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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  October 16, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> live, local, late-breaking. everywhere you are. >> this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00. >> good evening everyone. ravens fans were encouraged to all arrive early for today's games in anticipation of long
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lines due to increase security. >> fence we spoke to said the lines moved faster than games earlier -- fans we spoke to said the lines moved faster than games earlier this season. you might think it would be impossible for everyone to make it through security in time. that does not appear to be the case. >> i have been to a few other games that were 30 minutes or longer. >> i do not want to wait forever in a line so i missed half of the game. >> the alliance -- lines appear to be moving quicker than expected. >> i have been to five other stadiums and there are no lines ever. >> the pat-downs include
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the entire upper body. lines outside the stadium have been longer than other games outside for the other games of the season. >> it is pretty organized. >> it is part of the time we live in now. if it keeps us safe, so be it. >> authorities at the stadium refused to comment on the security measures. >> pete will join us live in little later for more on today's game. you could not have asked for better football weather today. >> you can see some rain on the radar off to the north. there is even a bit of thunderstorm activity in pennsylvania. that line of rain is drifting east. it is also sagging south.
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there is some activity of to the west of us. mid-week, something more significant is headed our way. a lot to talk about for the week ahead weather. i will have it all in just a few minutes. >> a special session of the maryland general assembly convenes tomorrow. governor martin o'malley unveiled his redistricting map. the boundaries are based on the latest census. the proposal has generated a lot of complaints. >> has everyone recorded their presence? >> a special says in -- session has been conveyed to tackle the redistricting. there are changes based on the 2010 census. this is what the governor's redistricting committee came up with.
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it is universally hated. the governor plans to introduce a revised version before the start of the session. it contains the representation of washington for the next decade. it takes a piece out a frederick county and replaces it with a portion of democrat-leaning montgomery county. democrats in the washington suburbs do not like it either. representative edwards believes it dilutes democratic vote in power. this district hugs the coastline around annapolis. this congressman is being drawn to include aberdeen proving ground and another military base.
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his seat could become one of the strongest african-american districts in the country. some believe this district will leave even more republican. some consider the proposal gerrymandering. some have come up with their own maps. state house leaders pledged all redistricting proposals will get a fair hearing. some propose taking up only amendments to the governor's plan. the session is expected to last into the evening. >> governor o'malley also plans to hold a press conference to outline the details of his jobs bill. it will be introduced during the 2012 session of the 2012 assembly. -- of the general assembly. demonstrators for occupy wall
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street have been organizing in maryland. >> they are concerned about the budget deficit and taxes and opportunities for young people and jobs. those are the things i am working on. hopefully, we will transform the protest into some partnerships. >> the mayor says the protests here have been peaceful. she does not anticipate them getting out of hand. that was not the case in new york. police pulled away protesters as rallies move into the 30th day. 14 people were arrested for violating a midnight curfew. protesters could be heard chanting as police moved in. protesters were told they would be arrested if they defied the curfew. an amber alert is still in effect for a missing maryland boy. >> we hope he will come back
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home. we just want to find him. >> a father pleads for the safe return of his son. and a star-studded lineup gathered in washington, d.c. for the dedication of the washington -- the
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> a body was found in a downtown dumpster. it was found behind an apartment billion -- apartment building. there were no obvious signs of trauma to the body and no word on the causes of death. a 20-year-old man is dead after
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a shooting. he was found just after midnight suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was rushed to hopkins hospital where he died. there is no word on a suspect or a possible motive. three people are in serious condition after a triple sapping. -- triple stabbing. all three victims were taken to bayview. there is no word on what led to the stabbing. police continued their search for a missing teen. the 18-year-old was reported missing last wednesday. he was last seen at a friend's house. that is the same home police say they were investigating for a suspicious condition last night. >> we cannot pinpoint exactly what happened to him. we know something is wrong.
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we have been calling his cell phone for the last three days. it just rolls over to the answering machine. >> police have not confirmed that last night's investigation is related to jackson's disappearance. an amber alert is in effect for an 11-year-old. police are searching two parks for the body of the boy, who has been missing for two weeks. liens were received that suggested his body might be in a wooded -- leads or receipt that suggested his body might be found in a wooded area in the parks. thousands gathered for the dedication of the martin luther king memorial in washington, d.c. a wrapup of the today's bid festivities straight ahead. -- big festivities straight
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ahead. >> details on the insta-weather plus forecasts straight ahead. a few scattered clouds around baltimore. [ female announcer ] starbucks via® is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪
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>> an earthquake and hurricane eye ring delayed the august dedication of the martin luther -- hurricane irene the lady of his dedication of the martin luther king, jr. memorial. but many gathered for the dedication today. >> on a brilliant autumn day, dr. martin luther king, jr. took his place beside lincoln,
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jefferson, and washington. >> he will stand among monuments that fathered this nation and those who defended it. >> hundreds of thousands attended the dedication of the mall. an event that put together tributes with political calls for justice. >> a towering figure in american history. >> now he is 30 feet tall looking down on everyone. children, itng's is a memorial for everyone. >> let us not confuse or forget what he stood for and died for. >> a day to honor a man and a dream for peace and racial harmony that echoes for all time.
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>> true measure of any man is how his message continues on. >> a message etched in stone in the nation's capital. >> now your 11 insta-weather forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> there is some rain to the north with the little thunder. most of the moisture is closer to the energy with the storm up in pennsylvania and new york state. the whole line is sinking in our direction slowly. there is no guarantee of rain. a lot of this will dissipate in the overnight hours. let's look at what happens today. 67. typical highs. 40's and 50's.
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readings have now fallen into the 60's. just to our south and west, it goes to yellow and orange. that is the difference between the atmosphere in the north and the warmer air trying to come in. the real low pressure system and cold front is out to the west. it will be passing a car -- across the area in the past -- the next 24 hours. the rain chance is not that high. this is a dry system. a few sprinkles. 49-55. tomorrow, a mix of clouds and son. temperatures about the same. 68-73. we expect most of the day to be
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relatively nice. just more cloudiness. the winds will not swing around southwesterly until later in the afternoon. 66 degrees is the dominant timber in the bay oright now. insta-weather futurecast shows the rain dissipating as it comes into our direction. look what happens when we get to tuesday. we began to cloud up a bit. by the end of the day tuesday, a lot of moisture starts coming up. the middle of the week looks wet. there is a look at the insta- weather plus forecast. monday, there may be a special late in the day. tuesday and wednesday, rain chance is developing. dissipating rain chances for the end of the week. we will talk more about the
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weather coming up. >> i am live at the stadium. the ravens and texas. tragedy
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>> from the sports center. this is 11 sports. >> good evening. i am live outside m&t bank stadium. the ravens and the texans are about to begin the fourth quarter. 16-14 lead over the texas. joe has thrown 181 yards.
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as far as elsewhere in afc north, the ravens base the jaguars on monday night in jacksonville. -- face the jaguars on monday night in jacksonville. ben roethlisberger are to mike wallace. -- to mike wallace. 18 yard touchdown there. they are under a lot of pressure. the last play of the game. all he has to do is let it fly. he does. pretty good for the rookie. all ec's is black jerseys. -- all he sees is black jerseys. the 49ers are visiting the detroit lions.
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detroit happy at the start of this one. by the end of the game, they were not. let's take a look at the highlights of this one from ford field in detroit. i can tell you that the 49 is win 25-19. they gave the lions their first loss of the season. an interesting scenario. he is a little too excited after the win. we will talk about that coming up tonight at the ravens wrapped up. we were just here a few months ago in baltimore. a 15 car crash that has taken the life of a 83-year-old driver. -- a budget 3-year-old driver.
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-- a 33-year-old driver. the father of two children. back to you.
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>> you have made a few adjustments since we saw you last. >> tomorrow looks fine. maybe a sprinkel in the morning. by tuesday evening, we have a rain chance. wednesday looks like a wet day. thursday, we recover. >> that is it for 11 news at 6. we will see you after the game. >> paul breaking news and whether any time at>> this is al from president and general manager dan joerres. >> sometimes it takes loss fully
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recognize the impact a person has had. that is the sentiment of the loss of oakland raider owner al davis and steve jobs. davis the driving force between the merger of the american football league and the national football league. he knew a united lead would only prosper. he continually pushed apple to develop products that would build brand loyalty unmatched. jobs change the way we consume music and forced other businesses to examine the way they distribute media. as our economy continues to recover from the recession, these men are examples of the can-do attitudes so necessary to our economic recovery. right now, the broadcast
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industry is in a. a period of innovation. our newscasts are available on multiple channels. if we can learn anything from these two men, it is to imagine possibilities beyond your wildest dreams. log onto our website
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