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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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big game. and i'm proud of the way that usc played today. >> tom: and usc will go into the top 25 again, don't you think? >> mike: yes. and notre dame imploded and usc won the football game. >> tom: and the turnovers werer so costly, and three of them by notre dame, and 14 points as a result of those, and it could have been more even when the game just ended. usc wins it, and we invite you to head over to versus for postgame coverage and brian kelly's postgame coverage go to nbc and don't forget next week we continue with notre dame and navy when the midshipmen come to town. and tomorrow, the new orleans saints will face the indianapolis colts tomorrow, and bob costas will join you for that game. we say so long.
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>> the death of more mark
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gaddafi means air you again for a baltimore family. >> and another great fall day in stor
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>> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal 11 news. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> the day of liberation just hours away as people in libya prepare for a new era. good evening, everyone.
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the new libyan government will declare liberation tomorrow, triggering the countdown to election. adrian long has more on life in libya after the death of ousted leader muammar gaddafi. >> gaddafi pottery body is still in ms. riley. the public is being allowed to review the course. the family is demanding the body be returned to them for burial. but members of the interim government appear to be divided over what to do next. there is growing international concern over the circumstances surrounding his death. both the you in a u.s. have weighed in. the u.n. is calling for an investigation of the u.s. is asking for a full accounting. nato, which launched the air strike, has said it is going to end its operation next weekend. celebrations are continuing
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through the weekend. they are hoping to build up for tomorrow. the senior leaders of the transitional council will formally declare the liberation of libya. >> the transitional council also says it will hold elections for a constitutional assembly within eight months of liberation and parliamentary and presidential elections a year after that. the death of muammar gaddafi could speed up the return of maggie van dyke. he went to libya to witness history. he ended up in history and then fighting alongside the boat rebels. >> matthew vandyke's mother says he is doing well. he could be home in south baltimore in the next couple of weeks. >> i do not want to say i am glad it happened, but i am glad libya is free of him. it also means that you will be coming home.
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>> not long after muammar gaddafi was killed, sharon van dyke was on the phone with person. >> they were shooting into the air. a lot of noise, fireworks, men chanting -- it was a different voice. it was a noise of joy. matthew was very upbeat, very excited. >> matthew endured some challenging obstacles. the native baltimore writer left for libya in february to witness the rebellion. in march, he was captured by gaddafi forces and imprisoned for five months. >> he was psychologically tortured because of being in solitary. they gave him nothing to read. no one talked to him. they just said you would never see america again. >> mathieu escaped in august, but did not come home. he joined the rebel fight. his loyalties -- stemmed from lessons of a shared commitment. >> i have instill that value in
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him as he was growing up. you do not quit in the middle of the season. i certainly did not have in mind fighting a war. >> despite the uncertainty, sharon says she is proud of person. >> the libyans certainly have appreciated what he has done. one of the kernels is having a celebration to thank mathieu for coming. colonels is having a celebration to a bank that you for coming. >> last night in federal hill. >> one man is dead after an early morning accident on interstate 70. it happened just before 2:30 on the al rep to the beltway. a 26-year-old was killed when his vehicle was cut off by a tractor-trailer.
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he slid under the big rig and got 10. he died at the scene. no word if that truckdriver will face charges. tonight it is unclear as to what prompted a murder-suicide in baltimore county. family members found 85-year-old john smond and his wife at home yesterday. investigators say there is no word as to who fired the shot. neighbors are still in shock. >> i did not think that would be possible with these people. they were really good, kind people. it is a very strange thing to even talk about. there is probably a whole lot more to it. >> detectives say there was a note at the scene but would not elaborate. >> police have charged a patient at perkins hospital for murdering his roommate. the 24-year-old killed his
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roommate yesterday in the maximum-security wing. by years ago, he was sent to perkins hospital after beating his psychiatrist to dead. he is being held at the howard county detention center. no motive has been established. big moves tonight on the presidential primary calendar. nevada republicans have ended their push for an earlier contest and moved their caucus date from january 14 back to the jury fourth as originally planned. nevada avoid penalties from the national party for threatening you answer's burst in the nation primary status. most believed new hampshire will go in january, eliminating the possibility of a december vote. from that rodney to ron paul, the field of candidates spent much of this day knocking president obama's decision to withdraw troops from iraq by the
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end of the year. >> i can say that our troops in iraq will definitely be a home for the holidays. >> president obama's decision to pull the last troops out of iraq is welcome news for military spouses. >> it is great. i think it is wonderful. >> a sentiment echoed by a veterans. >> it is about time. we are losing family members for no reason. >> basically, iraq veterans have met every challenge, both personally and operationally. >> but there are lingering questions whether the mission is really accomplished and whether iraq can defend itself. on the campaign trail, the candidates who want to take president obama's job are asking why now? >> was the president of the administration out negotiated by the iraqi leader's? >> they are questioning whether the timing was military or political. >> it is politics instead of
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making sure our men and women in uniform are most important. >> i predict we will be very much involved in iraq. >> the mixed emotions are reflected on the streets of baghdad where many welcome a future free of u.s. soldiers and those wondering if the country is ready to stand on its own. >> we switch gears after the break to bring you books. he might want to grab some tissue. >> he is a champion of our sport. he is everything you would want to be. >> plus, the emotional send off for dan wheldon. >> a couple of quick sprinkles on the eastern shore. our weather looks good for tomorrow. take a look outside at the airport, 44.
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53 at the harbor.
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>> i in kansas city, missouri, police continue their search for missing baby lisa or when. pictures are now lining the highway. a billboard company donated the signs hoping somebody driving by would recognize her. a cadaver dog reacted to the set of a dead person inside the home where the baby was last seen three weeks ago. both parents have denied any role in the disappearance. dan wheldon is laid to rest today. fellow drivers serve as pallbearers. wynona judd was among the 1200 mourners, which was open to the public. the indianapolis 500 winner was killed sunday in a 15-car crash at the las vegas motor speedway. he lived behind a wife and two
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small children. a special night for the outgoing baltimore archbishop. >> i am amazed. every detail. you look at the shoestrings and everything, it is real life. >> when we come back, mr. oriel pottery permanent place at camden yards. >> we are under the influence of high pressure right now. doppler showing a very dry conditions. we saw a couple of sprinkles on the eastern shore. tomorrow looks great.
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>> hundreds gathered downtown to honor edwin o'brien. the archdiocese posted its third annual gallup to pay tribute to the archbishop's third year in the state. it brought in at $700,000 in tuition help for children attending catholic schools. >> i will take over in rome in the spring, probably easier. then i will do the best i can to bring attention to the plight of christians in the holy land. >> the expected to begin that a new position at the vatican sometime next year after receiving an appointment from the pope. >> brooks robinson joined a short list today of great athletes honored in baltimore in bronze.
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>> brooks robinson embodies the best of the best from the orioles the glory days. the hall of fame third baseman are one of the highest honors the city offers. of the last seven years in the price tag of $700,000 culminates in one tremendous landmark. >> it sounded like a game day. >> get your peanuts. get your programs. >> an old-time feel as baltimore otters are one of the greatest orioles of all time. >> 3,2,1. there is. >> a bronze statue on -- that captures the essence of brooks robinson. >> i am amazed. the shoestring, everything is just real life. >> dignitaries took the stage to pay tribute to the career of an
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all-time great on the field. 16 straight gold gloves at third base. >> my task is relatively easy. like every baseball fan in baltimore, this man as a special place in my heart. he is an immoral figure in baseball history. my memories are as a time of a player, an announcer, and the man we come to love and respect. >> some called him the greatest third baseman of all time. >> i just want you to know that i have never considered you fans. i have always considered you my friends more than anything else and i thank you so much for the way you have treated me over these years. >> the only question from fans, what took so long? >> long overdue. it is great to be here. >> it is overdue. >> it may be overdue, but not too late. >> thank you from the bottom of
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my heart. thank you. [applause] >> this was not an orioles production. it was a private effort backed by the city. the orioles will honor all six other hall of famers this year, part of the celebration of camden yards anniversary. >> i will give you the wave. there you go. what a great morning we had today. a lot of sun. at but like it would be a great fall day, but the clouds moved in earlier than we thought. a lot of moisture up there. that kept the temperatures at bay. as it turns out, out at the airport they only got up to 60. at the inner harbor, 61. 42 and 49 were the lows. sort of on the average a little
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bit. when you look at this, you definitely know that fall is in the air. current temperatures right now, 53 downtown. 44 at the airport. 44 in annapolis. way out west, 38 in cross bird. temperatures this evening will be cool in sunspot. partly cloudy for tonight. brisk, light winds out of the southwest. 36-42 tonight. mundle lot and get close to the one you love. it is going to be cool. did those blankets out. clear conditions over us right now. this is that upper level disturbance that was giving us the clouds. we have been under the influence fog -- of high-pressure pour the entire day, giving us that brisk feeling. not a lot of wind over the past couple of days. this will slide through on monday and bring a couple of sprinkles. way out west, this will probably bring us some rain about
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wednesday and thursday. we will enjoy tomorrow. by the way, there is a frost advisory for a good portion of the baltimore area that will kick in around two o'clock this morning until 9:00 in the morning. if you have any plants that might be susceptible to cross, you might want to bring them in or cover them. out in western maryland, they have a freeze warning. as far as tomorrow is concerned, a great fall day. sunday, becoming partly cloudy. wins out of the southwest. 58-63 degrees. it could get up to about 65 degrees. as far as the seven-day, monday we get that chance for eight straight shower. tuesday is good. the front moves in with the evening. our best chance of rain is on thursday. temperatures into the 60's. >> , a forecast for smuggling. >> we are heading to annapolis.
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touchdown or not a touchdown? this turned out to be just a gut punch for navy. the jackpot is $148 million. the powerball auction -- tonight, the multiplier is for. 8, first white ball isn' an 3, 23, 30, 58.
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>> things have gone so well for navy football. they have been making big plays when it matters most. 2011 has only shown them heartbreak. "it carolina saturday. second quarter. dominique davis. a pretty good half of football. completed all 26 of his passes attempted.
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36 in a row shatters the n.c.a.a. point -- marc of 33. ray miller letting it go for matt aiken. the ball comes loose, but was it a cat's first? you be the judge. he seems to have the ball. across the goal line and then loses the ball. the referee says incomplete. a 43-yard field goal attempt off the upright. no good. east carolina as maybe a fifth straight loss -- 38-35. the terrapins looking for their first ever win in tallahassee. nearly decapitated. nigel brannon, a personal foul for a helmet-to-helmut contact. he would not return to action. was benchedn who two weeks, try to lead a
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comeback. maybe a spark. a five-yard touchdown run. 24-10, florida state leads. freeman going up the middle. look at the burst. 41 yards. florida state hammers the terrapins. meanwhile, a football resurrected. william and mary was the today a 48-27. they have won as many games this year as their last three combined. 141 yards on the ground and 3 touchdown. john hopkins made the short trip to gettysburg. hopkins ran its overall win streak to 12. 83-21. a school record 5 1 yards passing and a touchdown. the jays 12 in a row is tied for
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the third largest active win streak. loyola downes price. more time on his hands than any teenager should be allowed. he finally let it go. back of the end zone. 17-7 loyola. third quarter, right back in it. he just gets the feet down. 17-14. the ball faked up the middle. 21 yards. loyola a winner on the road, up 31-party. last time teams with a 5-0 mark met was in 1986. the capitals in red wings are 85-0. washington put forth an offensive display. ovechkin finished the game tonight. mike green first period power play. 1-0 washington. 1-0 washington.


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