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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> good evening. we begin with the latest developments from downtown baltimore where a man was shot inside a parking brush. it happened around 6:00 p.m. tonight across from the university of maryland school of social work and down the street from university hospital. the suspect is on the run. >> the victim shot three times in the back. he is in critical condition. police are trying to piece together details. they have no suspects, no description, and no clear motive. >> a little bit of shock. you normally do not hear about it happening on campus. >> the campus was busy with employees, patients, and students when shots rang out before 6:00 p.m. the victim was approached by a suspect carrying a gun inside the university plans a garage. plaza garage.dg
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he is listed in critical condition. investigators are not sure of a motive but it appears to be a robbery attack -- attempt. >> i used this drudge premature daily. i am definitely walking around, looking around every corner. i do not know what will happen. >> people were kept inside nearby buildings while investigators look for evidence. there hospital remains operational. drivers waited to retrieve their cars more than an hour. >> i told him i would be back. >> i was disturbed. my daughter is up there. it is something terrible.
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>> there are surveillance cameras in the area. police are not confirming if there were cameras posted inside. >> police are looking for an inmate who escaped custody. take a look at this photo. he was arrested for an armed robbery yesterday but escape today while being transported. police consider him armed and dangerous. if you know his whereabouts you're asked to call 911. the search for missing md. oe has expanded to charlotte, north carolina. that is where investigators found a car associated with a disappearance. india's a spot where they rested his stepfather. we have more on the amber alert. >> people are -- police are hopeful they would find him with his stepfather. investigators have no clue where the boy is tonight.
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>> these are pictures of wm. and -- william. the focus is to locate him. >> police are making a desperate plea to find a missing boy. william's mother jane was found dead. an amber alert was activated for her vehicle and her son. based on an amber lerch, vehicle was located in north carolina at age 30 a.m. police have arrested curtis lopez and charged him with first-degree murder. he is believed to be her father and william's stepfather. they were hopeful they found the boy with lopez but the search continues. he was last seen on september 30. it is the same spot where his
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mother was found murdered last night. >> every time [inaudible] >> he is a sixth grader. according to a spokesman, but school calls home and counselors got involved after four consecutive absences. it is not clear if the school followed the protocol in william's case. >> i would not speculate why we did not get information earlier. >> if you have information, call the montgomery county police. >> a federal grand jury has indicted dozens of alleged gang members from western maryland to the eastern shore. the defendants include men and women. officials accused the south side brim bloods of racketeering and gun violations. since 2005, the gang has
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murdered, maimed, robbed, and intimidated witnesses. it is not enough to arrest these folks. we need to make sure they're incarcerated for lengthy periods of time. we need to make sure they are sent out of the state to federal prison. when we leave them in local facilities they are able to look influence gang members to come back to the streets and commit more crimes.
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>> a connecticut jury found a man guilty on all 17 charges he faces in a gruesome home invasion and murder case. a pair of broken to the family home in 2007. they beat everyone and rape the
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mother and her daughters. they poured gasoline around the house and set on fire. the father, dr. william pettit was the only survivor. >> i thought from the beginning he was a lying, sociopathic personality. and probably does not think he is guilty of anything. >> the jury will decide if he will join his accomplice on death row or be sentenced to life in prison. not much of the area -- much of the area spent time under a tornado watch. we are tracking the potential storms. >> these evening showers and storms are holding together. we have seen the worst of the weather in virginia fall apart on its track to the north. there was a tornado caught on video near quantico in virginia crossing i-95 around 5:30 p.m. the storms in countering the drizzle and fog have weakened a
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lot. without the sun out there during the nighttime hours, storms tend to weaken. there are some decent showers coming out of d.c. some of these will take us into the morning but there is improving water -- weather ahead. more on that in a few minutes. >> thank you. and natural gas leaked has forced several blocks in glen burnie to shut down. anne arundel county officials say they had to shut down east ordinance road west of route 10. that is a span of four blocks. we're told the leak happened after contractor punctured a line around noon today. officials were concerned the natural gas could ignite or mixed with oxygen inside some of the nearby businesses. this afternoon fire officials tried to explain what was taking so long to repair the rupture. >> we had one valve for shut off but it is being fed from the other side. they had to dig up part of the road to expose that, even if --
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either to clamp it or get another valve. that is why it has taken so long. >> residents have not been able to enter or exit the complex since around noon because it is within that closure. one day after rejecting president obama's jobs plan, senate republicans fired back with a plan of their own. the gop says it will create jobs by repealing the president's health care law. new rules on the financial sector, and boosting offshore oil drilling. the jobs through growth act would initiate a constitutional amendment to balance this federal budget. a new poll has republican presidential candidate herman cain leapfrogging to the head of the gop pack but how does he compare with the president? according to a poll, he trails president obama by 11 points. against mitt romney, the gap narrows. the president leads by 2 points.
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when pitted against the generic republican, 44% said they would probably vote for mr. obama. as promised, thompson university students made their show debut. see how three students were able to sing and dance their way into thousands of dollars worth of prizes. and -- >> when a bit my leg, it was shaking around, biting the skin off. >> a young victim speaks about her run in with a pit bull. her mother has a message for the dog's owner. >> i am done with the city. we have attacks here and there. i cannot breathe without getting attacked. >> business owner sound off. is their frustration enough to cap that bottle tax? >> severe thunderstorms to the south. there are some showers and storms out there. insta-weatherplus forecast coming up. it is still relatively mild. 71 at the
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>> a 6-year-old girl is recovering after she was attacked by a pit bull. the girl was in her front yard when the dog attacked. her mother has a message for the honor. she was outside playing with her friends when a black pit bull started across the street, latching onto her leg. >> when it hit my leg, it was like shaking around, biting my skin off. >> it happened monday night in the 2300 block of rose heights. they heard a noise. >> she is laying in front of one of the neighbor's door with her leg open from this-that the dog return leg apart. all i could do is wait until help came.
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quickly transported her to franklin square hospital. later she was transferred to hopkins' where she received 40 stitches. >> my skin cuts and hurts down there too. it hurts right here. >> the harris family said they have not spoken to their neighbor since the incident but the attack has sparked a health department investigation. the dog's owner has been cooperative throughout the process. as for the outcome, her mom said there must be consequences to prevent this from happening again. >> we have to take responsibility for ourselves and in owning an animal you have to take responsibility for the animal and suffer the consequences. >> she had hired an attorney. the health department will decide whether to pick up the dog or cite the owner. the dog remains at home with its owner.
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the bottle tax is back on as critics pour on the complaints. taxes, jobs, and the economy late the groundwork for the debate. council should pull the plug on the tax early, critics say because it impacted businesses significantly. the city says it cannot afford to lose the money. the economy is to blame. >> some people have it in their head, they are stubborn. i am done with the city. we have tax here and there. i cannot breathe in public without getting tax. i am done. they got to the counties to do their shopping. >> i talked to some other small business owners. they said it was not the tax. >> there will be more hearings on the bill before the council makes its final decision. and owings mills woman got a big gift. she picked up her 2012 volkswagen beetle after she
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appeared on oprah is "favorite things" episode in january. she dominated her daughter for the car because she said her daughter is her hero. we will meet with both of them to talk about their journey and the reason they were selected for her final episode. hundreds of towns and university students are basking in the glow of fame after taping for the ellen degeneres show on campus yesterday. this segment aired this afternoon. one of the producers is an alumna. they were instructed to dress as their favorite character from a book. producers combed through the customs and chose finalists to do dramatic readings from allen's book. >> there are all very good. i am very impressed by the three blind mice because i memorized it. i thought it was a great presentation. i believe the winner is the three blind mice.
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[cheers and applause] $5,000 barnesg a and noble give card. >> amazing they can actually read. -- the three blind mice can actually read. there were pretty excited. this is something he will not forget, he said. he got a few minutes of fame. they were ecstatic to see part of the taping. you can join rachel and danielle by showing your love for allen. be sure to click on ulocal. >> now your insta-weatherplus forecast. >> an unusually warm october night. temperatures past 11:00 p.m. or above what the normal afternoon high would be. we are setting new highs as we go into newly to our -- each new hour. there are still some showers and
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even a few isolated thunderstorms. lightning has been the -- detected. isolated showers popping up in baltimore county. a shower in harford county. everybody will be prone to a couple of showers or an overnight thunderstorm as we head toward morning. we have picked up some rain across the region. almost 0.3 of 1 it at the airport, 0.2 of an inch downtown. 71 at the airport, 72 downtown. the current temperature is the high for the day, more than 68. 71 at the airport, 65 up to new york, 68 degrees. that is quite warm up their for this time of year. big changes will be coming our way. temperatures have cooled into the 50's. we are still in the 70's here. a cold front will come across the region tomorrow. clouds and a sharp possible in
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the morning, 60's to start the day. keeping a mild until the cold front can go through. one front has stalled to the south, generating heavy severe storms and a report of a tornado around quantico at 5:30 p.m. a final cloud was caught crossing the interstate. it will scoot through quickly. by early afternoon it will be passed us and that will allow skies to clear. behind it, a large area of west -- pressure covers the western half of the country. we should have a nice stretch of weather. when i shower coming through tomorrow and then the skies cleared out tomorrow. by the time the baltimore marathon is starting, saturday in baltimore should be beautiful. behind that front we will have some strong westerly winds. gusts of 20 miles an hour possible on saturday. it will quiet down on sunday. it looks like good weather for the ravens football game sunday
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afternoon. an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow. highs of 70 to 75. a small craft advisory is out on the open waters of the bay. we will be done with the rain and the skies will clear up and it should be a nice autumn weekend. chile. -- on the chilly side. lots of sunshine for saturday. lower eastern shore, a thunderstorm possible through early afternoon tomorrow and lots of sunshine with gusty winds coming in for the weekend across the beach at ocean city. if you are running in their races, partly to mostly sunny by 11:00 a.m., warming into the 60's for the afternoon. the west wind at 15 to 25 miles per hour with an occasional higher gusts. a could be kind of crazy. showers end tomorrow and it clears up for the weekend, a great football weather. maybe a sprinkle on monday and
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around of showers next tuesday. >> even the ravens do not like their percentages especially in the passing game. we will explain next in sports. >> tonight is the lottery. the multimatch jackpot has an estimated annuity of over $2 million. here are the numbers for thursday, october 13. 30, 5, 4, 12, 6, and 24. if know one matches all six numbers, the malchine match
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jackpot climbs to $2,900,000. next drawing is monday night at 9:22 p.m. for all latest lottery news, visit visit
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>> now 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> the revisions come out with a three-1 record.
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a defense that has scored as many touchdowns as they have given up. it looks like the top priority. pete gilbert has more from ravens camp. >> the residents have been very good this year. the challenge becomes to be great and to do that, joe flacco will have to compete more than 49 -- complete more than 49% of his passes. they're throwing the ball deeper. is it a sign of a problem? >> everyone sees the potential. that is the important thing. we do not want to talk about potential next week or the week after that. >> the potential was not realized last time. the win 35 games minutes without a completion. how did that happen and should fans locate the panic button? >> we are a young team. we're going to have to go out there. part of that may be having a bad completing percentage a couple games but as long as you are putting pressure on defense and
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doing those kinds of things, you can still be successful. >> every single down we want the ability for someone to go from the line of scrimmage to the end zone and that is built into every plea we have. now have to execute. >> the shift brings a roller coaster like field to the offense. the ultimate goal of giving butterflies to the defense. >> i like the fat -- feeling i sense people feel they had better back up and that fits our style. we want to be a vertical passing team, that is the first thing we talk about and a high percentage team. >> do not forget against the jets won the ravens had to run the ball, and they did. the combined with airing it out highlights the potential talked about earlier. giants potential. >> always the potential for the ravens. they have won eight of the last
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nine games. injuries stillga-- linger. the good move, david reed did practice today. burke will appeal the fine because he took off the mike. all centers where microphones. he said the microphone irritated his gan said he removed it. only common sense, right? he did not know it would leave a withdrawal from his checkbook. you would think that the league would spot him five grand and move on. tigers down 3-1 coming in against the rangers. picking up six innings. justin verlander gets out of a bind.
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in the bottom of the sixth, over for the double in left field. vaulted over the third baseman. they never trailed again and win 7-5. the rangers' lead three games-to in the best of 7 cents. game for almost done. milwaukee part of st. louis. for-2 in the ninth. -- 4-2 in the ninth. the caps made good use with a sudden death win. a 3-0 start. in overtime, working on the left wing. it is over the past. capps went 3-2. the capitals in pittsburgh in
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the regular season. >> tom is up next with a look at the forecast. here is jay leno with a look at what is ahead on the tonight show. >> w
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>> showers and heavy thunderstorms south the bus. they are still coming up into maryland. they should be gone by early afternoon and the skies began to clear up. a little on the windy side saturday. winds that 20 to 25 miles an hour. beautiful football weather on sunday. >> thank you for joining yes. that is a look at the news. we will see you back here to learn night.
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