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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  October 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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was last seen in germantown on september 30. after several days of searching trails and parks throughout montgomery county, this morning they find the body of a boy in a wooded area in clarksburg not far from a gas station. >> we believe the remains are four william mcquain. >> the next day, investigators and north carolina found the car and arrested her estranged husband. investigators say they have been searching for movements that give no details for the bottom area in clarksburg. >> that was not a certainty. if we believe we were going to find william, it would most likely be in this area. >> the rebate included the same clothing that william was seen wearing at the germantown
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facility in october 1. lopez was with william in that video. >> we are not sure where the murder occurred. we believe he may have been here since october 1. >> police say the forensic investigation is just beginning. meanwhile, the former football coach, teammates are supporting each other trying to make sense of what happened. >> i wanted to find out and get closer to the situation that happened to my little brother and his mom. >> he was the greatest most cheerful child in the entire world. there is no reason to should have ever happened to him ever. >> lopez is already charged with murder for the death of williams's murder. he is the subprime suspect. he waived extradition and is expected to be back in montgomery, the in the next 10
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days. >> a sad discovery. tonight detectives and baltimore city help a sketch will lead them to a man who beat and raped a 13-year-old girl last night. we are told the suspect is an african-american man who is wearing a black skullcap and a gray sweat shirt. the girl was forced into a vacant home where he attacked her. anybody with any information is, ask to contact metro crime stoppers. >> autopsy results are expected today for a graduate his body was found at the bottom of a trash chute. >> they found the body of 23- year-old emily in a dumpster. this is the second person in a little over one year to be found
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in this trash should, police are saying this is an isolated event. >> police investigate a stabbing in the parking lot of the towne mall when 19-year-old man is under a rest. police say around 7:00 last night, he stabbed another man in the stomach lining the victim in shock trauma for treatment. there are trying to figure out what happened. there are asking anybody with information on this case to call the tips line. life in prison -- that is the sentence for the former pastor who orchestrated the murder of a blind and disabled man. wallace was picked up from his group home and shot -- shot in a bathroom. he will serve 45 years behind bars for insurance fraud. >> we have breaking news first 1911. we are talking about a car and a
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motorcycle accident on east jappa road in parkville. we are told one person has been flown to shock trauma. obviously, a serious accident between a car and motorcycle. we will give you more information as we find out about it. a 27-year-old woman is recovering to 9 after she was attacked and robbed by a group of armed men. it happened just before and o'clock this morning. and our rural county police say another structure in the face before they took off with her wallet. police are looking for six to 8 men. if you know anything that could help, you are asked to call metro crime stoppers. >> 80 party rally in the annapolis during couple of hundred people to the mall. >> they demonstrated against the
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increase in the gas tax. they are calling ito'malley- landering. >> the maryland house of delegates tea party caucus organized the rally. they are not pleased with the redistricting process. >> not 3%, not 4%, not 5%, but 6%. >> clever signs and a straightforward messages. the tea party does not like taxes. the 200 that gathered at the mall do not like the redistricting map legislators are likely to pass. >> to trade off of the district's one party gets compared to another based on any percentages or minority districts is not constitutional. >> the redistricting map is turning into a highly partisan and racially charged issue. >> i will stand and speak against this bill. >> republicans along with
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minority groups take issue that there are not more minority majority districts. pounders are all over the place. >> there was tremendous opportunity to step forward and unite the state. he could have united the rural areas with the urban areas. >> the biggest mistake of all was ramroding is down the throats of people of maryland. >> the choice is placed before us, i believe not only put the good of the party over the good of the people. i believe it pits the party against the people. >> some of these activists -- many consider what they called gerrymandering by either party an offense to the republic and its citizens. >> the missed an opportunity here. >> to do the right thing? yes. once again. >> coming up new at 6:00, the
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tea party takes aim at those talking about raising the tax. the governor's claim that it will create jobs. >> tonight the maryland senate has approved gov. o'malley's redistricting plan on a 34-13 vote. it protects the state's interest while republicans argue it favors party politics over residents. all 12 republicans voted against the plan at all but one democrat voted for it. it reflects the changing demographics in the suburbs of the nation's capital. the legislation will go to the house of democratic delegates. >> president obama says republicans are not being truthful about whose taxes he would race for the jobs plan. the gop says the president is not being candid about his trip
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to key states. >> on day two of his bus tour through north carolina to virginia, president obama told teachers his $500 billion stimulus would help them. >> it would provide $30 billion to make sure we have teachers back in the classroom. >> he charged republicans are not being truthful about how he would pay for his jobs bill. >> do not to be bamboozled. we have not been raising taxes. we have been cutting taxes. >> republicans say that obama has been obsessed with raising taxes. >> we have been in a jobs crisis for three long years. all the democrats ever want to do is throw more taxpayer money at it. >> jobs and taxes will be the major topic tonight as republican candidates debate in the battle. when he was the gop nominee in 2008, john mccain loved his campaign bus. he is slamming the president
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cruising now and $1 million armor plate coated. >> all of it being charged to the taxpayers of america. that is wrong. >> the republican party put up a web at. >> it looks like a campaign. this was in retail, north carolina. meet and greet and eat. 13 months before barack obama figures he needs to win in this state to get reelected and then on to virginia, another state on the 2012 wish list. >> there are $2 million buses, the secret service has the second one waiting for the republican nominee. in washington, i'm steve handle some, wbal tv news. >> she is not giving up on reelection. she announced today the kickoff of her right in the campaign for reelection. she lost the primary for the
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district seat to newcomer. conaway says he has seen an influx of support and says she is confident about november. >> the residents of baltimore city know that today still have a choice. conaway has not gone away. i am still here to serve. >> the primary election had a record low turnout which could spell success for a right in campaign in november. democratic challenger in the 13th district shaon sheed. >> try and unseasonably mild for this time of year across most of the mid-atlantic and here in the baltimore area, temperatures are in the upper 60's to low 70's. as you can see, there is not much on the radar screen at this time. that will probably change over the next 24 hours.
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just to the south you can see showers in the carolinas. that is moving in wall showers are moving to the west and the ohio valley. both of those rain areas will trek through the mid-atlantic. the good news is, the rain will not stick around very long. i think you'll like the bulk of the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> tonight a new study says not so fast about the benefits of the state and the city from the grand prix race on labor day. >> the race made little difference to the local economy for a holiday weekend. j miller is live with the details. >> the study is called "not a game changer." it concludes the economic benefit of the race falls far short of what to racing promoters and the city promised. the study is based in part on surveys conducted over the course of the grand prix event
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over the labor day weekend. questions -- students questioned attendees at four different dates. the study finds the impact was less than half of that. that is being generous the authors say because most people who attended the race not from out of state. >> our data suggest 75% of the people were in maryland turf, they would spend their money here regardless of the race. after that, it works out to be close to $10 million for spending from outside of the state coming in. >> a spokesman called the study unscientific, but did say it included interesting indicators about visitors perceptions. an economic impact study is due next week. last week -- -- we reported
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hotel occupancy rates were about the same as labor day weekend the year before. >> still ahead tonight, it turns out to prevent sudden infant death there is more you can do besides putting your baby to bed on their backs. >> will break down the guidelines ahead in medical alert. >> in one week, how his new lawyers will defend him against. >> what is being done to attract more females to the side -- cyber security.
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>> the new super citizen convenience center is set up at the sanitation yard. will we say convenience, we mean it. before you had to drive up to a roll of container to get rid of trash or toss it over the side. now let's to dispose of recycling right out of your car door. coming soon -- >> we also bring in something that is new.
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simpson street will be the first sight of our styrofoam recycling. >> the new supercenter will be home of the bureau of solid waste street sweeping. it will help them get through "-- through routes more quickly and that will save time and fuel. alert,onight's medical we are expecting recommendations on surgical counter -- surgical screening. many experts are not sure if the tests should become routine. researchers say h-p the infections are very common in young women and in many cases they go away on their own. nwer hpv tests could lead to invasive tests that could lead to having problems -- that could lead to having problems with having children later in life.
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is it just for now that dr. stick with the traditional pap smears that have proven to lower the risk for cervical cancer. new guidelines are out regarding suggestions involving sudden infant death syndrome. >> they may be unpleasant for one minute or two, but vaccines not only guard against illnesses, they can help protect babies from sudden infant death trip >> babies who are immunized have half the risk as babies who are not fully immunized. >> she is the lead author of new guidelines of prevention from the american family of pediatrics. it is unclear why back scenes have the effect, but the benefits are strong. breast-feeding is also encouraged as a way to prevent sid. breast milk is known to shield
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babies from some illnesses. >> we now babies that have infections are high risk for sid. >> the -- >> ploy ones and the harder ones, babies could become trapped. bumper pad it ties could also pose a strangulation risk. >> the baby should be the only thing in the crib except for the mattress and a tightly fitting sheet. >> the most important advice remains putting your baby to sleep on his or her back. now with these new guidelines, experts hope the numbers drop even more. >> two other recommendations they have, using a pass a fire at that time even if it falls out during sleep and allowing the baby to sleep in a peer opposed to grow but not in their bed.
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both of those are thought to keep them from sleeping too deeply. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with tom tasselmyer para >> mild weather continued in our region. it will turn in some wet weather over the next 44 hours. pour now it is dry. temperatures in the upper 60s. mid 70's down toward southern maryland. cooler up toward the pennsylvania border with 68 degrees. temperatures running in the low 60's in western maryland. with cloud cover it around, it is likely will not see the temperature cool off over the course of the evening. the clouds will act as a blanket. overall, the approaching wet weather will keep it mild tonight. there will be some wet weather coming. look at all of the rain down to the south.
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this is making its way northbound. increasing and thickening cloudiness in the early evening. after midnight, some of the rain are rives before morning. east to northeast winds -- sunset at 6:24. southern maryland has a little bit of sunshine. low pressure to the west and in the gulf, all of those will combine to one strong storm tomorrow. the good news is this will move along at a decent clip for our areas. these two will combine into one and pull away. it should get out of here in time to solve its the upcoming work week. look at the heavy stuff in southeast virginia at 3:00 a.m. as the storm tracks through, showers are likely. it could be heavier at times. the system will pull away early in the morning on wednesday. western maryland may hang onto some clouds.
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he said the mountains, it should be clearing and windy as we head into friday. two areas of low pressure, some of it in the gulf. when the purple shaded area including much of the eastern shore for 7:00 a.m. on thursday, we are into the 2 inch rainfall potential in our region. a couple of inches of rain possible by early in the morning on thursday. maybe heavier amounts with the thunder in the southern part of the state. it will be a wet day tomorrow. nebraska once 6 to 12 miles per hour. -- nebraska earned wins six to 12 miles per hour. 25 knots on the day will get a top going on the open waters of the day tomorrow morning. western maryland will get in on the rain. by thursday, it will be much it chillier. rain could mix with a little snow up in the higher elevations of western maryland as the storm
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is pulling away. eastern shore has a good chance for rain. some of it is heavy. better chance for a thunderstorm tomorrow. 74 degrees. gusty winds as the storm the parts with sunshine and ocean city on thursday. 74 cast -- made it 60's. clearing out with a breezy thursday. cool weather coming in at the end of the week. highs in the 50's over the weekend with lows in the mid 30's. >> coming up -- the definition of rape has not been reviewed in a 30 years. >> the fbi is going to give it another look. >> he o'malley administration linked raising the gas tax to job creation. >> ♪
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which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. why not cruise from baltimore? visit today. >> the nba, players' union, and the honor sat down to try to save the season. >> people on the inside say it is not looking good tonight. >> as nba players and owners
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meet with federal mediators to begin negotiations, the rhythm of the bouncing ball is giving way to the rapid heartbeat 4000 to see their paychecks and jobs rippling away. >> the owners do not want to lock out. >> team owners will lose $1 million for -- players around 250 million a month, waiters and waitresses, bartenders, business owners, concession vendors, and everyone else whose jobs depend on games are not -- are now losing a lot more. >> tuesday, wednesday, thursday nights with games downtown, without having people here it is not going to be busy. >> there is a growing fear that those customers and nba cities may not rebound for businesses even if the teams find their ways back to the court. >> it is the business of
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entertainment. >> during a lockout that is anything but entertaining, especially for those whose jobs and futures are anything but a game right now. >> also coming up, the disturbing case of abuse in philadelphia that we talked about yesterday may have another victim. >> the family has a message -- locker opposite. >> the decision of the hotly debated home of 22 monkeys and the county.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> new tonight at 5:30, gary girodano accused of killing his murder -- his vacation companion. >> we sat down, she explains what is ahead in this case. >> a major change in defense strategy for gary giodano has spent 75 days locked up in this prison and aruba. he is the only suspect in the disappearance of gardner. >> he is blowing holes in the
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money is a mode of theory. to check on a million and a half dollar travel insurance policy he had taken out on robyn naming himself a beneficiary. >> what did he make a call like that? >> his attorney told him to do so. >> he says his first attorney lopez told gary to search along the coastline would be expensive. he has consistently denied any wrongdoing. with monday's bid for release decline, they are expecting a critical hearing next week where prosecutors will ask them to hold him another 30 days this time in preparation for a trial. next up, and important hearing in which case prosecutors will
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ask them to hold him another 30 days to prepare for trial. the new lead attorney on the case is going to argue to set him free. >> here is a look at some other top stories. police have located but they believe is the body of 11 year old william mcquain. he has been missing for more than two weeks. his mother, jane, was found dead in the bedroom of the germantown home last week. loepz is awaiting extradition from north carolina. >> we are waiting on the autopsy results from a recent grad whose body was found at the bottom of a trash chute sunday morning. police say emily house's body was found in downtown. even though it is the same trash chute for a body was found last year, this is an isolated case. police do not expect a fall
5:33 pm
played. we are getting the first look of a sketch of a man -- the suspect is described as an african- american male with a mustache. in happened along the 800 block or we are told the suspect pulled a 13-year-old girl into a vacant home and assaulted her. if you know anything about the assault you are asked to call 1- 866-lockup,. >> a subcommittee of the criminal justice department is taking a look at whether local police departments fail to investigate rate. the guided -- the at the guidelines could include whether there were drug or under the influence of alcohol. the current definition does not include any oral elements. the way they are defined may have something to do with them not being reported to police.
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the 12-year-old legal battle over two dozen monkeys in howard county has come to an end. tonight, their owner has granted the zoning exception to keep them under one condition -- no more monkeys. the sanctuary will only be able to take in more tests on a temporary basis, that is 7 days tops. the owner was decided in 1999 for operating the charity without the right to zoning exemptions. she has been fighting to house 22 monkeys. neighbors call it an unsafe and they are concerned that the ruling will let her house other exotic animals. alert,ight's education there is a shortage of women choosing careers in science, technology, and math. >> there is an effort underway to reach girls by the time they reach middle school. tim tooten is live in the newsroom with more on this story. >> but men hold on less than 25% of the nation's to high-tech
5:35 pm
jobs. they are on a campaign to change the math and to start now. >> the show up across the state tree 400 girls and all. it got firsthand experience alongside female professionals in the area of cyber security cleared >> what we know is that women do not have enough mentors. what we try to do is bring mentors to the young women so they can see their 24% industry is under represented. >> the summit was held on john hopkins university physics laboratory pierre >> you can come in here and learned a lot. it is a lot to do. you learned about the fbi. learn about fingerprints. i have learned a lot today. >> a think it is going to be good for our education when we go to college. >> the head of the national security of homeland security believes she knows why females
5:36 pm
are not using high-tech fields. >> i think some of it is when you are looking at young girls they traditionally think of these fields for gekks. we needed to. geeks sexy again so they will want to go into it. >> she is hoping to keep an eye on the future progress want to get them interested and develop a pipeline so that when they graduate from college they can go into the laboratory. >> this is the seventh year that cyber watch as a planned event like this one to try to reach middle school girls. >> to find out more about its mission to improve the quality of the cyber security work force, log onto our web site and click on "education alert." >> here is a question -- what do the ravens and harry potter of
5:37 pm
uncommon? >> the both sued up. the answer coming up. >> learning valuable life experience by running their own credit union. i will have that story coming up.
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>> the florida teenager may be another victim of the three suspects charged. >> he had been missing for more than three months, but she was found yesterday in northeast philadelphia with the son of one of the suspects connected to the case. they say they kidnapped the developmentally challenged people so they could still their disability and social security checks. the victims had been living in filth and the basement of an apartment building. one of the male victim's chained to able year. the family said she should be locked up for good pure >> i think this is crazy.
5:41 pm
i think she should be locked up and not put back on the street to hurt anybody else. >> the group traveled between texas and florida before arriving in philadelphia. >> an investigation is under way at one of the country's biggest rail yards. it derailed in california, shutting down traffic on the nearby interstate. six union pacific cars came off the tracks and a has met team was called in. no reports of a spell where a rupture. no word on what brought on a violent collision between a tractor taylor and a tour bus in new york city this morning. it cost driver was trapped before rescuers were able to free him. several have been hurt, but fortunately no one was killed. >> still ahead, you are about to pay more for postage per >> the new price internet's consumer alert per >> if you have not bought the new iphone deck, you may have to wait a little while
5:42 pm
longer. >> it has been a beautiful weather day today. hd doppler shows changes coming in. when weather moving back into the direction.
5:43 pm
>> it is not the ending anybody was hoping for, but authorities believe they have found the body foundmcquain. house minority whip testified in the trial against the state center. hear how he described the character and his not so strong points. we'll have these stories and more.
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>> the ravens are teaming up to host the first tri-ravens tournament. it is based very loosely on the tir-wizards tournament from the harry potter series. the test combine educational programming and physical activity. all kids get to the allravens backpack with healthy snacks and a bottle -- and a water bottle. >> temperatures this time of year are only supposed to be peaking in the mid 60's or so. we've made it into the mid 70's across the region.
5:46 pm
it was a warmer than normal 18th day of october. we hit 75 degrees at the inner harbor. ec the normal 66 degrees. the record high is not all that war when you think about it. 82 is the highest it has ever been on october 18, 1945. temperatures in the 60's in western maryland. across thet at 70's southern sections from cambridge. 69 degrees in hagerstown. cloudy skies for most areas this afternoon. south of us there is still some clear weather. south of baltimore, that will change pretty quickly as the rain coming out of the gulf coast area makes its way up through the carolinas and is not too far from getting in here. after midnight tonight, some of the southern rain begins to push in. all of the converging on the mid-atlantic jury cloudy is the
5:47 pm
forecast for the early part of the night. mild temperatures and rain developing over night. one front came in and installed across the mid-atlantic, that kept a cloudy today. the pressure over the ohio valley and over the gulf. these will form into 1 storm. that will kick in some isolated thunderstorms. since it will keep moving and a decent clip, high pressure to the west will get here before the week is over. in that time. come -- some of the ring you could be pretty heavy. it begins to pull away late tomorrow night. by dawn on thursday, the storms should be getting out of here. it may hang out in the mountains with a little mixed snow on the higher elevations. freddie should be nice. i think the nice weather will take us into the beacon. before we get to that, we may have to deal with a couple of
5:48 pm
inches of rain. and and you might even here a little bit of thunder south and east of baltimore. a wet today with a nebraska breeze. --northeast breeze. a little bit of a northeast feel of the system as it moves through. western maryland will see it a temperature drop. a wet wednesday and showers later thursday. thursday's hawaii only 42 degrees. on the day, rain tomorrow. possibly heavy. 66 degrees clear and windy on thursday. a potential 74 degrees. nice sunshine returning thursday. a rainy day tomorrow, mid 60s
5:49 pm
for the high. sonny buckle on friday. sunshine for both saturday and sunday. afternoon highs only in the upper 50's. >> the postal services once again raising the cost of services -- starting generate 22nd, it will cost you more to mail a letter. >> i think i will take it away here. that is one penny more for first-class mail. the post office lost more than $8 million in the fiscal year. it will likely be worse when the final numbers are released next month. the cost of the stamp is going up. frederick county commissioners want to give the green light to to gambling. they are asking for state approval to make them the 10th maryland county with slots run
5:50 pm
by the war veterans' organization. each club would be limited to five slot machines under that proposal. >> thank you. my mike was dangling. that was the problem. the home-improvement retailer was slated to build the store at the 25th station as part of a development project. this comes after loew's closed 10 stores on sunday. part of the company's plans to shut down 20 stores in 15 states. none of those stores are in maryland so far. walmart is supposed to setups lot in the same shopping center. there remain focused on providing jobs and affordable or free options. students at the house will now have their own credit union. this is the fifth school in baltimore county to get one. it is teaching students more than just financial responsibility.
5:51 pm
>> the student credit union is officially open at the high school in telson. it has been running since the beginning of the school year staff by eight students. >> you get to learn some of the basics of your own personal finance as well as being able to get experience is like a first-time job. >> the credit union is open for half an hour every day before school. fellow students end of staff can come in and do everything from opening an account to put big money on the debit card they can use in the cafeteria carry >> i think everybody needs to know this information whether you are going to be a doctor, lawyer, bus driver, firefighter. you will need to know how to balance your checkbook. >> some of the students plan to go into financial careers, but some of them aren't. all of them will gather voluble life skills.
5:52 pm
>> just being able to talk to the customers and being able to interact with people more easily. you get to learn a lot of face- to-face interaction with people. >> student workers get credit for their work and are chosen after taking a personal finance class at the school. they get the experience of going to a full interview process pure >> they each complete a application. they go through an actual interview process with myself and our age are director pierre >> this is the fifth credit union. they are helping thousands of students learn control of their financial future. >> if you don't already had your hands on the iphone, it may be a while. they leave a very few of the devices that most retailers. online orders will take you one
5:53 pm
to two weeks for delivery. carriers have even longer delivery times. retail stores like target, best buy, and walmart are all sold out. >> that is what people are standing in line. all eyes are on one side in particular -- nevada. we will tell you why. plus, we are telling you what is at stake for the candidates as herman cain rises in the polls. first, the day before baseball takes center stage in the world series, there is something health officials want players to stt
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for senate to -- for health officials are asking for a ban on chewing tobacco afghans and on camera. -- joint tobacco at games and on camera. there is now a growing push to make players agree to a tobacco ban. the world series between the texas rangers and the cardinals starts in st. louis tomorrow night. >> tailgating has become as big of a part of the event as the game itself. no matter where you go, fans of a particular team will tell you they have the best tailgating. it is probably no official way to figure out who is best, but the weather channel gave it a guest.
5:57 pm
>> mcdaniel colleg has always been known for its academic excellence. now it is about to get an award for something quite different. >> set up your til they, and rain or shine, you are right on top of the action. >> tonight to the weather channel will name mcdaniel college one of the top seven schools for tailgating. >> it is to be recognized for the ability to have a great time on saturday afternoon. >> it seems to have the perfect way out to watch a football game and a tail gate at the same time. visitors are willing -- are able to park ride above the field. >> we have a drive in stadium. family and friends all come in, the park around the stadium, they said ups -- the set up their tents. it is one of the rear traditions of college football. >> the great experience because
5:58 pm
you can tailgate through the entire game. you don't have to stop and go into the game. you see everybody at school. everybody comes out. it is a great time. >> you always have good food, burgers, hot dogs, all of the good stuff. you always have a good view. overall, it is a good time. >> if you play on the football team, home games are the best. >> people are all of the fences. it is nice. >> it feels like the field is so closed in. the environment is so close and it makes everything intense. >> it is great to have the fans coming out every week. >> congratulations, mcdaniel. rob roblin, wbal tv news. >> that is all for us tonight at 5:00.
5:59 pm
here is what is coming up at 6:00. >> raising the gas tax is linked to job creation. the story straight ahead. >> congressman steny hoyer takes the stand. i will have details on this live report. >> a body found in clarksburg is believed to be a missing 11- year-old boy. we are live with that story next. >> live, local, like to breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00. >> the message from annapolis is our big story tonight at 6:00. this was supposed to be a special legislative session on districting. the have added a gas related issue. >> the topic of conversation seems to be about raising a gas tax. they are trying to link it to job creation. david collins is live with the details. >> the


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