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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  October 14, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> baltimore police are stepping up their patrol of the plaza garage after a man was shot last night. >> it is kind of a dangerous part of the city. there are usually a lot of police. i typically feel safe. hopefully that does not happen again. >> a source says the shooting victim was stabbed in march in frederick county and had more than $60,000 worth of jewelry stolen from his home. investigators are trying to figure out of last night's shooting was a random attack or if the man was targeted. >> i think we always worry for our safety. he worked in the city. >> everybody can park in there. it is not just for students or hospital employees. anybody can park in the hospital. >> antonio williams would not comment on the specifics of the case. he said crime is rampant and
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public garage is secured >> this is a low frequent event at the university of maryland. people should be cautious as they would travel anywhere. please do not be hindered it to park in our garage. >> in response to the shooting, campus officials sent out an e- mail alert to letting them know about the crime and giving them tickets to protect themselves. we are live in downtown baltimore. >> some new details are emerging at this hour. an investigation into a montgomery county woman death. she had been expressing concerns about her safety just days before she was found dead. the estranged husband had just come back into her life. the two had been arguing. curtis lopez is behind bars charged with her death. the 11-month old son is missing.
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>> a five-year old -- a five- year veteran has been suspended without pay. nunez was arrested on charges of domestic violence. it lasts 20 minutes, we did obtain the charging document. authorities say nunez was upset over a text message, slapped her, and pulled her hair. the department tells us they hold their officers to the highest standards. >> the man accused of the disappearance of a frederick woman is getting a new attorney. >> he has ties to the natalie hall. he is confirming he will be taking over as the lead attorney in defense of chris. he has been it detained in a rebuff for the past seven days. that is when his travel partner finished.
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>> the search for a man wanted for shooting two other men in bellaire and 500 miles away in north carolina. we caught up with michael anthony early this morning in connection port to shooting earlier this month. he shot david doubly because he had been right -- robb earlier that day and thought they were responsible. >> text messages take center stage in the murder trial of a baltimore county man. they are making their case for murder even though nobody has ever found the body. barry simms is live with more of the story. >> jurors also sought several interviews that police conducted. in the interviews he claimed he never saw -- she never was by my house. i never saw her or mentor. >> what is your first name? >> jason. >> trying to cooperate with
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investigators, he talks to detectives. this is the initial interview as police began their investigation into the disappearance of rochelle. >> he admits to talking to him by phone, or on an adult that light. he planned to meet her on boomers bar. he said she never right. he had a couple of beers and then he walked to his house. prosecutors are relying on a text messages, surveillance, to try to say he picked her up, killed her, and burned her body. >> i seen you friday night if asked -- 9:00. i will explain later. idd to tell them you had a drink with me at 845 at boom boom's.
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investigators say the text was sent shortly after the interview. a few days later he agreed to wear a wire. >> what is going on? and >> jurors heard can discuss the investigation. >> the told me there was a girl missing. >> yes. [beep] is under age is what i have been told. i had no idea. >> prosecutors say cell phone record to show her and gross in the area at the same time. gross denies ever seeing her. police searched but never found her body. there is no physical evidence or
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dna orgross to the crime of murder. he admitted in one of those videotape sessions that he did drive his truck to an exxon gas station despite having a suspended driver's license. he again did say that he did not see her. i did not pick her aunt, he said. >> police are looking for a man who pulled a weapon on a woman and her child was was trying to get money out of the atm. howard county authorities have released surveillance video. the woman tells police the man did not make that with anybody because she told him police were already on the scene. if you think you recognize the suspect, give howard county police a call. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> sunshine today. finally, we have the clout of
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the way and the green moved off tohe east. we had a brief period here. that should continue into the weekend. you can see on radar now, showers reaching from new jersey of the coast over the ocean. they are kind of scattered. lots of sunshine throughout most of the states. two more clout in the mountains into the chesapeake bay region. rain totals got up 1 inch and a half or so. we will talk more about that and what will happen when there was in a few minutes. >> investigators say this morning's what weather may have contributed to an accident that landed a few students in the hospital. the school bus they were riding collided with the car. it happened before 8:30 this morning at the intersection of frankfurt. the boss was from god's little angels academy.
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the bus driver and the two students were also taken to the hospital to john hopkins. everybody is expected to be ok. >> the occupied wall street protests continue. they have backed off of their threats to evict the group. that is what the real trouble began. >> after averting a showdown, protesters went on the march to declare victory. but their celebrations turned into minor clashes with the nypd that resulted in just over one dozen a rest. the owners of the park and the mayor asked protesters to clear out sections of the park so it can be cleaned up. instead, protesters claim that the parks themselves and rallied supporters to stand their ground. >> this that we cannot return with sitting backs.
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that meant we cannot actually occupy the park. it would mean we would be like regular passersby in the park. >> the protests that began here at the park near wall street have turned into a nationwide movement with rallies being held at nearly 200 cities. >> their message of equality and what they see as corporate greed has gained more supporters each week. >> how long can they stay here? the folks here seem determined. they are not going anywhere anytime soon. >> others, especially those who work in the financial district's 80 protests are only getting them so far. >> i think the economy is a disaster. people need jobs. i don't know how protesting gets jobs. >> protesters see it differently. they say they are not moving, sweeping change may not be far away. >> more than 25,000 people
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are expected to hit the streets of baltimore to take part of the 2011 running festival. >> it is amazing to see how big the event has grown. rob roblin joins us live with more on the preparations for the marathon. >> hello. i will tell you what, the runners will be able to see all of baltimore going through many of our neighborhoods. they are going to have a nice day i understand as far as the weather is concerned. a clear out this afternoon. some of the elite runners had a chance to go and visit some of our school students. >> the 6, 7, and eighth graders got a chance to learn something about running. and something about life in kenya. >> you can line up and spend almost half of a day with about
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20 liters of water. >> they were at the school to meet the students and just talk about anything. >> hearing about canyon water supply and the lack of daily items that we have and how it can still turn out and be a great runner is inspiring. >> he was asked how he was able to run so fast and so far. >> you keep on pushing on -- and running, it is just the normal running. you won't be able to make it to the finish. >> for the students and the faculty, meeting these marathon
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runners from kenya was quite an experience. >> learning about other people, understanding other cultures, that is what we teach them here. learning about themselves. we hope it will fall to resolve conflict in the future. >> you are looking at the drew a delay could. this is one of many scenes the runner will be able to see as they run the 26 miles on the marathon to the city of baltimore tomorrow. for a lot of the runners -- there will be 25,000 or close to 25,000 in all five of the races, today was a day to register. we will have more on that coming up at 6:00. >> nice to see the sun out, too. wbal 11 is an official coverage of the marathon. if you know somebody who is listing of their running shoes, so that made little bit of luck. send a text to this number
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88505. >> is still ahead tonight, by the end of 2013, there will be a gap in where you shop for clothing. >> the gap is closing more than 20% of its locations. the company is just not as popular as it used to be. >> for this man has two goals in mind for tamara's running festival. how much she has raised so far. >> i am tim tooten. baltimore's superintendent held a morning press conference. we will find out what he had to say about leaving and his futur.
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>> starting today, you can get a false -- a close look at a full- size replica of the telescope. it is expected to replace the hubble space telescope. the telescope will be on display through october 26.
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>> in tonight was a medical alert, it has only been done a few times, the successful double and a transplant. today doctors from britain's hospital in washington said they perform the transplant last week ended their patient is doing great. he lost his hands below the elbows and his legs below the knees after contracting a devastating and awfully debt -- and often deadly infection. dr. spent 12 hours in the operating room. >> people say you have a miracle because you can do what everyone else does. i want have to perform a miracle to get up in the morning. >> it may take nine months before he has full sensation in his new hands. doctors say he is already making
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fast progress. he can already whittled his fingers. you might want to sanitize yourself on. a new study reveals one in every six phones in the united kingdom is contaminated with fecal matter. 95% said they wash their hands after washing the bathroom. fecal bacteria can linger on surfaces for hours, especially in warmer weather and can be spread easily. if >> now, your 11 insta-weather forecast with meteorologist don collins. >> the sun broke through. what is left of the rain. the son has come through. out to the west, some scattered clouds and a few isolated showers here and there. and for western maryland, that will dissipate once the sun sets. a couple of those have developed into a flash of thunder and lightning. all of that will settle down as a cold front is now moved offshore. how much rain did we get with
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the storm over the past couple of days? the rate our estimates show that the heaviest rains were west of baltimore. the virginia suburbs west of washington, and howard county about 1.5 inches of rain. a little less of that and carroll county perry the heaviest rains were out run the airport where they got 3 inches of rain. everybody else had 1 inch or less of a the past couple of days without rain fall. temperatures starting to treat as pretty well this afternoon. we got a soft shot of sun. the heating is done for the day. annapolis is 70, along with cambridge. 65 and saul's barry. 66 in westminster. out in far western maryland, the cold air started sinking in. 45 degrees in oakland. 54 -- the cooling is coming. you can see this on the whiter
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map. it is in the 70's read along the coast. here is the cooler air filtering in. it is barely 60 degrees in chicago right now. these darker green shades -- those cooler temperatures. the satellite pictures are showing the heavy storms out over the atlantic ocean. some of the showers we have had this afternoon are all offshore. here the front is offshore. are getting into the northwest winds. everything is spending around. we rotc some preconditions this evening. the winds will calm down. southwest winds of 5-10. this mostly sunny tomorrow breezy and mild. 69 to 75 for the high. during the race the temperatures will be in the 50's and 60's. some gusts to about 20 miles per hour. crafted by trees will be out. 8223 chop.
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even though we expect fair weather over the weekend, but late sunday and monday little disturbance will float across the area. sunday into monday morning, we might get clipped by a sprinkle or a quick shower. really, the rain chances are minimal. football weather on sunday appeared is partly cloudy. 65 to 69 is the forecast. 72 degrees tomorrow, 70 on sunday. if it will be 70 on monday with the pre-dawn shower possible. basically monday looks like a good day. rain chances go back up on wednesday. >> thank you, john. the other side of the blind side will be making a name for himself in baltimore sports. >> his little brother just accepted a baltimores -- a basketball scholarship. we will tell you where and why he is stating in stake. >> sec to lucky winners got new cars thanks to the oprah show. i will explain coming up.
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>> they just got their brand new wheels and in a roundabout way it is also because of a very special little boy.
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>> he is your average seven-year old. he loves playing with his toys and following sports. >> i love the redskins and for college i like the terps. >> he had a rough start in life. just days after he was born he was transported to john hopkins because he only have half of a heart. >> the second one when he was 6 months old. his third one that he was four and a half years old. >> now, he is doing well and only need a check-up every six months. his mom, a full-time teacher, has not slowed down either. >> if somebody in the hospital has a child and they need her help, she goes to john hopkins and she talks to the parent. she is now on the john hopkins
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family advisory council board. >> the grandmother was an avid oprah watcher. she was on the website one day when they ask for nominations of personal heroes. she did not have to think twice. she dominated her daughter, ally. a couple months later she got word that her and ally are invited to attend a taping. it was the favorite things to show. the grand prize, a brand new 2012 volkswagen beetle for each of them. [applause] >> there was lots of screaming and jumping up and down. it was very exciting. it was cool. a car? who gets the car for free? >> i like the red. >> i like the blue. but the bulk packed up their new beatles of this week. the mob does not feel like a hero, but it feels pretty good at her own mother think so. what's the think that was awesome. i think it is amazing that she
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feels the way about me. i have to say that we do what we do because of a dent. i think in the end, he is the one that is really our hero. >> those are some very cool looking cars. michael ores will be in more baltimore sports sen. >> the brother of the raven's defensive tackle who is now all brought up just got a scholarship to play basketball at the university pierre >> you might recall from the movie, the blind side, he had always loved basketball. he apparently had offers to walk on at old miss. he also had a chance to play for scholarship at arkansas state. he has decided to play in baltimore. but she must be a good ballplayer. >> he must be. "still ahead -- dog owners, a yard or to love this one.
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if >> we will take a look at the location and to tell you what still needs to be done. it first -- >> rick perry tries to come back. the latest on the gop race
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>> the tonight at 5:00, some parting words from baltimore county's superintendent.
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he says about his past in his feature. >> dr. joe harrison spent the better part of his press conference talking about his record as baltimore county goes the first african-american school superintendent reports he tried to put to bed any intention that he was forced out of his job. tim tooten has been covering doctor harrison since his first day of the job. >> this is sound a lot like a farewell speech, but he still has eight months lead with his contract. that means eight months left on the job. >> we can leave with my head up high appeared >> with a roomful of supporters, he spent the morning trying to set the record straight. >> i believe it was march 10, 2010, in print, joe harris and stated that he would not seek another term -- a term appeared >> was going to do it last year. i was going to do it this
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spring. i was born to do it in december. what's the outgoing superintendent says he was not regretting his time on the job in baltimore county. as he prepares to leave, he gave himself plenty of high remarks -- high marks for his record on what will be hard to match pre >> 12 years -- that is a pretty good run for anybody. 12 years in a school system with over 100,000 students as diverse as we are with 12 consecutive years of academic achievement is unheard of. i like to go out on top. >> that could happen. until he has served out the remainder of his contract. harrison said he would be glad if asked to help the school board pick his successor. >> it is quick to have to be a person with a strong and corps background. somebody who has a great deal of integrity. somebody who has the strength not to yield to political
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pressures. >> coming up next 6:00, we will find out what harrison was pointing to do after he leaves baltimore county. another education is, maryland is hold off asking the government for a waiver of no child left behind. instead, states will official said it will wait until the next year. some schools were given failing marks even though students were achieving. maryland plans to ask for a waiver. maryland is only 1.5 -- is only a handful of states. >> thank you, tim tooten. here's a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. doctors have upgraded the condition of a man shot and said the university of maryland medical center parking garage last night. police have stepped up petrol as officers continue to search for the should appear the 11 new site team has learned that the become was also a victim of a
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home invasion. in the search for a 11-year-old boy is continuing tonight. they found the body of his mother. police in north carolina arrested her estranged husband curtis lopez and charged him with the murder. so far there is still no sign of william. a baltimore city police officer is suspended atop a tonight on charges of domestic violence. nunez is a five-year veteran assigned to the northern district of the city. he fought -- he thought his wife was cheating, he hit her and pulled her hair before she was able to skate. the department says they hold their officers to the highest standards. >> in a major economic speech,
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presidential candidate rick perry said today for more u.s. jobs, we need more u.s. oil production. it was read. was a move to try to regain support that has not away from the onetime front runner to herman cain. >> rick perry hopes today starts to come back. he refocused on jobs at u.s. steel near pittsburgh. >> we must get a america working again. a big part of the solution is right under our feet and write off of our coasts. >> the texas governor once more drilling in the gulf of mexico, in alaska, and in the rockies. he once lost religion of his home state oil industry. he promised he will make the changes by executive order. >> creating jobs in america is as simple as changing presidents. >> winning the nomination once looked simple. now, he is holding a third or fourth. >> i don't worry too much about polls. i know a lot of people obsessed about them.
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>> the latest republican front- runner in the nbc poll was in tennessee. >> you know what, i kind of like my guns and my bible. >> herman cain fired up a big tea party rally. >> tehran out the current tax code. get rid of the current tax code first. >> in a new ad, mitt romney states that claim to the nomination. >> some democrats figure rick perry is not stopped. >> once he gets away from what are pretty minor issues and begins talking about the issue on everybody's mind, i think he still has a shot. >> that is the rick perry plan. >> my policies are driven by the concerns of american workers. >> he is hoping they give them -- he gives them a second look. >> there is word today that rick perry raised $70 million last quarter president obama raised $43 million.
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>> to net the sad story of missing a beat. >> just as suspicious car to where the parents, they release a flood of videos online. >> a text message recorded on a wire. some of the evidence prosecutors are using in the murder trial of jason gros.
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>> the parents of lisa erwin had posted videos of her on duty. it posted to the video to help spread the images and babies market lead. she is shown on for all but videos making happy sounds, eating, and pleading. >> making precious baby talk --
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>> they have searched for the child, the city had no major league indication that. it would hundred thousand dollar reward is being offered for lease oppose the return. it was announced -- lisa's return. >> prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty for a killer they say storm through a salon shooting eight people to death. he has been charged with eight counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. he arrived at the salon on wednesday carrying three weapons dressed in full body armor. reports from the scene indicated he shot for two solid minutes executing people one by one of the stop it wants to reload. >> terrifying. still ahead tonight, it was steve jobs new project. >> people have been lining up all day to get theirs. we will tell you how that vote
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is stacking up with consumers. >> coming up, we will tell you about the pit bull's owners punishment.
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>> coming up, we learn more about the shooting in downtown baltimore. sources say the the time was at the hospital for stab wounds he had during a home invasion.
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>> the owners of a pit bull will be paying hundreds of dollars of fines. we told you earlier this week about the terrifying attack. young girls in her front yard did roosevelt and the dodd- across the street and grab her by her leg. >> when it hit my leg, it was shaking around and biting my skin off. >> officers with the help -- health departments a dog will remain impounded until the decision is made with the animal hearing board. the owners face fines for $700 per >> baltimore county has
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opened a new engine proved a dog park that has been two years in the making. here is what you will find if you had over to the park. it is just over the county line. you will find 1 mile and a half police reserved for dog walking. and all it is 415 acres of land. the work is not finished yet. >> you will find many different attributes we hope to restore here. boating, hiking, obviously great dog park that will have direct water access. really, the opportunity to have a park that is available to all users, for leggett and two leggett. >> nice. as renovations of cost more than $3 million so far, it has been paid for by the state and county combined. >> it will be very nice. looking for some ideas for your indoor and outdoor products this fall? "i know you probably are. >> fast the garden show is the
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custody. we hit the fair grounds for some inspiration. >> the maryland home and garden show was a one-stop shop for ideas. over 300 vendors for projects inside and out or you can find the latest and greatest in appliances like this washing machine. but to pre load your detergent. the ikea kitchen is here. he is cooking up and 99 cents breakfast and previewing the holiday minipig >> what i am making now is the early morning breakfast. later on i will be doing caviar and eggs. >> the home show is offering something new this year courtesy of the american society of interior designers. >> this is the first time we have done this at the home and garden show. it is here to give people ideas on what they can do themselves. some of the displays are for sale. >> i use for drops of the vanilla.
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a quarter people to the small lot of pain. it makes it smell like an electric >> if you ever have double that point in april, brian saul gross is the guy to learn from. he is called the wall was it. >> i have my own line of books. >> he will hold a class all week long holding 70 tents in one hour. one of my favorites, how to clean a paintbrush in 10 seconds. >> the secret to that is a fabric softener. take 1 gallon of water. he added to that half of a cup of the fabric softener. we use this all day long. you can use multiple colors. we take this into clean it. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> now, your 11 the insta-
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weather forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> you don't need the vanilla outside. the brain has gone the way. the son has come in. we are finally from an inch and a half of ran around the area, we are clearing out and it setting the stage for a good weekend. a couple of sprinkles and showers to the west. that will dissipate once things settle down and the sunsets. going forward, we are looking good for a couple of days. the high was 70 degrees at the airport. the inner harbor at 73. the rainfall total since midnight -- less than one- quarter inch at the airport. the two de bring total is just less than half of an inch of rain. some areas in howard county got 1 inch and a half of rain. temperatures are backing off a little bit. at the airport, it is down to 68 degrees.
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64 degrees westminster. it is already 46 degrees in oakland. those cooler temperatures out west of us are going to start filtering in overnight tonight. the satellite pictures showed the strongest storms are way out over the atlantic. even though we have a few scattered clouds, that will dissipate to a great extent was the son says. cold fronts are moving to the east rapidly. this storm in the upper atmosphere will be spending over eastern canada. it will give us fits and starts with a different sort of thing. maybe a threat of rain to work monday or so. clear tonight, chile. the wind with gusts in the mid- 20s, that will back off. marathon tomorrow, we will pay set out here. and a clock until noon.
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lots of sunshine of the type to the marathon to start off in the 50 plus the downtown. it will be up to the low it 60s by 10:00 a.m.. watch the winds picked up. 10:00 to 20, made race. mostly sunny skies. the basic forecast is 75 across the area. west to southwest winds gusting to 30 miles per hour. there is the storm spending to the north. we are in pretty good shape. by the time in its monday night and sunday, the disturbance caused flooding across. we might pick up a sprinkle or a quick shower. sunday night or early morning. sunday forecast by the way for the football game, partly cloudy skies lee in the afternoon. seasonably cool temperatures in the six depots within southwest breeze. the forecast to 72 on saturday. even though it will be a little to margaret monday there is a
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shot of a predawn speckle were sharper in other words, very cloudy skies. nectarine chance comes on next wednesday. we have a good street here. -- next rain chance comes on wednesday. we have a good streak here. >> it is not the top to bottom overhaul that many apple aficionado's were expecting. a variation of the best-selling iphone did make edt today. lots of consumers are willing to give a warm welcome. >> good morning. come on in and get your iphone for american samoa. >> from small towns to big cities across the country, it brought an end to the anticipation. >> we showed up around 1:30. people braving the cold in kentucky, rain and connecticut,
5:52 pm
all to be on bond the first to get an iphone 4s. wider availability and more than 1,000,003 orders tempered the size of today's crowd, but not their enthusiasm. >> i think for a lot of people it is important to be able to say, i have the last phone he was alive. >> the 4s has a nickname. if voice activated assistant. the new phone even lord -- lured steve wozniak. >> what i can to the same store and 35th in line, they ran out just before need your >> and could meet a similar fate to
5:53 pm
this weekend. more than 2 million units are widely expected. >> meanwhile, a lack of lines are causing trouble for clothing retailer gap. they are closing close to 200 locations. the closings will occur by the end of 2013. right now, there is no word on which maryland stores may be on the chopping block. it is part of the company's goal to close its square footage in the u.s. by it tried to double revenue in overseas markets. >> coming up -- the murder trial without a body has a new piece of evidence. a wire conversation the at 6:00. trying to raise money for the cool kids prove how you can help this runner raise 5 k 45 k.
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>> you can like a page of this but can't help raise money for charities. >> -- you can like a page on facebook and help raise money fo9r charities. >> this is warming up in style. he is trying to motivate gregg hood. the producer has committed to do in a 5k to raise money for two
5:57 pm
local charities. >> a chance to give back. it is bigger than me. once he is a former high-school athlete who admits to letting himself go. to get ready for the big risk, he enlisted the help of raven's broadcast team member who has been putting him through his paces. >> it has been really hard. it is a process per >> he was known for his missile training and wanted great to be not just fit to understand how his body works. >> i wanted to train him to understand how the body functions properly. form dictates function. >> that is what greg is working on. he is trying to raise money for the recovery fund. if he gets 5000 marks on his face but page, they will donate $5,000. he has been posting videos to prove his steps toward a healthier lifestyle. to help him out, go to his page. >> act 5000 lakes -- like an
5:58 pm
donate $5,000. >> i am very proud of him. >> he was to show his morning show coverts a key kid him constantly about being out of ship that he can do it. >> they have all been really supportive. is really cool pretty have my back. it is corporate >> -- it is cool. >> if you know somebody who is listen up their running shoes, to cancel them support by sending a text to this number. we will be running your support messages at the bottom of the screen to allow coverage that starts tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m.. >> that is all for us at 5:00. here is what is coming up at 6:00. question are live at university hospital ash with new details. i will have that story next.
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.gov >> prosecutors are using all kinds of evidence including a text message in the murder trial adjacent rows. >> we prepared to step down as baltimore county school superintendent. >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00. >> new information in the shooting of a man in a downtown parking garage. >> the victim was being treated for stab wounds. sheldon is live at the university of maryland medical center with more of the story. >> when police found the victim in a nearby garage, he told him he had been shot in the back. his condition has been upgraded, but the search continues for the man who shot him. >> police have stepped up their patrol of the plaza across on patrol of the plaza across on


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