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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> good evening everybody. our big story to that -- baltimore county police are trying to determine what triggered an apparent murder- suicide in middle river. >> police said they found a suicide note but that would not say who wrote it or what it said. police say a family member baited the gruesome discovery in the living-room on bird river road. >> they were married. he was 84-years old, she was 85- years old. >> they will not say who wrote the note or what is said. investigators spent most of the afternoon coming through the scene of the apparent murder- suicide. >> i knew john.
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he did not seem like the person who would do that. >> i did not think that would be possible with these two people. they were very kind people. it is a tough thing to talk about. there is probably a whole lot more to it. >> he was walking his dog in the area earlier in the day. now he is wondering if he may have been at the right place it the right time. >> it is unclear what prompted the shooting or who did it. he said the couple did have problems with their health. neighbors are still in shock. >> it is a shame. he was a nice guy. he would walk down behind in what appeared >> neighbors and loved ones hold onto fond memories, detectives continue to investigate what prompted the tragedy.
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>> family and friends had a final goodbye to a baltimore to get his deal today. u.s. marshals tried to bring the alleged killer back to maryland. brian jackson was attacked inside his home -- ryan jackson was attacked inside his home. the body was later found in south baltimore. detectives caught up with orton in alabama. he spoke to a reporter as he was led to tell. >> his wife was with him in alabama. she was also arrested for tendering in the resting -- resisting arrest. a man accused of killing a john hopkins researcher will spend the rest of his life behind bars. a judge gave john wagner the
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maximum sentence. stephen pitcairn step to death while he was on the phone with his mother. during the trial, his mother testified about hearing his son's murder. >> it is hard to move on the with this. hopefully it will bring them a little bit of peace. i have to move on with their life. >> the family dispute -- declined to comment after the sentencing. >> the alleged trigger man and the higher -- murder for hire of a gas station owner goes on trial. barry simms is at the scene. >> prosecutors call the murder of a gas station owner cold- blooded and premeditated. the triggerman was pressured
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into committing the killing by the victim was the wife. walter bishop is on trial accused of shooting court several times in the head. they found the victim at the gas station. he was barely breathing. officers began investigating a possible robbery after the wife described the assailant as a black man with a black hoodie. the investigation took a strange turn leading to accusations of a murder for hire ski team. the prosecutor described walter bishop and his role saying he did it for the money. porter and plan to kill her husband. walter bishop was the higher hit man. he was promised another $9,000 after $300 and that she supplied the murder weapon. she would go to the ends of the earth to have her husband
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killed. for at least one year, she had been telling family members and friends that her husband was abusing her. she recruited them to help carry out the scheme. defense attorneys said nobody tried to stop what ended up a tragic murder. is unbelievable the length of this woman went to. he went to great lengths to back out of it. they told jurors that he owned up to his role in the offense. in a confession, he was truthful, tearful, and he assisted the police in fighting the weapon. william porter was shot under his left eye and a twice in the right side of his head. in the taped interview, bishop told detectives that he guessed he was dead. she also suggested he may have to shoot her in the arm or leg or something. reporting from hartford county,barry simms. >> two people were killed including a morgan state student
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after an accident and fells point. happened around 10:30 yesterday evening. his passenger was also killed. police say speed may have been a factor in this crash. the people in the suv are expected to be ok. the suspects in two different murders in howard county have been inducted. -- indicted. on september 12, macdonald shot near in the 8700 block. police believe macdonald was a client. anthony parker was indicted in the stabbing death. the crime happened the next day on the 5500 block of harpers farm road. both men are being held at the howard county detention center. frederick mann is facing a long list of charges to night after police said they found him hiding in a shower stall and a
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woman puts the bathroom on a college campus. justin morgan had broken to cut college dorm on thursday and according to witnesses made his way into a woman posing as an emblem of the floors. police were on the campus investigating a theft when people called in to the door. that is where they found work in leaving the building. he was and arrested and released on $25,000 bond. it began as a shock and all. now, after nine years of war, president obama announced all of our men and women in the military are coming home. he said trips will be coming home for the holidays putting an end to a conflict that many say took too many lives and cost too much money. >> the president says u.s. troops will leave iraq with their help -- there had held high. >> we can say that our troops in
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iraq will be home pretty holiday spirit >> the 40,000 troops in the country will start packing up and returning home over the next two months. president obama and the iraqi prime minister both agree it is time to end the u.s. presence at iraq. they have been in discussions with their american troops would stay in the country beyond 2011 to provide security. >> there will be some difficult days ahead for iraq. the united states will have an interest in an iraq that is stable, secure, and reliant. >> they will have as many as 5000 private contractors protecting them. they continue to work with the iraqi bank government. -- the iraqi government. but these guys are ready and capable. they are proven. >> the war has lasted nearly nine years, more than 1 million americans served in iraq during the war -- the war. more than 30,000 were wounded. >> we will never stop working to
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give them and their families the care, the benefits, and the opportunities that they have erred. >> president obama also tied this is to the economy saying the country needs to enlist its veterans to create jobs here at home. >> to dozens of trips landed at bwi wells airport tonight. there are very happy to be greeted by friends, families, and even complete strangers. a group called operation will all maryland it treated into a huge celebration. kai reed continues our coverage. >> a lot of servicemen and women were passing to baltimore on their way home. many were thrilled to know there were coming home to stay. dozens of servicemen and women from all over the country landed at bwi and retreated -- greeted with a welcome home celebration they never expected.
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many of them are seeing their families for the first time in months and are just learning of the president's announcement of a complete withdrawal of iraq by the end of the year. >> i cannot win for the rest of them to come home. it will be an awesome feeling it is great to be home with everyone. >> i am excited which will be coming home. there are a lot of things that need to be weighed. are we leaving the country stable enough to where we will not have to go back? it is good news for everyone. it's hard being there. it is just great to be home. >> two full flights landed in baltimore on friday nights with trips and the sheeting from iraq and afghanistan. operation welcome home maryland put on the party to make them feel at home, head out sandbags and to simply say thank you. it organized the welcome throughout the year and greeted more than 5000 troops in the month of june alone. their thoughtfulness brought
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staff sgt to tears. mcchrystal have been identified to go. this makes everything worth it. >> operation welcome home of maryland is always looking for donations. it is made up of volunteers. you can find out more information on the university of maryland may be working its main campus in college park with out of baltimore. tonight but the education eller, officials are studying the benefit and cost of the potential merger and what it could mean for jobs and the students. an outlook on the job market looks -- coming up on project the economy. >> clearing skies and temperatures for the weekend. insta-
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>> internet's project economy report, senate democrats unveiled the next part of president obama as jobs plan. it is a $60 billion transportation project to build roads and bridges. the measure would have also raised taxes on millionaires. >> i think you are going to see very similar votes to what we saw the last few weeks where democrats basically hang together and the republicans also know because it is paid for by a tax increase. >> the second measure of the president's mass of jobs plan to be rolled out of a separate smaller piece of legislation. leaders rejected the original $447 billion bill last week. maryland's unemployment rate inched up to 7.4%. that came out of the same day
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that they announced they are cutting jobs. the number of private sector jobs statewide actually grew by 6800. state labor officials say that overall, economic recovery trends have been steady in the right direction. one local economist agrees. >> is marilyn's, me trending in the right direction? >> yes. i still see the house sector, educational sector. >> 4000 of those jobs included the september employment picture that represent more rise in employees going back to work after their strike. it tonight's education a lawyer, a potential college merger. state education officials are studying the benefits and cost of making the university of maryland college park and the university of maryland baltimore one school. tim tooten -- tim tooten has the details. >> jobs and baltimore, and when
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when. baltimore city is the only city in the nation as two top 10 research universities within its borders. >> michael miller is leading the charge to study a possible merger between the university of maryland baltimore and college park. the board of regents were directed to look at the possibility of a comeback with the report by december. so far some of the political and civic leaders have raised concerns over who would benefit from such a merger. >> i have serious concerns about the potential case of the development on the west side. we have a president that is focused on the westside and fully engaged. that is how i would like to keep it. >> so far reaction is missed by students at the downtown campus. >> i don't feel it is something that will happen anytime soon. i think it is a step is a good -- >> i think of paper it is a good idea. i have no idea how it would work
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together. >> the chairman of the board of regents is promising an open and fair process. but at the end of the day, this is what it is about. i think our board understands that and that is what we will expect to do. >> the next public hearing is expected next friday at college park. the final report is expected to be completed sometime by mid december. but is now we think of the merger. you can go to our web site and click on education a lawyer. -- education alert. >> clearing skies across the region tonight as high pressure begins to build and on the storm that was with us for most of the -- most of the week pulls away from us. there are still sprinkles that are like enhanced. cool air coming across the great lakes. babies and snow showers in
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cooler locations just to the north end at west. temperatures are cooling. statewide we are seeing a serious drawback to the 40's. oakland is doubt in the mid 30's for most of the day. there are going below freezing tonight in western maryland. 53 degrees in downtown baltimore and 51 at annapolis. you can see the chilly cool air coming in from the likes pushing all the way to the ohio valley. there are frost and freeze advisories' out. 48 degrees right now in atlanta. 47 in charlotte. 47 degrees at bwi marshall. it is colder in parts of mississippi and alabama and and and parts of made right now where
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air is coming up from the south and west. that is how one of the storm system is that came through. with high pressure coming in, it looks like a beautiful day tomorrow. let's a beautiful sunshine. a high of 61 degrees. 35 degrees on average. some spots may dip in the outlying suburbs. after a frosty morning, it will be a beautiful afternoon. sprinkles may develop monday and sunny on wednesday. he bettered chance of showers and maybe a few thunderstorms arrive on wednesday and thursday. >> with about 75 cans a week from which to choose, you never know if you will get the right one. tonight, we did. maybe the game of the year. coming up next in sports.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> his destructors screaming and his supporters fighting back. he does not seem to care one way or the other. maybe that is why flacco seems to take so many hits from the media. no doubt he wants. cam cameron makes the case yet again for number five. >> you don't bring a guy into
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the organization unless you think he is a winner. you have heard me say this before, it is a leadership position. it's about winning. and then the stats country to get a chance to play enough, you'll continue to improve, you are in a good system. your stats will come. it is not be about stats first and winning second. that is what makes this guy a great young quarterback. >> we focus a lot on the ravens. the motions of our community so tight to their fate. our kids playing a kid's game? maybe the game of the year. first quarter,woodlawn with the first blow. the extra point is no good. 21 yards to jimmy, a great cats. 14-6 gators.
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play action to the fullback, 68 yards make it 21-6. just before the half, they strike back. 21 yards and score is 21-20 at the break. go ahead. chubb augusta the offense. what a catch. 42 seconds left, woodlawn 26-24. 70 yards away from the end zone. and gone. unbelievable. perry hall survives the upset of the year. absolutely heartbreaking for woodlawn. tremendous effort tonight from both teams. not quite the se, with syracuse. the warrants have a program on the rise.
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delivering a setback to west virginia right now -- syracuse is a program on hre rise. delivering a setback to west virginia right now. nice to have jets like that. absolutely not to be caught. 98 yards for a touchdown. 29 -- 21-9. how about some defense? two sex tonight by now. syracuse --syracuse rolling right now. the head man from maryland only one loss of the season. playing at chapel hill tonight. he fires back of the nets.
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maryland it takes up 1-0 lead. of the tar heels defender. 15 minutes later, carolina -- the defender can't use his hands. that is a red card. he goes with the penalty kick. it is good. they had to play the rest of the way with a man down. considering you are on the road, it may take a little bit as a victory. >> to see that high school coach get emotional, you know his heart is in at 100% pure >> absolutely on both sides. >> thank you, pete. stay with us.
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>> look really great weekend. perfectly timed. classic well -- classic fall weather. sunday morning the possibility of some frost in the area. white sunny skies in the afternoon on both saturday and sunday. a weather system comes the with the spread on monday. it is back to the low '70's on wednesday and thursday. in the next couple of days, it will be beautiful outside. >> i don't mind the leaves turning color. he did not want me that they would fall off the trees that would cause to some work to be done. >> thank you so much. "that is a look at our knees. the tonight show with jay leno is coming up next. have a good at everybody. verizon 4g lte.
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