code because all of those other codes are running out. what do people think? >> i guess it is ok. >> i do not care. it makes no difference. >> keeps the same numbers. >> pretty great. i guess. >> it is important to note that
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this will be an additional area code for new numbers. if you have 410, it will remain the same. >> on today's a london generous show, hundreds gathered on campus -- ellen degenerous show, hundreds gathered on campus. >> i love how the grinch stole christmas. >> i am the three little pigs. >> where is waldo? [laughter] >> they are excited. ellen's favored to win a $5,000 gift card. you can tech -- see them on the ellen show at four o'clock. of closure photos to our website. -- up load your photos to our
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website. >> 5:37. the key to checking for pancreatic cancer may be as simple as looking into their mouths. >> more protein to consume fewer calories? >> e-mail us your answer to our question of the day. do you think the nominee will be herman cain, mitt romney, or someone else? share your response on our website, our facebook page, or send us an e-mail. >> we are keeping an eye on the roads as you make your way around the area. the latest on what is going on.
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>> is 66 degrees downtown. we are contending with a little bit of rain. most of it is light but there are a couple thunderstorms. let's take a look at it. some heavy rain at the present time in aspen hill. that is thundershower a move into howard county. if you're watching us in columbia, you may see some rain over the next half hour. let's take a look at the forecast. showers are likely this morning but i will be optimistic and say we will get a peek at the sun. the high temperature is expected at 72. we will check the forecast for the upcoming weekend. >> the contents of someone's saliva may determine whether or not they are at risk for him credit cancer. this is according to scientists at ucla who discovered certain
5:42 am
types of bacteria may indicate the presence of the disease. they compared saliva samples of nearly 80 people. it is unclear whether some bacteria may be an effect of the cancer or indicate an increased risk. the goal is to developing a tool. >> if you're looking to consume fewer calories, you may want to eat more protein. a group of 22 volunteers had a variety of diets. those with more protein had a lower caloric intake. those on the lower protein diet seem to smack more often. this was a small study. more research needs to be done. >> the time is 5:42. 62 degrees. the ravens take on tuesday on sunday. -- houston on sunday. for the getting ready baltimore running festival.
5:43 am
what people will be doing and eating to get ready. >> here is a look at traffic. the roads are wet. give yourself more time to get to work. out. says, don't freak
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>> and look at your morning commute. kind of a foggy start out there. that combination is not so nice that you make your way around the area. the burly and you should be ok. -- leave early and you should be ok. 795 and i-70 are clear. 54 m.p.h. coming down out of the northeast. looking at a pretty smooth ride on the harris for expressway.
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-- harrisberg expressway. no official delayed. we are getting close. we will go to a live view of traffic. we want to remind you that fog warnings are in affect. there are not any at the key bridge but at any of the area bridges. you will want to take it slow. that is the latest on traffic now on the buses and trains. as i have been saying, do not speak out. is that good advice? >> that is excellent device. we are looking at a smooth commute. we have a couple of delays. trains operating on schedule. the light rail has the bridge in place between mccormick and hunt valley. a few diversions, including the 22 at university and 33rd.
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the running festival will cause diversions and delays which will affect many bus lines in and around the city. the public is urged to allow extra travel time during the race. now back to tony. >> good morning. a little rain to contend with but a better news in the 74 tests. first let's say good morning to avebury who has a big weekend. -- ava marie who has a big weekend. >> i ran a half marathon once in my life and i would never do it again. i am talking here with ed at the running store. we are getting ready for the marathon on saturday. you just finished the chicago marathon. >> it went well. >> it was your first one.
5:48 am
how do you feel? >> more tired than normal. >> what advice would you have for people who are running the marathon for the first time? >> rest of tonight. each well. i do not change your routine. >> and hope you prepared enough. >> coming from the experts, what issues would you recommend? >> it depends on what you train in. there are three kinds of shoes. neutral, stability, and motion control. here we have a neutral shoot. there is not much support. if you look over at something like this stability issue, you can see it is going to push your foot out. just different levels of supporting your foot and adjusting. >> that means your ankle rolling
5:49 am
as you run. obviously you work here and you can come to the running store to get this kind of advice to see what is best for you. hopefully you have good shoes by now. the sticking look at the doppler as we are showing some stores. there was some light means. it is something to watch out for. there is some drizzle across the area. as you go on the road, we are looking for good news. what is your race time for the marathon? >> i am training, right now. i am writing in the car in front of him. giving encouragement. i am running a participating but not in the way you think. we will talk to you in the next half-hour. that is coming up on saturday morning. here is the batch of rain. even a few thunderstorms are likely this morning on your way
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to work. there is going to be a little bit of a break. you can see a break in the action in tennessee before the next round of showers will move in may to tonight and during the day tomorrow. in between these two there are some bricks endicott. i hope we get a peek at the sun as this dress off to the east. that might be optimistic. we should be able to sneak in the temperatures into the low 70's. 57 right now. 63 at the airport. we still have an east wind this morning. there is a chance there could be some minor flooding along the western shore of the check -- chesapeake bay. keep that in mind if you are watching us on the western shore of the day. hopefully it peaked at the sun this afternoon. the high temperature of around 72 degrees. rainshowers are popular --
5:51 am
possible again tonight. the seven day forecast -- it should get better. a windy day on saturday but i do believe it will be dry. a good chance for rain tomorrow with a high temperature near 72. 67. if you're going to the weather game, it looks good. sunshine. the next chance for rain will be during the middle of the week. >> i wonder what rendered -- runners hate most. >> i think the heat. you cannot run away from the heat. >> that is good. i'm going to write about one down. >> 62 degrees. coming up, talking baseball and a look at the american league championship series. >> and the winning lottery numbers.
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>> the orioles manager is in town this week. he met with peter yesterday about finding a replacement. now the orioles must find a replacement for the scouting director who heads to philadelphia. after a two-hour rain delay, the rangers and tigers finally
5:55 am
played game 4 of the american league championship series. yeah, it is gone. it ties the game at 3. detroit fans are still savoring the monday night football win by the alliance. -- lions,. . they were brought to earth quickly. the throne does not beat george hamilton. for-3 rangers. how hot is this guy? nelson cruz does it again. he put it on ice. 7-3 rangers. st. louis over milwaukee last night. they leave that series two games to one. both series continues today. the ravens are favored to beat the texans on sunday. the takings -- texans are many more -- more banged up.
5:56 am
they feature one of the game's best running backs. he grew up on the eastern shore. plus, matt has a strong. he says the defense is playing at a high-level thanks to the defensive coordinator. >> a lot of credit goes to the numerous times chalker -- he is a very flexible guy. he interacts with his players. tremendously. all the way up to the first and last place. how you see it. whatever. >> he is playing like he is 26 years old. it is amazing. >> thank you. coming up, a look at how runners are preparing for the baltimore running festival. >> a pair of amtrak trains
5:57 am
collided in california. we will take a look at the impact it has. >> the controversial bottle test is back under discussion. however new bill is pushing to help you out. >> we have rain in the forecast. we will check the doppler and the 70 forecast in just a few minutes. >> the rain could be the reason we have a new accident on route 10. we will update you on that.
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