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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  October 13, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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storms around virginia earlier with damage reported in areas just to the north of fredericksburg. those stores are generally tracking north. gruber, more stable air around here, so with any luck storms will diminish as they head into the potomac and into central maryland. the storm watch and 11:00 this evening. more showers in the storm -- in the forecast for tomorrow. >> we are following several developing stories tonight. the first, a federal indictment against one of maryland's most violent drug gangs, the floods. >> officials gathered late this afternoon to announce the charges against 35 alleged gang members. we are live outside the federal courthouse downtown with the late breaking details. sheldon?
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>> this section of the national bloods gang has been stirring up trouble from central maryland down to the eastern shore. their criminal activity has now outlined in his 135-page affidavit. the u.s. attorney announced the federal a turk -- federal indictment of 35 elected members of the south side brings blood gain. they are facing federal charges as well asppanc others. these charges have been linked to murders, home invasions, and drug trafficking. officials say there was a secretary whose job it was to handle day-to-day activities, like membership dues, and sending out written and electronic communications. she has also been arrested. >> it is not enough to address these folks. we need to make sure they are incarcerated for a lengthy time
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frames. and in addition, we need to make sure that they are sent out of state to federal prison. when we leave them to local facilities, they are able to continue to influence what fellow gang members to come back to the streets and commit more crimes. >> coming up at 6:00 p.m., i will tell you which police department have the most defendants listed in its 135- page affidavit. live from the courthouse, wbal tv 11 news. >> also developing at this hour, fire crews in anne arundel county are at the site -- at the scene of a pg&e -- bge gas break that has closed roads. right now, you cannot enter or exit the highway bear in burnie county. and a strange story, a woman is murdered, her 11-year-old son is missing. >> her husband is in custody. and and brother remains in place as millan please continue to search for the board. -- an amber alert remains in
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place as maryland police continue to search for the boy. the boy was last seen on a september 30. investigators said they found the woman's car somewhere in the carolinas today. the focus is now solely on finding 11-year-old william mcquain. if you have any information on his whereabouts, contact montgomery county police. 301, 279-8000. >> a quiet southern california town is really in the aftermath of a rampage. a gun and opened fire in a hair salon in the an upscale town, seal beach. he killed eight people appeared at the bottom of it seems to be -- he killed eight people. at the bottom of it seems to be a custody dispute. >> today outside the salon, a growing tribute to those killed in wednesday's mass shooting. it took only minutes. allegedly armed with several
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weapons and wearing full body armor, police said a man stormed the crowded hair salon and opened fire, killing eight and chris likly wounding another. his ex-wife, a stylist in the salon and the apparent target of the attack. the rest was captured on home video. police have not released a motive, but friends say the man and his wife were involved in a bitter custody that -- but custody battle over their son. >> now the lowboy is without a mom or a dad -- the little boy is without a mom or a dad. >> he could have easily gone now because his station is right there next to the door. but he did not. and he would not have. he would have tried to protect everyone in there. he was a great guy. >> his wife, also in the slot at
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the time of the shooting, made it out alive, but at a horrible cost. >> his wife was there. >> she was there. she sighed. >> she saw him get shot? >> yes. i do not know how she can live with that pinpoint crack's a life, like so many others in this community now forever changed -- i do not know how she can live with that. >> a life, like so many others in this community, now forever changed. >> the car crashed into a house this morning in parks bill making for quite a wake-up call. before runner ran a red light, hit another car and finally slammed into a home. it literally crashed open the front door. >> i pulled up just a couple of minutes afterwards. a white suv was in the house. it is typical for this intersection to have accidents
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six to 10 times a year. but this is the first time it hit a house. >> neighbors tell us the intersection has been a problem for a couple of years because the road was redone and people that started having a hard time seeing oncoming traffic. an autopsy on a 17-year-old boy found dead on the side of the road. he has been identified and is from westminster. his body was found around 11:00 a.m. yesterday morning. investigators are asking for anyone who may have seen in the last 48 hours to call the anonymous tips line at 1-888- 399-8477. >> the disappearance of an eastern bolivar county teenager has been solved. police state she died at the local man.eia >> we did learn more about the
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prosecution's case against 36- year-old jason gross. prosecutors believe he talked to the 16-year-old, michelle battle, on a chat line in march of 2009 and they are trying to prove that he killed her and burned her body. but the defense claims that there is no evidence that the two ever met. in the search for a missing teenager, baltimore county police checked dumpsters and other areas, including the defendant's home. -year-old jason gross is charged with first-degree murder. prosecutors are using cell phone records and gps tracking to prove that he met 16-year-old michelle battle on an adult chat line, got her to his house, killed her, and bring the body in an incinerator. attorney said people do not vanish without a trace. the prosecutor said he, meaning jason roose, thought it was the perfect crime, not counting on
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the victim's family and other evidence. the defense attorney says it is conjecture. he said that battle was a prostitute, using a chat line to go out and commit prostitution. he said there's no proof that she is dead, nobody, and no proof that grasps -- the adjacent rows committed murder. -- that jason gross committed murder. the defendant admitted he knew of red and adults catiline and was supposed to meet her at a bar near his home, but she never showed. he also told an officer that he wanted to meet her in a public place just in case she was a juvenile. she told him she was 20 years
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old. barry simms, wbal tv 11 news. >> within the last 90 minutes or so, police have released this photo of a man they say is armed and dangerous and on the loose. he escaped from police custody after being arrested for armed robbery on wednesday. authorities tell us he has a history of arm robbery and you know where he is, you are urged to call 911. >> baltimore's bottle tax is back on track, so to speak, politically. local producers pleaded with the city council to bring an end to the 2 cent tax a year earlier. it has apparently fallen short of its mark. >> more than $1 million short of its mark, according to the city's own figures, all the more reason, as critics say, to pull the plug. >> the 2 cent beverage tax went into effect in july of 2010. at the supermarket in east
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baltimore, the owner told a city council hearing today that his sales have slipped ever since. >> we are down $500,000. >> and lower sales, he said, have also meant fewer employees. >> we had 92 employees before the tax and as of this quarter, really had 85. >> he and a host of others that produce and sell beverages are trying to convince the city council to end the vah tax next june, a year before it is supposed to expire in 2013. >> we are losing jobs and this tax is a contributing factor to that, whether it's perception or reality of life does not matter. lost sales, lost revenue means fewer people working fewer hours. >> city hall wants to keep the tax in place, while admitting it has fallen short of expectations. it was x -- estimated to bring in $5.8 million per year.
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its first year produced $4.7 million. >> it is like the city is paying a dollar to collect a dime. your costing us jobs. you are paying additional enforcement to collect what? >> city finance officials called a tax a scapegoat for bigger, broader economic problems. >> there are much bigger forces at play on the economy that this 2 cent per container beverage tax. >> city officials say the enforcement of the tax did pick up in the last few months. they say losing the tax will mean city layoffs because another budget deficit looms. there was no vote on the deficit today. this was its first hearing. >> still had tonight, there may be some confusion this began as runners take to the streets for the running festival, but nothing to do with the course itself. >> the question they might have, what is underneath that box?
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the answer is coming up. >> and adding up the cost of college may mean it is right at your fingertips. the stories new at 5:30 p.m. >> and shaken up big time after the east coast earthquake, wait until you see how much stonework was removed from the national cathedral.
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>> engineers endured fraud and downpours today as they removed 2 tons of stonework from the national cathedral in washington, d.c. it was severely damaged in the earthquake in august. it shifted about 8.5 inches off its base. dozens of hand carved stones were damaged and mortar holding sections together have broken loose. we are told repairs will likely take years to complete. >> in tonight's medical alert, did you know it is national school lunch week? the usda is wanting to make sure that kids across the country are eating fresh, healthy food at lunch. representatives from the agriculture department were on hand at george washington school
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in baltimore city for school lunch week. this week's -- this year's theme is "let's grow healthy." locally grown farms are teaming up to give kids a taste of locally grown produce. >> it is also a way to make sure they benefit from teachers and the investment in school if they have good food in their stomachs. >> the program provides nearly 32 late in children with meals that are free or at reduced cost. cantaloupes -- contain a cantaloupes are linked to places across the country. the 160 people have been sickened by cantaloupe sold by colorado farm. that number is expected to rise because the symptoms can take up to two months to appear. the cantaloupe should now be all off store shelves. the cdc says cantaloupes not
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from jenson farms are safe to eat. a new report from the cdc fights 6% of the population suffers from coronary heart disease, down 6.7 -- down from 6.7% in 2006. these are not confirm my medical records. those likely to get coronary heart disease are men, people over 65, those who did not graduate from high school, native americans, and residents of kentucky and west virginia. and a new study from johns hopkins diversity is highlighting the growing problem in troops from iraq and afghanistan, headaches. part to blame is the helmets. a ticket -- a significant number have had pressure on the aqsa boehner caused by heavy, hard to wear kevlar helmets that have to be whaward for a long te frames. -- have to be worn for a long time.
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>> more than 25,000 runners are expected to participate in the running festival this year. that it's a new record. and city officials say they know it is growing in popularity because of the number of people that are wearing their baltimore under armor race shirts and other races. preparations are not easy, though. >> and indian wedding that once an elephant to run down pratt street -- honest to god. i'm not kidding. >> the race has a new course this year, which jennifer franciotti will break down for us in detail just ahead. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a clean sweep around the radar screen around baltimore. there may be some drizzles not heavy enough to be picked up by radar. nice, dry weather here in
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baltimore -- at least, not substantial shower activity. heavy showers and storms have been producing 20 warnings down in northern virginia. a warning was just issued for the city of manassas in virginia. those stores are trekking north, but encountering cooler, more stable air. one is southeast of paris in ville, va. moving at 26 miles or so. they're running at 80 sinkler. however, with the cool, moist, stable air around baltimore, the tendency will be for these storms to we can greatly as they move north. but it bears watching. this area in virginia is for the tornado warning is in effect. the yellow shaded area in dorchester county, the eastern shore, anne arundel, st. mary's, to prince george's, and montgomery county all under a tornado watch and 11:00 p.m.
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tonight. right now, the further north you go, the better conditions you can expect as far as severe weather. so far, the rain has been light, just sprinkles and drizzle of around baltimore. from northern anne arundel area from b.w.i. marshall south and west into virginia, the rain has been heavier. to the north, temperatures are in the mid-60s. even in the 50's around western maryland. but it gets warmer and even monday around here to the south to the eastern shore. even 80 degrees around salsbury. that is the area prone to set -- tenders from activity. temperatures will be steady overnight. the frontal boundary is triggering the thunderstorms. we thought another front, a strong cold front over the midwest * read through here. that comes through tomorrow
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afternoon. once this front gets through, a big area of high pressure and the weekend is still looking nice. tomorrow, maybe an afternoon thunderstorm. benett rapid the clears out by race time -- then it rapidly cleared out by race time on saturday. it will be kind of wende throughout the race on saturday morning. temperatures should be comfortable, but the wins will be gesten out of the west at over 20 miles per hour. once it gets here, it should last through our football game sunday afternoon. another mile day ahead of the front, 70-75. western maryland, showers tomorrow, but then great for saturday and sunday. 58 tomorrow, and temperatures only peaking at about 50 on saturday. most of the day will be in the 40's in western maryland. tomorrow around the day, 73 and
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sunshine, and gusty winds on saturday. the lower eastern shore, a high of 72, but then bright sun and temperatures around 70 on saturday. by midday into the early afternoon, west winds at 15 to 25 miles per hour. that will be a bit of a factor. temperatures will be decent for running come highs in and low to mid 60's. timarron amapola mid 70's. -- tomorrow, mid 70's. >> it is what everyone was talking about on wednesday. >> the allen show at towson university. it aired today . and the costumes certainly did not disappoint. what they were competing for, and if you missed it, who won, just ahead.
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>> there are lapses and curry's financial statements. new details at 6:00 p.m. >> this is one of those who will be a breeding runners as they come through the gate for the first -- but that will be greeting runners as they come through the eagled date for the first time ever.
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>> and woman got a big gift from oprah today. jenna picked up her beetle after she appeared on the show in september. she said her daughter is her hero. we will need both of them to our to talk about their journey and why there were selected for oprah's favorite things. and she take it from -- a portion of the "today show" show at towson university in the rain. >> ♪ i like doing yoga outside
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>> the students performed a dramatic reading from ellen's new book. they've won a gift card from barnes and noble. >> we see her dancing with her studio audience every weekday afternoon on wbal, but now ellen degeneres is bringing her pocket a talk-show to maryland and students at towson university are dancing along. hundreds of them gathered for a special taping of the show after she sent out a surprise tweet to her followers. >> everyone dressed as a favorite character from the book. got the three little pigs. >> bear is waldo -- there is waldo. >> capt. underpants. it is clearly her childhood favorite. everyone knows. >> producers comb through all
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the costumes in this crowd and chose finalists to do a dramatic reading for the taping. the winners get a $500 gift card to barnes and noble. >> palin was actually in california for the taping, but her -- ellen was actually in california for the taping, but her producers set this up for her fans. >> we searched for locations that we wanted to come to and we found tauzin and it was the perfect fit. -- towson and it was the proper fit. >> it is local. it is nothing huge to me, but i thought it was awesome they came here. >> wbal tv 11 news. >> it is huge now. >> they had a great time. >> congratulations to the three blind mice. coming up, colleges not just challenging, but it can be
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downright confusing. >> changing the lives of so many people right here in baltimore. we will interview the city organizati
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>> you are watching wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. in hd and with stan stovall, donna hamilton, your insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 p.m. in hd continues now. >> new tonight at 5:30 p.m., adding up the cost of a college education may be as simple as
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logging onto your computer, if you can ever all that simple. the calculator is designed to help students and parents figure out how much it will cost for them to go to school. >> in two weeks' time, every college university in the nation must post this talk later on there website. tim tooten joins us with more. >> mcdaniel college in carroll county has already posted akaka later on its website. hundreds of other schools are about to do the same. >> many students receive marriage or need-based financial aid. -- merit or need-based financial aid. now i knew cat litter helps them to add up the final numbers. -- now a new calculator helps them to add up the final numbers. >> what ours does is take the financial information that we're going to ask a parent or student
5:32 pm
when they apply for financial aid, it asks for an upfront, run it through a calculator, give them an estimate of what they will pay to come to make daniel. >> already, some college students have given the calculator high marks. >> i think it is a helpful tool, considering i depend on financial aid greatly with college and stuff. it is a great tool for any college student, no matter grad or undergrad. >> it is definitely a good idea to do. you can go on the internet and know exactly how much everything costs. >> the online calculators require students and parents to pass along tax information, earnings, and bank statements. it also takes into account students gpa and class training -- class ranking and scores. >> and now they can sit down and see. it is an estimate.
5:33 pm
the information is only as good as what they put in. they have to be careful about what they put in, but it will give them an idea. >> school officials say this computer program is a good for step in helping families to at least estimate what they will have to pay for school. >> we are told in most cases the online program takes about 10 minutes to finish. >> thank you. here's a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. a germantown man has been charged actress wife was found dead. meanwhile, her 11-year-old son is missing. the body of 51-year-old jane mcquain was found inside her home wednesday night. in the meantime, her husband has been charged with her death. the 11-year-old boy, who is not his son, is still missing. and 35 associates of these
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brim gang havepring gams been charged. more coming up at 6:00 p.m. and right now, medical teams are treating two johns hopkins workers with severe burns. there were working on the hvac unit in the back of the building when something went wrong. they're both being treated at bayview burn center. the extent of the injuries is unknown. >> lawyers for dr. conrad murray have abandoned a key part of their theory. they told the judge they will no longer try to prove that michael jackson may have orelli in just a the propofol that killed him. what is their strategy now? >> [no audio] did not use propofol for insomnia. >> during cross-examination, they pointed out that the 25
5:35 pm
milligrams of propofol that he gave jackson was a very low dose. >> the dosage used by dr. murray of 25 milligrams, and fused over about three to five minutes -- confused over about 35 but it's come out is a low dose, is it? >> yes. >> but another doctor said each patient react differently, depending on underlying factors, such as health issues or additional medications they may have taken. >> all bets are off. you cannot be 100% sure that it would not have caused a deeper level of sedation and compromise their ability to breed. >> -- ability to breathe. >> the defense attorney confirmed that jackson -- the defense attorney argued that jackson took eight bills of
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lorazepam before without telling dr. murray. >> i think they're trying to find some experts that will support their theory that it was not conrad murray's fault. >> also, a cardiologist review the case against dr. murray and found six deviations in standard of care given to michael jackson. dr. alan steinberg said hyde dr. murray not taken -- had dr. murray not taken those missteps, michael jackson would still be alive today. >> the defense will begin laying out its case next week. still no word whether dr. conrad murray will testify, but most legal experts say it is unlikely. >> lions, tigers, bears. >> are you quoting the wizard of oz? >> i am not. >> we are talking about what you might see in this year's baltimore marathon.
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>> and a father locked up while his family was killed upstairs. a second man in the connecticut home invasion learned his sentence. >> and the more than 30 alleged gang members are facing federal indictment charges. new at
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>> close to 20 people are injured after two amtrak trains colliding northern california. the low-speed crash happened at a station last night 17 people were taken to hospital with injuries that did not appear to be too serious. the train ran through a red light, but at this. investigators do not know why. >> deliberations have come to an end in the trial of a connecticut man charged with killing a woman and her two daughters. he has been convicted of felony murder and other charges. he and his codefendants broken to the home, beat the father with a bat, and force his wife to withdraw mmoney from the ban.
5:41 pm
when she returned, she was sexually assaulted and she and her two daughters read house when it was set on fire. >> it is hard to get out of your mind. the next time you try to contact someone it will be on your cell phone and more likely through text message. >> we will look at how many people use their thumbs for that primary way of communicating and how you can send messages for free. >> the insta-weather plus forecast is straight ahead.
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>> prosecutors returned indictments against in the three dozen gang members. coming up at 6:00 p.m., details on their crimes that spread from baltimore to western maryland. and prosecutors decided not to
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rest their corruption case against senator ulysses currie as they planned.
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>> and a real hall of famer covered up by a box? that is what we found in baltimore city this afternoon. this statue is ready to unveil, but it is not planned until next week. that means whoever is running in marathon will be wondering what is. it depicts something that he did very well, preparing to throw out a runner at first base. and keep your eyes peeled for some wild animals on saturday. for the first time, runners will
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run through the maryland zoo in baltimore. jennifer franciotti has more on the course of change. >> we have fort ave. closed off because of construction and we needed to make up some mileage in the first half of the course. we try to make it something unique and fund. >> that is why it will be the newest, and perhaps most unique location for the baltimore running festival. >> it has to be the only marathon in the country that runs through the zoo. >> this is what our animal ambassadors who will be along the race course. if you run like a pain when come out that is fine because we will have penguins' there to make you feel right at home. the ravens will be there at the gate cheering everyone on. you will see tortoises, just in case you are a little bit on the end. we will have a few other animals along the way. >> this leg of the race will hit
5:46 pm
at about mild 3.5 and it will take runners on about a 2 mile trip. >> there's a slight incline to get out of the zewe and then they go back into the park. cracks and -- >> and runners will have some interesting footprints to follow. >> we will put spray truck on the ground with different pop prints, anything from relevance to chimpanzees to bears. >> because it is the first year to come through the maryland zoo, you cannot be on the sidelines, but i'm told next year you can get a front row seat. correct so cute. wbal tv 11 is an official sponsor of the running festival and our live coverage begins saturday morning at 5:00 a.m. if you know someone blazing up their running shoes on saturday, show support by sending a text to 88509. we will be running your messages at the bottom of the screen throughout the coverage.
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>> maybe he will get a sneak peek at something else as you are running. >> it is very pretty through there. >> it is. polar bearur watchband. >> oh, buddy. leave me alone. >> no pictures, please. he looks comfortable. >> he looks mighty. >> monday, but comfortable. -- muddy, but comfortable. >> there's a line have showers and start coming out of northern virginia right now. some of these have been severe. parts of northern virginia under a tornado warning right now. this went to the south of woodbridge is fairly strong. it is tracking to the northeast at 20 miles per hour. strong to severe thunderstorms moving through fairfax county into loudoun county. the weather up here is
5:48 pm
different. down there is warm and unstable. across most of maryland, cool and cloudy and more stable. the storms are weakening as they track north. we might be slightly protected from the worst of this weather as it crosses the potomac. but in northern virginia, severe thunderstorms have the potential for isolated tornadoes in these red-shaded areas coming up from northern virginia. the watch has been extended all the way to the border. the potential is for the storms to push further north through the evening. so far, is cloudy and drizzly. to chants of an age of rain, about one-quarter of an inch at b.w.i. marshall. record low for this day is freezing. that is the record in 2006. only in the mid 60's near the pennsylvania border and cooler in the 50's out west. showers through the evening and may be a clap of thunder,
5:49 pm
especially south of town. the front of this is still draped across our region and that is triggering the storms. the cold front through chicago will come through here tomorrow evening. chance for a shower in the morning, the clock of thunder in the afternoon as the boundaries rolling through. then rapidly clearing out tomorrow night going into saturday. good weather conditions saturday morning as far as temperatures ago. but the winds will be brisk, maybe gusting over 20 miles per hour at times. some nice weather will win during to the sunday afternoon timeframe for the ravens football game. the key tomorrow is the winds shift to the west and southwest bring a dryer breeze by the afternoon, clearing things out. but on the bay, gusting to 20 knots. a small craft advisory is in place.
5:50 pm
eastern shore locations, may be a thunderstorm tomorrow and then sunshine for the weekend. same thing on the lower eastern shore, letters from tomorrow and then sunshine for the weekend -- thunder saoirse for tomorrow and then sunshine for the weekend. >> in tonight's consumer alert, airtran airways is adopting its new parent company, southwest airlines, a two-seat policy for what it calls "customers of sites." it is for those who cannot sit in one seat with an arm rest down. it says it refund the additional seats purchased after travel if the flight was not eversole. southwest bought airtran earlier this year. not that long ago you would not hardly see any hybrid cars on the road. except for donna, she was the first one to buy one. now they are on the road everywhere.
5:51 pm
this is a test for drive that rob roblin could not pass up. >> this lot in south baltimore was the place to be this morning if you or your company is in the market for a hybrid or all electric vehicle. >> years ago, you would not even have a truck maker even say hybrid. now every major drug maker has at least -- truck maker has at least one in production. trex there were 36 vehicles, from automobiles to all types of trucks. they not only help the environment, but save money as well. this truck runs on hydrogen. >> hydrogen is $2.25 per pound, compared to a gallon of diesel, which is like $4 per gallon. >> it is so neat. you do not hear anything. >> this pick up will go for the force -- first 40 miles on
5:52 pm
batteries before its electrical generator kicks in. >> with fuel savings, this truck comes in at about $700. you're saving $100 per month on his truck. and then you take a $7,500 tax credit off on that. you pay what you pay for a high end suv right now. >> his company was thinking about going all hybrid or all electric. >> the big challenge is getting the cost of the battery's down. so that the payback time frame is more reasonable. there have been some new ideas about it. >> they are the vehicle of the future and they are on the market now. >> pretty exciting. finally, more than two trillion text messages are sent to each year and that generates more than $20 billion for the wireless industry.
5:53 pm
but the texting options may take a new big bite out of the profits. apple's iphone users can send messages to other iphone or ipad users. the blackberry messenger lets users send free messages to other blackberry users. and google is currently working on services to allow their wireless customers to exchange free messages. >> baltimore city residents, and other residents, too, know anything or two about -- a thing or two about rodents. 200 city residents were recently surveyed asking which area they would call roundy's. iest. the ratty 22% of the residents surveyed said they would scream if they saw a burden in their home.
5:54 pm
prosecutors decided not to level charges against ulysses currie today, but the reason may surprise you. details coming up. >> hard to top the capacity for getting when you talk about the big brothers, big sisters organization. talk about the
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>> the ravens have been rewarding those who are making a difference in the committee but
5:57 pm
tickets to a home game. sarah caldwell introduces us to some local big brothers and big sisters who will be filling the rose this sunday. >> he was like a father to me. >> he taught me to be the best i could be. >> they're like fathers, brothers, sisters, and mothers, bonded by the lack of structure in their own lives. he needed john barnes as much as john needed him. >> i have known johnson's he was 9 years old. he is 17 now. >> their journey started with conversations about cartoons and chuck e. cheese. but now we are talking about possible careers and college. >> it is an awesome experience. it is very rewarding to see some of the things that we have talked about early on in our relationship, how it has impacted her. >> by getting to a place of
5:58 pm
trust is often a challenge. this manager talks about his own experience in baltimore city -- this mentor talks about his own experience in baltimore city to bridge the gap. >> i look up to in balad. >> he is really positive in my life. he keeps me off the streets. >> off the street and to a better path. their selflessness is being rewarded at an upcoming reagan's game. >> he has never been to a raven's football game before. >> also awarded with their very own honor wrote this sunday, decatur high school national honor society. our congratulations go out to them. the next recipe and we plan to visit with, the builders club of hampstead hill. >> just a reminder that sunday night is football night here on wbal tv 11. we will review the game against
5:59 pm
houston on sunday after the sunday night football game. state with jerry, p and q. that is all for us at 5:00. here is what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> without a body, prosecutors tried to prove that a man who committed murder. how, coming up. >> over 30 gang members are facing federal indicted -- indictment charges. i will tell you where most of them are from. >> and baltimore owners complained about the baltimore bottar attacked as they try to get it lifted early. >> this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening, everyone. we begin with an 11 insta- weather plus alert. we are now under a tornado watch. >> we will check in with tom tasselmyer. tasselmyer.


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